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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  August 10, 2017 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> bill: the folks need to understand, you've got that big bag everywhere you go. i think it would give you back issues if you don't unload a few things. what's in the purse? see you friday. >> jon: with sir with a fox news alert on the war of words heating up now between north korea showdown. they unveiled details to attack the u.s. territory of guam. looking to "happening now," i'm jon scott. >> melissa: and i am melissa francis. a major military hub home to u.s. bombers and 160,000 american u.s. citizens. they say the plan will be in place just days from now. this as kim jong-un calls president trump's threat a "load
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of nonsense." adding to that, only absolute forceful work by the president and while some at home have been critical, others say the tough talk is necessary. >> the president's comments, secretary tiller since comments are all about that, making sure they could understand, there has been a dramatic policy change with this administration. we mentioned their previous administration, they never believed the obama administration was serious about the military option. with this administration is trying to do was change that thought process. >> jon: we have it live coverage with rick leventhal, but first to rich edson at the
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state department. >> secretary of state rex tillerson is returning from asia, a diplomatic assignment much of corralling north korea. north korea responded specifically to the linkage of the president in which he said north korea would be brought down upon fire and fury. the north koreans people army said that sounded dialogue is not possible with him as he is bereft of reason. the statement also says that only absolute force can work on the president. north korea also says it's seriously developing a plan for guam. secretary tillerson says americans should sleep well, a much different tone than the president's fire and fury comments in that strong questions to the state department about consistency. >> as people look at this and some consider comments to have
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been alarming, i would have to go back to this, let's consider what is alarming. what is alarming to icbm tests in less than a month, two nuclear tests that took place last year. >> secretary tillerson is pushing for a campaign to get other countries to diplomatically isolate north korea, trying to rob it of its financing. >> jon: rich edson, thanks. the president is getting ready for a lunch meeting with vice president pence. >> melissa: north korea will surely be on the agenda. our fox team coverage continues with rick leventhal. >> we just got a quick off-camera briefing from the white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders who tells us the president's position and north korea has not changed.
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she confirmed that working lunch with vice president pence and said afterwards they would begin a briefing and will be joined by h.r. mcmaster as well as the chief of staff, john kelly. the only other thing we hear from the president this morning was a retweet of a fox and friends tweet on north korea's threat with a warning from defense secretary general james mattis that kim jong-un's military is grossly overmatched. he released this statement yesterday telling the people's republic of korea, and should cease any consideration of action that would lead to the end of its regime and that destruction of its people. this war of words has been heating up since the security council approved sanctions against pyongyang saturday. monday, president trump made his fire and fury comments after he learned of the regime have the ability to miniaturize nuclear warheads and put them on top of missiles. despite reports that this was unscripted, the administration insists that it is on the same page, pushing for diplomatic
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solutions while choking the regime of cash and keeping its military options on the table. last night, sebastian gorka appeared on hannity to make the position clear. >> we are a hyperpower. world history has never seen a nation as powerful as our great nation. therefore, north korea needs to understand that black male stops and if you get into an arms race with the united states of america, you will lose, whoever you are. >> again, there will be a security briefing this afternoon with the president, just a few minutes from our location here and we may hear from the president or members of his team after that briefing, perhaps sometimes between 3-4 this afternoon. >> melissa: thank you for that. all this is happening with
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tensions and republican party rise. mitch mcconnell getting into a war of words with president trump saying he doesn't understand how difficult it is to get legislation through congress. >> our new president has of course not been in this line of work before and i think had excessive expectations about how quickly things happen in the democratic process. >> jon: president trump didn't much like those remarks tweeting senator mitch mcconnell says i had excessive expectations, but i don't think so. after seven years of hearing repeal and replace, why not don done? let's bring in a.b. stoddard, vince: ace i'm old enough to barely remember when lyndon johnson was president, he would bring people into the oval office and knock heads together.
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this is the same thing, but it's pretty unusual to have a president publicly criticizing a majority leader from his own party. >> right, unfortunately, president trump making a very good point, it's not his fault that after seven years, republicans in congress couldn't come together on some sort of consensus, that's on them. this kind of tactic is going to boomerang and is not in president trump's own political interests. unfortunately, this is a team effort. he's not back in trump tower and he is not the boss. the colloquial branches of government have to work together on some brutal deadlines, an increase in the debt ceiling, funding the government by september 30th, reauthorizing children's health insurance, tax reform. mitch mcconnell's comments showed frustration. they don't think he has his bac
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back, they think they'll run against him in the midterms and it's seeping out into the public and it's making things really ugly. >> jon: vince, the president was putting another tweet, it reads, can you believe that mitch mcconnell, who has screamed repeal and replace for 7 years, couldn't get it done? must repeal and replace obamacare. some say that's a little softer language them a criticism yesterday and probably softer language then he heard in that phone call. >> whatever you make of the president's tweet, what's clear is that mitch mcconnell's blame shifting. this is excuse making. he's passing on blame to the president. mitch mcconnell and the republican party -- i got vetoed when the president was going to veto it.
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when he came back to at this time and they had control of the white house, they failed to get something done, suggesting that the republican vote back then was nothing more than a show vote and that annoys the base. they see something like that happen and they want answers and mitch mcconnell shifts the blame and i think he's eager to explain himself when he's at that meeting monday and a way that suggests he's faultless and that's not the case. >> jon: i remember, a.b., an event where a developer named donald trump back in 1986 apparently looked out his office window and saw the rebuilding of the seating rank and newark central park going very, very badly. they were trying to renovate the thing for something like, 26 months, i'm sorry, i'm missing on my time periods. they had been renovating for quite a while and couldn't get it done. so trump wrote a letter to the
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new york city mayor and said for many years, i've watched with amazement as new york city repeatedly failed on its promises to complete and open the skating rink. during a six year period, i've constructed hotels. the city let him take it over and he did get it done, ahead of schedule. and under budget. i'm using that as an illustration to show that he does sometimes get impatient with the slow grinding years of government. >> unfortunately, he can't apply that example exactly to the office that he holds now, national security is teamwork, we are seeing this link with the standoff with north korea, he can't get up and move it, it has to be a deliberate strategy
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that's measured and calibrated and working with congress is extraordinarily difficult even when working with a majority of your party that holds both chambers. it's actually incredible that mitch mcconnell got 39 votes for that pathetic skinny repeal that night that could have boomerang to against all of the people who voted yes for it. i'm not giving mitch mcconnell a complete past, but shaming him on twitter about the filibuster and other things, there is no consensus for a waste of time and it gets in the way. they're really looking at tax reform and hoping they can do this separately from the president, that he won't colette mean, that he won't go out and get in the way of their progress because they really know that they desperately, urgently have to have a win. they thought his performance on the health care process was not constructive. they are not a team right now, they have to get together as one and as soon as possible. >> jon: newt gingrich seems to
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agree with you, here's what he had to say this morning on "fox & friends." >> the facts is, with 52 people, mitch mcconnell had 49 out of 49 out of 52. i think the president can't disassociate himself with us. he's part of the leadership tea team. he's not an observer standing in the stands, he is the field. it was a collective failure. to get involved with shooting at each other when there were 16 democrats voting no for every single republican who voted no. >> jon: is at a firing squad against republicans? >> the president tried to help, he was calling governors, i know he had one call to the governor of nevada and he was trying to push this health care package through, but he doesn't see this as a senate problem, one that mitch mcconnell means to take on. ultimately, if the president
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wants to go down this road, he has to be cognizant of the fact that he is rattling mcconnell mcconnell's capabilities and also calling into question whether or not he should be continue to be leader. this is a course he should take and stop calling him out in public. >> jon: vince and a b, thank you both. >> melissa: a disturbing development in the fight against opioids. an update on a drug more powerful than heroin and how it's all being manufactured much closer to home. plus, a legal ruling starting a new spotlight on the benghazi, what prompted the judge to order another search for potential emails related to deadly attacks? >> our fellow citizens are entitled to all of the facts about what happened before, during, and after the attacks in benghazi. they deserve an investigative process that is worthy of the memory of the four who were killed and worthy of the respect
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>> jon: fox news alert french police have raided the home of a man accused of ramming his car into a group of soldiers in paris on thursday. the brazen attack outside a barracks injured six soldiers and sparked a massive manhunt. authorities caught up with a suspect on a highway north of paris before taking him into custody. >> melissa: breaking news on the hillary clinton email scandal, a federal judge ruling in favor of the conservative watchdog group ordering the state department to conduct a new search for potential emails clinton may have written about the deadly terror attack and benghazi. let's bring in david avella. the state department didn't bother to search its own server
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and they didn't look at the email accounts of everybody who worked for her including people like huma abedin. they didn't check their email accounts for emails from hillary clinton even though they were in their possession. is that right? >> that's certainly what it sounds like and this judge needed to point out, he's an appointee of president obama's, so for those who want to suggest that it's some kind of a partisan >> the judge ordered it.
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so far, out of all these investigations, >> we should
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just close this down. this investigations that include any and all things from president trump, whether it has anything to do with russia or not. >> melissa: one thing that always struck me is when we saw that john podesta emailed him, we never saw an email to or from hillary clinton in any of those emails that were leaked on wikileaks. where did those emails go? was she using an alias that we didn't realize and clearly we saw her with a blackberry all the time, did she never signed john an email?
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>> that's a completely different issue. >> melissa: i know, but we are asking about hillary clinton's emails. where are the emails that she destroyed and destroying her blackberry? this is one of those unanswered questions. >> she didn't turn over any emails, we know that. that was a mistake, i think that she paid for in the campaign, but there was nothing nefarious about it. we've had a number of investigations, the justice department, otherwise, trey gowdy, the committee, the house committees have looked into all of this and no charges were filed, trey gowdy, no one on the republican side, we have the majority of these committees who
8:22 am
haven't brought anything against hillary clinton that was actionable. she paid a price for all of this in an election and i think the judge thinks the state department should look at this and it showed. >> melissa: thanks to both of you. >> jon: american diplomats apparently being targeted after being forced to head home from severe hearing loss, who american officials say are to blame next.
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>> jon: this just in, president obama restoring ties with cuba and now the new relationship
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the state department says calling it a string of u.s. officials have concluded that the cubans have been using some sort of covert sonic device operated outside of the range of audible sounds, some normal people can even hear it. it's been deployed inside or outside the u.s. diplomats residences. >> the cuban government has a responsibility and obligation under the geneva convention, so that is part of the reason why this is such a major concern of ours, what we take this so seriously. >> several of the diplomats left cuba for medical treatment and may, the united states retaliated by ordering two cuban diplomats to leave the country and go back to cuba.
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the ministry of foreign affairs said that was unjustified. "the ministry categorically emphasizes that cuba had never nor would it ever allow the cuban territory to be used for any action against a credited to poetic agent or its families." moreover, the read they reiterr willingness to work together. havana complained about harassment. since the u.s. and have anna reestablish diplomatic relations two years ago, things had reportedly improved on there. the fbi is also investigating. >> jon: of course, the old soviet union used to bombard the u.s. embassy in moscow with microwaves, so their clients think the cubans might have learned something from this. >> melissa: authorities as sounding the alarm at the southern border as they report a spike in a dangerous opioid
8:28 am
that's 30-50 times more powerful than heroin. plus, north korea now detailing its plan to attack a qualm, a u.s. military that plays an important role in our defenses, how the pentagon should respond. this as we hear from folks living there. >> i believe in the u.s., i think they'll take care of us and so, you know, between my belief in my trust in our u.s. governments, i have no worries. whoooo.
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>> melissa: a fox news alert on the north korean threat as the rogue nation out lies details of the plan to attack guam. the north is saying kim jong-un could approve, others are taking it and strive. >> it's been scary since yesterday, so right now i am wondering what we are going to be doing from here on. we're trying to plan out if it's an emergency and things like that. >> one of the safest places to be is wherever they're there aiming. their tests don't seem to be too
8:33 am
successful. >> jon: the governor of guam says north korea has made threats like this before. >> this is something that is no different than what he's been doing since 2013. at the same time, we are concerned that it does not ramp up. most of our concern and guam is that decisions are not made that would cause some sort of conflict over here. >> jon: michael waltz, former green barre commander. a fox news contributor as well also michael with the hoover institution. thanks very much for being with us. colonel waltz, taking us apart
8:34 am
from a military standpoint, why is north korea most interested in threatening guam? >> the missiles that they have had most success with, the loss on 12 where they have tested 3-4 times now successfully in the last several months are capable of hitting guam. they are also able to be on a mobile launcher which is very difficult for us to find, they can move them, put them in different bunker facilities, so from a military standpoint, it's kind of a sure shot for the north koreans. the dynamic here has to change. i think president trump rhetoric is spot on in the sense that north korea's plan has to get an arsenal to ensure north regime survival. you have to understand that if they get that arsenal, they will
8:35 am
fail. the chinese need to understand that as well. their calculations are a friendly peninsula north are not in their interests. it would cause a refugee crisis. the chinese need to understand that military action is a credible option for us, it has not been the last eight years. that is worse than our other fears. >> jon: michael, assess this threat. the commander in charge of that country's missile systems says he's going to aim four missiles at guam and have them ready to go and a week and then wait for the command, how seriously do we have to take that? >> it's clearly part of the tit-for-tat. first, what you see is that north korea, now that the word is out that they have miniaturized weapons that can be on the missiles, they are really thinking about the strategic ways of using these muscles.
8:36 am
they are telling us what they're going to do to raise the costs for us and deter us from getting involved or even to get us to back down from the commitments we've made to our allies. second, they're talking about attacking the united states, not the united states troops in south korea or japan, interestingly. i think it was part of the strategy to make this a north korean battle, so to speak and try to sideline both south korea and japan, get them to think that what they need to do is come back to the table to talk with north korea and it's really the united states who is pushing more. there's a diplomatic element and along with that strategic element that's showing how the government is starting to think about employing these new weapons. >> jon: michael, the north korean leader, is he believing his own p.r.?
8:37 am
can he not be eradicated by the u.s.? >> i don't think so at all. he knows very well that in tackling that, it would more than not likely spell the end of his regime. he is trying to take down donald trump and assumed the current u.s. president will act like all other u.s. presidents, that we are not willing fully to go to war, excepting the case of an unprovoked attack on us or our allies. instead, it was a maneuver back to the negotiating table. if i north korea, that's what i want. i want to run out the clock. the way i ran out the clock on previous presidents. >> let's keep in mind that kim jong-un has its own domestic audience. obviously, not in the way that the united states does, but he has his military senior leaders and others that are watching him and watching how he behaves in
8:38 am
this tit-for-tat, which frankly, the north koreans haven't seen before. they haven't seen an american president really make this strong of a statement and yes, they all put the military option on the table, but there has to be a belief, both in china and north korea that it is very real. >> jon: this is quite related to that. military moves in the south china sea, they dispatch the warship, the uss john mccain to sail past one of china's artificial islands. the third time the pentagon has conducted one of these "freedom of navigation challenges" 2s claims in that region since president trump took office. what's the message there? >> the message is that we're not going to be as passive as the obama administration was. the problem with the freedom of navigation operations, they're good things to do and we should have been doing them a lot sooner and frequently. it's good that they're doing them.
8:39 am
it doesn't change the fact that the chinese bases that they built in the south china sea and militarized, those are not going away, so on the one hand, we are sending messages that we are going to remain present and this is going to be an administration that presses what it considers to be freedom of navigation and the like, but it doesn't change with the chinese are doing and that's actually the same dynamic we have with north korea. despite the presidents rhetoric, the north koreans have basically brushed it off and they have said that we are never going to negotiate away these weapons. and fact, we're going to target you and your forces where they are concentrated. this is the problem of playing from behind the eight ball, we've let both of these situations develop to a degree where all we can do is try to maintain the presence and the credibility of our commitment, but we can't roll back the clock right now. >> jon: showed the force be even stronger now? >> this is also part of the negotiations that
8:40 am
president trump had early on with the president of china. we've been very quiet on trade issues at the president campaigned on, on currency issues, and frankly, until this week on the south china sea, i believe in the hopes that china would take more forceful action and north korea. now that they have not, we are not going to acquiesce on those other things that china cares about, so i think this is a clear message to the chinese, they need to step up to the plate, they need to change their relationship with north korea, or we are going to have friction and relationship across a number of things. >> jon: thank you both. >> melissa: breaking news right now on the opioid crisis, federal authorities as a mexican cartels have started making their own fentanyl instead of getting it from china. the dangerous drug is 30-50 times stronger than heroin. will carr is live in
8:41 am
los angeles, very disturbing details. >> authorities tell us it's critical to talk about fentanyl which is linked to sony overdoses across the country. we got an exclusive to see exactly how it's coming into the united states. take a look at what we found. >> the whole thing is a nightmare for the country. this epidemic of opioid addiction. >> during a recent bust at the border, fentanyl was discovered. as is dangerous that law enforcement has to wear a full hazmat suits just to handle it. this drug is killing americans at a dramatic rate across the border. deputy u.s. attorney and dea special agent believe it's a direct result of the cartel ramping up their fentanyl production. instead of wrapping it up from china, they've now set up labs in mexico. speak out you can smuggle a lot less fentanyl and spread it out then you can with traditional heroin.
8:42 am
>> this is coming through this port of entry. authorities within the numbers are only going to continue to spite. it's hard to trust in the field since most of fentanyl is mixed with other drugs, federal authorities are forced to send the drug to dea testing labs were their major backups. >> oftentimes, things that test for cocaine or heroin, it turns out it's fentanyl, but we don't find out for months. >> with that in mind, authorities tell us the most underreported part of the fentanyl crisis is a number of deaths linked to the drug since is typically laced into other drugs and it's often mistaken for cocaine, heroin, or other opioids. >> melissa: will carr, thank you. >> jon: a daring rescue of the florida coast to tell you about, a navy pilot ditches his jet in the coast guard leaves the day. plus, should parents be prosecuted if they let their kids play football? one medical expert says yes, our
8:43 am
legal panel debates next. >> if you sustain too many concussions to close together, without allowing your brain time to heal, then we see long-term challenges likely to happen. >> being educated, being aware, and being prepared takes or risk factor down.
8:44 am
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>> jon: we have snow information about concussion concerns among football players, especially the young. one medical expert now says allowing children to play the sport should be considered child abuse, claiming there is no way to make football safer. football lovers disagree. >> this is a game that we love and it's a game that i played growing up and had a lot to do with being who i am today. if we are going to promote that game, we want to make sure it's as safe as it can be. >> a lot of concussions are caused with helmet to helmet contact, but they're also caused with the head hitting the turf. >> melissa: wendy patrick and
8:47 am
richard st. paul. wendy, what's your take? >> calling football child abuse, those are fighting words to football lovers. the problem is, it's a game changer because of the research, but they're not changing the game. nobody would watch it. what we have to look at is is this actually something that can establish the intent requirement, whether it's knowledge, recklessness, negligence, criminal liability? i don't think we're there yet, but now that we know about the research, we may ease into accepting this and act accordingly, especially with our young people. >> melissa: richard, what's your take? >> when we look at the research, we are talking about kids 6-14 years old, there is no research that says the speed at which they tackle, the rules don't protect the young people from head injuries. when the doctors are talking about the research for nfl
8:48 am
players, their speeds are much faster. you're talking about 200-pound men running for backyards. you're taking the fun out of football by trying to criminalize it in that statement is very inflammatory. people should be and charged with endangering the welfare of a child because they let them play football and have fun? that's outrageous. >> melissa: wendy, doesn't beg the question that the rules was a change, the way kids play football should change, something in there for people under 18 who are taking this risk? >> that's exactly what the argument is. we don't let our kids have alcohol or cigarettes, but we send them out into the football field where they are sidelined with injuries, with concussions. that's the thing, it's a consent issue. if you're an adult, you assume the risk of, but the argument as we shouldn't assume the risk for our young people, but it's true. it's inflammatory, it's an emotional argument, not to say
8:49 am
we won't be there, maybe 20 years from now on we understand much better what's at stake. i don't see it changing anytime soon until we learn more about it. >> melissa: the basic premise is if you have a child is under 18, if they don't necessarily have the judgment to decide whether or not it's worth risking their lives and all kinds of things and it's up to a parent before their 18th birthday, they have the responsibility of assessing the risk, whether it's death, injur injury, future injury, that sort of thing, there is something to the idea that it's up to parents to be the ones to really understand what's going on for their kids. >> certainly parents have the ability to decide for their child if they're under the the age of 18, but however they should let them stop crossing the street, going outside, not go to the playground, anywhere they can suffer injuries? there are inherent risks just
8:50 am
getting up in the morning. football, i played football as you can probably tell from my size, from a young age. up through college. football is a fun sport. when you look at this study, we are not sitting the effects of ages from 16-17, we are talking about nfl players. again, that is inherently more dangerous because of the speed and size with which these players are playing football. let's not take the fun out of football for kids. >> melissa: we've got to go. i hear you, good point. thanks to both of you, we appreciate it. >> jon: check out this video from the u.s. coast guard. that guard coming to the rescue of a navy pilot whose jet crashed into the ocean off the florida coast. it happened around 20 miles off the coast of key west, the pilot had to eject from the jet. the coast guard choppers spotted his emergency smoke signal. rescuers were able to pull him out of the water, he was taken to the hospital in good condition. the cause of the crash is still under investigation. >> melissa: lawmakers gearing up for a new fight when they
8:51 am
return from their summer recess. why the battle over raising the debt ceiling is very different than the one for health care reform. we are live with the story. a breathe right nasal strip instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than allergy medicine alone. shut your mouth and say goodnight, mouthbreathers. breathe right. (baby crying) (slow jazz music) ♪ fly me to the moon ♪ and let me play
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8:55 am
$20 trillion debt. republicans are unable and unwilling to vote without expanding tax cuts. we can vote to increase the debt limit. >> steve mnuchin once a clean debt limit lift where he gets more money to borrow and congress doesn't get to at any conditions, but members of the conservative house freedom caucus are unlikely to go along with that. they want assurances that cuts will match any new borrowing and if they're not on board, the speaker may have to start coursing democratic votes, but the other side of the aisle is in the dark about what happens next. >> leader mcconnell, speaker ryan, leader pelosi and myself did a darn good thing without much thrust. no muss, no fuss. the same thing would happen when we deal with the issues of budget appropriations and funding the government next time and how debt ceiling plays into
8:56 am
that, we'll wait and see. >> the house and senate are in session for the same time for 12 days between the time they come back on the time to debt limit is reached. >> jon: a lot of work to get done. peter doocy, thanks. >> melissa: knew in the next hour of speech when he won, a new deadline for fda regulations for e-cigarettes just got pushed back. why the delay? where life of the story. plus north korea now outlining its plans to attack the u.s. and territory of guam. how the pentagon is preparing for what could be kim jong-un's most provocative missile launch to date.
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>> jon: pizza delivery gone wrong. an 18-wheeler containing frozen pizzas.
9:00 am
>> melissa: what a waste! crews are forced to shut down parts of the highway for 4 hours to clean it up. thankfully the bridge only had cosmetic damage. i wonder if they ate what was still in the boxes. it's so good. be back in an hour. >> jon: "outnumbered" starts now. >> sandra: fox news alert on north korea north korea, announcing a detailed plan to fire missiles near the u.s. territory of guam. it could be ready within days to send to leader kim jong-un for his approval. whether it happens is all up to him. this is "outnumbered," i'm sandra smith. here today, anchor of the intelligence report on fox business, trish regan, fox news contributor and republican strategist lisa boothe is here, former deputy state department spokesperson and fox news contributor marie harf in today's #oneluckyguy, joe concha, a couch first timer. not nervous at all, i'm sure,


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