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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  August 11, 2017 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> jon: we are back in an hour. "outnumbered" starts now. >> sandra: fox news alert. president trump telling north korea, get your act together as he doubles down on his warnings to kim jong-un to stop threatening the united states and its allies. mr. trump saying just this morning, america's military solutions are in place and toda today, he's meeting with rex tillerson and h.r. mcmaster as well as u.n. ambassador nikki haley. this is to be, i'm sandra smith. here today, from the fox business network, dagen mcdowell, also from fbn, anchor of the intelligent sea report, trish regan gillian turner, and today's
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#oneluckyguy, iraq veteran, pete hegseth is here and he is outnumbered and he made it by the hair of your chinny chin chin. glad to be here, barely made it >> dagen: i called you honky and the teas, by the way. >> sandra: president trump doubling down on his threat to unleash fire and fury and north korea continues to threaten the u.s. after pyongyang announced possible plans to launch missiles toward the u.s. territory of guam. reporters asking the president if his initial tone was too harsh. listen. >> frankly, the people who are questioning that statement, is it too tough, maybe it wasn't tough enough. if north korea does anything in terms of thinking about attack of anybody that we love or we
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represent or our allies or us, they should be very, very nervous. they should be nervous because things will happen to them like they never thought possible. >> sandra: this morning, president trump tweeting that military solutions are now fully and place, locked and loaded, should north korea act unwisely. hopefully kim jong-un will find another path. north korea state news agencies and sing today trump is driving the situation to "the brink of a nuclear war." meantime, in james mattis telling reporters diplomacy is the way forward. >> the american effort is dippel medical a lead, it has diplomatic traction, it is beginning to poetic results. i want to stay right there right now, the tragedy of war is will and of known, it doesn't need another need another characterization be on the fact that it would be catastrophic. >> sandra: first of the
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rhetoric from the president, fire and fury, then he says those words may not have been tough enough. >> pete: then he says locked and loaded, this is a guy who understands tough talk is what is needed right now. you need the credible threat of military force, which we never had under barack obama and barely had ever and north korea, so we've diplomatic, sanctioned our way to a nuclear bomb where we are now under threat on our own shore. in 20 years, we could face perpetual blackmail from the korean peninsula, not a couple missiles, not a dozen, hundreds of missiles might nuclear iced nuclear weapons pointed at our cities. the same could happen in iran. this is a put abortion at moment. this is serious his instincts are right. we've done nothing but bad deals in that area, it's time to come to the table and stop it now.
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>> sandra: then there is concern about mixed messaging that may or may not be coming out of the white house. defense secretar y mattis saying we want to use diplomacy, sing a potential >> gillian: they're not contradicting one another, i think secretary mattis naturally has a much more measured way of speaking than president trump. they have very different rhetorical styles, but i think they are synced up on policy underneath that. i think that by the way, i was at saying this to pete yesterday on the business channel that president trump's approach so far, and my opinion, is not hugely divergent from president obama. what we've got, since basically the policy has not changed that much. earlier, president obama
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increased the presence in south korea. he increased the number of american troops in south korea, so how could you say that there is no credible military force? >> pete: you can move a landing base and north korea. >> gillian: we are talking about having the threat be visible to the north koreans, having the thread be immediate, having the threat be in close proximity, how was to convey that, aside from having military there? >> sandra: there is one group taking it with the rhetoric and that is democrats. we have this excerpt of a letter signed by 64 house democrats condemning his language, urging rex tillerson to rein in that rhetoric, saying this in the letter. these statements are irresponsible and dangerous and also provide a boom to propaganda. we respectfully but firmly urge you to do everything --
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>> dagen: caution and strength do not work. they want warm and fuzzy, come over here and let me give you a big hug. this is a language that should resonate with the kim regime and even president clinton back in 1994 discussed or thought about, the threat of military action and was really talked away by president jimmy carter and then we put in place something that had no checks and balances in terms of what north korea was allowed to do. there are a lot of things at issue. we have diplomacy, we have at least signaled for the president and his advisors that we are at the ready to shoot down missiles. we are at the ready with military presence, but there are so many things we could do. mike pompeo has been talking for weeks about preparing for the north korea threat, including
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covert operations in the country potentially. we can up our missile defenses, the trump budget actually reduces the funding for missile defense in this country, anti-proliferation, we would board ships if we think they're carrying nuclear material. there is so much we could do and so much is being talked about. >> sandra: as far as for their sanctions, which we've talked about on this couch. we talked about it this morning, pete. colonel oliver north was on fox news morning, sanctions take too long. >> trish: we should have sanctioned the heck out of north korea. there is a lot of opportunity. we sanctioned one banker from china recently, but there is a whole lot more they're doing business here and we should be going after china hard. we should demand that they play ball i north korea. as far as rhetoric goes, this is a crazy man, he might as well know that we can do what we say
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we do in terms of the rhetoric itself. there is nothing wrong with conveying what we have. we don't want to get to that state, but if he doesn't know that we are serious, then he will not take us seriously. this is been the whole problem. >> pete: that's why doubling down on sanctions at this point, and may help bring china along, but it won't solve things. how many miniaturized nukes he has -- if you give up your nukes, you die in a ditch. he gave up the nukes after the iraq war and that's what happened. stopping them before they get them can proliferate them, it's so critically important. i go back to around because iran is even worse. they're cohabiting with north korea to get these very same weapons. under perpetual black know from these two states --
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before we're talking talking about preventing north korea from development. i don't know why we talk about that. it's important to talk about -- i agree 100%, but i think it's more important to look at what's on the table right now because that's what president trump is looking at. he is exercising his own kind of, this is his own version of amped up strategic deterrence. he's not changing the policy so much because he's maneuver that is much as he can right now without launching a ground invasion inside north korea. that's a stylistic difference, not a policy. >> pete: do you agree with susan rice we need to tolerate? >> gillian: i never said anything remotely like that. >> pete: that's effectively what you're saying. >> gillian: no it's not. absolutely not. all i'm saying is that everybody is making a big deal, it's a
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tremendously divergent i'm pointing out that if you look at what's on the ground, it's not. he's changing the rhetoric. he's not actually doing anything differently than what president obama dead. i'm not saying we need to tolerate north korea. >> dagen: how about the united nations over the weekend, they did not go far enough, (100)000-0000 out of 3 billion exports coming out of north korea. the fact that russia and china signed on to those, you're seeing so much from kim jong-un at this point. the fact that they sanctioned that small bank, it was kind of overlooked by a lot of the media before kim firing the missiles in july, but that's a big step because it signals that more. >> trish: we are making these threats now, do you want a situation where you may have this redline, we all remember
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that well and if you don't -- the challenge with rhetoric and this is why other presidents haven't used this and i hear your point at the policy hasn't changed, but now that you're out there saying these things, what does that mean if he decides to go and lobbed those things? >> pete: that's where president trump has been so responsible were obama was reckless. he's been very careful to say this is not the point because that's where you force yourself into a corner where you have to do something you don't want to do or you look foolish by setting that redline. president trump is taking a responsible approach. it's part of how you get a good outcome. >> dagen: here's the problem, they're called ground-based intercepts. we have mixed success with those, about a 50% success rate over their lifetime, so if you shoot missiles and we don't get all of them, then what? >> sandra: more on this coming up as tensions escalate, china's
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estate media warning north korea and the u.s. not to play with fire. president trump calling out beijing, saying ed must do more to rein in his nuclear neighbor. what the u.s. can truly pressure for help. plus president trump now suggesting mitch mcconnell should step down if he fails to deliver on his agenda items. good way to hold him accountable or is he alienating a key ally? we will debate. ♪ you don't let anything keep you sidelined. that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you. yeah, 'cause i got allstate. if you total your new bike, they replace it with a brand new one. that's cool. i got a new helmet. we know steve. switching to allstate is worth it.
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i'm gonna just go back to doing what i was doing. find your awesome with the xfinity x1 voice remote. >> i think china will do a lot more. look, we have trade with china, we lose hundreds of billions of dollars a year on trade with china, they know how i feel. it's not going to continue like that, but if china helps us, i would feel a lot differently. a lot differently toward trade. >> sandra: that was president trump yesterday stepping up pressure on china to do more to help the standoff with north korea, but beijing says both countries shouldn't play with fire. it's also suggesting it will block any preemptive attacks on north korea. the global times, the chinese state run newspaper writing "china should also make clear
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that if north korea launches missiles that threaten u.s. soil first and the u.s., china will stay neutral. at the u.s. and south korea carry out strikes and try to overthrow the north korean regime and change the political pattern of the peninsula, china will prevent them from doing so." meantime, a chinese foreign minister spokesman says that both sides and you take steps to be a the situation. let's start here with china. what is china's role? >> pete: it's substantial. you have to escalate before you de-escalate. they have to come to the table based on shared interest. they want to agitate with north korea, if you don't want to create an overthrown regime, where does that point meet? i'm not sure. that's where the experts in the white house to determine, but you have to push that envelope because china is not interested and our interests, they are not our friend.
9:18 am
they have their own ambitions and globally. they have a long future where their ascendant in america's descendant, thus a view of chinese leadership right now over a 50 year perspective. this is part of that game that they are playing and being decisive with them, standing strong, using trade as a lever will be key. >> sandra: julian's trying to jump in, dagan, to you first >> dagen: china hopes the north korean threat drives us out of northeast asia. there is so much more that we can do in terms of putting financial pressure on china and on north korea. what the sanctions over the weekend did not do, they did not cut the supply of oil and refined oil products, gasoline into north korea from china. in terms of the secondary sanctions, you start cracking down, on financial institutions,
9:19 am
any companies that are propping up the missile and nuclear programs and china, you make it hurt. you make china hurt in their pocket book and could affect things. >> trish: it was interesting, he said look, we have to go after china on a lot of these issues i e-trade, et cetera maybe i'll back off if they cooperate on north korea. you think about china, their counterfeiting goods and they are a source for counterfeit goods, unlike any other. this is costing american businesses and it's a big issue because not only that, you run the risk doing business in china that your executives can be jailed for drums up charges, so there are a lot of issues that we need to start addressing and that is our leverage. that is the threat that we have,
9:20 am
we can actually start going after them on all of these economic issues. >> gillian: i think part of the reason is that we share with north korea a common interest in having a -- excuse me, we share with china having a nuclear free north korea, but that is in a relationship based on convenience and it only goes up to a point and then we sharply diverge. our national security interests in this are much stronger than china's because china is a neighbor and looks to north korea for major trade, major investment. they have a vested interest in seeing north korea's economy remain strong, remain stable, and remain independent. the north korean economy collapsing would prevent a major, major crisis for china, for us, not so much.
9:21 am
i think every american president comes into office and they think it, i'm going to hit china really hard. i'm going to go down that path as far as i can and maybe i'll be the one to turn it and they're not. again, our national security interests get to a certain point and then sharply diverge. >> dagen: financially and economically, we don't have leverage over china. we do rely on imported goods, people of cheap goods that they can buy at discount stores. i don't mean to sound simplistic about this and china be the second largest foreign holder because we are a debtor nation. we rely on them to not only continue to buy u.s. treasury, but to not sell what they own. >> trish: simultaneously, china needs us to do well because they need that to get
9:22 am
repaid. >> sandra: as the tensions continue to mount with north korea, chris wallace will talk to mike pompeo on "fox news sunday." check your local listings for channel and time on the fox broadcast network and you can catch it sunday at 2:00 p.m. eastern right here on fnc. plus, to a president trump's critics in the senate now facing primary challengers. should other trunk critics be worried and is it time for more republicans to support the president? we debate. and then you totaled him. you two had been through everything together. two boyfriends, three jobs... you're like nothing can replace brad. then liberty mutual calls... and you break into your happy dance.
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♪ >> dagen: if you do still brewing between mr. trump and mitch mcconnell. he raises the possibility of mr. mcconnell resigning from
9:27 am
his post if he fails to get the agenda through the senate. when asked yesterday if he thinks mcconnell should step down, he had this to say. >> if you didn't get repeal and replace done and taxes done meaning cuts and reform and if he doesn't get a very easy infrastructure, if he doesn't get them done, then you can ask me that question. i said mitch, i get to work and let's get it done. they should have had this last one done. they lost by one vote, for a thing like that to happen is a disgrace. >> dagen: or in hatch's office tweeting this. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell has been the best leader we've had and my time in the senate. when it comes to whose side the american people are on, a new poll shows the president is doing a better job in congress
9:28 am
is, even at 38%, he is up 18 points over congress' approval rating of 20%. newt gingrich said not just this morning, but in other interviews. he's encouraging the president to read mitch mcconnell's book, the long game and mcconnell is not going anywhere and they would need to make nice nice. >> pete: if it's such a long game that we are all dead, it's too long. losing is losing, failing is failing. very few grassroot conservatives out there who way the
9:29 am
responsibility at the feet of president trump. whether it's susan collins or susan michalski, or been staff rather than passing conservative ideas. i don't get it. >> dagen: my theory is the market is not selling off on the north korea rhetoric. we've got a little bit of a bounce back, but the worst week may be since the end of march. it's because there is tension between trump and mcconnell and the agenda is at risk. they're raising the debt ceiling next month, keeping the government open, . >> sandra: the tensions are there. >> dagen: you have mitch mcconnell taking a shot at donald trump and trump taking shots back at mcconnell. >> trish: as far as political risk, typically, it's hard to know in these situations, but
9:30 am
typically the market will always bounce back from that. you look at this over the long term and yes, we've had geopolitical problems before. it always comes back, so there's always something to this. that's going to have an effect on earnings, the market, and perhaps that's what underlies all of this. >> sandra: the rhetoric, does the president risk alienating those he needs? that is a real risk, not getting tax reform done. >> gillian: i feel like i'm missing something. isn't mitch mcconnell one of the only republicans, certainly in a leadership position who stood by the president, has been on board with him since the campaign?
9:31 am
what he said the other day was barely a criticism of the president. the first time i've heard mitch mcconnell say anything that went contrary to what the president has been saying. he has been right there with him every step of the way on the agenda. he said himself, i agree with the president on health care. is it smart for the president, if you're looking at strategies, is it smart for him to try and potentially throw mitch mcconnell under the bus? >> pete: if the republican party -- we had kevin brady on the radio, if the republican party can't do tax reform and they can't do obama repeal and replace -- >> dagen: it you're getting ahead of yourself pure them to keep the government open. i'll predict this, this ain't getting done this year.
9:32 am
this is a disaster. by the way, to call mitch mcconnell a leader is a misnomer because he's not leading. he said seven years. >> sandra: it's very frustrating. >> trish: meantime, a group during the trump campaign for one of the primary challengers jeff flake. this according to the hill which reports that trumps allies are ramping up their own to take down the arizona republican who has emerged as one of the presidents vocal critics on capitol hill. and senator dean heller from nevada is also facing a 2018 primary challenger. meantime ahead of the rnc this week, warning republicans that their seats are in danger if they oppose president trump. >> if you look at 2016, the senators who do not support the president, let's look at two,
9:33 am
they fell short in all senate races. there is a cautionary tale. voters want to support the president and his agenda. >> trish: voters are frustrated, they sell business function in washington. one of the reasons they sent him there. when you look at examples like kelly ayotte, she flip-flopped. that did not serve her well, but it's symptomatic of a lot of people that we see in the party right now. it's hard for them to jump with both feet in when they're not certain of how they're going to be looked upon by the media, by their peers, and ultimately voters. >> pete: et al. ultimately self interested, that's you're telling me.
9:34 am
>> trish: if they were really self-interested, they would actually be more in his corner, but i think it's hard for them to think. think of how he campaigned and how awkward it made some people feel, they're not used to this. they never seen anything like i it. it's hard for them to say we are going to back him when they're not certain what the ramifications will be. >> dagen: i think as evidence, you look at the ads that the pro-trump group america first policy started running against dean heller when it looked like he was not going to get on board with a health care reform they started running anti-dean heller adds and they had something like a seven-figure budget in place. they quickly pulled them once dean heller started going back to the table to negotiate with colleagues on that, slots effective.
9:35 am
any republicans out there who think this might be a bluff. >> gillian: >> trish: they neede is our president's before this g.o.p. civil war, who does that serve? it doesn't serve the president or the congress. congress is up from 10-20%.
9:36 am
>> pete: what does it serve jeff flake running around talking about terrible president trump as a conservative republican? this president wants to do all the things they said they would do on the campaign trail. pull on your big boy pants. get something done. >> trish: the president said for better or worse, just have at it, do what you've been working on for the last seven years and i'll sign whatever you put in front of me and they still can get it done. he gobbled up republicans right and left like m&ms. he destroyed the party and they resent it. >> trish: the fbi raids of
9:37 am
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your summer moment awaits you, now that the summer of audi sales event is here. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models during the summer of audi sales event. >> sandra: president trump making it clear he has no intention of firing robert mueller as special counsel for the probe into the russia election meddling despite coming the investigation a witch hunt. listen. >> i haven't given it any thought. i've been reading about it because they see them dismissing him. i'm not dismissing anybody. there is no collusion because -- i won because i was a much better candidate than her. i won because i went to wisconsin, michigan, i won pennsylvania.
9:42 am
i thought a smart battle, i didn't win because of russia. russia had nothing to do with me winning. >> sandra: politico is reporting federal investigators are trying to rattle paul manafort, going after his son in law increase the pressure with a predawn rain. >> i've always found paul manafort to be a decent man. he probably gets consultant fees from all over the place, i don't know. it's pretty tough stuff. to wake him up, perhaps his family was there, i think that's really bad. >> sandra: meanwhile, don dowd said these are typically found in russia, not america. this invasive tool was employed for its shock value to try to
9:43 am
intimidate mr. manafort and bring him to his knees. first off, your thoughts on the presidents of strong words. >> pete: he's saying exactly what he means as he always does. he knows he never colluded, he knows it's a witch hunt. he's made a strategic decision, rather to take on mueller and fire him, let it run its course. but the senate committee come out and have their findings because he is going to be liberated by the fact that there's nothing there. during the break, you said washington, d.c., would go nuts, i say let them go nuts. when d.c. goes nuts, i don't care and neither does anyone else in america. this is a witch hunt and i think he let it run its course and is good that he set that aside and otherwise focus on things that matter. >> gillian: this menacing he could do barn on is to take the investigation, put it aside, let
9:44 am
it run its course. i don't want to live in a world where the president fired mueller. if i was an advisor, i would say please mr. president, please take that option off the table. if you felt the wrath of washington and the governing class in this country, fire the special investigator. >> trish: he is, that was a point of that sound that we just ran. he's saying, this is something you guys are talking about and i think the right pundits have called for that. get rid of the whole investigation, i don't think he's necessarily saying that. i think he understands the political risk. i don't think he anticipated the backlash she would get when he let james comey go, but that turned into a big can of worms
9:45 am
and resulted in robert mueller. >> dagen: it was the twitter threats, i might have some tapes and then call me leaks that information to "the new york times" " >> trish: absolutely horrendous and outrageous that he did leak that way, especially when everyone was complaining about leakers. nonetheless, i think he understands that that would not be well received. >> dagen: has tony answered he ink readily measured when asked about paul manafort. we talk about the politics of possibly firing robert mueller, think about it from a legal perspective because if you look back to watergate, you have to be careful what happens because leon jaworski was put in his place was much tougher than archibald cox.
9:46 am
you may like robert mueller, but you may head the next guy or gal even more. >> sandra: and looking at these tactics employed by muller's, does as backup president trump coming as a witch hunt? >> pete: yes, they are searching for a crime, this is why it's so frustrating for jeff sessions because he's not able to keep it inside and make sure they're focusing on russian interference in the election, instead they're going down this rabbit trail or that one. it's part of intimidation. >> dagen: we should point out that this team had to persuade a judge that they were somehow not being faithful or truthful with them in terms of the information they were turning over. fbi agents know the danger because they could be prosecuted. >> sandra: remember this big tease on fox news radio? "time" magazine's latest cover
9:47 am
declaring new white house chief of staff john kelly, trump last best hope, is that a fair assessment or is it more mainstream media bias? will debate that next. ♪
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liberty mutual insurance. >> sandra: more of this friday "outnumbered" in just a moment, but first, jon scott will that's coming up in the second hour "happening now." >> jon: in the next hour, president trump turns a simple photo up into an all-out news conference, the topics he covered and how the change in plans highlights his ml. isis is paying for their operations using at a popular online marketplace. how they're using the site to funnel money. a freak accident at a football practice has an entire community reeling. how a simple conditioning exercise class a 16-year-old his life. all that coming up on "happening now" ." >> gillian: e had more about mainstream media bias. john kelly is called
9:52 am
president trump's best last hope. the article which is full of criticism of the presidents white house reads in part "kelly urged his staff to stop the infighting and set their egos and agendas and any leaking aside." he told his audience that they must assert serving a hierarchy that puts the nation and not the president first. country, president, self. so began a new era at president trump's white house, when the might be his last and best chance for success. i feel like the like the chief of staff role is a thankless job and he only ever think about the chief of staff or hear about them in the mainstream media if something horrible is happening. meaning if you're doing a great job and everything is running on time, everybody's doing their job, the staff is serving the president well, you don't even knew who they are. if something goes down when there's a crisis, then all of a
9:53 am
sudden the chief of staff is always a forefront in the news. i think in general, it's probably not fair to say that general kelly is the president's last and best hope, but he is really important and his role is super important, but that's the same. >> pete: that title seems -- last best hope. structure would help president trump structure his agenda. i don't use the term mainstream media anymore ever, it's left wing media. they create these stories to make the president look bad. there is no balance and most of these newsrooms at all. this is meant to make him look bad, put a picture of someone who can save the trump presidency that they say is doomed to fail six months in and they will look at what he's done to succeed and they will look at what i had wing he's faced from a most everything will news outlet. he's had a great deal of troubl trouble. >> dagen: what moronic news
9:54 am
magazine editor would put someone on the cover of your issue that no one recognized? people are like, who the heck is that guy? >> trish: i don't think he was well served by his previous chief of staff. there is room for improvement. he has a lot of promise and a lot of talent and some of that needs to be channeled. it's important to who is around him and you point out structure, you look at president trump on his international trip and he knocked it out of the park. there was a lot of structure and he has an opportunity to do that and away back here at home that he can succeed at but he needs the right people, he needs more people around him. >> sandra: the article, i was trying to find -- i don't have
9:55 am
my high later today. it goes into detail of john kelly is passed from where he comes, how he was raised, his family, it does a good job of talking about what a strong leader this man and he is a hopeful presence for this white house. >> gillian: this is a serious guy. there is a lot of value there because you can say shut up, you are pursuing your own interest, this is how we get the president's agenda passed whereas before, there were camps, but he gets to rise above that. >> gillian: unlike reince priebus, he's not coming into this locked position and a larger web of political donors, operatives, he's coming at this from the military. he is approaching this, i think
9:56 am
it, it's a little too early to say that his chief of staff. >> sandra: happy friday again, more "outnumbered," will be back in just a moment. so the incredibly minor accident that i had tonight- four weeks without the car. okay, yup. good night. with accident forgiveness your rates won't go up just because of an accident. switching to allstate is worth it. ykeep you that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you. back in the 90's, when billy wanted to ask madeline out on a date, he would call her corded house telephone and get permission to speak to her. today is a lot different. billy just slides into madeline's dm and she'll respond with "oh hayyy! swing by 4 dinnr! smiley face heart emoji" even though courtship has become less strict,
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>> i will see you again at 2:00 this afternoon, we are back on tv this hour on monday at noon eastern. "happening now" starts right no now. >> melissa: we have a fox news alert right now from fox news global headquarters in new york, vice president mike pence speaking in indianapolis, delivering the keynote address at the ten-point coalition annual luncheon. >> jon: coming in the wake of fresh comments from president trump about the north korea nuclear crisis as well as senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. we are covering all the news happening now. >> i greatly appreciate the fact that they have been able to. >> jon: president trump's shocking praise for vladimir putin. plus, heavy rains and high winds leave the flash flooding went on monsoon season storm


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