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tv   Cashin In  FOX News  August 12, 2017 8:30am-9:00am PDT

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>> security for the u.s. government. >> i like it but i like boeing more. >> that's it for "forbes on fox". thank you, everybody for watching. keep it right here continues can trish reagan and cashin' in, have a wonderful weekend. >> the important leaks to me and the leak that is the attorney general is looking at very strongly are the leaks coming out of intelligence and we have to stop them for the security and national security of our country. trish: tensions with north korea intensify, the leaks continue and now some are worried these leaks will further undermine the world's confidence in the united states of america. are they right or are they wrong? hi, everybody, i'm trish regan, welcome to cashin' in, we have rachel campo duffy, larry, welcome to you, all good to see you. rachel, i will start with you, are the leaks more dangers now because things with north korea are getting worse?
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>> the situation is tense, the president needs to be able to speak to allies and advisers in an open forum where he knows he's not going to have that information and those conversations leaked into the newspapers and into the media. this situation is very dangerous and i think it puts those never-trumpers that are inside the government that are leaking this situation, it's a real patriotic question for them, are they -- do they care more about obstructing the president than undoing this election than they care about the safety of americans that are living in guam. i don't think these leaks are going to stop, trish, until someone is made an example, somebody needs to be arrested, handcuffed, walk before the cameras and made an example of or else it's not going stop. trish: wow, we are seeing many more now, i would point out, jessica, than we have seen before. president obama had to go after the leakers but the leaking situation has reached a level that really is unprecedented.
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>> it is, and i agree that it's dangerous. i was particularly disturbed when the transcripts of the president's phone calls with other world leaders were leaked last week which calls into question whether foreign leaders feel it's a safe place to call the president of the united states. trish: what does that mean for china right now? >> it's absolutely a terrible situation but i would say that the president himself on sunday retweeted a report that used classified information that nikki haley herself said she wouldn't comment on about north korea, so it's not that we shouldn't have leaks, the president of the united states of america should as well not be tweeting things that are based on -- trish: i don't want to turn this back to him. >> but he's -- trish: i'm looking at this and china need to come on board, we need china's help and we need to pressure china to help us with the situation, they are not doing what they need to do clearly, but we there's back room conversations going on, if
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china or anyone else for that matter can't trust that that information isn't going to get leaked out to the press and potentially put them in a bad spot, how does the influence our ability to negotiate and resolve this issue? >> look, no question, volatile and dangers national security crisis, calls for national unity. it doesn't call for partisan divide, bickering and leak, job one chief of kelly stabilize the white house, stop the leaks and get unity. russia, china, iran would like nothing better than to undermine our democracy which is exactly what we are seeing with the leaks. we have american lives at stake not just in guam but in korea and west coast of the united states. the only way to protect them is to stop these leaks and to speak with one voice and that's not happening right now. trish: speak with one voice. this is where i have a problem with a lot of the members of the left that have come out and said the president is being bombastic, irresponsible, et
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cetera, jessica, when he directs his language at the crazy man in north korea because it seems to me that the level that we have heard from north korea needs to be matched. we have spent years and years and years of trying to work with them, trying to be diplomatic, not say the wrong thing, now someone is talking tough and instead of unifying behind that tough talk you've got members of the left cite sizing it. >> but it's also members to have right, john mccain, the right is about to kick out of the party after happened with the health care, we had collin powell, more concerned about the rhetoric of donald trump than nuclearized north korea, i take your point. the comparisons to kim jong un are dangerous but -- trish: and wrong. unpatriotic. >> bipartisan issue with the rhetoric that comes out continually from this white house and the attitude that donald trump takes to diplomacy, he left his own cabinet members
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high and dry there having to defend fire and fury, we talked about the mood or whatever he was going to say but not the specific words but the specific words do matter and he doubled down on it the day after. trish: what i would point out is that everyone has the same message, by the way, the white house said that, we are all on the same page within the administration. i guess what i'm taking issue with is as a country, we need to be on the same page and certainly people say things differently and this president has certain flair shall we say with the way he says things but everyone saying the same thing, do not mess with us, north korea. >> absolutely, don't have a problem with fire and fury i want fire and fury if all the other options have been exhausted. look, we have tried everything else. barack obama gave pallets of unmarked bills and still pursuing nuclear weapons. this is not -- this is not going to be solved in the old way and we are running out of time. they are very close to being able to do the things that they
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want to do to our country that will cost american lives. we need national unity and we need people to put aside the bad feelings about the last election and unit against a common enemy. >> i don't think it's about the last election. trish: let larry get in there. >> election time the over. it's gotten us nowhere through republican and democratic administrations. it's time to change the tone, the dialogue and take action and countries around the world are watching this to see how they are going to pursue their nuclear ambition. the president's tone is appropriate, maybe not everyone likes it but it's appropriate for the situation. trish: i mean, look, you mess with us and you'll have real problems, period, end of story, and in many ways should be obvious but jessica, no one was willing to say it for the last eight years and then some. >> well, it's not just the last eight years, a problem that
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began with bill clinton and george bush continued it and went to barack obama's term. it's a bipartisan issue. to the election point, tell the united states of america that he won, that hillary clinton is no longer his enemy, she's just a lady writing a book. don't talk about the popular vote anymore, you lost that but you won the electoral vote and -- trish: what does that have to do with north korea? >> both rachel and larry brought the election as an issue and we are not. trish: you may not, jessica, you may not be -- no, north korea totally separate issue. but i do think that the left is out there trying to say that he won because of russian interference and that's fair point, not a fair point but a fair point to rachel to make but they continue to do this over and over again in an effort to undermine the president of the united states right now and if you want to link that back to
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north korea, larry, we need strength, we need belief in our system right now, we need everybody on the same page, a united country as we deal with an international threat so it is inappropriate to be continuing to talk about the election cycle and whether or not he should be legitimately the president of the united states of america at a time like this. >> that's right, lives are at risk here and south korea is the 11th largest economy of the world. we are talking about world turmoil if we don't right the situation. we can't go through it decades in the future. we have to stem the situation right now and take a stands with a rogue dictatorship, it's not going to be a popular situation but only by national unity we will take action and get the country together. we can't unit around something like this with lives at stake for american soldiers, when can we reunite?
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>> i think it was a general lee statute. in fact, the city of charlotte has declared state of emergency and this happened really just about ten minutes ago, less than that, but the city mayor maurice jones and the county executive office simultaneously issued a declaration of a local emergency and this is for two jurisdictions, fairly large protest, in fact, we saw some protests break out last night. the planned protest was for today, officials didn't know exactly how many people were going to arrive, they had estimate anywhere ride range between 2 and 6,000, obviously right now it's still developing, we don't know how many people are there but this joint declaration does allow local officials to request additional
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resources and that's on going situation here in the community. i want to bring in my cohost leland, as we look at live pictures, authorities say it can be confusing for folks who are there because you do see men and women who are openly carrying weapons, a lot of them are in army fatigues at this rally and this is a difficult situation for authorities. they said last night that they weren't necessarily prepared for rally that happened last night because it was planned for today. so you can see here we are looking at some live pictures and i want to bring you in because this is something that unfortunately you would see here, people using pepper spray against each other. this is a fairly violent situation and authorities don't really have a good grab on and we see the city here declaring the local emergency. >> local emergency that the state may get involve with, you can see the national guard come in, that was put on standby last night.
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big picture here, the city of charlotteville made a decision to remove a statute of confederate from what is called emancipation park and a group of white nationalists decided they wanted to come in and protest the removal of that statute, there was a lawsuit about whether they could or could not protest, they won that lawsuit and that's when we saw the scrimmages break out last night with the chance of white lives matter and now we see that same violence today and, liz, as you pointed out, when you have people openly carrying weapons and you're illegally allowed to do that in the state of virginia, it is combustible beyond words and police that are there in riot gear have a difficult time discerning who is going to be on their side, if you will and who they very well may want to cause harm. these things get extraordinary combustible, extraordinarily quickly and the big question is what are the rules of engagement
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for these police officers, what have they been told and we have seen in riots in the past whether it'd be in baltimore or ferguson that allowed to get under control, takes incredible amount of force to put the genie back in the bottle. we saw in charlotte last year as well combustible situation like this that ended up, think about the city of charlottestville, home of the university of virginia there. you have the issue of school kids from the university of virginia there typically have not come back to school yet but still now you have everybody urging people to stay away from the city of charlottesville right around where there was a statute of general lee. >> well, you talk about sort of being a very picturesque place to be.
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we heard from the governor. if you're in the area, stay away. and in fact, i had seen local reporters out and about this morning and businesses were closing, some of them were boarding up. they had no idea what was going to happen here because they were a little caught off guard as you mention about last night when things start to escalate and like you said, there was folks that had, you know, tiki torches and carrying out and shouting white lives matter, it goes into a deeper argument about this particular statute. you have seen both sides of the argument some who say that removing it is removing the preservation of history and integral in our history and so it becomes very, very personal for folks but what i think when you see -- when you see what's going on now and you look at the live pictures, it's not -- it does become much more of a demonstration, much more than a demonstration when it becomes sort of violent, when you see people using pepper spray on each other or shoving each
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other, it sort of takes away from the point of the argument when you start talk more about the violence than we do about the history and the statute that was removed and i think that is very unfortunate right now and we we are waiting to see how emergency officials come in. national guard was on standby, it could increasingly get more tense. >> well, it would be hard for it to get more tense unless all of a sudden people start shooting each other, if you look at these groups, typically the police try to get in between these two groups but if you look at the picture of the groups that are on our screen, the white nationalist groups, they came ready not to protest, they came ready for a fight. they are wearing helmets, often times in these situations it's hard to tell from the video, they have body armor on, as you noted, they bring out weapon spray and weapons as well and the police try to form a
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barricade between the two, we don't have control over this camera right now that is there as we see some of the -- looks like some water bottles and other things that have been thrown back and forth. what's in those bottles, we don't know. it's probably worth warning our viewers that in situations like this, we don't really know what's going to happen in the case. we don't know what you might hear. we also don't know what you might see on some of the signs that these folks, those on the other side might have. and these are sort of white nationalist groups, desperate groups that have come together and you can see right there, the pictureesque park of north virginia, we are zooming in now and you can see some of the riot police that are now coming in and clearly they are ready for a fight, there is only 11:40 eastern time so this could
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be a very long and hot day and as you point out, liz, those police walking into a situation where they really don't know what they're going to encounter. these are people who are angry and these are people with weapons as well. >> and you brought up a really good point. first of all, there are different sections. alt-right groups, white nationalists and heard the folks last night that were preaching white lives matter. you brought up a really good point that you're not sure what these men and women that are trying to protect these protestors are getting into. i had found a piece online that said some of the men what were showing up today were dressed in combat gear, anything from bicycle to motorcycle helmet, a lot of them we saw earlier carrying make-shift shields and sticks and when they see -- when these, you know, these police, state police members come out to protect these folks, this is what's difficult. there are things that are getting thrown at them. plastic bottles thrown and this
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is what's making their job difficult. i want to bring in our own doug who is -- if i'm not mistaken on the ground there. doug, if you can hear me, we are seeing seeing the live pictures, can you tell us how the situation has escalated this morning, when it started to get more tense this morning and what you're seeing around you. >> well, it's been tense here from the get-go and evidence of that, if you look over my shoulder right there, you can see the forming of several police officers with riot shields and helmets, it looks like they are prepare today move on right here. if you swing around in the other direction, let's go up this way, you can take a look at the epicenter of the conflict right now, things are calm at this particular moment, but if you look at the side here in the sidewalk, people who are getting treatment for having been maized or pepper sprayed, they claim by alt-right nationalist people who were in the protest area. these are counterprotestors out in this area. we have seen several of them
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with severe, you know, cuts, having been hit with sticks, others having been hit with fists, a lot of people bleeding, i don't see any in my presence right now. we saw just a few moments ago a couple canisters, tear gas. we are going the other direction. all right. i guess these people are running away from the police who appear to be on the verge of moving in right now. we have seen some canisters of either tear gas or smoke canisters, i haven't been hit by any of them so i don't know if it's tear gas. you can see people who are taking treatment here for having been maized, let's go ask this guy what happened to him real quick. sir, can i talk to you, tell me what happened? >> i can't talk right now, bro. i got hit with pepper spray. >> who did it? >> one of the nazis. [inaudible]
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>> are you okay? >> i've had better days. [laughter] >> all right. good luck to you. thank you. >> i spoke to some state police officers a little while ago, they are off to the right side of the pedestrian mall here in downtown charlottesville, that may change given the tension they are hearing but i spoke to one of the guys, the commander over here who was formulating with state troopers, he -- i asked him what is your go point, at what point does it become too dangerous and you begin making arrests, he said, we don't really have any policy formulated. it's the charlottestville police. a few more minutes after he had the conversation with me, he ordered all of his state troopers to get away from the parking lot where they were prepositioned because he said it was too dangerous and he told us to get out of there as well. that's the present situation right now. i cannot overstate the tension here in downtown
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charlottestville, there was an earlier kkk gathering here about six weeks ago, same park, same place, i spoke to a business owner, i said compare the two, there's absolutely no comparison. first a handful of kkk members maybe 20 to 30 of them, it was peaceful, they gathered in emancipation park where the statute of robert e. lee is and what people ordered removed and that's the source of the conflict here. he said at that time there was only a handful of protestors and left shortly thereafter, he said no comparison. this is much more tense. many, many people involved and as i said, you can just taste the tension here. a lot of people walking around with very large sticks, i have seen a couple of sticks, a couple of people with sticks with nails in the end of them. one of the people in our team said when he first got here he saw a couple of kkk members
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openly carrying handguns and assault-kind of rifles. i asked him, you know, if the police were checking these people for concealed carry permits and he said, no, no indication that police have been doing that. there are handguns, there are weapons here in the possession and openly being displayed by kkk members and alt-right nationalist groups. we are moving in the direction of what used to be call lee park, now called the emancipation park and if you can shoot the statute of robert e. lee you can see -- loud bang there. i don't know if it's a fire cracker. let's hope it's not gunfire. you can see the statute of robert e. lee in the middle of the park right there. that statute was ordered removed by the city of charlottesville earlier this year and it is still here now because there's a court order blocking the removal pending another hearing. it's the source of a lot of contention here.
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you can't walk-through the city, you can't walk-through the county and state of virginia without running any number of things in places and people named lee but the city has made a coaxer decision to remove that particular statute from this park. that's why the alt-right groups are protesting here today and that's also why these counterprotestors are gathered around the perimeter protesting the alt-right movement. i want to talk to another guy right over here. if you can come this way. i don't know where he went. >> i want to ask you -- >> let's talk real quickly before you do, sir, can i talk to you? the guy obviously hit by something. there have been a lot of projectiles being thrown in the direction, water bottles that are filled. i haven't seen anything more dangerous than that. here is a police car that's been splattered with paint balls, i believe. go ahead. >> doug, it's elizabeth here, i
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want to ask you a question. i had watched some of the coverage last night, i had seen the tiki torches and the chants that were taking place, is that when authorities start today get worried about today? there had been murmurs that this was going to take place and prediction was a huge change, they weren't sure how many folks were going to show up, do you think last night incited a larger participation, is that why authorities got more concerned because they saw such a large turnout and they heard hateful rhetoric. >> let's pay attention, elizabeth, let's pay attention to what's going on, something is going on. people are moving rapidly, just a little bit off to our left smoke is up, i don't know if that's tear gas. something is going on up in the park. okay, the police are moving a little bit to the right. they are moving into the protest group here. back to your point, elizabeth,
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in all likelihood that people got wind of this protest early and made a conscious decision to come into town to stage the counterprotestors, i was speaking to a business owner here just prior to us coming on air and he said, these are people who do not live in charlottesville, they were bussed in, they were brought in by whatever means, they are not a lot of locals here. these are out of town protestors. okay, that appears to be the pepper spray or tear gas, i'm watching a pretty nasty smell of it right now. you can see a couple of people down here who are again wiping their faces off with liquid, remove pepper spray. so the police are up in the middle of the park, they formed and appears to be charlottesville police. they are not rounding people up.
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so the people who are up in the park now gravitated toward the street where we are and you're also looking at the armored vehicle. let's listen to the announcement . it's been declared unlawful assembly he's saying, you will be arrested if you do not leave. why don't we move into that area right there? okay. lots of tear gas going off around here. you can see part-time running downhill here towards the pedestrian mall which is sort of the epicenter of downtown charlottesville. we are amidst the counterprotestors, a lot of antiprotestors here, a lot of
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people coughing and excuse me if i start to too because we are tear-gassed right now. pretty bad. >> the crews are inside the protests, tear gas effects them the say way it does just about everybody else and it's an overwhelming feeling as you're breathing that in. we will let dug and his team get to safety, get behind a little shelter and see if we can check back in with them. you can see the police forming in the riot line that they then used to move together and march forward to try to separate these groups and disperse these groups , the order that we heard on the bull horn that this is unlawful assembly is if first indication that the police are really going to start and retake control of the situation and you can give a sense of them lined up. doug, looks like he's gotten
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away from the tear gas. doug, give us a sense, do you feel as though the police have gotten the okay to go ahead and try and break this up or are they just trying to separate the groups right now? >> it's virtually impossible to separate the groups right now. i consider that to be a real potential threat when i first got here because i saw that there were no physical barriers, no police barricades that were separating the two sides. there was a lot of intermingling and some of the kkk members and alt-right members were trying to get to the heart of that park, they had to walk-through counterprotestors and that's where we saw a lot of people getting beaten up or punched and hit with hits and things of that sort. there's no separation of the groups whatsoever. it looks like they are just on standby here waiting for orderers to move and as of now, these guys aren't moving, you saw another group of police in the park itself who were moving appearing to be driving people out of the park.
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let's head back up in the direction where the tear gas was because it seems to have moved away a little bit. >> let me ask you this, do you get the sense that this is really about the order to remove the statute or is the order to remove the statute and the statute simply rallying point for a bunch of white nationalists who want to reason to come rally and then that brought out the counterprotestors, is this about statute or is this about sort of inciting violence that we have seen? >> well, initially it certainly was about the statute, these are groups who want the statute to be here, many people openly and proudly express from the nationalists viewpoint that they want to express their white heritage, they said that openly and so they came here to protest against the removal of the statute which will be happening in the next several months, but
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in the context of what's going on in the united states the deep divisions, it takes on meaning far beyond that and so i think you're seeing this, you're seeing the political differences being played out with violence here in charlottesville today. >> for those who are just joining us, fox news alert at the top of the hour, i'm elizabeth prann in washington dc joined by leland vittert in colorado. we are looking at pictures in charlottesville, virginia, was supposed to be a peaceful a pea protest among folks protesting the removal of a confederate statue. a statue of robert e lee which is scheduled to be removed in the next couple months, called emancipation park. initial protests took


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