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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  August 12, 2017 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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maybe? you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. >> kelly: this is president trump condemning today's events in charlotte, virginia. after a white nationalist rally turns into chaos. hello. welcome to a new our inside america's news headquarters. >> julie: i'm julie, state of emergency has been declared. continued violence in charlottesville this afternoon is a car plowed into a crowd near the protest. our local reports are saying it was a collaborated, plant attack, and attentional attack. now the ap reporting in fox confirmed one person is dead as
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a result of that intentional crash. now were talking vehicular manslaughter charges facing the suspect involved. present trump address the matters just moments ago and alive news conference from new jersey. kristin joins us live from bridgewater, new jersey with the latest. >> this is supposed to be about president trump signing a bill about veterans affairs. instead, the focus shifted entirely on what's been taking place in charlottesville. present trump said he just got off the phone with the governor virginia. they're working swiftly to try to restore law and order in charlottesville. he says we must come together as americans with love for our nation a true affection for each other. he says we're going to continue to make america great again but will make a great for all americans. all americans been the emphasis. that may cause problems for to present trump down the road from some of the counter protesters
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from some democrats. here's the crux of what he had to say moments ago. listen. >> we are closely following the terrible events unfolding charlotte's will, virginia. we condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry, and violence on many sites. >> so, there you have president trump sin this hatred, bigotry, violence is coming from many sides. he did not come out and explicitly address the white nationalist or the white supremacist, that a lot of people think has been committing the majority of the acts were inside in the majority of the acts. president trump staying away
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from those words and that's causing senate minority leader, chuck schumer to come out on twitter and say this quote, he says of course we condemn all that he stands for, but until president trump specifically condemns the all right action charlottesville, he hasn't done his job. make no mistake, president trump to deliver some very tough remarks against the violence that has been ongoing in charlottesville. he's in a tough spot. he can't seem to no matter what he says. he's either getting attack from democrats were from the right for perhaps not saying enough are saying too much. in fact, the former grand wizard of the kkk, david duke, who president trump has denounced repeatedly, he even took to twitter to condemn what president trump said saying, we are determined to take our country back. we're going to fulfill the presidenpromises of donald trum. he said don't forget who brought you to the white house. david duke's and it was white americans who put you in the
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presidency, not radical leftists. president trump is getting hit by all sides today. of course, this is happening around the time he would love to be highlighted major advancements is the making of veterans affairs. this whole press conference was supposed to be about. don't forget, we just have this major press conference yesterday where he talks about military options been on the table in both north korea and venezuela. he's hitting back against senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. there's so much happening now the president trump would like to talk about. instead he's having to focus on what's developing and virginia. >> kelly: we continue to follow the developments very go to doug who has been following the story. it's been a folding all day long. we understand that 19 are injured in that vehicle incident. one person now dead.
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>> a horrific scene. were here to talk to a man who witnessed it all. and who video graph this from his cell phone. he comes from pennsylvania. originally from chicago. john sigler describes himself as a citizen journalist. you told me earlier you think this was a cornet, intentional attack, the police have not named at that yet. why do you think so? >> based on my footage which you can see the guy going at a high speed into people and other footage we've seen in witnesses at the other end that sought going slow and allotted go through because they thought it was a cop. then when he backed out and tried to get away, the witnesses saw a white nationalist at the corner telling him where to go. >> in your say in the car had no license plate question. >> people at the front thought there was no license plate on it
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that's what i thought it was a cop. some other misinformation to going out that i want to clear out. unicorn ryan is not pay protesters, there are a 5o1c3 nonprofit media organization. >> thank you now back to the earlier part of the day. i want to characterize the violence we saw in emancipation park. it probably lasted for 45 minutes or so. little bit of an uptick that calm down after charlottesville please decked in right gear moved everybody off the park, the white nationalist then moved to a different park where the city wanted them to have the protest originally, mcintyre park which is the outskirts of the city, broader and wider. so they moved in that direction. from there, after speech by david duke and he was proclaiming white people were the real victims in american society, there is nothing major, and then things appear to dissipate.
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now we await nightfall still probably for five hours away. that presents its own difficulty. only because it's dark and gives people hiding element. we'll see what the night holds in store. it's calm here now. there's a large please presence from the state police and the national guard. >> kelly: it's good to see there's calm going on particular since the mayor -- a blessed julie. especially since the mayor asked people to go home. do you think they're following the advice? >> i don't want to prejudge that. let's take a look in this direction. look at how deserted it is, nobody's on the side of the street. on the outside, this is the scene of the car accident itself. two vehicles that were rammed by that intentional ram are still there. the police investigation continues. john sigler just told me the
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police had not yet interviewed him even though he was almost struck by the car. he was only 10 feet away from it and he videotaped it. i suspect they will be. all things are calm here now. >> kelly: doug is reporting from charlottesville, thank you. >> julie: all things are calm, but this could be the before another storm considering what's been going on. the mayor twitting the horrible news that one person has been declared dead from local hospital officials, in 19 people are injured. this after what seems to be a collaborated intentional attack. a congressman was on earlier that causes political terrorism. i would say he was spot on by calling it that. bill is a former fbi director in new york, also former chief executive in your, miami and denver. i'm waiting for curfew to be set in place. right now all is called the come nightfall things could fire up.
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how do you control this? >> and julie, you're right. no doubt that a curfew would be in order right now. this is not a demonstration by right wing folks. if you show up in a bus, get off the bus with helmets on, shields, and baseball bats, you have not come to legitimately protest. you've come to make trouble. this is what these thugs, that's all they are, bunch of right-wing thugs came to do today. the problem is, i agree, that if there's not a curfew tonight that's when cowardice displays itself when the sun goes down and people start to throw things and start fires. it allows a set of circumstances. right now think the state police and local authorities have it under control for now. they need to get these folks off the street now. >> julie: were watching video
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please some right gear using pepper spray and water guns. they're doing what they can to hold the violent protesters at bay. it's incredible. when police used too much of force meant they get criticized for being overly brutal to protesters who have the right to protest, obviously. when it becomes violent when the governor of virginia deems it unlawful to be part of the rally which means you're committing a crime of breaking the law if you participate. the next question, wears a curfew? that should be put in place. you know this will spark up again tonight. i hate to jinx it, but these people are not going away anytime soon. if they have jobs that i can be at them till monday. they have all day tonight tomorrow. how do they block off the streets to prevent vehicles from doing the brutal attack that happened earlier with the vehicles involved in that effort to try to mow down people,
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killing one? >> they can set up parameters that backout from the scene of the traveling keep backing them out out until they have a very large perimeter. don't let people within that area. i agree in the observations there, when you back out of that perimeter you concentrate further away from the downtown area. you pick up trouble there to. >> when you said to the police, they react as best they can with pepper spray, but what you'll notice is pepper spray going to one direction and all kinds of missiles going in the direction of the police. it's a difficult set of circumstances. how much is enough and how much is too much? >> why are people getting arrested?
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it's out of control. not only are they protesters and other sides clashing with one another, your scene police and why it gear being stormed by protesters. if this happened anywhere else they would be in jail. why are they being arrested? you're trying to inflict violence upon a law-enforcement official. if this it was happening new york city, i promise you there be hundreds arrested by now. >> no doubt about that. that is the whole thing. new york city is so prepared, all of the time to do things like this. where's i'm sure the police
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department charlotte's will, virginia, it is not prepared to take care something like this. what they feel sometimes is if they stopped to rest people it breaks down there lines and more people infiltrate. i'm sure with the films and what not, they will identify people who will be arrested for some of those nonsense going on. and they're just plain thugs. you can't call them legitimate protesters. >> i cannot stand when people call them the alt-right. this is not a political movement. there's nothing with being a republican or democrat. what they are racists. i want to call it for what they are. it is not an alt-right movement. if you're going to go spread your hate, you have every right to free speech but coming out and evoking violence, that's where crossline. >> i totally agree. they are racist. what particularly gets me is have david duke say he's following the presidents mandate to take back america. absolute nonsense.
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>> julie: the president has never said that before. >> no, he is not. he is going out of his way to show that he does not support david duke and his thanks. the should never get ever be playing. david duke need some help. >> kelly wants to ask a quick question. >> kelly: is good to talk to. this thing that we've seen from david duke in the white nationalist, do you think this was done by design to incite other groups to reset their arms? >> absolutely. this isn't just a one gone. this is something they want to stimulate everybody of like mind, other thugs to do what they're doing. excellent question great observation. >> kelly: how do we prevent that group from doing it as well as other groups on the opposite side? >> that is the magic question. there is no basic uniform answer. you have to address it as things come up.
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makes it very hard on law-enforcement, particularly law-enforcement in areas that don't have the practice and exposure to incidents like this. >> the small town and all that being at a place they can operate. thank you. we'll keep our eyes out on both groups and see how law-enforcement response. >> thank you. also, were hearing the driver is in custody. the suspect involved in that intentional we have confirmed, intentional attack with a white nationalist, with one of the people on the scene who caught the horrifying video has spoken to doug saying he overheard them saying go that way. they had someone directing traffic. that would mean there more than one pp were person involved in this collaborated attack. because the drivers in custody does not say they're going to be
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more arrest following. whoever was behind the wheel of the car that struck that person who eventually die, 19 injured is going to be facing serious charges including vehicular manslaughter. we'll have more on this. charlottesville continues to go on edge into the evening. we been talking about whether or not a mandatory curfew will going to play. so far, no. things are called for now. it's been a tense day and night falls only hours away. i'm next a congressman will spet what happens tonight. in body, in spirit, in the now. boost® high protein it's intelligent nutrition with 15 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for when you need a little extra. boost® the number one high protein complete nutritional drink.
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>> kelly: we continue to follow. nineteen people were injured in this vehicle that were looking at the video a. a vehicle plowed into a group of people entering a group of 19, killing one. as we understand it was an intentional act, we don't know who did it but the drivers in custody. away for the police department to let us know as they continue the investigation. as this day has brought so many
1:21 pm
people doubt and confusion in the president even commenting, virginia congressman has been following this. that's his district, he knows the people well he knows the constituents well. you have said this is not an active the constituency in your district, but the active outsiders who have come to agitate violence. >> we don't know the driver yet but i would bet you they are now from the fifth district of virginia. i want to say this, i have good friends in the virginia states police and the state police department who are working today. i want the world to join me in praying for their safety as they try to make this country what is supposed to be, a place where we can disagree but respect one another. this is tragic. the fifth district of virginia is a special part of the world and this is not indicative of who we are. >> kelly: you served in the
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united states army, i've served in the army as well. army dharma, brother brother, this is not something you tolerate in the military. and you look at david duke and the likes of other people in that group when hate towards anyone depending on the color and religion and then the commander-in-chief stating it's not going to become tolerated. did he do enough and stating tall groups, stop it, let's move forward? >> i don't want to criticize the president but i will criticize david duke. >> kelly: and it wasn't meant to be criticism, but more of how most we help the president as well as others move forward in dealing with issues like david do? >> ultimately it's about civics lessons. i've worked with chad peterson to make sure kids in schools understood what made his greatest nation. the ability to sit down, discussion a shoe disagree and then go have dinner. so your that makes us special.
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it is so heartbreaking again in the shadow of the home of the drafter of the declaration that said all men are created equal, that this garbage would happen in 2017 at the behest of whoever, the terminology i would use is not appropriate for television, but they need to get out of my home and not know where they should go other than hell. there's no place for them in america where we know we should judge one another based on content of character not color of skin. >> kelly: to continue on what you're saying about thomas jefferson and the declaration of independence is that we been given inalienable rights. so any talk about that, the president sang, make america great again, let's start here. let's start here now to say if her going to make america great again it has to be great for everybody. >> sure.
1:24 pm
diversity is wonderful when it's tolerant of diversity. so, let's listen to each other and we see this hate filled rhetoric, let's condemn and learn from each other. no site has a monopoly on good ideas. but again, there's an irony that this is the same congressional district were proper john's, 16-year-old girl started civil rights movement was later part of the brown versus board of education decision and now we have these idiots inciting violence. i was a prosecutor for nine and half years and i'm thinking of how many people you could charge for what. they should be rounding these thugs up. as for the guy who drove the car, let me be clear, that was an act of political terrorism, that's not who we are. i couldn't prosecute him vigorously enough. >> kelly: ice bill, and julie and i were talking earlier i
1:25 pm
said, do you think this was something that was done and orchestrated to possibly incite other groups out there? i don't want to give others ideas. i like to see this be a one and done factor. bill says there might be more to this than what meets the eye. >> whether people who are trying to hasten the return of the 12th you mom or whoever, there are people in the world of various ideologies, clearly who want to incite violence and instigate some great catechism. i can't wrap my brain around it. i can understand why can do it we can to make sure betty has it the opportunity for success as they would so long as it doesn't hurt another. i believe there people who would love to see this precipitate greater violence and bloodshed. we should find out who they are. when they commit these acts to intimidate create fear that is terrorism.
1:26 pm
so, we need to clampdown on this. i will defend your right to assemble and an freedom to have opinions. your liberty stops in the liberty of those people not to be hit by a car starts. this is antithetical to all that is the fifth district of virginia and all that is america. >> kelly: virginia's estate i clearly love. i love the commonwealth of the people there. this is not indicative at all of who they are. you alluded to doctor doctor martin luther king jr. he said darkness cannot drive out darkness and hate can't mate, only love can. >> and prayers to everyone injured in this event. >> especially the family of the deceased. >> julie: were following the situation in charlottesville. one person dead, 19 injured when
1:27 pm
a driver close through a group of protesters. the drivers in custody in what appears to be a deliberate attack. a state of emergency has been declared in the state of virginia. a live update with much more, after this for millions who suffer from schizophrenia a side effect of their medication... is something called "akathisia." it's time we took notice.
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find your rhythm and keep on grooving. ♪ let's groove tonight. ask your doctor about toujeo®. ♪ share the spice of life. >> kelly: developments are pulled in charlottesville. what we been telling you from finding out that 19 people were plowed down as a car rammed down -- were looking at early fight scenes early in the morning. when doug was there. and his videographer captured this as well. doug will be joining us in a few moments. he's following the latest. doug, is alluding to the fact that 19 people were injured in the vehicular incident and one person has died.
1:32 pm
where things are now appears to be calm. that's something we want to see, some calm coming to that area. >> the mayor of charlottesville urge that a little bit ago when he tweeted news of the death of one of these pedestrians. he urges everybody to just go home. racine evidence of that, this is a cordoned off area of the street of water street in downtown charlottesville. i don't know what the rest of the city looks like. you can pants your left i believe these are virginia state police justin right care. i think the city is going to be well staffed with authority of police officers as dusk falls and night comes in. there is tremendous anger. there'll be more anger after the car accident. without the worst subsided when they cleared out emancipation park from the white nationalist together.
1:33 pm
things were coming down at that point after bouts of teargas and people being bashed over the heads with sticks. multiple injuries and arrests. without things were coming down. then this accident happened. according to eyewitnesses this had all the signs of a deliberate attack. here's one of the videographers who shot the video that people have been watching this afternoon. >> based on my footage you can see the guy going at a high speed into people and other footage and other witnesses saw go slow and allotted to go through because i thought it was a cop and then they saw him step on the gas. when he backed out and tried to get away the witnesses saw white nationalist at the corner telling him where to go. >> we've heard that just from john sigler, we have not heard that from police are virginia police. they are investigating. but if what he says proves to be true in this investigation, what
1:34 pm
we have is a domestic terrorist attack committed by a white national. we have not confirmed that. but eyewitnesses seem to think that in a very strong way. a terrible situation and we hope the night brings peace and call. >> kelly: doug is reporting from charlottesville. great work. >> julie: now more insight from don holloway. he's a former member of the missouri house of representatives. also ron christie. and deputy assistant to dick cheney. thank you for talking with us. i want to get to the president's remarks he made earlier where he condemned the sex earlier today. he also condemned them on twitter calling for people to include all, meaning he does not want people from either side to be spewing hatred. also, without directly naming david duke, the white house has
1:35 pm
remained to distance itself from a man who is at the center of this and likes to use trump's presidency as a justification for this. the president is in this hatred and bigotry has been going on for many years and he will not stanford. ron, your reaction to the president addressing the situation. >> good afternoon. i think the president needs to stand in have a firm and resolute voice in the situation we see happening in the commonwealth of virginia and charlottesville. i wanted the president to take it a step further. james said it best, we as americans will not condone any form of bigotry, hatred in this country and president trump while he said he condemned bigotry on all sides, think he needs to be very specific and say, we will not allow white nationalist to have a voice and have a platform dispute this hatred in our country.
1:36 pm
he needs to go that forward. >> julie: obviously these people had a right to protest. their rallies and you have to get permission for. as a right of free speech they have that right. the counter protesters came in and it got ugly. what you say to local and government officials trying to tame the so demonstrators if they want to come out in protest they have the right to do so, but in order to do a calmly peacefully, is it too little too late? considering the situation we been watching with one person dead due to an intentional car accident. we don't know the driver of the car, we don't who is behind it. but this has become deadly. >> everybody has the right to peacefully assemble and protest. i don't know the white nationalist began with a peaceful assembly to begin with. we know hate speech has no place
1:37 pm
in the country and is not protected under the first amendment. i agree the president has not failed yet, but his tweeting statement today were nowhere near strong enough. the president refuses to call out white, disgusting, subhuman races for what they are. he refuses to condemn david duke and richard spencer. he thinks it makes him a strong leader to talk about the fire appear he. well it's to our south of where we live in d.c. he needs to step up and be the leader today. can't wait longer. people are dead in the country is torn apart. it's unacceptable that sorry tweet doesn't get the job done. it's his opportunity to show he's a leader for all americans. >> kelly: he said he just got off the phone with the governor and said they hate division must stop now. we have to come together and americans with love for nation and true affection for each
1:38 pm
other, country is doing well in so many ways. and then he went on to talk about record unemployment and how the country is bettering itself in many ways. but in many ways it's not when you see the hate spilling on the streets. what more can the president say they would resonate with these people? it doesn't seem these people can be reasoned with no matter what he says how much he denounces and disavows david duke, these people hate. >> you're right. the question and julie let me say this clearly, for having worked with the president for four years the bully pulpit on the opportunity you have to speak to citizens from the world to say that we do not stand for
1:39 pm
this to portable conduct in this deplorable language. the president can step up. i would encourage him to step before the nation tonight and denounces violence. one thing i would disagree with this we don't have racist people in the white house. we don't have -- this is where we stand together as americans, not as republicans or democrats but we stand united against hatred and bigotry. we can put politics aside for this one day to say this will not be tolerated. that's who we are as americans. >> julie: these words are strong, the matter color, creed, religion we love our country. he talks about how proud we should be to be citizens of this country. all of these people are americans. seems to me he would be able to resonate with some people. i don't know if it's possible but don't you believe he's addressing the fact that color, creed, the matter what that
1:40 pm
sparking this violence needs to stop. >> i'm glad he made a statement of some sort. it doesn't go far enough. the president continues to refuse to call out the all right because there's some part of his political base. he did not speak last week of the bombing in minnesota. this statement is not far enough. you have to alienate white supremacist at every turn. this president refuses to do so. if he were to do that 99.9% of god. americans would agree with him. he somehow refuses to push these people to the side let us know there's no place in society for them and continues with these statements. he needs to forcefully say there's no room for racial supremacy in either side. he needs to say it with respect to the people who did this and charlottesville last night.
1:41 pm
>> kelly: he also tweeted moments ago, maybe you can weigh in hero, what is vital now is a swift restoration of law and order and the protection of innocent lives. he hashed take charlottesville. he is trying. >> he is trying. and i think terry mcauliffe has done a great job mobilizing the national guard in the commonwealth of virginia. people on the grounds have done a good job of keeping order. we need to recognize an important fact, we are americans. e pluribus unum human, automatic, one. we will not stand for this deplorable act of violence and hatred. that's the message we need not only here but around the world of who we stand for. i applaud the local law enforcement and national guard what the president has said.
1:42 pm
but not republican or democrat, we stanforth to say we will not tolerate the behavior. >> julie: thank you for coming in. >> a very good discussion. when we come back more of a discussion from a former nypd detective will talk about what's going on possibly on the ground and charlottesville. and how the police have to prepare for what may possibly in full tonight.a better he will talk about how to keep the column. better than the leading branded pill, which didn't get me to my goal. lowers my a1c better than the leading branded injectable. the one i used to take. victoza® lowers blood sugar in three ways. and while it isn't for weight loss, victoza® may help you lose some weight. >> and
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1:47 pm
talk to me about your initial reaction as you watch the events unfold and charlottesville, virginia. they became more clear this is more than a protest about a confederate general, more than about his statue being brought down. more about inciting violence and racial violence. >> i concur 100%. i've been watching it unfold throughout the day. first, let me start up by saying i do applaud the local law enforcement national guard who are outnumbered. i did note whether a combination of intelligence or perhaps poor planning, they were not able to establish order throughout the day. things got out of hand and it got worse. the fundamental aspects of crowd
1:48 pm
control, i did not see that today. i think it might be a manifestation of subpar manpower. i hope to see state police there. this is really a tremendous confluence of extremely racist individuals who should've been kept very much a part. the first amendment only mandates law-enforcement put them in sight of each other. they could be a block or two apart. that seemed to collapsed early on. >> you point out something important. these two groups are able to get too close together in my understanding the initial group which would've been the white national group was to been at a park further away from the
1:49 pm
statue but they disregarded the thing came onto the other property under the two groups met. seems to be a loss of where that group was going and perhaps police because of manpower to not have enough forces in place to stop them. >> precisely. that's my take on it. from there it went downhill. that's the fundamental part of crowd control. that is sight and sound. and then that goes down as it did you have to think about tonight. if i'm in a position of leadership, it's about a curfew and state police. and zero-tolerance. if you don't have zero tolerance this was new york rikers island would be filled to the brim.
1:50 pm
>> kelly: if this had been new york city was that it would've been shut down immediately. before i let you go, this group has use the state to bring about this discussion of race in america. what are your concerns? nypd has been following this for so long. >> this is just another manifestation of ideological driven folks who are hijacking president trumps statement. this is just a really big one and now you have a felony murder. note that the forefront. >> kelly: we need to leave it there. thank you. thank you sir. we appreciate you. >> julie: one person dead in 19 injured. that suspect in custody. the suspects name not been
1:51 pm
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>> julie: we have been watching the violence breakout all day long and charlottesville, virginia. we carried a live news conference. president trump condemning what he calls the egregious display of hatred, bigotry, and violence. right now, 19 people injured in relation to a car crash that seemed was deliberate, collaborative and intentional. that suspect is in custody. as of 4:30 p.m. eastern, the city of charlottesville confirmed 35 event related emergency medical services being needed. so, 35 related to these protests, injuries. including one person dead. all is calm now according to doug who has been reporting. >> kelly: let's hope it remains that way. the police on the scene right now. as we heard, they will have to cordon off that area to make sure they keep everything shut down. that could involve the curfew.
1:56 pm
getting back to the president said, he said it's time for all americans, whether regardless of color, race, faith, what got you believe in, to understand that we should all stand together as americans. >> julie: he tweeted what is vital now is a swift restoration of law and order and the protection of innocent lives. that echoing the mayor statements who after announcing one person had died had one piece of advice, go home. >> kelly: hopefully people do that. charlottesville is a great area. it's not going through a great time today. hopefully those people go home. that will do it for us. news continues at the top with eric, shawn, laura. >> julie: and all have a special report from 7 - 9:00 p.m. we will see you then where to go, and how to work around your uc. that's how i thought it had to be. but then i talked to my doctor about humira,
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continuing coverage for what happened in charlotteville continues at this hour. the chaos and tragedy and the tear in the american spirit sadly on this saturday afternoon in virginia. as we have been reporting, that car plowing into a group of people as violence erupted at the white nationalists rally in charlottesville. one person has been killed. 19 others injured. and president trump this afternoon telling the nation, quote, the hate and division must stop. this is a brand new hour of america's news headquarters. hello i'm eric shawn. >> i'm laura ingle in for arthel neville. white nationalists clashing with counterprotesters during the rally. virginia's governor has declared


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