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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  August 14, 2017 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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same. bill hemmer info bret baier. he's next on "special report" which starts momentarily. good night. see you tomorrow. >> the president naming names as the following from a violent weekend in virginia continues tonight. this is "special report" ." good evening. i am bill hemmer in for bret baier. president trump calling out the kkk and neo-nazis by name in his latest reaction to the violence after white nationalists rally on saturday. one person killed when a car driven into a crowd and two state troopers died in a crash of helicopter. we have team talks coverage. doug mckelway live in charlottesville where the suspect remains in custody. we begin with kevin corke at the
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white house. >> critics slammed to the president for taking too long to address the violence in charlottesville, virginia, and for initially saying many sides were involved. now some 48 hours into the biggest domestic challenge of his young presidency, mr. trump has made a course correction. >> racism is evil, and those who cause violence in its name are criminals and thugs, including the kkk, neo-nazis, white supremacists, and other hate groups that are repugnant to everything we hold dear as americans. >> in a forceful denunciation of the violence that rocked charlottesville, virginia, over the weekend, president trump said racism, hatred, and bigotry have no place in america. >> we must love each other, show affection for each other, and unite together in condemnation of hatred, bigotry, and violence. we must rediscover the bonds of
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love and loyalty that bring us together as americans. >> the president's statement came after he faced harsh criticism for not responding more strongly to saturday's clash that resulted in the death of one woman and numerous injuries. criticism that spilled over into monday when the ceo of merck, ken fraser, resigned from the american manufacturing council, writing "as ceo of merck, i feel a responsibility to take a stand against intolerance and extremism." that drew a sharp retort. now ken fraser has resigned from the manufacturing counsel, he will have more time to lower drug prices. the president, vice president, and daughter ivanka tweet about the tragedy. in his initial statement, the president neglected to single out white supremacists.
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>> these groups seem to believe they have a friend in donald trump in the white house. i don't know why they believe that but they don't see me as a friend in the senate. i would urge the president to dissuade these groups that he's their friend. >> a request that was made of the president during the campaign and ended with this response at our presidential debates. >> i totally disavow the ku klux klan. i'd totally disavow david duke. i've been doing it for two weeks. this is, you are probably the 18th person who's asked the question. >> attorney general jeff sessions called the reaction to the president's initial comments overblown, suggesting that in some corners, he may never get a fair shake. >> yesterday had own spokesman exquisitely condemned it by name, the nazis. i think we are making too much out of this. >> while the ceo of merck decided to step away from the american manufacturing council,
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two other big names, ceo of g.e. and the afl-cio richard trumka say they will remain on the committee. >> thank you, kevin. we are learning more tonight about the man accused of driving his car into a crowd of people on saturday. james alex fields junior being depicted as a man fascinated with nazism and holding deep and radical convictions on race. doug mckelway in charlottesville where fields had his first court appearance today. >> i have regrets. we lost three lives. >> in a press conference, the charlottesville police chief defended his officers tactics of saturday as tensions and violence rose. >> the city and county made a declaration of local emergency. crowd size became violent with mutually engaged combatants. >> charlotte -- charlottesville
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dealing with the legal aftermath. >> one national socialist shouted. alleged murderer james alex fields junior made an appearance from jail. he was dressed in black and white and answered yes or when asked if he understood the proceedings. public defender's office expected to represent fields but because a relative was connected to saturday's crash, the office refused. now fields will be represented by longtime charlottesville attorney charles weber. fields was known as a loner whose father died before he was born and was dismissed from the army after failing to make it through boot camp. a high school teacher remembers his fascination with hitler. >> young kid, has white supremacist, nazi views. >> his mother was unaware of what her son had done. >> i know he was going to morality. i mean, you know.
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i try to stay out out of his political views. he had an african-american friend. >> transcripts of nine on calls shows she was repeatedly beaten by her son. fields is charged with the death of heather heyer, a paralegal who was with friends. >> she always spoke with conviction and stood up for what she believed in. she liked to make you laugh. she is a warm soul. >> faces three counts of malicious wounding, one count of hit-and-run, in addition federal authorities are looking at several more charges. attorney general jeff sessions noting that his alleged crime meets a threshold which expands their prosecutorial toolbox. >> it does meet the definition of domestic terrorism in our statute. we are pursuing it with the department of justice in every way we can make it. make a case.
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>> charlottesville's chief of police in his press conference categorically denied any of his officers idly stood by or failed to enforce the law as the violence increased. the city issued a statement which read "no stand-down order was ever given by any authority." >> bill: doug mckelway, thank you. this is a fox news alert. moments ago, a serious warning from a serious man. defense secretary james mattis says if north korea sends a missile towards the u.s., it will be war. >> if they shoot at the united states. assuming they hit the united states, it is game on. >> bill: at the same time, the u.s. diplomacy still hard at work. greg palkot tonight with the latest.
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>> any day, north korean military officials reportedly submitted a plan to kim jong-un about launching ballistic whistles towards guam. joint military exercises in the region, the u.s. pushes for peace and prepares for war. general dunford traveled to korea meeting with south korean president moon. >> we have the capability to defend the peninsula, do we have the capability of defending guam. the answer is yes. in the meantime, the military in direct support of diplomatic and economic measures. >> tempering white house threats last week of a strong military response to north korea. >> putting all of the resources of the united states and the energies of the president behind to resolve this confrontation
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with north korea peaceably. >> a key player, beijing announced he would cut off imports from north korea. >> the real way we are going to get leverage is where the trump administration's been trying to go. persuading china or push china to tighten economic pressure. beijing is not responding well to president trump's order to look into investigating china for unfair trade practices. >> the issues of korea and trade are separate. it's inappropriate to use one tool of imposing pressure on another. >> no signs of an imminent attack from north korea, the rhetoric continues. media saying any conflict would end up nuclear. tomorrow's anniversary of the day independent governments were set up in north and south korea following the defeat of japan after world war ii. nearly all are hoping the region is not on the brink of another war. >> bill: thank you.
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greg palkot reporting from london. from guam, the governor said its business as usual on the u.s. territory and he is working hard to keep the north korea threat from causing a panic or a drop in the islands tourism market. william la jeunesse shows us where north korea says it may send its missiles. >> exploring the pristine ocean. >> i am a marine biologist and i study coral reefs. >> 160,000 people don't want north korea turning their home into a war zone. >> obviously is something we need to pay attention to. if they are serious and trump gets serious and it turns into something, we will have issues. >> war is not imminent. u.s. official said sunday. >> seen no intelligence that would indicate were in their place. >> kim jong-un's threat to rain missiles from the sky hits closer to home here than washington. this is technically ground zero, according to north korea.
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there 2,000 miles away. that's part of but we are 18 miles off the coast of guam and that's too close. >> the ocean is our railway in the pacific. we are concerned about the ships coming into and out of guam. >> accounts for 90% of the goods in and out of guam. >> most of us born and raised here. of course we are worried. >> this congregation was asked to reflect on their life based on the flight time about korean missile. >> if you had 14 minutes, what would you do with the rest of your life? >> peace and prosperity. 70% of guam phosphorus agronomy based on tourism -- economy. >> we sell paradise, beaches, clean water, sunshine. and we also sell a strategic location. >> the decision is to live life. i think for them, they are going
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to enjoy it. >> it's a crisis but i think we all realize there's very little we can do in our control. >> paradise in the cross hairs. in guam, william la jeunesse. spewing out to latin america where leaders say they want no part of a u.s. military intervention in venezuela. that's the message from the president of columbia. a statement from president trump, he said the u.s. maintains a military optio option. rich edson has the latest on that. >> protests, riots, a crisis. killed more than 120 people in venezuela. nicolas maduro persists in his effort to rewrite the constitution. granting him more power. the united states warned against it. maduro ignored it and then this morning. >> we have many options for venezuela including a possible
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military option. traveling in colombia, mike pence's has president trump believes venezuela is collapsin collapsing. offered him more measured message. >> we're going to put the resources of our nation to bear. >> colombian president juan manuel santos rejected any military option. >> the possibility of a military intervention shouldn't be considered. america is a continent of peace, the land of peace. let us preserve it. >> venezuela has become the land of violent crime, social unrest, pervasive food and medicine shortages. that's the assessment of the state department. it recently ordered diplomats 'as families to leave. cia director says venezuela's instability opening up opportunities for adversaries. >> cubans, russians, iranians, hezbollah. this is something that has the risk of getting to a bad place.
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america needs to take this very seriously. speak a possibly direct risk to an american senator. the "miami herald" reports a former military chief and socialist party lawmaker in venezuela they have put out in order to kill florida senator marco rubio. a vocal critic of the venezuelan regime. an aide says the senator have a security detail for a few weeks. the vice president has hinted that more sanctions against venezuela soon. though there are still questions of whether the u.s. would restrict venezuelan crude oil imports. some in the industry worn, that could increase energy prices in the u.s. it's due on rich edson reporting in washington. california fires back at president trump, an immigration dispute that might cost that state a lot of money. we will have a report from san francisco when we come back. hey dad, come meet the new guy. the new guy? what new guy? i hired some help. he really knows his wine.
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>> bill: this is a fox news alert. north korea saying moments ago kim jong-un has been briefed on plans for missile test aimed at guam. officials had said the briefing would come in mid-august and indeed it has. there is no word on whether or not kim has given approval for the planta fire four missiles into the waters near that u.s. territory. as we told you, defense secretary james mattis said this afternoon that if missiles are fired toward the u.s., they will be war. more on this when we get it. two people in custody tonight in texas after police found 17 immigrants locked inside a tractor trailer parked at a gas station. it happened 20 miles from the mexican border. police say they received an anonymous phone call. this comes three weeks after ten people died in a sweltering rig parked at a walmart in
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san antonio, texas, . in this matter, no one was reported injured. from california, two lawsuits aimed at the trump administration challenging the president's plan to hold back money to jurisdictions that refuse to cooperate with immigration law. adam housley reports. >> the legal battle over where whether the the trump administn can punish law enforcement has moved beyond city and county lines. >> it's hard to believe that the federal government would try to jeopardize those crime-fighting funds simply because it wishes to pressure local governments to do their bidding on federal immigration law. >> california attorney general says like san francisco and chicago, his state is filing a lawsuit against what he calls an unconstitutional mood by the department of justice to withhold public safety grants to jurisdictions with sanctuary policies.
3:20 pm
the doj said jurisdictions will lose the grants unless they reverse course and cooperate. for california, nearly $20 million is at stake. >> we rely on those grants for crime fighting. it's a low blow to our men and women who wear the badge for the federal government to threaten their crime-fighting resources in order to force them to do the work of the federal government when it comes to immigration enforcement. >> a united front with the city of san francisco. the city's second lawsuit against the sanctuary policies, the first filed in january led to an injunction prohibiting the feds from threatening to strip funds. >> trying to protect the constitution and the rule of law. the fact that it's playing out local and state initiated
3:21 pm
lawsuit doesn't mean we are trying to trump federal rights. it means we are sticking up for the constitution. >> in an email to fox news, a doj spokesman wrote up, it's disappointing state leaders would try to limit cooperation between jurisdictions and immigration authorities trying to keep californian safe." they say they don't expect any response from the doj and there's a possibility there's other cities in california could join in the suit. >> bill: thank you. president trump says he is seriously considering a pardon for former arizona sheriff joe arpaio. the sheriff who referred to himself as america's toughest was found guilty two weeks ago of criminal contempt. he has defied a judge's order to stop traffic patrols targeting suspected illegal immigrants. president trump says joe arpaio
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was a great american patriot who has done a lot in the immigration site. in politics, massachusetts senator elizabeth warren saying liberals are calling the shots in the democratic party. she denounced any move toward the middle during a speech on saturday. >> we are not the gate crashers of today's democratic party. we are not a wing of today's democratic party. we are the heart and soul of the democratic party. >> bill: senator warren considered a candidate for the democrat presidential nomination. markets bounced back today. dow up 135. s&p gained 25. nasdaq off a booming 84 points in trading on the markets today. in a moment, terrorists going after trains your home. first, here's what some of our affiliates are covering.
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fox 35 in orlando, a rocket blasts off from cape canaveral, taking 6400 pounds of cargo to the international space station. most is scientific research and some is ice cream. they successfully landed the booster at cape canaveral. fox 31 in denver. jury deliberations begin in the taylor swift disk jockey gropin trial. the star was released from the trial. her mother and one person are still defendants. a jury will decide if they set out to destroy the career after the singer said he groped her. live look from new york city. judge refusing to guarantee private lawyers seeking to represent mexican drug lord el chap guzman would get paid.
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he has pleaded not guilty to charges running a multibillion dollar drug trafficking cartel. that is tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we will be right back. ur rates. what good is having insurance if you get punished for using it? for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. liberty mutual insurance.
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once-weekly trulicity may help me reach my blood sugar goals. with trulicity, i click to activate what's within me. if you want help improving your a1c and blood sugar, activate your within. ask your doctor about once-weekly trulicity. >> bill: al qaeda taking a page out of the isis playbook. terrorists may be coming after the american train system. catherine herridge has more. >> the new edition of al qaeda's magazine calling followers to target trains in the u.s. and europe. compartments, derailments, assault. the magazine provides step-by-step instructions similar to previous issues. within hours, the new york police department's
3:28 pm
counterterrorism bureau sent out tweets. "we have known about the content in the current issue prior to its release. our robust counterterrorism apparatus is designed to protect our air, land, waterways." experts warn subways may be the hardest to secure. stick with the greatest vulnerability is going to be subway lines. it's almost inconceivable to think of how you protect them. the other hand, you're not going to see the number of casualties. >> data suggests that the majority of plots have targeted airplanes and airports, not trains, stations or commuter lines. in the last decade, isis and al qaeda focused on small cell or lone wolf attacks. so much harder to disrupt. >> the most dangerous aspect. if you light a match under that, it's hard to see, hardest to disrupt and eradicate.
3:29 pm
>> homeland security bulletin reviewed by fox news today department is not aware of any current or credible plots to attack transportation within the u.s. officials remain concerned about the possibility because this strategy does not require suicide bomber and can be repeated. >> bill: thank you. catherine herridge in washington. military officials still waiting for guidance from the president on a new policy regarding transgenders. jennifer griffin reporting on an issue that sparked a deep divide inside and outside the pentagon. >> nearly three weeks after president trump announced over twitter that transgender service members were no longer welcome in the military in any capacity, the pentagon reports the policy remains the same. defense secretary jim mattis says he expects guidance from the white house soon. >> we have received no direction that would indicate. >> president trump weighed in on
3:30 pm
the issue thursday. >> it's been a confusing issue for the military and i think i'm doing the military great favor. >> the new navy secretary says he welcomed transgender service members. >> any patriot that wants to serve and meets the requirements should be able to serve in our military. stick a u.s. military's highest-ranking officer joe dunford drew a redline speaking for all the military services one day after the president's tweet in july. "there will be no modifications to the current policy until the president's direction has been received by the secretary of defense and the secretary has issued implementation guidance. in the meantime we will continue to treat all of our personnel with respect." kristin beck, former seal team six member, served 20 years in the navy, received a bronze star for valor and transitioned a few years ago. has dared the president to tell her she's not worthy. >> you're going to get rid of a
3:31 pm
senior noncommissioned officer, other senior officers who have years and years of experience. doesn't make any sense. that will affect military readiness. >> 82016 study says there's up to 6500 transgender service members serving on active duty. the head of the u.s. coast guard has personally placed phone calls to the coast guard 13 openly transgender members. >> i told taylor i will not turn my back. we have made an investment in you and you have made an investment in the coast guard, and i will not break faith. >> five transgender service members have begun legal proceedings to halt the president from banning them from service. >> thank you. jennifer griffin at the pentagon. president trump getting tough on racial violence in virginia, reaction from the panel. this is a story about mail and packages.
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>> racism is evil, and those who cause violence and its name are criminals and thugs, including the kkk, neo-nazis, white supremacist, and other hate groups that are repugnant to everything we hold dear as americans. >> justice will be done. we are coming after these peopl people. >> i am extremely proud of my daughter. i am extremely proud she stood for what she believed in, that she not only gave mouth to it but she gave heart and soul to it and now she's given her life to it. >> bill: it is the story of the country is talking about. the last woman they are, the mother of heather heyer, the woman killed in charlottesville saturday. today the chief in that town
3:36 pm
taking questions that went to the police response and reaction on saturday. >> absolutely i have regrets. we lost three lives this weekend, local citizen and two fellow officers, we have regrets. it was a tragic, tragic weekend. >> bill: a lot to go over on the story. steve hayes, mollie hemingway, mo elleithee, and charles krauthammer. good evening. steve, would you like to begin? >> the president's silence over the first two days of the controversy said more than his words earlier today. whenever you have white supremacists and neo-nazis holding hate rallies that lead to violence and eventually committing acts of domestic terrorism, you denounce them partially. you denounce them specifically and then you do it again and again and again and then you do it one more time for good
3:37 pm
measure. that's what presidential leadership would have looked like and we didn't have it. you had it for many members of the senate, republicans and democrats. tom cotton called out white supremacists specifically. said what they were preaching was an anathema to the united states. the problem for president trump beyond this missed opportunity and great moral failure is that we know what it looks like when donald trump wants to call somebody out. we know what it looks like when he wants to condemn somebody. he's done it for journalists. he's done it to his political foes. he's done it to the media. he does it repeatedly. he did it again today to the ceo of merck, ken frazier. the fact that he didn't do it for two days suggests it wasn't an accident. it's disappointing but not surprising. >> bill: mollie, he called it a moral failure. >> steve said he was silent over the weekend and that's not true. he came out on saturday. >> he was silent on specific groups.
3:38 pm
>> he said no citizen should fear for their safety. hate and division must stop. no matter our color, creed, religion, political party, we are americans first. today he explicitly condemns racism, called on americans to love one another, mentioned the victims by name. if you are doing that, you are are -- >> that's nonsense. the president didn't make a specific condemnation of these groups. he had done it before. this is what happened with the david duke episode in march of 2016 when he gave a grudging disavowal and then given an opportunity to give a real disavowal and the decline to do it. you can make it about the media if you want to. >> bill: moments ago, made a remark and realized that the fake news media will never be satisfied. truly bad people.
3:39 pm
that's moments ago. this is the vice president traveling yesterday on sunday. >> many in the national media have spent more time criticizing the president's words than they did criticizing those who perpetrated the violence to begin with. we should be putting the attention where it belongs. that's on these extremist group groups. that need to be pushed out of the public debate entirely and discredited for the hate groups and dangerous fringe groups that they are. >> i'm not entirely sure we need to put so much attention on extreme left or extreme right groups which don't represent a very significant part of the american political life. they need to be marginalized and they need to be strongly condemned by people as individuals up to the president but this is not representative of who we are as americans. >> it's not just the media that found the president's weekend
3:40 pm
remarks ambiguous. neo-nazi groups did too. they took to the internet to celebrate his remarks. on the daily storm or website which is a neo-nazi group, they celebrated his remarks, saying they were really, really good because there was no direct condemnation of us. >> he said racism is evil on those who cause violence and its name are criminals and thugs. >> he said that today. i am saying over the weekend after his initial remarks, neo-nazi groups were thankful the president didn't call them out. he tried to muddy the waters. >> are we giving these words more attention than the actual incident? >> no. >> bill: that's the point mike pence. >> i don't think that's a fair criticism by the vice president. he himself gave strong remarks when he spoke out about it.
3:41 pm
i don't think there was a fair criticism. i think everyone was shocked and appalled and very quick to denounce the white supremacists that took to the streets and cause this. everyone but the president. >> that's not true. that's absolutely not true. >> the president himself spent years attacking his predecessor for not calling out the enemy by name, for not going after, in his words, radical islam. if you cannot call the enemy by their name, how can you defeat it? that was a refrain we heard time and time again from donald trump before assuming office. took him two days to call the enemy out. >> that was the immediate reaction on saturday that you reflect on. charles, where are you on this? how do you view it now in light of the last 48 hours? >> this is not a medium story. it's a presidential story. what's shocking is that the president of the united states did not have the instinctive,
3:42 pm
reflexive automatic response you would expect of any american leader. what we saw across the spectrum in american leadership and among the populace in being utterly revolted by these right wing white supremacists neo-nazi groups. if the president did not do what was absolutely natural, that's what makes it a story. the fact that he said oh, yes, and then he added in a statement. in saturday's statement, he ad-libbed "on many sides." he repeated it. where did that come from? there is a denunciation to be had of the left, but this was begun by instigated by, created by neo-nazis, kkk and white supremacists. they were the ones who created the beginning of this incident. one of them is the one who killed a woman, injured a lot of others. it seems to me you start by
3:43 pm
denouncing what is obvious. the fact that the president did not, had to do it to days later, is simply stunning. i'm not begrudging him he said it now but i remember in the campaign he used the term off his other candidates, his competitors, for reading from a prompter. he had to read from a prompt or the name of these groups rather than spontaneously answering on his own on saturday when he was on his own. >> it's like we are living in an alternate reality. people are not listening to what donald trump actually set on saturday and they are not reading the actual full comments he gave where he was explicitly denouncing bigotry and violence, where he called on people to come together. there is a violence problem on the left and right. americans have seen violent protests everywhere from portland, berkeley, ferguson, chicago, milwaukee, st. paul, brooklyn, baltimore.
3:44 pm
people have experienced these protests, there was an assassination attempt on republicans by a mainstream progressive left activists. people need to come together and denounce all those things. not tarring the entire democratic party or the entire republican party as left or right. >> i agree some people are living in an alternate reality. i don't think it's awesome. if you look at what the president said, he didn't single out those groups. what you read to mo was what he said today. the fact that he didn't do it for two days speaks volumes. he condemned generic racism and bigotry. >> nothing trump says will ever be enough for certain people. >> certain people will defend everything trump says no matter what. >> bill: breaking news we are getting from north korea and we will get to that in a moment. will the u.s. take a military action in venezuela?
3:45 pm
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on home and auto insurance. call for a free quote today. you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. >> fire at the united states that could escalate into war quickly. it's called war if they shoot at us. they are shooting at the united states, i assume they are hitting the united states. if they do that, it's game on. >> bill: that from moments ago at the pentagon. james mattis talking about the threat from north korea. his language is unambiguous. they set a time where we heard word from seoul, south korea, that kim jong-un has now been given the review for what could be, could be the firing of
3:49 pm
missiles at the u.s. territory of guam. going to bring back the panel to talk more about this and the comment from james mattis is clear. >> it's clear and it makes the story far more explosive than it would otherwise be. what mattis is saying, if there is a missile launch at the u.s. or our allies or our troops or guam, we are not going to wait for it to land. we are going to see it as a declaration of war and we are going to attack. that is a kinetic action. that's not just threats. i think that's quite real. and if it doesn't deter -- i happen to believe kim jong-un is not irrational. he's reckless, pushing it, extremely ambitious but extremely smart. this is a guy who came out of nowhere and managed to take control of the country of which he was putting much of an alien. got rid of all the power threats
3:50 pm
to him and is now in charge. whether he would go -- i find it hard to believe he would actually launch at guam but if he does, we are looking at something extremely serious and i would imagine the u.s. military is quite prepared with plans for a massive attack where that happen. >> bill: it should be stated that we don't know what north korea can hit. we know it's shown increased capability. but there's a lot of other ifs in this analysis. but it was a quiet weekend. >> it was. i think the quiet can be disquieting. i defer to charles on such diagnoses but i'm not sure we know that much about kim jong-un and what motivates him and what animates him. makes me nervous that he's making these kind of threats and he seems to be eager, at least from the outside, in this game of escalation.
3:51 pm
to state the obvious, these are serious times. he is playing to a domestic audience as well as an international audience and he, i think, needs -- he thinks he needs to save face. we have holes in our intelligence collection on north korea. we can't know much about kim jong-un personally. we can't know about his behavior, and as you suggest, there is a lot we don't know about his program. >> bill: we had an american citizen in a coma for 14 months and we didn't even know that. mollie, we are guessing. what your best guess? >> people are focused on the threat of the north koreans firing a missile in our direction. once they have nuclear capability, they can have greater sway in the world and they will have nuclear technology they can share with really bad actors. it's a longer-term problem. they going to bomb us knowing our immediate response would be to utterly destroy their
3:52 pm
country? probably not. that doesn't mean there aren't significant, imminent threats. >> bill: do you appreciate the tough talk from this president? >> i hope charles is right that kim is a rational actor. i think there are a significant number of people in the intelligence community with this tardiness of intelligence that wonder whether or not he's truly a rational actor. if he is not, then there's no telling how the rhetoric will impact him. may taken in the other direction. the thing i think it's interesting, this was underreported, in part because of the president's comments on charlottesville, was the president's actions on china. china is key to getting north korea to helping to diffuse this situation. we have to engage the chinese. the president's actions today imposing tough trade sanctions on china, i wonder if it will
3:53 pm
cause a wrinkle in our efforts to get china. >> bill: you saw the piece in "the wall street journal" by tillerson and mattis. >> i think the president deserves some credit for leaning on china. over the past three administrations we have effectively outsourced our north korea diplomacy to china on the assumption that the chinese and the united states share interests or have overlapping interests. i think the president's right to use as leverage to push china to get involved rather than just to beg them. >> this period of time is going to be key. it will be instrumental in figuring out our way out. >> bill: venezuela, this is a tinderbox. we are not sure how this is going to go. this is a series of comments starting with the president when he talked about a military option. >> we have many options for venezuela. by the way, i'm not going to rule out a military option.
3:54 pm
>> a u.s.-led military option? >> we don't talk about it but a military operation and military option is certainly something we could pursue. >> since friends have to tell each other the truth, i have told vice president pence that the possibility of a military intervention shouldn't even be considered neither in columbia nor in latin america. every country in latin america would not favor any form of military intervention. >> the administration's comments, they are concerned about another dictator in south america that could give the united states a big problem. >> when trump said military options are on the table it was like when traub said options are always on the table. when h.r. mcmaster said the options were on the table, that was a little bit alarming.
3:55 pm
it seems like bad idea. >> it's a terrible idea. it's a terrible idea to announce it. let's assume we are preparing, or at least making contingencies. why the hill do you -- hell do you announce it. threatening a latin american country with an american invasion. there's a history of yankee imperialism. it weakens our friends, strengthens our enemies. this was a blunder of the first order to be walked back are not repeated. of course in the end, there's always a military option. or even a humanitarian rescue. this is a government collapsing internally. the last thing you want to do is
3:56 pm
give them an excuse, the dictator, giving him an excuse for suppressing his people. >> bill: he would argue you don't want to show your hand. >> he showed it for no reason. >> bill: thank you. in a moment, breaking news on the taylor swift trial. don't miss it next. only during crabfest. now this is seafood. and hurry in to enjoy our new crab melt part of our seafood lover's lunch for just $9.99. (keybdear freshpet, tank was overweight and had no energy. until freshpet... put the puppy back in my dog.
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4:00 pm
symbolic $1 judgment. and now you know. thanks for watching "special report." i'm bill hemmer. good night from washington. martha maccallum is back on the story right now. >> martha: breaking tonight on the story. tensions rising now as white supremacist and far left antifa groups vow that charlesville, they say was quote just the beginning. good evening, everybody. i'm martha maccallum and at this hour the president is on route to his home just a few blocks away to new york city. we will watch for that arrival that will happen moments from now. we do see, also, that protesters have been gathering over the past couple of hours there we will take you there live in a moment. in the meantime though the chief of police in charlottesville today says that he has deep regrets, of course, about what happened saturday in the senseless loss of life. but he also said this: >> we did have mutually combative individuals in the crowd. we had a number of


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