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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  August 15, 2017 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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♪ rob: you are watching "fox and friends" first on tuesday morning. heather: we begin with donald trump met by protesters as he returned to new york for the first time in months. rob: demonstrators outraged by his response to the charlottesville attack calling it two days too late. >> this was the president's first visit to trump tower since he took office in january. he received less that a warm welcome. ♪ >> thousands of demonstrators angry over his initial response to saturday's racial violence in charlottesville, protesting at trump tower. supporters came out to defend the president, both groups
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engaged in heated shouting matches. [shouting] >> you see a lot of anger. police were subjected to the processes scorned. >> it doesn't protect you. >> anti-from demonstrators continue to criticize the president even after he made more forceful remarks in condemning the attack and racial hate groups. >> racism is evil and those who cause violence in its name are criminals and thugs including the kkk, neo-nazis, white supremacists and other hate groups that are repugnant. >> the mother of ara hire, a paralegal who was killed while protesting against white nationals in charlottesville stating this, thank you for
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those words of comfort and for denouncing those who promote violence and hatred. donald trump criticized the media for the anger over his response, made initial remarks in charlottesville and realized once again that the fake news media will never be satisfied. bad people. the president will focus on infrastructure, signing an executive order to permit more infrastructure projects but and can only guess if this will continue to follow him. >> thanks so much. the justice department ramping up their investigation into the deadly charlottesville attack as the man accused of plowing the crowd of protesters remains behind bars without bail. >> now the charlottesville police chief is setting the record straight saying his officers were not told to stand down.
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in charlottesville, virginia, the latest. >> james fields made his current -- first court appearance yesterday. he was behind bars but appeared in the courtroom on a tv monitor on a grand white jumpsuit. the judge denied bail for the 20-year-old until he could meet with his court-appointed lawyer. fields is charged with second-degree murder, he could face federal charges as well. the doj opened a civil rights investigation, sources familiar with the investigation tell fox news investigators are trying to see if he had any type of help planning this attack. he received visits from ohio and the washington post and tmc, the mother called police twice to report her son during his early teenage years. in 2000 and she called police to say he had hit her in the head
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and covered her mouth after telling him to stop playing video games. in charlottesville, our thomas is denying rumors that his officers received any standdown order from the mayor's office. >> we will continue to follow this story, more will develop throughout the week. in north carolina, protesters to topple a nearly century old confederate statue. demonstrators cheering as the statue fell to the ground outside the courthouse in the room, some kicking and even spitting on the following confederate soldier outside the courthouse since 1924. rob: kim jung un hitting the brakes on an impending nuclear attack against guam. he wants to watch us action
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before launching his missiles. when and if that time comes, defense secretary matus says we are ready to fight. >> if they fire at the united states, yes, that is called war. if they do that it is game on. >> he says us forces would know within moments of the missile was heading towards guam or any other part of the united dates, quality home to 160,000 american citizens. the prime minister of japan agreeing with donald trump during a phone call that their top priority with north korea is stopping missile launches. >> they need the cooperation of japan, south korea, specifically a threat to, most importantly, china. we were listening to the vice
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president speak yesterday and he talked about strategic patience, the year of strategic patience failing miserably and that is over and that gives way to what the president had to say. >> this plan seemed to work, we had so much patience, very passive with this country for a lot of years and it didn't work and this method, we called their bluff. >> charles krauthammer said there is a place for thread overkill. see what he had to say. >> people got upset when trump use the words fire and fury, overkill and all this other stuff. they forget the fact that john kennedy, president eisenhower and most of the cold war presidents had a policy called massive retaliation which meant if the soviets attacked us we were not going to be discreet and proportionate in our response. massive retaliation was understood as code for we are going to obliterate russian cities. that wasn't a pleasant prospect
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but it was that threat that kept the peace for 50 years and is the reason we had no major war between the great powers for 70 years, longer than any time in modern history, so there's a place for that kind of overkill threat. >> perhaps a new era beginning with north korea. >> people who don't have a lot of care for the way the world should work. >> wildly, no care. >> you have to get the job done and the message was clear. when you have someone like james madison you send a missile this way you are done. >> and believe that if you cross that redline we are serious. it might actually happen. >> in the meantime, speaking of
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people don't think iran -- in a roadie and drone flies dangerously close to navy aircraft for the second time this month. drone getting within 1000 feet of a plane flying off the uss nimitz in the persian gulf. it did not respond to warnings or turn on its navigational lights creating a dangerous situation. last week another drone came within 100 feet of a navy jet waiting to land on the same aircraft carrier. the provocative flights coming as iran unveils a $500 million boost in its military spending and new plans to send warships to the atlantic ocean. >> we are learning about american paratroopers who made the ultimate sacrifice in iraq. sergeant brooks, killed in an act hillary incident as the unit fired on isis. brooks from new york was on his first deployment to iraq and this was stigler's first comment deployment in texas.
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a teenager is killed, more than a dozen people hurt when a driver rams into a pizzeria, the attack happening outside paris. police believe the driver was high on drugs, possibly suicidal but not motivated by terror. that driver is alive, under arrest. >> plotting to blob in oklahoma city bank, cherry drake final arrest after his stolen fan filled with 1000 pounds what he believed to be ammunition failed to detonate. he had been in contact with undercover investigators discussing his deadly plan for months. officials say he hates the government and wanted to mimic the oklahoma city bombing that left 185 people dead. happening today, which republican will run for attorney general jeff sessions's vacant senate seat, luther strange or boy more, both leading the polls in alabama but only one of them
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has the president's endorsement. >> go to those polls and vote for wilfred strange. >> more is beating strange and one pole with another having the minute dead heat. rob: strong storms bringing hail, serious wind and possibility of tornadoes for a lot of people today. >> anna steen standing by with the latest, everything we need to know. >> reporter: across the central us we see a potential for strong to severe thunderstorms. 68 in new york, showers will clear up, 70 in chicago, warm and sticky across the southeast, and hurricane gert at the bottom of the hour but now potential showers, thunderstorms and strong storms in the afternoon hours and evening hours, watch this area of low pressure moving
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into the central us and giving us a risk for wind, hail and isolated tornadoes and especially across the central us from texas towards midwest. >> who is naming these storms? >> i hope it doesn't make an impact. >> it is out to see. >> 11 minutes after the hour, protesters in chicago taking to the streets after the charlottesville attack over the weekend but what about a growing crisis in their own city, we will explore that up next. >> across the street, occurred through glass pane window across the street. >> the stunt actor was airborne. >> tragedy on the set of a major
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hollywood movie, what went so wrong, we will tell you. >> a bombshell report, president obama knew about russia's plan to interfere in last year's election for years.
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hurry to office depot office max! ♪taking care of business >> of stunt woman killed filming a scene for a major hollywood film, deadpool 2 is in production and this tmv photo showing joy harris lost control of her motorcycle, crashed through a glass window. emergency dispatch audio obtained by tmc second after the 1 african-american female road racer crashed while filming, first movie we are told, ryan reynolds tweeting we are heartbroken, shocked, nothing can come close to the grief and pain her family and loved ones must feel, my heart pours out.
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>> over occurred and threw a glass pane window. >> the stunt actress was airborne through the building. >> in a movie that will be coming out at some point. >> no fascist usa. >> no donald trump, no kkk, no fascist usa. >> a national movement blaming donald trump for the hate fueled attack in charlottesville. where are there cries to stop the hate and violence in their own city. the president of empowered, thank you for coming in. before we get to chicago let's begin in dallas because that is where you were born and raised,
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very familiar with the violence, specifically let's talk about an incident where we had five officers murdered in cold blood. president obama at the time to that. >> first of all, it is hard to untangle the motives of this shooter. the danger as i said is that we somehow suggest the act of a troubled individual speaks to some larger political statement across the country. heather: you can see, you know where i'm going with this the difference between the reaction to president obama's statement and the reaction to donald trump's initial statement
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involving this incident. >> i am from dallas, it was horrific for everyone. and talking about blm, nothing to do with that. these people, donald trump had nothing to do, putting the blame on him even though they denounced it publicly many times. it goes to the fact there is no apology that will be enough, nothing to do with the violence in chicago where six people were shot. >> murders in chicago this year alone, 400 murders in 2017 and what you were just referencing, 24 shootings since the day of the charlottesville attack, two individuals who were killed on the front door steps of the church. >> there is no safe place but the fact is this is killing
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people. people saying there's outrage for donald trump in chicago, and in their own city. >> why discrepancies and this reaction? they don't want to highlight the fact their gun control laws are not working? part of a documentary for a week where these men, children and women dealing with these false sense of reality these gun-control laws, and the documentary we were talking to, how do we feel about the national news media not taking more control of the situation. and spoke to these people how to they feel about this. >> the word i kept getting with
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they felt they were in prison. i had people tell me president obama, where was he. where was he when all this happened. a lot of them are upset with what president obama did. people will spin it to donald trump who just started his presidency last year. heather: people can access your documentary online. thank you so much for coming in. rob: 20 minutes after the hour, scott peterson sitting on death row, what really happened to his wife. big changes coming to the menu at dunkin' donuts.
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heather: under armour ceo stepping down, joining merck and intel, widely criticized response to the charlottesville attack. rob: foxbusiness with the latest bonds this. >> advisory council following highly criticized response to charlottesville, ken frazier, ceo of america and one of the average american ceos of a fortune 500 company, stepping down on twitter as a matter of
2:25 am
personal conscience. the president fired back with a few tweets of his own almost immediately, donald trump said now the kevin fraser has resigned from the manufacturing counsel he will have more time to lower ripoff drug prices. merck pharma is a leader in higher drug prices while taking drugs out of the us, bring jobs back and lower prices and under armour ceo kevin planck ads brian -- left the council for similar reasons. let's switch gears completely and talk about dunkin' donuts and their fall menu. >> it is only august but hello to fall with brand-new menu items, duncan bringing back seasonal pumpkin spice flavors with coffees, donuts and cream cheese, duncan is adding maple
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flavored products like coffee and maple sugar bacon breakfast sandwich. rob: it has already started? >> it has. rob: it is 90 °. let's talk about chick-fil-a. >> stepping up its breakfast game with breakfast bowls. the menu will include the hashbrowns scramble packed with hashbrowns, eggs and cheese, salsa and your choice of chicken nuggets or sausage. chick-fil-a is trying to appeal to people tired of traditional breakfast sandwiches and you can get that in a burrito. rob: a terrific start to the day. >> space x launching a supercomputer toward the international space station. >> the latest rocket from space x on its way to the
2:27 am
international space station with the most powerful computer ever to operate in space, it will crunch massive amounts of data and send results to other computers on earth in just moments, the space x falcon 9 rocket will arrive at the international space station tomorrow. >> 27 minutes after the hour. they claim they are standing against hate but this is the message they had for the president. [chanting] >> if tim tebo isn't already your favorite athlete, different video for that, about to be his incredible all-star moment. ♪ spit when you brush or floss you may have gum problems
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>> you are watching "fox and friends" first. rob: it is 30 minutes after the hour, protests swarming trump tower in new york welcoming the president home by telling him new york hates him and cursing at police officers. heather: their anger stemming from his response to the charlottesville attack which they consider two days too late. rob: we start with kelly right with the latest on those protests. >> reporter: the president makes his first trip back to his home at trump tower since he took office in january and is met by an angry crowd. [chanting] >> reporter: thousands of protesters standing around since sunday shouting and holding up
2:32 am
anti-trump signs was a huge inflatable raft resembling the president was displayed in front of the plasma hotel. they are angry by the president's response to the deadly racial violence and got angry with police at trump tower. >> you know you are wrong. you roll your eyes that it young woman. >> reporter: a lot of anger out there. supporters of the president cannot to defend him, both groups engaging in heating shouting matches. [shouting] >> reporter: it went on, anti-trump demonstrators criticizing the president even after he made more forceful
2:33 am
remarks. >> racism is evil, those who cause violence, criminals and thugs including the kkk, neo-nazis, white supremacists and other hate groups that are repugnant. >> reporter: a paralegal who was killed while protesting against white nationals in charlottesville thank the president for his latest remarks saying this, thank you for those words of comfort and denouncing those who promote violence and hatred. the president will return on signing an executive order for infrastructure projects, and over the charlottesville situation. what a political mess we have a. >> towards officers and each other. rob: look who's talking, darrell
2:34 am
scott, a revival center in cleveland says no response will be good enough for the president's critics. >> the media looking for a reason to bash and undermine the president and his presidency. he made a statement over the weekend, denounced everyone involved in this activity. the media thought he wasn't being specific enough, came back today, denounced certain neo-nazis, ku klux klan, they are launching a federal investigation, they want to determine motive and intent and prosecute perpetrators to the full extent of the law. they find a reason to criticize him. >> ramping up the investigation into suspects behind the charlottesville attack and the police chief setting the record straight saying has officers
2:35 am
were not told to stand down. ellison barbara live in charlottesville with the latest. >> a charlottesville judge denied bail, seem to suggest that could change, meet with his court-appointed lawyer, jake fields junior is facing 2nd ° murder charges and hit and run. the local charges which he could face federal charges down the road, the doj opened a civil rights investigation into the attack, sources familiar with the investigation tells fox news investigators seeing if he had any help planning this car attack. here in charlottesville, denying rumors that his officers were told to stand down. >> i want to know who that
2:36 am
officer is. >> reporter: according to report in the washington post and tmc, field called police in ohio at least twice for violent or threatening behavior during his early teenage years. in 2000 and the article said she made a call to 911 telling them her son had hair in the head and covered her mouth after she told him to stop playing video games. mahmoud abbas heather: a lot of issues. rob: charlottesville, north carolina, driving protesters at the top of a century old confederate statue. this is durham, north carolina, demonstrators cheering as the statue fell to the ground outside the courthouse, kicking it, spitting on it, the statue
2:37 am
of a fallen confederate soldier. it had been outside the courthouse since 1924, almost 100 years. heather: voters will decide which republican will run for attorney general jeff sessions's vacant senate seat, luther strange and judge moore leading in the polls in alabama. only one of them has the president's endorsement. >> to help us out go to those polls and vote for luther strange. jolene: senator strange was voted to fill the vacancy, and in the 6:00 hour of "fox and friends". >> a newly released prison phone call could be shedding new life on the murder trial of scott peterson. he claims he wasn't the last one to see the 27-year-old alive on christmas eve in 2002.
2:38 am
>> they walk in the neighborhood. >> the phone call for a new series the murder of lacey peterson tonight on a&e. peterson has been sentenced to death by lethal injection still sitting on death row. all these years later he is appealing. jolene: the impact of hurricane kurt will reach the east coast today. rob: janice dean, hopefully -- gertrude? >> i am not sure. i will check. let's just focus on the hurricane and not the name. the good news about kurt is it remains offshore. the only thing it will provide is a lot of rough surf along the
2:39 am
coast and recurrence, state out of the water if you are headed to the beach because we will see some rough waves because of gert. areas of concern watching this area of low pressure across the atlantic moving towards the bahamas or florida. let's look at computer models, this is our next system that will probably get named in the next couple days. there are the computer models that we will monitor it as the national hurricane center says it will be a busy season, make sure you are prepared. the rest of the day's for guess we can see showers and thunderstorms across the midwest, the gulf coast, southeast as well as the northeast. there is rob's hurricane gert. rob: we are running out of james. >> not year. one year we went to the greek alphabet in 2005. we did run out of names. zuckerberg i meant in general.
2:40 am
all these years, name it gerri or something. >> you love hurricane season. baby there will be a rob. rob: 39 minutes after the era, more unpatriotic players popping up across the nfl, why michael bennett is refusing to stand up for the national anthem. heather: he has strong support and hasn't announced his senate run but turns out kid rock may not be able to run. ♪ whoooo.
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heather: my workout song, kid rock may not be able to run for the senate but robert ritchie can if he decides to run. the musician may need to use his real name, candidate must not havey name on the ballot and this might -- voters recognize his real name. >> the obama administration warned of possible russian election interference. according to politico, several warnings to -- there was never a black and white threads where election, some officials say the administration brushed off the possibility the russians could affect the united states in the that way. could have been an early warning
2:45 am
of 2016. heather::her neck is out of a job at his protest is active on the sidelines, two more players following his lead. rob: todd stars is tackling the problem with patriotism in his one minute commentary. >> sean lynch is this year's calling cabinet, a running back for the oakland raiders. he disrespected the national anthem. the rest of the stadium saying by the dawn's early light, he was eating food. apparently he says the site full of colin kaepernick and the modern-day hate america movement and reports from other teams may join the protest. >> i love the military, my brothers in the military. i don't love segregation. i don't love oppression. i want to see people who have the equality they deserve. >> that if you seahawks
2:46 am
defensive end michael bennett who says he will take a seat all season. the only way to truly demonstrate you love america is to hate america. the raiders are turning up, jack del rio says lynch can do whatever he wants. with the nfl out to do is put a stop to this antimatter nonsense. if you rise the bench during the star-spangled banner you should ride the bench for the rest of the season but based on what happened in oakland that is unlikely, the nfl has an epidemic of deflated balls this season. rob: no one wants to touch this issue. heather: you would think they would have learned something. rob: a new and some protest, carly shimkus has more next. heather: todd pyro sat in
2:47 am
alabama. >> reporter: we are here at jim's restaurant in prattville. a fascinating election happening in alabama specifically in watauga county where we are now. it is very republican, presidential elections 75% to the republican, that was the case in the 2016 election, donald trump getting 75% of the vote but three republican candidates are vying for senator jeff sessions's old seat. here's what we have got. ron moore who in many polls is in the lead, socially conservative candidate. mo brooks, the tea party house freedom caucus candidate in third place and the incumbent, has been incumbent for a few minutes, luther strange endorsed by the president and mitch mcconnell, interesting dichotomy in second place, tom two go to a runoff, 50% talking to the people here about who they want
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>> so-called peaceful and anti-hate protesters hitting the streets of new york city outside trump tower. heather: the protesters reaction, this was crazy if you look at this video. >> it wasn't the homecoming he was hoping for, thousands of protesters gathered outside trump tower to voice their frustration with the president. a lot of people who showed up are blaming the president's rhetoric on sparking the right in charlottesville. 4 hours people chanted the word shame and new york you.
2:52 am
listen to this woman who voiced her frustration, took her frustrations out on some on-duty police officers. you know you are wrong because you think you are a man, you can roll your eyes at a young woman. >> reporter: trump supporters took to social media in droves and many called out protesters for using hateful rhetoric while taking a stand against hate. newt gingrich said left-wing mob chanting outside trump tower reminds us left has given up thinking for yelling, no ideas come all noise, ted dk from fdr, this tweet says the irony of marching on trump tower being against hate while being united in your hatred, well played. three people were arrested, protests were described as peaceful. all of this does not appear to have phased the president who took to twitter in a late-night
2:53 am
tweet saying it is good to be home. >> because you are loud and screaming doesn't mean your message is heard. we just heard from seattle seahawks defensive end michael bennett for the break. he said he is going to protest the national anthem the entire season. a lot of people on social media are not happy with his decision. here's a sampling of reaction. dale said dishonoring our flag and national anthem is unacceptable. if he persists he needs to sit the bench, no justifications, disrespects no matter for what reason, only breeds more disrespect and david coming with a colorful tweet saying i don't care what your excuse is, this crap isn't going to make a damn thing better, only worse as this proves. a lot of people on social media, last season, politics out of
2:54 am
sports, or the channel. >> let's talk about respecting tim tebo. >> national and protest causing problems for the nfl. tim tebo going for another sweet moment, joining a fan with cerebral palsy as she sang god bless america. ♪ to the prairie ♪ god bless america ♪ >> reporter: look at that moment. this is after he went viral for shaking the hand of that artistic little boy and scored a monster 3 run home run. his am oh has been to be a good guy and all around good role model. >> are you calling out the
2:55 am
birthday. >> god birthday on the mind. >> thanks a lot. 6 minutes to the top of the hour. what is wrong with this picture. apparently a lot. the teenager was viciously bullied after posing with the vice president. rob: this is how they roll. see you soon. ♪
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. pony. . .
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heather: time now for the good, the bad and the ugly. rob: begin with the good. nuns can't kick their habit of roller blading known as holy rollers. skate around texas religious attire hoping to show a side that isn't so serious. heather: love it driver loses control of his motorcycle and flies into incoming traffic. biker tumbling over the hood of a car and landing on the ground? australia. is he going to be okay though.
3:00 am
rob: finally the college student in california said she was bullied after posting a photo on facebook asking why she was standing with someone who was quote a threat to human rights everywhere and the world has officially gone nuts. heather: thank you for joining us. rob: we will see you later. heather: bi. bye. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ life in the fast lane ♪ slowly make you lose your mind steve: live from the big town in new york city. not so fast in that lane, avenue of the americas right now. pete: right now not so fast because the president is here and the traffic is. steve: one block over that's absolutely right. abby: lots of protesters.


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