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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  August 16, 2017 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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hearts are in charlottesville. ago, family and friends gathered to say farewell to a remarkable young woman. heather heyer. and we've been praying, we've comfort for her family and her friends.s and we are also praying that in america, we will not allow the few to divide the many. the strength of the united states ofç america is always strongest as the president has said so eloquently, we are united. around our shared values and so
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we will always be. let me say, it's about the strength of the united states of america that the president sent me here to latin america. and as we prepare to end our trip a little bit early tomorrow after we stop in panama, i leave your greatly encouraged that across south america and central america, with the united states and canada, this isç a new era here, chilly as shiningq.-ç exe of a nation that shows economic freedom decades ago and now is experiencing vibrant democracy. it is inspiring nations across latin america who have followed their lead. i return from this trip more encouraged than ever, thaten not only will our commerce grow, strengthening jobs and
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opportunities in america, strengthening prosperity across latin america, but i truly do believe that the unity that i have experienced in our determinationç to ensure that e will not permit a failed state in venezuela in this hemisphere. it is more true than ever, the determination i have heard among the nations i have visited, about ensuring that we stand with the venezuelan people, that we bring the full measure of until it's democracy is restored has truly been inspiring. i've made it clear as the president has that the united states of america has options to advance the security of the united states regarding venezuela. i will return home tomorrow more
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confident than ever that freedom loving countries across latin america along with the united states can continueok to bring -- >> jon: vice president mike pence holding a news conference with theçó chilean president, he is in santiago rightgdrr now. the trip is to ensure allies that what is going on in venezuela isç not pleasing to e united states and that the u.s. is not pleased, at essentially an open dictatorship erupting. >> heather: we will talk more about that a little bit later, our fox news alert, view from the global headquarters in new york right now. cnbc reporting that the president's ceo advisory panel is disbanding. this comes as several more business leaders have resigned in the wake of the violence in
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charlottesville, the president's latest reaction to the deadly9wx mayhem. >> jon: the ceos of 3m and campbell soupç stepping down along with other executives who have recently left. "the new york times" reports they held a conference call this morning where they discussed disbanding and it appears now$z. we are covering all the news happening now. >> i think there is blame on both sides and i have no doubt about it and you don't have any doubt about it either. >> jon: president trump double down his claims about the cause of deadly violence in charlottesville, sparking fresh media firestorm and prompting members of his own party to speak out. >> we will not stand for this.ó >> jon: also, attorney general jeff sessions has remarks about illegal immigration and he will highlight the difference in his policies between two major sanctuary cities.
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it's all happening now. we begin with president trump doubling down on his controversial comments over the weekend, again insisting that both sides are to blame for the violence at a virginia gathering of white supremacist. hello and welcome to the second hour of "happening now" on this wednesday. >> heather: the president making his latest remarks on the matter during what was supposed toçmxñ be an event promoting his ãfrastructure plan. what the president soon got back into a heated back-and-forth with reporters over charlottesville. take a look. >> what about the?; ol alt-left came charging, do they have any semblance of guilt? what about the fact that they came charging with gloves in their hand, swinging gloves, do they have any problem? i think they do. as far as i am concerned, that was a horrible day. wait a minute, i'm not finished.
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i'm not finished, fake news.ç you had some very bad people in that group but you also had people that were very fine people on both sides. you had people in that group, excuse me, excuse me. i only tell you this, there are two sides to our story, i thought what took place was a horrible moment for our country. a horrible moment. but there are two sides. >> jon: let's bring in sarah westwood, white house correspondent and a national political reporter for politico. at the president wasç criticizd for not being more direct in his condemnation of what happened in charlottesville over the weekend and not getting out there sooner as the story was erupting. he gave a statement on monday that most people thought was a strong and to the point, thenxd
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yesterday almost a retraction or at least a change in his assessment of what happened. >> what we saw on saturday, the president's initial statement and what we saw yesterday were the way the president really feels about this, that both sides are to blame. on saturday he had a written statement that he was a part of but he ad-libbed when he said that many sides are to blame for this andç it ignited a firesto, same thing happened yesterday. i think the outrage really comes from the fact that the president is not wrong when he says there was violence on both sides but only one side of the marchers in this rally claimed to have the president's support, claim to be supporters of this president and that is why i think there is a wide perception in the media and elsewhere that he has a special responsibility to come out and say that while you may support me, i do not support you. and to explicitly denounce that.
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>> jon: is it fair to say that had there not been this planned ku klux klan rally inç charlottesville, the other side would probably not have shown up for a counter protest. >> absolutely. the president is factually correct when he is distinguishing that both sides had a role in the violence, but being right in the situation was not as important as issuing a statement that distance himself and the rest of the republican party from the white supremacist who were marching in his name and that is a key thing to remember. these people claimed him as their leader and now they are out there broadcasting president trump's statement yesterday as a victory. ivvyingç up a victory. the blame, spreading it around to all kinds of protesters from the perspective of the white nationalists is a victory in itself because they are not getting saddled with all of the blame for the violence and that's really important to remember because the longer david duke and others are out
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there projecting victory and claiming president trump as their standard, the longer this is going to be a headache for the white house. >> jon: the breaking news is that the president's panel of ceos has now disbanded, news outlets have reported. these are these top ceos the president recruited to try toç get together and get his manufacturing, get jobs back in thisñr country, make america grt again. they've all just decided to pack it in, that is añi black eye for the white house. no other way to put it. >> what's so interesting about this is the president likes being surrounded by business leaders, he likes being around big shots. it's a real p.r. blow, i don't know this does so much so obstinately but it looks good for the president to be around these ceos. what's interesting to me is the ceos can do what members of
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the republican party haven't been able to do whichç is to sy we denounce you and we areçó ou. how did they really get out of a bad marriage with the president? they may not have supported him on the campaign but in many ways, republican leaders like paul ryan and mitch mcconnell said they don't support the way he has acted are trapped in a bad marriage and cannot get a divorce because their success very much depends on the president's success and that's a very interesting dynamic, i think republican lawmakers and members of the republican party who are in a completely different position from the ceos who can simply bid the president i do when they don't like what he is doing. >> jon: w you look at the president's response yesterday, he was obviously at home and facing the media who he pretty strongly despises. is that part of the reason this thing became so combative, because he doesn't likeçó the
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press, he wanted to talk infrastructure in the press showed up and asked him questions about charlottesville? >> i think it was clear on tuesday that the president was dissatisfied with the way the media covered them statement he made on monday when he came out of the diplomatic reception room of the white house. he was clearly frustrated withç the fact that that was not perceived as doing enough. he vented that frustration on twitter and i think when he came in front of reporters in trump tower, that frustration came forth when he had the opportunity. we know the president views himself as his own best spokesman, he sees an opportunity to right the wrong himself and inadvertently did more harm than0ibq good. which is often the case when the president takes the microphone and tries to clear up a
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controversy, he clearly was frustrated with the wayç his >> jon: thank you. >> heather: heavy hearts in charlottesville, virginia, today as friends and family attended packed memorial service for heather heyer, a 32-year-old saturday while she protested the white supremacist who were gathered in downtown charlottesville. heather's mother and father both speaking at the service, channeling their grief into a p >>ç had there was a message of hodé÷ indeed, it was presented and distinguish different fashions by her two parents. her father was the first to speak and offer this appeal for compassion and healing. >> she wanted to put down hate
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and for my part, we just need to stop all of this stuff and just forgive each other. >> heather's mother spoke later and gave a hint of where her daughter's fiery spirit came from. >> they tried to kill my child to shut her up. wumm what, you just magnified her. >>xn someone in the crowd took that message to heart, they interrupted the proceedings, shouting out in the middle of the auditorium. the only person who was able to quiet her down was heather's mother, who said i know you want to spread her message but please be respectful of my daughter. we are aware of this undercurrent of tension that still exists here in charlottesvilleçó, we heard a ld bang, singular bang, the only one we have heard all day long. just outside the theater, a group of four or five people gathered, they were seen openly carrying a 9mm handgun and aç n
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assault rifle, our producers spoke to them. they said that they did not feel police protected them on saturday and they are here to provide protection today. tim kaine, the senator from virginia and the governor expelled up after the memorial service today after the remarks in which they condemned hatred. i asked the governor, you condemn the violence on the right but why not condemn it on the left? he did not answer that question. >> heather: doug mckelway live in charlottesville, obviously everyone on edge including you. thank you. >ñ con: the coast guard conducting a search and rescue mission after an army black hawk helicopter goes down after a training exercise. vice president pence condemning the venezuelan president for destabilizing south america. more on the u.s. response to the
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crisis in that oil-rich nation. [upbeat music]
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>> heather: this is a fox news alert, vice president mike pence continuing his latin american trip with a stop in santiago. he called out the tierney in venezuela, that is where hundreds of opponents to the authoritarian president have died in protest over the last few months. the vice president reacting in a jointç news conference with the chilean president. >> i will return home more confident than ever that freedom loving countries across latin america along with the united states can continue to bring pressure to bear theçó kid of pressure we discussed today, and increasing measure onto venezuela and create the kind of
10:19 am
conditions where we see democracy restored. >> heather: joining me now, a former assistant secretary of state who served in the reagan and bush administration. you travel for latin america as an aidç in 1992, what tell us about your personal experience there. >> it wasn't unlike what we are seeing with vice president pence, the message was to show continuity, to express american policy, we are interested in trade and investments, to show the americans are still carrying forward tradition of partnership particularly with those countries that have made the transition to democracy. lot like what he did, he brought us a plane load of ceos, we went to venezuela, it is a much different country nowç >> heather: what is the likelihood, a peaceful
10:20 am
democratic transition in venezuela? >> that's hard to say, obviously. i am very alarmed that the mismanagement of the country and particularly the oil resources andñi the economy and the push towards more autocracy is impacting the food supply. people are becoming desperate, something must be done, something will give. it is way out of the teaneck step with the way countries like chile and argentina wentç to become strong. >> heather: have venezuela collapses, what is the impact or the risk for the united states? >> there is a risk for neighboring countries and the hemisphere, it is terrible for the people of venezuela. we have the military command in florida called the u.s. southern command, in recent years they have converted their mission to be more attuned to humanitarian needs.
10:21 am
if there is a desperate need to get food, water, shelter, medical care, our u.s. military can play a helpful, neighborly role. that is the first thing i would look for. as far as the politics of venezuela, there is a movement around the world inñidç russia, china, syria, north korea, towards much tighter grip and a loss of democracy and going against people opposed them. this is a very unhealthy trend europe, turkeyh&mñ, venezuela in that camp. you need to connect the dots and pushback. >> heather: thank you very much for joining us. speech from attorney general jeff sessions ahead, how he plans to highlight the difference in how to goúmhjor cities enforce immigration laws and what it need means for crime
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>> jon: a fox news alert and additional information on our story at the top of the hour, two advisory panels which is our resignation after the charlottesville violence and the president's response. president trump tweeting just a moment ago -- that comes after no less than less than 80 ceos resigned from the various councils. >> heather: now for this fox news alert, a search underway on the pacific coast, five missing crewmembers afterç the reported crash of an army black hawk helicopter off the>x% coast of hawaii. the helicopter was doing a
10:26 am
training exercise. >> jon: this fox news alert, we are waiting to hear from attorney general jeff sessions heading to miami today to praise our former sanctuary city for promising greater cooperation with federal immigration authorities and urging others to do the same. steve harrigan joins us live from miami with a preview. >> the attorney general is two hours time at the port of miami, he is likely to talk in sanctuary cities and also to offer praise and endorsement for miami-dade county officials who have reverse what has been perceived as a sanctuary policy here in effect since 2013. they have ordered county jails "p(eriod of detention by up to 8 hours for anyone who's immigration status is suspect. so far they have done that for 173 people who have been turned over to i.c.e. agents.
10:27 am
it has been a controversial move here, miami so far the only major city to make that reversal, it has been seen as a% spark for protesters, we expect more protesters at the 1ñ lot of people are saying this is an anti-immigrant policy. the mayor here has made a risky political decision to make that reversal, he said he was concerned about potentially losing hundreds of thousands of dollars in money for law enforcement equipment if he had failed to comply with the trump administration regulations. >> jon: steve, thank you. >> heather: in the wake of a teaneck the violence in charlottesville, more alt-right rallies are planned in cities around the country. it now some leaders are saying not in my backyard. canç they legally keep the gros out? our legal panel weighs in. luther strange failing to win the republican primary outright
10:28 am
and yesterday's special electi election. how his opponent is reacting to the presidents endorsement. >> i can't help what they do behind the doors of washington, d.c., of course i support the president's agenda, i have supported him throughout and i don't know why he did what he did but that is his decision, not mine.
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election primary ending with no clear republican winner, that paves the way for a runoff in september. >> heather: we were expecting this, senator luther strange and roy moore were competing for the vacated seat and represent different factions of the republican party. >> it was grassrootsç support from religious conservatives that helped push roy moore to the very top of last night's republican primary, take a look. about of the 16th of money they've gotten from washington. i would be remiss if i didn't recognize the one without whom no good as possible. that's almighty god. >> alabama's former chief
10:33 am
justice now faces a runoff in republican senator luther strange who was appointed to fill jeff sessionsç vacant sene seat back in february. not only does he enjoy the support of establishment republicans but he also has the support of president trump. >> now it's all one-on-one race. i've been runoff before and i've done very well, it is just the matter of telling people what the difference is between me and my opponent. >> the winner of the g.o.p. primary will face doug jones, a former u.s. attorney who easily surpassed the 50% voter threshold needed to win last night's democratic primary. >> heather: thank you,ñi jonafl$÷.ç as the nation reels from the deadly violence in charlottesville over the weekend, more alt-right protests are in the works. >> jon: groups that received permission in at least nine big
10:34 am
cities around the country, including boston, new york, and washington. one group has a permit for a rally in san francisco but the mayor wants that decision reversed. >> we are not welcoming this group in san francisco to promote hate, we think the national park service without adequate evaluation and conditions would do just that and would than i think increase does the mayor at least have a legal leg to stand on? what do you think, this group has asked for and received a service and the golden gate national recreation area, can the mayor step in and say no? >> absolutely not, when did being a right wing group and to hate me, cobbled into the same group of people.
10:35 am
conservatives are about limited government and individual freedom.ç going back to the rights of free speech, the first amendment is the first amendment, the freedom of speech is number one.@i%0 mean speech, disgusting speech and i think most of what we have seen is disgusting, horrible speech but it is protected speech. when the government starts to say, you can talk about thesel5, you can assemble with these people and[oz not these people,r freedom starts to get wornjf do. the right to assemble, this is already been decided a generation ago. if you start to limit speech, all of a sudden theç government will start to tell you what you believe in. you think the mayor of san francisco would be upset if it was a procommunist rally, communism killed 20, 30 million people throughout the world,
10:36 am
would they be upset about that? i don't think so as long as everyone is a vegan and driving tesla cars, life is good with the left. to protect the right to free speech is fundamental and should never be given up in our socie society. no matter how disgusting or nasty the speech may be. >> jon: nancy pelosi and the mayor are all saying this is going to beéywlç dangerous anda service to the public and its safety, we should cancel this. >> those alt-right, the right wing hate groups, we have been told time and time again, you can't yell fire in a crowded theater and that's exactly what these people are doing. they are adding gas to that fire, the standard in this country since 1969 has been that the government can limit speech if it is going to lead to imminent, unlawful acts. we've seen in charlottesville quite clearly that:uaa unlawfuls
10:37 am
are exactly what these groups are doing. the way theyç confront the othr protesters is a clear incitement of violence. the government is well within its rights at this point to step in and stop these rallies. >> jon: this group says it is a religious group, not that they are calling it -- they are saying this is not about hatred or skin color or anything else. >> if they are showing up with guns, that is one thing. if they are there just like every other peaceful american to showcase their views, that's perfectly fine, the government can't step in in that situation. >> jon: some are saying that the charlottesville police department is complicit in some ways with what happened there because they didn'tç properly separate the two groups in the view of a lot of experts. and let this thing get out of control. if government is responsible on that level, does san francisco have a point in trying to prevent a repeat or a replay of what happened in charlottesvil
10:38 am
charlottesville? >> the first amendment can only be extended as far as it doesn't hurt or infringe on other obviously, if violence is an issue, the government has a compelling interest to break up that people are peaceful, nobody disagrees with that. the police haveç a hard job, ty are actually there with all due respect to our law enforcement, they are there protecting our rights, whether they agree with us or not, to assemble and have it's hard to place it on law enforcement, they are caught between a very fine line. when speech rolls over and crowds become unruly, it happens very quickly. they are protecting rights and all of a sudden they are there to protect our personal freedom from violence and crime. they tried to do the right thing, they are ultimately the protectors of our constitutional rights. we saw this a generation ago, it
10:39 am
is startingç again. disrespectful, disgusting, mean speech is still protected speech as long as it is peaceful. i disagree with it personally but i disagree with a lot of things and many people disagree with a lot of things personally in our society, it doesn't mean we don't have a right to say it and believe it and speak it, that's what makes this country great. >> jon: much of the california governmental delegation leans left, the left is often fond of saying you should say anything you want, do anything you want but when your thoughts disagree with them, whether it beç freem of religion or abortion or whatever, they get very upset. these hate groups offend me, they have an absolute right to speak out so long as their fists doesn't hit my face, as the
10:40 am
saying goes. if nancy pelosi gets offended by it or donald trump gets offended in america, that is the first amendment. we have to stand up was free speech but not the violence that comes with it. >> jon: this rally is scheduled in golden gate park on the 26th of thisç month, san francisco, the political leaders out there trying to get it rescinded, and information granted by the national park service, we will let our viewers know what happens there. thank you. >> heather: president trump's latest comments on the violence inñr charlottesville sparking nw tension with congressional republicans who have in the past supported his agenda. why one republican senator was greeted by jeers from his constituents. our political panel will weigh and up next. plus, a sweet delivery for astronauts on the international space station. they got the usual scientific load of course but also something new.ç
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>> jon: it's a delivery they have been waiting for, the space x dragon arriving at the international space station, on equipment and even some ice cream for the crew arriving just in time to celebrate one astronauts birthday. you can see the robot arm capturing the capsule as it nears the space station. space x, one of two companies space. >> i think it's about time that they go back to their goal. >> heather: are republican senator condemning white supremacist groups in no uncertain terms that a town hall in coloradoç yesterday. he was not alone.
10:45 am
paul ryan tweeting "we must be clear, white supremacy is repulsive. this bigotry is counter to all this country stands for, there can be no moral ambiguity." the reaction came swiftly from across political spectrums when president trump doubled down on his claims that both sides share to some blame for the deadly violence in charlottesville. the relationship with republican lawmakers is already fragile because this administration has no major legislative winds seven months after the president took office. joining ourç political panel, a former communications advisor for president obama and a former communications director for senator marco rubio, thank you both for joining us. alex, i will start with you, is this just the beginning of the fallout the republicans will experience and how will this impact republicans up for midterm election? >> the relationship is not getting any better so long as
10:46 am
donald trump stands by his outrageous statements yesterday. there can be no room for accepting hate, racism within the republican party and every elected republican leader has a duty, a moral duty to call it what it is which is a totallyç unacceptable and not try to equivocate it with the counter protest that we saw on saturday. k i applaud my former boss marco rubio, mitch mcconnell, paul ryan, former president bush, 41 and 43, just about every elected republican who said what trump bizarrely refused to say, which is that white supremacist and that is totally unacceptable and to call hate for what it is. >> heather: it is an opportunity for these republicans to speak out on an issue that across the board people agree with,ç no one woud disagree with any of their statements. congress as a whole, they are in
10:47 am
trouble. we talked about some of their approval numbers yesterday and you agree with that, they need to do something to get back in favor of the american people. >> there is no question about that, the problem they are having right now is that president trump has ceded the moral authority necessary to be the president of the united states, the approval rating for congress right now is at 10%. the approval rating if you want to call it that for the president of the united states is 36%, a historic low for any president at this point in their presidency, in the first term. when you are underwater with congress and the presidency, you have the governing council of the entire republican party and you can't do anything with it, where do you go from there? the challenge they have right now is they need to disavow this president, they need to step away from him and in stronger terms than they have issued before or they are going to
10:48 am
continue to fall into the doldrums. >> heather: do you agree with that based on the outcome of the alabama senate race and the runoff that will happen next month? >> i think the alabama senate race is separate fromç president trump's comments yesterday, and should be treated as separate. this is going to be a choice from voters in alabama and i think they have a very clear choice and republican leaders as a whole have endorsed one of the candidates and -- >> heather: so has the president. in a couple of weeks here. republicans in congress have not gotten much done this year and statements like the president made yesterday are going to make it only harder to get things done moving forward. today we saw all of his busines advisors disband because they president trump and i asked what a republican member ofcongress wants to be seen with president trump when they come back in september given his statements yesterday, nobody
10:49 am
wants to be associated with that. i felt bad for the cabinet members standing alongside him looking so uncomfortable. this is a crisis for the president. >> heather: i feel that for all the people out there who disbanding these groups and he tweeted out a little while ago rather than pushing pressure on the business people andq:ñ stry and policy, i am endingñi both, thank you all. who does that hurt the most? >> let's be clear. at the end of the day, the president of the u is the leader of our country and he is the one who sets fiscal policy that has the ability to create jobs. if he was serious about creating jobs he would've announced and gone forward with what he was supposed to be focused on yesterday, this infrastructure package at the beginning of his administration. >> heather: did he have a choice when reporters bombarded him with all of these questions having to do it charlottesville? >> it's interesting you make that point.
10:50 am
if you watch the president, it appears that he came to that press conference prepared to have a long and maybe not so thoughtful conversation about his actions on monday and on here is the quick run on this. saturday, he had to make a statement. you heard what he didn't say in addition to what he did say. monday, he came back to correct that statement by saying the things he needed to say that all the other members of the republican party and senior leaders have said. he came back yesterday to make sure we knew that what he said on saturday is what he really meant. what we saw yesterday, what we heard was the heart of the presidency at the end of the d day. >> heather: he did say that he is not talking about neo-nazis and white nationalist because they should be condemned totally. >> and a very little about jobs. >> heather: let's see if weç can move on to jobs now, thank you. >> jon: president trump's top trade advisor on his biggest task yet, what changes he is
10:51 am
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♪ >> i'm sandra smith. if you've been fired, can you quit? president trump shutting his manufacturing counsel down altogether. a long time inside our steps and as communications director. jeff sessions speaking in miami tç."america's news headquarter. >> heather: some new information on a trade deal that president trump wants pledge to
10:55 am
repeal. >> jon: the first round of negotiations underway between representatives of canada, mexico,cbrñ and the u.s. to revp nafta. live in bartlett illinois, farmers are paying close attention. >> that's because nafta has been a great thing on the farm and they are not too thrilled about those negotiations starting today in washington. take a look at whatht has happd to farmç exports since the nafa deal went into effect. they had just become huge, in 2006 the number was $10.9 billion which was up, ten years later it is up 64% to almost $18 billion. mexico is now the number one destination for u.s. corn, like the corn grown here behind me. they don't want nafta to get screwed up. taken as a whole, nafta has increased the trade deficit with mexico, it is now over $64 billion and3?ú it increasedn
10:56 am
both of the past two years. it is interesting to note that if it weren't for the auto trade surplus with mexico. the auto industry trade deficit is about $74 billion, if it weren't for that we would have about a $10 billion trade surplus with mexico. the lion's share there. over several of the past few years. 1.34 million autos exported from mexico to the u.s., that is up 14%. as you point out, the president has said he thinks nafta is the worst trade deal in history and he has threatened to pull out of it. the president saying if we do not reach a fair deal for all, we will terminateç nafta but he says relationships are good and a deal is very possible. there is some question as to whether the president has the constitutional authority to unilaterally pull out of nafta, the constitution seems to indicate congress has to agree
10:57 am
to that and congress would have to approve a deal as well as your panel just before the break pointed out, the president and congress don't seem to be on necessarily the same page. >> jon: thank you. back in ae1 moment. ♪
10:58 am
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>> see you tomorrow. america's news headquarters starts now. >> president trump getting ready to depart trump tower in new york city any minute now and head to his personal golf club in bedminster, new jersey. the change of scenery comes as we learn of new fallout after a heated trump tower news conference yesterday where the president doubled down on blaming both sides for the deadly violence in charlottesville, virginia. the president tweeting this. rather than putting pressure on the business people of the manufacturing council and strategy and policy forums, i am ending both. thank you all. that after his seventh business leader pulled out of the


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