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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  August 16, 2017 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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>> last night the top of the show, we addressed the removal of several war monuments around the country. the sudden outrage isn't entirely about slavery horrifying as slavery is. it's also part of a larger
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effort on the left to discredit the founders of the country and the beliefs they enshrined in law. once you believe that any figure in history who once owned slaves is illegitimate and should be erased it's hard to take the founding documents seriously. how can you accept a bill of rights when it was written by slave owners? you can't. why so many on the left don't. and ignore the first and second amendments among others. that was the point we were trying to make. you may disagree but didn't seem crazy or mean spirited. here's what bill kristol said relating to the segment. quote, they started by rationalizing trump they ended by rationalizing slavery. nash rallizing slavery? that's not even close to what we were saying by any interpretation. an outrageous thing to say. it got worse. chris toll suggested that we're anti-semitic, his second tweet, quote, next luther, voltaire and marks are anti-jewish.
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why a big deal that the marchers were chanting "jews will not replace us." that is libel but really stupid. bill kristol isn't stupid. i worked for bill kristol for more than five years in the 1990s, knew him well. he was a genuinely smart guy. a good boss, too. he was humane and fair-minded, i never would imagine would write something that nasty and dishonest about an enemy much less an old friend. what happened? kristol refused to explain himself today. part of the explanation has to be the moment we're living in where hysteria has supplanted rational debate. no longer to explain your beliefs but to highlight what a morally upstanding person you are, a virtuous guy you are, using by contrast of your opponent by definition evil. it's childish, obviously. but many people it's tempting. even 64-year-old men with harvard degrees fall for it, apparently. part of the problem is the medium. 20 years ago when he had something to say he had a
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magazine to say it in. he talked through ideas with his friends, then spent hours writing a piece that expressed it precisely. there was thinking involved in the process. now he just goes on twitter and stays on twitter all day every day. dashing off the thoughts and impressions, scoring tiny little points against strangers in cyberspace, keeping obsessive track of his likes and retweets. at an age when he could be playing with his grandchildren he's glued to social media like a slot machine junkie in reno. after a while that distorts you. when disagree with some one it dus ont kur to you to hash it out. you tweet it hoping for retweets. depressing as hell. kristol isn't the only one who does this. washington is littered with formerly impressive people who shout and preen on social media. i hate to see it with him. i liked bill kristol once and thought he liked me. what a shame. after the weekend violence in
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charlottesvil charlottesville, several cities have decided they, too, are going to take down their monuments to the civil war. baltimore hastily carried away four confederate monuments. lexington, kentucky hopes to do the same. the reverend is a social justice champion, supports removing all monuments. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> tucker: i'm sympathetic to your point of view, i wouldn't want to see something that offended me every day, if there was an al sharpton monument, marion berry monument, i wouldn't like it. if you are are offended by the mounuments i understand that. >> it's not that i'm offended, it's an offense to the united states of america to honor war criminals. honor those who were traitors. >> tucker: that's the standard. they were traitors of our country, they started their own country.
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>> the combination, there's no country on the planet no, society, that would honor those. people with credentials like that. >> tucker: except ours, it was a civil war. i agree with your definition. they were traitors to america. then they came back into america. they reintegrated to america. and then it came back, thank god they did. but it was a civil war, it wasn't like we were invaded. it's more complicated. here's the question. does your view of this apply to all slave holders or just civil war figures? >> it's not just civil war figures. but civil wor confederate heros and leaders are not to be honored in any shape, manner or form as a societal imperative. the fact that we're coming to our senses with the statues and with the stars and bars, the american swastika, they all must fall. we thought we had resolved this
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in charlotte a couple of yeeshs ago. it's still not resolved. we're moving in every form and fashion to complete the task of eradicating these symbols of hatred and division. now, as to slave holders, to say the issue of slave holders. >> tucker: one thing, just so you know, i'm not even arguing with you, just one of the reasons this hasn't been resolved the public is not for doing this. only a small minority, only about a quarter of the people polled yesterday in the united states thought that these monday uments should come down. over 60% said they should remain as historical remnants of an earlier age. you need to get the public onboard before you do this. >> the height of the civil rights movement a lot of people said you need to go slow, take your time, and now the people who they were saying that to are american heros. sometimes heros, just like the people in the boston tea party if you polled boston, would have been people say why are you throwing our tea in the harbor. >> tucker: it wasn't a democracy then. hold on.
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so you've given up on the idea of representative government? >> no, i haven't given up on anything. >> tucker: yes, you have. >> what i'm saying, i understand that some people who champion social justice get it before the main society gets it. just as some people in the republican party were slow to get their president is disfunctional. >> tucker: all right. let's get back to the question of slave holders, though. this is meaningful. you make a defensible point out civil war question. but what bothers me about the idea that all slave holders need to be erased from american history. >> i think the issue is not being erased from history. it's being -- >> tucker: is what the issue? >> not celebrated. if you put your name on a building you're being celebrated. >> tucker: okay. well the city i live in, is named after the founder of the country, first president, whose plantation which was populated
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by slaves is right down the road at mount vernon. this notices a rhetorical question, it's a real question, should we change the name of the capital of the country? what should we do about george washington? >> george washington is not like a confederate general. george washington is the founder of a country and put his life on the line in order to do so. he was a flawed human being but created a great thing. part of the great creation that is self perpetuating and self correcting. that's what the process is about. right now, we can get to george washington and washington, d.c. but right now we need to take care of these confederate statues. >> tucker: i don't want to get to washington or washington, d.c. i don't want to rewrite the history of the country. i like where you left off the first time, he redeemed himself with his good deeds. which he did. thank you, reverend. . thank you for having me. >> tucker: oregon passed a law to give free abortions to everybody including illegal aliens. that's not insane or anything. planned parenthood wants to teach your 5-year-old about transgenderism.
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we're not making that up, sta
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>> tucker: the culture of death is on the march across the world. in the state of oregon the governor signed a bill ordering all insurance companies to provide free abortions. also allocating state funds to ensure illegal aliens can get abortions as well. that will make the country better. a new report from cbs news celebrates iceland's near elimination of down's stroem.
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syndrome. how did they pull off that miracle? killing any baby that had it through abortion. children as young as four planned parenthood says men ought to be able to get an abortion, genitals don't make you a boy or a girl. the author of live action, joins us tonight. the oregon abortion law, no subject is more dishonestly covered by the press than abortion, 100% of people in the press corps support it. it's hard to get to know what is in a bill like this. tell us what this bill says. >> sure. tucker, this is the most extreme state law on abortion that our country has seen yet a completely democratic-held government in oregon has said that abortions through all nine months, even sex selection abortions, no limit whatsoever are going to be paid for by taxpayers in oregon. and insurance companies are going to be forced to fund it. this could cost over 3,000
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lives, extra lives killed, children killed every year in oregon because of this extreme pro abortion agenda held by the government in oregon. >> tucker: because i'm a simple man let me ask a simple question. sex selection abortions almost always reduce the number of daughters born. >> of girls. >> tucker: they're performed to get a son. always. how can feminists be for that, how can a feminist, sworn to defend women, support a sex selective abortion? >> it's the height of hypocrisy, and shows how out of touch the so-called champions of many women are in this country. in reality, you have 100 million missing girls worldwide because of sex selection abortions. search and destroy mission against girls in the womb. oregon is funding it. forcing taxpayers and insurance companies to fund it, saying for whatever reason, you can have an abortion, through all nine months, tucker.
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whether you're first trimester baby or baby about to be born, it can be killed in oregon. our country has lost sight of what science and reason tells us, life in the womb has human rights like you or i do. >> tucker: cbs is pretty excited about this great medical advance in iceland where they somehow eliminated down syndrome. how did they do that? >> it was not a medical breakthrough. iceland, has championed the end ofdown syndrome and australia is talking about it, other european countries. they're not treating down syndrome. they aren't helping people with disabilities. they're killing peep with many disabilities. killing them off. this is again owe side. what -- genocide. what message does this send to those that have disabilities in our xhuns? it sends the message that we wish in iceland or australia or the united states, down syndrome children are targeted for abortion. sends a message to them that your life doesn't matter, you
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aren't valuable. exactly the wrong message to send. >> tucker: there's no evidence at all that down syndrome causes suffering for the person who's born with it. i mean, right? there's no -- down syndrome, people are people. happy people, actually. >> exactly, tucker. it's kind of besides the point. even if you have a disability and suffering your life has meaning and you have the right to life. suffering or no suffering you're worth protecting and cherishing. and looking to alleviate suffering instead of looking to kill. >> tucker: yeah. thanks for joining us, appreciate it. >> thank you, tucker. >> tucker: documentary filmmaker says john kelly getting the chief of staff job at the white house could drive militarization on the u.s. border and put the u.s. in a de facto war with mexico of the filmmakers got back from the border, join us back from the border, join us
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>> tucker: president trump elevated homeland security director john kelly to the post of chief of staff in the white house. critics of border security say it's not a good thing. the documentary filmmaker whose works include life and death at the border, in an interview said that kelley would turn the border into a war zone and exacerbate an air of cruelty. he joins us tonight. thanks for coming on. what do you mean, how will kelley, as white house chief of staff, make the border patrol more mill tar is particular? -- mill tarryistic. >> i'm not sure i said kelley would make it happen. i said having a military air at the border has been what we've been doing since 9/11.
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we have unmanned drones that fly over the u.s. mexico border. over 700 miles of border fencing. we have border patrol agents in the amount of over 20,000, seems to be on the increase. we're talking about an issue of migration. we're talking about poverty, we're talking about people who are suffering from violence south of the border. a military approach doesn't seem from my reporting to be the most effective strategy. border security is important. but it seems like that's all we're doing. to put a general in charge of the u.s.-mexico border might have a heavy-handed approach. >> tucker: yeah, i don't know that he's in charge of that necessarily. as chief of staff. >> well, he was in charge of the department of homeland security. right, he was in charge of that department of homeland security. >> tucker: now he's not. but my question is, if what we're doing isn't working and de monday strably it's not, over many people here illegally who got over the border, what would work?
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>> well, one of the things that we're not taking a look at is the visa system. almost half. people who come to the united states without papers many could with an expired visa, overstay their visa, or come into the united states and don't cross that border. you can go ahead and build a border wall from sea to shining sea and build it 20 feet at all. people who come into the country legally, won't even cross that barrier. we're not taking a look at revaching the border system. we're also importing workers in the united states. what about all of the employers here in the united states? agriculture, and hospitality, restaurants, i'm sure if you go to dinner in manhattan tonight there will be undocumented people working in the kitchens. >> tucker: let me ask you a question. you're right, but i think that is a fair point. we aren't going after them. but when did liberals become so sympathetic to employers in search of cheap labor? i don't remember that as a teacher of american liberalism
11:44 pm
when i was a kid. i interview people who say you can't be against illegal immigration, illegals made your dinner tonight. they never say maybe they made my dinner because employers want to pay their workers less. and this isn't easy for people to exploit. i would think liberals would be against illegal immigration. >> i'm at least for my reporting, i'm not necessarily, this isn't for me -- the republican, democrat, or liberal or conservative issue. we're talking about a country that borders the united states, that is poor for the most part. where governments are corrupt. if you go to central america. people are looking for a better life. that's migration, that's what we have. if all we do is we throw arms and border walls and unmanned drones at this issue, we're not dealing with the root cause. the disparity between the two countries. my reporting is pretty clear in taking a look at why people come here.
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those are the root causes that sort of bomb bass particular rhetoric doesn't address. >> tucker: i think you're right. we're fixing that. we're fixing that. thanks to immigration, parts of california are every bit as poor as parts of mexico now. so there's less of a disparity. parts of california are like mexico. that will help solve it, don't you think? >> well, go a little further, tucker. california provides about 80% of all of the produce for the rest of the nation. who is harvesting that? >> tucker: right. >> we're all benefitting from the benefits of illegal immigration. what we're doing is building a border wall. all you do is make it harder for people to come -- >> tucker: i knew you were going to -- >> what? >> tucker: i knew you were going to defend employers exploiting cheap labor. . i'm not defending employers at all. >> tucker: yeah, you are. >> agri business is benefitting. no, sir. why doesn't the administration take a look at the employers themselves. why don't we go and take a look
11:46 pm
at the agri business. >> tucker: i agree, amen, now we're on the same page. >> all right. but where is that rhetoric, right? >> tucker: i agree. look, john, we're out of time but i am affirming on you that point, i agree 100%. >> all right. >> tucker: we should do that immediately. thanks for coming on, appreciate it. how much power does google have and how often are they abusing it? up next we'll talk to men who literally wrote the book on the question, his conclusion you cannot trust google.
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and sometimes, even though i was there... i didn't really feel..."there." talk to your doctor, and call 844-234-2424 to learn more. >> tucker: welcome back. we talked a lot about google this week. we pointed out the danger of
11:51 pm
powerful tech companies. our basic freedoms as exemplified by the fired google engineer james damore. >> there's current dogmas that you really can't defend against at google. one of them being that there's any difference between people. they just, the entire time, either just called me names, shamed me, or just made broad generalizations saying what i was saying was pseudo science. when, really, this is scientific consensus. >> tucker: our next guest is an expert on the dangers of google. scott is the author of "search and destroy, you can't trust google inc." possibly not a more straightforward statement ever. scott joins us tonight. so you can't trust google. this is something you've been on
11:52 pm
to for a while. the rest of us, stupidly believed the don't be evil propaganda. to what extent is google driven by political ideology. >> they're an exceptionally political company. and it just pervades everything they do. and you know, i think they're utopians. tech utopians who believe that it would be best if we had all information and all power centralized with a philosopher king that we know in history, where one person or group of people, the elites, know what's best. they subscribe to that kind of tech utopian political outlook. they have led their business in that direction. succeeded in creating unimaginable information power. >> tucker: they're not liberals in the traditional sense in that they don't believe that you should be able to talk, too. there's an authoritarian streak.
11:53 pm
we saw it in the firing of their software engineer. do they enforce conformity in their business? >> well, a lot of people don't join that don't fit to begin with. so what you're talking about, is a mono culture. that is very much a tech mono culture, which lanes libertarian on some sides but very liberal on the other. it is very, very political. where if you do not agree you don't fit in. now, that's true of coding and the coding class, and of tech people, that group tends to, i don't want to generalize too much, but it tends to be very black and white. binary, like coding. a one or a zero. one of the reasons why you see the problem with mr. damore and others, is that they don't see gray, they leap to either a one or a zero.
11:54 pm
that's what they do each day. what they do each day is binary in the digital world. >> tucker: people like that should not be in charge of all known information in the english language. they have so much power that i wonder, quickly, if you think this can continue. how long before they become a rival to the u.s. government and they are broken up or nationalized or regulated like a utility? >> it's great that you ask that question. information is power. we know, you know, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. it's burke and lord acton told us that. we are probably on the scale of information is power of 1 being no power and 10 being information power, we're over 7, well on the way to 8 with google. and it's extraordinary. people can't imagine it, because these numbers are so big. they literally have organized all the digital accessible information in the world. i would say, like 80 or 90% of
11:55 pm
the stuff that can be found they found it. nobody else has the other stuff. so it is all on their servers. >> tucker: terrifying, terrifying. scott thank you for that glimpse into it. i'm going to buy your book. appreciate it. bac
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>> tucker: teleprompter. we want to bring you the update on the rally nancy pelosi said she wanted canceled because she said it was white supremacist even though most of the speakers aren't white. the statement is from the head of the park service, they take very seriously the concerns but they must be guided by the constitution, the law, and
12:00 am
long-standing court precedent. a final decision will be made in the next seven days, hopefully nancy pelosi will not be able to bully them out of the right to assemble. that's it for us tonight, "the five" starts right now, we'll see you tomorrow. ♪ >> dana: i'm dana perino along with kimberly guilfoyle, juan williams, jesse watters, and greg gutfeld. it's 9:00 in new york city and this is "the five" ." we begin tonight with continuing fallout to president trump's reaction to the white nationalist violence in charlottesville, virginia, over the weekend. the mother of the woman who was allegedly killed by by a man's empathetic with white supremacist causes spoke out today. >> they tried to kill my child to shut her up. guess what, you just magnified her. say to yourself, what can i do to make a d


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