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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  August 17, 2017 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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>> shepard: it's 1:00 on the west coast. 4:00 p.m. on the east coast. 10:00 p.m. barcelona, spain where authorities are still sorting out what happened today when at about 5:30 local time, a white rental van came plowing through las ramblas section, the promenade. killed 12 people on the promenade, left 80 hospitalized including 15 who reported it's critical. as fox reports this hour. the authorities have identified the suspect driving the vehicle. and now there's many questions about its accuracy. his name is driss oukabir. the mayor of -- he's said to have rented this vehicle
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yesterday in his hometown about 18 miles north of the city. he saw his picture on television today because the police released his picture as a suspect. he went to the local police department and the mayor's office and has said i'm not -- somebody stole my documents and i believe it's my younger brother. so it's possible that this driss oukabir who has been identified by authorities as the suspect is not the suspect at all. because according to spanish newspaper, quoting mayor of the town, the police chief of the town where he lives in the gerona region where he resides, he reported the theft of his documentation. when he saw his picture on tv, he went to the police department and he could prove he was not there when this happened. now he says somebody stole his documentation and he believe it's his younger brother.
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his brother responds to the name of moussa oukabir and lives in barcelona and is 18 years old. is it possible the younger brother stole the older brother's documentation and the police were fooled? it appears so. according to the town where driss oukabir lives and driss oukabir was not in barcelona when this happened. it's not in custody as the authorities have said. instead, he believes his documents were stolen by his younger brother and he's the perpetrator and at this point we'll have to wait from authorities. you've probably seen the video by now. the first video taken on the scene after whoever created all of this carnage.
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>> shepard: the first video from the scene. about 1 1/2 hours after that attack, a suspect came upon police at a checkpoint outside of barcelona in the barcelona suburbs. they had shut down many of the streets and transportation systems within the city. we have new video of that encounter where a man got into a shootout with police, eventually escaped and died in his own car of self-inflicted wounds.
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let's see if the new video from the passerby. >> shepard: there you can see what we believe to be the suspect on the ground. as the story goes from police, he rammed into two police officers there on scene. after doing so, he escaped on foot. in the hail of bullets, they found him in his own vehicle about three kilometers away behind the wheel of his own vehicle but shot dead. presumably self-inflicted gunshot wounds. authorities will wait for the medical examiner to provide that. two suspects are in custody. i told you the name of one. apparently police are wrong. there's a second suspect in custody. we don't know what he's accused of doing specifically.
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we know one person was the driver. was the other a passenger or an assistant with the get away? we don't know that. catherine herridge working her federal sources and live in washington. catherine? >> first, within the last hour, the news agency for the isis terrorist group has claimed responsibility for barcelona. so that leads us with three options. the suspect or suspects were radicalized by consuming isis propaganda online or there's a more direct connection that the isis terror group directed the mission, helped organize the plot or there's a third scenario in which isis being opportuni opportunistic and they're trying to take credit for the violence and had no relationship at all. in washington what we've seen the last three to four hours is all the relevant government agencies ramp up and get focused
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on barcelona beginning with the national counter terrorism center, this is the group that was created after 9-11 as the aggregator of threat information and the primary analytic group that looks at threat information. the second group is homeland security. the secretary, elaine duke was briefed around she continues to monitor the situation. up until recently, john kelly, the chief of staff, has been responsible for keeping the president in the loop on what is unfolding in barcelona. the fbi and state department are also engaged offering any assistance the spanish may need. that may kick into play the next couple days as they get a better handle on the pool of suspects and whether they're dealing with a small cell that may have been directed by a terrorist organization. on that piece i know from my contacts the u.s. government is
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looking at all of this intelligence holdings right now. these are the terror watch lists. also the databases to see if the names released by the spanish were known to the u.s. government as individuals that had been radicalized and that's important because if they had been known to u.s. government officials, there would have been mechanisms in place to prevent them from entering the united states because if the spanish media reporting is correct in this case, one of the suspects, the brother or his younger brother were spanish nationals. that means that they don't need special permission and a visa to enter the united states. they can fly directly here. the intelligence community is seeing if there were blocks in place or if this is a case of individuals that radicalized and able to stay beneath the radar, which is something that we've seen unfortunately with greater frequency in the last six months with these plots, shep. >> shepard: catherine herridge live in washington.
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back with updates as they come in. let's bring in amy mccabe. she lives in the las ramblas district. she saw hundreds of people running earlier this evening. thanks for being here. tell us what you saw. >> hi. i was just coming home. i was walking my dog. i just got home. i was about to run out again to run some more errands. my boyfriend said no, take a minute before you run out, take arrest. so i sat down in our room. all of a sudden, you just hear these screams. this is a noisy street. we're in the center overlooking las ramblas. a lot of background noise all day. but you heard these blood curdling screams with people running for their lives.
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i knew something was wrong. i jumped up and ran to my balcony. i could see hundreds of people scrambling down las ramblas, running towards my street, running towards -- across the street, looking for anyplace they could hide. people running into mcdonald's, people crying, helping each other down the street. people didn't know what was going on still. they were just running because everyone else was running. in what felt like seconds, plain clothes police officers were running up las ramblas as far as possible. patrol cars driving up las ramblas and shortly after the ambulances, the fire brigade. this all happened within the space of minutes. we had no idea what was going on. we were shouting down at the people on the streets, what's going on? what happened? it was obvious something
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terrible. i never saw such an immediate reaction like that and a heavy police presence. we knew it was something terrible. people were so confused, so scared, so shaken up. many didn't know what happened. the police quickly started shouting for everyone to run, to get anywhere away from las ramblas as quickly as possible. they started taping off the street, taping off access and diverting traffic down wrong way streets to get everybody out of the vicinity of las ramblas as quickly as possible. there were people that didn't understand what was going on like saying no, i need to get back to my hotel. let me cross the street. it's there. police had to push everyone back, shove them out. they put place tape all the way around any building, me and all my neighbors, we've been stuck here for hours. i want to say maybe five hours
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now. still a heavy police presence. the police are running now. they're literally tens of police running right now. oh, my god, they have someone on the street. they have someone on the street. like five police officers on one guide. everybody is running. there's ten police officers running towards him. they have him on the ground. they're all on top of him. i can see they're hitting him, piling on top of him, this is crazy. >> shepard: i don't know -- >> oh, my god. oh, my god. >> shepard: are you safe? >> yeah, yeah. we're up on the high floor apartment. i can't believe this is literally just happened. >> shepard: describe what you're seeing now. >> i would say easily 20 police officers all surrounding one guy. just outside where the first taped barrier is. there's all these people looking at what's going on. the police started running from las ramblas. they all started running. they have this guy. they have handcuffs on him, two
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police officers just took him. the rest of the police are standing there. i don't know what to say. >> was he inside the police tape? >> exactly. i heard screams. i saw police running. i turned my head to the right. there's this guy like in a hoodie with a backpack. just right in the corner where the tape is. i don't know who he is. he was definitely detained. they put handcuffs on him. like i said, easily 20 police officers surrounded him. two officers looked like have taken him off. all the other police officers are heading back to las ramblas. i was just in the middle of saying there's heavy police presence here. we've got helicopters flying overhead all day. tens of police cars, vans, police officers still here. all the businesses on my street
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have been closed since about 5:30. there were people locked in by mcdonald's for hours. eventually they let them out and it's now closed. like i said, everyone that was in my street at the time where it happened, we are stuck in and can't believe. people outside can't get in. you can't get anywhere near the house. my mom arrived for barcelona for the first time ever today. her flight landed a half an hour after it happened. she heard the news there's been a terrorist attack, 15,20 meters from my house. she's stuck in the airport. i can't go meet her. i'm sure there are hundreds of people in a very similar situation. >> shepard: wow. we can only hope or sort of suspect that maybe this person was in an area where he wasn't supposed to be. tensions are high.
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they're going to take away anyone doing anything -- >> definitely a possibility. >> i would hope so. the authorities have indicated that they believe they have their suspects. i just wonder if -- there's obviously a lot of tension in your voice. i feel so bad for you, talking about this now. i know you need some down time. i remember attacks here and in other places that i've covered. so unsettling. it changes everything about everyone, at least in the short term, doesn't it? >> i think on a personal level, i think you always are -- you see it on news so much. we almost -- every time you turn on the news, something is happening somewhere, somebody has been hurt or somebody has been injured or killed. i think you kind of think it's background noise and it won't happen where i am. it's so surreal to hear them
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saying las ramblas, las ramblas on the news and i'm standing on my balcony looking at it. it's strange and definitely -- i definitely am afraid. >> shepard: i wonder how long it was before they were able to clear out the streets and get some order back there in the minutes after the attack? >> i think it was really, really impressive. the response from the police. yeah, i'm just -- i'm in shock. the city center is so compact and so condense and so many people -- >> shepard: often chaotic on a normal day. >> absolutely. absolutely. i guess that's what made it a target. i think the response was incredible. it was almost mediate from the moment that i saw foot patrols,
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policemen running in the direction that everything was going on. it's impressive. what happened now is impressive. they're really on the ball, i think. we've had a constant police presence ever since it happened. >> shepard: well, it's times like -- we say it all the times, it's times like this we remember how important first responders are and the amazing job they do. amy mccabe that is friend of blake burman that is spoking to us from the heart of barcelona. we're looking at live pictures in barcelona. it's a quarter past 10:00 p.m. in the evening there. people are back on the street. a lot of these, i might say look touristy to me. that wouldn't be unusual in august. largely spain shutting down in the month of us. it's the month of holiday for europe. the spanish people head off on holiday and people come to
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barcelona for the incredible night life and the wonderful culture and fantastic food, a gorgeous play to go and very popular among europeans. it's been a place of relative calm amid some chaotic times with terrorism across the continent. now all of that shattered today. the state department has been updating us throughout the day including rex tillerson himself, the secretary of state. rich edson covers state for us. he's there now. rich? >> rex tillerson is here with the japanese prime ministers on the north korean threat. but rex tillerson addressed this shortly after the news broke. >> we offer our condolences on the loss of life and the injuries to so many i don't people yet again. we will continue to monitor the situation. we stand ready to assist law
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enforcement, national security authorities in spain. terrorists around the world should know the united states and our allies will resolve to find you and bring you to justice. >> shortly after, the state department sent out and official release that the u.s. consulate has issued an emergency message to all americans that the attack had happened, encouraging u.s. citizens to contact their families and friends to let them know they're okay and the u.s. government stands ready to help not only the spanish government with whatever request it might need, but also to assist american citizens who are in that country who might be affected. it goes on to say that at this difficult time, the united states stands in solidarity with spain, crimes like this cowardly attack, only reinforce our shared resolve to stop the attacks that target the innocence. the response from secretary and the u.s. department of state. shep? >> shepard: rich edson live for
1:19 pm
us. we're looking at live pictures from barcelona. it is the strangest thing. i remember in the days after the attacks of 9-11 here in new york city and the crowds that would form outdoors in the early -- mid september, and then you remember back when the attack happened in brussels at the airport. we were there for many days covering that. 2:00, 3:00, 4:00 a.m., the streets would be teaming with people that just wanted to be out and with others. the same thing in nice in southern france when there was the attack there. now we look in barcelona. barcelona is the city that goes very late into the night if not into the early morning hours. they're legendary for their night life. normally, 10:00, things are just getting started. it's dinner time, 10:00, 11:00 in barcelona. but right now, people standing around as is so often the case.
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>> the markets closed 23 minutes ago in the united states. what a day it's been for the dow. off 1.24% on the day. 274 points on the down side. that's the lowest -- largest point drop for anyone day since may 17. we have been on quite a tear. the markets still above 21,000. off 274 today. even worse on the nasdaq. the nasdaq was down 123, which is also 2% on the day. the s&p 500 off 1.5%.
1:24 pm
38 points. every dow industry, all 30 in the red today. retail sales not what was expected. fox business is reporting that retail numbers dragged down the market in the early going and then the terror attack in barcelona further escalated the dive. so the dow with a rough day. for complete coverage on that, fox business. continuing coverage of the terror attack in barcelona. we're still waiting for confirmation from authorities to see if they had the wrong name of the suspect. we reported exactly as they reported to us. the question is whether the susrespect is the younger brother of the person they think it is. the man who they have identified as the suspect of driving the van, plowed over 100%, killed 12 there, injured 80, another death
1:25 pm
in a separate location, whether that person is the younger brother of the man who they have -- this is the picture that the police have sent out. that's the document that he was carrying. now they have questions whether that man is actually at his home in a nearby town and spoken with the mayor and the police chief. may not be the suspect at all. for people that have loved ones in the area, imagine how difficult this would be to deal with. cher bartlett is one. she says her daughter is now safe after being holed up. what is the time line for you, cher? must have been awful. >> yeah, i'm here in atlanta. i was on a conference call. my brother texted me from california and said oh, my got, is ella okay? there's been a terrorist attack in barcelona. yeah, that was the first i heard of it. of course, i panicked. because i knew she was there.
1:26 pm
i texted her right away and say please let me know you're okay. there was a delay in hearing from her. 15 minutes later, i got a text back saying that they were okay, they were holed up in a bathroom. >> shepard: the longest 15 minutes of your life. >> it was so awful. when she made this plan, she's a college -- she's 23. you know, she did an overseas study in australia. she was over there in barcelona and amsterdam reuniting with all of her buddies from australia. her studies there. you know, you just know it's a risk now. you want them to go and explore the world and you can't protect them. it's unbelievable. you know, thank god they had the -- i don't know -- the wherewithal to get in and hide somewhere. she told me -- i guess the
1:27 pm
cellular service is down. i'm sure phones are blowing up there. she texted me to say after about an hour, they walked -- they're in an air bnb five blocks off the scene. they're hunkered there down now. one of them ran out for take-out, pizza and ice cream and wine. because they were starving. but it's unbelievable. i don't know what the plan is. i don't know how long the city will be on lockdown. so i really don't know a lot yet. i can't talk to her. because the cell is down. >> shepard: from all that we're learning, cher, cher bartlett on the line with us from atlanta, daughter in barcelona. tomorrow they're going to pretty well get things back to normal. the indication is that services will be as normal testimony. they believe they have their suspect. i tell you what, if it's your 23-year-old daughter half a world away, i can only imagine what a rough day it's been. so glad she's safe and you're well and appreciate your
1:28 pm
perspective. >> thank you so much. i hope it's not a cluster issue. sometimes these attacks come in clusters. >> shepard: we certainly hope not. catherine herridge says the belief is that this was a small cell and this is the end of it and we can certainly hope she's right. claire bartlett on the line from atlanta. godspeed. >> thank you. >> shepard: quit commercial break. bottom of the hour. the news is next. i tried lifestyle changes and over-the-counter treatments, but my symptoms keep coming back. it turns out i have irritable bowel syndrome with diarrhea, or ibs-d. a condition that's really frustrating. that's why i talked to my doctor about viberzi... ...a different way to treat ibs-d. viberzi is a prescription medication you take every day that helps proactively manage both abdominal pain and diarrhea at the same time. so i can stay ahead of my symptoms. viberzi can cause new or worsening abdominal pain. do not take viberzi if you have no gallbladder, have pancreas or severe liver problems,
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>> shepard: 31 minutes past
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10:00 in barcelona. authorities have large parts of the city where they're asking people not to travel anymore than they have to. some crowds have formed on city streets as the investigation continues. 13 people confirmed dead. 80 in the hospital, 15 said to be critical. two suspects in custody, another man dead in another incident. ed henry has more. >> the president is at his golf club in new jersey and will be headed to camp david for a national security briefing with vice president pence and others. obviously this will be pushed to the top of the agenda along with north korea and all the other things the president and vice president, the national security team are monitoring. interesting the president on twitter a short time ago where he likes to communication a lot jumping on this story and saying among other things, the united states condemns the terror attack in barcelona, spain and will do whatever is necessary to
1:33 pm
help. be tough and strong, we love you. he then added study what general pershing did to terrorists when caught. there was no radical islamic terror for 35 years, this is something that happened 100 years ago. the story people say didn't not happened. it's a story that general pershing bringing in his troops with muslim terrorists and they took the pigs blood and shot terrorists and letting the 50th go and somehow this taught a lesson. a story the president told during the campaign, it was knocked down as not being true by nonpartisan organizations. the president in the wake of this terror attack in spain reviving this story. interesting because as he was doing that, vice president pence is traveling in panama and had
1:34 pm
this to say. >> before i begin, i'd like to address the horrific terror attack that occurred a few hours ago in barcelona, spain. the latest scenes of carnage and mayhem sicken us all. as the president said earlier today, the united states condemns this terror attack and we will do whatever is necessary to help. whatever inspired today's terror attack, the united states stands ready to assist the people of spain and find and punish those responsible. on this dark day, our prayers and the prayers of all the american people are with the victims, their families and the good people of spain. >> so the vice president had some previously scheduled remarks. he tops that off with reaction to this. interesting, because presidents of both parties take the lead in
1:35 pm
a crisis like this in the united states or around the world. in this particular case, you have vice president pence already out there doing some official event. he takes the lead publicly in front of cameras while the president is tweeting. >> shepard: ed henry live in washington. we know the lower house there, the lower governing body in spain has declared three days of mourning. i wonder if any of our officials have announced if they will be in any way participate something. >> they have not announced it yet. i said at the top, vice president pence is coming back from latin america and will be at camp david tomorrow with the president and the national security team. then he was supposed to be doing political events in virginia over the weekend and that's been cut back because all the international travel. vice president pence has been doing. the schedules had been cleared
1:36 pm
to deal with some business pressing back here at home. so maybe vice president pence or someone else could be sent. as of this moment, the administration has not announced anything like that. >> shepard: ed henry in washington. a synopsis underway on sky news. let's listen in. >> we don't know if it was terrorists allegedly firing at police or the other way around. what we do know is that the police discovered another vehicle. this vehicle not in barcelona, but some 40 miles or so to the north in a town of vic. and of course, we now know that two suspects have been arrested. one of them is this man. now, it's believed that he was a man who rented at least one of the vans. >> you mentioned two vans there. there's been an incident involving a car. what can you tell us about that? is it linked or not? >> it's a white ford focus.
1:37 pm
was attempting to be stopped at a police checkpoint in barcelona. it didn't stop. it ran these two policemen over. it then carried on. at six miles outside the city center where troopers shot and killed the driver. we don't know if that is connected to the terrorist incident or if this man had anything to do with the two alleged terrorists that were arrested. there was clearly something with that car that meant the person driving it did not want to be stopped by the police. we know that he is now dead. >> thank you. there's been reaction from around the world to this incident in barcelona. the prime minister has raised a statement about the attack via her official twitter account. theresa may said my thoughts are with the victims of the attack in barcelona.
1:38 pm
the emergency services responsing to this ongoing incident. the u.k. stands with spain against terror. the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson has offered america's support to spain. he was speaking to the media alongside his japanese counterpart in washington. both condemned the attack in barcelona. >> we offer our condolences to the loss of life and the injuries that have occurred to so many innocent people yet again. we will continue to monitor the situation. we stand ready to assist law enforcement, national security authorities in spain, our consulates in barcelona and our entire mission spain team are currently assisting americans in spain who are affected by these events. we ask u.s. citizens in the area to let your loved ones know you're safe. terrorists around the world should know the united states and our allies are resolved to find you and bring you to justice. >> shepard: secretary of state
1:39 pm
tillerson speaking about two hours ago on the situation in barcelona. we are now -- i just learned, we're expecting a news conference in just a moment coming out of barcelona where we hope to get new information on this suspect mix-up. we were reporting to you earlier that the man whom they have called a suspect apparently is not. we've been showing picture because the police distributed this picture and said this is our suspect. we have this man in custody, but alast they don't. as it turns out, this man is in his hometown about 18 miles away from barcelona. he sauce his picture on tv, went to the local police and the mayor and said i'm here, i've been here. he had proof he was there. he goes somebody stole my documents and i think it's my younger brother. his younger brother is 18 years old. and the local newspaper is now reporting this in barcelona. we're expecting to get an update
1:40 pm
from police, which may indicate this is not the 28-year-old man who we have been describing because that's who police said it was, but instead a younger man that stole the older man's documents. the younger man, 18 years old. whoever it was drove this rental van rented yesterday in that town where the man lives about 18 miles away, drove it down las rambla for the length of six football fields. according to witnesses going up to 40, 50, 60 miles an hour and swerving in and out of people leaving. now the new total, the death toll has been changing rather often. the latest that we have from the authorities in catalan, the regional government, 13 killed on las rambla, plus this other death of a man who apparently rammed into police at a checkpoint outside be barcelona in a barcelona suburb. you heard sky news reporting on
1:41 pm
this. two police officers the vehicle rammed. manmade his way to his vehicle at which point police located him. he apparently killed himself, self-inflicted gunshot wound. that is another death. two suspects in custody. one believed to be the driver of the van according to police. the other we have not been given specifics why police arrest him. they call him a suspect. police referring to the driver of the vehicle as a terrorist. isis has claimed responsibility. we don't know if the man was radicalized through online teachings or went through isis training. whatever the case may be, the terrorists are claiming responsibility. isis claiming responsibility for this attack. looking at the government of catalan in barcelona, it's 41 minutes past 10:00 p.m. the microphone is set up.
1:42 pm
we're expecting authorities to come down in a matter of minutes for an update. since we're led to believe it will be another couple minutes, slide another quick commercial break in and we'll be back live from barcelona after this. rite n the things they love to do most on these balloons. travel with my daughter. roller derby. ♪ now give up half of 'em. do i have to? this is a tough financial choice we could face when we retire. but, if we start saving even just 1% more of our annual income... we could keep doing all the things we love. prudential. bring your challenges.
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>> i'm trace gallagher in los angeles. continuing coverage on the attack in barcelona, spain. we're expecting a news conference to take place sometime in the next few minutes. we hope to bring that to you live. we're unclear on what language the news conference will be in, so if it is in english, we'll bring it to you. if it's in spanish, we'll try to get a spanish translator to bring it to you. it's important to note that there were a series of mens college basketball teams that were in barcelona death of the attack. we're talking about clemson, the
1:46 pm
university of arizona, tulane, oregon state university as well. it's interesting because we just got a sound bite from the head coach of oregon state. we talked about this earlier because during this attack apparently some of the players that went to oregon state, they were in a hotel directly adjacent to las ramblas where the terror attack took place and they were posting videos on social media about them visiting tourist sites. there were some concern that the oregon state beaver men's basketball team may have been somewhere in that vicinity. we have a clearer idea. they were very close to the terror attack. they could see it from their hotel room. listen to wayne tingle. >> i'm talking to you from our hotel room in barcelona. our room overlooks las ramblas
1:47 pm
where the tragic events took place earlier this afternoon. just to give you some background, we were having our team pregame meal when things occurred on las ramblas. the mad van driving through, literally looking out of our window. we won't show you pictures. but horrific sights. several fatalities within sight of our hotel room. we've had multiple media requests. i know people back home are concerned. they don't understand the gravity of what occurred here today. we're reaching out, letting you know we're in good shape, all of our parties and players. a couple members that aren't in the hotel but are safe until things are cleared up a little
1:48 pm
later on. everything is good with our guys. obviously a tough thing to deal with here moving forward. thank god that we're all safe and avenue counted for here in the hotel. >> ditto that, thank god they're safe. the coach of the oregon state beavers. that i have checked in. as far as clemson, the university of arizona and tulane, those are also checked in. all the people that are with them including players and coaches and personnel have said that they are all fine. we do not know what proximity the other teams were in relation to las ramblas or las rambla in that case. but we know they have all checked in and safe and sounds. now back to shepard smith in new york. shep? >> shepard: trace, thanks. we told you we were monitoring this news conference coming in. we have translators working on it. again, it's in catalan instead of spanish. we're going to get it translated for you and get it to you in just a minute. this is the person that police have a picture -- our
1:49 pm
understanding, they got this picture from the documents that he was carrying. there's a question if this is he. police will sort that out in just a few minutes. this is the place where this happened. this is las rambla. the van jumped up on to the sidewalk up here in a pedestrian zone, largely a pedestrian zone. this is about the length of six football fields, it's our understanding. going -- the records from the witnesses and sometimes those are accurate, sometimes they're not, the report from the witnesses are that the van was traveling at speeds upwards of 40 miles an hour. some people said up to 50, 60 miles an hour as it went that 600 yards and swerving in and out of pedestrian areas. there's flower markets, shops, things like that that you find in any european city in a tourist zone. very densely populated here. 13 people killed. 80 in hospitals at this hour.
1:50 pm
authorities are up dating us on that in the next few minutes. again, we're -- we apologize. we were told initially this would be in spanish. of course, they speak catalan, which is a mix of spanish and french and a little of this and that. we'll have the translation by the end of the quick. quick break. coverage continues after this. hey, i've got the trend analysis. hey. hi. hi. you guys going to the company picnic this weekend? picnics are delightful. oh, wish we could. but we're stuck here catching up on claims. but we just compared historical claims to coverages. but we have those new audits. my natural language api can help us score those by noon. great. see you guys there. we would not miss it. watson, you gotta learn how to take a hint. i love to learn. watson, you gotta learn how to take a hint.
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>> shepard: the police news conference is undergoing in catalonia. the death toll is 13, but the number of injuries has risen to 100. further, 13 people were killed a loalong las rambla. they're expecting the death toll
1:54 pm
may well rise as some of the injured are very badly injured indeed, again, this news conference in catalan. those are the highlights as given to us by translators in the wire services. the questions about the identity of the suspect remain. we're waiting for clarification on that. as the man they have identified as the suspect is apparently reported to his local police in the town where he lives and said that's not me. somebody stole my documents and i believe it was my younger brother. so it's possible that it's this man's 18-year-old brother who is the suspect and driving the car. two people under arrest at this hour in direct connection with this attack. now, we still do not know whether the second suspect was in the van. we're hoping that the police will be able to give us some sort of clarity on this matter. we know that another suspect has died. did so after a shoot-out with police. in a separate though we don't know if unrelated incident, it
1:55 pm
certainly is a separate incident on the outskirts of barcelona at this scene where somebody driving a white ford focus crashed into a police barricade there and engaged in a shootout with police and later was found dead in his own vehicle of what authorities seem to believe is self-inflicted gunshot wounds. again, that is the latest from barcelona. we're expecting to have more from the news conference as the government official has now stepped down and the police official has stepped to the microphone and expecting that more from him in just a few minutes, this is normally neil cavuto's business hour. what a day on wall street it's been. the dow started down in the early going this morning upon open at 9:30 on the east coast. by the time it was all over, there had been quite a sell-off. the dow off 1.25% today. the fox business network is reporting retail sales a part of
1:56 pm
this. the attack in barcelona part of it as well. all 330 -- 30 of the industrial companies that make up the dow, all 30 in the red today. the s&p 500 down about 1.5%. the nasdaq, the big loser, down right at 2%. more than 100 points. the tech sector taking a beating. the dow is well into bull territory and has been since the president's election. the dow has been on an astounding run. we had a sell off. we had a sell off a few days ago and rebounded well. another one today. markets don't like uncertainty and terror attacks create uncertainty and panic and fear. that all plays into traders and their feelings as they make their way through the trading day. the dow closed about an hour ago. off 274 points on the session. we're getting the new
1:57 pm
information in from police in catalonia. the news conference is ongoing. we expect to have a translation with new information as the next hour begins on fox news channel. america's choice for news and information on cable. it's just a burst pipe, i could fix it. (laugh) no. with claim rateguard your rates won't go up just because of a claim. i totally could've - no! switching to allstate is worth it. and it's also a story mail aabout people and while we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country, we never forget... that your business is our business the united states postal service. priority: you
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drises >> it's 2:00 on the west ,
2:00 pm
11:00 p.m. barcelona, spain. the aftermath of a terror attack took 13 lyes and left 80 people injured in la rambla. the central part of the city will be up and open shortly. they expect the lockdown to end by midnight local time, within an hour from now. they tell us two suspects are in custody. sky news reports on that now. let's take a listen. >> meanwhile the city's mayor has called for a


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