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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  August 17, 2017 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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>> are going to check in here now with her teeth until the goods correspondent, good evening to you. what are you able to do. >> one of the most significant elements came in less than 90 minutes, that's one spanish police confirmed this connection between an explosion 90 miles from barcelona. the van attacking the city center, this is important because one person was killed in that explosion, they thought it was a propane or gas explosion but what they found afterwards was amounted to a bomb making factory, a canister upon . this is a very important
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development because it suggests that we are dealing with multiple actors in this plot and it may have been much more complex than what happened pickn ask plaintiff viewers what you've learned. >> this may be connected to isis. we had affiliated isis accounts cheerleading the violence in barcelona. they called them fan boy accounts, cheerleading accounts. they are not leadership accounts. then within about two hours, the news agency which is the official mouthpiece for isis claimed responsibility. we have three options now, one is that the individual or individuals were inspired by isis so they consume their propaganda online. the second is more troubling, this was an isis directed to plot perhaps from syria and the third is that isis wasn't simply being opportunistic, trying to take advantage of the violence at barcelona. >> bret: what are u.s.
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authorities doing? >> the u.s. government has been completely engaged for a moment to moment that the attack happened at barcelona. intelligence officials are going through their holdings, their watch list, their databases to see if the suspects identify by the spanish authorities are flagged in our system. spain is a visa waiver country which means they can travel freely into the united states without a visa. where these people known to us? where their blocks in the system to prevent them from entering the united states, or was this another case where they self radicalized or they were operating underneath the radar both to spanish authorities and u.s. intelligence officials. >> bret: want to bring in mount fox news terrorism analyst walid phares, also retired green beret michael waltz who
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served as senior counterterrorism advisor to former vice president dick cheney. it's striking to me how similar this attack was two things that we have seen in the past like nice france, which was so horrific last summer. a van driving down the sidewalk, a busy pedestrian area and it's working with a vehicle trying to hit as many people as possible. >> the terrorists have found the perfect weapon that requires no training. i think there's a bigger point here in the sense that western society, europe, united states can't play perfect defense. we can to stop all vehicles and we can't stop all crowds. what we have to do is maintain our offense of posture, stay focused on the sanctuaries. this is why the strategy to stabilize syria, to finish off isis as a state is so important. that's why the broader strategy, we are at war in a global war against islamic extremism.
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they are in a war with us. we are seeing those fighters now flow from syria to iraq back into afghanistan and pakistan where 20 of the 40 of the world's 40 acknowledged terrorist organizations exist. that's why we have to maintain engaged there. i know it's frustrating that we've been at this for so long. we are in a generational effort against islamic extremism and we have to stay engaged offense. >> first of all, we would learn more from spanish, european-american authorities on the actual attack itself. we are just in the beginning of these inquiries. what is more important as your guest has mentioned is that they are not one but maybe two important lessons. number one, they are jihadists, isis or not have discovered a weapon that is very difficult to overcome.
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most of the jihadists we are encountering in europe and potential of the united states are western-based. yes we need to finish the job in syria and iraq and we need to also have a strategy here in europe and in america. >> bill: spain has been quiet in terms of terrorism, the train attack in 2004 was a horrendous event that killed 192 people in madrid. it has been left out of the conversation one can argue up until today. >> it has in a sense on the other hand, spain has a history with the basque terrorists, i think there can be a lesson that can be taken from that. there is a reason that europe has been dealing with terrorism and for many decades, most of them were communists. shining path in peru. the red brigade in italy. there's a reason that they are no longer conducting attacks and that's because the ideology of
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communism has been defeated and we need a longer term strategy to defeat the ideology of islamic extremism, whether that's girls education, women empowerment, economic initiatives. we have to take this on holistically while at the same time attacking the radicalized leaders. >> bill: strong points to be made. the driver apparently based on what we think we know got away. that would seem to indicate the driver wanted to live. how does that change things? >> some of them are suicidal, wait-and-see from the spanish authorities. it's just one person. it still work to be done ahead of us. >> bill: thanks for being here here.
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want to get to politics now here at home, certainly updates from overseas, will take you back to spain and bring those to you. if, however, we are getting new insight into president trump's chief strategist. steve bannon has apparently a lot to say about a lot of things. his critics and his colleagues and his commander in chief. how the bannon saga is playing out, good evening. >> he thought the conversation was off the record. even if it was off the record, white house chief strategist steve bannon told the american prospect to mentally put him at odds with many inside the trump administration, it put them at odds with the president himself. the interview comes as mr. bannon for the second time in four months of finds himself fending off rumors of his pending ouster from the trump team. he said of his rivals, they are wetting themselves because he has the leverage to force them out. on china he said the u.s. was at economic war with beijing.
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he described adherence to ethical nationalism as losers, a fringe element. adding we have to help crush it, help crush it more. perhaps most surprising is his assessment of the situation in north korea. there is no military solution here. that's in stark contrast to the president's own fire and fury comments. analysts say bannon's willingness to publicly air his differences with the president says a great deal about what is really happening at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. >> now i understand better why everybody in the white house leaks against each other, because apparently the president is willing to tolerate it. >> the president is unwilling to back down from his belief that removing confederate war statues and memorials is wrong. sad to see the history and culture of our great country being ripped apart. it includes over a thousand
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confederate statues and monuments. from arlington national cemetery to the capital's national statuary hall collection. commissioned more than 150 years ago with statues representing stewed citizens of each state. ten states still have statues honoring confederate era figures. states could select replacements for those statues or congress could order their removal by legislation. in a statement, house minority leader nancy pelosi called the statues reprehensible saying the g.o.p. should work to remove them immediately. new jersey senator democrat cory booker called his bill to do just that just one step. at gettysburg, the national park service said it was committed to guarding these site-specific memorials in perpetuity. the debate continues to play out across the country as vandals desecrate monuments to men and cities remove the last vestiges of complicated and for some proud past.
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on the sidelines of this debate the return of an old feud as battle lines were drawn over twitter between president trump and a south carolina republican senator lindsey graham who said the president was dividing americans. president trump in a tweet accused senator graham of telling a disgusting lie about his comments in the aftermath of the violence in virginia. grandma responded urging the president to move the nation toward the light. not back to the darkness. senator graham not the only g.o.p. leader criticizing the president tonight. bob corker, a fellow republican told the court in chattanooga that the president had demonstrated the stability nor the competence to be successful. this is the economic follett begins to hit the president as the cleveland clinic which had a fund-raiser scheduled for mar-a-lago has now decided to pull that event from the presidents resort. >> bill: kevin court in washington. were going to take a deeper dive into steve bannon, chief
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national correspondent ed henry tells us who he is, where he came from, and where he may be going. >> president trump: will see what happens with mr. bannon. >> even before this latest explosive magazine article, advisor says the president was not amused when he labeled bannon the great manipulator which is sparked a "saturday night live" skit as the grim reaper. >> yes of course mr. president, i'll go sit at my desk. >> the president's consternation only grew last month, framing trumps historical election as a engineered victory, the notion earlier this week that was clearly still gnawing at the president. >> i won all the primaries, he came on much later than that. >> the president's point is that in early 2016 when he was building a movement, bannon was still noncommittal as he hosted
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a south carolina tea party forum with all of the republican candidates. if it was not until shortly after the republican convention in august 2016 when paul meant a fort was pushed out that bannon was brought in at to help the trump campaign, though he had been unofficially advising the candidate for months. from his perch as head of the influential conservative news site breitbart that bannon once called the platform for the alt right, a movement which is been under attack from the left particularly in the wake of violence from neo-nazis and white nationalists in charlottesville. violence among radicals on the left as a way of defending himself and bannon. >> he is not a racist. >> as a young navy lieutenant, he was inspired to join the conservative movement. when president reagan made a point of going to the pentagon in february 1981 and to honor vietnam vets who had been shunned by president carter. >> there's been no thank you for their sacrifice. >> he also followed reagan's
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love of free markets using his mathematical mind to make millions at goldman sachs. the conservative courts can be passed to the new generation if bannon departs. >> if he is replaced, i suspect the vast majority of people in the trump base will shrug their shoulders and say i didn't know that guy that well and move on. >> given bannon's influence, they may rather have him wreaking havoc inside the tent than out. with nancy pelosi calling on him to be fired, the president just may dig in and back him. >> bill: ed henry in washington tonight. from charlottesville, hundreds turned out for a vigil honoring the young woman killed during saturday's racial violence. marchers carried candles for 32-year-old heather higher last evening, she was killed when an individual drove his vehicle into a crowd of white supremacists and those opposing them. in a moment, the president tries
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>> bill: this just in from the pentagon, the top leadership from a warship has been fired. at that vessel collided with a vessel near japan, the vice chief of naval operations bryce benson has been detached for cause. also fired, the ships second in command and top enlisted sailor, an official announcement is expected tomorrow. from south korea and outcome the leader of that country saying president trump has promised to give him a heads up before beginning any type of military response to recent threats from the north. japan might also have something
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to say about the matter. correspondent rich edson has the latest tonight at the state department. >> top diplomatic and defense officials from one of the united states closest allies are in washington coordinating a response to a common threat. >> other missile launchers are unacceptable provocations and they must stop immediately. >> secretary of state rex tiller seven hosted at the state department defense secretary james madison and their japanese counterparts less than a week after escalating threats from president trump and north korea consumed the region, they met only hours after white house chief strategist steve bannon said according to the american prospect that there is no military solution in north kore north korea. adding they got us. >> i don't really have a comment on what mr. bannon's remarks were. in that particular interview, i read those. i think we have been quite clear as to watch the policy and the posture towards north korea is.
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>> in close collaboration with our allies, there are strong military consequences if the prk initiates hostilities. >> traveling in china, marine corps general joseph dunford chairman of the joint chiefs of staff said the president told the military to develop a viable military optio option. that's exactly what we're doing. he added a military solution would be horrific. allowing north korea to develop a nuclear technology to hit the united states is unimaginable. in south korea, present moon jn says the u.s. promises to consult with his government for attacking north korea. >> only south korea can decide military actions on the korean peninsula. no one can choose to carry out military action without south korea's consent. before utilizing whatever option they might use against the north. >> north korea says it's holding off on the decision to launch
3:24 pm
missiles towards guam, strategically placed in where the united states launches b-1 bombers in a show of force or more if necessary. >> the military has also installed at missile defense system on guam, it's the first time the u.s. had deployed that system outside the continental u.s. >> bill: a busy week at the state department, thank you for that tonight. from venezuela, the supreme court has ordered the arrest of the husband of the ousted chief prosecutor. accused of operating a $6 million extortion ring targeting that country's oil industry. he denies all of that. his wife was fired over her criticism of president nicholas maduro. supreme leader is mocking the u.s. over the racial violence in virginia, the ayatollah tweeting this printer to mike.
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he has frequently criticized the u.s. over social issues. in a moment here, the death penalty is on the table for a truck driver accused of killing ten illegal immigrants. here's what fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. around 4,000 customers living power losing power after a fire. note caused unannounced but no one was injured either. fox 40 in sacramento, the city council decided to keep a drought era watering rules in place. that states historic drought officially ending this past winter, city leaders say they want conservation to be a way of life in sacramento. this is a life look, see seatta settlement against two psychologists involved in designing cia interrogation programs. terms of the deal are not disclosed but the aclu had sued
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>> bill: president trump planning a rally next tuesday in phoenix, arizona, the city's democratic mayor there once the president to reschedule. greg extends has the following, i am disappointed president trump has chosen to hold a campaign rally as our nation is still dealing from the tragic events in charlottesville. if president trump is coming to phoenix to announce a pardon for former sheriff joe arpaio, then it will be clear that his true intent is to inflame emotions and further divide our nation. the president has said he's considering a pardon for the former sheriff who was convicted
3:30 pm
on a contempt charge for disobeying a judges order to end traffic stops targeting illegal immigrants in that state. we will have a full reaction on a primetime special edition of special report. you can see that live 11:00 eastern time with bret baier next tuesday. correspondent casey stegall has the latest tonight in dallas. >> shackled another tight security, this is a man who could face the death penalty if convicted, he's been indicted by a federal grand jury after investigators say he drove a semi truck with illegal immigrants locked in the back for hours on end with no air conditioning. ten people died and more were critically injured. four of the survivors appear to before the grand jury to tell their stories. in an email to the associated press, one of the
3:31 pm
lawyers said they came to america wanting just to work. circumstances of what happened brought them to this situation. this is just one of many interpreting factors that goes into a new law september 1st. >> the risk is a lot lower. >> texas lawmakers passed sb four earlier this year which cracks down on sanctuary cities. supporters believe it will reduce the number of people trying to enter the u.s. illegally. >> critics call it discriminatory and have a challenge law's constitutionality in federal court, a ruling is expected soo soon. >> no idea that there was humans in back of the truck, he says he
3:32 pm
was hired to drive that vehicle from iowa to brownsville, texas. >> bill: the markets today went south and did they ever. the dow suffered its biggest drop in three months losing 274 points. s&p off 38 and the nasdaq plunged a 123.2 today's trading. president trump says he's ready to wipe out another of his predecessor's regulations and this one is being closely watched by pro-life groups in the business owners for a very good reason. >> we will not allow people of faith to be targeted, bullied, and silenced anymore. >> the trump administration is poised to roll back one of the affordable care act's controversial policies, the so-called contraception mandate. federal health officials are expected to announce new rules
3:33 pm
overturning the obama era requirement that enforced most employers to provide birth control coverage to their employers with no out-of-pocket costs. according to a new draft, not only will religiously affiliated hospitals in businesses be opting out of contraception but any employer with religious or moral objections will now be eligible for an exemption as well. evangelical christians has been fighting that mandate in court for the last six years arguing that providing some forms of contraception was a violation of its religious beliefs, equating the drugs to a form of abortion. >> this is the ability of people to enter into the marketplace, enter into education and wherever they go and do so guided by their faith, not having to check their faith at the door, not having to hide it. >> while the new regulations are still being finalized, several pro-choice groups are already preparing to challenge it in court. >> we are all readying ourselves for a big fight on this.
3:34 pm
it's basic and life-saving health care, we should be doing everything we can to make it more affordable and acceptable for women. >> the trump administration has labeled this regulation as an interim final rule meaning it will go into effect without any public comment as soon as the final version is published. some legal experts are predicting that will open the administration up to lawsuits which could eventually make their way to the supreme court. >> bill: back to politics and money for a moment, the democratic party is going to be having major problems raising money. the hill reports the dnc raised about $38 million in the first half of the year. republicans took in more than $75 million. experts say the democrats are engaged in a major rebuild and a staffing and still trying to sort out a unified message. terror hits a unit. an ally yet again, we'll get reaction from the panel on what to do next when back.
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♪ >> the latest scenes of carnage and mayhem sicken us all. as the president said earlier today, the united states condemns this terror attack and we will do what ever is necessary. whatever inspired today's terror attack, the united states stands ready to assist the people and punish those responsible. >> terrorists around the world should know the united states and our allies are resolved to find you and bring you to justice. >> bill: some of the reaction now as we continue to gather more information out of barcelona where a driver took a van down in the pedestrian mall, and wounded more than 100 at this hour. will bring in our panel and uncle crowley, senior foreign affairs correspondent from
3:39 pm
politico. we may be interrupted of vice president. a lot of people seem to look at here is with the shrinking of territory and in muscle. we are trying to expand where they can, this appears to be another case of that. >> if isis loses territory and it leads to competition to show that it still in the game by striking outside of that territory in the middle east, we are systematically ticking away from it. if there are a lot of foreign fighters who have returned to europe, they have the desire to kill, they've been radicalized, not to mention the ideology that lives on online. radicalization doesn't have to have anything to do with people who have been in combat. as we all know by this time, guys on the internet on twitter are getting radicalized left and
3:40 pm
right and thursday is not a lot you can do about it. this is the new normal unfortunately. we have to get used to it to some degree. >> bill: there are lots that we don't know right now but in less 24 hours, expose that two different homes. the driver of this vehicle perhaps has not even been arrested just yet. when it comes to surveillance in spain, are there many differences there as opposed to the rest of europe. >> spain is the second most survey per se pervasively surveilled country in europe. every email in real time, every text message in real time and they just like the nsa here suffer from information overloa overload. more information about decent people and they don't have time to sift through it. these things are just going to
3:41 pm
keep happening until intelligence authorities focus the attention on those so there's reason to have suspicion. we know of at least five human beings involved in this, some of the 40 or 50 miles apart unless a comedic communicated e signals, it's not recognized until it's too late. >> bill: it's going to play out for several days i think we can all agree on that so we learn more. the united states condemns the terror attack in barcelona, spain and whatever is necessary to help be tough and strong. to this point about crushing the ideology that michael brings up here. a former greenbrae commander about 30 minutes go. when you look at the tactic that was used yet again, driving down the sidewalk and that swerving right to left and back again trying to hit as many people as possible, this is not easy to
3:42 pm
defend. some may even suggest impossibl impossible. >> it is impossible to defend. i think we have to do what we can, we have to surveilled. we have to set up pedestrian barriers. we have to do all of that but in the end is not going to make much of a difference. one thing will make a differenc difference. that is defeating the ideology. that doesn't mean clever stuff on youtube and trying to out argue them on the internet, that's nothing to do with it. it's what osama said a long ago. as long as people have a sense that is him is on the rise, the caliphate, there's a utopia on the other side, they will join. once they get the idea that it's collapsing on them, then they get a radical reduction in that
3:43 pm
attraction. the obvious example is communis communism. there's a lot of communist terror, latin america, middle of europe, everywhere. the heyday of communism, it got wiped out. it lost its home base, it lost its ideology and there's almost none of it around the world. the key battle here is rocca. isis has been defeated in muscl muscle. when isis has been utterly routed and on the run, it's not going to disappear, there will still be adherents, there will still be people who get into cars, trucks, and kill people. but the idea that it's on the march, that it's collecting recruits, it will be the beginning of the end, the same way al qaeda when it lost its base in afghanistan and was scattered, it's still is active, it still kills people. it's not in 16 years been able
3:44 pm
to launch anything like it. you've got to kill it at the source. >> bill: you wonder charles how far we are from that point that charles describes. >> we are a ways from that point i think. i take his point but i would say there's a scenario where we take the territory from isis but it becomes an insurgency in iraq much like the one george w. bush had to authorize, a major and controversial troop surge to quash. the iraqis would not be able to put on the major insurgency on their own at this point. that insurgency was flourishing and was a propaganda boon for al qaeda in the 2000s. the pessimistic and take on what you're saying is that even having lost the territory, having lost the caliphate, isis will become more of a free-floating insurgency that will continue to produce all
3:45 pm
kinds of propaganda victories into videos that will continue to be a recruiting tool. what is the answer to that? it's hard and it's disturbing. >> even if they can be active, once they lose the mandate of heaven, once they lose a sense that they are inevitable, it becomes harder to recruit. people don't want to join losing causes print >> we have the tools to find them before this starts if we concentrate on who they are. rather than the mast surveillance which produces more data than we have the resources to sift through. >> bill: 192 dead and no string attacks in madrid. >> that's when they began their mast surveillance. >> bill: were waiting on mike pence, if that happens will bring it to you. steven bannon and palace intrigue at the white house and the west wing that no less. you always pay
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>> if you think they're going to give you your country back without a fight, you're sadly mistaken. every day it is going to be a fight. >> in a telephone interview, bannon dismissed as no nationalism at saying these guys the are a collection of clowns. >> steve bannon thought this conversation with a left-wing magazine called the american prospect who has not been friendly to the president has been off the record. >> president trump: will see what happens but he's a good person and the press treats him unfairly. >> bill: steve bannon has been in the news but in the commercial break, the vice president mike mike pencet on to reiterate how the u.s. stands by our european allies,
3:50 pm
more on that when we get desperate with regard to steve bannon, here is what we are learning. he did an interview, he said a lot of things. regard wood to the nationalist will but this is what he said to. these guys are a collection of clowns, losers, it's a fringe element. i think the media plays it up too much and we have to help crush it. help crush it more. the democrats, the longer they talk about identity politics, i've got them. that is one interview with the american prospect. there was another interview with "the new york times," he said the following on the confederate statues. >> bill: how do we then look at these comments as to why they
3:51 pm
are coming out now. >> it's a very confusing moments, we've been hearing for several days that his job was in trouble, trump was on the brink of firing him. this is one of the most bannon-esque moments in trump's presidency. it was pure bannon, it could have been bannon at the podium but for the fact that trump wouldn't say he was going to fire him. it's confusing, there's a lot of theories about what he was up to, did he know that he was on the record, i say to people that the question is is it a mistake or stopping or confusion, versus master plan or conspiracy, always go with the first one. my bet would be that bannon and that first interview didn't think he was off the record. let's step back and on the larger point of what he's talking about, the politics her here. i think in the short term,
3:52 pm
particularly if you look at some of the polling, republicans are still with the donald trump aren the issue of the statues and that sort of thing. he has more support among republicans in particular than i might have expected. i think of the longer term, this is a losing game. bannon may be right that race and identity politics, leave the clan out of its there's no good from being associated with them. on the question of race and identity politics, it could be short-term again for trump. it's long-term terrible for the republican party in america. race is not a long-term winning issue. >> bill: is as an exit interview or is that going too far? >> i think this was planned and plotted by steve bannon to get his bosses troubles of the front page and i don't think it will work. he just had the worst week of his presidency and its 100% self-inflicted. he strained to make himself a lightning rod.
3:53 pm
he's trying to cause himself to be the center of attention. the president lost natural allies in the senate and natural allies in the business community as a result of that horrific press conference the other day. stephen bannon is trying to get the pressure off his boss but i think it will be short-lived. >> bill: let's see how much distinction there is between steve bannon and what the presidents tweeted earlier toda today. sad to see the history and culture of our great country being ripped apart. the removal of our beautiful statues and monuments, you can't change history but you can learn from it. robert e. lee, stonewall jackson, who's next, washington, jefferson? it's so foolish. the beauty that's being taken out of our cities, towns, and parks and never able to be comparably replaced. is there separation between these two or not? >> on this issue, apparently not but it's paradoxical that he
3:54 pm
should renounce and ridicule f no nationalism when the whole pt on this emphasis on statues is the central of f no nationalism. i'm not sure it's a strategic maneuver, i think he just got scaramuccied. he was self scaramuccied, kind of a japanese version of it. where you impale yourself. this was completely unnecessary, i suspect he thought he was speaking to somebody who would not publish this. part of the reason it is so inexplicable and it can't be a part a larger strategy is that
3:55 pm
on north korea which he did speak extensively about, he totally contradicted the president. he ridiculed his position. the president is going around saying he continues these threats, fire and fury, were going to retaliate. it's idiotic, there's nothing we can do, we are done. it equates kim jong il noonan president trump, that i think is the most damaging part in terms of his standing with the president i'm not sure he surprises that. >> i do think bannon is right, he suspected a lot of people that trump white house agreed. we don't have a possible military option, the costs are too high for a first strike, it is notable that senator lindsey graham recently spoke to the president. i think what bannon is saying
3:56 pm
reflects the overall national security team. >> we'd assumed that he did not want this word to get out. i don't know how he can expect anybody to believe that. he calls "the new york times" and expect that to be off the record? that's inconceivable. >> bill: we are out of time, with charles, michael, the judge, more to come. serious stuff from overseas, final thoughts on that.
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>> bill: recapping the top story tonight. 13 dead, 100 injured after a terror attack in barcelona, spain. the thing a man jumped the sidewalk at a popular mall. in the heart of that city. a swerving from side to side. hit as many people as possible. we are told that two have been arrested. we do not know about the driver. officials are calling this terrorism. we will have much more in the story as we get to developments
4:00 pm
through out the night on the fox news channel. so keep it right here. in the meantime, thank you for watching "special report," i am bill hemmer. "the story" with martha maccallum comes awry next. see you tomorrow morning. >> breaking tonight, we have brand-new video of the aftermath in barcelona, spain. the hunt is ongoing for the driver of the van who is now considered to be the most wanted man in europe. he plunged his vehicle into a crowd of hundreds, mowing down and killing 13 individuals. he injured at least 100. he is now believed to be on the run, and out there somewhere in the middle of the night in barcelona. good evening, everybody. i am martha maccallum. and this is "the story." we also know that there were two explosions that appear to have happened at homes where bombs or bomb making could have gone awry.


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