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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  August 18, 2017 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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"tucker carlson" is up next. ♪ >> tucker: a good evening, and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." a senior white house advisor steve bannon.candidate today after losing an internal power struggle that had been raging for months. his now former boss, bannon was a material figure in a business that prizes predictability. to steal cliches from a hundred different, movies, he was a loose cannon who didn't play by the rules. bannon fanned fruitless controversy with unwise remarks, he specialized in making enemies the white house will be a much more placid place now that he is gone. the question is, will it be a better place? let's put it this way. bannon was one of the relatively few senior staff in the white house who wouldn't feel at
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home and hillary clinton administration. indeed, he was one of the rare republicans there and the only, or one of the very few, populist conservatives. that's strange, since populist conservatism is the platform his boss ran on. like trumpet candidate, bannon was willing to criticize big republican donors in their ideological stranglehold in a corrupt g.o.p. establishment. he's able to break with orthodoxy and big and dramatic ways con for higher taxes, better infrastructure, fewer pointless wars around the world, and more. he understood that the country's greatest crisis isn't robert e lee statues but the steady economic and moral decline of its once robust middle-class. not surprisingly, traders on wall street cheered when he got fired this afternoon. the dow shut up 100 points on the news. lobbyists in washington will be celebrating late into the night. the funny thing is, that in some important ways, steve bannon was more traditionally liberal than the liberals who spent the last
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year shrieking for his head. not that you would know that from the coverage, everything is identity politics and also has ideological opponents attacked him from the very beginning as a bigot. he was always a ludicrous charge , he is a flawed guy, but not in that way. just yesterday he called white nationalist "buffoons and losers ." it's not steve bannon who is obsessed with racism, it's the activist left in the morons who do their bidding in the media. after his departure was announced, "huffington post" ran this headline. exactly what with it even means, it's disparately some kind of jewish joke, but even keith olbermann complained about it said to change the headline to " white flight." identity politics now, identity politics forever. there was never any real attempt in the press to understand or critique exactly what bannon was saying saying, ideas and policy are not interesting to reporters , mindless tribalism is , so that's what they cover. this is toxic and obscures the
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issues that actually matter. instead of looking at real problems like rampant drug addiction or economic inequality , and those are real problems, and trying to find solutions to them, the left is obsessed with finding and enjoying destroying the imagine racist in our midst. with banning on, they will move on to somebody else, and they will. see when you about steve bannon, and you can see a lot a lot, but he never forgot what trump got elected in the first place and in a democracy that is not a small thing. he kept an office full of campaign promises, which has probably all ready been taken down by now. >> blakeman was an advisor to george w. bush and he joins us tonight. thanks for coming on, brad. so with steve bannon gone, who left among senior staff wholeheartedly agrees with what trump ran on. >> i think steve miller obviously has been there for sometime, but it's not necessarily the people who get you to the white house that you need around you when you finally get there. and i think the main thing that has to be done, now, once the
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shake-up is complete, and there may be more people to come, is the president has to get back on track. he has to honor the promises that he made during the campaign he has to get a legislative agenda passed by 2018, the start of the new year, otherwise we're going to be consumed next year with the midterm elections. it will be every man and woman for themselves and they're going to be running for the hills. the president needs a staff around him, that's congenial, and believe me, it's possible, it happens. i worked with two presidents and the staffs had disagreements but they were in the room and once that disagreement was over, and a consensus was had, policy was made and that's what we have to do. yes i have to make sure the president understands that you make policy in washington but you sell them on main street. >> tucker: for sure. i think he already sold it on main street, though. that's what that campaign was about. he ran out a bunch of different things that everybody in d.c. hated but the public kind of liked, and he hasn't moved to
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make those law, for reasons that are not clear, but are a little clearer today. so my point is not, should you keep all your campaign guys, i think absolutely right, a lot of people who are good at running campaigns are bad at stepping white houses, that's true. but don't you need with people who agree with the program and some basic way, or else you're not going to get the program enacted question customer again other than steve miller, i don't know who those people are. everyone else seems against the program. >> you have to start right now with his left, and kelly also has to get his arms run who's there and who needs to stay there and who may need to go. one thing is for sure, the president sets the agenda. the president will hire people now who believe in his agenda, and it's going to be their responsibility to get it done. good, competent people who know the way washington works. in order to wean the swamp, many people who will understand the swamp and many of those people have the pedigrees of prior republican administrations. does of the type of people you
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should be leaning on. success is going to be driven by the president being able to keep his promises. >> yes, but you got to have people around you who agree with those promises and are trying full time to subvert them, as a lot of the people around him are this is the macro view as far as i can tell. to the left hates trump, that's never going to change. he fires bannon, nancy pelosi releases a statement decrying him as a race to spread the press in washington hates him almost as much, maybe more so, so the only people who like him are people who voted for them in middle america, and bannon was kind of there man in the white house. so once you lose them, where's your constituency customer coos for you? >> the president needs to do what he does best and that is, in the fall, go out and sell his policies and his promises that he made. now is the hard part, now you have to implement them. get to go to peoples districts and help them. he also has to go to those districts are people who were against you and kick them a little bit, but the president needs to get on the road and
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have an aggressive fall agenda traveling all around america talking about health care and talking about infrastructure and taxes, more portly, because taxes are the key to picking up our economy and get it moving again. we have the opportunity now, and donald trump does better than anyone else, to sell his policies. he is the salesman, he is the deal closer, the people around him our support staff, they are not the people who are going to be, at the end of the day, with their signature on the bills that are going to be signed. >> let me ask you one last question. even in washington a long time, even a republican your entire life. rex rex tillotson, secretary of state came out today and said we are going to improve the state department. the most important thing you can do is enact a straight system and hiring. they set out loud, he's a secretary of state for republican administration. if the money had said to you that is going to be the state of play in the republican party, would are head have exploded or would you have dismissed it as a
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lie? >> my head would've exploded. look, we've got to, again, return to the basics of principal and the republican party, things that we believe in , not reinventing things, not things that are not part of our platform, not things that are manufactured by people outside the party who are not believers, we have to return to the core principles that make the republican party a great party. but you can't do that as a freelancer, you can't do that willy-nilly, and you can't do that out of thin air. you have to be principled and that's where your first question is very germane, who are the believers? >> i don't know the answer. we're going to try to find out. thanks for joining us tonight. >> pleasure. >> tucker: for more on the reaction to the departure of steve bannon, we are joined by author, columnist, and thinker mark stein. mark, did this make america better or worse with bannon gone >> i inclined to the latter
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because i am worried that the departure of steve bannon makes the trump administration more ordinary and i think the people who voted for trump wanted something extraordinary. and at the risk of quoting myself, which is, i think the first sign of madness, over a decade ago i said it required some genius of for george w. bush to get demonized as a right-wing madman madman when 90% of the time he was tony baer with a ranch. and i think the same process is underway now, trump is being demonized as the new hitler while inside the building they're basically trying to turn them into jeb bush with a kind of foulmouthed semi tourette's twitter feed and i don't think that's going to work. the trump agenda, it was very interesting listening, and that was a very sane explication we just heard but he didn't mention the wall, it didn't mention illegal immigration, it didn't mention any of the issues that
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catapulted trump in june and july of 2015 into the lead over all 17 sane governors and senators for whom there were no takers among the republican base >> tucker: so his voters have put up with an awful lot. they are mocked as bigots for supporting him, there is a lot about what trump says it's hard to explain or understand, but they've stuck with him because he speaks for them on those issues. how long will their patients last? how long until they say, you know what, he's not doing the things i voted for. what's the point of this? >> i think there's three groups of people. there are people who just load his style, that includes a lot of republicans, like your pal, bill kristol. then there is people who like the style, they like the ways he plays at smash mouth. but there's a third group of people who recognize he is a
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curious and idiosyncratic character but he was the only one advancing policy is that cared about. and if you are in these states and towns where the mill has closed in the factory has closed and you're listening to these things from marco rubio about a second american century when all you want is for, you know, your remaining life expectancy to be marginally less work, then, i think, i think they do want the trump policies and they are disturbed by the fact that, for example, on national security, we essentially have, i don't know what he's complaining about , when you look at the options in afghanistan, essentially bill kristol's former policy establishment is still in control of the joint. likewise, the obamacare skinny repeal was nothing like what
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trump was talking about. i think at a certain point the people who voted for trump did not vote for john kay sick or jeb bush or marco rubio with a slightly wackier personality. they want the trump policies as well as the trump personality. >> tucker: that some people who don't really care about his personality or his dumb tweets, they just want to see the essential problems of the country addressed in an honest way on the parties are not capable of doing that. meanwhile, bannon's ouster has not ended the left restate against confederate statues. as part of work, chelsea clinton treated this. "the story of lucifer who rebelled against god is part of many christian traditions. i've never been in a church with a lucifer statue." this might be the first question you've ever gotten about chelsea
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clinton, who, her generation -- [laughter] deepest thinker, what do you think of that customer x >> i don't think she's very sound on either the theology of the history because there actually is quite a lot of satanic iconography throughout the history of the christian church and indeed, these days, whenever certain liberal groups discover that there is a nativity scene on public land, they petition for a satanic seem to be included with it. i think there was a famous one in detroit a couple of years ago but just to stick with her analogy, if the confederacy is satanic, the church, and i'm just running with this because her thought popped into my head, then the church of satan is the democratic party. the democrats were the biggest institutional supporters of slavery on the planet in the 19th century, and they're the only ones to have survived into
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the 21st century. if you look at other racist parties, the national party of south africa changed its name three times and then completely expired. same with ian smith's in rhodesia. and, and, and, and her father, her very own father presided over one of the great, just seven years ago, the funeral of one of the great satanic archbishops whom you mention the other night, robin seabird fred never mind guys have been dead for a hundred 50 years, if you land in west virginia, everything in the state is named after him. yes directions, they say you come out of robin seabird airport, you hang a left on robin seaboard parkway, turn it right, then when you get to the robert seabird sign, he was, and bill clinton said, well, you know, he had a little bit of flirtation but he did what he had to do to get elected and we've all been there.
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let me just redo what he said. i don't want to get this quote wrong. i'd rather quote trampled in the dirt never to rise again then to see this beloved land of ours become degraded by race mongols, a throwback to the blackest specimen from the wild. this is not a young man, this is a middle-aged man far older than chelsea clinton and >> tucker: he is writing to senator bilbo, i think. >> that's right. and i am a foreigner so i can't tell a grand for from a grand cyclops to a grand kazoo, but i think if you'll forgive a little bit of criticism, i think this is what happens when you don't have titles and ability. people invent stupid titles like grand illegal and grand was due. but he was one and bill clinton delivered his eulogy. why doesn't chelsea take that up with the satan in her own family
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household? spoon because they're good people, mark, unlike you and me. they are just good people. thank you for joining us. thank you for joining us tonight >> havoc havoc legal weekend. [laughter] spin the southern poverty law center is an ideological left-wing organizations of the question is why is cnn using it to decide what i hate group is? of next will talk to the head of one group that cnn lumped in with the clan and neo-nazis . we'll talk with someone who thinks it's just fine to silence bad thoughts
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>> tucker: yesterday, cnn published a story with the headline, here are all the active hate groups where you live. this was a list narrowed to neo-nazis and anarchists, but it also had regular conservative organizations like the alliance defending freedom, the family research council, and others. the list was too large and grossly biased and that's because cnn wasn't listing real hate groups they were just listing hate groups as defined by the southern poverty law center which is a totally responsible organization that casually throws her around the term hate group in order to raise money and it's raised a lot of money doing that. terrifying people. dean and eventually it scaled back its headline changing it to "the southern poverty law center 's list of hate groups." why is cnn doing the bidding of
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the southern poverty law center? they are not coming on to tell us why so we asked someone from the southern poverty law center to come want to tell their side but they decline like they always do, so instead we are joined by tony perkins was president of the family research council, one of the group slandered by cnn and the splc. thanks for coming on tonight. so, you wake up to see that cnn, which is a supposed news network is describing is a hate group? what is your reaction? >> it was the fact that it was irresponsible and reckless. this is troubling because the media should not be using the southern poverty law center and their hate map as a means of communicating what tate and what's not because this, in particular, the southern poverty law center and their hate that have been linkedin federal court to domestic terrorism and that occurred at our place when a gunman came been armed with 100 rounds of ammunition with the hit list that came off of the southern poverty law center's
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hate map so this is real and it's dangerous and it's reckless for the media to use it. spoon so a lunatic read that your organization was described as a hate group and showed up with a gun in response? >> it was five years ago that that occurred based upon this map that cnn put up, that's a new version of the map it has all of us listed, you can go to the web site and it shows you how to get there, and this gunman confessed to the fbi that's where he got his list was from the southern poverty law center. but they want people to think that they're in the crows nest looking on the horizon for america's well-being when they are vultures that are preying on the fears of americans. they've gone after ben carson and got after the president and even in minnesota they are pushing policy, they are not an objective arbiter sitting on the sidelines, they went into minnesota pushing a liberal policy in a local school, parents organized against them and instead of arguing the merits of whatever the policy was, the southern poverty law
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center slapped a label of hate group on these parents. that's how they operate. there a fearmongering organization and averaged over $350,000 which they're sitting on and offshore accounts. it is irresponsible for the media to use them as a source. the department of the army has moved away from them, the department of justice, even under the obama administration moved away from them because of their questionable methodology. spoon they're totally fraudulent and it's not even a close call. they're completely over-the-top. he spent 10 minutes on their web site and it is clear that this is not a group concerned about hate, this is a fund-raising organization with a very specific political agenda smearing people in order to raise money. no journalist, no honest journalist would ever use them as a source. it's shocking, actually. >> and that's the problem. spoon did they call you, tina describes he is a hate group, you've all ready had some nutcase with a gun show up when
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they happened last time, did they call you to say hey, were going to describe your organization as a hate group, did they warn you? >> we had a discussion about this, what's happening here in this last week is, again, another case of irresponsibly from the media. your member when james hodgkins came to washington, d.c., with a hit list and we don't know the extent to which he was visiting with the web site, we know he was communicating with them, his computer show that, but he's dead so we don't know all the facts, but steve's police who he shot, he was on splc's site multiple times, they went after him trying to deprive him of his leadership position, and after that, the media then calls for, hey, we've got to ratchet down the rhetoric, we've got to calm down here. we have not heard those calls this time. >> tucker: they're completely irresponsible. we are out of time.
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i feel for you. i hope this doesn't expose you to any dangers. things are coming on. >> thanks. spoon traditionally the left was wary of large, powerful corporations controlling people 's lives, but not any longer. they are in bed with big tech companies who are now minorities online. yes, some of it is discussing, but a year from now will you be on the list? we are talking to a progressive we are talking to a progressive radio show host who
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spoon in the wake of charlottesville tech companies have decided to start rolling back speech on their platforms. google, go daddy, and cloud fair have all cut surface to the daily stormer, that's a white supremacist web site. airbnb has banned whites the premises from using the site, paypal banned a site from using their service and said it won't stop there. spot if i, the music service is purging its music library of hate bands using a list provided by the southern poverty law center. most of these victims are not sympathetic at all, but the question is, in the long run, is it a good idea to allow tech companies this kind of power? we are joined tonight, ethan, what i find so fascinating about this is that liberals traditionally were free speech absolutist and were deeply suspicious of corporate power. probably both good things. now, every level i know is a toady to big business and whatever apple and google think
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it's a good idea, they kind of nod and say it's fine with me. what happened to liberals? >> in this case, you have speech , as he just pointed out, that is so reprehensible that we reach a line and say, look, this is in the government intruding on somebody's first amendment rights. the platform itself, whether it's google, facebook, go daddy, or others have terms of service which relate to things like incitement or violence toward others, or hate speech. so if you are violating a company's terms of service they have the right to pull the plug. that's what we're talking about here. spew >> tucker: you're smarter than that. you're smarter than that. i'm not making a legal case. i'm not saying that the government has a right to force spot if i to play the songs. i'm really saying there's a moral case to be made on behalf of free expression and not all of these groups, i don't actually know anything about the daily stormer, i know what z dare is, though, and you may not agree with that it, but they are not espousing violence, they are espousing views that these
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companies don't like. is it a good idea? should liberals get behind the censorship of speech that they don't like? i can't believe the liberals are supporting this. >> you run into the philosopher karl popper put forth the paradox of tolerance. when somebody says, i don't tolerate anybody else, that would be the whites of premises in this case, i don't need to tolerate their speech because they are intolerant of everything and everybody, unless you happen to fit their very narrow worldview. i agree that there can be a slippery slope your but this is the free marketplace. if you want to support white supremacist, cocreate your own hosting company and go create your own music service for whites of premises. spoon let me just say i'm sure i'm going to wind up on the splc web site for saying this, but i'm not defending white supremacy. i don't believe it in and i don't approve of it. what i believe in his freedom of expression. in a marketplace of ideas where they compete with one another. if you don't like what somebody saying, make the counter case.
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beat them in debate, don't shut them down. aren't you as a liberal may be a little bit bothered by the practice at google of eliminating things from should search results? you don't even know it's there? google has a functional monopoly on search and you know that. let's not pretend. that doesn't bother you? >> in the case of google that would be the exception. search is like, the one area where they really are like a monopoly but all the other things that you just described are not monopolies, so there really is a marketplace for competition. search as a whole another animal which is why google is running into some trouble in places like europe. i don't like the idea that google remove search results just because we don't like what the answer is. i am with you on that one. i think there is a dangerous precedent when we shutdown something. spoon why don't liberals stand up and say that? i'm glad to hear you say that. one of your fellow liberals make their voices heard, this is a really important principle and only liberals can help preserve it. conservatives are not taken seriously on this issue but liberals are and yet they are
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all toadies, as far as i'm concerned, to corporate power in this case and it's really distressing. i hope you will raise your voice we are counting on you. >> thank you. i will, tucker. thank you. spoon the attack in barcelona was very similar to countless other islamic attacks, so naturally the press is scrambled to compare it to charlottesville instead. we'll talk that over with radio show host tammy bruce who joins us after the break. plus, are you ready for next week's solar eclipse? should you stare directly at the sun, or not? or fox meteorologists will be to tell us.
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>> tucker: one of the most depressing things of yesterday's attack in barcelona is how routine it has begun to feel at this point. deadly mass casualty attacks happen almost monthly now in europe, and lesser acts of extremism are even more common, not even in the press here
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sometimes. yesterday's attack fit perfectly into this wider trend but don't tell the press in the united states. years spent trying to downplay islamic terrorism may reach their piece yesterday when multiple figures tried to tie the barcelona attack, not to the islamic terror attacks that have come before, that would seem an obvious part of the chain, but instead, somehow, to the attack in charlottesville. >> there will be questions about copycats, questions about what happened in barcelona, if it wasn't all a copycat version of what happened in charlottesville, virginia. >> with the intensity of information that we've had related to the charlottesville incident over the last five days , it's quite possible that may have precipitated this terrorist group's desire to gain the limelight and carry out a similar attack.
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spoon needless to say this is news stretched to propaganda, the public isn't learning anything except that maybe they shouldn't trust the media and that sad, because over time, one day the media will wake up to discover the public puts more faith and trust in conspiracy theories than they do in the official story. that's bad for america and bad for the press. maybe they should think it through before they spread garbage like you he just sat. tammy bruce is a new york city radio host and she joins us tonight. so, tammy, when you saw the atrocity, maybe charlottesville inspired this? >> every normal person looks at something like that and we are crushed and we know it's a touristy area, we know multiple countries will be involved, we know people were enjoying their day in a beautiful city, and just walking through a promenade , and the next thing, it was like our american who was killed on his anniversary, first year anniversary gets up to use the bathroom, walks away from his bride and he gets murdered. so these are the things that
11:40 pm
remind us about how things can change in a moment. but horribly for american news, americans rely on news networks to find out what's going on around the world especially in tragedies, durable splits or as an example as you played, immediately saying that as a political opportunity. but let me tell you, it's not about downplaying the event. i would argue with you in that regard. they see in that example for that network everything through the prism of heating trump and so they saw charlottesville, they said that we've attached them to that now, we've achieved that, so we say that that's a copycat in barcelona, barcelona is his fault as well. so that i think it is more of what we are watching is this inability to see anything outside of the prism of hating donald trump and when you've got viewers who are relying on the facts of the matter on the ground, my goodness, they can't even get straight news anymore from individuals who are
11:41 pm
pathologically fixated at this stage. >> tucker: exactly. this is an opinion josie watch this show and you know you're getting opinions, but you're watching a news show or reading the front page of a daily newspaper there's an expectation that you're going to find out what actually happened. and the description is not going to be colored by the opinions, political opinions of the person who wrote it. isn't this making all of us just too cynical in the end? on average people going to conclude there is no absolute truth, there is no way to find out what reality was? >> i think if we refuse to allow that kind of cynicism on, let's say, cnn's part, we see what they're doing and it's obvious but what americans are doing instead is they are cutting the cord, aren't they? the cable companies have realized that people are turning somewhere else. but this is a problem for our democracy because media and news , and even opinion is meant to be an estate here, it's meant to really contradict power, to really be serious about
11:42 pm
contradicting power, asking the hard questions, and when you move from not caring what the answers are but making things up in order to achieve your political role, even abandon your job, so that harms all of us and it certainly harms the viewers over at cnn and that has got to be our commitment with either opinion or news. >> tucker: nicely put as always paired tammy bruce, thanks a lot. >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker: your member that trump's fight with key mount was supposed to have better relationships and why is there now evidence that a dozen or more american diplomats have been injured in an attack on americans in cuba? a story you may not have heard before, but an amazing one.
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spoon the u.s. government recently established diplomatic relations with cuba but all is not well in that communist paradise. recent official that said that six diplomats came in with mysterious illnesses that are believed to be for a hidden sonic device. in response, diplomats have been expelled from the united states. now the washington beacon reports that the attacks were more frequent and affected far more diplomats than had been reported. susan crabtree is a writer, lieutenant colonel scott is a veteran of special forces, they will join us tonight. this is an amazing story, susan, i don't think most people are aware of this. give us the outline of exactly what happened. >> last week we discovered that the state department finally admitted that six diplomats, worsening u.s. personnel, had come down with some sort of
11:48 pm
mysterious symptoms involving hearing loss to begin with. there are other symptoms, too, that we have learned about, they were pinpointing this as happening late last year in their residences outside the embassy in havana. this supposedly affected six people, that's what they said last week but we have learned that actually it was more like 12-18 people, definitely in the double digits, our sources say, and also, that this occurred much earlier than we previously thought, months earlier, actually, and that timing is critical when you think about the normalization process and president obama leaving his administration and his policy directive. >> tucker: right. scott, tell us about these devices, sonic weapons, what do they do and what are the effects >> thanks for having me on. it's just another type of a nonlethal weapons system, and
11:49 pm
this one sounds more like an infra- sonic or ultrasonic type weapon which can, you know, it's physically undetectable really to the victim and it can put in physical pain, harm, even death if exposure is long enough so, it's a nasty weapon. >> tucker: you can kill someone with a sound he can't hear? >> prolonged exposure, there been studies that this can possibly leave to death. i don't think there's a lot of, there's not a lot of documented use of this other than riot control, but then the audio harassment is what this really is, is what it sounds like, is that targets were identified and then audio harassment was employed where they lived and operated over a prolonged period , and yes, that can have significant damage on humans nervous system. >> tucker: that's just shocking. susan, is there any indication your reporting of why the cuban government would want to do this they hate us, of course, on ideological grounds, but why now
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>> that's what everyone keeps asking, including myself. the cuban government has denied this, of course, and they are saying, we didn't know anything about this, but other people are suggesting that it could be russia that was in cuba at the time, because of the canadian connection, we learned last week that canada is saying that one of its diplomats, too, had come down with similar illnesses, at least one that we know of, and that they are not adversarial, they don't have an adversarial relation with cuba, they don't have a huge trade embargo with cuba, so why would they be targeted at the same time? people are suggesting that it could be russia and their motivations are clear. they don't like this trade embargo, they don't like this new detente that we have with cuba, they would like to have more control over goods and services going into cuba, they don't want the u.s. to have the embargo with that, that's one speculation, one theory that i've heard, but, yeah, it's
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really mysterious especially because everyone that you've talked to knows that they know exactly what's going on. >>
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>> tucker: timeout for "the friend zone." you can tell who we really love. they are the repeat guests. janice, our meteorologist. and solar eclipse -- janice, it's coming up on monday. the question is, what's the truth, can you stare at the thought or can you not? >> no, not at any time! not when the sun is at full shine mode or during the eclipse. you have to have these fancy sunglasses which are apparently sold out on amazon. i am selling these for $100,
11:56 pm
tucker carlson. >> tucker: i will trade my tickle me elmo. >> is just a reminder that there are some things that are not in our control. this eclipse is going to bring all of america back together. you know the anatomy of an eclipse? where the moon passes between the sun and the earth, blocking all or part of the sun. the penumbra is the partial shadow, which the whole u.s. is going to experience. a very small little widespread region, the umbra, that's the full shadow. the totality that's going to go coast-to-coast, tucker, for the first time in 99 years. from the northwest to the southeast. this area is going to experience total darkness for over 2 minutes in the daytime. it's going to be crazy. it's going to be amazing. it's going to change our lives. yes. the only thing that could ruin
11:57 pm
the eclipse is the cloud cover. don't get mad at your local meteorologist if the clouds covered the eclipse. >> tucker: so you know what that narrow band is? are there any population centers? >> absolutely, nashville. i'm going to be in greenville, south carolina for fox & friends. lincoln, nebraska. the rest of the u.s. is going to get partial eclipse. it's going to be kind of dusty around 1:00, 2:00, 3:00 in the afternoon. there's your local forecast. the midwest, that's where we will see the cloud cover. i'm hoping we are getting this full effect in greenville where i'm going to be. this is a big deal. >> tucker: you can see why people 100 years -- 300 years ago, before they explained the phenomenon might think the world was ending. >> absolutely. what i want to do for fox & friends' have a rooster close by. you know what's going to happen?
11:58 pm
it's going to get dark and the roosters going to think morning has come again. the roosters going to grow. yes, animals could freak out a little bit. the big deal is, if you don't have the sunglasses, they have to be approved. iso 1232 -- 2. they have to be approved. nasa will tell you what you need to be looking for. the last time we had a coastal eclipse coast-to-coast with 1918. do you remember, tucker, back in 1979? i was eight years old. i know i am giving away my age. how exciting that was. it is also very scary. it was almost like don't look at the sun, you could go blind. it's very true. you cannot look at the sun. an ophthalmologist likens it to being out when it's cloudy and it still getting a sunburn. if you are more apt to look at the eclipse because it's dark out but you're still getting the full effect at that uv light. that's why you have had these really cool sunglasses.
11:59 pm
>> tucker: i'm going to try to control myself. i might not be able to. does your new book about on monday? >> yes, it does. and the flash flood comes out on eclipse day. here's a couple of tips. don't look at the sun directly. sunglasses have to provide sufficient protection. these babies. only look at the sun through an approved filter. and remember when you were a kid? we made the filters out of a cereal box and pinhole. those are safe. learn how to do that. you cannot look at the sun. tucker, thank you for promoting freddie the frog-caster. i will be in greenville, south carolina, for the totality. it's going to happen. it's going to change our lives. i love you. >> tucker: i will be lying in bed, watching you, janice. janice dean, everyone's favorite at fox news.
12:00 am
>> say high back to your dad. >> tucker: that's it for us tonight. i will, tune in every night for the show that is the sworn enemy of lying com


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