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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  August 21, 2017 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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big story today, once it finally comes up it's going to go away before it comes back and goes away tonight. heather: dark like that in some places. rob: "fox & friends first" this monday morning, i'm rob scmitt. heather: let's get right to the fox news alert for you. mass search and rescue mission is underway in the south china sea. rob: ten u.s. sailers are missing after a navy destroyer collided with an oil tanker and kelly wright joining us with details, kelly. kelly: searching for survivors in the south china sea as the uss john mccain arrives at singapore base with serious damage, ten soldiers are missing and five are hurt after slamming into commercial tanker near the straight of malakar east of
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singapore. navy reporting significant damage leading to flooding in the crew's machinery and communications room. search and rescue are underways, the ship's name arizona senator john mccain tweeting this, sidney and i are keeping american sailers aboard the uss john mccain in our prayers, appreciate the work of search and rescue crews. the name sake would be his father and grandfather who received as admirals. this is the fourth mishap in the pacific this year. most recently in june the uss fitzgerald collided with flip peen container ship killing seven sailers. last night pentagon producer
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thompson spoke with navy specials who claim officers aren't getting the same kind of training they used to. >> a number of years ago navy machines who had newly commissioned officers instead of going to ship driving car and decision was made to send the newly commission officers to their warships and some bank that was a mistake. kelly: lucas tomlinson reporting there. rob, this is disconcerting to the navy because they need all the ships there particularly with the tensions so high with korea. rob: i can't believe we are talk about another incident like this. heather: thank you, kelly. kelly: working vacation is now over. president trump is heading back to dc, he is back in dc and getting set to make a major
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announcement to both u.s. troops and the nation concerning the war in afghanistan. heather: griff jenkins live in washington, d.c. on what can be a new approach in a conflict that has now stretched 16 years, good morning, griff. >> the president has decided on path forward, new strategy, the president tweeting on saturday, important day spent at camp david with talented generals and military leaders, many decisions made including on afghanistan. the president will address the nation tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern from or when i -- arlin, virginia, the white house is offering no indication whether the president plans to send in more troops or plans to withdraw. he -- the u.s. has 8400 forces.
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waiting on decision to add 4,000 troops. whatever the decision the james mattis says the decision was rigorous. >> i'm confident that the strategic process was sufficiently rigorous and did not go in with a preset condition on what questions should be asked and what decisions should be made. >> jack keane says now if if you send more troops, will it be enough? >> i doubt seriously that he would want away. the issue will be he'll likely do something and will that something be decisive enough to bring us to an end. >> and the ranking member in the foreign senate commissions ben carson opposes sending more troops. >> shall we put more military?
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again, this is not the u.s. fight. i don't believe putting more american soldiers in afghanistan is the answer. >> tomorrow president trump will head to arizona to the marine corps base ahead of evening rally. i'm sure he would have a lot more to say about this. rob: big speech tonight. heather: thanks, we will carry that live. rob: u.s. and south korea begin annual military drills. the rogue nation of north korea calling the war games a reckless invasion rehearsal that contribute uncrobl -- uncontrollable. heather: antiimmigration valley in laguna beach.
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the group was met by a group of counter-protestors. the protests remain peaceful with three arrests being made. in the meantime, the president of liberty university is defending president trump's response to the deadly violence erupting at a white nationalist rally in charlottesville, virginia. >> bold and truthful statements i was referring to was willingness to call evil and terrorism by its name to identify the groups, the nazis, the kkk, the white supremacist, he doesn't say what's politically control. he said what's in his heart and what he believes and sometimes that gets him in trouble but he does not have a racist bone in his body. heather: those comment having liberty university students to return dye -- diplomas rob: going out of the topic of
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confederate monuments we have seen ripped in the country and going how far this is going to go, we will talk about it in a minute. you know, some people are saying that there has been points of bigotry on the left as well and actually this is going to be a sound bite here from a known democrat and a very intelligent man, attorney general allen. >> i don't want to make moral equivlanes. there's no comparison between the nazis and the klan and some left-wingers on the other hand who may be using violence, having said that, that doesn't give the pass to people on the hard left who are themselves engaged in violence and some bigotry of their own. heather: you have senator tim kaine of virginia who is saying all this isn't about the statute. >> i'm not here this morning because of statutes, i'm here because people brought violence and hatred and bigotry and
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murder to my state and i think i'm also heefer because we have a president who wasn't able to stand up and condemn the indefensible. heather: what's interesting if you remember, senator kaine's own son was arrested himself protesting at antitrump rally shortly after the inauguration. >> let's talk about how far this could go, in new york city the mayor here wants to go after any monument that symbolizes hate and that's a place to start and obviously start with a couple of plaques that we have downtown actually on the ground, i think the memorial, it's a long string on the sidewalk. but a couple of them are two nazis collaborators, that's understandable. a list of other statute that is some in the city find offensive. a statute of theodore roosevelt when flanked by african american and indicate cane in each side of the horse.
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statutes of franklin, george washington, christopher columbus many say committed crimes and atrocities on native people in places he discovered. if you take away all the statutes, where does this stop as the president said? capitalist country washington, d.c., a slave owner. heather: when people delve into history and historic moments, they will realize it's across the united states. that's for sure. rob: a lot of the history in the country. heather: in the meantime we will switch gears completely. gerry lewis has passed away. >> do you have any regrets? >> any regrets? none. >> anything you wish -- >> if i did it all again, i wouldn't change anything. rob: jonathan takes a look back
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at jerry lewis' career. >> everyone else calls the bellboy. >> the ladies' man and the original nutty professor. in a career spanning over half a century jerry lewis became king of comedy. >> remember that only people -- >> born in 1926 danny made his new york stage debut at the tender age of 5 but enjoyed only limited success. together the comedy team of martin and lewis quickly became the hottest nightclub act in the eastern sea board. having conquered new york, the pair went hollywood. >> what are you doing? sleeping? >> are you ridding, i'm here standing like a horse and working like a dog. >> sometimes directed a series
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of paramount hits that became comedy classics, one the nutty professor remade by eddy murphy, in 1966 lewis hosted the labor day telethon. >> 21 and a half hour telethon raised well over half a billion dollars. >> to the end jeri lewis did lost the bet n. los angeles, jonathan fox news. heather: tributes pouring in, the white house, jerry lewis kept us laughing and jerry lived the american dream and truly loved his country and his country loved him back. rob: jerry lewis from newark, new jersey was 91 year's old.
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heather: well, it is the moment that america has been waiting for as millions flock to the path of totality to witness the solar eclipse. rob: janice attended got in the line of this eclipse. it will look like that at around 2:45 this afternoon, right, janice? janice: for you, 2:44 p.m., for greenville it's 2:38, if you live across the map, this is the first time we have seen totality, spanning coast to coast. this is a big deal, we are going to see darkness in the middle of the day here in greenville, south carolina, one of the few areas that is going to experience totality, the moon is going to block the sunlight and for two minutes in time and
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change we will experience total darkness. the one thing weather wise is whether there's clouds oh that will eclipse the eclipse. we do have potential for cloud cover across the midwest, central u.s. as well as down south, but look at greenville, i actually think the forecast is going to hold and we are going to see -- we are going to see that full total eclipse which is very cool. also i want to make mention, i'm a shameless promoter my freddie the forecaster book comes out on eclipse day. we will be celebrating that as well. do you have your glasses rob and heather? heather: i don't have the glasses. where do i get them? rob: they're hard to find. janice: rob has contraband glasses in his hand which i think he's going to try to sell for $100 but here is the big thing. you cannot look at the eclipse without certified glasses. rob: thank you so much. we will see you at the next half
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hour. heather: thank you, janice. janice: see you soon. rob: 13 minutes after the hour, spanish authorities confirming still one barcelona attacker on the run. heather: as we learn terrifying new details about the plan of a larger attack i need the temperature for pipe five. ask the new guy. the new guy? jack trained him. jack's guidance would be to maintain the temperature at negative 160 degrees celsius. that doesn't sound like jack. actually, jack would say, hey mate, just cool it to minus 160 and we're set. good on ya. oh yeah. that's jack. ♪ [brother] any last words?
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it's our back to school beeone cent evente. at office depot office max. 10 pack pens, one cent. composition notebooks,scissors, and plastic folders all one cent each! hurry to office depot office max. ♪taking care of business. willrob: back now with fox news alert, spanish authorities confirming that there's still one barcelona attack on the run. heather: the search for the man who plowed on the street packed with people now expand to go france. this is as we learn brand-new details about a terrifying plan for a larger scale attack. rob: fox news connor powell where the manhunt is continuing and ramping up today, connor. >> yeah, rob and heather, spanish authorities are saying a european manhunt, final target of this investigation. authorities looking for yunis, they say he was the driver of the white van that drove down
2:18 am
here in las ramblas killing 13 people and injuring more than 100 people on wednesday. he has not been seen since he exited the white van and disappeared in the crowd and chaos here in barcelona. he's the budget and the target of this manhunt, they believe they dismantled the overall cell of 12 people in barcelona that were trying to carry out an even larger set of attacks, they carried out this one attack here in barcelona and another one south here in cambrils but fear that the attack could have been much larger. in one of the house where is the 12 suspects, the 12 potential attackers were building potentially a bomb, they had more than 100 gas canisters that they had been collecting and they had access to three different rental vehicles so investigators say this could have been a much larger, much more deadly attacks, that the plans for this terror cell
2:19 am
looked to have been much, much larger and still the dead toll between the two attacks, 14. more than a hundred people injured in the two attacks and the manhunt expanding not only from barcelona but to france. spanish officials don't know for a fact that abu is actually left barcelona or even spain but they're not ruling out that possibility now. french officials also helping, they are also looking into the potential that there was an imam that worked with these 12 individuals and this was the one who helped radicalized the moroccan man in spain. rob: thank you very much, missouri democrat that says president trump will will be assassinated, she's now apologizing. >> president trump i apologize to you and your family and i also apologize to my colleagues in the missouri legislature for
2:20 am
the mistake that i made. rob: that was a brilliant move by state senator maria chapelle-nadal after facing scrutiny from both sides of the aisle. she originally said she didn't really mean it and was frustrated with the response in charlottesville. she said she's not going to resign, the secret service now investigating that facebook post. heather: well, the white house will now have to respond to a petition to formally classified antifa as a terrorist organization. the effort getting 100,000 signatures in less than a week. the petition states antifa has earned this title due to violent actions in multiple cities antifa is short for antifascists and the people involved have been known for faceoff with right-wing activists. rob: all right, 20 minutes after the hour coming up today not going to be business as usual for employers thanks to this
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eclipse coming. it could cost a lot of companies some big dollars. stay tune.
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why promise something you can't deliver? comcast business is different. ♪ ♪ we deliver super-fast internet with speeds of 250 megabits per second across our entire network, to more companies, in more locations, than centurylink. we do business where you do business. ♪ ♪ heather: new report that solar eclipse could come with a price tag of $7 million. rob: that's right, tracee carrasco live in new york city at the national history museum with the big bucks that this eclipse could cost local businesses, tracee. tracee: hay, good morning, guys, a huge viewing party this afternoon and the eclipse is supposed to start here in new york city at around 1:23 this afternoon it is right in the middle of the workday so employers can go ahead add to the list of distractions, that
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will cost millions in lost productivity. estimates show that will cost at least $94 million when you estimate workers going outside for 20 minutes or so to take in the eclipse. now, that number pails in comparison when you look at days like march madness, cybermonday and also the monday after super bowl sunday. now, if you can't make it outside, you can go ahead and celebrate the eclipse all day long, we've got special deals that we found for you at dairy queen you can get a buy one get one free blizzard for 99 cents. denny's is going to offering moon pancakes and krispy kreme will have glazed chocolate doughnut and blackout, black velvet cupcake and the postal
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service has special edition forever stamps. and now i've got my glasses here. i've -- rob: wow. tracee: head band. first one in line here for the museum to get into the viewing party. so i'm ready to go. back to you guys. heather: that's awesome? rob: i have my glasses too. i will bring them back to you. heather: 26 minutes after the top of the hour. confederate national monuments a threat to the city? >> many statutes are becoming symbols and rallying points of white nationalism, neo nazis and the kkk. heather: former obama administration officials calling for memorials to be taken down. rob: also janice dean live in
2:27 am
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rob: right to it. top stories, missing sailers in the south china sea. heather: scattering the water for survivors after the navy destroyer collided with an oil tanker. kelly wright with the breaking details. kelly: tough day for the navy. the uss john mccain arrived at naval base in singapore, ten sailers are unaccounted for and five are hurt after the navy destroyer slammed into a commercial tanker east of singapore. you can see a large hole on the side of the ship the u.s. naval ship, the navy reporting
2:31 am
significant damage leading to flooding and machinery and communications rooms. president trump responding to the collision on twitter saying, thoughts and prayers are with our u.s. navy sailors aboard the uss john mccain with search and rescues are underway. arizona senator john mccain also tweeting, cindy and i keeping sailers in our prayers tonight. appreciate the work of search and rescue crews. the ship named after senator mccain's father and grandfather, both men received as navy admirals. fourth mishap in the pacific this year, most recently in june uss fitzgerald collided with a ship off the coast of japan. fox news producer pentagon producer lucas tomlinson spoke
2:32 am
with navy officers that navy officers aren't getting trains as they used to. >> instead of going to a ship driving school in new port island, the decision to send straight to warship and some bank that was a mistake. kelly: here we are now. investigations to the latest incident. it's underway and, of course, prayers going out as that search for the 10 missing sailers continues. heather and rob. heather: as president trump is starting the morning back in the white house the anticipation is rising for the major announcement tonight concerning the war in afghanistan. rob: griff jenkins live on what could be the president's new approach to this conflict that has now stretched almost 16 years, hey, griff. >> hey, rob and heather, that's right the president is going to
2:33 am
announce path forward in america's longest war, he will address the nation tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern from fort myer in what are -- arlingtonton, virginia, the president tweeted on saturday important day spent at camp david with talented generals and military leaders, many decisions made including on afghanistan, the white house is offering no indication of whether the president plans to send in more troops or if he plans to withdraw. the u.s. currently has 8400 troops on the ground whose primary role is to advise and assist and the pentagon was awaiting decision on a proposal to add roughly 4,000 additional troops but whatever the decision is, secretary of defense jim mattis says he's confident that the process was rigorous. >> i'm confident that the strategic process was sufficiently rigorous and did
2:34 am
not go in with a preset condition in terms of what questions could be asked and what decisions to be made. >> retired general jack keane say it is real question now is will it be enough to bring this war to an end. jack: i doubt seriously that he would walk away. the issue will be he'll likely do something and will that something do decisive enough to bring this to an end. >> ranking member in the foreign relations committee ben opposes sending in anymore troops. >> shall we put more military in? again, this is not the u.s. fight. i don't believe putting more american soldiers in afghanistan is the answer. >> so tonight we find out at 9:00 p.m. eastern and tomorrow president trump will head to arizona ta marine corps base in yuma where he will speak to troops there before a big rally plan tomorrow night, guys. rob: all right, griff, thanks so
2:35 am
much. heather: thank you, griff. breaking right now, french media reporting that at least one vehicle has rammed into two bus stops in the city of versaille. the driver has been arrested, he's described 34-year-old male that has minor priors and we will bring more information as soon as it develops. rob: are confederate statutes a matter of public safety? former homeland security jay johnson says, yes, they should be taken down across the country. >> so many of the statutes, the confederate monuments are now modern day becoming symbols and rallying points for white nationalism, for neo nazis for the kkk. rob: johnson's comments come as confederate statutes are being taken down in the wake of deadly protests in charlottesville,
2:36 am
virginia. jefferson memorial is getting an update and hopes it won't be the next to come down. an exhibit along side the memorial to thomas jefferson will soon reflect the complexity of his status as both a founder of the united states and as a slave holder. the washington examiner report that is the nonprofit group that provide critical support for the national mall is making the change to get in front of the uproar surrounding the statutes of across the country. heather: the man accused of shooting and killing two officers will be staying behind bars, a judge denying bond to evert miller saying there was probable cause for first-degree murder charge, allegedly gunning down sergeant howard and baxter during scuffle in kissimmee, florida, hundreds gathering to pay tribute to the fallen officers at a vigil.
2:37 am
rob: all right, big day everyone has been waiting for. witness the full solar eclipse. heather: janice dean live in greenville, south carolina where the town is gearing up for the once in a lifetime event, mile stomping grounds there, janice. janice: i love it. chris got up early to experience what the eclipse is going to look like right now. how are you? >> i'm doing fantastic. sounds the like the weather is going to be terrific so we are expecting big crowds in greenville. janice: you are the president? >> greenville sc. we will have a terrific day here and i think you know, it looks like our community, or county will swell twice as big as normal. we are normally 400,000, we might get another 3 to 400,000
2:38 am
here. so close to atlanta and charlotte. when people hear about the forecast today they may be coming in our direction. we filled up every hotel so we have about 8500 hotels here and 17,000 people just in our hotels, so it'll be a lively spectacular day with -- janice: this is history here. >> this is history and brings out the best explore in all of us. come to find out, maybe we do like little science and math. janice: absolutely and geometry. >> and geometry and today is the day to see and witness it and i think for many what i've heard is you don't understand it until you've been through it. i can't wait myself to see it. janice: the sunglasses is at our hotel, they're hard to find. >> i test drove mine yesterday and for sure it is, okay, this
2:39 am
is the way to view it and so if you don't have them, you need to find them, you need to get them because this is a dangerous situation if you don't have the proper glasses. janice: how do you prepare for an event like this? >> we did preparing on our own site and come to find out, one of the first responses we've got from a lady in las vegas who said, i know greenville and i'm planning oncoming and so it took staff a little bit by surprise, wow, somebody from las vegas is connecting with us and so certainly over the year we've not only had vegas coming for the eclipse but many people from around the globe, a big group from denmark showed up. janice: i saw those people from denmark and heather childers has a question for you, chris. heather: we were both going to ask you if you can use your iphone and switch it around the selfie mode and view it that way, is that true?
2:40 am
rob: should be totally fine. janice: you know what we need kirk the cyber guy. what about iphones, do you know anything like that? >> i don't, but my tip, i think, would be don't worry about taking pictures, watch everybody else's pictures and you yourself should be enjoying it, watching the eclipse. [laughter] janice: excellent answer. we all need to enjoy it. rob: makes sense. it has to be light, you flip the phone and you watch it, it's got to work. all the aliens looking down on us will think we are sun worshipers today because we will have glasses staring at the sky. janice: make sure you have certified glasses. heather: not counterfeit. rob: democrats weighing in on the debate to take down confederate statutes but is it shaping up to be a monumental disaster for the left? we are going to show you poll
2:41 am
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heather: welcome back, happening today, democratic leaders in arizona will be rallying against president trump today. they're addressing what they call the president's hateful rhetoric ahead of phoenix rally. the democrats saying that they will, quote, reaffirm the democratic's values as one of the inclusion and opportunity for all americans and voice support for peaceful protests. rob. rob: a danger to democracy, that's what attorney alan calls investigation into possible collusion between russia and trump's campaign. criticized lawmakers for keeping the probe under wraps. >> the idea of trying to create crimes just because we disagree with him politically and target him really endangers democracy. that's exactly the wrong way to approach a problem like the
2:45 am
problem, russia's attempt to influence american elections, we don't know what's going on. we have leaks but the leaks are selective leaks. rob: calling former fbi director james comey one of the worst offenders of some of the leaks. heather: hours away from seeing a celestial event. rob: that's right, millions of americans braving huge lines for memorabilia. i can't talk today, lauren. idaho. good to see you. >> it is early, good morning, heather, rob, idaho falls, one of the many cities where people will fully see the moon in front of the sun and 13 million people
2:46 am
who typically live in this ban stretching across the country but today experts say that number could double. >> i always we wanted to see it. >> it's a unique experience. you don't get to do many of those in your life. >> 14 states along this state of path of totality from oregon to south carolina. folks warned to prepare for backups, they could have the worst traffic jam's in that state's history. every hotel in idaho falls is at capacity and businesses offering eclipse themed specials. this weekend has been booked solid for over a year. national park service which has 21 parks with stelar views has been bracing for what they think will be record-setting crowds as people from all over the world are traveling just to be in this
2:47 am
path. >> yeah, this is a eclipse in your opinion nine for us, we started in bulgaria in 1999 and then to similar bob -- zim bob way and turkey and iceland. >> they are soldout across the country in idaho falls, we saw people selling them for about ten bucks, heather, rob. heather: wow, profit. rob: next time i'm going to start making these and retire, thank you so much, lauren. heather: thanks, lauren. rob: let's check in with brian kilmeade. >> great show as usual in the next three hours, we will be talking about afghanistan, what is the president going to say and we will bring you inside what's happening at fox and we are going to talk about charles barkley, was he, indeed, right when it comes to confederate statute, we have a great roster guest including dave bossy and newt gringrich making moreceps
2:48 am
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heather: nancy pelosi, the latest major democrat to rally behind the mobs tearing down confederate statutes but based on a brand-new poll the monument debate actually could be shaping up to be a monumental disaster for democrats. here for a fair and balance debate, lauren myer and jimmy, radio tack show host, thank you both for joining us. i will start with you on this, do you agree with nancy pelosi?
2:52 am
>> well, i don't mean to say that nancy is rallying behind mobs of violent people, nancy pelosi is actually doing what's in the best interest of public safety. we know that there are groups that want to meet at the confederate statutes, we know that there are groups that oppose the groups that want to meet at statutes of people who owned other human beings, who raped other human beings, who profited well off of the oppression and abuse of other human beings, so what's going to happen when these group clash, you're going to have the public safety officials and have the police having to deal with this, in a city like boston where you have a strong and wonderful police force that can handle huge crowds and, you know, they were able to mitt tbait all but three arrests this weekend, smaller towns not so much. smaller places lesser police force not so much. the smart thing to do is to
2:53 am
avoid conflicts, you know they're going to come. heather: when you take a look at people who were polled across the nation, the specific poll from pbs news hour, 62% say that they should, in fact, keep the statutes with 27% saying that you should remove them. so ron, do you think that nancy pelosi is doing this for a political advantage or do you think that, in fact, she should be listening to the majority of people who say that you should not remove the statutes? >> those statutes are right where nancy pelosi left them when she was speaker of the house. the truth is that she controlled -- she was the speaker of the house, democrats controlled the congress and obama was president including nancy pelosi's father, in his speech said that they defended sacred institutions, what are the sacred
2:54 am
institutions, one of those is slavery. democrats have favoring jim crowe laws and so the truth is the democrats are johnny come lately for the movement and nancy pelosi, worst of all is the fact that she's showing hypocrisy here and instead of trying to bring unity and compromise, what she's trying to do is win political points when she has a checkered past on it. heather: how do you do it to begin with, there's 1500 symbols of the confederate cri in public spaces throughout the country from states to arizona, to states down south to new york state, so where do you begin and where do you end? >> you begin where you know that these rallies are going to be happening. they're not coming out of nowhere. there are places where you know these clashes are going to happen. and i want to address the issue of, you know, democrats being the party of separatism and jim
2:55 am
crowe and white supremacy, well, yes, they were, absolutely. history shows that. heather: 15 seconds left. >> the truth of the matter is that today we know that there are americans who are going to clash, we know that there are police forces that are going to be impacted, the public health, public safety right thing to do is to take things down where you know the the meetings are going to happen. heather: we have to wrap it up. charles barkley, is taking down a statute going to get someone a job. that's a good point. that's a good point. stay with us. we will be r right back. thank you love it. [struggles] show me the carfax. start your used car search at the all-new
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rob: time for the good,ed bad, and the ugly. >> an eclipse edition today. the kansas city baseball team big plans on day off. the team planning to watch the eclipse together. heather: bad is the sun goes dark. pot shops people flocking to prime location. rob: the moon is covering the sun. not everybody is impressed with the sun especially nic sabine. >> that's not something that i'm really that focused on right now. you know, i watch the weather channel every day. they are already saying what it's going to look like in
3:00 am
every city in america. so what's going to be significant? rob: okay. coach david saying he remains focused on his football team. what a grouch. heather: yep. "fox & friends" starts right now. have a great day. rob: see you later. >> the uss john mccain, a u.s. navy guided missile destroyer has been involved in a collision 10 sailors are missing. five others are injured. >> president trump set to address the nation. >> the president will give update on the path forward in afghanistan and south asia. >> the process was rigorous. it involved all members of the cabinet. >> the moment that america has been waiting for. millions flocked to witness the solar eclipse. >> this is the first time we have seen totality since 1918. >> please don't look right into the sun. please wear these glasses. >> missouri democrats who said she hopes president trump would be assassinated is now apologizing. >> i made a mistake. and i'm owning up to it that i


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