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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  August 22, 2017 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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heather: 7 you are watching "fox and friends" first this tuesday morning. rob: thank you for starting your day with us. donald trump setting a new strategy for the war in afghanistan shifting focus from nationbuilding to killing terrorists. heather: here is reaction on the commander-in-chief ramping up pressure on pakistan. >> reporter: the president vowing to fight to win committing the world's greatest fighting force, it will not be unlimited, not a blank check, certainly it will be ones that he hopes will lead us to victory, here is what the president had to say. >> we will not dictate to the afghan people how to live or how to govern their own complex society. we are not nationbuilding again.
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we are killing terrorists. >> reporter: the new strategy won't be based on timelines but condition-based, no troop numbers were given but it is likely we will get the additional 4000 proposed, the new strategy puts pakistan unnoticed and asks india to shoulder more of the load and says it's victory will have a clear definition. the reaction was mixed. rand paul opposed to any troop increase but the mission in afghanistan has lost its purpose. 's fellow republican lindsey graham took the opposite view. >> i will fight senator paul tooth and nail to make sure we don't lose in afghanistan like we did in iraq. just exactly what president obama did in iraq, to leave against military advice. >> senator graham approving what will be a contentious appropriations fight with
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congress. >> my colleagues in congress, you will own a no vote. the next 9/11 will be your fault, not donald trump's fault because this is a solid plan, this will turn things around. >> reporter: this as james matus landing in baghdad just a few hours ago meeting with prime minister and military leaders in the fight against isis. later today donald trump traveling to yuma, arizona visiting the marine corps base and a trip to the border at a big rally. >> a positive response overwhelmingly when you talk to people in the military or republicans. a couple things drastically different than president obama, no timetable, the rules of engagement on the ground by the generals instead of washington dc and the stated mission which is to not nationbuilding but instead killed terrorists.
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>> a soundbite from lieutenant colonel oliver north. >> for the first time we have a definition of victory, attacking the enemy and obliterating isis and preventing the taliban from taking over and stopping terrorists from killing and attacking americans, straightforward, good stuff, the right thing to say in the aftermath of eight years of the previous administration, from time-based to condition-based decision and integrate the military, diplomatic and economic instruments. pakistan unnoticed and the idea of not giving way instances of when troops are coming are going and when we are going to attack very good, long overdue and obviously this will make a difference. >> nice to have a speech that made it seem more aggressive. a lot of people saw it as a sign of american strength and fortitude and world policy and stuff which we lacked in eight
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years of obama which was passive and able to be nudged and trounced on a little bit. a quick soundbite from paul ryan as republicans liked what they heard last night. >> i heard for the first time a new trump strategy or doctrine so to speak, the principle of realism is how he described it. >> on the other side of the coin democrats immediately speaking out against what the president had to say. this is what nancy pelosi had to say, donald trump announced his decision to put thousands more americans in harm's way in afghanistan, the president's announcement in sharp contrast to the statements he made before he was president, tonight he said he knew what he was getting into and had a plan to go forward, clearly did not, the president's announcement low on details but raises serious
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questions. low on detail specifically on purpose. we don't want to give away too much as we did previously. >> can't just wait house was we are going to do and make an effort as soon as we are done. some other news, fox news alert, people heard after a high-speed train crashed into another train parked in one of the busiest stations overnight, the 69th the transportation center in upper darby, pennsylvania, authorities say the train packed with people came flying around the corner, did not slow down before smashing into an empty train at the terminal, when passenger says it was experiencing issues right before the accident. >> my face hit the wall or a big hole in the wall and i went straight down and blacked out, there was blood everywhere, driver all banged up. >> incredible nobody was killed. 42 people were on the train and all 42 were injured including the train's conducted, four taken to the hospital in critical condition, one of the tracks shut down as police
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investigate passengers should expect hefty delays during the morning rush because of this, still had a live report where investigators are digging through wreckage to figure out what happened here. heather: also breaking divers searching flooded compartments and rescue crews scouring the waters off of singapore's ten navy sailors remain unaccounted for as we learn a major security breach could have sent an oil tanker slamming into an american warship. kelly wright joins us with breaking details from overnight. >> reporter: fears of a cyber attack after the warship collision in the south china sea. on twitter chief of naval operations admiral john richardson revealing there is a possibility of cyber intrusion or sabotage. the military considering all possibilities but no word on any
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potential suspects. the navy suspending operations for safety checks. >> i want our fleet command us to get together with leaders and commands to ensure we are taking all appropriate immediate actions to ensure safe and effective operations around the world. >> top priority, three navies, the us, singapore and malaysia are searching a large area for a second day with seventh fleet divers exploring flooded compartments on the ship in search of those missing sailors, donald trump expressing his concern during his national address on afghanistan. >> we send our thoughts and prayers to the families of brave sailors after a tragic collision at sea as well as those conducting the search and recovery efforts. >> the uss john mccain near singapore sustaining damage to its left side, water flooding
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compartments of the ship. this is the fourth crash involving a u.s. navy destroyer ship this year. in june seven sailors were killed when the uss fitzgerald collided with a container ship off japan and the uss antietam ran aground near japan in january and the lake champlain collided with a fishing boat off the korean peninsula in may. the navy will be looking at how it qualifies junior officers to drive those ships and how sailors are trained to stand watch particularly in busy shipping lines like the strait of milan. rob: a massive search after a helicopter crash in hawaii, five people on board that military black hawk, two helicopters taking part in routine night training exercise when one went
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missing, rescue crews found pieces of helicopter but those that is no signs of life. the army has not determined the cause of the crash. >> four men accused of being involved in the barcelona terror attacks appear in court just hours after the suspect the driver behind the van attack is shot dead by police, spanish authorities a 22-year-old aby a uakub was screaming allah u akbar before being gunned down just outside barcelona. he is believed to be the final member of the terror cell behind last week's deadly attacks. rob: protesters blast charlottesville city council members during their first meeting since those violent classes erupted in that city.
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residents screaming and cursing at councilmembers calling for resignations as tensions escalated. speakers grabbed their agenda and start addressing concerns from the crowd as the charlottesville murder suspect appeared in court for the second time after being charged with 5 additional felonies, judge declining to set bonds for james fields who is accused of ramming his car into a crowd, killing one woman. some sad video to see here, vandal taking a sledgehammer to the oldest christopher columbus monument in the united states. that is a big piece of history. the video posted online showing the man walking up to the baltimore 225-year-old monument before striking it multiple times, a sign taped to the monument reads the future is racial and economic justice. one man narrated the entire video. >> slaveowners and murderers,
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poverty is concentrated in african-american households and the statue is an extra slap in the face. >> police searching for the man who made the video. >> extreme weather, a 4.3 magnitude earthquake shattering the italian island killing at least two people and injuring 39 others, incredible video showing crews moments before they pull the 7-month-old baby from the rubble. the earthquake took out power on the entire island, crews still searching for a trapped residents and tourists. rob: is the event we all saw that brought the entire country to a standstill, millions of people looking at the sky, for some of us its older solar eclipse. >> many deliveries and politicians joining in on the
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fun. george w. bush posting this photo with suite for generations of his family at their summer home in maine. >> first daughter ivanka trump dancing with her eclipse glances on. >> senator steen taking this selfy from greenville, south carolina. certainly looked like you had fun. people all over were trying to get the perfect shot. did you? >> we had a big shot and i have a package at the bottom of the hour i will share with you. it was incredible. everything i imagined and more and the weather was great. let's look at temperatures, 75 in new york, 75 in chicago, potential of strong storms across the great lakes and upper midwest and interior northeast, large hail, damaging winds, isolated tornadoes, if you live anywhere in these areas just know what to do, start watching. >> bottom of the hour my equally experience in greenville, don't
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go away. >> did it get dark? >> yes and the temperature dropped and we had a little wind. we saw stars in the sky. exciting. it was a little cloudy in new york city but still remarkable. i will show you pictures of my trip and bring you there. 13 minutes after the hour. a sinister plot thwarted. how terrorists were planning to use a barbie doll to blow up a plane. >> if you don't learn from history and have those reminders how do we move forward? >> history or hate? controversy over confederate monuments making its way to new york city. we hit the streets to see what people really think. >> a look at how some of you watched the historic eclipse yesterday. here is a frequent "fox and friends" guest, doctor nicole safire. >> another viewer, this photo from south florida. >> these photos as well.
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>> welcome back, from coast-to-coast schools across america deifying our president vowing to protect illegal immigrants as superintendent and school board members how to shield students personal data and block ice from school property. a new sanctuary school policy includes training teachers to federal agents show up, about 1 million undocumented children live in the us. hassles over hats. high school students said they were harassed at howard university for wearing pro-donald trump year. visiting the historically black college in dc with her high school she said a man started cursing at her. someone else snatching her friend's hat off of her and got it back but the students marked
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and other students videos and pictures of them calling them racist. the university responding in part students represent all that is right about america. rob: confederate monuments under fire, monuments to christopher columbus for alleged crimes committed against native people in the west indies when he discovered them and calls for monuments to george washington to be ripped down, washington was a slave owner as well as america's first president and a founding father who led america to victory against the british. we talked to people in manhattan which holds some spectacular monuments that are city's mayor is reviewing and deciding whether or not to ripped down. >> what do you think of calls for monuments like this to be taken down. >> a little ridiculous we have gotten to a point in this
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country where political correctness is overflowing. >> to tear that down and the race it seems pretty pathetic i guess. >> seeking independence from great britain and in great britain there were slaveowners too. >> if we don't learn from history and have those reminders how do we move forward? >> the difference between the ones that were put up directly after the civil war and the ones that were put up in the 60s which had an intention of intimidating. >> this is the melting pot, let's have some emotions melt a little and show a little love to our fellow americans. >> we talk to new yorkers, tourists, international tourists, people from london. in new york city any monument that could be perceived as
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hateful or offensive is under a 90 day review, it should be interesting to see how this turns out. a recent poll by pbs news hour showed that 62% of people think confederate monuments should remain as a historic symbol. you see even with the confederate monuments which more people have an understanding of it is offensive they say they should remain. when you talk about christopher columbus, what percentage of people think monuments of christopher columbus should be ripped down? >> many people have a problem because they say he dealt with slaves and had slaves but the thing is we talked about that yesterday and it is interesting when you look at the amount of confederate soldiers all over the country what do you do about that and who determines what offends someone or not, that is the question here in new york city as well. 20 minutes after the top of the hour, check your cabinets, the baby powder you have could be linked to cancer.
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the multimillion dollar lawsuit just settled coming up. >> do you text and walk around endlessly? prepared to pay a fine for that. the city trying to make that illegal. stay tuned. ♪
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comcast business is different. ♪ ♪ we deliver super-fast internet with speeds of 250 megabits per second across our entire network, to more companies, in more locations, than centurylink. we do business where you do business. ♪ ♪ rob: johnson & johnson order to pay millions of dollars after a second bombshell ruling linking their baby powder to cancer. >> here is what you need to know. >> reporter: a los angeles jury has ordered johnson & johnson to pay $417 million to woman who claimed in a lawsuit their iconic baby powder causes ovarian cancer. largest some awarded a series of
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talcum powder lawsuit verdict against johnson & johnson in court around the us, johnson & johnson says it will appeal the jury's decision and scientific evidence supports the safety of johnson's baby powder. that is scary stuff. >> game of thrones i'm getting into, binge watched it this weekend, some hackers are threatening to leak the finale for this season. >> hackers by the recent breach are threatening to leak the upcoming season finale of game of thrones. >> refuse and die. >> we need to find a way. >> nothing stand in our way. >> reporter: those hackers recently communicated with the website mashable offering tons of stolen data and threatening to leak episodes 6 and 7 of the show, the final two in its
2:26 am
seventh season. episode 6 there this sunday did not get leaked at of time but the seventh episode, the season finale set to premiere next sunday evening so we will see. >> these stories make me matter than anything. a lava cake from mcdonald's. interesting. >> mcdonald's is putting their spin on lava cake transforming it into a chocolate version of their signature apple pie. it is a huge fried and flake the hot chocolate center. since the $2 pies launched earlier this month in south korea it has been an internet sensation with no shortage of pictures clogging up social media. when is it coming here? >>, mode with a little vanilla ice cream.
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thank you. the time is 26 minutes after the top of the hour and high praise from one of donald trump's biggest critics, senator lindsey graham thinks the president's strategy in afghanistan is just what we need. >> down with a confederate monuments and up with rapper missy elliott. the petition that has hundreds of signatures, stay tuned. whoooo.
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2:31 am
especially during an eclipse not without sunglasses, regular glasses. yelling don't look. the president did put on those glasses that are super tinted, black almost joining melania. >> he didn't have any glasses on but the real star in washington, attorney general jeff sessions, this photo of him holding his hand looking up instantly going viral and when you wish upon a star. >> looking like a kid on christmas morning. we all look like that. >> joe says most adorable eclipse photo goes to jeff sessions. >> 2:00 news alert donald trump refocusing his strategy on war in afghanistan shifting the focus from nationbuilding to
2:32 am
killing terrorists. >> in washington dc, reaction on our commander-in-chief ramping up the pressure on pakistan. >> good morning. noting the frustration of amerigas longest war donald trump pledged to fight to win committing the world's greatest fighting force morning the united states commitment is not unlimited and not a blank check making clear the stated goal in afghanistan. >> we are a partner and friend, we will not dictate to the afghan people how to live or how to govern their own complex society. we are not nationbuilding again. we are killing terrorists. >> reporter: the new strategy will be condition based, not on a timeline, no troop members were given but will start with 4000 additional troops with pakistan on notice and from now on victory will have a clear definition.
2:33 am
reaction was mixed conservative senator rand paul firmly opposing any troop increases saying the mission in afghanistan lost its purpose, paul ryan told the town hall last night he supports the president's strategy because it would stop another haven for terrorists being created. ambassador to the united states told hannity this is what is needed. we don't have that but he basically said for the first time this is needed for a long time and it comes as secretary of defense james matus arriving in baghdad meeting with the prime minister and military leaders in this fight against isis and terrorism, donald trump had the arizona later today to visit the border in a marine corps base and then finish with a rally in phoenix. >> that does bring us to a talking point this morning, lindsey graham says the
2:34 am
president's plan for a get afghanistan of the ship from the failing plan of his predecessors. >> i'm proud of the fact that donald trump made a national security decision, not a political decision and listened to the generals and shows the will to stand up to radical islam. winning a war you can't afford to lose, the game has changed for pakistan and afghanistan, he is trusting his military, giving them authority obama never gave them and we are going to make our decisions based on conditions on the ground, not arbitrary passing of time so hats off to donald trump not becoming general trump because general obama was a lousy general and that is the mess we are inheriting, general obama tried to play a job he wasn't qualified to play. >> be sure to not miss ainsley
2:35 am
erhard's interview with mike pence live on "fox and friends" coming up 6:00 to 9:00 this morning. >> a meat grinder packed with explosives, weapons of choice behind the evil plot to blow up a packed plane in australia. a boat never making it on the flight because the suitcase was too heavy weighing 15 pounds over the airline's limit. another failed scheme to release toxic gas in public, both men in custody. >> a judge will decide the fate of bowe bergdahl who is accused of walking off his post in afghanistan, did not want a jury to hear his case, he faces life in prison for desertion that led to his capture by the taliban and. the obama administration traded five taliban prisoners for bowe bergdahl's release. >> steve police telling republicans he's looking forward to getting back to work, the
2:36 am
congressman was injured two months ago at congressional baseball practice in virginia. paul ryan telling cnn the louisiana republican has a long road to recovery. >> he is going to learn how to walk. the details of the operations he had, he is going to walk. >> reporter: scalise's aid says it is unclear when he will be cleared by doctors to return to congress. >> it was eclipse mania sweeping the nation yesterday and we send janice dean, we didn't send her anywhere, she went to greenville, south carolina. >> she joins us with more on the trip and it looks like so much fun. >> reporter: i have been planning this for months. it is a once-in-a-lifetime event even though it will happen in 2024, a total solar eclipse from
2:37 am
the northwest to south carolina and in south carolina i didn't get a lot of sleep. it was amazing. take a look with me. i am shaking, this is amazing. didn't expected to be this awesome. [cheers and applause] ♪ >> what a busy day. it is not over yet. we had a book signing, we had a wardrobe change and we will see what else is going on in greenville, south carolina for the great american solar eclipse. thanks for inviting me. you had the best view of the solar eclipse. let's go. this is a gigantic telescope. >> the eighth largest refractor telescope in north america.
2:38 am
we are going to witness something that is going to be life-changing for a lot of people. we will remember where we were and who we were with the rest of our lives. i would love for you -- take a look. >> that is crazy. it is already changing my life right now. >> fantastic. >> history being made in greenville, south carolina. i'm so proud to be here and there's nothing more americans and viewing this from the field of a baseball game. is this the best game you have ever been to? >> this is my first time. >> baseball game actually. >> your first eclipse? >> i'm very excited. >> a lot going on here. are you excited? >> yes. >> it is happening. did not adjust your sets. we are having a total solar eclipse, temperature is dropping, i feel a slight breeze, i am so excited!
2:39 am
is it everything you expected? >> it was awesome. >> did this really just happened? >> it was very dark and an awesome experience. >> no words, it was awesome. >> i feel like it brought america together. >> we need something to bring us together. >> see how many people, take off your glasses, a real moment of wow. >> our universe is capable of great things, almost brings tears to your eyes, people were crying. it was really emotional. you saw the ball diamonds, the lights came down, it was dark. 2 minutes and 38 seconds.
2:40 am
it was incredible. it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience and the weather was perfect. thank you very much. thank you very much. it was amazing. 2024, road trip. thanks for joining us. very cool. time is 20 minutes until the top of the hour and breaking overnight dozens of people injured in this high-speed train crash. live on the scene as investigators search for what went wrong. >> donald trump ramping up pressure on pakistan. >> we can no longer be silent about pakistan safe havens for terrorist organizations. >> morgan ortega's travel to kabul, afghanistan, she joins us with her thoughts on the president's plan in that country coming up next. >> first check out jackie a bonnie is watching the eclipse
2:41 am
with her family yesterday, you can see the amazing boxes at the right. >> yours truly at the roof of my building. we tried to get some good views of the sun. >> i had a good one. ♪ [brother] any last words? [boy] karma, danny... ...karma! [vo] progress is seizing the moment. your summer moment awaits you, now that the summer of audi sales event is here. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models during the summer of audi sales event.
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i actually called usaa before we called the police. usaa was there hands-on very quick very prompt. i feel like we're being handled as people that actually have a genuine need. we're the webber family and we are usaa members for life. usaa, get your insurance quote today. rob: donald trump assuming the role of commander-in-chief announcing plans to help america crush terror in afghanistan. >> from now on victory will have a clear definition. attacking our enemies, obliterating isis, preventing the taliban from taking over afghanistan and stopping mass terror attacks against americans. rob: morgan ortega visited kabul, afghanistan as a treasury attaché and joins us with her
2:45 am
reaction. what did you think of the speech? i thought it was different, sound aggressive. >> it was not a state kind of speech, as you said, i heard principled realism, i did not hear an open end to commitment from donald trump, we need to stay in afghanistan to focus on the safe haven, where terrorists flourish like the talent man, isis, it is a fantastic speech. and why pursuing a policy that he has not touted during the
2:46 am
campaign. rob: he -- in politicians who don't know anything about this, working in general, making deals like sending billions to pakistan, a country that harbors terrorists. it is a joke when you talk to most people, he connected with that. >> there is a lot who worked in the region who were incredibly frustrated that we haven't held assad more accountable. the facts remain, you are on the glyph. >> let's talk about that. >> we have been paying pakistan billions and billions of dollars at the same time they are housing the very terrorists we
2:47 am
are fighting. rob: he talks about india and the trade deals, call them out, help us out. let's get people involved because we all have a common goal of ending this nonsense with these people. >> the president is right the only way we will achieve any lasting peace in afghanistan is regional partnership. i was in kabul in march standing at the university of afghanistan looking at the new parliament, it was built and funded by india. it totally at each other and in afghanistan, the president last night spoke to our nato allies and said we are going to put more troops in but we need your support. important to remember donald
2:48 am
trump, it is reported 4000 troops which will be a guideposts. talking about 4000 more incredibly important but -- rob: we will see how it goes. thank you so much. >> todd pyro having breakfast with friends in trenton, new jersey talking with voters about donald trump's speech last night. >> trenton is twofold. he focused on putting pressure on pakistan, we are going to attack terrorists, talk to the people here to find out what they have to say about the speech and we are in new jersey. there is something called pork
2:49 am
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>> dozens hurt, four critically after a high-speed train crash at one of the busiest stations outside philadelphia. piecing together trying to figure out what went wrong in pennsylvania where we find lori johnson from wt access with breaking details. >> reporter: good morning number 42 injuries from the train
2:53 am
collision that happened after midnight. you can see the train sitting on the tracks in the distance but trains are back conducting an investigation to what happened. is a 12:15, the train arriving at 69th street station slammed into a park, and unoccupied train signaling a mass casualty response as the lead agencies working to quickly rescue passengers with the recovery, advanced life support units, most critical patients, and one man describes what happened. >> a big hole in the wall and went straight down and blacked out. >> backed up to pick up another stop.
2:54 am
something was not right. they learned of an update, the train's operator was transported to a local hospital, he has been treated accurately, three others in critical condition this morning. a man accused of trying to blow up a confederate statue because he didn't, quote, like the guy, park ranger finding andrew kneeling in bushes holding explosive materials in front of them were general richard dowling monument, even more dangerous items inside the 25-year-old's home. he is in federal custody facing multiple charges. >> missy elliott's statue, one in position on calling in virginia. the civil war monument in portsmouth, memorializes figures representing the armed services but more than 26,000 people who signed the petition wanted taken down and replaced with homegrown
2:55 am
heroes. >> one mayor considering a new law, residents avoided embarrassing moment. >> the mayor of stanford, connecticut says a cell phone crosswalk man would make people think twice before crossing the street without looking at their phone. >> people could be fined $30, the second city to ban walking behind -- i keep thinking of the woman who walked into the fountain at the mall. heather: people do that and drive. coming up what is wrong with pulling over to watch the eclipse? this guy was arrested during the historic event. rob: a traffic jam turning heads this morning, the good, the bad and the ugly. coming up.
2:56 am
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heather: time now for the good, the bad and the ugly. up first the eclipse edition part two. the good. a baby girl born in greenville, north carolina on the day of the eclipse of course named eclipse. parents originally were going to call her violet but couldn't help themselves. rob: car thief stopped at hardware store bought a
3:00 am
hardware helmet to watch it and got caught. heather: one of the worst traffic jams in state history thousands of cars watching the event in the path of totality. all trying to get home. rob: a lot of people came up to oregon to that site. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> our troops will fight to win. we will fight to win. >> president trump offers a new vision for american foreign policy during a national address. >> we are not nation-building again. we are killing terrorists. >> that's the tone that brings the trump presidency up to historic proportions. >> america will work with the afghan government. however, our commitment is not unlimited. and our support is not a blank check. >> to my colleagues in congress, you will own a no vote. the next 9/11 will be your fault, not president trump's


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