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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  August 23, 2017 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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the hospital story, this officer going to have a nice dance with the folks, just waiting for someone to come along. >> eric: that's great. we hope you have a great day. >> shannon: we do, "happening now" starts right now. see you tomorrow. >> jon: president trump launching a flurry of attacks at a phoenix rally lashing out at republicans, democrats, and most of all, the media. welcome to "happening now," i'm jon scott. >> melissa: and i'm melissa francis. the president was on full campaign mode last night. accusing the media of misinterpreting his response to the violence in charlottesville. take a look. >> believe me, we have to close down our government and we are building that wall. does anybody want me to be soft? extreme vetting, i came up with
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that term. abc this morning, i don't watch it much, but i'm watching in the morning. they have a little george stephanopoulos and they're talking about the speech i made last night, which believe it or not, had great reviews. they had a hard time. the only people giving a platform to these hate groups is the media itself and the fake news. i spoke out forcefully against hatred, bigotry, and violence and strongly condemned the neo nazis, the white supremacist, and the kkk. it is finally time to rebuild our country, to take care of our people and to fight for the jobs our great american workers deserve and that's what we're doing. [cheers and applause] >> melissa: alecia q mills is reporting live from reno. what's the reaction like today?
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>> hi melissa. you can imagine it's quite extreme on both sides. this was a fiery campaign style event in which the president of the united states spent a good half hour just letting the media have it. unloading about the negative coverage he received in his response to the violence and tragedy in charlottesville. he recounted the statements he gave in the wake of white supremacists and protesters, but did not mention that there were very fine people on both sides. >> what happened in charlottesville strikes at the core of america, and tonight, this entire arena stands united, and forceful condemnation of the thugs who perpetrate hatred and violence.
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but the very dishonest media, those people right up there with all the cameras. [boos] >> a lot of that. and without mentioning names, he went after arizona g.o.p. senators john mccain and jeff flake, decrying the one no vote and calling flake week on border security. he did use his name in a tweet this morning saying "not a fan of jeff flake. weak on crime and border." trump may have given joe arpaio a sigh of relief. as for the thousands of protesters, things didn't get chaotic until after the event let out. the phoenix police chief said officers used tear gas on the crowd after some threw rocks and bottles at police. today here in reno, the president gives a speech before the american legion. while here, he's expected to sign the veteran's appeal and
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modernization act which helps appeal of the va decisions. as for protests, hears up a national commander told us. >> i don't know it's going to happen on the outside of this building, but inside, it will not be any protests. we respect the office of the president of the united states, regardless of who's the president of the united states, america spoke last november. >> melissa, outside of the convention center here in reno, the police department say they are expecting at least ten groups to protest the president's speech. >> melissa: >> melissa: alicia , thank you. >> jon: the president was saying the press hard last night accusing them of fabricating stories. >> the very dishonest media, those people right up there with all the cameras. [boos] so will lead -- and i mean truly
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dishonest people in the media and the fake media, they make up stories, they have no sources in many cases, they say a source says, there is no such thing, but they don't report the facts. >> jon: let's bring in jake sherman. i suppose we come and the media don't much like to hear the president say that, but he had a lot of support from those in the audience last night. >> it's fine with me because trump's white house is in many cases, one of the biggest leakers i've dealt with in washington in many years. his white house is overeager, there are many figures in this white house were over eager to share information about the inner workings about the president and about how he conducts his job which is helpful as we do our job and also, there are 535 members of congress who are all very interested and eager to tell us how they do their jobs. here's my question for the
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white house, how does dumping on the media get him any closer to a legislative achievement? how does dumping on jeff flake or mitch mcconnell or anybody in the senate help him get this job done with a very slim 52c majority? how's he going to give the government open, raise the debt ceiling, do tax reform while he's dumping on everybody in washington that he needs? we call it a fun house mirrors a strategy view of washington. there is no one in washington that thinks any of these tactics are going to get him any closer to a victory. >> jon: he's got a very narrow republican majority in the senate and piling on mitch mcconnell, john mccain, and jeff flake doesn't exactly encourage them to support his position, does it? >> no, it's inexplicable. i don't understand it. i was getting text messages and emails this morning from a lot of republicans on capitol hill
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who are befuddled by this. remember when the white house said they were going to lean on tax reform and get it done? here we are in late august and the president is talking about pardoning joe arpaio which was that i and his rights to do, he's talking about the media. how does liken him tax reform done? i don't know. maybe there is a three or 4d chess match that we don't understand. if he wants legislative achievement, this is not the playbook so to speak to get it done. >> jon: dave said tax reform is alienating republicans. >> may be we're missing something. donald trump did win the presidency, a lot of people didn't think he could, but i don't understand, someone needs to show me the road map from railing on the "fake media" to
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tax reform. i don't see how that gets him anywhere. we are at the end of august, there is only a couple months left in the year. they said they're going to do tax reform by october, there's 11 legislative dates in september. i don't understand how what the president is doing, i don't understand how that's going to get him to tax reform. there is an election next year. the house and senate are up for grabs. members of congress are going to have to have something to talk about and i can tell you one thing they're not going to do, their constituents and a lot of very swing districts dates do not care about their view on the media. they're not looking for a media critic, they're looking for legislators who get things done. >> jon: we have about 30 seconds left, but the president also suggesting has that she doesn't care if the government shuts down. >> you won't find anybody on capitol hill who think is good
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politically to shut down the government. the politics are very collocated, but now they're not. republicans controlled the white house, senate, and house. >> jon: jake, thank you. >> melissa: venus williams turning over her cell phone records after a fatal car accident, plus the seventh fleet commander 7th fleet commander be relieved of duty and prince harry calling out the people who stopped his mother. >> one of the hardest things to come to terms with is the fact that the people that chased her into the tunnel where the same people who were taking photographs of her while she was still dying in the backseat.
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>> melissa: right now, some new information on some crime stories that we have been following. lawyers for venus williams will turn over her cell phone records to attorneys for the family of a man who died in a car crash involving her and west palm beach, florida. the family of the victim suing williams for wrongful death. her lawyer's essay tennis star was not distracted. turbulence footage shows her entering into traffic on a green light. defense lawyer for texas woman accused of stabbing her husband to death say the harris county sheriff's office jumped to conclusions. an attorney for sandra bogart telling that she is facing murder charges because a couple of cowboys came up with some theories about what happened. her lawyer says a home invader hit her, tied her up, and killed her husband. and in missouri, a mother has
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been charged with killing her 16-year-old daughter. investigators finding savanna leckie's remains in southern missouri after her mother, rebecca rudd, told police savanna ran away. the teenager from minnesota moved in with a rod who her biological mother last year. >> jon: president trump outlining a new strategy in afghanistan, which includes sending more troops over there. there is no timeline for deployment because the president says he does not want our enemies to know our plans. the president also addressing afghanistan and his phoenix rally last night. listen. >> i laid out my vision for an honorable and enduring outcome and a very tough place, a place where our country has failed, afghanistan. this is a place where terrorists are trained. what we are going to do with our incredible military, they're going to make unbelievable
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sacrifices and they've already made, and some cases, the ultimate sacrifice. but we are fighting for them. >> jon: adam kinsinger joins me now, he served in the air force in afghanistan, he now serves on the house foreign affairs committee. good morning to you, sir. you like what the president had to say regarding afghanistan. >> i do, and i think it's important to weigh the base here for a second. this isn't like other wars we've been in. the afghan people are overwhelmingly supportive of partnership with our country, unlike when the soviets invaded and other invaders happened and the whole population rose up. they like the tele- ban as much as we don't like the towel abandoned they would basically behead people. what this does, it's the same strategy of what happened during the surge, not just the
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introduction. what made the difference in iraq was a time when everybody was saying leave and pull out, president bush came forward and said not only are we leaving, we're going to stay and double down. it took the wind out of the sails out of al qaeda and iraq. this is president trump, very forcefully saying, we're not going to tell you when, where, we're not going to tell you how, but we're going to stay, we are working with the afghan military who are leaps and bounds better than they have been in the past and are losing up to 100 people a month defending their country, we are going to continue to enable them. one thing i want to say quickly as this, the american people have to understand this is a war that goes on for a very long time and even longer time, as low as a larger war on terror. it's a generational site that will last as long as i live. >> jon: the united states won world war ii, we still have troops in germany, troops in japan, we still have troops in corrosive offer that conflict.
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>> that's a great point. when we get involved, there always needs to be a stabilizing presence. we saw what happened when we left. we had won that were. we leave in 2011 and see the rise of isis. we weren't engaged in heavy combat in 2010 and 2011, we were engaged in stiffening the spine of the iraqi government, holding them accountable and strengthening the military. when we left, we saw the military spine removed. there are good lessons to learn here in afghanistan which is it doesn't mean 100,000 troops engaging in the taliban, but it does mean stiffening the spine, building the networks of the afghan military to begin to hold as much of their territory as they can. the story that's -- this isn't a friendly organization, this is a demonic organization that huddled al qaeda pre9/11 and
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they'll do it the same today if they have full control. >> jon: i want to ask you about this controversy that the president is involved in. according to "the new york times," the president and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell have not spoken in weeks after mr. trump criticized mcconnell on twitter and in a very heated phone call. the president does seem to be picking fights with members of the republican leadership, and not even leadership, senators, even some members of congress. do you find that counterproductive or is there some plan afoot? >> i think it's extreme they counterproductive. the president had a great speech on afghanistan and then he turns back to fighting the very people he's going to need to back him on his strategy. the house of representatives passed repeal and replace, the senate got really close. they want to try again, he'll need the people he's repeatedly attacking. i wish he would go after vladimir putin and kim jong un as much as republicans. this is a time for our party to
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lay off of the emotion, focus on our agenda and get it done. the president has done some really good things, especially when it comes to foreign policy, but to unify the party and ultimately unify the country as how we're going to get this big agenda done, which is not for us, not for reelection, it's for the american people. >> jon: you have to wonder what it's like for elaine chao when her husband, mitch mcconnell is taking such heat from the guy who appointed her as secretary of transportation. >> probably slightly awkward, that's for sure. i understand there's a lot of emotion and people are angry. but continuing this on both sides of the aisle, and ends in some really big, bad things that we've seen in the past. we have to bring the temperature down a lot and have grown up discussions again. >> jon: adam kinsinger, thank you so much for your thoughts.
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>> melissa: a teenager missing in a national park after missing for 11 days. why one relatives says his disappearance isn't that surprising. plus north korea releasing new images of kim jong un adding secret chemical plants. viewing what could be missile plans and president trump called for tough new action, that's coming up. >> you see what's going on in north korea, all of a sudden, i don't know, who knows, but i can tell you, that's not strong enough.
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>> jon: right now, a multi-day surge comes to a joyful end after he teenager missing for 11 days comes emerging from the
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great smoky mountains in tennessee. the 18-year-old vanished following a hike with his stepfather. exactly what happened after that it's still not clear, but a relative says it's not unusual for austin to go camping alone. >> melissa: just in this hour of "happening now," north korean state media releasing new images of kim jong un inspecting what may be new muscles. let's bring in former senior advisor for the senate foreign will and house intelligence committee. sir, thank you for joining us. what you make of those? >> what we see here is at least two muscles, it looks like a submarine loss. north korea has an tendency to
8:25 am
show things that aren't real or still in developments. this could be an effort to push back a little bit, but it is concerning that these muscles have more range and capabilities to strike us in the homeland. >> melissa: others are saying it looks like missiles that could use a folic fuel which means they could travel and canisters, they could be harder to detect and can launch more quickly. >> that's right and there's a casing we see and one of those pictures that allows them to travel further. >> melissa: is this an attempt to save face after what we've seen recently, and we're still doing demonstrations and practices and they've sort of backed off a little bit? >> president trump pushed back and he was successful and that these guam threats have not materialized. we still have the capabilities, we are not doing anything just yet, but no we are still here. it is a way of them pushing
8:26 am
back, but it's a way of them saving face in response to president trump succeeding. >> melissa: it does remind you that the problem is far from solved. >> absolutely. we've had 20 years of fundamental filed failed polic. at some point, some american president would have to confront it and president trump has done that. how do we resolve this now? >> melissa: he has decided to relieve the 7th fleet commander of his duty. it was the second deadly collision involving a u.s. destroyer and the pacific since june. i mean, when a record, what do you make of this? >> it's a real problem. we've had two of these since june and we are losing lives. this is a real concern and the
8:27 am
navy is going to go on a worldwide stand and it's unfortunate. admiral aucoin was on his way out, unfortunately he's being released. >> melissa: the loss of life in this case is devastating and shocking and very difficult to understand, isn't it? >> yeah, these are hard things because accidents happen, but four in a year, it's one thing when we lose our men and women when they're fighting for kabul, that's a terrible way to lose lives in our services. >> melissa: what could be the cause? for accidents, all those lives lost. it's staggering and shocking. what could be the cause? is it training? >> could be training, it could be a state of bad accidents in a row. it's hard to know exactly what's going on here.
8:28 am
the navy is looking at their training and making sure everyone is up to speed and are putting new leadership an end part of that will be aggressive on training. they could just be bad luck. you hate to say that, but it is a possibility. >> melissa: jamil jeffers, thank you for your time. >> jon: the state department issues a new travel warning raising some red flags on some popular tourist destinations. we'll tell you about that coming up. and president trump has some choice words for lawmakers last night as a new report says the president and the majority leader of the u.s. senate, mitch mcconnell, i have not spoken to each other and weeks after a shouting match over the phone. what a feud with a top senator could mean for the president's agenda. >> so i have a message for congress tonight. your job is to represent american families, american people, american workers. that's your job.
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a penny has never been more valuable. it's our back to school one cent event at office depot office max. 10 pack pens, one cent. composition notebooks,scissors, and plastic folders all one cent each! hurry to office depot office max. ♪taking care of business. but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember. >> jon: the state department warning americans it is unsafe to travel to some popular tourist areas in mexico because of the crime underway there. >> melissa: officials telling people to avoid places like acapulco and cancun. anita vogel is live from our los angeles newsroom. anita, those are popular places. >> those are all the spots you'd
8:33 am
like to go on vacation. good morning. for years, those mexican hot spots have been safe from drug cartels, but the state department warning that crime is now spilling into those areas. we are talking about the most popular tourist destinations like and baja, california, los cabos, acapulco. cancun, cozumel. the advisory sites criminal activity like kidnapping, carjacking, robbery, and even homicide. sometimes gun battles between revelry gangs are happening in public places during broad daylight and in some places, criminal organizations have created their own fraudulent, unauthorized checkpoints and have killed or abducted those who don't stop to cooperate. >> a pretty important line that's being crossed. >> you think about cancun and its grouping into places.
8:34 am
>> it's surprising to most of us. >> as to how this will affect tourism, depends on who you talk to. on the west coast, people go to mexico every year, so they're pretty familiar with the danger. recently, there's been several reports of tourists being drugged. no question, some people might put their travel plans on hold. >> i think you need to pay attention to the warnings. >> it's hard to believe anything that comes out of washington with this administration. it's all based on fear and it's ludicrous, really. >> a record 35 million international travelers visited mexico last year bringing in $20 billion for the tourism industry. we'll see if this morning affects those numbers for 2017. jon and melissa, back to you. >> melissa: thanks for that report. >> jon: some new information on dysfunction reported between president trump and the majority leader of the u.s. senate, mitch mcconnell.
8:35 am
"the new york times" claiming the two men have not spoken in weeks and that mcconnell has privately voiced doubts about whether the administration will be able to accomplish much at all. this is president trump once again calls on the senate to change its 60 vote threshold. >> our friends in the senate -- oh, boy, . [boos] the senate, remember this -- look. the senate, we have to get rid of what's called the filibuster rule. we have to. and if we don't, the republicans will never get anything passed. we have to speak to mitch and we have to speak to everybody. >> jon: let's bring in joe trippi, former howard dean campaign manager, match lamp is
8:36 am
chairman of the american conservative union. you just heard him say we have to speak to mitch, but according to this times report, they haven't spoken in weeks. >> people who know mitch mcconnell well know he is a man of few words and he's not exactly a guy who gets real chummy, so it's not surprising to me that they have tourist conversations and it's not surprising to me in the wake of the failed health care vote that both institutions, the white house and the senate don't want to take the full measure of blame as to why this didn't happen. for all republicans across the country, they are very frustrated that after giving the republicans the majority, the senate in the house and the white house, they can't come through on their number one campaign promise. it's on a great moment for my party. >> jon: the headline in "the new york times," joe, doesn't ask whether or doesn't suggest that mcconnell is wondering whether the president can get anything done, it says mcconnell is wondering whether
8:37 am
the president and save his presidency. is it that bad? >> i think -- look -- yeah. even with the president talked about doesn't make a whole lot of sense here. the aca, the failure to repeal and replace did not require 60 votes, they only needed 50 and they weren't able to get there. and then, the one piece of legislation that the president reportedly chastised mitch mcconnell for was the sanctions bill, which got well over 60 votes in the senate and didn't need a filibuster to get by and the president dressing him down for letting that get to his desk. even the argument that the president made against mcconnell and the senate republicans doesn't really hold water in the end. in the end, they need each othe other. there is no way to get the kind of things that donald trump
8:38 am
wants to get past in his agenda to get this through without mitch mcconnell leading the charge in the u.s. senate, so the entire thing doesn't make much sense. i agree with matt that mcconnell is a man of few words, isn't chummy, so maybe that's all this is, but this is pretty alarming, should be pretty alarming in the white house. >> jon: the one accomplishment that president trump has touted many times in campaigning is the appointment of justice gore search to the supreme court. it was really mitch mcconnell who made that happen by preventing president obama for making that appointment. >> "the new york times" has some amazing reporting this year, but i think this story is off the mark. the fact is mitch mcconnell is totally incentivized to repeal obamacare. joe is slightly wrong that you can't repeal obamacare through reconciliation which is the
8:39 am
vehicle that allows it to pass with only 50 votes, but mitch mcconnell and donald trump are aligned on the idea that if they don't get these major campaign promises done, they're both in political harm. the fact is this, yes, it's beneficial to both of them and i think they will continue to work together throughout the year, but remember, donald trump is an outsider president. he does not have deep republican roots at all and he's a threat to those people who have spent their professional lives working in congress, working in washington, d.c., in the very fact that the american people would elect donald trump's unnerving. look for a lot more headlines on this, this troublesome relationship. >> jon: if it is a circular firing squad among republicans, democrats are just sitting back and watching. >> i do think there are ways to
8:40 am
get democratic votes on these things, but again, it republicans can put put these wills together themselves, there won't be a whole lot of help. i do agree with matt, the aca would eventually required to dismantle most of its 60 vote margin, but again, how many votes did it take them to do the pieces they wanted to do where they only needed 50 votes and they couldn't get those? again, the fight seems to be within the report we can party. >> i agree. we had six republicans who change their vote from the 2016 repeal when they knew what would it be vetoed president obama. when they knew it would become law, they switched their vote to prevent it from being repealed and that is going to have massive political consequences for those people. >> jon: match lab and joe trippi, thank you for being our guests. >> melissa: a father admits killing his own son. he'll learn his own fate today. plus president trump airing up support in arizona for his
8:41 am
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>> melissa: breaking news for you. associated press is reporting that a passenger boat carrying 70 people sinking on a brazil river, at least seven are dead, dozens are missing right now. it happened deep in the amazonian basin. the public security officer of the state of paris said wednesday that 25 people made it to the shore, seven bodies have been recovered. the rest are still missing. authorities say the boat was
8:45 am
traveling on the river when it sank, that was late on tuesday. >> jon: a father in california will be sentenced today in the death of his 5-year-old son. he could spend 25 years in prison after pleading guilty to killing his son. investigators say he and his estranged wife were in a custody battle over the boy. authorities found him passed out in a car covered in gasoline on april 22nd. they believe he killed his son the day before after the two visited disneyland. the investigators later from the boys remains near santa barbara. prosecutors have not said how he died, but the killing was planned and deliberate. the evidence against the father is overwhelming. >> melissa: breaking right now, president trump vowing to let the government shut down if congress doesn't fund his border wall. he rallied support for it last night in arizona.
8:46 am
>> we have to close down our government, we are building our wall. >> melissa: ken paxton joining me now. give me your reaction to this. >> first of all, good morning from texas. i have a positive reaction. the president cares about border security and obviously what he's doing is working and immigration issues are declining. we have less illegal immigration since he took office. i'm grateful that he's continuing to fight. i agree with him. >> melissa: at doesn't seem if you look at what he's done, he lays down a marker at the beginning of negotiation and that's his point of negotiation. a lot of times, he ends up moving on, whether it was a trade war with china or saying that there was going to be a border tax on the way in for goods or various things. i wonder if this is a
8:47 am
negotiating tactic and how you would feel about it then? >> i don't know if it's a tactic or not. all i know is he's testing our state and i believe it's something he really wants to get done. as to if it really gets done, i don't know if that matters. what matters is we take the most respective route to eliminating illegal immigration. some the prime issues we have in our state as well. >> melissa: you stick to some of the issues at the president campaigned on, have you been frustrated lately that the discussion has gotten sidetracked on issues and he isn't necessarily helping himself in the sense that last night was a great opportunity to really pound the table on policy. he talked about the wall, but you want to hear about tax reform. you want to hear about regulation.
8:48 am
>> i care about those issues. i want obamacare repealed, i want tax reform. and my state right now, border security, we are dealing with crime statistics every day. our state please keep track of statistics. 1,234 murders. you'd talk to the victims and those families, it has a dramatic impact on the safety of my state. it you're going to be juggling all kinds of issues as president and sometimes i just want to keep those issues up front for american public. >> the >> melissa: a lot of people mention they don't want to spend more money on the wall, point to that end say why do we need to spend more money on a wall if crossings are so far down?
8:49 am
>> we have a fence or wall and el paso. before that went up, we had significant crime issues in el paso, so there are places where it's expected, but there are other places where more border security is needed or some type of technology would work. i do think in certain places, it is the most effective means for illegal crossings and crimes. >> melissa: ken paxton, thanks for coming on today. >> have a great day. >> jon: the technology of unmanned drones continues to advance another department of homeland security is taking new steps to test them. how the small aircraft would help protect the rest of us. and next week, it will be 20 years since the death of princess diana and paris. ahead, the candid comments prince harry and prince william are making out. >> when you're 15 and you have the death of your mother, which
8:50 am
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>> harris: it's wednesday, the president is taking on prisoners as he is fired up at his base in phoenix, arizona, last night to call it the media his republican karen critics. >> sandra: plus the first excerpts from hillary clinton's new book is out. surprise, she's slamming the president calling him a creep and saying he made her skin crawl. >> harris: all that plus our #oneluckyguy, "outnumbered" at
8:54 am
the top of the hour, we'll see you then. >> jon: august 31st will mark 20 years since the death of princess diana after her speeding car chased by the paparazzi crashed in a tunnel in paris. now prince william and prince harry are speaking out about the terrible experience of losing their mother. >> we've been told that numerous times by people who know she had quite a severe head injury, but she was still very much alive in the backseat and the people who caused the accident, and set of helping, took photos of her dying in the backseat. those photos made it back to the country. >> jon: they were just a 15 and 12 years old of the time. diana, the princess of wales was only 36. >> melissa: new information on the department of homeland security.
8:55 am
they test a small drones as their potential for government tools. dhs unveiling the new program yesterday. jonathan serrie is live at camp shelby in southern mississippi with the details. >> they really have launched this partnership to stay ahead of the technology curve. they're going to be testing at camp shelby, and they've also partnered with mississippi state university to evaluate the different types of drones for a whole series of uses including border security, search and rescue, and disaster recovery. >> the search that we are doing right now in the early embryonic field of technology, it's going to expand. beyond any of our imaginations right now. >> this video was shot over the camp shelby training center which is a full-scale simulated village. they are using the drone to
8:56 am
follow vehicles. for some americans, the idea of drones flying overhead raises privacy concerns. they are well aware of this and pledged to use unmanned systems and ways that respect those concerns. >> we work very closely with the private officer of department of homeland security as well as civil liberty officers to ensure the testing that we do on the activities activities we do surrounding the u.s. are aligned with protecting human rights. >> much of the testing will go on a camp shelby right behind me. >> melissa: jonathan serrie, thank you. >> jon: next hour of "happening now," we are getting looks at new excerpts from hillary clinton's new book about the 2016 campaign. how she feels in the wake of her stunning defeat. plus, got your powerball ticket tickets? the potentially historic payout that could come tonight. ♪
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>> melissa: we are going to see you back here in an hour, what do you think? >> jon: we have some good stuff coming, "outnumbered" starts right now. >> harris: we begin with a fox news alert. president trump unplugged. he delivered a fiery performance and his rally last night. he spent a good chunk of time going after the mainstream media's coverage of his comments. this is "outnumbered," i'm harris faulkner. here today, sandra smith. from fox business, dagen mcdowell, commentator and former spokesperson for president george w. bush, mercedes schlapp is here and today's #oneluckyguy, it's his first time. republican strategist general caldwell is here. fashion is your


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