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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  August 23, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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the odds one in two hundred ninety two million. we're all dreaming. >> yes. let's get a ticket when this is over. >> we will share. >> thank you for joining us. >> "america's news headquarters" starts now. >> news developing at this hour we're moments away from president trump taking the stage in reno, nevada. a encore event you may say after last night in phoenix, arizona. he will speak to the national convention of the american legion. also he has plans to sign a bill that matters a whole lot to that crowd and americans across the nation. it's a bipartisan legislation aiding veterans. we are standing by in washington dc, alicia in reno is ready to go. let's start there, alicia. >> you're talking about the law the president is here to sign. this is something very important
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to the audience he will be speaking to right now. what this law will do is streamline for disabled veterans who are trying to appeal their -- their disability benefits and this will make it much easier. right now 470,000 people are waiting determination by the va. now the message he writes here today according to the white house is one of unit. he's expected to call on americans to heal the wounds that divide us. that's a quote. that is if he sticks to the script. he went off script last night in phoenix after ex saw. he went after the media for about half an hours time. criticizing the media's coverage on how he responded to the violence in charlottesville. take a listen. president: they don't report the facts. just like they don't want to report that i spoke out
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forcefully against hatred, bigotry and violence, and strongly condemned the neo nazis, white supremacists and k2 global partners k. >kkk. >> harris, he was also critical of the two republican senators in arizona. john mccain specifically in his lack of support of repealing obamacare. what he also discussed is a possible pardon for sheriff joe who was convicted of violating a court order. there has been swept reaction from democrats this morning. one other thing he mentioned with regard to the u.s. government. he has threatened to shut down the u.s. government if the border wall is not funded. chuck schumer saying the shutdown is something nobody will like and accomplish
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nothing. nancy pelosi saying he will hurt americans. now this crowd here, less than a thousand people we have seen, pretty peaceful. especially in comparison to what we saw yesterday in phoenix. there have been counter protesters but nothing like we have seen in the past. the president to speak soon. >> thank you, alicia. over the past two days we have seen different styles from the president. monday at tp*t meyers the president seemed to stick to the teleprompter and deliver strong reacts about charlottesville and afghan stan. yesterday he had more of an off-of-cuff campaign speech. here is the difference. >> when we open our hearts to patriotism there is no room for prejudice, no place for bigotry and no tolerance for hate. president: what did they say, right. it should have been sooner, he's
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a racist. the media can attack me. where i draw the line is when they attack you, which is what they do. when they attack the accident see of our supporters. >> i want to draw your attention here. we may be fairly close. we understand the person who is out of view to the left of the screen is about to introduce the president. this is the 99th convention of the american legion. we will throw to this extremely quickly. i want to bring in our next guest. we don't know how long this person will be speaking. less bring in political editor chris stirewalt. i want to get your opinion on the off the prompter and off the cuff style for the president. >> i will make it count. the president, how long and willing is he to listen to advisors and do as they say. he does it, recents it and goes back the other way. it's a ping pong match he plays
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with himself and his advisors. >> we're watching the president step up to the lecturn now. we know dignitaries are in the audience with the american legion. they have pushed forward the forever g.i. bill. they're hanging on his every word and message to them. let's watch together. president: thank you, commander schmidt, for that wonderful introduction and your steadfast devotion to our country. i want to thank all of our distinguished guests with us today, including hudd svete ben, ben carson. and former svete of defense bob gates. where is bob gates. he started saying bad things
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about me, then he said great things, and now i like him. thank you, bob. it's a great honor to be back here with all of my friends at the american legion and your national convention. i want to thank governor sand sandoval for being here. dean heller is here someplace or somewhere, be scheer shortly. the american legion embodies the spirit of patriotism. the true source of our strength and the best hope for our future. you love our country. you cherish our values, and you definitely defend our great american flag. no doubt about that. [cheers and applause] president: above all he is you believe in america just like
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america believes in you. [ applause ] president: today we are here to honor you for the sacrifices you have made to defend our nation and preserve our way of life. we are also here for another reason. we are here to hold you up as an example of strength, courage, and resolve that our country will need to overcome the many challenges that we face. we are here to draw inspiration from you as we zeke to renew the bonds of loyalty that bind us together as one people and one nation. those who wear the nation's uniform come from all different backgrounds and from every single walk of life. but they are all united by shared values and a shared sense
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of duty. they are all part of one team with only one mission in mind. most importantly they're all americans. they work together. they fight together. they sacrifice together to defend our magnificent home. thank you. [ applause ] president: now our nation must follow the same work ethic, the same devotion for a greater cause, to achieve our country's full potential. here with us today are veterans fighting in every major military engagement dating all the way back to world war ii. you have endured bitter winters, treacherous jungles, baron
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deserts, and stormy waters. you have left your families, charged into danger, faced down your en moes and bore the scars and wounds of war. each of you took an oath to support and defend the constitution. with that oath you pledged your honor and your very lives for our great nation. every veteran here today is part of a long unbroken chain of american heroes. we salute your service, the american legion not only remembers history, you help keep history alive. [ applause ] president: you teach young americans to have pride in our history so they will have confidence in our future.
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history and culture, so important. for generations now the american legion has taught our young people the principles of americaamericanism. you emphasize the need to preserve the nation's cultural, moral and patriotic values. you encourage the observation of patriotic holidays. you stress the need tone force our laws including our immigration laws. [ applause ] president: you teach the responsibilities of citizenship and the importance of the pledge of allegiance. [ applause ] president: so important. you do it all as your motto says "for god and country."
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[cheers and applause] president: that's why we're here today, for america and god. to fulfill our patriotic duties we must take care of our great veterans. [ applause ] president: one year ago at this gathering, i remember so many of you so well, i promised you that i would make it my priority to fix the broken va and deliver our veterans the care they so richly deserve. [ applause ] >> you see what has been happening. now you have a true reformer in secretary david, he has done a
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incredible job. he is working night and day to implement the 10-point reform plan that i discussed with you last year. already we have made incredible progress. we are publishing wait times on-line for every va facility. so, you know what the wait is. we have delivered same-day emergency mental health services at every va medical center. [ applause ] president: we have opened the promised white house va hotline. that's a big deal. that's a big deal. [ applause ] president: we have dramatically increased the number of veterans approved to see the doctor of their choice and signal legislation to continue that very important
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choice program that i spoke to you about last year. i want to thank the american legion for your help in getting this done. you have been so helpful, thank you, very much. [ applause ] president: something they have been trying to pass for 40 years. we have passed, va accountability legislation. so if -- [ applause ] president: -- something that works at the va is bad to the people of the va, disrespectful, not treating our fellow patriots well, we look at them and say "you're fired" that's it. that's it. [cheers and applause] president: they don't do a good job, they're out. we have great people at the va.
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we want people to do a great job. we weren't able to do that before. that was a hard piece of legislation to get passed. it's been worked on for so long. we got it done, we're proud of. that last week i also signed the harry w. culmery veterans act. this is a big thing. this legislation bears the name of one of the first members of the legion, your past commander. the man who wrote the original draft of the landmark gi bill in 1944. [ applause ] president: now under this legislation veterans can use their gi benefits at any point in their lifetime. some difference. in just a few moments, right
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here on this stage i will sign another historic bill that the american legion helped us deliver. the veterans appeals improvement and modernization act. you all know what that means. [ applause ] president: right. [cheers and applause] president: no longer will veterans be kept waiting for years to get an answer to their appeals. they will receive timely updates, and they will get decisions much more quickly in a fraction of the time. president: and the legion i have to say press sod hard for that legislation. i want to thank you very much. i want to thank you. thank you so much, you really helped. they have a lot of power. a lot of power. they use it well.
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>> when i spoke to you last year i also promised we would buildup our military. that's exactly what we have done. i'm proud to report that we have worked with congress to achieve a dramatic increase in defense spending this year. we are committed to expanding and improving a state of the artemistate of the artmissile d. we're getting better and better at it. it's incredible what is taking place. we will develop new surve survee and long-range strike capabilities to prevent our enemies from launching them in the first place. in every foreign policy decisio- [ applause ] president: -- thank you. in every foreign policy decision we are making clear we will always put the safety and
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security of our citizens first. that is why early this week i announced a new strategy in afghanistan and south asia. we will pursue an honorable and enduring outcome in afghanistan, worthy of the tremendous sacrifice our troops have already made. we will give our men and women in uniform the tools they need and the trust they have earned to fight and to win. [ applause ] >president: and we have made as you have seen and read, tremendous progress in the fight against terrorism. just over a month ago in iraq mosel was liberated from the barbaric rule of ic isis. we're triple them of their
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funding, networks and false ideology. i will tell you we're working very hard on the internet. they use the internet at a level they shouldn't be allowed to use the internet. they're recruiting from the internet. we will work, under my administration very hard, so that doesn't happen. [ applause ] president: no longer are we using our military to build democracies. instead we're forming a collision of nations that share the aim of stamping out extremists, defeating terrorism, and pursuing stability, prosperity and peace. through the generations america has always prevailed. not by military might alone, but also by the strength of our spirit. we have in this country, today, such spirit. i see it when i meet the people back stage. they're so proud, once again.
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i must say much more proud then they were last year at this time. they feel very good about our country. very, very good about our country. [ applause ] president: because our people have always had that will to endure and to overcome. this is now the challenge of our time. we must ask ourselves who we are, what we stand for, and what together we can achieve. if american patriots could secure our independence, carve out a home in the wilderness and free millions from tyranny and oppression around the world, then that same spirit, strength, courage, and resolve can help us create a better future for our people today. a future like even our people have never had before in this great country. that is what we're aiming for.
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[ applause ] >> we don't have to be content with a did i lap dated road system, crumbling buildings or rusted factories. we can build gleaming highways, state of the art manufacturing and arts of wonder. we can do it with american workers, american aluminum, iron and steel. we can do it ourselves. [ applause ] >> is we do not have to accept the economic decay of once thriving husbands of industry where they leave and they let all of those jobs go. the companies move to other countries. we have stopped that flow. companies are now coming back into the united states. i am so proud of that.
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[ applause ] >> we can bring new jobs to pittsburgh, detroit and baltimore. help struggling communities thrive and dream and prosper. we do not need to limit the potential of our children by trapping them in faming government schools. -- failing government schools. every child should have a chance to explore talents, pursue passions and know the enjoyment of achieving ambitions. we won't tolerate crime, bloodshed in our communities, or acts of hatred or terrorism against our citizens. we will not stand for it. [ applause ] president: we will always support our great law enforcement personnel. [cheers and applause]
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>president: these are great people. build bridges of trust, cooperation, and keep our families safe. it's time to heal the wounds that divide us and zeke a new unit based on the common value that's unite us. we're one people, one home, and one great flag. president: we are not defined by the color of our skin, the figure on our pay check or the figure of our politics. we're defined by our shared humanity, our citizenship of this magnificent nation and the love that fills our hearts. [cheers and applause]
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president: i know i speak for awful you when i say "our hearts beat for america. "our souls fill with pride every time we hear the national anthem. president: this is the spirit we need to overcome our challenges. to pursue our common destini and to achieve a brighter future for our people. we will win. watch. we will win. this is the future we can build tother if we have the courage to act, the strength to endure, the patriotism to join together for our fellow citizen. [ applause ] president: i want to close with the story of a hero who
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defines this spirit of service and sacrifice. a man whose strength, patriotism and courage knows no bounds. a vietnam veteran who threw himself on top of a grenade to protect his fellow comrades. this true american hero went onto serve in the national guard for over 27 years. he is now a retired captain at his local fire department, and owns a funeral home that memorializes our heroes. he has worked tire leslie to bring another veteran's post to kansas city so those who return from combat have a place to go that honors and supports them. some of you know this incredible patriot. he's a friend to many in this room.
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he's with us here today and on stage with us now. medal honor recipient donald e. ballard. [cheers and applause] president: he has to say a word, right. this wasn't in the planning, do i have your approval? >> yes, sir. president: come on, don get up here. >> there is no greater love than
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someone who loves this country. i believe we have elected the right leader to lead us out and drain the swamp. [cheers and applause] >> i'm with you. president: thank you. >> i was with you before you were elected. president: thank you. that's risky of me. that could ruin the whole day for me. if he got up and said the opposite i could be in trouble. thank you, don. that was risky. don, on be half of the people of the united states i want to thank you for your courageous service. you inspire us all. today we are reminded that the greatness of our nation is founded in people like don. as long as we have faith in each other and confidence in our values there is no challenge too great for us to conquer.
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we are people. we are people who love. we are people with heart. we are people who adore. we are people who are great. there is no country like the united states of america. [cheers and applause] president: we have no division too keep for us to heal. there is no enemy too strong for us to overcome. because in america we never lose faith. we never forget who we are. we never stop striving for a better future. together we can not fail. we will not fail. we will make america great again. greater than ever before, i
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promise. [cheers and applause] president: so, i want to thank you to the american legion. you talk of greatness. you talk of greatness, the american legion is greatness. thank you, very much to our service members, to don, and to everyone in the room. thank you to our "greater boston" veterans. may god pwres you and the united states of america. thank you, very much. it's my honor, thank you. thank you. >> that was president trump speaking for 15 minutes or so. touting the veterans of affairs a success story now. enumerating the changes his administration is putting forth. you haven't heard those words va and success with respect to the
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medical delivery system for our veterans. the president talked about legislation to tighten that. now he's signing the bill that tightightens the time our veters get no the va for medical disability and see the doctors they want to see. the american legion has been a leader in getting the word out to this administration and across the country for the need of this. the president saying he's proud to sign the va accountability legislation. he talked about a hotline. a va hotline that the white house has set up. he talked about dramatically reducing the time for veterans to see the doctors they choose too. how triumphant and difficult it has been to move forward with this legislation. he also talked about what it's like for someone, the majority of people working in the va are terrific. when you find someone not doing their job, you find someone mistreating a veteran how
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difficult it has been in the past to fire them. the crowd erupted when he said the words now because of the legislation you can say, you're fired on be half of our veterans. a lot talked about outside of this with this crowd too. they were respective to messages spot on with regard to the u.s. military and the va. he also talked about infrastructure and crime in the u.s. let's bring back chris stirewalt. chris, this speech had a little bit of, i don't know, words from kennedy. he said, we must ask ourselves and enumerated who we want to be. kennedyesque, do you see it? >> whether kennedyesque or not it was not phoenix like. >> no, very different. >> we have had different trumps by turns out of the weekend no monday's remarks about afghanistan, into tuesday's
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rally, now this. we have a president that goes back and forth between these things. this speech today, the important part is he sort of puts a button on the question of charlottesville, the unrest. he talks about healing and unit and that part. the thing i'm a little surprised at he didn't use this opportunity to urgently sell his plan for the troop surge in afghan stan. this would be the audience and the place this. is where past presidents have gone, here and the veterans of foreign wars, to talk about veterans united behind troops in the field and do that stuff. he may of done more of that. over all this was a comprehensive and unifying speech. >> the part i was talking about too, we must ask ourselves who we want to be. you know kind of what we're going to do with regard with. that what together we can achieve. this was a broader speech then
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even monday night about afghanistan. that was specifically about his plan. how different are these audiences. plus the wider audience is the united states and the world. >> the danger of course when the president has different tones, messages and back and forth like this, people tune out. it becomes confusing with a confusing message from an an administration or president. it's hard to get people to pay attention, even in the summer time. the president has a big agenda ahead of him on foreign policy and domestic policy. he talked about infrastructure. september will be rough and rowdy here in washington. this is the time you find friendly audiences like this and build not only on the core support but use this as a launch pad to go forward into the broader electorate and say, please join with me. these are the things we have to do.
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>> if quickly before i let you. you talk about building collisions. the president didn't do that last night. your thought about how he bridges that given the two different speechs from last night and today. >> think in the end they will feed him a bunch of apple sauce. >> which is tasty. >> can be tasty with a light dusting of cinnamon. >> i think the president is angry at a lot of people and want him to know. in the end the math is the math. 51 votes are 51 votes. i think what the president has to sign at the end of september is what can pass through both houses of congress. >> thank you, chris stirewalt. thank you for your time. >> you bet. >> let's bring in wisconsin congressman, sean duffy. a staunch reporter of the president. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> let's talk about another hot
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topic that was brought up last night in arizona. the idea of shutting down the government to get to the point where we see a structure of some sort of a wall or fence line on our southern border with mexico. your thoughts. >> i listened to the president's speech. i thought it's great he's on teleprompter and covered so many issues in a matter of 15 minutes. the biggest applause is when don came on and said "drain the swamp." the crowd erupted. people want the inner workings and the deep state to be removed and donald trump to lead. to your question, yes the president talking about a border wall. this is a issue that democrats supported up to ten years ago. barack obama, hillary clinton, chuck schumer. they supported legislation of a 700--mile wall. now trump says we will build it, if not the government will be
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shut down. it won't be republicans fault, it will be democrats who shut down government not republicans. you know, my concern is, for the democrats, they should look at what we do with border security as a pathway to get immigration reform done. our immigration reform is broken. you can't get both sides, democrats and republicans, to come together until the border is secured. they should join the president and say this is phase one, secure the border. then take care of the people here and working, honest good people, let them come out of the shadows. get a work visa system allowing people to come no our country and meet the demands of our econ moe not met by american workers. this would be a holistic approach if democrats would stop with the never trump movement. these are common sense wins that help all of america not just the left wing that wants to destroy them. >> the president making yuma city now a success city.
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when we look at how powerrous that part of the border was just ten years ago. george bush going down there with the funding for a fence line. i want to watch last night's talk on the border wall. let's watch. president: the obstructionist democrats would like us not to do that. we are building the wall. let me be very clear to democrats in congress, who oppose a border wall and stand in the way of border security. you're putting all of america's safety at risk. you're doing that. are you doing that. >> congressman, hang with me for a second. i want to set something up coming into the news room. you talk about republicans jumping onboard behind the president not taking the blame. it's the democrats. here is what paul ryan said. he's in oregon today talking about tax reform.
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he was asked about it moments ago. let's watch. >> i don't think a government shutdown is necessary. i don't think most people want to see a government shutdown, ourselves included. congress in the house has done it's work on this issue. there are very legitimate problems and concerns on the boarder that need to be addressed. the house has passed funding for boarder security including building physical barriers like a wall where it's necessary. >> that's exactly what you're talking about. the money was allocated i think it was 2006 legislation. >> that's right. the speaker is correct. nobody wants a government shutdown. there are too many big issues on the plate from dealing with the debt limit. also going back to tax reform and healthcare. government shut down takes the eye off the bigger issues that are about growing the economy
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and helping people improve their lives and get better salaries. we don't want to see it this was a key tenant of the president easy election, border security. if democrats want a open border process they should advocate for other changes to open up american borders. they won't do that. they want the american people to enforce the boarders and laws. we should decide as americans who comes in and who doesn't. you do that with a secure border at the south and points of entry. >> if the president goes ahead are you concerned of a government shutdown over this issue. >> listen the president will go ahead. as paul ryan said we're pushing for boarder security. part is a wall. part is technology. if the democrats say no it's a standoff between the two sides. one concern is the media tries to blame republicans. i think this sits at the feet of the democrats.
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>> thank you, sean duffy, good to see you. >> thank you. >> let's go live to the pentagon. jennifer d we learn anything more about the president's afghanistan plan the last 24 hours. >> it's interesting, harris. for a long time afghanistan was known as the forgotten war. today president trump addressed veterans of the vietnam and korean wars. it's notable. they know what is it like to be forgotten. today the president talked about the veteran affairs reform he has taken and spoke briefly about afghanistan. he trumpeted the many reforms he has pressed for to improve the va. this comes a few days after president trump outlined a plan for afghanistan. an honorable and enduring out come to america's longest war. not a with draw but not a surge in troops. several thousand more troops are expected to deploy soon.
11:40 am
many americans voice frustration with the afghan war approaching 16 years, it's clear president trump does not want to spend that much time talking about it or associating with it. it's clear he has been convinced to keep troops there. that was not as he has said in the past his original plan. many look at korea and germany as a long term u.s. troop presence to keep peace and deter future wars this is something the audience would recognize. the president talked about healing wounds and bringing the country together. it's interesting, harris, the american legion issued the following uny give call statement after charlotteville. "-- anyone waving a nazi flag on our soil is by very definition anti-american --
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>> that coming just days after charlottesville from this audience that the president address today. >> thank you, jennifer. let's get more bringing in former navy seal david sears. david, thank you for being with us today. i want to unpack some of the news developing the last 40 minutes. let's start with the va and where the president is. i borrowed words you spoke earlier with our team about good news on the va. rare but the story line is strong. tell me why. >> well, what i think is good news on it is perception is reality. especially in politics. i think that for the last four or five years a lot of veterans have felt that we have received lip service. a lot of rhetoric and no action. when we see things like this from president trump it represents real reform, real action backing up the rhetoric. >> let's talk about afghanistan. we have our latest report from jennifer griffin. we know we will be seeing first
11:42 am
troops now as part of a buildup with president trump arriving. we don't have hard numbers yet. he's not full on details. he said that's the problem in the past. he wans the freedom to go forward without being it chimed in with the media and what the enemy knows. is this an easy or hard sell to the american people now to go forward in afghanistan in this way. >> think it's a hard sell. very hard sell. look at president trump. he's campaigned and now running his presidency on draining the swamp. change and reform people want a change in direction. we're be getting a change of direction in afganistan. it seems more of the same. change in tactics not strategy. >> does it impress upon you any indication that the president didn't want to do this and his general and others are telling
11:43 am
him. do you think he would end shorter and he's not saying it now. >> i do. they're saying the least of the bad options. that's what i'm hearing in rhetoric. that's not true. let's look at something entirely different. i think a lot of the people, the generals are so close to the problem they lack the objective critical distance they need for new angles. >> alright. you say afghanistan is not iraq, stop comparing it. >> absolutely. we made this mistake early on. afghanistan as well. there was a strategy in iraq, en circlement strategy. i saw a powerpoint with the same strategy. afghanistan is completely different geographically, the terrain, the people. because they're muslim doesn't mean they're the same as iraq. >> alright. david sears joining us former navy seal. we appreciate your time. thank you. >> thank you. >> some fiery words from hillary clinton as she tells her side in
11:44 am
the 2016 election. an upcoming book "what happened" expressing regret of her campaign. >> i did however grip the microphone extra hard.ri i wonder --
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>> we are people. we are people who love. we are people with heart. we are people who adore. we are people that are great. there is no country like the united states of america. >> if you are just joining us, bringing you some of what the president just says moments ago inside the 2:00 p.m. eastern hour. he was wrapping up his speech in front of the american legion convention. their 99th gathering there in reno, nevada. separate from that there is a lot to talk about. let's bring in chris plant, leslie marshall.
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good to see you both. chris, i will jump in with the divide between this president and some members of his own party. you have heard him call them out. is senator john mccain. is senator jeff blake. are these men in the president's way for his agenda now? both of arizona. not called out by name in the rally speech last night but certainly eluded too. >> right john mccain was a problem in the repeal of the obamacare. that would of been a big legislative victory if john mccain moved from here to there. he has a personal ax to grind. it would have been a great legislative victory. senator mccain key in blocking the success. senator blake has a book out making the rounds, taking shots at president trump quite honestly, on show after show at every opportunity. so, he has a personal ax to grind there too. president trump has demonstrated
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he's not adverse to grinding personal axes with members of his own strategy. >> is it a good strategy. >> is it a good strategy, that's a different question. if the pressure brings them around to the president's way of thinking, then i guess it will turn out to be good strategy. right now it looks like a food fight in the republican party and things are not running smoothly. i think he would prefer to have the perception he's working with republicans as a team and getting things done legislatively and through the bureaucracy. >> let's talk democrats. is it frustrating to have a former presidential candidate focused on the past with the book called "what happened" -- hillary clinton in a new book is describing donald trump lurking behind her at the second debate. your thoughts on it? >> yes, i'm very familiar with it. i don't think hillary clinton is the only one keeping her
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relevant. looking at twitter day in and day out people are chanting at the president's rallies such as last night "lock her up." they didn't do that last night. i have to admit, harris, when i watched the debate. i like the three- feet of personal space around me, if you will. i thought it was creepy. that was the word that came to mind when i watched it. i thought why is he so close to her. so many parodies of that. not just on saturday night live but blogs and twitter. so, i would have to agree with her. he was in her personal space bubble f you will. a lot of people are wondering what happened. still keeping alive what happened this year on both sides about both the president and hillary clinton who wanted to be president. >> it's interesting. i know your party, leslie s searching for the singular message. they are asking the public to come up with a bumper sticker
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slogan. it's interesting. good to see you both. all of the breaking news at this hour. can't spend more time. hope to bring you back. we are coming back after this break. stay close.
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>> another live event we're watching. vice president mike pence will be speaking in florida. we have more on the vice president's day. phil. >> hi, harris. after meeting with southern command here in florida, the vice president is here on site now having a private meeting with eleven activists from the venezuelan community. then he will come here to the lady of the guadalupe catholic church. there are several hundred
11:55 am
venezuelans here to hear the words of the happening in the socialist country. this is as the venezuelan president is now declaring "we neil for no one and directly appeal to the pope, to prevent a u.s. military invasion into the south american country" that's in response to u.s. sanctions imposed on them and others. the state department calls an authoritarian power grab. president trump has mentioned a military option is on the table. foot shortages and sky rocketing crime leading to protests in the streets. many have died in the streets. one of the venezuelan-americans meeting with the vice president now is a political leader bringing two gifts to trump and
11:56 am
pence. make america great again and this specific request. >> since 2014 we have pressures for the sanctions. we want more sanctions and more street sanctions. we don't want them to buy oil from venezuelan. they will have a problem to get morrow presses -- >> the united states purchases s about 720,000 tkpwaeurlz of venezuelan oil a day. that would be huge change if they go that route. >> thank you, phil keating. we will be right back.
11:57 am
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11:59 am
>> harris: a follow on on the city of charlottesville, virginia. we're told city leaders will cover up the controversial statue of robert e. lee. that is the very same monument that is the root of the white
12:00 pm
nationalist monument and sparked the deadly chaos that ensued. the city council has voted to cover up confederate statues of lee and stonewall jackson. i'm harris faulkner. here's shep. >> shepard: it's 3:00 on the east coast, noon in reno, nevada where president trump honored american veterans and signed a bill to make it easier for vets to get disability benefits. we'll explain how it could help hundreds of thousands that sacrificed so much for our nation. this comes after a wild night in phoenix. the president going after his critics, battering the news media who report on his words and actions. blasting some republicans that were speaking out against him. and defending himself on topics including his response to the violence in charlottesville. reaction and what you may have missed ahead. president trump also threatening to shut down the united states federal government


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