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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  August 24, 2017 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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♪ >> you are waking up on this thursday morning. >> thanks for starting your day with us, donald trump back in washington after delivering back-to-back speeches and urging the country to come together. rob: the white house is expected to issue some guidance on the transgender military ban in coming days. mike emanuel is live in washington dc with details. >> donald trump signed a bill to streamline the redtape veterans must deal with as they seek help for disability. the commander-in-chief was in reno to sign the bill when he addressed the american legion at national convention, the president praised his team's efforts to fix the va and talked about keeping his pledge to those who serve the country so well. >> i promised you i would make
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it my priority to fix the broken va and deliver our veterans the care they so richly deserve. and you see what has been happening. now you have a true reformer in secretary david shelton. he has done an incredible job. heather: we are learning about the white house memo that would give james madison six month to fully prepare a transgender troupe band. the wall street journal was first report a mass call for considering deploy billy, ability to serve in a war zone and the legal means to decide to kick out current transgender servicemembers. new transgender recruits would be banned and ordered to stop spending on medical treatments for current transgender troops. nancy pelosi ripped this move on
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twitter writing this is not how you keep america safe, period. hashtag protect trans-troops. critics say transgender people are just as deployable as other servicemembers, the president says this policy change coming on twitter a month ago. >> nice to have you with us this morning by the way. donald trump's threat of a government shutdown is sending shockwaves across both parties, republicans and democrats. >> democrats resoundingly against this, the president now threatening this government shutdown. here is paul ryan on that. >> i don't think the government shutdown is necessary and i don't think most people want to see a government shutdown ourselves included. there are legitimate problems for us to address.
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>> this is 11 years ago, putting 700 miles of fence on the border to stop illegal immigrants from coming into this country to curb drugs coming into the country, hillary clinton, barack obama, chuck schumer voted for the 700 mile fence. now everybody says fences are not the way and it is so racist and funny to me. >> another example of discrepancies in the media coverage. the reactions then was drastically different than the reaction now. representative steve king is on board, the wall would pay for itself. >> we build interstate highways across iowa cornfields for $4 million a mile paying for real estate and everything, we can build a wall cheaper than we can build an interstate and we need to do it and it will pay for itself before we can even get it completed and especially because
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at the end we do a good job on this wall we need to not have boots on the ground to enforce it. few people try and fewer places they can get in. heather: i don't many people see this is an illogical thing, just going against anything the president says that he dug himself a hole with that first speech when he announced his candidacy when he said those things about mexican immigrants, hit a nerve with a lot of people. and through it in this direction. all those people coming against his plan. heather: from then until now anything he says has that visceral reaction from so many people. >> schumer, clinton, obama voted for it 11 years ago. >> the trump administration. >> banning travel from countries refusing to take back their own citizens in the us who are in
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the us illegally. washington science reports the white house triggered visa sanctions against cambodia, guinea and sierra leone, this fulfills a key campaign promise by donald trump who scolded the obama administration for not forcing countries to take back their deportees. rob: the sheriff who made the mission to kick illegals out of the country could be closer to a presidential pardon, the paperwork is in place for donald trump to make the call on joe arpaio. it was a move joe arpaio appreciates. >> i was humbled, it was great, everybody said he would never talk about it that night but i know him. my heart told me he would talk about it and he did. >> he was convicted for failing to comply with the judge's order to stop anti-immigrant traffic controls.
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he plans to appeal. rob: texas voter id loss scrapped, the state legislature did not do enough to revise the law and make it less discriminatory towards minorities. the judge once more types of photo ids to the extent polling places, texas attorney general avowing to appeal this rolling saying they have the support of the justice department. rob: white nationalist wanted in the charlottesville rally is behind bars, christopher cantwell surrendering the university of virginia police for pepper spray and a man in the face. cantwell was featured in a news documentary on race and terror. the city of charlottesville covering the confederate statues that sparked the charlottesville rally were meant to honor counterprotest or have her debited heather heyer, a man cut it off saying it was a
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desecration. >> the city was so adamant why are we not having a public referendum and vote over this? >> this after city council voted to cover both monumental is a lawsuit to prevent the removal will be heard later this month. rob: an arrest in a possible terror attack targeting a concert in the netherlands, a friend terror attack. a suspect taken into custody, second man questions when police found him near the concert venue with a van that was cool of gas canisters. the california based band called off their show when spanish police contacted the dutch about the potential. a body found by malaysian authorities turning out not to be one of the uss john mccain's missing sailors. that leaves 5 that are missing today.
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the u.s. navy ramping up the frantic search days after one of our destroyer slammed into a tanker in the south china sea, then americans vanished, 5 have been identified. the second deadly incident in three months. heather: hit the coast of south china. strong winds, severe rain wreaking havoc in cities including hong kong. 50 people injured, 30,000 evacuated. you see cars floating down flooded streets just stuck there with some areas seeing more than a foot of water. >> check out harvey, now a tropical storm gaining strength. >> they prepare for the worst, filling sandbags and stocking up
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on supplies. >> janice dean is tracking. >> reporter: we are watching this, strengthening in the gulf of mexico, this time tomorrow we will be dealing with a hurricane but not the fact that it will become a hurricane, the big story is the potential for epic flooding in this region, inches of rain, two feet, even three feet of rainfall. there is tropical models consistent, you see what happens, this is a stalling out system. we could be dealing with days and days of inches of rain. we don't have any steering meaning nothing to push the storm upwards, northwards, eastward, westward. it will be stuck sitting across the texas coast, the louisiana coastline. hurricane watch is in effect for coastal texas. we will see these watches and
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warnings expand. look at the forecast rainfall, the legacy of the storm regardless of its category, hurricane or tropical storm. as we get into saturday a foot of rain and then it sits and stalls across big areas, millions of people across texas, tropical storm allison dumped 40 inches of rain, this could be a similar situation, a huge story affecting millions of people regardless whether it becomes a hurricane or not. it will be a hurricane but flooding could be catastrophic and life-threatening. rob: that area near houston inundated with rain last summer. >> this could be a disaster in the making. heather: someone in massachusetts waking up to $750 million this morning. one single winning powerball
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ticket sold outside boston. rob: we hope it is a huge group of people, $759 million is the jackpot sold at a convenience store, the second largest grand prize in us history. heather: here are your winning numbers, 6, 7, 16, 23, 26, powerball 4. if you live in massachusetts check your tickets and give us a portion if you are seeing the winning numbers and we are telling you. rob: the new face of isis, a 10-year-old american boy threatening donald trump. the white house is responding to this. heather: the brand-new listed demand from colin kaepernick's supporters. rob: google and walmart tearing up her to take on amazon as the online shopping site seals the deal. ehigher risk of stroke
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heather: he won't stand for the national anthem but crowds of protesters standing up for colin kaepernick to try to get him a job. [crowd chanting] rob: 1000 supporters rallying outside nfl headquarters in new york sending the head of the league a list of demands as the naacp requests to meet with him. heather: the latest on this this morning. >> reporter: more than 1000 protesters flocked to new york city accusing the nfl of racism. they say colin kaepernick is being blackballed for refusing to stand for the national anthem. a letter to roger caddell asks for a meeting to ask why the 21
2:16 am
remains unemployed, demanding the nfl prohibit players prohibit all the best political and social views from affecting their career. a task force to improve racial equality in the league. part of the letter reads, quote, it is indisputable that long-held racial beliefs are embedded in the fabric of the nfl and many of these beliefs still govern who makes it to the field. >> it is political when the police kill us. it is political when white nationalists act against us and it is political for the nfl not to give colin kaepernick a job. >> reporter: colin kaepernick's antics caring into the nfl preseason including white players and entire teams taking a need to stand up for colin kaepernick, social media is blowing the situation out of proportion. >> crazy this time we are living in, and the madness in silicon
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valley, google and facebook, the racial division they are driving intentionally and the rest of the american media is so addicted to silicon valley social media that we won't stand up and do the right thing. >> reporter: the nfl says they are aware of this and will respond when the timing is appropriate. what do you think of protest and demands made to the nfl? let us know on twitter at foxfriendsfirst and on facebook. rob: no rule says the team has to give you a job. there is no ban on colin kaepernick. of a team doesn't want to touch him, you have to pay someone $1 million to pay football. >> see if it impacts the league the way it did last year. heather: the ftc giving amazon the green light to buy whole
2:18 am
foods. rob: foxbusiness with what is next for this multibillion-dollar deal. >> reporter: the federal trade commission is giving amazon the go-ahead to continue its $13.7 billion deal to acquire whole foods. the fcc conducted an investigation to determine whether the merger would decrease competition under federal regulations and ultimately decided not to pursue it further. earlier in the day whole foods said its shareholders voted in favor of the deal so it looks like it is on close this year. heather: trying to team up against amazon, we have google and walmart. >> walmart, the largest's retailer in the world and google, the most popular search engine teaming up to take on amazon. shoppers will choose from hundreds of thousands of walmart product through the google express website which is google's online shopping place
2:19 am
including other retailers like target and costco. they will do that through the mobile apps or voice-activated google home which is like amazon echo. the partnership will be available to shoppers in late september. rob: what now for game of thrones? >> they are adding a special item for the game of thrones season finale airing this sunday. there it is, 1 pound of slow roasted meat but is game of thrones fans know, nothing comes without a catch. this is only available at nine different kingdoms across the nation. heather: pc police imagine this taking things to an outrageous new level, espn is you heard
2:20 am
yesterday pulling a sports commentator over his name, former new york jets river and michael faulkner joins us live up next. rob: what do you see when you look at the sonogram. the image one couple is calling a sign. ♪ who knew that phones would start doing everything?
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entertaining us, getting us back on track, and finding us dates. phones really have changed. so why hasn't the way we pay for them? introducing xfinity mobile. you only pay for data and can easily switch between pay per gig and unlimited. no one else lets you do that. see how much you can save. choose by the gig or unlimited. xfinity mobile. a new kind of network designed to save you money. call, visit or go to heather: welcome back. the decision to pull a commentator named robert leave from calling this weekend at uva football game has some viewers changing the channel. here to weigh in on the growing outrage, new york jets reverend michael faulkner, thank you for joining us. we have a huge response from our
2:24 am
viewers yesterday. i thought this was a joke when i heard the story but to find out it was true, what do you think? >> it is crazy, pc run amok. i am thinking about robert lee and i have a couple lawyers, civil rights lawyers i want to introduce him to because this is a clear violation of his civil rights. it is his name. it is not his job performance or what he did, not the content of his character, it is his name and it is associated with confederate general 150 years ago. nobody is concerned about robert e lee at a football game i can assure you. i played uva many times and they are worried about their opponents. espn's thoughts in this and our
2:25 am
thoughts as americans have grown so out of bounds with where we are and who we are as americans it is crazy. someone needs to tell espn reverse this and someone needs to talk to robert lee and say we got your back, stand up for your self, contact me and i have a couple lawyers who are ready to fire up their engines to help. heather: let's look at what espn had to say. they made a statement we collectively made the decision to switch games and it goes on, included in this statement, it is a shame we are talking about this. is is a shame. and espn is the one that started. >> if it is a shame to talk about it stop shopping -- talking about it. what is embarrassing to me this
2:26 am
is a major network. a major meltdown. heather: not the first time they were accused of being political. >> i hate the fact so much politics has come into sports. >> supposed to be a unifier. >> especially this college game. as a young man -- for them to be announcing at a major football game this is a big deal, his career, his name will forever be linked to the scandal that has nothing to do with him. heather: political correctness run amok and a violation of workplace ethics. >> workplace ethics. it is just crazy, it is nonsensical and robert, if you are watching, please give me a call because it is crazy.
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heather: really appreciate it and your energy. rob: i am running for office in new york city, i have got to be on. heather: thank you for joining us. rob: sanctuary city crackdown, the brand-new law taking effect in the lone star state not without a final burst of controversy and court battles. >> we have good people in our country. it was a special thing to do. rob: patriots come in all shapes and sizes but what these boys did should make you a proud american. ♪ i just snapped a photo and got an estimate in 24 hours. my insurance company definitely doesn't have that... you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance.
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rob: days are getting shorter and shorter. summer is slowly ending. good morning, you are watching "fox and friends" first. heather: thanks for sticking around with us. it is half past the top of the hour, donald trump is where we begin, back in washington after delivering back to back speeches urging the country to come together. rob: the wall street journal reports the white house will issue guidelines on the transgender military ban in the coming days. senior political correspondent mikey manual is in washington with the details this morning. >> reporter: donald trump has taken action to help veterans
2:32 am
seeking help for disabilities who are suffering with bureaucratic red tape at the va, he signed the bill in reno yesterday with veterans joining him on stage, the president spoke about helping those who have served with honor. >> we are here to draw inspiration as we seek to renew the bonds of loyalty that bind us together as one people and one nation. most importantly, they are all americans and they work together, fight together and sacrifice together to defend our magnificent home. >> reporter: the wall street journal reports the white house is expected to send a two page memo on how to implement a new ban on transgender people serving in the military. it is expected to give matus six month to prepare and death the defense secretary to consider
2:33 am
the pliability, the ability to serve in a war zone, the president signaled this policy change was coming in a series of tweets on july 26th. after consultation with generals and military expert please be advised the government will not accept or allow transgender individuals to serve in any capacity in the us military. our military must be focused on decisive and overwhelming victory and cannot be burdened with the tremendous medical costs and disruption the transgender in the military would entail. house democratic leader nancy pelosi ripped this move on twitter writing this is not how you keep americans safe, period. advocates estimate as many as 7000 transgender troops on active duty. heather: we will see what happens next. the white house condemning isis and its new face of terror, a 10-year-old american boy. the terror group releasing a new
2:34 am
propaganda video featuring a child threatening donald trump. the boy claims to be the son of a former us soldier who moved to syria. the child takes aim at our commander in chief saying, quote, this battle is not going to end in rocca or mosul but in your land. rob: the alleged sonic attack on diplomats in cuba, medical records show american suffering mild traumatic brain injury and central nervous system damage. the state department says this is unprecedented. >> what has happened is of great concern to the us government. this caused a variety of symptoms. i note have a lot to say about this. investigation is ongoing, and active investigation, multi agency. rob: the device operates outside
2:35 am
audible sound. cuba denying any involvement in this. heather: a major sanctuary city crackdown to fight illegal immigration as several of those cities are putting up a fight of their own. senate bill 4 limits law enforcement. several cities have sued the state arguing sb 4 is discriminatory. the attorney general filed a lawsuit asking to declare the law unconstitutional but was refused. rob: violent threats after writing a letter to the school's muslim students association asking them to condemn the recent terror attack in barcelona. since then the president of the republican club branded jones, says he has received several threatening messages, one telling him, quote, i hope you rot in hell, we are coming for you this week, watch your back.
2:36 am
heather: no room for god on the gridiron, a judge ruling in washington state, a coach about his head in prayer violated the constitution. a 3-judge panel ruling coach joe kennedy school district was justified in suspending him after he kneeled where students could see. in 2015 he said it was his right. >> i made an agreement with god that this was something i was going to do and give him the glory after every single game and do it on the 50. heather: the ruling states he was speaking of the public employee so the speech was not protected. rob: a popular summer tourist spot closed because of a shark sighting on the beach in cape cod, forced to shut down after this shark chomped down on a
2:37 am
paddleboard with a man riding on top of it, 30 yards offshore. the 69-year-old did not get it but was thrown from it and ended up inches from the shark. >> all of a sudden it was like getting hit like a guy on a bicycle getting hit by a truck. >> reporter: we don't know what kind of shark it was was one lawmaker with a new suggestion to keep sharks away from shore, to kill the sharks. heather: a shark that was too close. extreme weather, about 2 impact millions at home. harvey now a tropical storm and gaining strength. rob: people in texas set to evacuate as they prepare for the worst, stocking up on supplies. heather: janice dean tracking the latest path. serious stuff. >> really concerning, along the texas louisiana coastline, you
2:38 am
need to know if you are evacuating, know your evacuation zone, not only potential for hurricane in the next 12 to 24 hours but the fact this is going to stall, forecast models predicting it won't go anywhere for several days and that means epic rainfall on the texas coastline towards louisiana. the landfall we expect friday into saturday but if the storm lingers off the coast that means potentially flooding and catastrophic flooding, 20 inches plus not only for texas but louisiana. some forecast models saying perhaps three feet, maybe even 40 inches of rain. they cannot take that amount of rain and people need to take this very seriously. heather: continue to watch janice dean for the latest. rob: a couple says this sonogram proves they have a special person looking over their baby. heather: i don't see it but a
2:39 am
pennsylvania family says they see jesus in the picture. take a look. >> there is another face looking at my daughter. >> both parents say they are not religious but they believe this image is a sign from above especially after complications with two prior pregnancies. do you see it? we don't have very good monitors here. let us know if you think you see it. heather: it is 20 minutes until the top of the hour and flag hating colin kaepernick support is demanding he have a job before the start of the season. your comments pouring in on this one and we will share some of those next. >> my skin crawls, do you turn, look him in the eye and say loudly and clearly, back up, you creep? rob: hillary clinton avenue tell all has harsh words for donald
2:40 am
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to make even better coffee. all for a smoother tasting cup. green mountain coffee. >> he won't stand for the national and the protesters standing up for colin kaepernick trying to get him a job. [crowd chanting] heather: supporters rallying outside new york sending the head of the league a list of demands. >> and what our viewers tell us. >> more than 1000 protesters flocked to new york city, accusing the nfl of racism
2:44 am
saying he is being blackballed for refusing to stand for the national anthem. they sent a letter to roger goodell asking for a meeting to discuss why colin kaepernick remains unemployed and demanding the nfl take a stand against so-called racism in the league. actions have consequences, shows action and another on facebook commenting you can't force a business to hire a person who has embarrassed them. when viewer emailing a saying colin kaepernick made his bed, let him lie in it. he is not a hero, he's a disgrace to the nfl is america. as for those letters sent to roger goodell, keep an eye out for them. >> the commission he didn't do anything about this.
2:45 am
this is not his problem. they didn't ban colin kaepernick from being hired. nobody wants to hire him. >> maybe if he was a better player they would. rob: hard to find. thanks so much. heather: former fbi director james comey joining howard university as an endowed chair in public policy. he was controversially fired from his post by donald trump in may, a series of lectures at the historically black college in washington dc, he will get $100,000 for the job. he plans to donate the money to a scholarship fund. >> two little boys braving the rain to respect the american flag, a teacher at their florida elementary school capturing photos of the two safety patrol students taking down the flag, completing 13 folds of the flag, that is happening in the pouring rain. >> i felt it was the respectful
2:46 am
thing to do. >> we have good people in our country and we should all be good. rob: great kids, what a good start they have, the teacher posting the photos on facebook writing this is what respect looks like. heather: two stories that are polar opposites. let's see what is coming up on "fox and friends". >> coming up on "fox and friends," 14 minutes from now, former chairman of the oversight from committee, jason chaffetz, a bunch of stuff going on capitol hill, what is going on in the white house? controversial council of the president, kellyanne conway, michelle malkin and senator jeff flake, republican from arizona who as it turns out according to latest polls is down to a
2:47 am
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>> welcome back to "fox and friends" first, washington national cathedral entering the debate on confederate monuments because of this, church officials considering getting rid of two stained-glass windows featuring confederate soldiers, they plan to decide on the matter next summer but moving faster after the violence in charlottesville. they will let information about their history. first they wanted to replace a
2:51 am
confederate monument with missy elliott statue and now another popstar. ♪ i i am in love ♪ ♪ >> a new petition thinks pop princess britney spears is an inspiration to millions, the online request, replace all confederate monuments across new orleans with statues of louisiana native britney spears and it has gotten 6000 signatures. rob: hillary clinton releasing an excerpt from her upcoming book called what happened, packed with personal thoughts about donald trump and some of the key moments in that campaign. >> he was literally breathing
2:52 am
down my neck. my skin crawls. do you stay calm or do you turn, look him in the eye and say loudly and clearly, back up, you creep? rob: joining us is co-authored of shattered coming inside hillary clinton's doomed campaign, john allen, thanks for coming on this morning. so funny, she is so mad about this and here comes the book. >> we have only seen a small sampling so far. my understanding, and fbi director james comey for her defeat, hard to make a judgment, when they put up first. >> a complete lack of connection didn't help her win.
2:53 am
when you look at the dirt on both sides, both of these candidates, bloomberg would have run, would be a great chance to win because there was so much dirt on both sides. to blame it on comey and russia she is obviously angry, she had a soundbite, let's listen to that. very telling about how she portrays that night and how she feels she let everybody down. >> writing this wasn't easy. i knew millions of people were counting on me and i couldn't bear the idea of letting them down, but i did. i couldn't get the job done and i will have to live with that for the rest of my life. in this book, i write about moments from the campaign i wish i could go back and do over. if the russians could hack my subconscious they would find a long list. >> what do you make of that
2:54 am
soundbite? she feels like she let everybody down was she just mad that she didn't get where she wanted to be? >> on election night it hit her when barack obama called to make his consolation call and she not only fell she let herself down but let the democratic party down, felt she let the president down, she wasn't going to continue his legacy and let the country down. all those things are intertwined. i don't question her expositions that she felt she let people down. and she continues to. she may feel that way the rest of her life. >> i feel she feels sorry for herself more than anything and that was indicated when she did come out on election night and tell all those people that were
2:55 am
there -- it was all about her. why do you think this book will hurt the democrats? >> democrats i have spoken to were concerned this would continue to keep people focused on the election at a time donald trump has been struggling with a variety of things including an ability to get health care law passed and get tax reform done, in terms of dealing with current fit - confederate statues issue in protest around it so democrats, why are we going back to the 2016 election? hillary clinton is dragging us back. she has a right to write her memoir, this is a story that didn't stay in the news for very long. rob: thanks for coming on, we appreciate it. heather: did we find out what happened to the fireworks that were supposed to go off? time is 5 minutes until the top of the hour. 25 towns of crystal meth left inside a car and you will never
2:56 am
guess who is behind the wheel. rob: stuffing bottles of alcohol down her pants, we have that coming up. ♪ ♪ your body was made for better things than rheumatoid arthritis. before you and your rheumatologist move to another treatment, ask if xeljanz is right for you. xeljanz is a small pill for adults with moderate to severe ra for whom methotrexate did not work well. xeljanz can reduce joint pain and swelling in as little as two weeks, and help stop further joint damage. xeljanz can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections, lymphoma and other cancers have happened. don't start xeljanz if you have an infection.
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rob: time for the good, the bad, and the ugly. first the good. national waffle day. we are celebrating on the plaza. free waffles in new york city but have you got to earn them. find out how next.
3:00 am
heather: 13-year-old boy arrested for driving around meth. rob: police looking for booze bandit who stashed several bottles in her shirts, pants. heather: shirt says too gram to carry. thanks for joining us. >> president trump called for unity, patriotism and more unity for the veterans association. >> time for wounds that divide us. we are one people one home and one great flag. >> speaker ryan rejected president trump's plan to shut down government if democrats block funding for the border wall. >> i don't think government shutdown is necessary and i don't think most people want to see government shutdown. >> the wall is a monument to the rule of law. >> excerpts of hillary clinton's brand new audio law have finally been released. >> do you stay


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