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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  August 24, 2017 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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powerball is 13 miles outside of boston, i was quickly corrected. >> yang, from the controllers. >> thank you for being here. >> please come back. >> happening now dumb "happening now" starts right now. >> jon: any moment now, the winner of the largest jackpot will be announced, she will be joined by a woman who is now very, very rich, we will bring you there when the winter steps forward. >> jenna: lucky, lucky lady, but in the meantime, we are awaiting the first on camera white house briefing, for three weeks, just 90 minutes from now, sarah huckabee sander will take
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the podium, inside 1600 pennsylvania avenue. to >> jon: 's wide-ranging remarks over the last couple of days, he has both supporters and critics speaking out, we are covering all of the news, happening now. the clock is ticking to keep the government open, after president trump links building a border wall with government spending. and they are not convinced that that is how to strike a deal. also, the american people have to understand this is going to be something that goes on for a very long time. new reaction after president trump says that we will have an enduring outcome in afghanistan. plus, hurricane harvey, warnings are up for a potentially damaging storm. it is all on "happening now." growing at risk between a president trump and the republican leadership, lobbing some new attacks today, people
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he will have to rely on to enact his agenda, interesting times in washington. hello to you, welcome to the second hour, i am jon scott. >> heather: he is blaming them for putting congress on the brink of a potential fiscal crisis, he says "i requested that mitch and paul tie the bill into the va bill, which pass for easy approval, they didn't do it, so now we have a big deal as usual, it could have been so easy, now a mess." this as they worked to downplay reports that the majority leader and the president are on the outs. he is declining to directly address the attack this morning, but he doesn't says that he and the president are mostly on the same page. >> this new government, this
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administration, this house, and the senate is very oriented toward rural town america. this new administration in washington and this congress is interested in getting america growing again. i am a little concerned about some of the trade rhetoric, not only by the president he was succeeded by but the people who were running at, and i think that we still have a selling job to point out to most americans. that trade is a winner. >> jon: a another of the presidents favorite targets, jeff flake speaking out on "fox & friends." >> there are areas where i disagree with the president, has been good for arizona, i hope that we can modernize the agreement but keep it in place. on that trade in general, i
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don't think that we should have exited that partnership, we are going to need it to achieve conservative ends, we have to work with our colleagues across the aisle, and it tone means a lot. >> jon: all this is the white house prepares to hold its first on camera press briefing in weeks, it comes as the administration looks to enact new travel restrictions and the ban on transgender americans serving in the military. we have the latest from the white house, but we begin with "fox news sunday" anchor, chris wallace, so the interparty sniping goes on, the president isn't backing down from some of his attacks on senior senators in the republican party. >> yeah, and i got to say, look at, you can argue that he is right on the merits, you can favor his policies or those of the republican senate leadership, but on strategy, an
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awful lot of people here in washington, outside, inside, government, in media, are just scratching their heads because it doesn't seem to make a lot of sense, let me give you one example, the idea that he is going to put out there that he is willing to shutdown the government, the implication that he will refuse to sign a spending bill that will keep the government operating past as september 30th unless it includes money for the wall, there are a lot of democrats, almost all democrats say that they are not going to support that, some republicans are raising doubts about that, so is the president really saying that he would like the government shutdown over funding for the wall? you can argue on the merits of that, but it would be like putting a gun to your own head and saying if you don't do what i say, i am going to shoot. the only person you're going to hurt is yourself, and there is no question that if that happens, the president and the republican party, the house, the senate, and the white house, if
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the government shuts down, they are going to get blamed for it. >> jon: and past shutdowns have not gone to the benefit of the republicans on capitol hill. >> yeah, that's right, and you could argue that in some of those cases, maybe that was unfair because going back you had one or both houses of congress in the hands of congress, you had a democratic president, and it still ended up, you could argue this is media bias being blaming republicans, but there is no one else to blame, the republicans are in charge on both ends of pennsylvania avenue, they are going to own this if the government shuts down, a lot of people are asking why the president would set this marker out there when it would seem to put the republicans in jeopardy. what is going to end up happening is that we won't get to government shutdown, we also want to get full funding, we'll just do what congress does best witches gets a three month continuing resolution to kick the can down the road, keep the government operating, and ruin
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everybody's christmas. >> jon: we started this hour with the president's tweets, in which he said that mcconnell and paul ryan should have had it raised to a very popular va bill, he thinks that that would have passed handily, and they didn't do it, and that is part of the reason why he seems to be upset with them, is there anything wrong with a logic? >> here is the only thing that is wrong with that, it sort of begs the real issue, which is are you going to raise the debt limit, and this is on the that republicans -- a lot of republicans have demanded, in increases our ability to borrow money that we don't have, should there be some spending cuts? there are a lot of democrats who would not go over that, that was a very tough negotiation, that is how we ended up sequestered it during the obama years, and he didn't make it clear there, he is saying if we got the va bill, then i would have gone for the debt limit, if that is what he is saying, there are a lot of conservative republicans who
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wouldn't go along with him on that. >> jon: and a clean at debt limit is not palatable to a lot of people in the congress, maybe you can explain why. >> well, because of the fact that republicans see it as leverage, and they know that a lot of the establishments, a lot of the business community is -- the idea of defaulting for the first time in history, full faith and obligations of our debts would be very damaging to the economy and so they said we have to raise the debt limit, a lot of conservative republicans want to use the leverage of that to try to get some concession on spending cuts from democrats, and so a lot of conservatives -- some of the members of trump's most conservative base would oppose the idea of a clean it debt limit. >> jon: wall street is rattled by all of this. it is down a little bit today,
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the dow is. chris wallace, we will see you on sunday. >> heather: the trump administration is pushing for new travel restrictions against four countries for refusing to take back their deported nationals, we have this story from the white house. high, doug. >> high, heather, the state department in the trump administration now threatening to help some travel to four countries who are refusing to cooperate with the state department's policy on deportation. now these are for unnamed countries, they have not been named yet by anybody at the state department, whose own citizens have been designated for deportation, and they are refusing to read except their own citizens, a spokesperson told fox news today, i told the secretary of state he is having conversations with those countries, we want to bring those countries into compliance, not separately, on an entirely different issue, the administration is moving forward today with an outline of his transgender policy in the military, when that this was
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first announced last month, it's called to virtually everybody by surprise, the joint chief of staff had no idea that it was coming, the secretary of defense was alerted to it only 24 hours in advance, two weeks after that initial tweet by the president of the united states, he elaborated on it so much. is. >> in the transgender is in the military, they are working on it now, it has been a very difficult situation, and i think i am doing a lot of people a favor by coming out and it just a saying, as you know, it has been a very complicated issue for the military, it has been a very confusing issue for the military, and i think i'm doing the military a great favor. >> jon: and today we finally get some actual guidance from the administration on the transgender policy, it instructs the pentagon, it considers the deploy ability of current to transgender individuals, whether they should remain, stop
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spending on the surgery for those in the military, and it gives them six months to fully implement the ban. nancy pelosi, she made her feelings known with a tweet "this is not how you keep america safe." and lastly on an entirely separate issue, the administration is moving to undo obama's acts on the antiquities act, of a federal lands, expansion of federal lands, which many critics called a land grab it. the secretary of interior reading today "no president should use the authority under the antiquities act to restrict public access, prevent hunting and fishing, or eliminate traditional land uses, unless such action is needed to protect the object. bottom line here, today at the white house, a very, very busy day when it comes to undoing obama era regulations.
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back to you. heather. >> heather: i'm trying to keep track, i think you need to add one more. i'm just kidding. thank you very much, we appreciate it. >> my pleasure. >> jon: we have just learned that harvey is now a hurricane. the storm expected to slam into the texas gulf coast as a major hurricane, bringing nearly 2 feet of rain in some spots, hurricane warnings in effect as harvey gains strength before a projected landfall late tomorrow night or possibly early saturday morning. chief meteorologist is live in the fox extreme weather center. rick. >> hey, yeah i just updated to a hurricane the storm right now, winds up to 80 miles an hour, the storm is really strengthening quickly, and there is no reason to think that it will not continue to rapidly intensify, conditions are certainly all good fort at this point, i will show you in a second, this is the initial path, somewhere to the west of
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houston, keep in mind that these storms are not just little points, they are very big storms going in towards the landmass. it is also very warm, and that is the fuel that we need here, so there is no reason why we couldn't see it strengthening, even potentially a category four, these are some of our models, going in a straight line, ignore that one, towards the texas coast, then watch what happens after that, goes all the way towards tuesday, you see all of these things here, that is our big problem, one storm, we are going to have a storm surge, the other will be the prolonged period of rain across all of these parts of texas, texas has not seen a storm like this and probably about 47 years, that means this area that now has a lot more people living there has
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not experienced anything like this, it will cause incredible amounts of damage, we could potentially be seeing a lot of damage, we will still have it somewhere here and then in some spots, may be looking at a lot of rain across a wide area, people who won't have any place to go, that is why we are so concerned about the major threat. it >> jon: keep an eye on it for us. thank you. >> heather: and can you believe that it is actually been a quarter of a century since hurricane andrew, category five hurricane that hits them, it was the most destructive hurricane ever to hit florida, 44 deaths attributed to the storm in that state alone. it caused more than $25 million worth of damage and hundreds of thousands of people homeless. >> jon: i was living there at the time. >> heather: we don't want to see that again.
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>> jon: we are getting word of a possible shooter in a charleston, streets and a blocked off by police, more on this developing story after a quick break ♪
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if you sign up for better car replacement™, we'll pay for a car that's a model year newer with 15,000 fewer miles than your old one. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. >> heather: we want to bring you up to date on this fox news alert where we are getting confirmed reports of an active shooter in a charleston, south carolina, dispatch their confirming this incident has happened at 412 king street, that is in downtown if you are familiar with the area, specifically that is a restaurant known as virginia has, the suspect is described as a middle age man, witnesses say that he came from the kitchen area, he showed the gun, he said "there is a new king of charleston." we have no reports of any shots fired, we have no reports of injury, but we will continue to bring you updates on the story as we get it, once again, and
10:19 am
active shooter situation in a charleston, south carolina going on right now. >> jon: a fox news alert as we await an update on hurricane harvey, which could to strengthen into a powerful category three storm, folks along the texas gulf coast are now bracing for this monster, which is expected to make landfall late tomorrow or early saturday. joining us now, chief hurricane specialist at noaa's national hurricane center in miami. michael, hard to believe, it has been what, a decade since we have had a major hurricane hit the u.s.? >> yes, it has been a long time, since hurricane wilma in 2005. >> jon: so what are you warning people in particular about the storm? >> we are worried about through potentially life threatening hazards, the wind, you see harvey intensify very, very quickly today, it has now become a hurricane, and as it moves out to the northwest, we are
10:20 am
expecting it to strengthen further, and potentially reaching a intensity friday night or early saturday night, but we are also expecting life-threatening storm surges, in the area of port mansfield, under a storm surge warning, so that's it means there is a danger, and we expect six to 10 feet as harvey makes landfal landfall. and the other complicating factor for harvey is that once it makes landfall, it is going to move inland and a just meander around several days, early portions of next week, and that is going to lead it to extremely heavy rainfall, we could see rainfall values over a widespread area. >> jon: michael, i am sorry, we have breaking news. thank you. >> heather: and now we are
10:21 am
going to take you to the powerball jackpot winner, who is being revealed as a very rich, rich woman. a $759 million, the powerball winner coming forward in massachusetts. >> we are so excited that massachusetts has the powerball winner, there are such benefits to everybody, and of course, we are in shock and not in shaka, i think it still hasn't set in, i think if she had won a million dollars, she would have been very happy, and this is her mother and her sisters, and they came in from chicopee, massachusetts, as you heard me say before, the local retailer gets $50,000 has committed that money to charity, and massachusetts gets the tax revenue, and also, we generated so much from the excitement of the build up to the powerball, which we haven't seen in a year
10:22 am
and three quarters, but i am incredibly excited to introduce mavis to all of you and here is not the real track, come on ove over. >> down in front, please. >> there we go. >> >> are you all good? >> are you ready? let's go. [applause] >> you see for very smiling
10:23 am
people today here, don't you? so do you want to just say a few words? >> maybe you can just tell us how it happened. >> actually, i just happened to i just happen to find out, i was at work, and i just happen to walk out, and he said i bet nobody uses the numbers, it's his birthday, and i said it will never be me. i see these numbers, and i pulled mine out, and i said i have that, and he goes you just won. i said you were joking. i couldn't drive anywhere, i couldn't go anywhere, he followed me to make sure that i drove safely home. that is how i found out.
10:24 am
>> how did it feel? >> a colleague from work -- >> were you just there to buy the ticket or anything else? >> just to go in and say maybe it's me, maybe it won't be me, and i took a chance, a chance i had to take. actually i chose the numbers. >> how did you choose the numbers? >> my numbers were kind of basically random, birthdays, just whatever works, and then there is a thing between me and my mom and my stepfather, and i have a friend, we all go out to dinner on friday night, and our number is for. and i just happened to choose it. it worked to my advantage. it really did. >> can you tell us how you are feeling now?
10:25 am
when you realize that you are the big winner? >> last night, i didn't realize i had won. today i am still like this isn't true, this can be. and now it is like maybe i am a winner. and i am scared, but i will be okay. i am just coming down from all that. i just want to be alone and figure out what i want to do. >> have you thought about what you are going to do with all that money? >> the first thing i want to do is i just want to sit back and relax, i had a pipe dream. and it came early. i work at currently at a medical center, . are you still there?
10:26 am
>> i called and told them i would not be coming back. [laughs] >> i think you deserve some time to yourself. >> as you can all imagine, this is just something that people never anticipate happening in their lives, and so i spoke with mavis and her family and said we want to be inside supports as much as we possibly can, and i recommended that a lot of people will be coming at her in order to try to recommend all sorts of different things that she can do with her money, as many of you are aware, we have done a lot of financial literacy programs through the state treasurer's office, and the office of economic empowerment, it is currently focused on women, so we are standing ready to be supportive in terms of making sure that she and her family have the resources that they needed to make the best decisions for them.
10:27 am
and so, i think that is a really incredibly important piece, and that she gets the opportunity to enjoy this incredible pipedream and retire and take care of herself and her family, and then figure out what else she wants to do in her life, so i think this is a wonderful occasion, it is wonderful from massachusetts, it is wonderful for retailers, and it is a win-win-win. so thank you all for being here today. >> thank you. [applause] >> there she is, the winner of the second largest jackpot in u.s. lottery history, $758 million to one ticketholder, mavis wanczyk, who just quit her job this morning at the medical center where she has been working for the last 32 years. >> as you have been reading and seeing, we have seen tremendous
10:28 am
progress in the fight against terrorism. just over a month ago in iraq, they were liberated from the barbaric ruling class. we are stripping terrace of their territory at a record, the false allure of their ideology. >> heather: that was president of trump yesterday talking about taking the fight it to terrorists, the commander in chief vision for military involvement in afghanistan, thousands of u.s. troops expected to be deployed there soon in our country's longest running war. and it joining us now, congressman, a democrat from california, armed services committee and congressman walter jones, a republican from my home state, north carolina, sits on the armed services committee and on military personnel, thank you both very much for joining us. >> thank you. >> so the war in afghanistan has
10:29 am
gone on for 16 years nearly, we have lost more than 2200 service members, thousands have been wounded, over the years, as wel well, and representative jones, you think that the president overstepped his bounds here? >> yes, i do, and he made a promises to him before he was sworn in that he would look seriously as at not staying in afghanistan, and he is not making his promise to the american people, and i tell you, i have a marine base in my district, i know many of the marines, i know the former, don's, who has been my unofficial advisor for five years in afghanistan and then in a recent email, he said afghanistan is unwinnable. it is a tribal nation, it is a country, a tribal country, with a multitude of tribes, they have
10:30 am
been fighting for years, and we are not going to do one thing to change it, and i'm very disappointed that the president of trump is following the existing policy that is a failed policy. >> heather: so as a result of this, you have introduced the two of you the bipartisan legislation that says that you would ban further funding for operation when afghanistan after one year unless congress debates and passes legislation specifically about military operations there. >> exactly right, it is the 2001 authorization of the force that is for the continuation of the afghanistan war. we have gone 16 years, we have seen the situation actually deteriorate in the last year and a half, for reasons that walter just cited, this is a country that has never had a unified government, the inquisition of
10:31 am
an american-style democracy was foolish to begin with, and it has become a foolish thing, the president in his statement a couple of days ago did not to lay out a clear and articulate a clear goal as to why we are there, and certainly no clear strategy, he did talk about tactics, it is more troops, but not a strategy to deal with the real problem that exists in that country, which walter so carefully and correctly pointed out. >> heather: well, we do appreciate both of you coming out today, we have had some breaking news today, we invite you to come back, we would certainly love to have you back on to talk about this little bit more, but in the meantime, thank you very much, and will talk to you later. >> jon: at democrats playing offense at head of midterms next year, but will president trump's appeal to blue-collar workers appeal to republicans dominic blue-collar workers? is all of this criticism of the press fare?
10:32 am
we will break it all down.
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they always refer to me as master sergeant. they really appreciate the military family, and it really shows. we've got auto insurance, homeowners insurance. had an accident with a vehicle, i actually called usaa before we called the police. usaa was there hands-on very quick very prompt. i feel like we're being handled as people that actually have a genuine need. we're the webber family and we are usaa members for life. usaa, get your insurance quote today. >> the very dishonest media, those people right up there with all the cameras. [boos] >> so the -- and i mean truly dishonest people in the media and the fake media, they make up stories, they have no sources in many cases, they say a source,
10:36 am
there is no such thing, but they don't report to the facts. >> heather: well that's was president of trump attacking the media on tuesday nights, the comments followed by the president's remarks yesterday in reno, nevada, which many people say it struck a different tone. early today, the president tweeted about it, "the fake news is now complaining about my different types of back-to-back speeches, well, there was afghanistan, somber, the big rally, enthusiastic, dynamic, and fun, and the american legion, va, respectful and strong, too bad the democrats have no one who can change home." fox news media analyst, and what do you think we would be having this discussion if it was someone else in the white house, do you think this is fair? >> well, donald trump has totally changed the rules, he can take whatever tone he wants that whatever appearance, that's
10:37 am
fine, no the anti-media attacks that we saw at the phoenix rally, his base love that, and at the same time, some of the commentary afterwards, anchors on his cnn and msnbc, calling him unhinged, suggesting that he might have dementia or be a sociopath, so over-the-top that is kind of feeds into the presence criticism. >> heather: yeah, and so disrespectful, i was reading an article, i don't know where it was, but they actually put a portion of the president speech, this is what he did say, and then this is what he should have said, so it is amazing, they are telling him what his tone should've been, what he should have said, but at the same time, he did it deflect a little bit from the charlottesville situation, at least temporarily. >> writes, but by that very token, the president single-handedly revived charlottesville as a story, which we are still talking about now, starting to fade, and whether you think that he handled that right or not, it was politically damaging for him
10:38 am
with all of the followed, i also think that the president went a little bit too far with the fake news and look at the cameras and all of that, when he said that many journalists don't like their country, with the attack line, when i think he does that, he is not to winning any new converts among those who are not supporters of the present. >> heather: yeah, in terms of that and being put on a defensive posture, i think that's, it seems like it president trump or then candidate trump was always leading the media, we are following him, he would bring something up and then we would follow that up, that would be the big story next week, but this time around, he is kind of on the defense. >> in this particular instance, i would say so, he is trying to regain the upper hand, but to the media didn't invent the fact that after charlottesville, business executives quit, the other thing that the president did was he change the story from just 24 hours earlier when he
10:39 am
gave which was widely considered a good speech on afghanistan, a serious speech about war and sending troops, and that might have continued as a story, but he felt compelled to defend himself, to go back to the controversy about charlottesville and the coverage. >> heather: so the first briefing in nearly three weeks, it will be played at 2:30 this afternoon, eastern time, what you expect to hear, and why do you think it has been three weeks? >> he has been on kind of a working vacation in his new jersey golf club, he has been traveling, that is traditional when the president travels, and the west wing has been closed for renovations, but sarah huckabee sanders goes before the podium, i am sure that she will get some tough questions about afghanistan, charlottesville, any other controversy, she is actually bringing back the televised briefings, especially after labor day, sean spicer had all but abandoned them, but i think at least for now, the press office and sarah seem committed
10:40 am
to doing most of these briefing briefings. so that's means that the show is back for cable news. >> heather: it is back, and it will have the ratings with that, people are watching, thank you so much for joining us, we appreciate it. have a great day. >> you too. >> jon: democrats hoping to win back key areas, he is seeing some support in usually blue districts, that is the case in iowa's first congressional district, we are live from cedar rapids. >> john, iowa prides itself on being the place that politicians have to visit years before an election, but now the democratic party chairman is telling us that it wasn't until after 2016's election that it democrats here got excited and guts motivated, and now they are trying to turn -- or rather tightly republican congressman, rada, he won here after obama it
10:41 am
twice. >> he showed a tremendous support for donald trump, i think that is going to be in our favor. he went all in. and he has been at all of the trump events, and i think people are going to be disappointed that he is aligned with donald trump and really not aligned with the people of iowa. >> but we talked to congressman, and he doesn't think that that hurts him here. >> he appeals especially to blue-collar people, and he appeals to them, much like ronald reagan's, it resonates with that the middle-class working and urban families, and i think that is one of the reasons for my success. >> this is a district that voted for obama twice, then trump, then the congressman who
10:42 am
challenged congressman blum said she knows why. >> i think that to the democratic party did a very poor job saying that they care about the people in this district, they did a poor job of saying we are here to fix the problems in your life. and it trumps message of i am going to make america great again, and i am not taking these super pacs. but they have it listed this district as one of their top targets for the 2018 midterms, they think that voters here can be convinced to swing back to their side again. >> jon: thank you. we told you earlier in the hour about an active shooter situation in charleston, south carolina, we are on the news deck with more. >> john, the locals are describing this now is a bit of a hostage situation, it is a very strange thing, we have live pictures coming out of there, they are a little rocky sometimes, but we want to give
10:43 am
you a look, if you have been to charleston, the main tourist street, there is shopping, restaurants, king street, this is where this is, and it is a restaurant called the virginia has on king, the story from local witnesses and the media is this, a man who is dressed like a kitchen cook, an african-american man in his 50s came into the back of the restaurant, and according to witnesses, he said there is a new sheriff in town, or alternately, i am the new king of charleston, he had a weapon, he was described as an active shooter situation, police are saying gets back, we don't want anyone else getting shot here, which leads us to believe that someone was getting shot, but they have not told us that officially, they say that there are no more hostages inside, he took his weapon, sense them all to the back of this restaurant, where apparently there were a couple of exits, a number of people escaped out the back, we were told, some crawling on their hands and knees, according to local witnesses there, one of those people who crawled up
10:44 am
saying i did not want to give him a clean shot, it is sounding like a disgruntled worker situation, but there are hostages, the police have not come forward to say anything in particular, except to warned of this active shooter situation, they say that the visitors bureau is on alert, the mayor is now there, a number of businesses are on lockdown at this moment as well, we are keeping an eye on this, we are waiting for something official from police, and when we get it, we'll take you there live, but for now, the news continues right after this. >> jon: all right, shepard smith, thank you, we will certainly keep you updated on that situation, what could be a hostage situation, as the day progresses.
10:45 am
>> jon: so, you have heard there is some dispute in washington over the border wall, president trump promised during the campaign, especially how to pay for it, and whether there is some kind wall funding bill will be attached to an effort to try to pay for it or lift the debt ceiling in this country, that is one of the controversies of the moment, arizona senator jeff flake has been taking some heat from the president, the president has called a flake "weak" on borders, joining us now, leslie marshall, fox news contributor and syndicated radio show host, and the president of the sutherland institute, boy, do you think that's the president wins this battle, and effect? >> i think he does in the end, partially because i don't think that he has to get this done in september, i think the bases
10:46 am
going to give him a long leash, knowing that he is draining the swamp and trying to deal with washington as usual, but i think that the republicans, i think senator mcconnell in particular is underestimating what the president is going to do agendawise, they are used are typical politicians who look at their approval ratings as political capital, so if they have high ratings, they do big thing, if not small things, president trump doesn't care about that, he is going to do his agenda, regardless of what people say, so that is going to create some interesting pressure and to a lesser degree the house. >> jon: it take a listen, this is the president firing up the crowd on the border wall tuesday in arizona, and then paul ryan's response after. listen. >> we are building a wall on the southern border, which is absolutely necessary. >> now the obstructionist democrats would like us not to do it, but believe me, we have
10:47 am
to close down our governments, we are building that wall. speak i don't think that most people want to see a government shutdown, ourselves included, and congress in the house has already done its work on this issue, there are very legitimate problems and concerns with the border that need to be addressed, the house already has passed funding for border security, including building physical barriers like a wall in the places where it is necessary. see when he promised it during the campaign, there was probably no issue that was more prominent, and it got him elected, why should he not push to build a wall? >> well, first of all, when he pushed, as you know, was that he would have a wall built along the entire border, and that mexico would pay for it, so he is already flip-flopping on that, obviously, that was rhetoric and a promise that was never going to be fulfilled, speaking of it, it is never going to be fulfilled, you heard speaker ryan, and you also heard
10:48 am
when you look at the interviews with those in the border patrol, that's there are certain areas that you need more policing and more security than others, lives in southern california, we have the largest percentage of undocumented workers, it is also one of the largest points of entry, along with texas and arizona, and quite frankly, the walls and defenses that we have and have had have not been very successful, additionally, the cost to do this, not just to build it, but to staff it, to maintain it, this is going to be -- financially virtually impossible, and it to hold the country hostage, i think is going to hurt the republican party, and we may see some republicans in jeopardy and the midterms as a result. >> jon: he said that his base is going to give him a longer leash on this, but you have seen his popularity numbers, is a trunking in your opinion? >> i don't think it is really shrinking all that much, it is going up and down just a little bit, but i think the point is writes that what is going to happen is that is going to force
10:49 am
an important discussion about immigration, and that is a critical issue for the country, it is one that both democrats and republicans have raised billions of dollars for their republican campaign, i still believe that we could solve a lot of immigration and an afternoon on the floor of the house on the senate, but it is both political parties, and the strident voices on both sides that are keeping us from having the conversation, that will get done with the american people want, whether it is all wall or fences or drones, there is a lot of that that is already covered and ready, but we have to change the dialogue it, we have to change the conversation, and that is going to be the critical thing, come september. >> jon: we know that attempted border crossings are way down under the trump administration, do you think the american people like that? >> while they like it, but it is not just under the trump administration, we are at the low level in a decade, and certainly he has not been president for even a year at
10:50 am
this point, so we look at one of the reasons, and actually, it correlated with our economy, when you had less jobs, that carrot dangling, less people coming north from the south to fill those positions, and quite frankly, we are seeing a very difficult time in filling those, but you are right, illegal immigration is at its lowest level in approximately a decade, so one of the reasons that people voted for the president, if they voted for him about this wall was a concern about security and that we are not seeing the influx of those individuals and quite frankly, whether it is charlottesville or terrorism, that is not coming through a wall, and we have to remember, a wall is built to keep people out, it also can keep people in. >> jon: we have to say good-bye, thank you very much. >> thank you, john. speak to the controversy over confederate monuments now moving to a different city, we have a live report next.
10:51 am
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10:54 am
>> heather: we have an update for you, this is a live look at this active shooting situation going on in charleston, south carolina, this is a long an area frequented by tourists with shops and restaurants, it is called king street, a statement from the mayor, he said it was not a hate crime or active terrorism, it was a disgruntled employee, they are saying that one person has been shot and taken to the hospital, and that one person is being held hostage, the gunman is still inside, and negotiations are underway, so once again, it is not a terror situation, a disgruntled employee, this active shooter situation, we'll continue to follow it for you.
10:55 am
but now we are going to go to lexington, kentucky, now part of the controversy surrounding it confederate monuments, they want to remove two civil war statues, which some may believe may prompt some trouble. we are live in kentucky with more on that. high, matt. >> high, heather, as they were winding down, some of the white nationalist protesters began saying that's they were going to adhere to lexington, kentucky, to protest the removal of the two confederate statues behind me, and now the lexington herald newspaper is reporting that one of the leaders of that group says that they will host an unannounced rally here in protest of removal of the confederate era statues, the court said that adding to the tension here, the chief of police said that officers will make arrests if necessary, and in general, people here have very strong mixed opinions about removing the statues. >> i just think that we have
10:56 am
lived with them where they are for so long, and i just don't think we can erase our history, i don't want to move them. >> leaving these confederate statues in a public plazas has silently fueled haze. hate in this country, hate in this commonwealth, and hate that this counsel is obligated to denounce. >> heather: well, we lost match there, but he is reporting life for us in lexington, kentucky, john. >> jon: we are awaiting the start, the first one on camera in weeks, we will take you there life, once we begin. definitely doesn't have that... you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance.
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>> jon: at that sound you hear right now is all of those people pounding on that one door in massachusetts, looking for a handout. >> heather: i heard she wants
11:00 am
to share some with you. >> jon: i doubt it. thanks for joining us, america's news headquarters starts right now. >> breaking news anna fox at this hour, sarah sanders is step to take the lectern inside the white house press briefing room, this is the first on camera briefing since august the second, and there is a lot of ground to cover, we will go to the white house in just a momen moment. >> harris: also breaking and developing right now, police at the scene of an active shooter situation in a downtown charleston, south carolina, officers are surrounding an area near a restaurant, a gunman reportedly was there, we are live with the latest. >> a restaurant on king street, called virginia's, an african-american man in his 50s came out with a gun and said "there is


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