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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  August 24, 2017 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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yeah, my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. what?! you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. >> neil: fox on top of two big storms barrelling down. harvey and a category one storm charging towards texas. could be a category three when it hits land. the other storm more the political variety. the battle brewing between the president of the united states and the senate boss, mitch mcconnell. the president not backing off despite my advice -- i don't know how that goes, but it's going. john roberts from the white house on how we got here. john? >> the president told me specifically this afternoon, neil, that had you not weighed in, he probably would have made a different decision. no, it's what we've gotten used to from this president that as people around him say oh, there's no problem here, everything is nice, nothing to see, the president pulls the pin
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on a hand grenade and throws it in there. tweeting it about mitch mcconnell. he said the on problem with mitch mcconnell is hearing about repeal and replace for seven years and nothing happening. sarah huckabee sanders said everything is fine, the relationships with great between the white house and congress that they have a shared agenda, that they're going to move forward on. listen to how she put it. >> i can tell you the president continues to be committed to repealing and replacing obamacare and making sure that america has good healthcare and the healthcare that they deserve. >> but given what happened before the august recess, does he really have a chance of getting it through? >> look, we're committed to continuing to make sure that we have the best healthcare we can. if we can do that in that direction, that is great. if we can, we need to look for other ways to make solutions. >> sarah huckabee sanders replying to a question that i put to her because i had heard
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from white house officials that in the meeting that he had with the senate majority leader, when congress comes back, the president will say to mitch mcconnell, i want you to take another swing at repealing obamacare. while the president said the only problem that he had with mitch mcconnell on obamacare, his tweet would suggest there's other problems as well. not just with mitch mcconnell but paul ryan as well. he said that i requested that mitch mcconnell and paul ryan tie the debt ceiling legislation into the popular v.a. bill. they didn't do it. so now the dems are holding us up on debt ceiling. could have been so easy. now a mess. and a town hall that paul ryan in boeing, he said i've got a plan to increase the debt ceiling and i'm fully on board with the president's agenda. listen to how he put it.
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>> we're in constant contact on a shared agenda. if the president succeeds, the country succeeds. >> there's another point on where the president may have a disagreement with, paul ryan saying that he wants to get tax reform done by the end of this year, but this morning talking to the country ham breakfast folks at the kentucky farm bureau, mitch mcconnell said he's going to get tax reform done by the end of this congressional session, which doesn't end until january of 2019. the president may have something to say to him about that on timing. >> neil: you said it right. one of the things i'm reading, following he's crumbs, you have mitch mcconnell, as far as i know, against anything tied or pegging a debt ceiling hike, very much against doing
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something on the wall, that that would be a waste of time. even the other day, criticizing the idea of fake news by saying most of the news that he received is not that way. so is this ill will between the two more than either is letting on? >> i think you have a battle of wills going on here. you have a president this has no shortage of will and a senate majority leader who has been there a long, long time and who knows, maybe longer than the presidents in the white house, depending on the outcome of the 2020 election and they have different ideas on how things should happen. mitch mcconnell said this morning at the breakfast, he says being the majority leading is like being the ground keeper at a cemetery. you're on top of everybody but nobody is listening. >> neil: you know, you covered lots of presidents. do you know -- they're all quiet and nasty fights on the side. but this is quite public and
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this is intraparty. what is going on here? anything like it? >> the bottom line is, the president thought mitch mcconnell should have gotten the repeal through. he's looking at the senate saying you've been promising for seven years. when the rubber meets the road when you can do something about it you don't? he's upset at this. that's why as i said, he's going to tell the senate majority leader when they meet in early september, i want you to take one more swing at it. it's not just so they get the extra pot of money for tax reform, but the president believes a lot of americans, his constituents, are being hurt by the lingering problems with october and he wants to change it up. >> neil: all right. thank you. i want to go to harlan hill. i tell people, whether you like the president or not, whether you like mitch mcconnell or not, this is not a good environment to stick to any timetable to get this done.
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what have you heard? >> it's unacceptable. we have mid-terms coming up. frankly, americans are suffering. the president's frustrated. his loyalties do not lie with the republican party. he's execute add hostile take over of the republican party. his loyalties lie to the american people who he made a promise to to repeal and replace obamacare. he's been sitting there. he's said repeatedly that i'm in the oval office ready to sign legislation. i'm ready. the president is ready to do his party. people on the hill, whether it's in the house or the senate are not. this is a real problem. it's abdicating their responsibility to come forward with real solutions that they were sent to washington to implement. >> neil: they argue that the president is not doing his part. he wasn't helpful on the healthcare thing. he hasn't spelled out his ideas on tax cuts or what he would want to see. so they quietly point the finger back at him, not publicly as he does at them. regardless, i don't see the
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differences easing. >> i mean, ultimately the president has said that he's flexible. he's laid out a frame work for both tax reform and healthcare reform. for bills that he's willing to sign that are compatible with his platform that he ran for in 2016. so the president is probably one of the more flexible political players in washington. ultimately he cannot hold their hand on the hill as they're writing this legislation or rather not writing this legislation. so i mean, unless he wants -- they want to invite the president down to capitol hill to start drafting legislation, let's start having a debate on this. at this point, on the hill, we're not even having a debate on these solutions. that's a real problem. >> neil: all right. so you're in the camp that the president has done nothing wrong and publicly tweeting nasty things about the leadership is a constructive development. >> he's holding their feet to the fire. you have to deliver for the american people or we're going to start firing republicans. >> neil: let's say that happens. it burdens the president as well, right? not only do they lose their
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majority within a nano second of the democrats coming in, repeachment hearings will come in. >> i'm not saying replace them with democrats. >> neil: but that would be the result, right? >> i highly doubt that. there's tens of millions like me that don't consider -- >> neil: do you feel it's constructive for the president to go after a primary replacement for senators like jeff flake that challenge him, question him? is that constructive knowing that it could likely yield a democratic senator, a pick up there? what does does it make at this point? >> neil: in january it makes a big difference. senator flake is not the president's cup of tea. there's many senators that would agree with that. neither is he for them. but he's in better shape with a guy with an r in front of his name than someone with a d. >> jeff flake is not writing legislation. he's against the border wall. he's as bad as democrats. >> neil: more of a yes vote on tax reform than any democrat.
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>> here's what it's going to come to. you can field good people that are more compatible with the president to challenge these people. the only problem that i see is that there's not a infrastructure in place aligned with the president's agenda outside the white house. as i was about to say, the president executed a hostile takeover of the republican party. but unfortunately, much of the establishment that were never trumpers are still running the party. he's got to replace these people in order to effectively remake the party in his image. that hasn't been done yet. >> neil: all right. we'll see. harlem hill. following another storm right now, hurricane harvey. it's no longer tropical storm harvey, barrelling towards texas. i'm telling you, whether injury in the path of this potential monster or not, because they're saying it could be a category three hurricane by the time it hits lands, you will be
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>> neil: all right. as harvey hunkers down, we're seeing a lot of energy and related companies beginning to barrel up here and prepare for the worst. we're going to get into details in a second. the latest on what could be a monster of a storm with rick reichmuth. you've been tracking this. what can you tell us? >> we have a hurricane right here. by the time this merged over the yucatan, quickly it strengthens again. there's not a lot of distance between her and the coast of texas. that's why we have not had a long time for warning. the environmental conditions are ripe for continuing intensification. we have a category one hurricane, continues to pull up to the northwest here. the official forecast bringing this to a strong category three hurricane, a major hurricane, before it moves on shore. not out of the question that
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this could be a category four storm. we're talking about all of the things that come with a hurricane. a storm surge, strong winds. this is a very kind of low-lying flat shelf here. the storm surge will be exacerbated and that water goes farther inland. the problem is, once the storm gets here, the models go zigzagging crazy there because it gets blocked by high pressure from the north and can't go anywhere. we're talking about five days of rain all here across eastern parts of texas and louisiana. want to point this out. this is the european model, a model that we like and trust a lot. victoria texas, 31 inches of rain. the american model, these are the two main ones that we look at, a lot of areas, maybe well over a foot of rain and go even farther inland. if you're thinking of evacuating, which you need to be doing now, where do you go?
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if you drive a couple hundred miles inland, you'll see spots with over a foot of rain and intense flooding. figure out where you can get far enough inland in order to protect yourself from this. in the short term, we have waters that are very warm and all of the ingredients are there for continued strengthens. that's why we expect to see this strengthen. we're talking about a landfall in 36 hours. somewhere around that for now. >> harris: conditions getting worse throughout the day tomorrow. today is the day to get the preps down. neil? >> neil: thanks, rick. the same can be said for this next gentleman, keeping a very close on a pretty busy start for the hurricane season. joe bastardi. what do you think we're looking at here? >> i mailed you back sunday and monday saying this would be a huge event.
1:16 pm
we said the major hurricane drought would end this year and b, storms would intensify as they got closer to the coast. it's an interesting pattern and it's not unlike what we saw in 2004, for instance, where we saw storms coming to the coast. they wouldn't be out in the middle of the atlantic and develop later in their life. this is hitting towards corpus christi. it will be a strong four. the last time corpus christi was hit by a major hurricane, 1970. it went from a category one to a cat four in 24 hours. this is not unusual to see this. camille went from a depression to a category five in 36 hours. the cap comes off and these systems are like machined. once they're well-tuned, they're off to the races. we think that this will hit near corpus christi, make a tight
1:17 pm
loop and come back out over the water. here's where it goes from being a severe storm to what could be a catastrophic event further northeast. you have all the rain. if that track remains out over the water, when it loops back out, it means that hurricane conditions will rake the entire texas coast all the way to southwest louisiana and the island of galveston is really -- put this on a blog yesterday. galveston usually gets hit from the southeast. this system coming from the southwest, we're moving up the texas coast, drives the storm surge into galveston, a sea wall will help out and stop it in the city. but in the meantime, water is piling back into galveston bay, folks. tremendous rains are helping to enhance the height of the bay. if the storm goes by, the wind turns to the north and galveston could be flooded from the bay side. that is something that i'm
1:18 pm
worried about. something that i've always wondered about, why it hasn't happened. this is a storm that could do it. my advise for folks here is to not take this lightly. a lot of people live in texas. i lived in texas in the 60s. i go down there all the time. people are hurricane weary down there. they know what the storms can do. so when you look at what we're looking at around houston, the kind of rain you got with allison, except stronger winds, not a strong as ike. what you're seeing along the coast let's say from galveston, towards beaumont, port arthur, a hurricane hugging the coast offshore, still intense a major hurricane or becoming a major hurricane again that is something that people have not department with and is a type of situation that could develop unprecedented event. we want people to be conscious of that. okay? >> neil: very good words of
1:19 pm
advice. joe bastardi on this. we're getting word from exxon mobil that they're shutting down a platform outside of galveston. this accounts for 10% of the oil production in the gulf of mexico out of an abundance of caution, this is oil and gas rig city. so many of them here. normally these guys shut them down ahead of that, which will directly affect the price. so this gets back to what we were sayinger will ier. even if you're not in that neck of the woods, you'll feel the impact. we are live saturday morning on the natural and the economic impact of all of this beginning at 10:00 a.m. eastern time on fox news right through noon. we're on top of that with the texas governor abbott already declaring a state of emergency in some 30 counties and talking to the former fema director, michael brown on how you prepare for a catastrophe.
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all of this on the anniversary of a big, big storm, hurricane andrew. we'll have more after this. what powers the digital world. communication. that's why a cutting edge university counts on centurylink to keep their global campus connected. and why a pro football team chose us to deliver fiber-enabled broadband to more than 65,000 fans. and why a leading car brand counts on us to keep their dealer network streamlined and nimble. businesses count on communication, and communication counts on centurylink.
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>> neil: all right. the president has already said, deliver the goods. move fast even if it means publicly going after their leader, mitch mcconnell. i want to go to chad pergram crunching numbers and discovered something. republicans could get some odd help from an unlikely source. good to see you, chad. explain. >> here's the thing. it always comes down to the mathematics in the house and senate. bob menendez is on trial in early september from new jersey. he's against changing obamacare.
1:24 pm
you start to get with the math here because the judge in his case in new jersey has indicated that he wants the senator there. most defendants want to be there for their trials. make a good impression on the jury. so they're not giving him any excuse to appear al his trial. obviously if there's votes called on the debt ceiling or keeping the government open or the government shut down, he wants to be here in washington d.c. so senator mendez may have to make key decisions. think about how they were one vote away on healthcare back in july. you can see a scenario that you get down to 50-49. it's easier to change the votes of two senators rather than three senators. you can also see a scenario where it gets down to 49-49 depending on the health of john mccain, the republican senator from arizona who has been out for a brain tumor here. that is why the mathematics is so interesting. a 49-49 vote would potentially mean a tie vote and bring in
1:25 pm
vice president persons and get healthcare back on track. they're concerned about the rights of senators, even if you're on trial, even if senator mccain is away for health. if senator menendez is convicted, we would expect him to leave the senate. a big if here. you've only had 15 senators ever expelled. that could change the math as well. >> neil: it depends on when he would leave. for the timing until next january, chris christie is the governor and would appoint a republican. that could change after the election if it was pushed afterwards, right? >> absolutely. that's why they're looking at the math here. we're expecting the trial to last six to eight weeks. depends on what the verdict would be. last tinkered with idea of expelling a senator in 1995. it takes 2/3s to kick somebody
1:26 pm
out. >> neil: the washington times is reporting, chad that congress is going to likely miss the september deadline for the spending bills. paul ryan seems to agree that is a distinct possibility. the reason why i mention it, the debt ceiling thing, the spending thing, pushes further back tax cuts that we clearly heard mitch mcconnell say there is a promise they're going to keep but in this congress, not this year. where is this going? >> the more they get into if warfare between president trump and taking on mitch mcconnell who is public enemy number 1 in his eyes, paul ryan, the further they get away from dealing with the agenda, which is tax cuts. they don't have much time here. i'll tell you who holds the cards here are the democrats. they have talked about potentially attaching a censure resolution for exchange for their votes. another thing that they have talked about right here in statuary hall, the u.s. capitol,
1:27 pm
saying why don't we give rid of the confederate statues in the u.s. capitol? behind me over my right-hand shoulder here, you have jefferson davis, the president of the confederacy. two other statues tied to the confederacy. alexander hamilton stephens is 30 feet in that direction. toward the back of the room is joseph wheeler a confederate general that fought for the confederacy and became an american general. his uniform is a confederate uniform. they do change the statues from time to time. a statue to the other side close to where jefferson davis is from ohio. it's now thomas edison from ohio. they change that. it was william allen before. one of the reasons that the ohio fathers wanted to get rid of william allen is because he opposed lincoln and had controversial views on race.
1:28 pm
>> nancy pelosi, who had been there on capitol hill for like decades -- >> 1986. >> neil: sure. did she not notice these statues before she was starting to yell at republicans for removing them? >> the main issue, this issue didn't rise to the fore until you had the shooting -- >> neil: i understand that but all of a sudden this rage. >> again, former senate majority leader harry reid said they ought to get rid of one of the nevada statues, pat mccarran. he was a raise baiter and he said to me when this issue came up, they said they could ditch pat mccarran, too. >> neil: you're an encyclopedia. >> and mccarran international airport in las vegas. >> neil: you're the best. thanks, chad. i'm telling you, scary smart. the guy i was cheating off of in school. here's the jump the shark moment in this whole statute thing.
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>> neil: we're going to get an undate on hurricane harvey in 30 minutes. an update as well on how high the storm surge could get. we are back in 60.
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>> the media, corporate media, totally afraid of social media, totally afraid of twitter backlash and making all kinds of decisions based on how will twitter respond? if you understand twitter and how far left it is and how it's controlled by silicon valley and northern california and san francisco, the people on the far left extreme, that is what is driving the decision-making of so many media executives and so many members of the media. >> neil: is that why broadcaster robert lee is not going to broad christmas the december 2 game of virginia and william and mary? i was surprised that robert lee was mistaken for robert e. lee. i was extra surprised that william and mary had a football team.
1:34 pm
but nothing about political correctness here. is it out of bounds? herman cain that joins us. what do you think of this? >> well, neil, first, i have to stop laughing. i totally agree with mr. whitlock that this has gotten totally in the crazy zone. now, twitter might have a lot of power and a lot of influence, that's the strength of twitter. but espn showed its weakness by succumbing to what they thought twitter would do if they allowed an asian guy to broadcast a football game who happens to have the name of robert lee. i got a question for you, neil. what should we do about sheila jackson lee who is a u.s. congresswoman? okay? do we call her representative sheila? look -- >> neil: don't get me started on the civil war and herman cain.
1:35 pm
go ahead. >> let me ask you -- look. here's the thing. people have asked me where does this stop? my answer is don't start. because i happen to think that this whole scenario of worrying about founders who own slaves 200 years ago or statues that might offend somebody is a ridiculous road to go down. >> neil: i had alveda king here yesterday. brought in the south. in georgia. i used to live by atlanta. i remember very well all the confederate statues and the like and stone mountain and all of that. do you -- there's a big difference between me seeing these and someone like you, an african american. has had great success in this country. reason for president. obviously the impact on you would be different than me. was it and is it? >> the difference is i does not
1:36 pm
care as my grandfather would say. it's a part of our history. when you start trying to eliminate signs of our history, where does it stop? the answer is it does not. as an old saying, if you don't know your history, you're bound to relive it. so i don't agree with all of this energy that is being exerted by a lot of people to erase a part of our history even if it means statues. it does not change the real problems we ought to be working on. there's a big gap between black and white. relative to poverty, relative to crime. why don't we worry about those things and work on fixing those problems rather than visual symbols that are part of our history? >> neil: herman cain, always good catching up with you. thank you very much. >> thanks, neil. >> neil: herman cain. we told you earlier about how
1:37 pm
times were running out here in this washington times report echoed by others, the spending measure, they blow past september, we're into october. many were saying we can get a tax deal done by christmas eve. all of a sudden you see mitch mcconnell saying it's going to get done with this congress, which carries into next year, which worries kevin brady whether had a plan and has a plan that he's been working on before any of these other guys years ago. wonder what he makes of this after this. i know when i hand them the keys to their first car it's gonna be scary. but i also know that we're gonna have usaa insurance for both my boys. it's something that they're not even gonna have to think of. it's just gonna be in the family. we're the tenneys and we're usaa members for life.
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>> our objective is to pass tax reform by the august recess. >> by august, voted, done, agreed. >> and signed. >> we will have a very detailed drafted tax plan to be delivered to congress by when they get back from the august recess. >> before the end of the year.
1:41 pm
>> before christmas. >> we are going to get this done in 2017. >> not, not, not. we still don't have tax reform. i stress, i don't want you to be pointing fingers at this guy because he's worked on this issue harder than anyone i know. all of them combined. the house ways and means chairman, kevin brady. if the president so much as thinks of tweet ago nasty thing about you, i'm going to start a campaign. very good to have you. what do you make of this? >> thanks, neil. so my focus, our focus is still on this year. i know there's been different dates and weeks and months that people put out there. the focus is this year. we're on that timetable. i know we're not in washington right now, but the work is continuing. our tax teams are meeting daily. having discussions with the principles on this. so when we're ready with it, we'll make the announcement. our timetable is finishing by
1:42 pm
the end of the year. >> neil: and you're focused on a big hurricane coming your neck of the woods and to your constituents. >> yeah. >> neil: but i do want to get your thoughts on what mitch mcconnell, the hurricane not withstanding, made and what was not a freaudan slip talking about tax reform coming with this congress. obviously this congress is in session through next year. so was he giving up on this year? >> no, not necessarily. look, i know in our discussions the leader mcconnell, the president, the house, we're all on the same page on tax reform. >> neil: are you? because i get different vibes. >> yeah, no, i absolutely believe that. we have a lot of work to do. not one of us can do it by ourselves. it's going to take a team effort with the president and the senate and the house. that work is coming along nicely, i think. we're still on that timetable. at the end of the day, look, we know this is ambitious schedule. president reagan's reform, the big one took 2 1/2 years.
1:43 pm
we are being ambitious. i think it's achievable. we're going to stay on that timetable. >> neil: chairman, you mentioned ronald reagan. he reached across the other side and got a lot of democratic votes. this president is angry that you republicans can't secure all the republican votes. he's frustrated and tweets some nasty stuff about the prominent leaders including speak and more pointedly, senator mcconnell. what do you think of that? >> look, the end of the day, we're all on the same team here. it's going to take all of us to deliver on the hardest thing any congress has to do, which is fix this broken tax code. i recognize politically it's a challenge anyway. at the end of the day, all of us need each other, all of us have to unify, we have to find a big bold way to deliver. >> neil: you think it's advisable? it has gone both ways. not long ago, mitch mcconnell and the white house started this by zinging the president on
1:44 pm
realistic expectations and making a comment about fake news, most of the news he's gathers is not fake. seems that they don't flip over each other. i wonder if that will get in the way of getting tax reform done. >> see, all i know is on tax reform, we're on the same page. the meetings we're in, discussions we're having, the boldness, the permanence, the growth. where we want to go, we're very much aligned. so in the space that i see the president, the senate and the house working together, i like what i see. the substance, the pace is on track. not to say we don't have a lot of work left to do and big decisions, but i haven't seen anything yet that knocks us off that pace. >> you say year on the same page. i get different vibes with the corporate tax rate. the president is keen on 15%. we've heard in congress, it's like 25%.
1:45 pm
it's a big difference. it's a lot lower what do you think? >> here's where the common ground is. let's go as low as we can do that, gentlemen, we have to jettison special provisions to drive the rate as low as we can and to unleash as much business investment as we can both are pro growth and both are expensive. a lot of work to do. >> neil: i want an update on your point of view here. conservatives in both the house and the senate will argue go big with tax cuts. in the end, just tax cuts, make them substantial. others, more moderates, i'd include mitch mcconnell, warren hatch say no, they have to be paid for immediately? are in the latter group that you have to pay for these things up front? >> so no. in the sense that we're going for the greatest growth the greatest number of years. we know this from reagan and
1:46 pm
kennedy. go bold. make them permanent. that's where you get the greatest growth -- >> neil: even if that means deficits get worse before they get better? history proves they do get better. the revenue comes in. you're of the view go long on this, don't worry about some bumps going short. >> so there's no question. there's no news here. for us to go bold and balance within the budget and make it permanent, yes, we'll have some deficits and special provisions -- >> neil: i've heard the mortgage deduction will be cut down or estate taxes you pay will be dumped. what? >> i think there's a lot of conjecture there. we're working through those issues going for growth in a significant tax cut for middle class families and in fact lowering taxes on everybody to grow the economy. >> neil: all right.
1:47 pm
chairman, thank you very much. good luck with the storm. i know that's a prominent concern of yours for the time being. thank you very much, sir. >> thanks, neil. >> neil: the fall out with the back and forth. a lot of you saying it's not the president or congress is the problem. it's me. i'm the problem. i'm very sensitive. after this. who are these people?
1:48 pm
1:49 pm
the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too?
1:50 pm
turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing. >> neil: a lot of you are so fet up with me, like never cavuto, never, ever. apparently my scolding the president for his treatment of mitch mcconnell, that was the last straw. my only point was, keep your friends, mr. president, on capitol hill. the more you point fingers at fellow republicans, the most some of them are likely to point a very different finger back at you. calvin says, hey, cavuto, i have
1:51 pm
a finger for you. can you guess which one? stand via g mail. excuse me so i can go barf. johnny says you need another late night show with the other clowns. 3:00 a.m. perfect for you. bernie says cavuto is a pudgy idiot. i'm not an idiot. you're aware that your ratings are falling? no, i'm not. i thought they were going up, doctor. brian in the u.k. these tactics may work in business, but only bring down animosity. i truth mr. trump listens to you. j.b., good one, neil. i think the press tunes into your fine program. we too hope he heeds your advice. i don't know if he watches.
1:52 pm
all i'm advising he better watch out. that's all. pete says, even though i disagree with you and mcconnell, i still like your show. roger says, stick to calling your cat in for the night. i don't have a cat, robert. and neil, just caught your defense of mitch against treatment by trump. mitch wouldn't have had the opportunity to get neil gorsuch through the senate if trump hasn't gotten elected. true enough. but it was senator mcconnell that pulled the strings and paved the way by blocking president obama's choice to fill antonin scalia's place on the court. he got a lot of heat for that. the president should remember that. and gerald says, neil, you're full of crap. i think that's what they call a fair and balanced bashing. i wouldn't have it any other way. i can take the heat, so i'm going to stay in the kitchen. i know that disappoints some of
1:53 pm
you. since the issue of fairness comes up a lot, i should explain myself again now. i'm a never trumper or an always trumper. i cover the good and program. i do three hours of programming between the news channel and fox business. more on the weekends. i have plenty of time to cover both and i do. i can see the good and the not so good in the president. like every president. i try to cover him and the balance he deserves, the balance i think you deserve. i know the president well. i've covered him for more than 30 years. i know, don't look like it but it's true. back to his real estate days, his casino days, his media celebrity days. all of those days. he's a brilliant business man and i was among the first to say when he first announced for president that he had a very good chance of becoming president. i said he shouldn't be dismissed even though my comments were by and large very much dismissed. there was something i learned about him that i saw playing out in his favor in his early
1:54 pm
presidential campaign days. despite the criticism, he was very focused them. i think he easily won the debates. not because he was necessarily the smoothest but because he was the feistiest. he got it and he won it. the others did not. that was then. there's a difference now. he's president now. the anger that got him and sustained him at the rallies won't necessarily win him legislative victories in washington and that is a big difference. a big, big difference. he's got big ideas, big goals but as much as he recoils at the system, he still has to work within the system. it's the only system he's got. those republicans that are ticking him off for not getting the stuff done he wants, they're the only friends he's got. so he should tread carefully before treading on them at least in public. by all means, air your grievances in private. god knows lbj did and others. let mitch mcconnell knows that
1:55 pm
seven years of republican healthcare bitching on produces nothing. be angry about what didn't happened. but looking at mitch, be grateful for what did happen. namely neil gorsuch. got that one through. pulled a lot of strings to make sure gorsuch did get through. that doesn't make me an apologist for the senator or the system, just a fair balance observer of the system. contrairy to popular opinion, te president is getting a lot done. stocks are up. consumer confidence is high. unemployment is down. these are metrics that we measure a president's success. he has good data. would it kill anybody to give it a brief mention at all? the president gets side tracked by these pointless distractions. the president is quite right to say many in the media hate him. but he feeds the beast going off on these tangents that only hurt him. his economic agenda is sound.
1:56 pm
the promise it holds for the economy is real. he can't make it happen if he goes after the very republicans that he needs to make it real. i don't think he or the president's base cares but they do care if all of those promises don't get fulfilled. i suspect the president knows this or he wouldn't have made all the staff changes he has or changed his minds in afghanistan after talking to his generals the way he did. i have no agenda. many find that hard to believe. i'm not for trump or anti-trump. i'm pro moving the ball. i'm anti-leaving the inbox piling up. ronald reagan said he would get 80% of the loaf than no loaf at all. so he broke bread with democrats and got things done. i don't think it's a stretch for the president to try to work with republicans and get some stuff done because he ain't going to get the help from the other side. best he keeps the allies on his side. that's the only way he will make deals. who would know that better than the guy that wrote the book?
1:57 pm
on the art of the deal. just saying. good night. this is a story about mail and packages. and it's also a story about people and while we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country, we never forget... that your business is our business the united states postal service. priority: you it's our back to school beeone cent evente. at office depot office max. 10 pack pens, one cent. composition notebooks,scissors, and plastic folders all one cent each! hurry to office depot office max. ♪taking care of business.
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>> kat: hello, everyone. i am kat timpf with eboni k. williams and jason chaffetz. this is "the fox news specialists" ." at a rally in phoenix on tuesday, president trump threatened he would "shut down the government" to get funding to build a wall on the u.s.-mexico border. the president implying he would do whatever it takes to get it done. at a press briefing, sarah huckabee sanders was asked about the comments. >> the president promised over and over again during the campaign that mexico would pay for the wall. why is he now threatening a government


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