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tv   Fox Report Sunday  FOX News  August 27, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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>> our coverage continues with the fox report. thanks for joining us on fox news channel. we know you have a choice and we appreciate your time with us. >> the largest city underwater, tropical storm harvey and catastrophic floodwaters. this is a record-breaking 50 inches of rain when it's all over. you are watching the fox report. >> the national weather service calling the storm unprecedented after making landfall as a category four hurricane. tropical storm harvey is bearing down on houston, overwhelming rescuers and causing thousands of family to climb on the rooftop. the national guard is sending in 3000 troops. texas governor is telling residents help is on the way.
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>> we are measuring rain, not in inches, but in feet. we are prepared to deal with at multiple ways. overnight our national guard deployed multiple high-level vehicles that will be manned by the national guard in houston tec texas. we are deploying votes and helicopter to be involved in water rescue. that's not just in the houston area but all across east texas where you can see the heavy flooding. all we can do is provide as many resources as possible to achieve goal number one, and that is to save as many lives as we can. >> we have fox news coverage on this. adam is in the fox extreme weather center. what's go to caroline shively in houston. i've been watching your coverage all day. it's been dramatic. you are in a vote right now. >> we have come to this area
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of houston, the southwest part. you can see we are in a canoe. we have two good samaritans driving up and down the street. even the humvee, i think that is one we might've written here. the water is too deep. we were talking to some officers, some deputies who were here to rescue the rescuers. one of their large vehicles, the mass of one couldn't get through in this deep water. look at this. beautiful homes, the water coming up to the first floor. about is the only way you can get here. the high water humvees are able to get in in some areas. the radio that the police officers we been with are pinging and popping. people report, people stuck on the roof, people who have broke their way through, they were stuck in the attic. if you pan over to the right, this is one of the rescues that appears to be a man and a child plucked out of their
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home, being brought to safety. some of the men we were talking to, good samaritans who run a local brewery. they have a big truck in their popping people in as the police pulled them from the rooftop in their houses. they bring them to them and get them to high ground or shelters or relatives. anywhere they can be butt here. this is simply uninhabitable. you see some folks up there, some little kids and toddlers, they are still okay. looks like they're in an apartment building on the second story. they are safe for now. one of the things we were worried about was the heavy rain forecast over the next few days. just how high will the water get. will they be safe overnight. will they be safe tomorrow. police are doing everything they can. they don't have the numbers. they lost count. they just picking people up and putting them in a vote and bringing them to dry land and headed out again. once again, this is what it looks like in southwest
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houston. >> caroline, it's unbelievable. people look at these pictures and they ask and they widen these people evacuate. when the water started to rise, it rose very quickly. >> yes, it's very scary how you can stop and look and think well, that's just my ankles, that's fine but i can handle it. then you pop into this. it's hard to know how to even go down the street this way. one of the most worrisome things we heard was when the rescuers needed to be rescued. one of those massive vehicles that the sheriff department has, it could not make it through the rain. it's too deep. you don't know what's under these waters. where are the manhole covers, where the ditch. we were on 610 north where the ten split is, i thought we were fine and then boom, drop off. it dropped 3 feet. fortunately we had a hold of the jersey wall so it was fine but you can see these folks up
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to their knees. you need rescuing or are you okay. we are seeing folks like that. they are hanging tough for now. they may be the ones who need to be rescued next. >> one other question, if you happen to know the answer, i know sundown is coming. we lost you. i apologize. we will try to reestablish. >> thank you. that's understandable. in the meantime, the u.s. coast guard is working around the clock to save lives. they are deploying helicopters, votes and planes in what has become an all hands on deck effort. captain tony is the commander in corpus christi texas. thank you for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> i know you're incredibly busy. bring us up-to-date on the coast guard response efforts so far. >> harvey hit further south in corpus christi, but we know
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even though it was downgraded to a tropical storm, it has moved all the way to houston and the flooding is catastrophic. the coast guard is focused on saving the lives. we brought in 20 aircraft from all over the u.s. we've also brought in our flood votes in our flood vote team. just since the flooding has gone into houston, we estimate over 250 people by air, 500 by vote. we've been extremely busy and working together to make sure were bringing these resources to bear. >> how many by vote. >> 500 by vote and 250 by air. we were just looking at video of the streets in houston and it looked like a river.
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that is not an exaggeration. a lot of people independently, citizens have taken their votes out. what is the danger in that. >> the danger is we have too many people out there that it can be dangerous for them. understand i know everyone is trying to help one another, but we also want to make sure we can get to people and we don't have too much congestion in those areas. >> will the rescues continue as sundown comes because it is quickly approaching, overnight? >> i think the dispatch center getting all the calls is set for houston and most of the aircraft are based in houston. that will be a risk-based decision based on what kind of cloud deck invisibility comes down. this is high gain activity. we know we are saving lives by
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doing this. if we can keep the risk low to medium based on the ceiling and visibility, we will keep doing these things. i'm sure they are taking a look at it and will consider continuing if there are people at risk. >> thank you so much for joining us.i know you work through tropical storm allison in texas in 2001 and i was reading that the amount of rain has exceeded in almost half of the time, two or three days versus five days. that was the flooding for tropical storm allison if people want to compare. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> the national weather service calling tropical storm harvey an unprecedented natural disaster. we may not have seen the worst of it yet. with the rainfall expected to hit, 50 inches in some spots. we've heard that by now.
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adam is in the fox extreme weather center. >> you wonder how do you get to 50 inches? it's based on the movement of the storm. currently 40 miles away from victoria, it's a little ways inland, it's about to start drifting down toward the water. here's our tropical model, will put it in motion. where will ahead? our next stop is back down to the coast. it's bumping into high pressure system just off to the north and west. once it gets there, it makes a turn and begins running back up the coastline. all areas that have been hit, the rain keeps running this entire time. unfortunately were getting into wednesday and thursday and were talking about making a path. going back past houston. a chance to see more rain before running up further to the north. that won't be until the end of this week. there is a large amount of time where we could see some pretty good rainfall.
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here's where the storm currently spins. look at all the rain and thunderstorms and occasionally a tornado. that's all been happening on the right side of the storm and that's where the rainfall totals are so big. we are looking at numbers getting into the 20-inch or more range and that is becoming horribly widespread. take a look at this, zooming in and you start to see everyone of those, 20, 25 inches and were only about halfway done. whatever you seen so far, imagine doubling it because that's what we have a possibility of. here's our future radar. it will spread out a little bit more in the course of louisiana, but this is round and round of thunderstorms and big rain taking you from sunday into monday and into tuesday. you just don't see a whole lot of motion. if you're back towards corpus christi, you're drying off but
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the system continues to drift up the coast. as i said we've already seen 25 inches of rain. how much more could we see? here is a forecast model through the houston area. this is adding to what we've already seen. you're looking 20 - 25 more inches. it will just be a lot more rain. it's crazy that it's arty been. >> when you mention the rain circling back in the rain coming back through, what about the possibility of tornadoes. i know you talked about the tornado warnings and you mentioned there's been a couple spotted. when people are told to evacuate to the rooftop because of flooding and then the possibility of tornadoes, that's a rough situation. are those over. >> no, they're not. that's a scary situation. again, there's your system. if you begin to see tornadoes popping up on the rights side, we've seen a couple today. the folks are on the roof and a tornado fires up, your guess
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is as good as mine. there's not a good solution. we tell you to generally get inside your house but you can't do that in a flood. >> thank you so much that we appreciate it. the mayor of houston gave an update on the response. right now we are monitoring that and we will bring you the latest as we get it. all of this because of the situation that the national weather service called beyond anything experienced. how harvey is impacting travel in-and-out of the state. officials in texas are using their resources as military officials say it's all hands on deck. coming up, how major cities across the u.s. are pitching in. >> this is an all hands on deck operation with local, state and mercy operation state and mercy operation centers and partners in this response.
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continuing coverage of tropical storm harvey, texas receiving an outpouring of support from several major u.s. cities. new york mayor deblasio is sending emergency personnel to help. new york city fire department deployed to assist those affected by hurricane harvey. city officials are also pitching in. >> crews from across the country honing in on texas. los angeles fire department just sent upwards of 80 men and women. many responded to hurricane katrina. they're also sending three semites filled with more than 100,000 pounds of equipment.
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>> equipment that can go from a small structure that has collapsed all the way up to a concrete structure. >> at least eight cities providing critical resources. earlier today the governor took the time to thank each state for the much-needed support. dallas is planning to shelter at least 5000 evacuees in a mega shelter. the number will jump dramatically with all the rescues that we have seen throughout the course of the day while red cross volunteers continue to come into texas. >> the first sign of relief ac is a red cross truck. when you see them come over to you and they're all happy and then a tear comes in there i am to give you a hug, that's what's worth it. >> we are also learning about
4:18 pm
private companies across the country sending supplies and resources, many teaming up with companies like home depot to send generators and water and other much-needed items. >> 62 counties have been declared. >> we been hearing that federal government was ready. government employees have descended on texas. they have almost half a million liters of water and it's all about to be distributed. >> fema will be there for years. this disaster recovery, this will be a landmark event. >> we are still in the thick of it. far from the recovery effort as waters continue to rise. >> the images are horrific. thank you so much. >> flood stranded texans send
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desperate pleas for help. this picture was shared on social media by a family member of a victim in those rising floodwaters. there story ahead. plus, new mandatory evacuation orders in a self eastern texas county as they prepare for catastrophic flooding. >> we've got heavy rains through next thursday. this event is going to take place by monday and tuesday. they will be evacuating in downpours with winds up to 30, 40, 50 miles per hour. >> this program is brought to by pfizer
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welcome back. many are jumping on social media, getting a firsthand look at the flooding and the
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damage. here's a warning. the photos i'm about to show you is a little difficult to look at but it's a reality. this photo was taken sunday morning inside a nursing home in dickinson texas. it shows 15 elderly residents sitting in waist deep water inside the assisted living facility. kimberly and her husband tweeted the picture from tampa after kimberly's mother, the owner of the nursing home turn to them for help. >> we immediately thought, we were having trouble getting in touch with anybody who would answer a phone call for rescue. we decided to go ahead and tweeted because we thought at least then we could get someone's attention. it's frightening. imagine your mom, a few states away with all of these residents. it's so heartbreaking to see you then. my mom can take care of herself, but the residents cannot.
4:24 pm
>> a national guard helicopter did rescue all 15 residents. eleven of them have been hospitalized. we will continue to follow that story. heavy rains continue to overwhelm much of southeast texas. flash flood emergencies. more areas are being placed on the mandatory evacuation list. they now include those living west of state highway 288 and south of highway six. that's the western half of the county. joining me now is judge matt, the emergency management correlator. thank you very much. >> tell us what you have seen on the ground and what you're expecting right now. >> we've received an awful lot of rain. we've received about 2 feet of rain on top of the rain we received the day before and will have the potential for up
4:25 pm
to 15 inches of rain in the next 12 - 24 hours. >> by did you decide to add the new evacuation orders. some of the more voluntary but now you're making them voluntary mandatory. >> we have the st. bernard river and another. both are projected to be 4 - 6 feet high over the record high on its crest. it will be the third-highest crust we've ever seen on the other river. we just had flooding last year when this will be higher and worse as projected than last year. on top of that, with all of the rain in the region, our evacuation routes are very minimal.
4:26 pm
we have highway 36 going to the north and highway 35 going to the west and both of those actually have a little bit of water on them. we are not going to have those evacuation routes are very long. >> is there curfew tonight? how long do people have to get out if they can at this point. >> we do not have a curfew if issued by the county. we are trying to get them out before the evacuation routes are closed. >> about how many rescues have you had to undertake so far? i know other areas, we've seen video of people standing on the roof waiting for help. >> we have not had off of the roofs, but we have folks, i just can't tell you, we don't know how many.
4:27 pm
our rescue folks are just trying to make the rescue. were not trying to keep track of him. >> what about in terms of injuries and deaths. have you had any of that. >> none that i've heard of thus far. >> that's good. i spoke with someone earlier and we talked about tropical storm allison, that was the last time you reached record numbers of rainfall. anything like this? >> allison was a little bit north of this county, it was a little bit to the northeast, this is somewhat typical of tropical storm claudette which was in the summer of 1979 that dropped 43 inches in 24 hours in the city of alba. they received 23 - 25 inches of rain last night. this is very similar to claudette. it's just that we are projected to have rain through thursday.
4:28 pm
>> thank you so much for joining us. we will let you get back to work. he is joining us. thank you. >> a big announcement from the white house, when president trump will travel to texas next week, he will tell you when that will happen. what to expect from that. plus, the logistical nightmare rescuers are facing as they try to reach as many people as possible. >> there all over the place in the flood zone. four seconds on the clock, down by one.
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...ask your dermatologist if cosentyx can help you find clear skin that lasts. welcome back to the facts report. tornado warning issued for harris county texas. that warning in effect until 645 central. tropical storm also causing catastrophic cell outing in houston. this is a weather service said some areas could end up with record-breaking 50 inches of rain. federal disaster declaration has been expanded to cover 18 counties, home to nearly 7 million people. that is on top of the 50 counties already declared disaster zones. it's being blamed for at least two deaths. one happened in rockport.
4:33 pm
what does the scene look like along the coast? there are scenes of devastation. you see houses completely collapsed, cars crushed, buildings missing the roof, and very few people, it's hard to get around with trees down. it's an eerie empty place. one man at the laundromat, the whole building was gone. he was trying to get quarters and he said i'm 65 years old i have no insurance. i don't know what to do next but at least i'm alive. i saw a man taking out a flatscreen from his house. he pointed to a building that had no roofer no second-story. he said i just came to get my tv. there were no tears, no protests, just people matter fact dealing with some hardship.
4:34 pm
>> they still have to be in shock. what are the most urgent needs that people have, and can make it them? >> they still don't know how bad it is in certain places because some of those places have been tough to reach. it's been volunteers were first rescuers on foot going in to see if anyone is dead or alive in some of these buildings. help is on the way. they set up stations for meals ready-to-eat and giving out water. they are trying to establish cell phone service as well. when we see them, health. professionals are on the way. >> what about votes. you said you saw the humvees driving in. have you seen any votes going in? i know there is a shortage. >> we haven't seen any water rescues, but at least a thousand people were mobilized
4:35 pm
for possible rescue areas because of the conditions and moving around the road. people are calling out their voices, are you in there, are you okay. a very low-tech operation at this point. >> thank you steve. be careful out there. authorities inundated with emergency calls. i have tried to rescue as many people from the wide spread flooding. joining me now is texas congressman who represents seven counties in southeast texas, impacted by harvey. thank you very much for taking the time to join us. >> thank you. >> so you represent the 36 congressional district in texas. several counties as we mentioned impacted, what's the latest. >> i was born and raised in this part of the country and
4:36 pm
seeing lots of hurricanes but i've never seen one come through and devastate counties like this. it just hangs around. the geographical area of this flood event is absolutely huge and very populous. there are five minute engine 5 million people alone in harris county. it is a historic flood, and i will say this. the worst times can bring out the best in people and we are seeing that here in southeast texas and houston. >> in my particular district, in this area, especially along the coast has been hit so hard, it's really the energy epicenter of the united
4:37 pm
states. we've got more refining facilities. [inaudible] several others are contemplating that. this could have national security implications. prices if you will go up, 50% of fuels are made in our district and in surrounding districts so this is a very important aspect of the storm and we certainly need to look at it in the future when it comes to storm surge protection and flood protection. >> i'm glad we were able to speak with you. we haven't even had an opportunity to mention that aspect which will impact people all over the country. >> that's right. can i ask you about evacuation. i know there's been some discussion as to why they want me to be mandatory. are more areas making them
4:38 pm
mandatory. >> we had some voluntary evacuations in my district initially, however, this is mother nature were dealing with. we had no idea where the storm was going to go. the initial track and models had it going, coming in at rockport, hanging around couple days and then heading north, and it has come right to houston and now it's headed back to the golf. he could swing around and come back to houston. just unpredictable. i can remember back in 2005 we had hurricane rita and we thought it was going to cute his hit houston. they had a massive evacuation and then it turned and it really had the roads clogged
4:39 pm
up. i can understand some of the reluctance he. >> mother nature is unpredictable for sure. thank you so much for joining a spread we will let you get back to work. >> president trump just tweeted historic rainfall in houston and all over texas. floods are unprecedented. more rain coming. spirits of the people is incredible. this is he plans to visit texas tuesday to survey the damage. the storm is his first natural disaster as president. here is greg abbott praising the administration's response to the storm. >> i give fema a grade of a+ all the way from the president down. i've spoken to the president several times, to his cabinet members and his secretary of homeland security such as the administrator fema and tom price, the secretary of health and human services. all across the board, from the
4:40 pm
white house to the fema, they been very helpful. this is the quickest turnaround i've ever seen from the time a governor made a disaster declaration to getting it granted. >> garrett joins us live from the white house with more. >> heather i want to touch on something, he added this is the quickest he's ever seen this approved. put this in context, previous presidents have approved and issued these disaster declarations, but typically it's a much longer drawn out process. for example, just this afternoon the administration signed off on a disaster declaration for idaho for flooding that occurred back in may. for the state of iowa which was hit by storms and tornadoes in july. those declarations open the door to millions of dollars in federal funding that can help folks with been hit by the
4:41 pm
storms including temporary housing, low-cost loans and helping business owners recover. over the past few days, the governor has said repeatedly, those funds will play a huge part in his ability to quickly recover from the storm. this afternoon, after president trump returned to the white house from camp david, we also learned he will be visiting texas on tuesday. sarah huckabee sanders released a statement saying in part, we are coordinating logistics with state and local officials. once details are finalized we will let you know. we continue to keep all those affected in our thoughts and prayers. >> thank you so much. we appreciate it. >> a south texas hospital heavily damaged, days after patients and employees were evacuated. the texas lawmaker from that county where the hospital county where the hospital stood joins us just ahead scho'k he got a recommendation for our custom fit orthotic to relieve his foot, knee, or lower back pain,
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you are watching the fox report. another look at the catastrophic flooding in houston. let's go back to caroline shively who is standing by for us once again. caroline you are in a canoe earlier. you still are. what you see now. >> heather, we are just getting word that there's a woman with the baby. i don't know if you can see it behind the pillar. the bayou has overtop the bank. this is what it looks like. apartments flooded. these are all volunteers. they're all from the houston area. they have calls. they normally go duck hunting in this vote but they put it in the water. various calls coming in. the latest one is this woman with the baby trying to evacuate. another call they just got pa , the person is stuck in the attic. they are headed there now.
4:46 pm
>> where is this area? >> breezewood. it's down in the southwest corner. a beautiful area. gorgeous stately homes, it's amazing to see this water is the deep. they are negotiating to where we can take this woman. there are some folks with the brewery and their driving people to safety. if you have a relative they will try to take you there. this vote is all the volunteers trying to get these folks out. >> thank you so much for your coverage. were looking on the video with some people helping out. we appreciate it. let us know if you get anything else and will check back with you. >> thank you. >> recently, we want to go to politics. we have to talk about that. joe biden wrote an opinion piece in the atlantic, to express his disappointment with the president. in the article he says, we have an american president who has emboldened white supremacist with messages of
4:47 pm
comfort and support. this is a moment for this nation to declare what the president. [inaudible] >> so we are talking about this on a day where americans are coming together to save people and rescue them from the aftermath of tropical storm harvey. >> donald trump has often had bad timing in the things he said and i think joe biden had bad timing. i've known him for 30 years. if you read that statement i think it's pretty sanctimonious. >> you compared this is something he did when romney was running for president in 2012 the we have a clip.
4:48 pm
let's listen. >> romney said in the first hundred days he will let the big banks write their own rules. unchain wall street. they're going to put you all back in jane's. >> that's what he said about mid romney. >> joe biden is a great rhetorical specialist. he goes over the top all the time. i don't think this is the time for that kind of rhetoric. one of the things he said he made a moral equivalency and gave comfort to white supremacists opposed to counter protesters. of course i grew up a few miles from wrigley. they report mast people in clothing rampage through
4:49 pm
berkeley beating people up. the chronicle called them destructive and dangerous. there is violence on the left as well. the u.s. commission of civil rights refused to condemn last week by a vote of 60. >> too. they only condemned kkk and neo-nazi. of course the kkk and neo-nazi in charlottesville but there's also left-wing violence and the president tried, the media is trying to create this false statement that the president supported kkk and neo-nazis and it's just not true. >> what you think about pulling down the confederate statues. >> this public is not exactly thrilled with this. we have two poles both from npr and huffington post. both showed that some oppose taking down the confederate memorials.
4:50 pm
they believe in substance more than symbols. taking down these will not help any family be better offer educate someone. i want to move forward. the polls show people aren't interested in this and they believe that the confederate memorials can stay. obviously we can put plaques on their putting them in context but we don't erase our history. that's not our heritage. >> in the meantime, thank you so much for joining us. while you were speaking, we were looking at live pictures, that little infant child being rescued. that's what were dealing with right now. tropical storm harvey, destroying homes and buildings including this hospital in southern texas. still had we will get first-hand thoughts from todd hunter who toured the damage. copd tries to say, "go this way."
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tropical storm harvey has left a trail of devastation. here is an image of a damaged hospital. earlier, texas representative todd hunter toured the damage. these are his pictures he took. he was there with the staff and their family. he joins us now by phone. thank you for joining us. >> i'm glad to be here. >> tell us about the work this hospital normally does. >> this hospital is a regional hospital that takes care of several areas along the coast. this is the regional hospital that folks go to to get taken
4:55 pm
care of. >> we were looking at your pictures. we can see the damage. was the hospital back with a? where the patients that were there and the patients that would be going there. >> i met with the hospital folks today and they are not able to take anybody. there is water on the floor, there's roof damage, there are trees that have fallen into the hospital, they are trying to make arrangements so people coming to the hospital to try to get help and they're not able to provide any services because of the massive amount of water and wind damage. they are trying to get them to go to corpus christi area or even further, but it's quite damaged. >> and an effort to get people wh to people who may need help, what's the situation now in terms of rescue efforts. >> right now, one of the reasons we are glad you are covering this, it's about to get dark. if we don't have power right now, there's folks with no
4:56 pm
power and what i will do is caution people to be very careful. right when i took those photos, the highway, one of the lanes, the flooding is starting so they were down to one lane. i'm worried when it gets dark tonight, people do not need to be traveling. >> a lot of people, as the flood waters rise, they were told to stay home and now they're saying maybe we shouldn't of done that and they're trying to get out. >> some of those areas are mandatory evacuation areas. the key thing is, they can still get out of the area. i'm concerned about the darkness and them trying to travel, especially with downed power lines. >> thank you so much for joining us at we appreciate it. we will get back to work for the people there. >> the relentless rain refusing to let up. we are live on the ground in texas. stay with us. we are tracking harvey throughout the night.
4:57 pm
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from frequent heartburn. all day, and all night. now packed into a pill so small, we call it mini. new clearminis from nexium 24hr. see heartburn differently. is fourth largest city covered in water. devastating houston i flooding in houston. some areas could see 50 inches of rain. you are watching the fox report. >> the former category four hurricane unleashing foot after foot of torrential rainfall. it's overwhelming authorities and driving thousands of families to the rooftop. officials are not able to respond to thousands of 911 calls. some peopl t


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