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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  August 28, 2017 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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>> it has been a very busy hour, breaking news and politics. chris stirewalt has been a long. we are back here tomorrow at noon eastern, "happening now" now. >> leland: a fox news alert, as president trump is set to visit the texas gulf coast tomorrow, tropical storm harvey continues to devastate the region with life-threatening flooding in and around houston. the water continuing to rise there, welcome to the second hour of "happening now" ." >> molly: fema officials say they expect more than 30,000 people to be in need of shelter. that news as texans flee to their rooftops in search of higher ground and wait for help to arrive. >> the roof went and when it went, the top floor got wet and
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they just pancake. >> we don't have electricity, no water. basically we just -- we are still breathing. but it humbled us. >> leland: the flooding shutting down highways and byways, turning them into waterways as people use kayaks and boats to get around and with days of rain still in the forecast, texas governor greg abbott warns the worst could still be you have to come. >> it will continue to be a challenge for a few more days, there will be more rain coming down in the houston area as well as the values that will continue to have water flow down and as a result the flooding is not going to end anytime soon. as a result, our first and foremost task is to continue to expand our search and rescue mission so we can get everybody to safe ground.
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>> molly: we have a lot to get to this hour of "happening now," first we have shepard smith standing by, he has a broad view from the fox news deck. >> we will show you a brand-new update from the national hurricane center in just a moment. harvey has remained adjust on the coast or off the coast, historic flooding as you now know, this is an air rescue coming to us from the coast guard. you can see them using the familiar bucket on a long cable to rescue people to get them to higher ground. some parts of houston and its suburbs could see 50 inches of rain before it's all over. you can see some kids being lifted to safety there. you can't say enough good things about this first responders and all they are putting themselves through. if we get 50 inches in some areas that will be the most ever recorded in texas. this is one of dozens helicopter rescues that have been coming through throughout the day.
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pets are part of this as well, you see some furry friends over here. a lot of people very concerned about their animals obviously, rescue or say they have been having a tough time keeping up with all the calls for help. the houston police chief said the emergency crews have rescued 2,000 people from the flooding but a lot of these rescues have been happening from just bystanders and neighbors who had a boat and were able to go out and help. this is about 20 miles north and east of corpus christi. this is closer to where the storm came to shore. you can see there's been some flooding there in rockport texas, video coming into us from sunday. on the wall i want to show you a map, this has changed a little bit. extreme areas of flooding all over the region, that 300-mile stretch of areas of major flooding.
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over in san antonio, the big picture of this as i mentioned, we just got a new update from the national hurricane center and we can see in the radar, exactly what's been happening here. to the of the storm is a sort of hugging the shoreline. the worst of the rain to the north and east of the center of this low pressure center. counterclockwise motion, we will take you to the weather center to show you this in the moment. the thinking is the storm is going to go back out over the gulf of mexico, sit and spin and gather a little bit of strength and water, it's not going to get anywhere near back to hurricane strength according to the national hurricane center. but certainly will remain, it is a very strong low pressure center. pick up some moisture over the gulf and had to the north and east and make landfall at some point again, another landfall after he goes into the gulf, somewhere east of houston. that is the belief at this
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moment. griff jenkins is out among at all. a foggy and rainy day in houston, how's it looking? >> it's really driving rain here. i wanted to give you a look for the first time at the reservoir, one of the two reservoirs where they decided to release controlled water to keep the reservoirs from flooding the city beyond belief. for our viewers, houston is one of the flood prone areas of the country and they have a system of reservoirs and values to keep that from happening. for the first time they are in uncharted territory. the u.s. geological survey guys are out here measuring the amount of water. here's what they are looking for. if they release too little water out of the reservoir, worst-case scenario, that water comes over the top, possibly even breaks the levy and downtown houston as we know it is gone.
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if they release too much, it has an incredibly unnecessary amount of floodwater to what mother nature has already delivered, another 20 inches potentially following yesterday. the amount of water they are releasing, 10,000 cubic feet per second. as the splendid to me, 1 cubic foot is about a basketball. 10,000 basketballs per second coming out of that going into the waterways and taking out southwest away from houston into the houston ship channel. it's anybody's guess on how this is going to turn out because it's never really been done before. you are looking at that actually happening as we speak. were not going to know what the result is for several hours because it takes several hours before the water gets where they wanted to go away from the city. >> the worst of the rain to the
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east of you, it looks like you are getting a pretty good even now. >> we are getting quite a bit of driving rain. the wind is not as big of a factor as the amount of rainfall coming. the flood control folks telling us yesterday they had rain levels and 500 years, this is adding quite a lot and it comes very quickly as we've seen. now we have the situation with the new neighborhood they were told because of this new release they would have to be aware that they could have unnecessary flooding. they get out, they get in their car and where do they go? it's not like movement is even possible in the city that's been paralyzed by the water. these are the geological survey guys, they have a doppler boat and they do a very technical
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reading of the water as it comes out and they are able to get that exact number. i gave that 10,000 cubic feet per second, they are going to get the actual geological survey number to relay back to the harris county folks so they know exactly how precise they are doing it. this is a very important that they get this right. >> griff jenkins on rainy and windy noontime in houston. let's get to the fox extreme weather center, a new update from the national hurricane center, what did we learn? >> we learned of this is still a slow-moving storm eventually moving back over the gulf of mexico, it's going to pick up that additional moisture and that's a big part of the story. it's not going to pick up a whole lot of additional strength but if anything that keeps it together. here we are from monday, continuing to slowly settle before making its turn and heading back north.
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folks in the houston area and stretching back to a portion of louisiana, all areas we are still going to see the system go through. remember, the strongest storms are always on the right-hand side. you were looking at mostly louisiana, still rain on the weak side of the storm but houston is not out of it as this passes on through the area when the ground is already saturated. i'm taking you to friday and saturday, we begin to see this thing run up a little farther to the north. that's when you finally get a couple of dry days, late friday into saturday throughout the entire gulf coast. what does this look like in actuality? here is the future forecast, you can see the timing. it's going to be moving up the coast, dropping very heavy rain. i think the farther east you are the heavier rain you are going to see from this point moving forward. those rainfall totals are really going to pile up.
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you see as many as 30 inches in some cases, this is a forecast model. if we were to start from zero, running up along the louisiana texas coast. dock behind me, still the houston area, it's right on that line. there are going to be a lot of areas where we are looking at another 15 inches. >> it will depend on whether the storm tracks to the east of the west. >> this is a fine line and it wouldn't be surprised if you are talking about thursday, it wouldn't take a big shift for a very heavy rainfall to be right over houston again. >> i want to show people some videos we've just gotten in, where is this form again? humble, texas. a woman has gotten her car and driven along, you can see how windy it is. flooding all over the place, a little narration coming.
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you can see where the flooding was, some of the waters have gone down a little bit, you can see debris all over the neighborhood. just neighborhood after neighborhood after neighborhood like this. again, still raining when this video was taken a short time ago, listen. neighbors coming out to assist there. this is the latest loop from the satellite that nasa has sent us, the satellite loop goes back about 24 hours and you can see that circulation in this storm, it's overland now. you can see a little bit of an eye and these walls will reform and there it is, another huge area of explosive storms there. dryer over to the west, lots more moisture there. and again, many more days of this next you have to come. here it is, this is at a supermarket and what town was a?
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this is in houston. they are letting ten people in as ten people come out, very short and supplies all across the houston area. much more to go, molly, lots of rain to come. >> molly: we appreciate the picture, lots more water on the way. >> leland: had that been during a hurricane or tropical storm, we would have a site it looks really bad out there. still without rain, still without water and that wind. >> molly: the structural integf things, there's more to come. the water begins to go down, they will have to assess all the highways and that was just a hint of what is happening in real time right now. >> leland: there's going to be a couple of processes the fema director said. president trump expected to get a firsthand look during his visit to texas tomorrow, even with more torrential rain and the forecast the president is going down there. we are going to preview exactly
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where he will go. and who he's going to need coming up. plus, texans coming together, stranger helping stranger, the pictures have been inspiring as they are heartbreaking. and this natural disaster help unite americans across the country? we will show you why the next guy says that's necessary if we are going to rebuild houston. >> i think we simply can't second-guess with the local officials decision was, what we need to do is take our time, everybody come together and help our fellow texans get to safety and begin the rebuilding proces process.
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with these storms but obviously nothing like this in our history. >> molly: texas attorney general ken paxton turning praising the state's response to tropical storm harvey so far. let's bring in a tv anchor down and houston, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. as your coverage has shown, it is a day for saving lives. there are still many people that are cut off and in need of rescue, this is an area that flooded twice in 2016, memorial day floods and also 2017. there are 55 homes with people stranded in them right now. that officials are responding t
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to. the need for rescue is so desperate in many cases, as you mentioned i am anchor. the phone calls are coming into our news desk from people. begging for help to come and get them. houston police chief said this morning there were 185 critical response calls on hold still pending and they are encouraging people not to hang up and that they will get to you. there are people cut off from being able to go anywhere because of the various creeks and values that have overflowed their banks. >> molly: some 2,000 people rescued, hundreds of people waiting for help, still struggling to even find someone to come and get them. it's incredible that you are getting the calls in the newsroom, people not being able to get there was 911, authorities have said to stick
10:19 am
it out on 911, not to hang up and to stay on those lines and we are seeing people pouring in from states around with their own boats trying to help and get to these people but as you mentioned the big challenge is getting to the right waterway to get to the people, various parts have become islands. how do you manage to get to these people that are in such desperate need. >> the coast guard has been instrumental in helping now that the national guard is also on the ground, they brought in some heavier equipment. also various states around the country have offered help, new orleans and the state of louisiana also sending people, texas task force one is now on the ground. we do have the ability to get to these people, it's just going to be a bit of a waiting game. and as griff mentioned earlier, this problem is going to happen long after the precipitation has
10:20 am
left the area because streams and tributaries go down in a matter of days but them various rivers that surround the value are going to take weeks to go down which means flooding is going to remain an issue. as we get later on i would imagine that sanitation also becomes an issue and a potential for sickness and disease. >> molly: absolutely, floodwaters are filled with all sorts of things from chemicals to raw sewage, definitely not something you want to let your pets are your kids play end. in the coming days, you are talking about the aftermath. if we are hearing there will be tens of thousands of people in shelters and they will be in need of everything from medical supplies to clothing to diapers for the kids, we've seen so many videos of families loaded up into these boats, getting off to a roadway and then they begin their walk to find shelter and safety. if you were to talk to the people around the nation that are seeing these pictures unfold, what would you say to them?
10:21 am
>> i would say, whatever you can donate, food, clothes, money, the fund-raising has begun on social media and many celebrities are stepping up now and also donating amounts of money to the relief effort kevin hart stepped up this morning and others. whatever you can help us with, this is going to be a catastrophe that is going to be in the billions of dollars, that will not take months but years to rebuild portions of the texas gulf coast. this is going to set us back, refineries, six of them are going to be shut down at this point. >> molly: thank you so much for joining us, we are coming up on a hard break here but we are thinking of all of you and thank you for sharing some of the stories today, we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> leland: president trump getting continual updates on the storm, live tweeting about the
10:22 am
disasters unfolding, we are likely to hear from him later today as well. one tweet reads "historic rainfall in houston and all over texas. floods are unprecedented." our next guess on how the president can bring america together.
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>> molly: a fox news alert, president trump closely monitoring events unfolding in texas as he gets regular updates from his chief of staff john kelly. this as the president prepares to visit the state tomorrow. kevin corke is live from the white house. >> it's not just the president making his way to the lone star state, he is being accompanied by first lady melania trump. they are going to be stopping
10:26 am
along the way to give the president of an up close look at efforts along the way. it's important to point out that that part of the nation will get scrutinized a great deal, it is the president's first natural disaster in office. the mobilization effort really all begins at the local county and state level before the feds move-in. >> once the states capacity was exceeded several days ago, they asked for the president's health. the president moved in an expedited and very swift, one of the quickest time frames i've ever seen to approve the disaster declaration. >> it is my understanding he will not be coming to the houston area which is the most danger prone area. it will be closer to where the hurricane came across sure.
10:27 am
as you see there, it's really been incredible. i want to throw a couple numbers to the folks watching. more than 30 inches of rain have fallen in parts of the state of texas, more than 3,000 national guardsmen have already been deployed. we expect 1,000 more are already on their way. you may have heard this on friday, the president approved declaration of emergency for the lone star state of texas. the recovery can take over a year. ahead of massive storms which are now expected to move into the bayou state of louisiana, today the president also approved an emergency declaration there. for now, back to you. >> molly: estimates of 30-$40 billion, no doubt a long road ahead to recovery. kevin, thank you from the white house. >> leland: we should hear from the president later, he will be asked at his press conference at this afternoon. officials say they do not have enough resources to rescue everyone in need.
10:28 am
texans answer with an armada of fishing boats, ski boats and just about anything else that will float to help their fellow citizens in need. lawmakers say this proves that what being an american is all about. >> as far as the evacuation, now is not the time to second-guess the decisions that were made, what's important is that everybody work together to ensure that we are going to first save lives and second help people across the state rebuild. and because of the effort we been able to put together, i think and believe we will be able to be very successful. >> leland: the texas lieutenant governor echo noted that earlier as well. >> every texan stands together today, there are no republicans or democrats or liberals or conservatives, they are all texans and americans helping each other survive.
10:29 am
>> leland: richard fowler joins us now. talk about how much the conversation in america has changed in a week or two. in terms of race, politics and now none of that seems to matter. >> of course it doesn't and we as americans need to come together. i was raised in miami, my mom is a registered nurse and i can remember her always leaving me with other adults and her going to the hospital during the storm so she could care for others, she is a critical care nurse. i want to give a big shout out to all the nurses and doctors and first responders in texas who are working 16, 18 hour shifts and making sure that people are staying safe and is staying in texas. a lot of times they do not get enough accolades from us here, thank you to that.
10:30 am
>> leland: i want to interrupt you for a second, i a completely echo your sentiments. life pictures from the rescues going on in houston, so many families that are in need thereof getting out. these are all as you can tell personal boats that have come up to rescue these people, i can't see any first responders around, we know the coast guard helicopters have had a hard time with the rain and the wind. it looks like there's some possibly police officials down there. interestingly enough, in terms of doctors and nurses, they've had to send the sheriff's office around in their high water vehicles to get doctors and nurses from their homes to get to the hospital. these are people who leave their own homes in catastrophic conditions to go to help others. it doesn't show the very best of america. the question is, how does that get lost in the conversation? there's no doubt that within a week or so, the political rancor
10:31 am
will return to the same political rancor we had a couple weeks ago. >> we will be back to our sides, back to left, back to right. the people of houston and the people of corpus christi will be back to their suffering when the cameras leave and i think that is important to remember, we see are the same thing happened ten years ago and katrina, once the camera was off the people were still suffering. the government was there to help those individuals get back on their feet. this is an opportunity for president trump, this is an opportunity for him -- >> leland: i hate to do this to you, it is sad but true that you are right and sad but true that we have to go. we will talk to you soon. >> molly: thousands of national guard troops deployed and citizen volunteers pitching in to say people stranded in floodwaters. we are taking a look at some of those dramatic rescues and that work is far from over. fema officials say saving lives
10:32 am
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10:36 am
million people to apply for assistance. catherine herridge's live just outside of fema headquarters there in our nation's capital. thank you, catherine? >> thank you, molly. where i am right now is home to something called the nrc see, the national response ordination center. this is the group that is steering this federal response, whether it is a hurricane like harvey or the major incident in this country. vice president mike pence arrived here at headquarters in downtown washington, just for some perspective it's about a half-mile from the white house and a half mile from capitol hill. he was inside for about an hour, reporters were not with him but we believe he was getting a comprehensive briefing on the federal response. earlier we heard from the fema administrator who explained to reporters how they practice a number of scenarios, a number of responses, but he said nothing could have prepared them for harvey.
10:37 am
>> you can say it's going to really reign over five, pinpoint exactly what watershed that rain is going to go into is near impossible to figure out. the city of houston is huge. >> resources remain fluid but the latest number we have is that 1 million meals have headed down to texas, 20,000 tarps and 70 generators, many of them repositioned. we also have rescue teams coming from different parts of the country. one example on the nypd's counterterrorism twitter, photos of their team heading down to texas. one of the principal issues right now according to fema is that the skies are still not safe. >> unlike katrina which passed
10:38 am
clear and we had flight positions, we are still operating in the midst of a tropical storm. our flight crews, we've got multiple flight crews, we've thrown every coast guard acid available at this response. but there are conditions where it is just not safe to fly. >> we've seen a lot of amazing drone video especially over houston this morning to show us how widespread the damage is. but at that news conference, they asked people not specifically to use drones because the skies over the city are so congested and they are worried about some other type of accident. >> molly: a million meals, that speaks to the great need that is still developing. catherine herridge there in washington, thank you. >> leland: during the course of this monster storm, we have seen some dramatic images of rescues, the coast guard's talking about them with crews, citizens, volunteers all pitching in to save families,
10:39 am
children and the elderly from ever rising floodwaters. to make things harder, limited cell phone service all around that southeast texas coastline and also concerns about how long the generators will last. former special assistant to the director of fema, also on the ground in florida during hurricane andrew, good to see you again. >> thanks for being here, great to see you again. >> leland: when you heard from catherine herridge's report, fema now saying nothing could have prepared them for harvey, does that ring true to you? >> absolutely. the challenges of a hurricane like we we had in andrew, a 4 t turned into a 5, you can prepare but it can really never be replicated, even with today's best simulations. >> leland: 's we are watching some of these videos of the rising floodwaters and hearing
10:40 am
the water is going to continue to rise, what's the answer essentially? is all we can best do hope and wait and donate money to the american red cross or is there something else? >> unfortunately there is no silver bullet here. one thing i am extremely encouraged by, america is great when neighbors are helping neighbors, we have that. we have people arriving in greater numbers to provide stability. at this point, that is about the best we can do until we can get a full assessment of exactly what is under that water and how much damage there is. >> leland: as you point out, the coast guard was pointing out that during katrina and other storms, the storm moved on so you can fly, the floodwaters started to recede. it is unusual as the water is still there. what's going on at fema
10:41 am
headquarters right now? is it sort of mad chaos or is there some kind of organization that helps with this? >> quite the opposite, i think first of all the fema administrator has a very long history of being able to manage manage -- >> leland: you are confident we are not going to have another "you are doing a great job" brownie moment. >> absolutely not, i think brock long is as good as there is. what is going on at fema, each of the agencies are talking to each other, they are coordinating, mission tasking, identifying what the folks on the ground need. and they are coordinating, they are leveraging the federal government, you don't want too many assets that you can't use but they are pushing assets and where appropriate and the
10:42 am
coordination is incredibly impressive and i think the american people are going to be very much appeased to knowing that this group of individuals is coordinating this. >> leland: they've asked for a lot of help as we been pointing out, the cajun navy from louisiana has come over, i guess you can call it the texas armada. all these folks watching live pictures from a neighborhood in houston, we don't know what neighborhood this is but as the coast guard claims helicopters have been unable to fly, it has come all of these folks in their own boats as we've learned, a number of the folks who are watching more patrolling neighborhoods and performing rescues, a lot of them have had their houses destroyed as well. they got the high ground and came back in their boats to try to help. you can see them bringing folks up two areas. as you said, i hope everyone can
10:43 am
sleep a little more soundly tonight knowing help is indeed on the way. thank you, sir. >> molly: the u.s. navy mobilizing to help search and rescue missions in texas as floodwaters keep rising in houston, all in that area and tropical storm harvey showing no signs of letting up. plus, secretary of state rex tillerson creating some space between himself and president trump's reaction to the violence in charlottesville earlier this month. coming up, the apparent feud growing inside the trump administration. >> i don't believe anyone doubts the american people's values or the commitment of the american government and government agencies to advancing those values. >> and the president's values? >> the president speaks for himself. ♪
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10:47 am
national guard to help with the response to tropical storm harvey, specifically air support, the navy sending helicopter squadrons to help overwhelm first responders there. you see some of the footage from the navy, the storm is expected to sit over the area for another day or two. officials warn the situation will only get worse with more rescues needed and with the rain still coming down, making it difficult for the helicopter supplies to come out and help. >> when the president gets into the kind of controversy he does and the u.n. committee response the way it does, it seems to say they begin to doubt whether we are living those values. >> i don't think anyone doubts the american people's value or the commitment of the american government agencies to advance those values. >> and the president's values? >> the president speaks for
10:48 am
himself, chris. i've made my own comments as to our values as well. right now, secretary of state rex tillerson appears to be possibly separating himself a bit from president trump. there are also reports that the president is growing increasingly frustrated with tillerson, even reportedly saying he doesn't get it. thank you both for being here. this exchange between chris wallace and rex tillerson is just remarkable, it is striking. i want to get your initial reaction.
10:49 am
>> what i sense is a kind of change in temperature with all republicans, there is no longer fear of distancing oneself from the president, with speaker ryan making explicit comments to distance himself from the president and within his own cabinet, i think it speaks to the isolation of donald trump right now. it's very hard for me to come up and give you an example of a way in which donald trump has expanded his reach or popularit popularity, it seems to be contracting by the day and the fact that this was a public statement here on fox news by the secretary of state speaks to a larger trend that the president is losing, not gaining friends. >> molly: is the president becoming more isolated? >> i think rex tillerson gave the only answer he could have given in that situation, if the
10:50 am
president wants him to stay on board it's in his interest to let it go and move on. there are plenty of other candidates to become secretary of state. the president needs to focus on unifying the republican party and identifying people to persuade rather than persecute. attacking congress on attacking the senate is counterproductive and potentially destructive to his own agenda and even his own administration potentially. the president needs to bring people together and let situations like this go and focus on unifying the country and the party. >> molly: thanks for joining us, could it be we are possibly seeing a rift developed there. >> leland: so far at least 15 states are joining in to give aid to the devastated areas in texas. still ahead, we've got a lot more on how the nation is coming together to help the lone star state deal with the utter devastation of harvey.
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>> as we head to the top of the hour, i'm harris faulkner. greg abbott is scheduled to give an update on the latest conditions and damage assessments from harvey. we will bring it to you live. president trump and the first lady will travel to texas tomorrow to see the damage, how is the administration performing in its response of the storm? we will cover and discuss. and we have some incredible stories of survival, strangers helping one another in the middle of evil. rain is the enemy right now. it will make you proud as an american. keep watching, "america's news headquarters" is next. >> leland: of fox news alert as things get worse, not better in texas and right now at least 15 states are sending
10:55 am
desperately needed help. >> molly: the outpouring of support from across the country is a testament to the american spirit. people helping other people in need. and an acknowledgment that the dangerous conditions are far from over. >> so far, 20 rescue teams from 15 states to assist in this emergency. in san francisco, 141st responders left yesterday. all these teams from california, ohio, new jersey. they are entirely self-contained, all they need to know is where to go. 48 doctors, nurses and paramedics essentially a field hospital left on sunday, a 14 day supply of medications, food and water, phoenix fire sent 80 men and women from their search and rescue team, to to go simir
10:56 am
teams from los angeles sunday as well including engineers, each to fill 318 wheel trucks. jack hammers, concrete saws, those are called heavy teams for reaching a structure and getting people out. they are all part of a federally coordinated national disaster response plan. some teams that specialize in water rescue, . >> leland: we are awaiting comments from president trump in just a couple of hours, he is likely to get some questions on tropical storm harvey end of the response ahead of his trip to the houston area tomorrow. live to the white house as it happens.
10:57 am
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10:59 am
>> still waiting for the president to talk. a lot more news out of texas. we'll be here tomorrow to cover it all. >> hard to believe more water on
11:00 am
the way. "america's news headquarters" starts now. >> harris: houston under water. the nation's fourth largest city in trouble. the rain keeps falling. i'm harris faulkner. severe flooding from houston to corpus christi. the governor is about to talk to his people and the world. he will be joined by texas senator john cornyn. we'll take you there as it happens. we're rescues in the thousands. bringing thousands of people to safety. tens of thousands of people making their way to shelters. by the time the worst is over, days from now, nearly 500,000 people are expected to need assistance. president trump is keeping tabs on developments, planning to visit the region tomorrow. we have fox team coverage. let's go first to adam klotz who is with me a few feet away in the


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