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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  August 28, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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and the county judge and leaders in that county will be in charge of all of the points of distribution for that county. we want to ensure the water and food we're providing will reach every >> we also know, about the growing needs for porta-potty's. they will be arriving tomorrow. we are so proud that the water supply for corpus christi is either back up and running or shortly will be. i know that tcu worked with corpus christi as well as other wire providers to make sure that can happen as quickly as possible. we are still involved in a search and rescue missions in ramses and rockport county. as well as elsewhere for all of
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walmart, lowe's, and soon to be home depot are doing. there is much to do, and those are just the most immediate steps. importantly, this is a place that texas and fema will be involved in for a long, long time. we will be here until we can restore this region. as back to normal as possible. for as we discussed in our meeting earlier, we need to recognize it will be a new normal. a new and different normal for this entire region. but we will not stop until we get as far as we can. i want to provide some important details, and then passed the mic to senator cornyn and the
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national fema administrator. i want to explain a couple of details to the citizens that they need to know about. as governor, i have made a state disaster declaration for 54 counties across the state of texas. in order for a disaster declaration to be made a federal disaster declaration, it requires certain financial thresholds to be met. those financial thresholds have been met in 18 counties. there are 18 counties in the state of texas, that made it a federal declaration that the president has granted. with that presidential grants, it triggers the involvement of fema. because there are a lot of people in your viewing area who may not know if they are on the
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federal disaster declaration list, i want to read these counties out for you. be county, goliad, cleburne, nueces county, referring accounting, aransas aransas county, brazoria county calhoun county chambers county, fort bend county harris county jackson county, liberty county, victoria county, in warren county. those of the counties that currently qualify for federal disaster declaration. depending upon what is learned in weeks and days going forward, there may be more counties added to that list. the reason why this is important, is because if a county is on the federal disaster declaration list, there will be an abundance of resources that come from the federal government. to aid people in those counties.
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i want to provide you an address on the website so hopefully you'll hear from everybody else speak about, because this needs to be everybody's go to location on the internet. it is i am sorry. this is a block long, who is the national fema administrator will be reemphasizing that. i brought it up, because everybody needs to know this. there are people out there who are desperately trying to get the funds they need to stay in a hotel, because they have no place to reside. one of the places you can go is to the
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brock will explain more about how people can access the assistance they need. i want to provide that to you now. i will be happy in a moment to participate in a question and answer, but at this moment, i would like to turn it over to senator john cornyn. >> , governor, thank you for inviting me to join you here today. i want to join you in the incredible leadership that we have seen here at the local level at the county and city level. the mayors, everybody pulling together in a typically-texas fashion. two years ago i was at the disaster in west texas, and i had a county commissioner come up to me and said, texas isn't just a place you are from. it describes who your family is. i remember that regularly on special occasions like this. we are pulling together as one
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family as texans to try to help those who have lost their lives and their families who lost their property, houses, and those are in a bad way right now. as we go through this hurricane. i have to say, governor abbott and his team working out of the emergency manager operations center in austin, texas, have done a tremendous job. it would not be possible without the support of not only the leadership of governor abbott, but also the folks throughout the state in local government. as you here in a moment from the fema administrator, federal emergency management agency, this will be a long haul. we are trying to save people's lives. we are trying to make sure they have a place to live, safe water to drink, sewage, electricity, and lights. this will be a long challenge. in addition to the website, the governor mentioned.
12:07 pm, some people may not have access to internet. because they do not have electricity. if they can make a phone call, they can call 1-800-621-fema. that is the first step they can do if they qualify. let me just close with this. thank you, governor, your tremendous leadership, and i know president trump and his entire cabinet has been very aggressive in their response. the only way we will get through this together as as a texas fay is if we aren't latched together at the state, city, and federal level. i can assure you that we are. >> as i have been saying,
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emergency management is about partnership, in the bottom line is that these guys around me, county judges, mayors, first responders come at the disaster always begin and end with these guys. when their capacity has been exceeded, the governor steps in with his support and provide tremendous leadership and capacity and my support in the field. the governors needs to make sure that we are here to support you guys, and we will be here for several years helping you guys recover. i have guys on the ground already here in corpus christi and around the area. while all eyes are on houston in the report flooding, just north of corpus christi, we are very aware that they took the brunt of a category four hurricane when it comes to the winds and the storm surge and the tremendous amount of damage. to this point, we are continuing to support the life safety efforts. we rolled in 8,500 roughly
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federal staff members. people from around the federal government to be in texas and some of those are in louisiana just making sure that we are anticipating any additional issues that may occur there. of those 8500, 1100 are outperforming search and rescue. my job is to incarnate the resources of the federal government. using the coast guard choppers. national guard as well, support from the national guard. customs and border patrol in town. we have all kinds of people providing security to all types of things that are going on from the federal government. the other thing you're starting to see is the state of texas. you guys are a very capable state, we all know it, and you guys have tremendous capabilities to provide life-sustaining commodities. we also back feeling that. we brought in already
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2 million liters of water. tens of thousands of tarps to backfill the needs of the citizens. just north of here in rockport on the trucks are already arriving. we are pushing them out to the point of distributions on behalf of our state and local partners as well. and this is the way it is supposed to work. we are a unified effort. we are a team, and we all depend on each other. when forward. as the governor said, of the 18 counties, is incredibly important, and i want to push this message the first up to do if you reside in one of those 18 counties under the individual disaster declaration, start to register now online first. and as the governor suggested, 1-800-621-fema, and start the process there. i have 1300 staff members
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connected to the national flood insurance program in the state. obviously, those people are starting to disperse to the state. would also ask that if you are in f ip holder, contact your insurance agent so we can start processing that as well. we are continuing to help with restoration and folks that as a senator suggested, this will be a very long event. you will get frustrated. you will be tired. your routine will be disrupted for weeks. we are striving for normal here, but fema is with you, and we are here for you to support you, governor. as well as all the local judges and mayors. we are doing our best. thank you. >> a few last things and then some questions. one piece of news that is today, they authorized the deployment
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of all of the texas national guard. to address the challenges that texans are facing all the way from corpus christi to houston, texas. that would include all of the 12,000 available numbers of the texas national guard. we want to ensure all we can to maintain safety and security of everybody in the entire state of texas. lastly, one thing that i often say that it's our lives are not determined by the ways in which we are challenged, but how we respond to the challenges we face. every time i see texans challenged, i am always impressed to see the way we respond. to see the way a fellow texan will take out their own boats and go rescue stranded houstonians. there are so many heroes in houston, who literally saved the lives of their fellow texans. the same is true with what
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happened in this region, where the hurricane first hit texas. texans helping texans. that is what we do. as a state, and i don't think anybody does it better. i am so proud to be a texan. i am proud to be associated with the men and women, who have helped their friends and neighbors during this catastrophe over this past week. knowing who we are and what we are, i know that we will get through this even stronger than where we were before the storm hit. with that, i would be happy to take some questions. >> the president of the houston firefighters association told fox news his firefighters are being underutilized the lack of planning from the committee, which is why so many civilians are trying to take part in the rescue. have you heard that connect do you have any information on that that? >> i would have to direct you to the city of houston on it. >> so far, how would you have
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rated the government response? speak of the state of texas has been dealing with the federal government for about seven to ten days at least, before the hurricane hit. on a daily basis. frequently, multiple times throughout the day. i have spoken with the president on multiple occasions. with his cabinet members, ranging from the secretary of health and human services, homeland security, transportation, energy, i am leaving some out. also the fema administrator. i would have to grade the federal government's response as an a+. this is if not the lodges, categorize as one of the largest disasters americas has ever fac face. out quick response from fema is
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unparalleled. we are grateful for what has happened so far, what we know, we are still early in the process. we need to maintain this. second component is the way leaders at the local level have responded. these are people, who are living off just a few hours of sleep, and they have one concern. that is for the men and women they represent in their towns and counties, and it is because of their commitment to the people they represent that coupled with the federal government's response we are doing as well as we are. >> some of your advisors has contradictory to what the mayor had said. >> the decisions about the evacuations is something behind us. we are who we are right now. we need to focus on protecting life, first, and doing all we
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can to rescue those who are in danger, and second to get them to evacuation centers and third, help them build a bridge to where the future will be. >> some of the biggest challenges that you've seen? speak of the biggest challenge is making sure we get every person to a secure place. cycle will be rebuilding our communities. that is something you cannot just snap your fingers and make happen. something that everybody you see appeared together with us, who are all going to be in this together. it will take a long time doing it. we will need the patience and cooperation of everybody in this region as we go through that process to rebuild the community. >> have you spoken to mexican officials? had they offered support? >> yes, i have spoken with mexican officials. my staff has also spoken with officials from the government of mexico, and yes, they have offered assistance.
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>> in what way? >> they said and whatever we need. they said whether it is boats, whether could be food. they have been participants in helping with hurricane katrina. they are going to give more precise ways and we will be communicating with them about specific needs. >> one more. governor about rockport and ranches county, what will be offered to those residents that are still there, that lost their homes, cars, will they be moved somewhere else? >> i am going to answer part of it and let brock long answer the rest. i should have mentioned this to you. we have come here, you may or may not know, but we will be departing here going folk to rockport. i will get to see firsthand what challenges they are facing.
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you mentioned buses. we do have buses available, where we are evacuating people, and there are multiple locations. i personally greeted people who got on those buses from corpus christi and other areas around here that went to san antonio. there are also buses i go to austin, dallas, other locations. there are multiple evacuation centers, people can get on buses and go to a "no" charge. that is one. two, for those that are still here, there is a need for food and water as quickly as possibl possible. we will be establishing if it has not already been established points of distribution for water and all the supplies they need. separate from that, part of your question must be answered by the fema administrator. >> let me take a second to explain this goal.
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one of the largest recovery housing missions that that initiation is ever seen. once you start to wrap up the life safety mission and moving citizens who may be trapped or isolated, you're trying to get them to a shelter. try to minimize the time they spend in a shelter and the governor proactively turned on what is called the shelter initiation program. this allows anyone in a shelter or someone who does not have financial means to be able to receive assistance to hopefully find a hotel or a motel, or to be able to eventually rent. the goal of this is to. if we cannot put you back in your home, because it is destroyed or the floodwaters are there, and they will be there for a while, you will get you out of the long-term sheltering. we want to try and find him. rent them if you have them. let's rent out different facilities and build a place people in those type of places.
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in some places, we have to look at alternative housing solutions. the last resort is to bring in manufactured homes and tractor-trailers, which we are utilizing the defense act and had the parties to mass those. that is a long process. we do not start dragging in manufactured homes and travel trailers right off the bat. they will not be on your property and marred by means. this is a process, we have to be into the individual assistance. his try to find you. it is where your job is, and that is what we are working on. it is a long process. housing is going to be very frustrating in texas. we need to set the expectations. we already have disaster housing on site. we are already working very proactively with the state. i just got off the phone with
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secretary carson at hud. he wanted to go, governor abbott and senator cornyn wrapping up the status of things in the great state of texas. the governor is receiving a phone call from the president with congratulations. thanking people for all their hard work, especially to everyday texans in louisiana and are on it as well. the cajun navy coming over to help. hundreds and hundreds if not thousands of folks. the governor i thought pointedly reminded texans during the early goings of the new normal that is to come. they are feeling search and rescue mission. still trying to save lives, people in texas and all the rest. the governor reminding people that the time will come soon when the full scope of what has happened will be a very heavy burden in weight. billions and billions and billions of dollars in recovery. months and years to go and what
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the governor described as the new new normal over the state of texas one of the worst national dancers all freeways closed in one way or another around houston, texas. both airports closed until further notice. mensa will come to the there is no timetable for reopening either of those major airports. think of it. they have been closed through the weekend, and they do not know when they will reopen. the national weather service now predicts 50 inches of rain could pile up in or around houston. specific areas by the time harvey is done. so far, five people are reported dead, and we are sad to report there is a local report from cbs 11, a family of six is believed to have died in a minivan trying
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to escape. associated press minutes ago reported that family of six is feared dead. we are working independently to confirm what happened. the head of fema said 30,000 people will need shelter tonight. since harvey hit as a category four, we have watched rescue after rescue from flooded neighborhoods. crews find choppers to get people off of rooftops. houston pleats say they saved at least 2,000 people already, and that is not to mention not even counting all of those that all the lives to volunteers helping. neighbors with boats. that cajun navy coming over. the video behind me from a rescue boat and dickinson, texas. east of houston. streets underwater. cars completely covered. neighbors in a boat will be neighbors. some on the front no doubt wondering what the next few days will bring. we are hearing from people who managed to get out when the water started gushing into their own homes. >> around 6:00 a.m., clock fell
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off the nightstand and water was coming in fast. >> water current was strong. they helped us up to the military trucks that evacuated us over to the library. we are happy to be okay. >> three people in my bed in my hospital bed, because i am bedridden. there's water in all the beds. every strip of furniture, everything. >> my friend's house is done, and she worked so hard. things happen there. memories taken away by something you do not expect. it is all materialistic stuff that is kept in your mind, and able to always be there in your mind. it is hard. >> shepard: the new normal is governor abbott put it. the look above. just look from a drone. this is from west of houston
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overflowing. they also released water from some of the nearby weather wires. will keep tabs on that. keeping downtown houston from flooding. they ordered people in those areas to get out and get out now. i want to try the latest radar, because it is a very interesting with the storm. it is going back out into the gulf of mexico. it is coming back. the storm has gone inland. it has sat and spun for a while. still collecting fuel from the land, because more than 50% of the land is flooded. that is enough water to keep this hurricane, now tropical storm, at the very least a very possible low pressure center clockwise. fueled with moisture, updraft overnight, and keep this storm intact. you can see it as very much as trying to move offshore. that is the watch box for tornadoes only from houston to lake charles. all the way to new orleans. you can see the heavy volume of rain moving to the new orleans area past lake charles. there is still reign in houston,
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which is on the left side. countless videos and images out of texas have taken over social media as you know doubt know. use for the day. here is a wild 1 out of missouri city, texas. 20 miles south and west of houston. a woman without a pair of alligators outside her house. >> you see the gator moving along. you can see him. taking his time. he's against the fence again. we will show you. here is the top, the low part, where he is able to get into our backyard. now it looks like there is not only him but also him. not too far from just climbing
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on into the backyard. and right here to the patio. >> shepard: missouri city, texas. gator city. for a lot of people, that is kind of common. producers looking at video in new york, that is a game changer. trace gallagher is all wet 25 minutes north. still windy and wet? >> still wet. no gators, but we can attest it is still raining. weather forecasts said some of this dry air will mix with the moisture, but yet, we have not seen it. i need unique situation. how the roads coming in and out our shutdown. we just pulled off the freeway, where half of it is flooded. cars going by on one side, and you boats be launched on the other. it really is a all hands on deck situation. they need all the boats they can get. they're still getting 2,911 calls per hour. a lot of those people need to be wretched
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here's why. watch, shepard. it was built mostly on flat land, so instead of the water running off, it has to drain. the draining system was only built to handle maybe two or 3 inches at a time. not the 2-3 inches they normally get. before hurricane harvey come at ground was already saturated. since then, 20 inches of rain. all 22 of the watersheds in and around harris county, the surrounding area of houston, are now overflowing their banks. the creeks and the bayous. all of that water has to come back to the gulf of mexico, which is why you see scenes like this. one of the major arteries, interstate 69, in and out of houston, flooded. some people tried their luck, clearly. >> allowed people tried their luck. we saw a lot of situations and for the first time, shepard, we are here in baja house is
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catching on fire, because all that water is rising mixing with the electrical. they have more on the plate than they had this morning. >> shepard: a lot of armchair quarterbacks. syl questioned the city about why they did not backward. here's a reason. >> you heard the governor say, look, that debate is over. we have to move on. the governor that those in low-lying areas of houston has to get out. and the mayor and city council said you need to shelter and place. blessing that one in houston was to happen what happened in 2005 during hurricane rita, a hundred people died including 24 senior citizens, who got killed and that bus fire. the mayor of houston, even today said, he stands behind what he said. listen to him. >> can you imagine the nightmare, with millions of people coming back into the city, where many of the
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communities are underwater. streets are impassable. i have -- the decision that we made was a smart one. it was in the best interest of houstonians. no regrets. >> he is probably right. there is no getting in and out of houston now. for the time being, every road around there is blocked off, and in fairness to both sides of the argument, nobody expected this. just like in 2005, we did not know what hurricane katrina would be like until he saw. we did not know what this would look like. we never had a heart can come in, category four, and sit there in rain like this dropping 50 inches of rain ever. for those on both sides of the argument, this was the unknown. shep. >> shepard: trace gallagher, thank you very much. search and rescue teams hard at work right now in and around houston. we have another life update from the flood zone, and we'll chart
12:31 pm
the storms path for the next few days. whoever would have thought this storm would make landfall in texas not once but a few days later a second time. that they say is going to happen. stay with us.
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>> i am lea gabrielle please and north dakota say they have found the body of a missing person wrapped in plastic and fargo. 22-year-old was eight months pregnant when she went missing. they found a newborn girl in a neighborhood apartment and arrested two suspects to kidnapping. the baby is alive and healthy. meantime, divers found the body of alton missing sailors from the uss john mccain. that is the word from the navy. they flooded through compartments after collided with an oil tanker near singapore last week. the cost of the crash is still
12:34 pm
under investigation. between a truck and a scooter caught on camera. the truck divers swerved at the last moment. it is unclear who has the green light the. the news continues with shepard smith after this. >> i am lea gabrielle, please you always pay
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switch and you could save $782 on home and auto insurance. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance. ♪ >> shepard: harvey, the flood and coverage continues. steve harrigan's live in rosenberg, texas. 30 miles south west of houston. wet and windy, steve. >> absolutely brutal conditions out on the street, shep. cold winds, rain coming in. an hour after hour, with no leno. the results we are seeing roads, major roads , you have gone access roads to try to get around anywhere. worse than that, you can see here, the foundation of others, four-lane road included, destroyed by sinkhole. shelter outside of houston in rosenberg, where i am now, are
12:37 pm
filling up quickly. people are filling up quickly. they are turning furniture stores into shelter. hour by hour here. the situation is getting worse. we have seen a number of voluntary evacuations become mandatory evacuations. they also put out a plea for nurses that are needed in these shelters, shepard. >> shepard: how are people getting the help they need, steve? >> it has been a mix of low tech and high tech calls. please have treated, hang a towel or sheet from your house to tell us you need help, but that is not enough. one man, and the tweets come in and minute after minute. one man wrote, my grandmother needs help. and gives the address. one woman wrote, i am stuck in a house with three kids, seven adults. does anyone help to make your low-tech and high tech. same thing, minute after minute,
12:38 pm
help. >> shepard: you look around and that is one view on one great and one road, and you have to wonder, how many times is th. how long will it take to recover from this? >> driving up here was brutal, because the roads were flooding minute by minute. the situation is changing. in these conditions, it is extraordinarily difficult to go out and to get any work done. >> shepard: steve harrigan, our road warrior. fox business network jeff locke is in the western part of houston and a rescue boat. jeff, how does it go? >> >> boy, i will tell you. we are with the harris county huxtable. this one is closest to the reservoir that are releasing the water from, because they're concerned about the dam, and because of that release, the water heater has risen and look at these homes. look at these cars.
12:39 pm
look at these situation. the constable here is going through just to make sure anyone who gets out, gets out. >> yes, several passes through here in case anyone needs help. just making sure that if anybody wants to get out, we will get them out. >> unbelievably, when we head down to the other location, there is a location where people are on a second floor, and they said, they have enough food and water, and they're going to stick this out. >> that is what they said. for now, they have our number if they need us. i wish they would go now, so we would not have to come back. >> we are in pouring rain right now. in addition to the release of the water, there is a release of water from the sky, obviously. it is just pouring down now. look, cars everywhere. houses halfway up. look at this one. right behind you.
12:40 pm
that is the roof of a car right here. oh, boy. i have seen a lot of disasters is as you may know, shep. this one is right up there. >> shepard: i have been thinking about it compared to our friends in new orleans and south mississippi and the rest. there is another car in the water. as horrible as it was, one of the worst things i have ever seen. it seems like this stretching 300 miles of flooded areas. the recovery time. it is unfathomable. >> it is. you talk about hurricane katrina, and houston is a fourth biggest city in the united states. this goes over a wide area. katrina -- and the great thing about this, as terrible as this is, the loss of life katrina was much worse. that was a terrible, terrible strategy. you hate to even compare them,
12:41 pm
but the enormity of this. most hurricanes, we would be done with it by now. we would be cleaning up, and think about heading home. good luck on the rebuild. right now, we are still right in the throes of this. does the house i was telling you about. you can see the windows. this picture window appears with the curtains up there, there are people in there. we were hollering at them before, and they said, no. we just remodeled our house. >> they gave us a thumbs up, which means they are fine. >> before we get away, this fellow here donated his boat. the constable is riding on a donated boat. you live in this neighborhood. >> absolutely. it was nice of him to do that. he is one of many, as you know, shep, that has donated their time and their talents and their gear, because as enormous as this is, you do not have enough emergency responders to get to
12:42 pm
everyone. everybody has to do it the old-fashioned way. save yourself and save your neighbor. >> shepard: captain longhorn. he's wearing that hat. i wonder when he's loop drives and sees neighbors in the middle of the river and thinks about how he processes that. >> is there any way for you to make sense of this? was your first hurricane? >> when i was a kid, cecelia down in the corpus christi area. >> do you have any sense of the enormity of with what you're doing right now? this is the worst i have ever seen it. this is just unbelievable. unbelievable. >> i appreciate your time very much, sir. i would get out of your way and let you do your job. >> we appreciate you all spreading the word on this and making sure people's eyeballs are on it. you all be careful us also. >> i appreciate that.
12:43 pm
i know you are a veteran making sure people's eyeballs are on things. like katrina. that is what we are trying to do. >> shepard: jeff, 273 separate major flooding areas in houston. i guess there is a neighborhood after neighborhood as far as you can go looking like this. >> it just keeps coming. we were in one earlier, and we became over here, the water is coming out. no way to fathom the enormity of this right now. hopefully by tomorrow, the next day, maybe we will. today, not yet. look at these dogs. >> shepard: go ahead, jeff. >> the great thing about this as you know with katrina, they do not want people to have their dogs when they rescued people. here, they are letting them take their dogs with them, because they did not think that worked out so well. in katrina.
12:44 pm
that is nice to see comic because you can see a gentleman like that, it means a lot to have your pet with you, so that you go. maybe we learn as we go, shep. >> shepard: i remember hurricane andrew, there was note street sign, hurricane hugo in the carolinas, so many side streets came down, you had to saw your way out. hurricane katrina was a whole series of problems. you look at this thing, every house that has flooding a pure waste, all of that has to be gutted and taken out. they have to start again. every single house for 300 miles that was flooded. >> and there are poor people houses, it very wealthy neighborhoods like this one, everybody is alike. everybody has the same problem. >> shepard: i listen to you a few minutes ago and thought about it. for people who survived a lot of hurricanes, they know that the
12:45 pm
best thing about a hurricane is that right after it is over, the sky is blue as far as you can see them. it is so nice after a hurricane, but it has been like this since thursday. >> and it is apparently -- if you believe the forecasters, and we believe them, it will keep going. we are not going to see those blue skies for a good long whil while. and now i think it is not only true but literally and figuratively in houston. >> shepard: you say waterlogged long enough. you live outside your house, you do not have power. eventually it gets a point where you just get that you cannot take it anymore. if you have older people and younger ones living with you. your heart bleeds for them. >> it does. want to get this boat going. were not quite done. we are still on the tv, but i want to make sure we get this boat up, shep, because they need
12:46 pm
to get out and do their thing. you're absolutely right. the frustration. they have been saying this. the frustration is going to build. emergency folks. this will be unpleasant paired right now, we have adrenaline pumping. constable, i appreciate it so much. thank you for your help and service. i appreciate it so much. everybody does too. it's not going to be a pretty scene. maybe when some of us go away, without katrina worked, it is not a happy scene. like you said, with some adrenaline you think, yes, i survived it. sometimes you wish you didn't survive it may be. >> shepard: jeff locke and his waterlogged crew and the constable. he talked about how long this will continue. you look at this, it has been going on since thursday night. it is still raining. it is not about to stop.
12:47 pm
the storm has gone inland and sat and spun for a while. then it is on its way back to the golf. it just passed over the shoreline. it is now getting back into the golf. this topical moisture, and you remember at night with the storm spread at night, the air situation is different. such that more moisture comes up through the center of this low pressure center, spinning counterclockwise. more of that water comes out, and that water is like exxon for your car. it gives it the fuel that it needs and spins that wander around, and all that water goes up to the north, and east of that storm. just more pummeling the rain. they are talking about 17-20 more inches of rain for some of these people. the national weather service had to change the way it shows its map of rainfall. we are over 34 inches of rain in some areas. that is a yardstick. that is well above your root
12:48 pm
waste of just rain. forget the flash flooding areas and the rest. to the east of houston, lake charles, this is louisiana. new orleans, baton rouge getting a lot of rain. expecting 3-4 inches in new orleans over the next couple of days. alexandria, louisiana in the north. that is mississippi over there getting a lot of rain in south mississippi, east mississippi, it lower alabama, florida panhandle getting a little bit. then you go up north, arkansas and central mississippi around jackson, this whole area and the red box. that is the tornado watch area. texas across louisiana tooth south mississippi. and we are not done. the storm back out into the water, and then by tomorrow night, it should be heading back inland again. somewhere east of houston. you never know exactly where will go. the worst of it. if you take a circle and cut
12:49 pm
into four quadrants like slicing a pie across and up and down, the upper right quadrant, that is where the worst of the rain always is. not always, 97% of the time. that is how it has been with this storm. what side. the backside, houston hopefully will be drier as we hoped it would be this afternoon. the last luke, houston getting wet again. more rain in houston. it is almost unbelievable. we'll slow down on this in a moment, because the president is at the white house, it just spoken with the leader of the philippines -- finland, i mean. while we were doing weather. in speaking with him. there will be a lot of events involved with that today. he did mention this storm a short time ago, and they forgot to play -- they're doing that right now. let's listen. >> i will be going to texas tomorrow.
12:50 pm
the spirit is incredible of the people. the coordination with all the different services has been going very well. great respect for the governor. he has done an incredible job. i look forward to the trip. i will be going tomorrow. we are leaving about 8:30 in the morning. we do not know exactly which sections we will be going. we will notify you soon. will be traveling throughout certain parts, and we may go back on saturday, depending on where the storm goes. we may also go to louisiana on saturday. >> the magnitude? >> president trump: historic. it is like texas, if you think about it. it is a historic amount of water in particular that there's never been anything like it. the people are handling it extremely well. the people of texas have really persevered, and when you watch the spirit and enthusiasm in
12:51 pm
helping each other, the teamwork, it has really been something for people. even people in finland, it they would say it is incredible. >> we have noticed. >> president trump: we will be leaving tomorrow around 8:30 in the morning. we have done quite a few cabinet meetings to make sure everything is coordinated. we are dealing with congress, as you know. it will be a very expensive situation. we want to take care of the people of texas and louisiana if that happens. let us see what happens with the flow. it seems to be heading towards louisiana right now as we speak. we will be there for the people of louisiana also. we will see you tomorrow, and i guess you will see both of us in a couple of minutes in the east room. thank you all very much. >> shepard: we will. we are expecting a live news conference with the president and the two leaders. we'll have live coverage. 30 minutes from now. 20 minutes past 4:00 eastern
12:52 pm
time at the white house. live pictures now of yet another rescue that is going on in houston. incredible rescues has been happening. matt finn is at this location. and you figure if you have been in your house now since friday, if it has been raining funny, all night friday, all day saturday, all night saturday night, all day sunday. all night sunday night. so far, all day monday. it is going to rain all day tonight and tomorrow it all night tomorrow night, and all day wednesday. it's hard to imagine that it could go for that long. just like the president just said, it is historic. big like texas. he is absolutely onpoint in every way. the stretch of the flooding area is about 300 miles long. that box you see, or did a second go, this is a live radar. let us blip right there. that is current radar. you can see from lake charles,
12:53 pm
louisiana, to new orleans, they are really it. you can see with the last luke there, the storm has gone a little bit to the south. the storm, the eye of the storm center of the circulation. leaving a lot of rain on houston, and where on map is. matt, what did you see? >> we are on the western side. multiple families are being brought out of their homes onto a boat with dogs, children, who do not have jackets on. you can see right now, this is a live rescue. people who are just brought out of their house down here. this is what we would call a rapid flash flood. the water is rapidly rising. i am going to see if we can these people. how are you guys doing? >> we are having fun. >> that is the good spirit. what have you experienced the last couple of minutes? >> the rest their time -- not even my house, my
12:54 pm
friends. >> we saw families come out with children and dogs? do know any of these people? >> across the street, and our houses flooded. they have to go. >> do you guys live here are you visiting? >> visiting. >> we wish you guys well. let's walk up here. we saw family amount. there was a young child shivering in the rain. she barely had on any clothes. there was a gentleman who was in his pajamas. people getting out with the dog. the western side of houston. we are sitting with the firefighters and we heard over the banner, a ton of calls. we were rushed over to this area. this is the scene all across texas. rapidly rising waters. we have a houston police officer, who has been friendly, talking to us. how are you guys doing? do live in the neighborhood? >> this is my house.
12:55 pm
this is unbelievable. my parents have lived here, and we have lived in this neighborhood for 40 years. we have never seen anything like this before, ever. this is crazy. it is scary. apparently, there's a dog fight going on in my garage -- i am glad that i am able to help these people out. this is unbelievable, unbelievable. >> are you prepared to leave your home next? >> i wasn't going to, but i have been watching the water over here rise. for about two days now. i am getting ready to probably get out of here.
12:56 pm
i'm going to wait for everybody else to leave, and then i will probably leave myself. i don't feel like waiting and chancing this out. >> where'd you go from here? >> probably westside high school, i guess? i have a really large dog. i know they said they are taking pets. i believe they have to be in a kennel. which is fine, i do have an enormous kennel for her. yes, that is probably where i will go. >> what has been the light for the last 48 hours for your? >> i have had power. i have food. water. >> and our turn for the worse? >> yes. woke up this morning, and overnight, it completely changed. it was amazing. >> we saw family get off these
12:57 pm
bowsprit a young child who do not have a jacket on. did you know any of these people? >> i know a lot of of these people. we used to live in this neighborhood that they evacuated >> shepard: can you show us the footage she is talking abou about? >> there are other neighbors that i have yet to see come out. i am not sure. >> what is your first name? >> angela. >> we wish you well. >> shepard: can you show us the flooding she is talking about, matt? the rise of the flooding? >> let us take a look. if we can come down here. when we arrived, this one was not even as high, and the officers confirmed that it is rapidly rising. the flooding. it looks like a little five or six houses down, and every one of those families have been rescued by boat. we saw them getting off one by one here in this location, and
12:58 pm
then over to my left, this water heater is rising. i spoke to a young woman over here who said she has now abandoned her home, and she is going to her neighbor's house a higher. she hopes that will keep her safe and dry. they shut their garage is, understandably. i do not know if you will see them right now. you see the water rapidly rising on the street as well. i guess it would probably beat ways high, shoulder high down there. i venture to go down, but i don't know what it would prove. >> shepard: it would not prove anything. >> this is the scene across houston. over the last 48 hours. multiple families on the roofs, abandoned their homes. we talk to people, the young woman who said they have never seen anything like this. unprecedented flooding. here is a car trying to make their way out. let us see if we can hear from one of the officers. given us a little bit of information. seen if we want to talk to this officer. this is a saturating rain now,
12:59 pm
48 hours minimum. you keep saying to yourself, where is this water going to make our forecasters are saying, it will be continued rain. officer, if you have a minute. can you talk about what you have seen here? >> we expect the water right here to continue to rise. the main thing, we want everyone safe, to west high school to a shelter. we want that done as quickly as possible. >> thank you for your service, officer. >> shepard: thank you, matt. i was struck. i don't know if any of our viewers were, the woman who has given her garage and protect her pet, she says, i have been doing pretty well. when you get a second to think about it, and she realizes what she's been through, just thinking of the enormity of what they have been through in the enormity of what is to come, there is a way to help people. if you want to go to red cross red, i know they would appreciate it.
1:00 pm
i am shepard smith in new york. the market closing for the day on wall street. hardly top of the mind. our hearts are with you in texas. here is "your world." >> neil: thank you, shep. record doozy. any life is of significant with flooding that one stop, and biblical terms. feet and not inches, it days, weeks. not ours. president trump is expected to make expanded comments on the catastrophic event unfolding in texas. john roberts at the white house right now and how it is handlin handling. their first national disaster. >> good afternoon, neil. we heard from the president in person for the first time since this disaster in the lone star state. president trump is in the


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