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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  August 28, 2017 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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♪ >> bret: this is a fox news alert. i am the bret baier. we will have complete coverage of the southeast texas flooding from hurricane harvey in just a moment, but first tonight, we begin with another missile launch from north korea. south korea possum's news agency now says the north has fired an unidentified type of ballistics missile today, there are multiple reports that the missile might have flown over japan. that is a major development. national security correspondent jennifer griffin is at the pentagon with late-breaking details. good evening, jennifer. >> good evening, bret. the pentagon is still assessing the trajectory of this latest missile fired from north korea. as you mentioned, yonhap,
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south korea's news agency first reported in the last hour that the missile was fired somewhere close to pyongyang, the capital of north korea. it flew george japan. there are reports from the ground in japan that it actually flew over northern japan. the missile defense agency here at the pentagon put out a report suggesting that the missile had in fact flow over japan. this is the 18th missile fired by north korea since the start of the year and comes just days after president trump warned north korea not to do more. this is what he said at a rally on tuesday. >> kim jong un. i respect the fact that i believe he is starting to respect us. i respect that fact very much. respect that fact. and maybe -- probably not -- but maybe something positive can come about. >> the timing of the, um,
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missile being farther to my fired tonight comes day military exercises between u.s. forces and south korean forces for the north korean diplomats at the u.n. tonight complained and called for the u.n. security council to investigate those exercises. they claimed those are practices for an invasion. what's also noticeable about tonight's missile launch is that it comes also just days after secretary of state rex tillerson had suggested that you and sections had changed kim jong un's behavior. here's what he said. >> i think it's worth noting that we've had no missile launches or provocative actions since the unanimous adoption of the u.n. security council resolutions. and i want to take note of that. i want to acknowledge that.
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i am pleased to say that the regime in pyongyang has certainly demonstrated some level of restraint that we have not seen in the past. >> north korea first fired a missile over japan in the '90s. it got the world's attention, if, in fact, the pentagon can confirm the missile flew over japan, this will be the third time they have done so and will likely elicit a very strong response from the white house. back to you, bret. >> bret: jennifer griffin, life at the pentagon. jennifer, thank you this is a fox news alert. the head of the national weather service says things will get worse before they get better in houston and other flooded areas of south texas. what's left of hurricane harvey is dumping amounts of rain measured in feet, not insurance. up to 15 trillion gallons of water, still coming down in buckets. tens of thousands of evacuees
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are seeking shelter. volunteers with boats and jet skis right now supplementing first responders in life or death rescue efforts. the prospect of more heavy rains has an entire region looking to the skies tonight. trace gallagher is on the ground in houston as the city deals with historic flooding. adam fox in new york where harvey is. john roberts from the white house just addressing the situation a short time ago, and norm said and that he with a look at the economic effects of this disaster. here is what we know, we are 67 hours in the wrath of hurricane harvey and no end is in sight for almost 13 million people in the storm's wake and storm's path. harvey has dumped thousands of square miles, leaving at least 150,000 without power. the death toll confirmed right now stands at two, but a houston tv station says six members of one family drowned when their van was swept away by
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floodwaters. let's begin our flood coverage with corresponding trace gallagher outside houston. and a very wet ground zero. good evening, trace. >> good evening, bret. very wet, we are waiting for confirmation from the sheriff about that van swept away. moments ago, the ap up the death total to three. a couple of years ago, we never seen anything like hurricane katrina. it is ditto with this storm. we've never seen a hurricane pack that initial punish and develop into a tropical storm whose effects will linger for years. the number is unimaginable in their scope. in texas alone, up to 50 counties are being told to expect up to 50 inches of rain by thursday. 2 feet has fallen in the houston area since the weekend. in all, harvey so far has produced 9 trillion gallons of water. with the catastrophic flooding
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and mandatory evacuations, officials in houston say the situation remains very dangerous as they prioritize rescues. >> especially seniors, those with disabilities, those in life threatening situations. >> 66,911 calls overwhelming the system with at least 2,000 residents evacuated so far by air in both. thousands more seeking a dry escape. >> the roof got wet, the attic got wet, the top door got wet. it just pancaked. >> federal assault -- 30,000 more may need it. this facility inside houston's downtown convention center could soon approach capacity. >> i plan on staying here until that time they let us stay here, 4-5 days, until the rain stops. >> to protect these hitters are long-term, two area reservoirs released more.
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adding to the chaos, come the rains, come the vultures. >> we have four people try to lose, they got arrested. from other cities in other regions come in, loot, create problems. >> it's a scene played out across texas in communities big and small. stranded residents on roofs, cars, trees. >> we still breathing. but it humbled us. it really did. if nobody is humbled by this, something's wrong. >> and the band moving into south west louisiana. with some areas like oprah's history beginning the massive cleanup, officials >> we'll get through this, the federal government will be here for the long haul to help rebuild texas and all the affected areas. >> we should note that all 12,000 texas national guard
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troops have been mobilized for this disaster. 4,000 are already on the ground. moments ago, we heard a brand-new evacuation 40 miles north of houston. they keep saying, "we are going to get a break in the rain." so far, we have not seen it. bret? >> bret: trace, thank you. adam? >> hey there, bret. we continue in the fifth hour seen thunderstorms rolling on shore stretching to houston and over to new orleans. everything you are looking in this box? this is a tornado watch. the conditions are there. since the hurricane moved on shore a couple of days ago, at last count, 32 tornadoes all associated with it. they have been spending up here this afternoon. big thunderstorms stretching all the way from i-10 to the new orleans area. yes, more rain is still in the forecast. why does this thing go next? here it is spinning off the texas coast. you see heavy rains moving
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through the houston area as a result. we will see this finally turned to the north, may be exit in the next couple of days. let's time this out for you. monday, here you are wednesday at 1:00 p.m., at this point passing the houston area. houston will be in the backside of the system for in more of that rain will stay on the right side. it will continue to lift to the north, i think, by thursday and friday. folks will begin to see a little sunshine to the houston area, but obviously the standing water is going to be an issue. as you back up, heavy rain is going to continue to lift eventually i think by thursday. there are bands of this storm in atlanta in the weekend as it moves that direction once you cut it off from the water, it's been spinning here the last couple of days. there it is moving by tuesday, still very heavy rain moving along the coastal community. i think by the time we get late tuesday into early wednesday, we've begun to get on the backside into the houston area, so you are beginning to dry off. but still, very heavy showers moving in that direction before
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eventually lifting up toward the shreveport area. what are we talking about as far as rain total? folks are seeing between 30-40 inches. this is additional to that. this is new rain i'm showing you in our euro model. this is one of the many models we see. houston, 8-10 inches down in the corner, other areas getting up north and in the east, spot still thinking 15-20 inches of rain, bret. this is still a long way from over here even though we've been tracking it for the next two days in the houston area. but more rain to come as this continues and whines itself down and move north. >> bret: adam, quickly, you are talking about not only texas but louisiana. >> these are really impressive numbers. had we not seen any rain at all to make these would be the kind of numbers that will concern you about flooding. okay, we've seen some of the rain feet totals 2 feet or more, and we have another foot or two ago still to come. >> bret: adam, thank you very much. president trump is planning to go to texas tomorrow.
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he talked about the disaster in a short time ago and said texas will get whatever it needs very quickly. chief white house correspondent john roberts was there for, john. >> bret, good evening to you. the true scope of the unfolding disaster in the full effect that the government response has yet to be assessed. in his first public comments on it so far, president trump appeared pretty confident in how it's going. >> that's a great honor to have you here. >> appearing in the oval office with finland's president, president trump acknowledged the hardship that texans are enduring as harvey continues to churn, but praised the government's response to the -- >> you know it's been going very well. great respect, the governments done an incredible job. >> president trump will get a first look at rescue and recovery efforts when he and the first lady travel to texas tomorrow. houston, where first responders are stretched beyond then with the ongoing emergency, is not on
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the itinerary. >> right now, the single most important thing is the safety and security of those still in harm's way, including the first responders who have been so terrific. and brave. >> the president made a point of showing how engaged he was on harvey over the weekend, tweeting frequently about the storm for the white house releasing a photo of the president sharing a teleconference from camp david yesterday. >> i know everybody in this room and on the president's team have been moved by the images and stories of people who are suffering in texas. we want to make sure you all know that we are working right now to provide assistance as quickly as we can. >> the amount of money needed to recover and rebuild will be counted in the billions of dollars. president trump was asked whether his ongoing criticism of many members of congress might make getting that money difficult. >> no, i think you are going to see a very rapid action from congress, certainly from the president. and you are going to get your funding.
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>> president trump went into the storm determined not to make the mistakes of the bush administration in 2005. but former general russell ohta wright who coordinated the military response did not gave the president or the state for march for their response. >> they don't nearly have enough troops and they are now or on the way. it should be in excess of 100 helicopters operating out there now and i think there are still around 50. >> the size of the storm and extended length of the disaster still unfolding is being called unprecedented. fema administrator brock long admits that federal and state officials alone can fully address the scope of the emergency response. >> held in texas to overcome this disaster is going to be far greater than the fema coordinated mission of the entire government. we need citizens to be involved. >> as you can see on the pictures, a lot of citizens are getting involved. if the itinerary holds, the president will begin his trip in
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corpus christi, then he'll move up to austin to speak with texas governor greg abbott. later on in the week, once the hurricane moves up, the president may go back to texas and louisiana on saturday. if he goes back to texas, bret, he will probably visit the houston area on saturday. >> bret: john, in that use conference he was asked about the wall funding in conjunction with funding for hurricane relief. he also reiterated the promise that mexico would pay for any border wall along said border. >> he did. he said by hook or by crook, mexico was going to pay for it, that there's a lot of problem with crime, cross-border drug traffic. in phoenix last tuesday, the president said, "i will shut down the government if i have to to get for the money." he did reiterate, no matter what mexico says, they are going to pay for the wall. >> bret: let's get an update now, real-time, on on the federal response.
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brock long as the menu just saw there, the administrator , he joins us on the phone from san antonio. mr. administrator, thank you for joining us. >> how are you doing today, bret? >> what your biggest concern of this hour? >> the biggest concern is there's a lot of safety ongoing in the rainfall. it unfortunately, it's not done. to put it into context, this is such an historic event, on average houston receives 50 inches of rainfall annually. in many cases, they basically see their yearly work of rainfall in about 2-3 days. that's how bad this is. >> bret: talk about the interaction between the state and your efforts. i heard governor abbott talking earlier today how things are going as far as the logistics. >> so i was with governor abbott in corpus christi today. we went to -- it was also good
3:16 pm
to sit down with the mayor. we reconfirmed any gaps that there may be, we have all eyes on commodities moving forward. i visited upon a distribution center where we are already providing people with much needed food water. and last night. this morning, actually, i spoke to governor john bel edwards to let him know that -- emergency announcements. >> bret: finally, what about this new normal that you all talk about? i mean, you are trying to brace the citizenship in texas and louisiana for a long recovery? >> look, you can't replace life loss. you can't replace some of the members that you may have, like so things. unfortunately, this is going to
3:17 pm
call urban planning, city officials, different things to rethink the way we redesign houston after this. we already asking for a new normal. even -- we've got planning teams, discovery planning teams already talking with governor abbott about how we are going to run the recovery housing initiative as well as how we are going to implement large scale assistance efforts, helping citizens register for assistance, but also, you know, you can see a lot of money is going to go back to putting structures back in place. hopefully making some improvements along the way. >> bret: mr. administrator, if you need a message out, please come back and tell us here on fox. thank you for your time. >> thank you. >> bret: stocks were mixed
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today. the dow lost five, the s&p 500 was up 1, the dow gained -- the economic effects will easily be in the tens of billions of dollars. lauren semon that he of fox business has that part of the story. good evening, lauren. >> as mr. long just said, this is an epic storm. houston responsible for a third of texas' output, responsible for a tenth of the nation's economic output. houston is home specifically to a quarter of america's oil of refinery. we are talking about 5.5 millio. that includes exxonmobil, second largest in the nation. >> roughly about a quarter of the capacity of the state's refining processes are off-line right now, that could take several days, many of those refineries are now assessing damage as we speak. but many of the thoroughfares that deliver gasoline, diesel, and other petroleum products to
3:19 pm
other parts of the country are still online. we have seen a little bit of an increase in gas prices and diesel, but so far, so good. but many of those assessments are still taking place in the gulf coast. >> so the impact of this damage has yet to be seen, bret, because the rain keeps pouring down. when we do know the damage, we can better figure out how long these plans are going to be off-line. we are talking days, but more likely weeks, if not months, if there is structural damage. that means gas prices are going to continue to rise very modestly, drivers across the nation will see a nickel increase at the gas pump. most experts begin to make a grid that will top out and $0.25, but experts say they are going to be higher after september, after labor day, when you typically see prices go down. bret? >> bret: long term, how expensive is because the storm be? >> i've heard $30 million, i heard it could be $100 billion storm. to put it in perspective, if you look at 2005 hurricane katrina,
3:20 pm
that was the most expensive clocking in at $160 billion. about five years ago, super storm sandy was 70 billion, so we are in that neighborhood. as the mom continues to tell us, there was no forecast for a storm like this, and they will be on the ground for a very long time. >> bret: lauren, thank you. we are developing all the -- and more about north korea after the break. now packed into a pill so small, we call it mini. new clearminis from nexium 24hr. see heartburn differently.
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>> bret: this is another fox news alert. senior defense officials now tell fox news the ballistic missile launched by north korea about an hour and a half ago did in fact fly over japan. the north american aerospace defense command said the missile
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launch from north korea did not pose a threat to north america, however. pentagon officials are working to get more information. the south korean military says the missile flew almost 1700 miles and reached a height of 341 miles. this is the third time north korea has fired a missile over japan. the last was in 2009. the u.s. missile defense agency says the japanese government alerted the public to take cover in the northern areas of japan or the north korean missile flew over. the japanese military did not attempt to intercept the missile. north korea launching a ballistic missile over the sea of japan and over the northern part of japan. we are going to get more reaction from the u.s. government shortly in coming hours. with much of the nation's focus on the national disaster in texas, we will go live to the lone star state in just a few minutes to get a check. but first, some other headlines.
3:25 pm
president trump is lifting restrictions on giving surplus military equipment to police. it's the latest reversal of a obama -- will lead to more violent commendation between police and protesters. the mentors and says the mostly defense weapons are necessary for public safety. anarchist wearing black clothing's and mask attacked supporters of president trump during a demonstration in berkeley, california, sunday. the left-wing group antifa tore down barry keynes and went after a leader of an organization who had land and called off an anti anti-marxist -- three people were injured and 13 arrested. divers had recovered the remains of all ten sailors who went missing after the uss john s mccain collided with an oil tanker last week near singapore. because of that accident still under investigation. the commander of the navy seven fleet has already been fired. at the navy has ordered an
3:26 pm
operational pause for its fleet worldwide. the ideological makeup in the white house looks considerably different right now than it did at the start of the trump administration. to make a chief washington correspondent james rosen looks at the changes and what they may mean. >> europe is at war. america is at war, and the jihadis are already in place. >> with the firing of sebastian gorka, the trump white house lost the last prominent hardliner. gorka lost key backers when mike flynn and steve bannon were sent packing, sometimes failed in his frequent media appearances to help his own cause. >> the idea that secretary tillerson is going to discuss military matters is simply nonsensical. >> in his resignation letter, gorka noticed the absence of "radical islam," and recruited a element of the campaign has been
3:27 pm
lost. >> i think he's completely wrong, chris, and it shows a lack of understanding of the president's broader policy. >> in the same -- tillerson was less than >> are you separating yourself from that, sir? >> i made my own comments to our values as well to the speech i made to the state department this past week. >> on numerous issues including trade policy, the president maintains his own hard line. jonathan swan of axios sunday, recounting a scene from the first week of august in which the president told advisors in the oval office when the last six months, the same group of geniuses come in here all the time and i told them tariffs, i want tariffs. instead, they bring the ip. so, i want you to know this is
3:28 pm
my view. i want people to bring me some tariffs. top economic advisor gary cohn, who at -- had his shoulders slumped and was clearly appalled at the situation. the presidents went on to tell him, "i know that our globalists in the room right now, and those individuals reject terrorists." bret? >> bret: james, thank you. president trump is defending his decision to pardon controversial sheriff joe arpaio joe arpaio preconvicted of contempt for -- targeted legal immigrants. >> sheriff joe is a patriot. sheriff joe loves our country. sheriff joe protected our borders. and sheriff joe was very unfairly treated by the obama administration. >> bret: arpaio now says he's considerably considering a primary challenge to arizona
3:29 pm
senator jeff flake. we will go live to south texas and the flooding from harvey after a quick break. i'm back. aleve pm for a better am. it's ok that everybody ignoit's fine.n i drive. because i get a safe driving bonus check every six months i'm accident free. and i don't share it with mom! right, mom?! righhht. safe driving bonus checks. only from allstate. switching to allstate is worth it.
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>> bret: this is a fox news alert. we are continuing to monitor the situation in southeast texas. massive flooding, rain keeps coming down bring huge areas both in and out of houston under water this hour. correspondent steve harrigan is in rosenberg, texas, tonight. good evening, steve. >> bret, good evening. 9 inches of rain has fallen here in the past 24 hours. it is flooding roads, but even worse than that, you can see behind me, 30 feet down this giant sinkhole across this four lane road here. there are real questions about the structural soundness of a number of smaller bridges in the area. in the meantime, people here are fleeing to shelters. they are filling up fast. people are arriving wet. a number of evacuations have
3:33 pm
gone from voluntary to mandator mandatory. people are being told to get out. there is a call for social workers, nurses, and doctors as well as people search for dry ground here, the cleanup has the gun along the coast. it is still too early to calculate the tremendous damage in towns like rockport, a town of . that bore the brunt of category four hurricane, the damage, the devastation is so intense, and lots of locals are wondering whether the town will ever come back to life. >> i want this town to be back like it was. i grew up here. my house is gone. there is nothing. all my kids of pfizer's stuff is gone everything is gone. >> we have to recognize there is going to be a new normal. a new and different normal for this entire region.
3:34 pm
but we will not stop until we get as far as we can. >> under these tough conditions here now, the race is on to save as many people as possible, as the water continues to rise. the same people, like the 33-year-old mother of three we spoke to earlier today. she has no electric power. she's going up to the second floor with her three toddlers. each hour, she turns on her cell phone just wants to see if help is on the way. bret? back to you. >> bret: steve harrigan right outside houston. stay safe they are in the flooding. you know, the devastation and flooding in texas is huge news right now, but there is other news in other states across our country. one of them, illinois. his critics say republican governor bruce rauner has made illinois the fifth century state in the nation. those type of designations requiring -- normally trumpeted by democrats. from chicago tonight, senior
3:35 pm
comments on the mike tobin tells us what's different this time. >> buenos dias. >> the republican governor of illinois says it signed -- making local arrest based on immigration status. they must hold undocumented immigrants only with a court order. bruce rauner signed the bill flanked by members of the hispanic community as well as law enforcement come up with a consulted. >> they all said, government, governor, this is a reasonable compromise. it will help us do our jobs better, it will help us keep our community safer. >> this one was done for danny. >> opponents of the law include brian mccann, whose brother was killed by a driver in 2007. immigration detainer was filed, but cook county adopted a policy to ignore federal detainer request for a child is made
3:36 pm
they'll. >> i.c.e. was never notified and it was on a sunday morning, so he ran to mexico. >> the mccanns requested a meeting with rauner. >> there are some who say they lost loved ones. do you want to hear that point of view? >> i want to hear everybody's point of view. >> nearly two weeks later... pick of what happened to that? >> i'm not familiar with which family. i'm not sure which one you are familiar with. >> insult to injury continues. they know better. this is an issue of safety. >> critics call it a century state law. illinois is now the fifth state of the union with guidelines with interaction between state and federal law enforcement. >> he angered the conservatives over the senate bill, century state senate bill. who does he have left? is he a democrat or a republican? >> the illinois republican chairman supports the governor,
3:37 pm
saying his negotiations turned a 40 page bill for live restrictions for police into a two page compromise. however, carver says the governor alienated his conservative base in a part of the state that supported donald trump. bret? back to you. to me when we are getting more that the white house will react to the north korean firing and another ballistic missile. this one flying over japan. we will have that, plus president trump dealing with his first natural disaster. and it's a big one. we will ask a panel how he's doing when we come back. of the year where all beds are on sale. and right now save 50% on the labor day limited edition bed.
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or high blood pressure before taking it. symbicort could mean a day with better breathing. watch out, piggies! (child giggles) symbicort. breathe better starting within 5 minutes. get symbicort free for up to one year. visit today to learn more. >> this is a place that texas and fema will be involved in for a long, long time. that we will be here until we can restore this region. has back to normal as possible. >> my support is designed to
3:41 pm
back the governor's needs and to make sure we are here to support you guys. we are going to be here for several years helping you guys recover. >> i am going to texas tomorrow. i look very much forward to it. things are being handled really well. the spirit is incredible. the people, the coordination between all of the different services, as you know, has been going very well. >> bret: local state, federal officials dealing with one of the biggest storms we've ever seen in terms of rainfall. it's not over yet. in fact, it's just getting to the bad part possibly by wednesday. what about all of this together logistically? let's bring in our panel. charles lane, opinion writer for "the washington post" or laura ingraham, and guy benson, political editor of town >> i think the coordination of the feds, local authorities, i think it's been pretty sharp. i was in corpus christi by happenstance on wednesday evening. and people there, they were ready for a bad storm, but i
3:42 pm
don't think, really, anyone knew just how bad it was going to be until a little bit later on on thursday. so donald trump plans to go tomorrow. i think there were some people on the left saying he's going to go and disrupt their recovery efforts. i talked today to lieutenant government, governor dan patric patrick, he's going to focus on corpus christi and not used improper for the lieutenant governor himself, he couldn't get out of where he was. texas is near and dear to my heart and so many americans, they are going to need this help for years. governor abbott, echoed by many officials, democrat and republican, say don't let the news cycle change your concern for us because we need you longer than the next news cycle. that is the truth. we have water going over highway dividers. the soundproofing between neighborhoods and highways on 610, water is overflowing over that. everyone knows how tall that is. that is really bad. a lot of prayers and a lot of
3:43 pm
inspiring stories, a few looting examples, but much inspiring the stories. >> bret: it's much like katrina. in slow motion, then the extent of how long it will be. fortunately, new orleans to recover. the one thing we focused on is the evacuation order. here is the fema administration on whether to go or not go. >> and a lot of times, when you are a city in a rainfall event, you have to ask people to shut her in place because of the time frame you are given. that time frame to evacuate could take days. days. clearly days. >> bret: today, the governor said, we are past that. you've got to move on. >> far be it for me to second-guess that decision. i have heard very smart thing sat on both sides. it sounds to me it was a reasonable call given what you knew at that time. you could have had a situation with hundreds and thousands of people trying to get out on their cars on these highways which are designed under the planning they had there in houston are designed to be the routes or channels which fill
3:44 pm
water escapes the city in the case of a flood. i don't think we need to spend too much time second-guessing that. i think the real verdict this will be known over time. because what really has to happen here now, there's all kinds of talk about how we are going to coordinate, supply everything we need. but history has shown that for these efforts become controversial. that's where they can fall down. in terms of recovery where people are starting to claim, i didn't get my loan in time, i didn't get my reconstruction money in time, the bureaucracy held up this, that, the other thing. furthermore, we have the relocation issue. 30,000 people, at last check, living in shelters. how long will it be till they can get back to their homes? i'm not saying all that is going to go wrong. i'm praying it's going to go right. i'm just saying those are the issues where the controversy will start to turn. >> bret: speaking of money, the president was asked about funding for recovery efforts for texas.
3:45 pm
here's what he said. >> we expect to have requests on our desk fairly soon. we think that congress will feel very much the way i feel. in a very bipartisan way. that will be nice. but we think you are going to get what you need and it's going to go fast. texas is a unique place. it's a great, great state, great people. i think it will be up and running very, very quickly. >> bret: he was asked whether he was reconsidering his threat about a government shutdown if they do not fund the border wall. he said those are two different, very different things. >> that is the correct response for they are completely separate issues. to say, well, if you are going to ask for funding here, you will take this other threat off the table, they have nothing to do with one another. i think you are going to see what we need to see from officials in washington and in texas to make sure that people get what they need. the other thing, bret, that strikes me the scenes playing out in houston and the surrounding area, we spent a lot of time on shows like this talking about the various worst
3:46 pm
that we see in america. charlottesville, virginia, in berkeley, california, with antifa. watching on 20 twitter, the heroism of average citizens helping each other, first responders, their bravery is remarkable, members of the clergy, no race, creed, or other divisions that are raining the to mike -- reigning the day. it's really inspiring to see, in a time that's obviously very scary for so many people. >> bret: the leader of finland remarked watching those images. vehicle those are citizens being good citizens. cable news, a lot of it is, the left/right madness of the moment, we do get caught up, we do have to cover it. i agree with what the guy said. one thing we do have to remember, there are positions in the federal departments that aren't failed yet.
3:47 pm
it was congressman pete sessions today, from texas, he said, "we've got to get these positions filled most corporate of the fema director has only been in place since june. this is a pretty big thing to walk into. we have a lot of deputy directors. god bless them, but we need more than actings here. we need people with real experience and this type of management to help us with this rebuild. i think chuck schumer and mcconnell need to get together and get this stuff done. >> >> bret: north korea firing and other ballistics missile. what will the white house response be? we will talk with that with the panel after the break. hey, big guy! come on in! let me guess your weight! win a prize! sure, why not. 12 ounces! sorry, mate. four ounces. i've been taking the stairs lately. you win, big guy.
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3:51 pm
>> north korea best not make any more threats to the united states. they will be met with fire and fury. like the world has never seen. he has been very threatening, uh, beyond a normal state. like i said, they will be met with fire, fewer lead -- and frankly , -- like the world has never seen before. this man will not get away with what he's doing, believe me. and if he utters one threat in the form of an overt threat -- which, by the way, he's been uttering for years, and his family has been fluttering for years, or he does anything with respect to guam or anyplace else that's a american territory or american ally, he will truly regret it. and he will regret it fast. >> bret: that was president
3:52 pm
trump august 8th, august 11th. it is august 28th. north korea has just fired a ballistic missile over japan. we are still getting details on how far that went and where exactly it went, but the pentagon confirming the missile fee flew from north korea over japan. we are back with the panel. laura? >> i think the president of the president trump, they will feel it, and they will feel our wrath basically soon. you do want to bring the diplomats in, giving out any particular military strategy, it's going over japan. it is a lot more serious. i mean, japan has their own nuclear ambitions, go to its own people and say, look, we aren't going to abandon you. as far as talks, we have to remember a couple of days ago, this party newspaper in north korea taunted the united states and in a particularly sick manner by quoting a piece from april they had published about a submarine
3:53 pm
launched and they said, "we have the capacity," paraphrasing, "to bury you in a wall of water," taunting us during the midst of dealing with the hurricane party. who knows what's in the sick mind of kim jong un, but, you know, that's is a pretty serious move tonight. much more serious, i think, than the other logic level we've seen. >> bret: japan government did send out a warning to the public to take cover in the northern areas of japan where this missile flew over. it did fly a little bit less -- not as far as the first missile, ballistic missile, 1700 miles, not 2300 miles into space. but shucks, this is an escalation. >> yes and no. it's an escalation of what was going on a week ago, but in historical terms, they have fired missiles across japan in the past -- >> bret: three times. >> that's not unheard of. the other president that's relevant here, they are doing it response of
3:54 pm
the u.s.-south korean exercises, which are always a sore point for the north korean regime. and they always feel that they have to do something in the review to respond to that and show they are not going to be, um, passive in the face of those exercises. so i do think it's a moment for the right message to be calibrated out of the united states in response to this. um, they are going to have to learn in the next hour or so exactly what launch this was, exactly what the technology, and what the signal, or as best they could determine, what kind of signal north korea thought it was sending. >> bret: the secretary of state had not praised north korea, but suggested they were backing off a little bit. you heard the president in that rally in phoenix say, maybe, there is a signal that he is stepping away. this sends the opposite message. >> you do wonder if there was a 90 on the part of the north korean dictator to disrupt the message coming out of
3:55 pm
washington and the west where they were all congratulating themselves on the u.n. resolution saying, look, he's backed down, maybe kim jong un has blinked for good and he is getting better. then this might've been his way saying, "well, screw that, i'm not going to do whatever you want me to do. i'm going to fire a missile over japan for the first time in nearly 20 years." i go back to the second sound bite you played, bret, august 11, the threat that he made was if the north koreans did anything vis-a-vis the united states or our allies, there will be hell to pay. this is clearly a major ally of ours in the region. if there is now missile flying over sovereign territory of japan, how was he going to back up that rhetoric? >> there's huge pressure being put on north korean out based on callous gasoline, tons in the month of june. they have had a sharp drop. they are feeling squeezed on all sides, i don't think they like the taunts very much from the
3:56 pm
united states. maybe it's kim jong un's on way to go to his people, look, i still got it. it could be as based as that. >> bret: we will follow all the elements and we may hear from the white house tonight. as a reference before the panel, some good news coming out of southeast texas. i have spent years taking over-the-counter products
3:57 pm
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>> bret: finally tonight, volunteers all over the country are heading to southeast texas. here at "special report" like to recognize the special. one sergeant unable to leave his home used a canoe to check on his neighbors. other volunteers there help save the kids, the elderly, even dogs and the neighborhoods. a group known as the "cajun navy" helps people stuck in louisiana and floods. over the weekend, the hitch there both to their cars, will went to houston to help with rescue efforts there. we are told more of the cajun navy just arrived. a couple of the examples. all the acts of heroism happening as people banded together during a very tough time.
4:00 pm
thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report." fair, balanced, and still unafraid. "the story" with my friend and colleague martha maccallum starts right now. >> martha: breaking tonight, we expect a response any minute right now from the white house on the missile launch a short time ago from north korea. the president has praised the restraint in recent weeks. but that now appears to be over. there was a missile launch a short time ago from north korea. the president has praised that, as we have been saying, but the restraint they were giving appears to be over. the pentagon now confirming the projectile launch from the north korean peninsula flew directly over the northern part of japan. we are also told that residence there were alerted to take cover in what had to have been a terrifying few minutes. that has not happened over japan in more than eight y


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