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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  August 31, 2017 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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officials got in front of this and evacuated a radius of 11/2 miles and law enforcement keeping people away, this is 30 miles northeast of houston near a small town called crosby, that is going to be a story unfolding. we believe at this hour most of the residents, folks in that area where pre-evacuated, moved out of the way. we will learn from the press conference scheduled for 9 am local, that may be coming sooner to ease fears, harris county officials in that area, we will be following this all morning and there is an additional story playing out just south of the barker reservoir in houston, if you look behind me versus canyon ranch, you see the water up very high, people trying to get out,
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but office of emergency management issued a new mandatory evacuation, this gentleman, connor, what happened? >> i woke up to in email saying we were mandatory evacuation. >> what are you going to do? >> i was thinking of getting out and staying in my at's house? >> are you alarmed that here we are in a big city, you are being evacuated because of the reservoir situation, the reservoirs are overflowing, it will be several weeks, does this concern you? are you thinking of what you are going to do after the weekend? >> a little bit because people who lived here for years said this never flooded as bad ever. >> reporter: what you are going to have here is, while the weather has gotten better, it is
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opposed to not rain, yesterday it didn't, first responders and those great volunteers able to work, we were on a rescue boat, rescued 12 people including the one-month-old baby, the situation at that plans, 30 miles northeast of houston is going to be a very dangerous situation. expected more explosions potential and just south of the barker reservoir the water overflowing and causing a lot more flooding and look behind connor. this is amazing, we see what seems to be personal watercraft, people trying to get out on their own, that wheelchair, talking to local officials here apparently is from a nursing home, in fact you knew something about that, that wheelchair, what happened? >> further down the road is a nursing home and before all the
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flooding happened had to wheel and walk out all the residents. >> anyone on that overnight mandatory evacuation order, a list of several subdivisions, a dozen or more, those people are going to wake up to the news if they haven't already left the they need to get out. >> definitely will be a rush to do that when that happens. thank you very much. we knew that was going to have an explosion at some point, just happened at 4:00 local time. >> nothing they could do to avoid it, the plaintiff never experienced flooding like this before. adenosine standing by to talk a little more about more rain next week in the same area in texas. >> it is possible. some of the computer models
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indicate perhaps a tropical entity that moves in the same direction but we are still days out still tracking, we will keep you posted but here's what is left of harvey, national hurricane center issuing its last official advisory on the storm. we will see the potential of several inches of rain as it moves towards the mississippi river valley, the ohio valley and with it certainly the potential for heavy rainfall. there is the track of the storm as it finally moved northeastward. additional rainfall four to six, maybe eight inches on the path of the storm, but for texas we are dry. watching the european model which gives indications as we head into monday an area of low pressure hangs out and moves up towards the gulf coast. this area looks like louisiana, mississippi, alabama, yesterday showing the houston area. this is something to watch.
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we have potential for a hurricane in the next 24 hours, this could be our next big event for the east coast, maybe golf, the caribbean needs to watch. >> the rain next week janice is talking about could impact reservoirs and continue to rise. >> officials saying get out or die, rob schmidt picks up coverage in texas where thousands of homes are still underwater. what is the latest? >> reporter: storm has cleared out, cleared pretty much all of texas, the story does remain and could get worse. right here in richmond, texas, you can see it has come up pretty high, as high as it has ever been and the issue is there is still water dumping in from other areas so it will get even
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higher than that and that is the problem and the worry right now for this part of texas, we spoke to one man who lives a few steps from this river who told us his concerns for the next 24 hours and the governor mirroring those concerns about the entire state. >> those folks are underwater, all the rain up north, this is as bad. i heard some time friday morning, we still have another day coming up slowly. >> we are up to our highest level of the number of texas national guard members, deployed, 10,000 national guard being deployed here from other states, the worst is not yet over. >> reporter: the death toll from the storm at 31 at this point and expected to rise. we had a judge in eastern texas
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warn people in eastern texas on the louisiana border they need to get out, the worry is the river which runs through beaumont into port arthur before spilling into the gulf could rise to an unprecedented level and the expectation from this judge who was a big deal in tyler county is loss of life is almost certain at this point and extreme damage to property, the same warning we heard when the storm initially came up or made landfall, if you are going to stay, write your name and social security number on your body so they can identify you because the likelihood of getting killed by the storm is that high, the water continues to rise, a big story even though we will have sunny days in texas these waters continue to rise. >> being able to find people who did stay because the street
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signs are underwater is difficult all the way around. >> long road to recovery, thanks. today the vice president is heading to texas to meet with victims and survey the damage left by harvey, he says the administration wants to be there every step of the way as they restore, recover and rebuild. two us warships on their way to texas, the uss oak will bring disaster relief supplies and medical, maritime and their support. >> donald from playing hardball in the text from kickoff calling congress and democratic senator claire mccaskill specifically, he was in her state, she is up for reelection, he said get on board, get it done or get voted out. >> they are taking us frankly to the cleaners. we must, we have no choice, we must lower our taxes. your senator, claire mccaskill, she must do this for you and if she doesn't do it for you, you
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have to vote her out of office. i am calling on all members of congress, democrat, republican and independent to support pro-american tax reform. they have to do it. >> he was really broad on his tax reform policy that he laid out. simplify the tax code, eliminate special-interest loopholes, provide tax relief for middle-class families and cut corporate tax relief. what is interesting, fox news has a poll out talking about do people think congress will pass tax reform this year and here is the paul, yes, 49% state is important, 46% say no, pretty
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much half and half which is it likely? yes, 14% say yes but it is overwhelming, 78% say not likely with this congress. >> that coincides with the approval rating for congress which is 15% whereas donald trump is 41% overall but his highest approval rating comes on the economy at 49%. he does have the upper hand now and congress had better listen and get some work done. >> may be. we will see. >> the time is 10 minutes after the top of the hour. you just heard him, donald trump putting pressure on congress to put money back in your pocket. what do voters think? lee carter joins us up next and cartoon controversy, you have seen politico under fire for this image depicting hurricane harvey with some saying it marks the victims. what do you think? that next on "fox and friends" first. olay regenerist
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>> donald trump heading directly into the damage in texas. how did his message resonate with voters? lee carter is with ill and scanned partners and she put the president of the dial test. the governor did an amazing job is what donald trump and thank him he had a soundbite, listen to that and give your opinion. >> i want to thank our governor, your governor has done a fantastic job, thank you very much, right here. we want to thank your governor, senator cornyn, we want to thank the whole group. >> republicans gave in a, independents and a-and democrat to see. this was a really good visit for the president and he made it about the people who are doing a great job, he didn't make it about himself, people responded well. >> he spoke in springfield,
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missouri on taxes. >> a tax code that is simple, fair and easy to understand. that means getting rid of the loopholes and complexity that primarily benefit the wealthiest americans and special interests. our last major tax rewrite was 31 years ago. >> that was surprising for people how did that rate? >> this is one of the best messages the president of the delivered, republicans gave a plus, you couldn't even see them the line so off the truck, independents gave in and even democrats gave it a c-. this is extraordinary given how poorly he did was independents and democrat over the last two weeks, he couldn't say anything without dials falling to the floor so everyone responded to his message, his tone, they liked that he was disciplined and liked what he had to say and democrats said this was something they could get behind,
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so the tax code is supposed to favor the message, that resonated with democrats. >> he talked about the american model, a soundbite for that. >> my administration is embracing a new economic model. it is called simply the american model. under this system we will encourage companies to hire and grow in america, to raise wages for american workers and help rebuild our american cities and communities. that is how we will all succeed in growth together. >> how did that fair with everyone? >> it did very well, republicans gave it an a, independents also and a and democrats a c-. look -- democrats, not so great but better than we have seen in some time and this notion of american model tiger to wages,
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to rebuilding, to a positive thing fits with the make america great narrative much less focused on his frustrations and putting people down as he has most recently, positive message, great speech for the president and responded to both his tone, the message and the way he stayed on message the whole time. >> you have a good report card, appreciate it. >> always like a good report card, 17 minutes after the top of the hour coming up the gunshot wielding texan with no time for looters. >> going to have to shoot you. i will cut you in half. >> how he is taking matters into his own hands plus paying tribute to the people, 20 years since the death of princess diana. hear from someone who met her and says that her legacy still lives on. ♪ ♪ never fading with the sunset
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>> fox news alert, a show of force the us military flying fighter jets over the korean peninsula two days after north korea blasted a missile over japan. this new video shows americans shooting down a test rocket as tensions rise with the rogue nation. the trump administration will hold classified briefings with the house and senate on north korea next week as secretary of defense matter suggests diplomacy may be the answer. >> we continue to work together, the minister and i share responsibility to provide for the protection of our nation,
2:22 am
our populations and our interests. >> you will recall donald trump has said all options are on the table. a california sheriff deputy shot to death and two highway patrol officers looted outside a second mento motel the man opening fire with a high-powered rifle as officers were knocking on the door to his room while investigating a car theft ring. robert french, 21 year veteran of the force died from a bullet to the chest lose the shooter led police on a chase before he was taken into custody. prince william and prince harry laying flowers at a memorial for their mother, princess diana commemorating the 20th anniversary of her tragic death. joining us to pay tribute is neil sean who met the iconic princess and her son several times but can't believe it has been 20 years. what is going on? seems like a resurgence of talking about princess diana because of the anniversary and
2:23 am
these documentaries and books coming out why now? >> welcome from london. a strange development. i have been to kingston palace, the former home of princess diana and there is a sense of remembrance, a poignancy and you can't imagine it is 20 years, we had this influx of documentaries and harry speaking out, they want to speak out because his is their chance to get their message across. a lot of people have been negative about things they said but prince harry himself was a young boy but he is 12 years old and consequently the most vocal but also a celebration, they went to see happy faces because that is what diana meant to them, smiling faces. >> we are taking a look back at
2:24 am
the wedding ceremony and we were discussing remembering getting up early that morning, watching the wedding and our floor director said you can watch the wedding on youtube in this digital age. when you met princess diana what would she think of this going on now? >> she must've been 5 years old, she was so young. interesting thing because the bottom line is we are used to living in a phone agent everything being so instant. diana was just on the cusp of that. she herself, professionally and privately, i she embraced the media age. and connect with some of the media and make friends with elements of the media. even she was stunned how much she has been remembered and images have lived on because we
2:25 am
have to remember the images are trapped in time. she struck me as a marilyn monroe figure, very public persona, happy smiling princess but in private when i met her at the ritz hotel in london she was more interested that i had taken my mom out for afternoon tea, wanting to connect with normal was that. she made fun that i had to buy a tie because i turned up without a tie and she liked that sort of thing about people, she was a people's princess. >> you said she had a secret and that was a smile then that is something we all remember, there is a sense of tragedy that she had this beauty about her and realism about her. you for joining us, we appreciate it. from london. the time is 25 after the hour, a
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brand-new evacuation order listed overnight, we are brand-new from texas with that plus the story of one song lifting spirits through the storm. carly shimkus with what is going viral. ♪ not this john smith. or this john smith. or any of the other hundreds of john smiths that are humana medicare advantage members. no, it's this john smith. who we paired with a humana team member to help address his own specific health needs. at humana, we take a personal approach to your health, to provide care that's just as unique as you are. no matter what your name is.
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tais really quite simple.est it comes in the mail, you pull out the tube and you spit in it, which is something southern girls are taught you're not supposed to do. you seal it and send it back and then you wait for your results. it's that simple. >> fox news alert explosions rocking a chemical plant in crosby, texas was authorities say the rising waters made it impossible to prevent. >> one police officer has been hospitalized come alive fox news coverage on that. >> we begin with jenkins in houston with the breaking details about this explosion. what is the latest? >> the sun is going to come up, residents of the houston area
2:30 am
have more bad news. that explosion, two explosions in crosby, texas, chemical plant, 2:00 am local and these fires happens because once the flooding overtook the plant they lost power, could no longer cool things and the ceo putting out a statement last night saying explosions and a fire were imminent. officials taking precautions creating a 1.5 mile radius around the plants to evacuate people but the news, hearing reports at least one harris county sheriff's deputy hospitalized, 9 others taking themselves to hospital for cautions feeling symptoms of dizziness and something was out there, there will be a lot more, press conference scheduled for 9 am local but that may be coming sooner and we will bring you that. the other news in this suburb in corbin county meets harris
2:31 am
county, in the southwest part of houston, barker reservoir, the two reservoirs the dams over spelling saying that would create flooding problems for those subdivisions for the next four five weeks and behind me you see the water, the flood, rafts, people trying to get out, corbin county overnight issued a mandatory evacuation for this subdivision, canyon gate and a dozen others, many of those residents who stayed behind may not have the level of flooding immediately in this area like this but some flooding deciding i'm going to ride it out, they will wake up, the last half hour, that one resident got him email that said get out. the weather is going to be better and emergency groups, we have explosions 25 or 30 miles northeast of here and a mandatory evacuation southwest
2:32 am
of the city. >> we should explain where that plant is operational, that is in a rural area, 57 employees, not merely schools and correctional facilities, they evacuated a mile and a half in advance, they knew this was going to happen, being prepared for it, one police officer in the hospital because of that, thank you, appreciate it. harvey also affecting swollen reservoirs that continue to rise. officials issuing a grim warning, get out or die. team coverage in richmond, texas, thousands of homes still underwater. >> that is right and the story today is reservoirs and rivers, this river behind me on the west side of houston, that will be a big issue in the next 24 hours, this river as high as it has ever been at this point. expected to go a little higher still at this point so let's
2:33 am
show you this raging river at this point just swelled up with all of this floodwater. it is a remarkable site and i was told by a gentleman that last week it was quite low, this river and right now it is three times as wide as he has ever seen, this guy actually lives about two steps away from the river and it is coming up to the banks, he is concerned about this, what he thinks the situation is for people in his situation living near the river, he says it could get worse in 24 hours in the governor given a dire warning about the situation in texas even though the storm has moved on, listen to the sound bite. >> right across the river for folks, all the rain they had up north, back to the golf, this is fast. last i heard it will crash friday. we still have another day of it coming up slowly. >> we are to our highest level of number of texas national
2:34 am
guard members deployed, an additional 10,000 national guard who are being deployed here from other states. the worst is not yet over. >> extreme eastern texas, beaumont, port arthur, another major concern, a judge in tyler county warning people to get out or die because of concerns this river could swell to a point where it is likely to kill people according to the judge so that is another major concern over there, flooding could be more catastrophic, 150,000 people between beaumont and port arthur, 170,000 people and they this morning will be losing their water pumping into their homes because of the flooding in that river and other situations, they get their water from that river, the situation is very bad, the storm has cleared out
2:35 am
of that area but problems do continue in texas. >> still under rescue and recovery operations, not even beginning rebuilding. >> a week since rain started to come there from hurricane harvey, big road to recovery. officials morning about fake firefighters and agents ripping off homeowners telling them to evacuate and throbbing their home. unbelievable but true but this one texan armed with a shotgun is taking matters into his own hands to protect his city from looters. >> i have to shoot you. i will cut you in half. >> running over that. >> protects where you live. >> that man vowing his support for law enforcement who he says should focus on rescue efforts instead of having to deal with
2:36 am
that. let's take a turn to the weather with janice dean, the latest on what to expect. >> reporter: texas has a period of drying out, louisiana, mississippi along the mississippi river valley, tennessee, kentucky could receive four to six inches from what is left of harvey, national hurricane center issuing their last advisory. we will continue to track this. up next the potential for a tropical disturbance to enter the gulf of mexico early next week. will it affect texas? we are unsure but the bottom line is we need to pay attention to the local forecast and local officials and keep you posted. wednesday looking like this, affecting new orleans but something to watch, we are in the tropical season, the gulf of mexico is very warm, something could develop quickly, rain fall models as we get a better idea of that system we will give you better totals, tropical storm irma will be hurricane later today and we have to monitor the
2:37 am
storm as it could potentially affect the us late next week. >> you said it was going to be a busy season and it is living up to what you said. politico under fire for a cartoon they published about hurricane harvey, some saying it marks the flood victims. >> carly shimkus is here with the outrage online. >> this is very controversial to say the least, politico in the hot seat for publishing a cartoon that some say marks the victims of hurricane harvey. the cartoon was deleted from twitter after much backlash, still appears on the politico website, the cartoonist responsible for this is defending his work. as you can see it shows a man and a confederate flag t-shirt being rescued off a rooftop that has the words secede. he is saying angel sent by god and one of his rescuers says
2:38 am
actually coast guard sent by the government. the backlash, a lot of people say this is an unfair characterization of texan christians and flood victims in general, selena says it is like no one at politico has anyone who sit in a pew every sunday, do they have any understanding of how insulting this is? another tweet says this is tasteless and shows lack of humanity. some people suffering in texas, this is their contribution. like i said before, the artist is defending his cartoon, he says he is specifically making fun of the texas secessionist movement were people who want texas to be its own country while they are benefiting from life-saving government aid. a lot of people on twitter saying harris county, the area that was heavily hit by this
2:39 am
hurricane largely voted democratic in 2016. insulting and also actually inaccurate. >> insensitive and stupid i would say, that is the word i would use, talking earlier we are seeing the best of americans right now, this video proves that point. >> an amazing moment happened at a hurricane harvey shelter as residents are coping with all the flooding. their spirits were lifted as a gospel group broke into song. take a listen. ♪ ♪ >> listen to that voice. that is victoria white, she and several others at the lone star expo center in texas, that video has been viewed over 14 million times on facebook, daniel said amen, no matter how bad times are you can't break someone's
2:40 am
spirit and another one coming from jamie says trying not to cry watching this. he gave me chills. >> music can bring people together and george strait taking advantage of that. >> country music legend and texas native george strait leading the charge on helping hurricane harvey flood victims, he sent this tweet saying we are working on putting together relief efforts with the whole country music community. no further details have been given but george strait is a proud texan who sang many songs about texas, rudy says george strait, the king of country, that is a leader, god bless. >> there is a big concert benefit on facebook. the time is 20 minutes until the top of the hour and coming up the us flexing military muscle in response to north korea's latest missile launch, our next guest says donald trump is taking the right steps to
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the latest reviews. the lowest prices. >> a fox news alert, 10 harris county sheriff's deputies taken to the hospital following several explosions north of houston, those offices complained of dizziness and nausea. you are looking at a glow from those explosions on the left-hand side of the screen where evacuations have been completed. >> this other fox news alert north korea leveling brand-new threats against guam. in a series of provocations between the us and pyongyang. here to weigh in is rebecca, thanks for coming in.
2:45 am
the latest developments, state run media, kim jung un thing north korea's missile launch over japan was only a prelude to an imminent strike on qualm. the us following up with a missile agency announcing it successfully shooting down a medium-range ballistic missile off the coast of hawaii, what do you make of the latest moves from both sides. >> the missile flight that went over japan was highly provocative. last time a missile flew over japan was in 2009 in 1998 and those two were space launched but this is the first time a missile flew over, very provocative because a missile breaks up in the atmosphere the weight is not intended to it could fall on innocent japanese civilians, american forces are very highly provocative, missile defense tests very important, one is to test these purely defensive systems that can intercept incoming missiles and send a message the united states has this ability.
2:46 am
if north korea were to -- where an american ship would have technical ability to intercept missile and would not be worse going that route. >> let's look at what donald trump has to say, he sent this message, the us talking to north korea and paying the extortion money for 25 years, talking is not the answer but at the same time secretary matus responding saying we are never out of diplomatic solution among some other things, is the discrepancy between the two, what do you think? >> if you look at the transcript the reporter asked secretary matus, are we out of diplomatic options? responded to that question and said no. diplomacy requires everything on the spectrum of military power short of using force, the credible threat of force. i think secretary matus
2:47 am
complemented what donald trump said. if we are just going to talk to north korea without preconditions, relieve sanctions because of things they want with requiring what is necessary stopping long-range missile programs, their nuclear programs we won't, it won't work and it hasn't worked for 25 years, i he is complement in the president, not contradicting him. >> we don't want to fall into the trap of the redline because we -- there is going to be consequences, have to be consequences. >> exactly right as you can't just talk. you want a credible threat of force. secretary matus if you look at his other remarks in recent weeks he said the north koreans should not launch a missile at the united states or us territory or we will retaliate and they will regret doing so. secretary matus says we are trying to avoid conflict, avoid war and the best way to do that
2:48 am
is credible threat of force. >> context is so important, thanks for bringing that into play for us, appreciate you joining us and we will be right back, stay with us. boom. love it. [struggles] show me the carfax. start your used car search at the all-new i am totally blind. and non-24 can make me show up too early... or too late. or make me feel like i'm not really "there." talk to your doctor, and call 844-234-2424.
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>> 10 minutes until the top of the hour the dnc with not in cahoots with hillary clinton, judge tossing outta class-action lawsuit by bernie sanders supporters, refund for donations to equity, they are you a presidential nomination process was unfair pointing to hack the emails exposed by hackers. texas governor greg abbott vowing to fight after a judge temporarily blocked the sanctuary cities law. a republican says the state will repeal claiming the decision makes texas community less safe. the rule would have forced local police to cooperate with ice or
2:52 am
risk jail time. it was set to go into effect tomorrow but a federal judge ruled it we rode public trust. fox news alert this morning, harvey setting site on louisiana bringing back painful memories to the victims of hurricane katrina. joining us is colonel ed or she who spent ten days in the superdome during katrina but let's talk about what is going on now. what are you experiencing? >> today our challenges two things. we need to maintain a position where we can react in louisiana and never 2 we are already in the fight helping texas to do what we can in southeast texas and louisiana. >> what are the precautions you took? you knew this was coming. >> our approach has been the same for years, go big and go early. as soon as the storm moves toward the gulf, make the call,
2:53 am
go to work. guardsmen and their assets and resources we might need throughout the state. >> how many guardsmen do you have? >> 1000 total. we can grow that is needed but it is about ripe. >> you are concerned about flooding and a tropical storm warning issued for southwest louisiana coast which could bring strong winds. how do you prepare for both? >> a combination of resources. we have helicopters, boats, high water vehicles, soldiers and airmen on the ground, that is a winning combination, use these the best you can with the weather situation dictating, that is what you need. >> it has been 12 years to the day when hurricane katrina, victims of hurricane katrina having flashbacks, that horrible time. what are you seeing on the
2:54 am
ground with residents as they try to move forward? all the flooding happening at the moment? >> as horrible as katrina was you saw the best in people and that applies today. 12 years ago we coined the phrase neighbors helping neighbors and i'm hearing that again. that is what you use as your mantra and it keeps you going. that is what you see in lake charles, neighbors helping neighbors and that is what you see today throughout the museum, people rising to the challenge. >> we are looking at side-by-side video of new orleans when katrina hit and houston today, what is going on there and you are right, people, neighbor helping neighbor, it has been overwhelming and stories of heroism in both areas and houston, in terms of
2:55 am
evacuation orders in louisiana we mentioned you spent 10 days in the superdome in louisiana are you prepared for that? >> absolutely. when you have a population of people dealing with storms is part of their life they tend to take evacuations more seriously. you always have people who don't want to leave home and that is part of a challenge but evacuation becomes a way of life in the golf. >> appreciate you waking up with us, i am sure you have been away called night long. >> i appreciate it. understand what this is like him only a few states have to deal with hurricanes but it is a real thing. >> thoughts and prayers to you, thank you so much. 5 minutes until the top of the hour, you will survive, that message from gloria gaynor for the victims of hurricane katrina. ♪ what you try to do ♪ all we can for you ♪
2:56 am
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you ready? by their second kid, every mom is an expert, and more likely to... ...choose luvs than first time moms. live, learn, & get luvs. ♪ we'll do all we can for you ♪ you will survive ♪ you will survive. heather: beautiful. gloria gaynor offering support to houston through song. heather: tune of the hit i will survive. >> she joins us live tomorrow for all-american concert series.
3:00 am
heather: thoughts of prayers to everyone there in houston. beautiful to hear those words. we will need to hear more of it now. heather: "fox & friends" starts right now. have a great day, everybody. heather: thanks for joining us. >> we have just learned of two explosions, actually, at a chemical plant in crosby, texas. >> officials got way in front of this and evacuated a radius of 1.5 miles. >> flying over texas today with the national guard as they conduct live rescues our own trace gallagher. >> this is the stuff they are trained to do in the middle of ocean. yet we are in the middle of beaumont, texas. rescues we were -- child and her mom. >> president trump was in springfield, missouri to push major tax reform. >> this is our once in a generation opportunity to deliver real tax reform for every day hard-working americans. and i am fully committed to


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