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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  September 1, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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they do expect more explosions of those kind. all right, that is the latest on the arkema chemical plant. we've been watching a fire. thank you for joining us on "the story" tonight. have a wonderful labor day weekend. "tucker" is up next. >> tucker: welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." we want to start with the fox news alert. a new fire has broken out in a chemical plant in crosby, texas. volatile chemicals have been exploding and combusting. all following damage from hurricane harvey. people within 1.5-mile from the area have to evacuate. we have an update on that fire and other events in houston just up ahead. meanwhile, republicans won big last fall. not simply because they beat the party of hillary clinton but because they promise to undo key parts of the barack obama legacy. so far, they haven't.
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they did not defund planned parenthood. they definitely don't want to build a border wall. but now almost ten months into the republican congress, top republicans on capitol hill have finally found an issue they can really rally around. preserving president obama's immigration policy. the trump administration has announced that next tuesday will decide the fate of daca, the obama era program which apparently illegally gives work permits to illegal immigrants who arrived in the country as children. killing that program would fulfill one of the term campaigns promise. it would also fit with the republican party's stated position against amnesty and in favor of enforcing the law rather than granting politicized immunity. scrambling to preserve daca. this morning in a radio interview, speaker paul ryan begged the president to keep the program in place until congress can pass a bill granting amnesty to the illegal immigrants daca covers. >> i actually don't think you should do that.
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i believe that this is something congress has to fix. >> tucker: speaker ryan is not alone in that position. of colorado, he says he wants to force a vote on the so-called bridge act, a democratic crafted bill that would give sanction to the daca. lindsey graham is backing the same bill in the senate. of north carolina, crafting amnesty legislation he's calling conservative. a conservative alternative to daca. according to news accounts, it would give 2.5 million to illel immigrants a pathway to citizenship if they lack a serious criminal background. an avid supporter of letting low-wage workers into this country. don't count on his legislation doing anything to stem the future flow of illegal immigrants. beers supposedly -- this is supposedly the conservative position. the only thing it preserves is
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obama's immigration policy. he promised that he opposed amnesty, thom tillis. in the border had to be secure before any kind of immigration reform became law. it looks like he didn't mean any of that. we asked senator tillis to come on tonight. he declined. we bet if we asked him or any other pro-amnesty republican on the hill, what is wrong with enforcing immigration laws on the books? they tell you it's cruel to deport people who have lived here for a while. okay, fair point. it be easier to take if our elite showed a similar concern for hurting american citizens and there are many of those. like the 14 million on disability, one in six on antidepressants. more than 50,000 who died of drug overdoses just in the last year. almost as many as were killed during the entire decade of the vietnam war. you hear about those people
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occasionally in washington. you hear what those poor daca kids deal with a lot more. donald trump ran with almost no support from the republican establishment. in many cases, they actively denounced him. he won because his campaign promises had appeal. rather than take advantage of their good luck and whether they ought to try to help the president achieve those campaign promises, republicans have repeatedly showed their campaign pledges were lies and their chief interest is not protecting the dieting donor class that funds are campaigns. no wonder congress' approval ratings are generally lower than those of the historically popular president. when a bunch of republicans are crushed in next fall's congressional election, they will try to blame the president. it might have been easier to listen to the president's voters. an illegal immigrant and despite that, a licensed attorney in the
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state of new york -- he joins us tonight. thank you for coming on. >> thank you for having me, tucker. >> tucker: every time we've had a conversation about daca or the dreamers, a lot of of these people are worthy, decent, americans essentially -- i agree with all that. i think there are a lot of decent people caught up in this and i feel sorry but i also think there's a principle here that we should not ignore. i'm wondering if we give amnesty to the people president obama gave amnesty to, who were brought here by their parents, when does that stop or do we owe citizenship to anyone under 18 who makes it into this country illegally? what are the parameters? >> no one's giving amnesty to anyone. amnesty means you are forgiving someone's pretty much -- whether it's a crime or offense. what the president did, that's amnesty. what we are seeing on immigration, it's giving us a
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pass to legal status. earning our opportunity to be in this country. that's a whole different aspect than amnesty. we are not asking any free time. we are not asking just give me free citizenship or a free green card. give me an opportunity to prove i am contributing to the country. let me give you the chance to become a real u.s. citizen. >> tucker: i'm not contesting that a lot of these people are good people. and probably are serving the country in one way or another. it's amnesty and special treatment. if i'm coming from any other country in the world, i have to go through a process. it can't be here while i go through this process. these people aren't having to do that. they are getting special treatment. let's not pretend and let's not lie about it. it is amnesty. if it wasn't, leave the country and reapply like everyone else. >> you are pointing out to something so insignificant.
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that's right, we should not have people waiting 20-30 years to come here. we should not have a process where people are risking their lives were people are losing their homes, everything just to come here. we should have an opportunity to reform our outdated immigration system. >> tucker: why? it's our country. we have a right to determine who comes here. you are not saying it's the fault of the united states that people are dying trying to get here. are you? >> we've had immigration system that since the early days of the republic, we had italian, german immigrants who were literally jumping ship on ellis island and coming here illegally. what we did? we gave people an opportunity -- >> tucker: you're missing my question. you seem to be suggesting that the united states doesn't have a right to make people wait to get citizenship. you also seem to be suggesting
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that the united states is somehow morally responsible for people dying trying to get here. i just want to make absolutely certain that that's what you're saying. most people would find that ludicrous. >> no, what i'm saying is let's have a system that is up-to-date with our economic demands, up-to-date with our social demands where we are having people coming in from different parts of the world where contribute into the country. >> tucker: there's no economic demand for low-wage immigration. one in four americans is not working right now. we don't need anymore low-wage workers in this country. though economists will tell you that we do. this is a political demand. >> president trump who has hired undocumented immigrants. unskilled or sometimes -- >> tucker: employers, including -- you're missing the point. i'm trying to make mine.
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employers are totally in favor of low-wage immigration because it lowers their labor cost. other people are hurt by it. there is no economic imperative to do this but you're still dodging my core question, which is does anyone under 18 who gets to this country illegally have a right to the pathway you just described? is there anybody where we can say you are not here illegally, leave and reapply like everyone else. we know longer have the right to say that the people? >> we have a right for us to say for myself, for me to be contributing to the country i'll call home -- i went through the border absolutely. my parents came here crossing the border because they had no legal channel. we are here now. we are contributing. >> tucker: you are not answering my question. >> this is our home. >> tucker: if you know what? you are making an emotional -- i'm trying to have an adult conversation and ask you real questions. you're giving me this "this is
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our home. i'm not attacking you personally. there are 320 million people in this country. it's a big country. they want to know, do they have a right to determine who comes here or not? you and a lot of other people on the left are in effect saying no, they don't. if you are not for it, if you are not for illegal immigration you're some kind of bigot. on what grounds are you saying that? don't americans have a right to determine who comes to their country, not your country, america's country. don't they have the right? >> we are are a nation of immigrants. people have come here illegally and illegally as well. we are going to need a system where our congress and president can come together. my message for your viewers is is not about being an immigrant -- >> tucker: you're giving me a nonsense answer. why can't someone looking to camera and say i don't believe in borders. i think they're racist. >> i'm not saying i don't believe in borders.
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>> tucker: you are all saying that. >> our history has had -- we need to adapt to changing times. that's what we are doing now. >> tucker: okay. thank you for coming on. john daniel davidson is a senior correspondent at the federalist, which is excellent, by the way. if you don't read it, you ought to. this of the basic test for the republican congress. like a lot of americans, you are confused about what to think of daca. they are on the opposite side of an issue that the president ran on. one of many. at this point, do they have any in common, the president and congress? they seem to be on opposite pages with every single topic. >> the obamacare debate we had earlier in the year, this is another testament to the dysfunction of the republican
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congress. and the hypocrisy and political cowardice of g.o.p. leaders in the house and senate. they don't want to vote on this. they don't want to craft a bill that might codify daca into law. by the way, i think we would both agree that daca represents pretty decent policy. it's massively popular. there is a poll that came out earlier saying 80% of americans favor allowing these parents to stay and work and have a pathway for citizenship. it's reasonable but why doesn't congress vote on that? there's an answer it and it goes directly to what you were talking about. the people that congress actually works for, special interests and employers, the establishment, they don't want to vote on this. they don't want to pass immigration legislation. >> tucker: the average person, again, i'm among them -- feel sorry for people who were brought here as kids. a lot feel like really nice
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people. an endless chain of sob stories. i'm sympathetic. but no one mentioned the principal, under what circumstances are you allowed to come here and stay? is it okay to come here illegally and stay. if that's the rule, what does that mean for us? how will people be living in america 50 years from now? why doesn't anyone articulate clearly what the real rules about immigration ought to be? >> it's politically difficult. a nonsensical interview where speaker paul ryan said i think congress should be part of the solution. congress is the entire solution. >> tucker: exactly. >> that's why he doesn't want to have a vote on it. he doesn't want to vote on it before the 2018 2018 midterms. he doesn't want to be in favor of amnesty or vote that would go against the special interest personal loss that are in love with the status quo and have been for a decade. that's why we've had this
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ridiculous conversation for decades and no congress will pass any bill about it. there's real policy solutions as well, down here in texas -- cross-border commerce and people going back and forth across the u.s.-mexico border, it's been going on for hundreds of years here. we used to have programs that allowed people to come into this country and work and go back to their homes in mexico. it's not unreasonable at the policy. >> tucker: it's impossible -- if you're going to basically hold out the fruits of the welfare state to people here illegally, as we do, why would they go back to mexico? they wouldn't. >> and they are not. >> tucker: i would like to hear a sane, honest, no b.s. conversation about borders. does the left believe in borders anymore? i do this every night. i don't think they do. frustrating. thank you for joining us. well, a terrible fire has broken out in a chemical plant in
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>> tucker: fox news alert. a new fire has broken out at a chemical plant in crosby, texas where a loss of power caused by hurricane harvey has caused the palatal chemicals to explode. it's bad. volatile chemicals. elsewhere in texas, flooding
5:19 pm
remains severe. nearly a week after the hurricane hit. steve harrigan is live in bridge city, texas. hey, steve. >> all around this area, we've been watching people all day trying to pull out what they can from their flooded houses. pulling out couches, carpets, even drywall. putting it out in the sun and just hoping for the best to save what they can. there's a smell of mold in the air. it's a long shot. it's tough physical work for people. for some people, emotionally draining. we spoke to one retired man earlier. he said he's not sure he's up for the challenge. >> all of this here is from our house. any furniture it touches, it ruins. it destroys. that's it. >> how is your attitude, your spirit? >> done. i will be all right. this is our second time in nine years. my wife and i are both retired. we are leaving. we are calling it quits.
5:20 pm
we are out of here. >> higher ground. >> more than 30,000 houses have been severely damaged by the flooding. some of those houses are entirely underwater. it's tough for the people they can't get back, the water is simply too high to get there. they know they've been hurt but they just don't know yet how badly. tucker, back to you. >> tucker: steve, i appreciate it. thank you. in a stunning twist, the company with the unofficial motto "don't be evil" is turning out to be very semester. of course, the motto should have been a tip-off. google fired an engineer simply for writing a reasoned and moderate critique of the company's diversity policies on what was supposed to be an open forum. even employees of other companies aren't safe, it turns out. a nonpartisan think tank, it's work involved promoting opening markets and combating monopolies.
5:21 pm
part of that work, he praised an antitrust -- levied against google in europe. it turned out to be one of the think tank funders. google founder eric schmidt expressed his displeasure and a short time later, lynn was fired. it's not hard to imagine a similar situation happening in almost any other organization here in washington. google funds hundreds of nonprofits and think tanks. on the right, they donate to the heritage foundation, the federalist society, americans for tax reform. on the left, the gift of the naacp, the clinton foundation, they donated to libertarians at cato and cato and ironically enough, they gave money to the american antitrust institute. which is hilarious. google spent more than $50 million last year lobbying. third among all corporate lobbyist. this year, they are on track to be number one. even when they don't have money,
5:22 pm
they have power. google has monopolistic power on web searches, online video and online advertising. the biggest player in email, all my browsers and operating systems. if you have an android phone, google is able to track everywhere you go. not that they would, because they are not evil, remember? they are a company with massive power. more than on the company in history has ever had. they can invade your privacy whenever they want to. maybe it's time to consider putting google and check. a fellow at open markets, he joins us tonight. matt, i was amazed to see how the different think tanks and nonprofits google funds in washington. it answered a question i've had for years. but if no one ever criticizes the concentration of all this power? >> it really shows the system that americans are upset about, that it's rigged.
5:23 pm
this shadow-y d.c. it's funded by big business, monopolies. monopolies are a problem of politics. they are not a business, commerce, they are the control of americans through monopolistic and anticompetitive tactics. >> tucker: most people look at google and think boy, they provide a great service. their email is fantastic. it is. i use it. their search is the best. why should they be worried about google's power? >> google has seven products with more than a billion users. the products. youtube is great. gmail is great. a technological marvel. the problem is in the products they produce. the problem is the data gathering and anticompetitive tactics they use to acquire that power into steel revenue from every publisher, producer of revenues and in art and news in. that's a threat to democracy.
5:24 pm
the idea with traditional antitrust policy, which is designed to slow down the capture of monopoly and restore citizenship and to maintain looks good about these institutions but protect citizens from their overwhelming power. >> tucker: one of the most basic precepts in government is no government allows institutions to accrue enough power to challenge its authority. yet, our government has allowed google to accumulate this power and has said basically nothing. >> in a lot of ways, it was an intellectual takeover on the right and left in which we stopped understanding that corporations and banks were part of our political system. in the middle of the century, going back to the founding of the country, there is this understanding that commerce and business needed to be separated from government and that if commercial institutions became too powerful, they were in effect government like entities. you can look at google as a type of concentration of power that is political in nature. not just a commercial or
5:25 pm
business entity. the first financial crisis and now the growth of these dominant internet platforms that are manipulating americans has brought that tradition back. >> tucker: i want to tell our viewers, this is a list of all the nonprofits that receive money from google. if you are wondering why google never criticizes google, this might have something to do with it. i am -- conservatives has traditionally supported big businesses but liberals have been suspicious of corporate power. along comes google, a mass is way more power than rockefeller or carnegie and liberals in my neighborhood never say anything about it. why is that? >> it's an interesting question. conservative and liberal tradition of antimonopoly thinking -- there's a pro monopoly tradition on both the right and the left. that's the tradition that's been dominant on both parties.
5:26 pm
i was probably one of them ten years ago... google's model of don't do evil was the right thing. analyzing the world's information sounds neat. just like that. once you start to see these overwhelming organizations of all information, a lot of things start to change. >> tucker: it's terrifying. i appreciate you being one of the very people working on this. thank you for coming on. america has taken the cultural revolution quickly spreading beyond confederate monuments. it's now going towards christopher columbus. his legacy. joe piscopo twin to joins us n. your brain changes as you get older. but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient
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>> tucker: america's maoist revolution didn't take long to move beyond the confederacy. christopher columbus is now a target for some reason. the city council has voted to rename columbus day indigenous peoples day. in l.a. >> they held a rally ahead of the vote. we will no longer stand for revisionists thinking celebrating someone who was responsible for setting in motion the greatest genocide known in our history. >> tucker: wow the frenzy of self-hatred continues. in new york city, columbia statues are being vandalized.
5:31 pm
the removal of columbus statue they are. joe piscopo is not taking the city down. the comedian and talk show host is rallying to protect columbus. joe, why are you doing this? >> i am such a proud italian-american. i think of my grandparents coming over here from italy. learning the laws, language of the united states of america. being proud americans. my parents and grand parents always said this is america, the greatest country on planet earth. learn it, live it, be proud to be an american. italian-americans -- tucker, they work so hard. they've been prejudiced against and all we did was become doctors and lawyers and businesspeople and engineers and architects. we've given so much to this country. i'm telling you, that statue in columbus circle, it ain't coming down. we ain't coming down and neither is that statue. >> tucker: new york must be one of the only places in the country where anyone is defending a statue. >> look at where we are.
5:32 pm
look how great the american spirit is in houston, texas. if you have the time to tear down a statue, you have too much time on your hands. get to houston and help those poor people in texas. our brothers and sisters. our fellow citizens. look where we are. political correctness gone awry. we are flawed. it is columbus flawed? sure, we are all flawed. tucker, new jersey, i have a child at every exit. you ran off of the babysitter. yes, i did. have you seen her? guilty as charged. will i get a rest stop named after me at the new jersey turnpike. after all that? come on. >> tucker: [laughs] basically it's an attack on the fundamental legitimacy of america. they are making the argument that no one of european descent should be here in the first place. >> that's exactly right. when my grandparents came over here, i have to tell you, that
5:33 pm
statue in columbus circle was built in honor of the largest lynching -- the mass lynching in american history. do you know what it was? italian-americans in new orleans in 1891. a public official was killed. they rounded up all the talents. they said who killed that public official? forgive me, i am such a proud about italian american. it must have been the day goes. they lynched innocent italians. the next year, they build the columbus statue in columbus circle. in new york. to honor them. it was the blue-collar workers, the laborers from italy that came to become american citizens, quarters nickels and dimes and dollars. they raise the money. it was the 1800s version of a go fund me kind of thing. they went in there and tear it
5:34 pm
down? it takes away the iconic symbol of the italian-american community. i think of my grand parents working so hard, learning the language. we did not protest or put on masks and get violent. we don't hold placards up and say how bad you are. we don't call you racist. we just worked harder and harder, as italian-americans, to make this country great. so proud to be americans. we have to stop at the statue. now they're going to tread on the italian-american community? now you've got a problem. >> tucker: i can't wait to see de blasio try this. if he does, we will send cameras. [laughs] >> he has a vowel at the end of his name. come on. >> tucker: he's the worst. joe piscopo. your valued defense of christopher columbus. well, the current statute destroying frenzy -- now a police department being sued for
5:35 pm
letting the situation spiral out of control. rapper sanchez turner says he was assaulted by whites of premises in charlottesville and police stood aside and watched. mario williams is a lawyer representing turner. he is bankrolling the lawsuit. mario, why are you taking this suit? >> what happened here is a travesty. we have a situation, i am talking about regardless of race or affiliation, where law enforcement officers stood by and watched people commit hate crimes and violent assaults on other people based on our information and our knowledge, researching these facts, the chief of police and other state law enforcement officials who were warned by the department of health services, warned by dhs who said look, you have a powder keg coming down the street. this is the most explosive situation we've had in the few months about this clash between
5:36 pm
counter protesters and protesters -- not the protesters and protesters. we have a situation you have to control and they do not control it. it wasn't that they did not control it, the issue was they actually had a stand down order. they actually ordered law enforcement. >> tucker: you know that the mayor's office and governor's office ordered a stand down? >> the supreme court actually answer that question best. i might not have heard it but demonstrated the evidence has shown it. >> tucker: a lot of cops are normal guys. i don't think they would stand by unless they had to. >> you are right. police officers say every day that they will protect us. you can't think that a bunch of police officers got together and said we are going to watch about the protesters get their heads beaten in. we saw the charlottesville police stand-down. why was the order given? there's no way that many police
5:37 pm
officers with stand-down. it's located about 30 mins from charlottesville, our office. the -- if this can happen in charlottesville, it can happen anywhere. small town america. we better figure out what happens here, why the police allowed this to get out of control. department of homeland security said this is happening. they knew it was happening. the mayor of charlottesville stood up and said after donald trump selection, our city, charlottesville, will be the capital of the resistance. you stand up and say stuff like that and then you provoke hate filled response to your city and then you ignore it? the guy should resign. >> tucker: he's way, way over his head. keeping order in in the streets the basic function in society. why bother having a police department if they are not going to stop a riot? i don't understand. >> i agree with you, tucker. i hate to drive the point home again.
5:38 pm
department of hold 'em security told them what was going to happen. told them -- gave them all the info they needed. why in the world would you not prepared -- here's one of the craziest things that happened out there. they had a situation where they left the park while people were assaulting each other, to go put on riot gear. can you believe that? >> tucker: cowardly among other things. >> that's why they left the park. that's what the chief of police says. we've seen through this process of interviewing folks and looking at documentation, there's a lot of lying coming out of charlottesville. the mayor is up to his neck and corruption here. this is going to blow up. >> tucker: it's bipartisan. you are representing a liberal, i think. it doesn't matter. >> . >> absolutely. >> tucker: the basic function of your society. appreciate it. fighting, name-calling, cheating, all things that can lead you in the principal's
5:39 pm
office but first-graders are being sent there for miss jen during their transgender classmates. we will tell you what exactly happened next.
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of the year where all beds are on sale. and right now save 50% on the labor day limited edition bed, plus 36 month financing. ends monday! >> tucker: in the state/country/state of mind of california, a first grader was sent to the principal office after she missed standard classmate. when she said hello, she was chastised for not using the boys new female name and feminine pronouns. the executive director of the capitol resource institute has been in contact with the girls parents. it's hard to believe that a first grader would be chastised for this. we know that happened? >> absolutely we know it happened. tucker, thank you for having us on. i've seen the emails from the administration to the mother, i talked to the mother at length. they clearly say this poor
5:44 pm
little first grader who said hello to the boy using this boy's name was chastised on the playground and later called out of class and sent to the principal's office because she did not use the correct pronoun. >> tucker: i received a statement tonight from a p.r. company hired by the school who said that the school is merely following california law. is that possible? >> it's really disingenuous that the administration is still continuing to say that. there's no california law that says you must send a kid to the principal's office for calling somebody -- using their free speech rights. a little first grader accidentally calling him by his own name. there's nothing in state law that says you have to read a book "i am jazz" have the boy change into girls clothing and have a new name. there's nothing that mandates the school does this. >> tucker: it seems a little heavy for little kids. not attacking anyone but it seems like one of those issues that may be parents could talk
5:45 pm
to their kids about, if they so choose. is this kind of thing often a topic in california first grade classrooms? >> it's becoming more and more frequently. not just in crazy california. it's happening nationwide. yes, they are pushing this more and more and pushing this agenda. this poor little first grader genuinely was going up to see her friend she hasn't seen since last year in kindergarten and said hello to him. and got in trouble for it. she was quite upset. the parents have since left the school district because they were told she would have to go to the principal's office again and be investigated if it happened again. >> tucker: investigated by whom? >> investigated. that's the word that they used in the email by the administration, to see if it was intentional or not. first-graders get names mixed up all the time. >> tucker: this is... oh, i don't even know what to say.
5:46 pm
other than it's really depressing and upsetting and i'm just glad i grew up in a different time. thank you for joining us. well, a nurse in utah was manhandled by cops when she refused to draw blood from a man without a warrant. distressing, weird, is it the weirdest story of the day? "top that" coming up next. flo and jamie request entry. slovakia. triceratops. tapioca. racquetball. staccato. me llamo jamie. pumpernickel. pudding. employee: hey, guys! home quote explorer. it's home insurance made easy. password was "hey guys." you know win control? be e easy. this guy. check it out! self-appendectomy!
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>> tucker: time now for a "top that," the segment where we tried to, using science, authoritatively determined the weirdest story of the week. our panels tonight, catherine lyons, erin mick pike.
5:51 pm
a clubbing entrepreneur he put his wife on the line to sell a product, he decided to sell a line of bulletproof clothing, t-shirts, shorts, literally by shooting his wife in the abdomen. watch this. [gunshot] >> as you can see, my husband shot me. >> tucker: [laughs] come on, aaron. >> my favorite part is that he's setting up shop in america in miami for the first time and they want the tank top of course in miami, they wanted to be the big seller. they are selling it for $495. he says the beautiful thing is that it's appealing to higher and clientele. that's exactly who you want to buy a bulletproof vest. a tank top, rather.
5:52 pm
for $495. >> tucker: are they still married? >> apparently, yes. she's done that before. >> tucker: what a tolerant person. >> bulletproof marriage. >> tucker: we will see if we can find weirder. alex wubbels, a nurse refused to give a blood sample from an unconscious man. you need a warrant or a state of intent to arrest the unconscious man or take its blood. instead of providing either, the cop snapped. catherine, what is this about? >> what so outrageous is not just the context -- at its core, a nurse and law enforcement, they are supposed to be on the same team, helping others and saving lives. not manhandling one while she's trying to save a life. >> tucker: why did he arrest her? >> what he wanted her to draw blood but she was not going to do it because of hospital
5:53 pm
protocol and respecting that. >> tucker: absolutely bizarre. was he censured for this? >> the patient was a truck driver involved in an accident and he wanted it for further review. >> tucker: i can't believe they arrested her. it was she charged? >> i don't believe so. i think they are launching a criminal investigation. >> tucker: pretty grotesque. one of the criteria i tried to use for read a story of the week, could this happen to me? could i imagine myself? >> could you buy a 405 to nine dollars bulletproof vest? >> tucker: what i shoot my wife on camera -- that's a question asked mike if i was sunny and i was in iraq, yeah, i would buy it. i would probably just go full short-list. would you allow it your significant other to shoot you? >> i would go with know >> tucker: erin, would you? >> no.
5:54 pm
let's watch it one more time. [gunshot] [applause] >> as you can see, my husband shot me. >> the market, don't you want to know if it's going to sell? >> tucker: clearly she goes to soulcycle because her abs just repelled that. i'm afraid this wins. >> oh, all right. >> tucker: the weirdest story. >> i vote for that one too. >> tucker: the other when i can kind of believe. we will be right back.
5:55 pm
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5:59 pm
the only problem is the peel as the university of mississippi learned this weekend. could not find a banana, left the peel on a nearby tree. it's littering of course but doesn't seem like anything more until the peel was spotted by other students who somehow reach ed the conclusion that peel was a racist attack, of course. greek life was ended early at the retreat. students left in tears. the hungry student issued apologies for his atrocious act. the school has commissioned an ongoings investigation of the matter. we can only matter the campus wide ban on bananas that is in the works when that happens we'll bring it to you. monday's show should be fun. if you have labor day plans, dvr it right now. some of our most memorable and intense debates from bill nye, the so called television science guy to the california sea seed to make way for immigrants. it's a good debate. have the best weekend.
6:00 pm
good night from washington. "the five" is next. >> hell over. i'm jesse waters along with kennedy, lawn williams, greg gutfeld and lisa booth. it's 9:00 in new york city and this is the five. texas and louisiana are still reeling from the aftermath of hurricane harvey. you are looking at video of a fire that broke out at a chemical plant in crosby, texas, earlier tonight we are monitor ing the situation and we are going to be bringing updates throughout the hour. back in washington, president trump is continuing his aggressive response to hurricane harvey tonight asking congress


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