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tv   Fox Report Sunday  FOX News  September 3, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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>> an ultimatum at the white house. after north korea tested a hydrogen bomb. when they say could be mounted on top of an intercontinental illicit missile. you're watching the fox report. >> molly: sunday's test marks what could be north korea six, and most powerful nuclear test. the rogue nation claiming to have detonated a hydrogen bomb underground. a senior intelligence official tells fox news that they are highly confident the claims are true. president trump is weighing his options, something defense secretary james madison and other top generals to the white house. mattis made an impromptu appearance, warning north korea
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to back down or prepare for the full wrath of the u.s. military. >> we make a that we had the ability to defend ourselves and our allies, south korea and japan. for many attack in our commitments among the allies are ironclad. any threat to the united states or its territories, including one or our alleys, will be met with a massive military response. a response both effective and overwhelming. >> molly: we have fox team coverage with former you in a besser to the united states and first let's go to john roberts live at the white house. >> molly: good evening. not since 1962 and president kennedy warned russia that it's nuclear attack from cuba would be met with -- have we heard this sort attack. moments ago the white house release and a readout statement of the president's call with the
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prime minister of japan. president trump reaffirmed the commitment of the united states to defending our homeland, territories analyses in the full range of diplomatic, conventional and nuclear capabilities at our disposal. earlier, james madison merz from a meeting where he briefed the president a possible military options against north korea with the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff palestine. he warned north korea not to threaten the u.s., its territories or allies with nuclear weapon. basically saying, we don't want to destroy north korea, but we can and we will if necessary. listen. >> we are not looking to the total annihilation of a country, namely north korea. but as i said, we have many options to do so. >> present trump has ramped up because north korea's nuclear program appears to have crossed
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a new dangerous threshold. late last night they distributed for the graphs of kim jong-un inspecting what north korea said was a hydrogen bomb capable of being mounted on a missile. and then detonated a nuclear device that a u.s. geological survey registered magnitude 6.3. north korea's claim to have detonated a powerful nuclear weapon was not challenged by the u.s. intelligence community. a statement that intelligent officials say we are highly confident this was a test of advanced nuclear device. and what we have seen so far is not inconsistent with north korea's claim. what makes it dangerous is a single hydrogen bomb, at least one north korea apparently detonated late yesterday, was 4 - 16 times stronger than they have ever tested before. if it is capable of being put on a missile, that's a game changer. >> molly: absolutely. what else is the present looking
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at? >> clearly the president would like to avoid nuclear war. he's pursuing sanctions and some sort of economic arm-twisting against people doing business with north korea. south korea getting the brunt of the criticism. in a tweet he said south korea's finding, as i've told them, their talk of appeasement with north korea will not work. they only understand one thing. the president tweeted out today, the united states is considering, in addition to other options, stopping all trade within a country, that is doing business with north korea. speaking on fox news sunday, stephen mnuchin said that he has a slate of new sanctions ready for the president's signature. >> i did speak with the president and it's clear this behavior is completely on acceptable. we have started was sanctions against north korea but i'm going to draft a sanctions pink
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trim package to send to the present first on consideration. anybody who wants to do traitor business with them would be prevented from doing trade or business with us. will work with our allies, with china, the people need to cut off north korea economically. this is unacceptable behavior. >> looks like it'll be the united nations security council and nikki haley has called for an emergency meeting for 10:00 o'clock tomorrow morning. >> molly: you're a truly remarkable day. as john mentioned, un ambassador, nikki haley called for the emergency security council meeting first thing on monday morning. south korea also condemns this test. rich, the u.s. is looking at the next potential diplomatic step. >> that's right. good evening. the secretary of state, rex tillerson spending his days speaking with regional allies. that's ahead of tomorrow's emergency meeting at the united nations security council.
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that something nikki haley, along with her counterparts from japan, france, the united kingdom, south korea have requested. will take place tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m. south korea's pushing for additional sanctions as is the european union. donald tusk says, we call on the un security council to adopt further un sanctions and show stronger result to achieve a peaceful d nuclear is a trend denuclearization of the korean peninsula. russian china sitting down to last month sanctions and while they have condemned the nuclear test, neither appears willing to allow additional sanctions. the u.s. has been pushing china to do more to isolate north korea. china accounts for 90% of north korea's tray. officials say china has been improving and cracking down a north korea but there is still a long way and much more that china could be doing. >> molly: what happens if russia and china block additional
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sanctions? >> that and throw for the year and security council sanctions. it doesn't mean the united states can't move forward. steve mnuchin, the treasury secretary is planning sanctions option for the president to look at to see if he wants to pass or send something to congress to an act further sanctions. the u.s. can also correlate with its european allies. we saw the willingness for the european allies to court and instructor sanctions. the other thing that can be done is a couple weeks ago under current sanctions law the u.s. treasury department issued penalties against several russian companies and a few chinese companies for violating sanctions by conducting business with north korea. they can use all of that at their disposal to try to tighten that more. but how much do you want to penalize chinese companies are trying to convince china to get tough on north korea.
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>> molly: thank you. congressman rhonda is status unrealistic for the u.s. to expect north korea to cooperate with us. >> we knew north korea was proceeding down this route for a long time. the speed at which they're doing on the missile front and now on the nuclear device run is far faster than we anticipated. the threat is much more immediate today the way would have forecast two or three years ago. the idea that you will negotiate with the north korean regime and they will somehow stand down on this is a fantasy. >> molly: with more and this is his pastor john holton. the former you as a besser to the un. and a fox news contributor. thank you for joining us. for so long, this regime has been seen as far as their weapons program, failure to launch. now we see them grow up quite quickly. with an icbm that is capable of
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reaching the united states. a series of photos just publish of the dictator with this new thermo nuclear warhead and now this biggest hydrogen bomb yet that they believe to have tested. in terms of american lives, where are we now? >> i think were very much at risk. if you look back with the efforts of sanctions that predate the first nuclear test in 2006 have failed consistently. they been able to avoid the sanctions. it's important to understand that north korea doesn't have an economy like other small countries like the netherlands, hungry or something like that. it's a 25 million person prison camp. it's run by the military. the military first has been the slogan of the leadership. that's all they care about. as long as they can supply the military and ballistic missile
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program kim jong-un is fine with it. i've watch coverage today in one country never mentioned is iran. you don't think iran is it supplied north korea with technology, with financial resources, there a twin on their ballistic missile program. they're not gonna pay attention to more sanctions. >> molly: so talk about iran and sanctions, if north korea is cut off as steve mnuchin had called for, the trade with north korea like china and russia, in the meantime north korea can go rogue and trade with countries who are willing to trade with them with weapons with iran. is that the domino we could be facing if north korea is further isolated? >> you can hardly get more isolated and yet it has ballistic missiles that we are ready think could hit much of the continental united states. the consensus is growing that
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the six test was a thermonuclear device. the sanctions simply get people a warm fuzzy feeling that were doing something about north korea. if this administration follows the same policy as a clinton, bush, and obama administrations with carrots, sticks and efforts to persuade north korea, it will feel like they did. >> molly: remarkable reporting from john roberts talking about this meeting the president and vice president had with a national security team and with secretary of defense james mattis saying it's about the military options. something the secretary said were not looking at the total annihilation of a country but we have many options to do so. john hasn't seen or heard which like this is the cuban missile crisis. when you talk about strong language in front of the white house, is the scene as a final warning to pyongyang?
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>> i don't know. it would help give credibility to the administration's rhetoric if for example all-american civilian, dependence of military, state department and other personal south korea were ordered to depart and return home. it would help if we built up our military assets capable of action against north korea. i don't think were in a position yet to not only deal with the nuclear problem but the potential retaliation. i think if you put everything in place you needed for military activity, that we get china's attention i might even get north korea's. rhetoric alone is going to do the trick. >> molly: thank you for joining us tonight. and for your insight. right now, houston officials deciding to take proactive measures that a chemical plant filled with highly unstable compounds that have caused several explosions.
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the steps they are taking to make sure that plant doesn't pose more risk to the area. the texas national guard working to give flood victims supplies they need. the dual status commander for the texas national guard joins us to talk about their efforts on the ground. >> let me be very clear, the city of houston is open for business. and you planning on a conference, convention, or concert, you can still come. (flourish spray noise) (flourish spray noise) (flourish spray noise) (flourish spray noise) the joy of real cream in 15 calories per serving. enough said. reddi-wip. (flourish spray noise) share the joy.
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4:17 pm
reservoirs. steve joins us from houston just outside a mandatory evacuation zone. the been doing tremendous reporting period up to your waist and sewage and everything else. processing like there now? >> still sunning scene around the western part of houston. this is beltway eight. a major artery that goes all the way around the city of houston. right now it's about 12 feet underwater. the clearance i says 16 feet. the water must reach in it. you can imagine what a mess of be for commuters when they try to go back to work on tuesday. we provide damaged houses but about 1 million cars have been destroyed, most likely by the storm. most total. several hundred thousand claims for insurance already put in. since many cars earned her water is still not clear what the
4:18 pm
total damages. >> molly: what a stunning as the sun has been out for a few days and it doesn't look like the waters going down. is it going down at all? >> imagine the controlled release. in parts of houston are still flooding the area. there's concerns about the earthen dams built in the 40s. they're being monitored by military engineers constantly. they're continuing to release water because they don't want the dams to be destroyed. were still seeing flooded neighborhoods with people pulling out what they can using boats or rafts. this could go on for two more weeks. the mandatory evacuation zones you see signs people put out that we will shoot you if you try to elude our houses. >> molly: their tough folks down there. that is a remarkable image of you standing there before a highway that looks like it could be a canal. it could be years before parts of southeast texas recover from harvey's damage.
4:19 pm
>> we have a long road ahead. we will rebuild the fourth largest city in the united states. >> molly: one major part of the recovery efforts, taxes natura l guard. the commander of the operation will be here to talk about those efforts. plus, congress returning to capitol hill this week and i have a lot to get done including improving funding for her be victims. will they make it happen? on what really matters. marie callender's. it's time to savor. people spend less time lying awake with aches and pains with advil pm than with tylenol pm. advil pm combines the number one pain reliever with the number one sleep aid. gentle, non-habit forming advil pm. for a healing night's sleep.
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>> molly: the entire texas national guard call to duty in southeastern texas. close to 12000 members have been helping with search and rescue efforts in delivering supplies and water to people in need. brigadier general, pat hamilton is here. he is a dual status commander for the texas national guard. sir, i know you're busy in the men and women serving their happy to do it. they're probably tired and busy as well. thank you for joining us. if you can bring us up today, how's the texas national guard helping right now, what's the status? >> it's not just the texas national guard. the dual status commander role allowed me to command all of the department of defense national guard from other states. all the department of defense assets coming into the area. that's been tremendous. right now are made focuses in east texas where we're still doing search and rescue evacuations because of the high water. were also beginning to transition a focus on distribution of commodities like water and food. working with local officials to make sure the citizens who are there get what they need. >> it's incredible when he think about when the storm landed and that the challenges are still so great.
4:24 pm
you're bringing in so many people in many want to help and are serving and happy to do that, how to handle that logistically? >> molly: several ways. we have thousands of partners, every federal agency, fema, the department of defense, every federal agency and state agency and all the locals coming together. what's more phenomenal to me is the local support even from other states has been flowing in and unbelievable numbers. all that being coordinated through the state division of emergency management. we support them moving things out to the people working with the local judges and county officials. it's been a coordination like i've never seen before. >> molly: when you talk about the standing water that's their
4:25 pm
we just had our walk a reporter standing in front of a highway that looks like a canal. howdy major you're finding the people you need to? >> is working with the local officials to try to find the folks, they know where they are and got us in. we have aircraft during searches consistently working with other agencies with aircraft in the air. the governor did something phenomenal. he decided to push as much capability as we could push down instead of the pole system the state uses. he realized this is going to be a bad storm, like nothing ever saw. we began pushing capability out there so communities didn't have to ask like is a normal situation.
4:26 pm
we are there, position for them, they had their hands full everyone. overwhelmed but we're right there to help when they needed it. instead of them needing to ask to get that done. that took a tremendous amount of foresight to do between that and the general to bring that in before it was asked for so is ready. our soldiers go out and start doing work. if they can't find somebody to say come help us they just go looking for. that has resulted in life-saving measures and distributing goods to people who need it. >> molly: the storm was epic about the responses been every bit as a epic. thank you for your service and all those partners that poured in across the border to help. brigadier general, pat hamilton thanks for joining us. lawmakers will get back to work this week returning to capitol
4:27 pm
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defense secretary james madison is now threatening and overwhelming response after kim jong-un claims to have tested a hydrogen bond. this six nuclear test comes as president trump observes a national day of prayer for not victims of harvey. >> mr. president, will you attack north korea? >> molly: national security correspondent joins us from the pentagon. jennifer, what struck you about the statement made from the white house? >> it's notable that after three our national security meeting at the white house that the president chose defense secretary mattis to deliver the message to north korea. he was flanked by general dunford, a four-star marine who serves as the chairman of the joint chief and would be responsible for resourcing any military action against north korea. it's notable that he is not joined by secretary of state, rex tillerson who lead the diplomatic efforts to isolate
4:32 pm
north korea. mattis tried to be diplomatic. >> we are not looking at the total annihilation of a country, namely north korea. as i said, we have many options to do so. >> the tone he struck reminded many of mattis' famous quote shortly after arriving in iraq in 2003. the play, be professional, but have a plan to kill everybody you meet. president trump likes to remind everybody that his defense secretary is a general. she refrain from calling a mad dog but his choice for mattis to speak was designed to be its own message. >> molly: the big question is is there a military buildup on the horizon? >> on toe from well-placed military sources in the planning that there is no need to send more military assets to the pacific. the u.s. has pre-positioned what it might knee. those assets are there.
4:33 pm
u.s. intelligence agencies had seen increase activities at north korea's low nuclear test site beginning in late march and anticipated a new test was scummy. sources say the latest u.s. intelligence suggested a test of hydrogen bomb was three or four months off. that intelligence assessment was wrong. this explosion was five times more powerful than its last nuclear test one year ago. this is the fourth nuclear test under kim jong-un. south korea has reported that its military practice bombing at -- with f-15 jet lanes at dawn this morning. last week north korea launched an intermediate range missile which flew over japan. later, for the first time stealth fighter jets from japan joined b-1 bombers from gone. the b1 is not capable of delivering nuclear weapons. fox has learned f-16 fighter jets remain on alert in south korea ready to launch a moments notice.
4:34 pm
the u.s. has nearly 80000 troops in south korea and japan. >> molly: thank you jennifer. let's bring in jesse jane tough. a retired gunnery sergeant for the u.s. marine corps. a senior fellow for the london center policy and research. thank you for joining me. let's dig into this. besides jennifer was mentioning defense secretary mattis stepping out making remarkable statements, very strong words. are we on the cusp of military action? >> i do believe we are. i would recommend everybody take heed when a marine is speaking. were candid, blunt and straightforward. i'm proud to be a marine. we are not looking to annihilate a country but they will be met with an overwhelming response if any type of engagement occurs that hurts our allies, hurts us or anyone in that region, that is not provoking north korea.
4:35 pm
they're deliberately provoking us in the general doesn't like it. i appreciate that he's in charge right now. >> molly: secretary mattis said the president wanted to be brief on many military options. one of those options? >> one is economic sanctions. we know their $650 billion in trade with china. china has not done enough to stop this from happening. if we cut off the spigot with china will quickly see them realize they no longer have money and resources coming into the country that they want from our citizens. we could live longer without them then they can without us. also, we need to ensure military is ready to roll. secretary mattis has made it clear. this is the best and well trained military in years. we have been ready for to deal with kim jong-un. he does it seem to realize that.
4:36 pm
this is not the type of arena that he wants to delve into. if he wants to keep pushing these buttons there will be a reaction. >> the secretary of defense doesn't strike me as someone to make an idol response. is this a warning to essentially turn back now? >> absolutely. the last three presidents combined have done nothing but enable north korea to be where were at. i'm not trying to put the horse back in the barn, thought of the barn. but now our president is in a difficult situation where his rivals are suggesting he could be provoking a war. no, kim jong-un is provoking a war. like someone firing a weapon at your home on a regular basis. japan had a missile go over there nation a week and half
4:37 pm
ago. this is provocation, he knows what he's doing. he has a more missile test and the time he's been in charge than his father did during his entire regime. as jennifer pointed out, this nuclear test was the strongest of all previous test, the six when they've done and it triggered a 5.7 earthquake within their country. >> thank you so much for joining us with your thoughts. feels like a precarious situation. we'll see where things go. >> lawmakers are such return to capitol hill with a long to do list including a bill for nearly a billion dollars in harvey eight and making good on president trumps key campaign promises. , rewriting the tax code. here's stephen nation on their. >> the objective is to get this past and get to the president's desk this year. we've gone through details.
4:38 pm
the plan is similar to what you described that we put out in the one page. we been working with the house and senate going to complicated details. they're beginning to socialize with the members. i look forward to seeing a bill signed on the president's desk. >> carolinas there with more. >> welcome back congress, both houses are back in session on tuesday after a long recess. massive items on their agenda. left undone,'s some could shut down the government across the u.s. to default on its debt. something with unthinkable consequences. here's the top of the to do list, pass a budget. they have to pass temporary spending bills for the government will shut down. two, raise the debt ceiling. it stands about 20 trillion right now. if it's not raise the u.s. government will default on its loan and that will be catastrophic. three, hurricane harvey relief and comprehensive tax reform.
4:39 pm
focusing on number three, the white house is asking for 8 billion and emergency funding to help rv victims i wanted tied to a debt ceiling increase. today, treasury secretary, steve mnuchin said before harvey it look like the government would have money to pay the bills for the rest of the month. not anymore. >> with harvey, it's move the situation up earlier and without raising the debt limit, i'm not comfortable will get the money we need this month to texas to rebuild. >> and then the tax reform promise. congressional leaders have promised to come up with something in september. republicans think this is their best chance but it looks like a vote might not come until early next year. that's probably years worth of accomplishments that needs to be crammed into a month by congress that is yet to pass major legislation. >> molly: a pastor is any
4:40 pm
criticism. he'll explain why his church did not immediately open doors to flood victims. plus, the store might be over but the damage is not done. people in southeastern texas might see more flooding. we go to beaumont, texas, next. >> nobody has power. were just waiting. but other people are just as bad so he took aleve this morning. if he'd taken tylenol, he'd be stopping for more pills right now. only aleve has the strength to stop tough pain for up to 12 hours with just one pill. tylenol can't do that. aleve. all day strong. all day long.
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you're smart. you already knew that. but it's also great for finding the perfect used car. you'll see what a fair price is, and you can connect with a truecar certified dealer. now you're even smarter. this is truecar. people would ask me that we traveled,ntries what is your nationality and i would always answer hispanic. so when i got my ancestry dna results it was a shocker. i'm from all nations. it puts a hunger in your heart to want to know more. >> molly: popular pastor, joelhr not immediately allowing people into his church during hurricane harvey. he addressed that issue in his sermon. madison houston with the lakewood church on more.
4:44 pm
>> today marked the first sunday service at the church since hurricane harvey ravaged houston. and also after a blistering week a top leader criticized for not doing the christian thing by immediately opening doors to flood evacuees. people in social media writing the only thing me and joel seen have in common is that i don't want people staying with me either. another one said remember he was already invited by jesus to help the suffering and homeless. he didn't need the city to invite him. shame on him. today we spoke with alstyne at his church. he said his building is not a safe shelter. the first floors underground and was collecting water in the second floor is almost entirely glass. he said that church had staffers
4:45 pm
manning the church run the clock during the storm and only three people showed up for shelter and they were taken in. he also said many the staffers have homes underwater or cannot make it to the facility to properly manage. alstyne said the church did not turn anyone away. here's more. >> there's safety miss issues that people didn't see. it looks like run high heel but behind the building is where the water comes in. our floodgates to keep in the water out until sunday night or monday. the third-party security company takes care of the building turn them way, they should not have. we have not heard of reports anybody came, we asked our security staff if we turned away anybody. we did take people in, he tells us that he has learned a lesson through all of this. he's bringing in experts to assess the church to see if it can be safely used as a shelter in future storms. >> this is a story that took off on social media. thank you for clarifying.
4:46 pm
meanwhile, parts of beaumont texas without running water tonight. it's one of the hardest hit cities who work around the clock. to make matters worse, officials are warning more flooding is heading to the ravaged city. rick is there and joins us from texas. what's the latest on the ground? >> were in the same neighborhood where we watch firefighters rescue to horses from chest deep water on thursday. it has receded a little but it is hard to tell. they're still cars and other vehicles flooded by the water the many homes flooded as well as businesses and churches. the city has major challenges including repairing the water supply. the 4 feet of rain that fell, as well the river and created major flooding issues across the region and also knocked out the
4:47 pm
city's water treatment facility and backup homes. there is no running water for nearly 120,000 residents. city workers and private contractors were able to read seven pipes connected to auxiliary pumps reconnecting to the system and providing water to most of the residents. it's not safe to drink yet so a boil order is still in effect. the water could be good to go in the next week or two. >> feels like we won the world series or something. then the river had encrusted yet so we sandbag our electrical system. it was getting close. it look like an igloo and sandbags on it. we are on our way to water. this is the oak grove baptist church on pine street. the reverend kenneth beam seniors pastor and he just drove
4:48 pm
up. this has got to be heartbreaking to see this. >> absolutely. were on the better side of things now. the water starting to go down. our prayers are being answered that the water would get on out of here. >> let me get you over here. his is getting better, but your church is still in water. >> exactly. but if you look, the water was completely above the rails and affect the doorknob and lock was completely covered in water. so any decrease of flooding is the right sign. >> and you're confident you can rebuild? >> yes. number one because of god. he's awesome. he sovereign. he's perfect. he is just and all of his doings. with that will hold onto the faith and trust god that even in
4:49 pm
the midst of a tragedy, the victory and triumph comes on the other side of tragedy. >> thank you for being here. we've heard some encouraging words from people who been through so much but remain strong in the face of all of their devastation. >> it's heartbreaking to see the water so high but the pastor sounds so resilient. howard people coping? >> the words that we have heard more and more over the last few days is texas strong. people are resilient, their determined, and there helping each other. they're coming from all over the country to help. these folks are helping each other. in their staying texas strong. >> molly: where tracking another storm that's been brewing in the atlantic. a potential impact for hurricane irma and were could be headed. plus firefighters are battling the largest fires that they've seen in history
4:50 pm
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>> molly: the californiagovernoe of emergency is crews battle the largest fire in los angeles county. firefighters are hoping for some relief from the heat wave that has gripped the state. anita joins us now from los angeles. >> hello. the fire still a big problem. only 10% contained. officials are hoping to get a handle on it over the next few days. the blaze broke out friday night north of los angeles. since then, flames and plex both have blanketed the skies. three homes have been destroyed and hundreds of residents in glendale burbank were ordered to evacuate. many were told to pass their belongings and be ready to leave. more than a thousand firefighters are fighting from the ground in the air. and now fema is stepping in.
4:54 pm
>> you give us the funding reimbursement, significant reimbursement we work with the departments and all of the agencies. >> even the northwest is not immune to the extreme heat. the usually lush state of oregon is in -- half the size of rhode island is burning there. minicamp grounds are close for the holiday weekend. one of the bigger fires has stranded over a hundred hikers are being rescued there. >> it were facing as deep rugged train. it's not good for firefighting.
4:55 pm
>> temperatures are expected to cool but in the night meantime a number of records have been broken. on september 1 san francisco hit 106. that's an all-time high considering the average is only 70 degrees. back to. >> molly: this is one story worth watching. meanwhile, powerful storm is turning far out in the atlantic days after hurricane harvey devastated southeast texas. adam is in the extreme weather center. >> hurricane irma yesterday a category two storm, now a category three hurricane. and actually they clocked to win 730 miles per hour. it's moving off to the west. it is still a ways out there. it will take a little while before it gets worse heading. here's what it's looking at. it will be running over warmer water. from the category three were expecting to be a category four
4:56 pm
storm. by the time he gets to friday, all the way through the week this is the area will be by friday. somewhere in that uncertainty. it shifts and you might run over san juan puerto rico. you might miss the islands entirely hopefully turning out to see. that's no guarantee. here's how that plays out what that means for us. from that storm moving across we have a high-pressure system to the north not allowing it to bump up right away. will travel toward the west and were talking about friday. then we need to make a decision, is again a go to the north or straight. we'll be looking at florida up to the carolinas and perhaps the georgia coast. maybe we see a turn. it's looking less and less likely that will happen. figures are still crossed. >> molly: we hope it curves off to see.
4:57 pm
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>> molly: a warning coming late this afternoon between president trump at his national security team. that in response to north korea's test of a hydrogen bomb. we have team coverage with jennifer griffin at the pentagon. first, richardson is live from the white house. >> good evening. president trump was meeting this afternoon with his national security team to discuss another milestone in north korea's


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