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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  September 5, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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addressing daca? >> secretary sanders: the president wants >> we can't take just a one piece fix. we've got to do an overall immigration reform that's responsible. frankly, that's lawful. that's what the president wants to see congress do. >> what will be the priorities for him in a comprehensive package? daca and what else? >> certainly to control the border, to improve vetting and immigration security, enforce our laws and do things that protect american workers. >> let me ask you a question on north korea. in the president's mind, is it an option to simply contain a north korea that possesses nuclear weapons? >> certainly the priority of the administration is to have denuclearization of the korean peninsula and also to protect american citizens. certainly the priority would be that. >> sarah, you're talking about a
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comprehensive fix within six months. congress hasn't been able to do much at all this year. what gives him confidence that they're going to be able to act on immigration? has he spoke ton any congressional leaders since making this daca decision? >> he's spoken to a number of leaders. as you all know, they just came back from a three-week vacation. they should be rested and ready to take on big challenges that the american faces. >> what about the lives of 800,000 people? >> it's not the president's job to create law. it's congress' job to create legislation. i think that's something we all learned in 8th grade civics. i did. i think every member of congress should know that that is their duty and we're asking them to fulfill it. pretty simple. i think the american people elected them to do it. again, if they can't, then they should get out of the way and let somebody take their job that can actually get something done. >> what consideration are you giving to negotiations for north
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korea over the nuclear program? >> look, i think in terms of negotiations, we're looking at putting aggressive measures both diplomatically, economically and, as we said, all options are on the table and we're going to continue to push for a safer and denuclearized korean peninsula. that's the priority here. jim? >> sounds like the president is saying, you're saying that if we're going to allow the dreamers to stay in this country, we want a wall? is that accurate? >> i don't think the president's been shy about the tpablgt that he wants a wall and certainly something that he feels is an important part of a responsible immigration reform package. >> can i ask you one follow-up question. why did the president not make this announcement himself today? why did he leave it to his attorney general? it's his decision. these kids and their lives are on the line because of what he's
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doing. why doesn't he come out? >> it's part of the legal process that was deemed illegal by i think just about every legal expert that you can find in the country, including many of obama's own attorneys that said this was not a lawful program. therefore it would be the department of justice to make a legal recommendation and that's what they did. >> thank you, sarah. quick question yes or no and then a follow-up would the president sign a stand alone daca legislation? >> i laid out the priorities the administration has on that front. >> the president and you voiced some objections to the constitutionality of daca. where does the president stand on the program itself? >> i think in the answers that i have given is that the president has been, and i think part of the reason this is complicated
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and one of the reasons he's wrestled with this back and forth in large part is because this is not an easy one. and certainly something where he wants to be able to make a decision with compassion, but at the same time, you can't allow emotion to govern. this has to be something where the law is put in place and it's something he would support if congress puts it before him. >> would he support it if it came with -- >> responsible immigration reform. we can't just have one tweak to tim the immigration reform. we need big fixes and reform. we've laid out the principles we feel are important in that. >> thank you, sarah. >> sorry, john decker. >> thanks, sarah. president has recently since february expressed sympathy for the daca recipients. today we heard in a statement from house speaker paul ryan, who said that these so-called dreamers have done nothing wrong. was this a difficult decision
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for the president to take this drastic action given what he said as recently as february? and does he agree with house speaker paul ryan, that these individuals, 800,000 individuals, have done nothing wrong? >> i think largely, yes. that's why i said it was one of the things that the president wrestled with this decision all throughout the weekend. kind of addressed that. >> it was just this weekend that he wrestled with it? it wasn't leading up to it? >> i think we've been clear throughout the process. there wasn't a final decision made until over the weekend because of the back and forth and the complexity of the issue and the ability to make the right decision, allow congress to actually do their job and provide a fix instead of just stopping the program. that was a big point for the president.
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jordan? >> what do you mean when you say the president wants to act with heart and compassion with regard to the daca recipients. would that mean offering them a path way to citizenship? >> i think it means providing a more permanent solution that's done through the legislative process. done legally and responsibly, unlike the previous administration. >> permanent solution, does that mean you're like giving them legal status legislatively? what is the permanent solution? >> i think that's something we want to work with congress to determine what that looks like. but there has to be -- something needs to be done. it's congress job to do that. we want to be part of that process and make sure there is a fix in place to make sure this isn't ignored like it has been for the last five years. >> if congress doesn't get it done considering the president's personal feelings about these daca recipients, would he consider giving them additional time? >> we like to have confidence that congress will do their job. we're going to ask that they do that and that they allow us to
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work with them and be part of the process. if congress doesn't want to do the job they were elected to do, then maybe they should let someone else do it. >> the attorney general this morning repeatedly referred to daca resip kwrepbts as illegal aliens. and he said hundreds of thousands of americans did not get jobs that were taken by daca recipients. does the president share that view? >> i think that it's a known fact that there are over 4 million unemployed americans in the same age group as those that are daca recipients. that over 950,000 of those are african-americans in the same age group. over 870,000 unemployed hispanics in the same age group. those are large groups of people that are unemployed that could possibly have those jobs. again, we're looking for fixes. we're not looking for complaints, but solutions. that's our focus moving forward. >> with the idea that hundreds of thousands of people, if the president gets what he wants,
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would achieve legal status. how do you reconcile those two competing interests? >> one of the first things is the president is looking to create more jobs. there's a reason he's focused largely since day one in creating a better market for businesses to create jobs, to hire more people, higher wages. he's gotten rid of over 800 regulations that have helped do just that. 1.2 million jobs have been created since he came into office. and every single day we're looking for more ways to grow that number. we're doing our part to address and create an environment that allows people to have more jobs. we're going to continue doing that. >> the president talked about dreamers with great heart. >> by allowing an ordinarily process to take place. you know, there's a lot of people that i have seen attacking the president for not showing the level of compassion that they feel like he should. to me, the most heartless thing that i have seen all day today
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is that democrats like nancy pelosi are using this decision today for fund-raising while the president's trying to fix the situation, they are politicizing an issue instead of actually doing their job. if they would spend less time fund-raising and more time focusing on solutions, we wouldn't even be in this problem in the first place. >> the president's decision where all of this stems from, dreamers. some would say this is cold hearted. you're leaving the future of 800,000 people uncertain, up in the air. >> it's not cold hearted for the president to uphold the law. we are a nation of law and order. the day that we start to ignore the facts that we are that, then we throw away everything that gives these people a reason to want to come to our country. if we stop becoming the country that we were envisioned to be, then we throw away which makes us special, which makes america unique. this president is not willing to do that. the previous administration was. this one isn't. but we want to have real solutions. we want to have laws that
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address these problems. it's congress' job to legislate, not the president's. we actually want to uphold the constitution. i think people across this country should be celebrating the fact that they have a president that is standing up and upholding the constitution as he was elected to do. >> i'd like to ask you about something but quickly on daca. is the president committed to honoring the will of congress whatever congress passes on daca, or does he reserve the right to veto if he feels it doesn't include what you're talking about, a bigger picture that touches on more. >> we want responsible immigration reform and that would be part of that package and process. >> vladamir putin said he doesn't believe sanctions are going to work at all against north korea. i'm wondering whether the president has come around to
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that perspective or whether he still believes sanctions can be effective? does he have any plans that you can share with us to talk with the chinese president or russian president himself? >> look, we've been clear about what our priorities are. now is not the time for us to spend a lot of time focused on talking with north korea, but putting all measures of pressure that we can. we're going to continue through that process. we've also said that everybody, including russia, including china, need to do more to address the threat. this is a global threat and everybody needs to take part in putting pressure on north korea. as we've said many times before, both secretary mattis and the president, that all options are on the table and we're going to continue to keep them on the table until we get the results that we're looking for. >> sarah, the president has said that the daca recipients should rest easy. also said on several occasions that he loves them. is he giving them his personal assurance that attend of six months they will not be
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deported? >> i think he is giving congress the ability to do their job. i have said that earlier. >> that they should rest easy. >> the president gave the ability for us to have a six month process, for congress to actually step up and fix this problem. and they certainly have the ability to and certainly should take that opportunity. >> one other question. during the other immigration moves that the administration has made, you made the argument that the president's powers over immigration are very very broad and unquestioned. why in this case does he feel he can't do anything by himself and he has to turn it over to congress? >> that was a specific statute within the constitution that allows the president to take action to protect americans. these are two very different things. certainly not apples to apples. >> two questions. on daca -- >> two question tuesday.
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>> kansas secretary of state chris coback, a close ally of the president's, denounced the decision because of the six-month delay in it and said there should be no phaseout, it should have been implemented immediately. what's your response to that criticism from a strong supporter and ally of the president? >> i think our response is pretty clear. the president made a decision and we feel very much that it was the right one. >> you talk about 4 million jobs that could go to other people. has the president ever discussed this part of daca with some of the leaders of organized labor, trying to involve them in the process? president trump has the afl/cio. >> i'm not sure about specific conversations on that exact figure, but i do know that he has had conversations with
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individuals and relevant stake holders in this process on both sides that know that that is an issue. whether daca existed or not, the fact that there are 4 million people in this age group that are unemployed and certainly why creating a better job market is a priority for the administration. >> thank you, sarah. going on what jim asked. i don't believe we heard the rest of your answer. you said that the reason that attorney general jeff sessions put out the earlier statement on camera was because it was a legal argument. but a lot of what we've been talking about in here is a legislative argument. why have we not heard from the president directly on this? and are we going to hear from him later? >> you have heard from the president. he issued a pretty lengthy statement. >> why was it attorney general jeff sessions that went on camera when the president hasn't went on camera to make this case today about what a big heart he has and how compassionate he is and how he wants congress to take legislative action on this
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to essentially save daca? >> the president's spoken about this numerous times in the past. but at the same time, this was a legal issue because there was a court decision that had to be made with the timeline not placed that the administration created, but a timeline that was created by the attorney general in those states that were forcing this issue and this decision to take place by today. it was a legal decision and that would fall to the attorney general. that's why he would be the one making the announcement. peter? >> talking about stake holders. hasthe president met with people? >> i believe the president has had conversations with enrollees. >> can you talk about that? >> i think that the president's goal twouz talk to a lot of people on both sides of the issue. and, one, do what it takes to uphold the law, uphold the constitution, but also allow congress to create a permanent
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solution and fix the problem, which he's done by allowing for that six month period. >> we've had this conversation weekly. >> again, i'm not sure on the exact timeline, but i know he has had many conversations with people on both sides of this issue. certainly people that support keeping it as is and those that support removal. like i said, i know he's had conversations with people that have been part of the program. >> you said the president wrestled this weekend. can you talk about the process he went with? >> he made the final decision over the weekend. as i said, he spoke to many relevant stake holders and individuals that support a variety of positions on this program. >> can you tell us anything about how to fix it? >> we'll continue to keep you guys posted. the ultimate goal is that congress is coming back into
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session to talk about some of the big priorities, certainly tax reform, immigration reform among many other things that are going to be on the agenda for fall. >> i'm sorry. the president basically told congress to do this but he hasn't written any legislation similar to how he approached -- >> i didn't know it was the job's to write out specific details of legislation. >> other presidents have taken a greater role in helping craft legislation. made allies in congress to be the ones to propose it. but this president has not. why has he not? is he reconsidering in light of the fact that some of the other major pushes he's tried to make have not been successful? >> he's laid out details principles and we have worked with members of congress on specific pieces of legislation and will continue to do that. >> quick international question. the situation in myanmar is
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escalating into a humanitarian crisis. has the president been briefed on the situation? if so, is he planning to speak to any of their leaders in their upcoming meetings about this situation? >> i know this is something we're monitoring closely, but i'm not aware of any specific conversations that are planned at this time. as always in calls like that, we will keep you posted and put a readout after. >> the president said dreamers won't be a priority for enforcement. but that's not a guarantee of protection. is this white house willing to offer one? >> those are certainly, again, not a targeted priority, but the goal here is that congress actually fixes the problem and then that isn't an issue. so that's the focus over the next six months, is making sure that something takes place that congress does their job in a real solution is implemented. >> is there a way to put this in writing so that these 800,000 people who are very fearful of ending up in a country that they don't know have some guarantees
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that, in fact, they won't be deported in six months? >> i think the statement that the president put out earlier today lays out what the priorities are and lays out what the focus of the administration is and that they are not targets. they are certainly not priority targets. but this administration, they weren't before and won't be now. again, congress has six months, which is a pretty long time, to get something done. we hope they do and there's a solution in that so that this isn't a problem moving forward. >> i was wondering, you mentioned that the president spoke over the weekend to various stake holders. we talked to the attorney general's office in texas and they said they did not get a heads up, or nobody conferred with them about this. did you all talk to the states? are you positive they are not sueing? >> i know that various members of the administration have been in contact with individuals in those states. i'm gonna wrap here but i have
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one thing -- one thing i'd like to just add. the president will be announcing the donations that he will be personally making to the various charities and thank you to those who have submitted. we had several people put in submissions. he will be doing that tomorrow. again, i know there are a lot of questions over the weekend that will be a personal donation of $1 million from the president to various organizations and charities, many of which came from this room. so thank you again for that. hope you have a good day. >> harris: most of the focus on the legislation that was talked about is now in congress' hands now at the white house press briefing with sarah sanders. most of the talk was an the daca program, the dreamers program, and what the president, through his attorney general, announced today. a six month pause on that immigration action while congress comes up with some sort of fix for the hundreds of thousands of people who were here, brought here illegally as
11:21 am
children. a new wave of news with a lot of questions about what happens next for those people and white house press secretary sarah sanders standing firm on congress has to do their job to figure it out. i'm harris falkner. the president has given lawmakers that six months or a period of time, as the attorney general said, to find a solution. let's bring in republican congressman mark walker. i do want to talk heavily about that and some other issues. but i understand that you have breaking news now on the hurricane harvey aid package. what is it, sir? >> yes. we're just hearing part of the hurricane harvey relief package as it comes out of the senate will include or have tied to it raising the debt ceiling as well as a continuing resolution. for many of us that are arriving today, coming from our different homes throughout the country, this is a little unsettling and even more frustrating. >> harris: why is it happening? >> we believe that without
11:22 am
knowing for sure this looks like or appears this is a back room deal between mitch mcconnell and shuck schumer. just a few months ago we were asked to swallow a new spending bill. i was at a dinner where the democrats said, hey, we got everything we wanted. for republicans, we have to be willing to hold the line when it comes to the out of control spending. right now there's $145,000 deb per house hold. if not now, when? what will it be this year or next year? it's frustrating harris. >> harris: i can hear it in your voice. you just got that news. in a few minutes you're going into a meeting with house speaker paul ryan. i want to talk ab the news you just delivered on harvey. there is one package that will go forth that is clean. this would be the second chunk of money, correct? now you consider that not to be clean. is this the bipartisan you had in mind? >> no. listen, i lived in houston for a couple years 25 years ago. as a former pastor, i have many pastor friends.
11:23 am
but we shouldn't use this tragedy to be able to make sure that we're taking care of people tied with other things that conservatives and republicans in general have been pushing back against for nearly an entire year. when steve mnuchin met with the republican study committee, we pushed back when asked to just look the other way on a clean debt ceiling. we're grateful that in texas the floodwaters continue to recede, but here in the swamp it looks like they continue to rise. >> harris: all right. congressman walker is fired up today. let's talk a little bit about daca. lot of strong language coming from both sides of the political aisle. but then some bipartisan agreement that, yes, congress does need to fix what's happened with illegals coming into the country as children. numbers between 600,000 and 800,000. >> yes. it is our responsibility. the president did his job on this today. just the very name deferred action means it was for a time in the future for us to pick up.
11:24 am
so you can't have it both ways. you can't get upset with the president for overreaching when it's something the congress has the responsibility to do. given six months we can add to our level of competency or not and see what kind of grade we can get. this is something congress should be able to handle. >> harris: wow. you talk about competency. we had the chairman of go pack on our noon show outnumbered today. he said if you can't get tax reform done, you may as well pack it up and go home. seems like you have a lot of litmus tests. >> i think sarah sanders said it best. if you can't do your job, get out of the way and let somebody else do it. >> harris: does it give you hope or pause or anything that democrat senator hoyer and i know it's in the other chamber of congress, but he said this about daca. this month would be the perfect opportunity to pass something for daca. it sounds like democrats, at least this one, would be on board with working toward finding that fix. >> well, we hope so.
11:25 am
in the past nine months, and this is my second term, so nearly three years. in the past we've seen so much vitriol toward the president, that anything that could be connected to his leadership we've not gotten a great deal of democratic support. maybe this time changes. >> harris: real quickly, we're all watching the dow do a little bit of a bit. our fox network is telling us the big bullet point is north korea. a quick thought from you? >> i was in south korea two months ago. i know our generals on the ground are very concerned that kim jong-un will continue to escalate until there's some kind of retaliation. what that looks like, we need to decide pretty quick. >> harris: you know, on this point with north korea, as you head in to talk with house speaker paul ryan, no doubt you'll talk about daca and no doubt you'll talk about tax reform. but will this be brought up? they're saying they will potentially launch another missile today.
11:26 am
>> we've got 200,000 american residents in seoul which are 27kilometers from the north korean border. this is major. and if we don't do something to show some kind of strength, to show some kind of ability to be able to push back, i'm hesitant to say exactly what that is until we have more opportunities to discuss, but it doesn't look like kim jong-un is going to decrease his escalation until he gets smacked in the mouth a little bit. >> harris: congressman mark walker of beautiful north carolina joining us. welcome back to the hill. >> thanks, harris. >> harris: who will be affected by the president's immigration decision live in areas hit hard by hurricane harvey. we'll go to houston where they're cleaning up and weighing in on today's announcement. stay close. let's dance grandma! you don't let anything keep you sidelined. come on! that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein, and 26 vitamins and minerals... for the strength and energy, to get back to doing what you love. ensure, always be you.
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♪ to err is human. to anticipate is lexus. experience the lexus rx with advanced safety standard. experience amazing. >> harris: people in houston texas and throughout texas and louisiana returning to their homes or what is left of them to salvage what they can after harvey. among them, many of the young immigrants brought here illegally as children who were protected by the obama era daca program that president trump rescinded today. houston has one of the highest populations of the so called dreamers in the nation. brian, how are they handling the president's immigration decision today? >> reporter: hi, harris. look, there are some 44,000 daca
11:31 am
applicants that could qualify for daca in the houston area. it is a one-two punch for many dreamers today. what you're looking at right now is a clothes drive that's been here since friday. on the outside it is of just really a dumpster in a parking lot. we've been told by the group latinas that thousands of people have come here since friday donating clothes for immigrant communities and their families come here. many are dreamers. we were there really with a lot of dreamers as they watched jeff sessions make this announcement. there was anger because of the timing of the announcement. there was also sadness. we saw tears. take a listen to one of the dreamers. >> my family, unfortunately, lost everything. we lost everything that we had. we're going to continue to fight and we're going to continue to push forward because we are not cowards. >> reporter: one of these dreamers is a 25-year-old volunteer firefighter.
11:32 am
he's been volunteering for three years in sheldon next to houston. he partook in some hundred rescues in harvey. he's been working to provide for his mother who brought him here when he was just 15. he eventually wants to be a full time firefighter. this is what he had to say about today's decision. >> daca was really important from the very beginning because it allowed me to join school. there was no other way i could do it without daca. i needed to have a social security number so they could run a background check. i needed to be able to have a driver's license so that i can become a state certified emt. it was essential for me to have daca. >> reporter: venegas is the bread winner for his family. he partook in one of the rescues with a man named sammy. he was one of the guys hanging from a tree while floodwaters engulfed a van that had six
11:33 am
members of his family, including his parents and four young young children. a horrific story. he was one of the rescuers that saved that man. right now donations continue to come. many families trying to figure out how they are going to pay for all of this. under the fema regulations, those who are qualified for daca are not able to get that cash aid. harris? >> harris: brian, thank you very much for the update. welsh president trump's immigration decision was a top the agenda during the white house press briefing. press secretary sarah sanders put it firmly that it's time for congress to do its job. let's just watch for a second. >> you talk about a fix by congress before march 5th. do you know what will happen to those people? >> we have confidence that congress is going to step up and
11:34 am
do their job. this is something that needs to be fixed legislatively and we have confidence that they're going to do that. we stand ready and willing to work with them in order to accomplish responsible immigration reform. >> harris: what a scene today. do your job, congress. let's talk about it with simon rosenberg, president and founder of the new democrat network and former clinton campaign adviser and vince colinaise, editorial director for the daily column. always good to see you. vince, i'm going to start with you. sarah was very strong on that point today. she said it several times, congress needs to step up and do its job. the president has handed them yet something else to do. can they get it done? >> well, i think so. especially now democrats will be forced to come to the table. this has now become a litmus test for democratic party. just look how we've spent the hours since we found out that this was even a possibility. democrats everywhere have been pulling the fire alarms that the president of the united states is ending daca. but understand that even leading
11:35 am
up to this we all were under the understanding that he was going to use this as leverage ultimately to get a legislative version of daca passed through congress and some of the concessions he wants for immigration including components from e-verify or ending chain migration. if he can do those things democrats will have a tough time explaining to their constituents why they didn't vote to make daca permanent when that law comes up for a vote in congress. >> harris: attorney general jeff sessions reminded us today, simon, that this was never intended to be a long term fix. the daca program. he said that the justice department has looked at the legislation, or the executive order that president obama put through and said that, look, it conflicts with immigration law. it just doesn't work. so they would need to do something anyway. >> well, i just want to say as many have said today that i'm deeply disappointed in the decision. there are millions of people's lives who will be uprooted now. i'm not going to address the question that was raised. the decision's been made. we're moving on now.
11:36 am
>> harris: simon, can i just step in. >> i don't agree with the rational. >> harris: i haven't been able to ask anyone in your party this today. i'm curious. if you knew this wasn't a permanent solution and you're letting children in illegally and they're now growing up and growing up in america, the only country they have ever known as speaker paul ryan put it. if you knew this was the case, why didn't democrats try to fix this before we got to this point? they knew it wasn't permanent. >> well, we did actually. >> harris: how did you do it? why didn't it work? >> in 2013 we passed a bill, bipartisan bill through the senate that would have fixed this. the house republicans blocked it. so we actually did try to fix it. an important point here is that daca only applied to people who came here prior to 2007. so there is this -- people weren't continuing to come in and qualify for daca. that's something that's been misrepresented in the press. this is in some ways water under the bridge. the question is now what is congress and the president do
11:37 am
together? i thought that was most interesting today was this notion that the white house is saying that congress has to legislate and we'll sit back here and watch. that's not how washington works. the president needs to create some parameters on what congress should do. if they go through 18 months or six months, whatever it is of brutal debate around immigration, a bill gets through the house and senate and the president vetoes it, right? no one wants to go through that. the president has to define the terms of the debate. he's not going to get away with what was in an obnoxious effort by sarah sanders. >> harris: what happens if congress can't fix it? >> then democrats will have to answer why they didn't come to the table. expect some republicans to defect because they see this as an amnesty that shouldn't be voted for. but democrats en mass are likely to vote for this so long as they're under pressure to do so. right now president obama had
11:38 am
given president trump massive leverage. who would think that president trump would be the one to be bringing come preu hen seufrb immigration reform to the table and suddenly he's in the position to do it. >> harris: president obama is saying he's going to step in depending on how this goes. i mentioned it early in the program. cindy hoyer said he thinks this is the month to get something done on daca. you do have some democrats out there who are willing to work on this. our own john roberts though made how complicated this is very clear when he asked ab those 359 daca recipients who are serving in the u.s. army. congress has to do something. simon, i'll give you the last quick word. >> yeah, no, i hope something gets done. i hope democrats will insist on legalization or citizenship for part of the package. it's not a question of whether it gets done. now we got -- devil's in the details. this will be a brutal debate. it's going to look a lot like the previous immigration debates we've had over the last decade.
11:39 am
>> harris: vince, simon, thank you both. a jam packed agenda for congress. even before fixing the dreamers program got added to the congress to do list. chief congressional correspondent mike e manuel is live on the hill. >> reporter: lawmakers realize they have a lot to do and little time to get it done with a lot of issues coming due september 30th. they will be voting on nearly $8 billion tomorrow on hurricane harvey relief funding. today the house majority leader talked about deadline pressure facing congress. >> we've got a lot of busy things happening here. we have to deal with harvey. we have the debt ceiling. we have the continuing resolution will be just about a three month continuing resolution. so you will deal with the wall a little later in the year. >> reporter: continuing the resolution, keep the lights on after the end of the month, which is the end of the fiscal year. there's also significant pressure coming from the white house and the treasury to raise that debt ceiling so that
11:40 am
government can continue borrowing money. harris? >> harris: i'm sure you saw congressman mark walker talking about how complicated this makes things, making that bill so huge. what are key democrats saying about the idea of packaging several of these must pass items together? >> reporter: they recognize why republicans are looking to do some of that. for one, time is short. for two, the vote on the debt ceiling is never popular with republicans. if you combine it with harvey relief it makes it easier to vote yes. democrats are mocking some of these tactics. >> i don't know why we cannot deal with these issues in their own right. we have to help the people of texas and louisiana and other parts of the country that suffered from this catastrophe. we ought to do them on their own value, in their own right of doing the right thing on behalf of the american people. why do we have to link it to anything else is beyond me. >> reporter: democrats will be needed to get a number of issues done so you can expect close
11:41 am
consultation between republican leadership and democratic leadership, make sure they make all those deadlines. harris? >> harris: busy day on the hill. fox news alert now. texas, louisiana finally cleaning up from harvey. irma has now marched onto the landscape. that storm is now a category 5 hurricane. florida governor rick scott already declared a state of emergency for all 67 counties. adam clots is live in the fox extreme weather center. adam? >> just in the last bit we've seen the wind speeds pick up. already a category 5 storm. winds now at 185. we're looking at this moving west at 14 miles an hour. nice defined eye wall there. this is a strongly structured storm with really impressive statistics. 185 bumps it up to a category 5. it is the second strongest wind storm in the history of the atlantic basin at least since we've been keeping track. this is a very powerful one
11:42 am
that's going to be running over the lesser antilles throughout the overnight hours tonight and then eventually pushing more and more off toward some of the islands. as a result, what are we looking at? no surprise here hurricane watches and warnings blowing up across the caribbean moving towards san juan, i would say wednesday night into wednesday morning. category 5 moving past san juan as a result through wednesday night. we continue to track this thing. it runs over the island, it's the water that gives it power. it does begin to wind down as it runs over land. here we are early sun morning. this is where we can take this thing, harris, early sunday morning just outside florida. all of our models are suggesting it catches upper level winds turns directly into florida. that's something we'll be paying close attention to. >> harris: no doubt we're captivated. thank you. the nation reacting to president trump's decision to end obama era protection for immigrants. children who came here illegally with their families or
11:43 am
otherwise. president is calling on congress to take action. so what would that look like? >> we are people of compassion and we are people of law. but there is nothing compassionate about the failure to enforce immigration laws. the compassionate thing to do is end the lawlessness, enforce our laws. ♪ ditching the cover-up for good? that's cool. showing off my arms? that's cool. being comfortable without a shirt?
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>> harris: a big dow drop. the dow jones industrial average dropped more than 200 points on the first trading day since north korea announced its successful hydrogen bomb detonation. the claim could be the cause that sending jitters down wall street. we talked with our team at fox business network. they said that's the big bullet point of the day. not the only news story, obviously, but we've been watching this for quite a while. we'll be keeping our eyes on it, too, to see how the day closes. there is growing tension in
11:47 am
washington, d.c. after north korea's sixth nuclear test of a hydrogen bomb. president trump said he has given the go ahead for japan and south korea to buy a substantially increased amount of military equipment from the united states as south korean warships conduct live fire exercises at sea today for a second straight day. greg palcott is live from seoul. greg? reporter: hi, harris. welcome to a very edgey seoul, south korea, where the folks are wondering what the north will do next. maybe it will be another missile launch. tuesday there were more reports coming from south korean media that north korea is moving yet another intercontinental ballistic bomb to the east coast of that country. no official confirmation of this, when or where, but there's a big day coming up on saturday. anniversary of the founding of the country that could be the target date, literally.
11:48 am
this as south korea continues its live fire military exercises along with some other information. it announced tuesday that it will be building up the pay load that it puts in its missiles. president trump said he is going to be sending. united states will be allowed to send more sophisticated military here to this country again. all of this following that nuclear test over the weekend by the regime of kim jong-un. married to a ballistic missile as one analyst put it, to me it could be an american killer. all of this prompting a lot of nervous folks here. japan reportedly looking at how it could evacuate its 60,000 citizens of south korea in the event of problems. there are about 200,000 americans here, including 28,500 u.s. troops. they're working on evacuation plans. probably looking at them hard right now. here is how one analyst
11:49 am
described the scene to us today. >> here in seoul, we regularly hear of threats to turn seoul into a sea of fire. what happens when those threats start emerging on new york or washington? i don't think there would be much tolerance in the u.s. for that and understandably so. >> reporter: interestingly enough, harris, i am told what the trump administration will do to reign in kim jong-un is as much of a wild card as anything else. back to you. >> harris: greg, thank you very much. protests across the nation in response to the president's decision to end the obama era program for illegal immigrants. here's a live look at phoenix. we're coming right back.
11:50 am
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11:53 am
>> harris: a major move by the trump administration saying it will begin rewinding that obama era program that allows illegal immigrants to live in the nation without fear of deportation. protests in san jose california among other places. you're watching the one on the left in arizona, the one on the right in california with speakers stepping up there. the white house is now calling for congress to do its part to address the issue. so how will congressional members respond in my next guest is alabama senator luther strange the state's former attorney general. always good to have you, sir. >> thank you. >> harris: i want to start by painting the picture of whom we're talking about. i think people think these are very very young children. but we did some research. the average age of the dreamer now is 25. they did come to this country between the ages of 6 and 10, most of them. but these are adults now. how does that play into the picture or what's happening right now? >> well, i think it's important
11:54 am
because of the creation they're creating for our own citizens for jobs, number one. as a former attorney general i start with the rule of law and the constitution. i understand the situation they're in, but we are a nation of laws. we actually sued successfully to stop the obama administration program to allow adults to stay here illegally. i think this program is the same category. i think it's unconstitutional. the president makes the best point. congress should address this issue. i'm in the camp, maybe it's a small camp, but we can do more than one thing at a time. this is an issue we should address. >> harris: i'm hoping everybody is in that camp. you got to get tax reform done. do something about north korea. there's a lot going on. we're watching a couple protests happening right now out west, arizona, california. how do you deal with the criticism that will come among some american citizens that this seem likes if you can't even get together on healthcare after seven years, if you can get together on tax reform, how are
11:55 am
you going to tackle this? and what happens at the end if you don't fix it? >> you must have been talking to the same people i have talked to in alabama. people are incredibly frustrated, as am i. i actually suggested today that we do away with the 60 vote filibuster to force congress to take action and get it done. problems are going unsolved. this is another one. if we don't fix this, it adds to the citizens. we have a poor record of getting things done. that's the frustrating thing as a former attorney general. we could take on the tough problems, get resolution and sitting here dead in the water is very frustrating to me. >> harris: i want to put a point of news that's breaking on the associated and reuters wires. el salvador foreign minister said they are going to lobby u.s. congress members to create legislation as soon as possible for daca youth. you're going to be feeling pressure from outside the country. >> well, we've already taken extraordinary measures in the past administration to benefit
11:56 am
noncitizens over citizens of our count country. last thing we need is the help of foreign nations trying to tell us how to straighten our own immigration system. we clearly have issues. that gets me back to one thing that i hope will be prompted out of this. that's the commitment to build a wall. frankly, i don't think the citizens of this country have any confidence in the government doing anything productive on immigration until they show the willingness to enforce the existing laws. this is part of that. i applaud the president for doing it. but we have to build the wall and create a system of laws in this country in this area, then we can go with some credibility to the citizens and say we're getting something done. >> harris: senator strange, thank you for your time, sir. >> thank you for having me. >> harris: we'll be right back.
11:57 am
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you don't let anything lkeep you sidelined. come on! that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein, and 26 vitamins and minerals... for the strength and energy, to get back to doing what you love. ensure, always be you. >> if there was any doubt that the former president, barack obama, was going to get invol d involved, you can wipe that away. he says these dreamers are americans in their hearts and
12:00 pm
minds. they were brought to this country by their parents, in some instances as infants. ultimately it's about decentsy. the flip side from the white house and congress getting the law right. i'm harris faulkner. here's jon in for shep. >> the attorney general jeff sessions making it official. announcing an end to the program that protects immigrants that came here as be children. >> the program known as daca is being rescinded. >> the administration kicking the ball into congress' court. can lawmakers get anything done? plus, as the north korea threat heats up, president trump says he will let japan and south korea buy some high-tech u.s. military equipment. while russian president vladimir putin warns ramping up the rhetoric could lead to a global catastrophe. and as texas tries to recover from hurricane harvey, another hurricane is setting its sights on the american as


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