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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  September 6, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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installment of hurricane relief funding. with tens of billions still more likely to be needed from congress. a lot going on today. a lot of news. i'm harris. here's shep. >> shepard: it's noon on the west coast, 3:00 in south florida where millions are breaking for hurricane irma. >> i cannot stress this enough, do not ignore evacuation orders. we can rebuild your home but not your life. >> shepard: the category five storm tearing through the caribbean. maximum sustained winds, 185 miles an hour. the strongest ever recorded in the atlantic ocean. this hour we're attempting to speak with a government hurricane hunter as he flies directly into the storm. he will tell us what he is seeing. we'd go to florida and talk to people trying to get out of harm's way. let's get to it.
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and first on the fox news deck this wednesday afternoon, the most powerful atlantic ocean hurricane ever recorded is now battering the christian islands. millions in the state of florida prepare for what could be a direct hit. this nasa shows the category five storm from space. it's enormous. forecasters with the national hurricane center say irma has the potential to be a catastrophic storm. the experts say irma's strength is a result of unusually warm waters in the atlantic ocean. irma around the eye wall has maximum sustained winds of 185. rick scott is set to brief the news media at any moment. irma is bigger and faster and stronger than the last category five storm to hit the united states, hurricane andrew. the storm levels several neighborhoods and killed dozens.
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even more than a million had evacuated. every county in the state of florida, all 62, are under a state of emergency. people in south florida and in the florida keys have already started packing their things. many have left their homes. more ahead on how folks in florida are getting ready. the storm already causing widespread flooding as it moves north and west through the caribbean islands. a lawmaker in st. barts describes the storm as apocalypt apocalyptic. the governor of puerto rico says the storm is dangerous and the power company has said for people to prepare to live without electricity for four to six months. that's from the puerto rican government. rick reichmuth has been watching the storm for days now.
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as big as anything as anybody has seen in the atlantic. >> strong. not big. big is this, strong is strong. this is strong, not so big. >> bigger than hurricane andrew. >> it is. when we talk about the atlantic, that's technical. that's the atlantic, not caribbean or gulf. >> shepard: 185 big. >> you're right. it's big. i wanted to get some things in there. the british virgin islands, the lesser antilles, when you talk about looking up the score and see the blue sky, they had the experience of that. it looks like it's moving to the northwest. that's good news, would be good news for puerto rico if that trend continues. because the worst of the winds are in a small area, 50 miles out from the center. that's the red there. if this forecast model that you look at here verifies, that would keep puerto rico out of
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the worst of that it would not spare turks and caicos, the bahamas. they're going to get pummeled. all of those islands are flat. nothing that breaks the storm up. and the warmest waters anywhere are in this area. that's why we think it's going to maintain the major category storm, this is the official traffic. don't pay attention to the four or five. we don't have experience of seeing 185 miles an hour storm stay that way for very long. last message. it will make a right-hand turn and we know it is. it makes the turn right where florida is. florida is this little peninsula that sticks out there. it's not that wide. we can't tell you where that happens within a 20 or 30-mile stretch. most indication is leaning to the eastern side of florida, which could put the coast there on the eye wall, as it runs up the coast but means it may be doesn't make landfall in
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florida, stays over the water and makes landfall maybe next tuesday. so seven days we could still be talking about the storm before we have a landfall. might make a landfall in south florida. if anybody tells you, they're lying. >> shepard: there's a high pressure trough up there. >> yes, the bermuda high. this high pressure in the atlantic. always there. moves back and forth. because storms come in from the west and create low pressure and pushes it off. these storms want to divert to the north. that's their natural tendency unless they have something blocking it. you have a weakness and that allows it to go. we thought the front you see there was going to catch it and make that happen. it missed that front. so it's the one behind it that is over in the gulf of alaska, coming in towards the british columbia area. that's the one we think will pick it up. all my guidance is making it make this hard right turn. where that happens has big
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impacts. you're either getting hammered by a major storm or tropical storm force winds. we can't tell you which it is about this point. everybody has to prepare for the worst. >> shepard: what is the thinking where the folks at the national hurricane center know? >> we start to watch trends in model guidance. so here's the models. i hesitate in showing you this. they all go in this direction. all of them make a right-hand turn. the latest runs are all staying a little to the east side of florida here. that's good news if you're on the west side. but you could be in the eye wall there with major hurricane force winds. bad news if that is the scenario. bad news if it stays offshore. this is one set of model runs. we like to see those models run every six hours. we like to see consistent ones doing that. maybe three model runs in. if that is the case, we'll feel
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more confident with this trajectory. >> shepard: the last one was 11:00 a.m. eastern time. that's the highest probability, not that that means anything. the highest probability was on the center of miami. there's another one at 5:00. rick and i will be up for that. the man, rick. thank you. >> you bet. >> shepard: let's get to the governor of florida. urging everybody in the path of this hurricane to get out now. >> we're being very aggressive in our preparation for this storm and every floridian should take this seriously an be aggressive to protect their family. >> shepard: emergency officials are ordering mandatory evacuations for visitors in the florida keys today. they must leave. and for residents in the florida keys, the mandatory evacuations start tomorrow. also mandatory evacuations for people in broward county starting tomorrow. the ft. lauderdale area. and with just four days before massive storms expected to make
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landfall either in south florida or somewhere. we can't know yet. you can see grocery stores running out of bottled water. phil keating is on bottled water watch. still no evacuation order there for miami-dade. >> the mayor said this morning, no mandatory evacuations yet for miami-dade county. the mayor of miami beach certainly expects there will be a mandatory evacuation for the barrier islands. there's a 4:00 presser with the mayor of the county and the city as well as emergency operations managers. so that could change as soon as top of the hour. behind me, this is what you see at every gas station around the state, which still has fuel. a lot of them have already run out. super long lines of traffic, this is a 45-minute long line to finally snake your way up to the pumps, fuel up your vehicles and in many cases the big 5 gallon
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of fuel for your generators. there's an anticipation of loss of power. not knowing when or where the storm impacts. walmarts, targets, costco all in short supply on cases of bottled water and other supplies. the walmart we were at earlier, out of cat food and dog food. batteries hard to find. the one thing going on here other than evacuating from the keys tonight, the evacuations coming up for broward and you also have in miami-dade county. people are stocking up a lot foster than they did last year for hurricane matthew. here's what one local resident told us. >> set to go with my mommy. she's in new york. i'm going to be okay. just go through it. >> i'm stocked up.
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i'll be fine. >> it's been a hot and humid day for this time of year in miami. tempers have begun to flare at gas stations we're people wait and somebody cuts in front. people are stressed out, anxious and worried. every time they look at the tv and see the local news coverage showing this monster hurricane, people are seriously getting ready to either head out of the state or hunker down with hopefully enough supplies, shep. >> shepard: especially down there, so often the big concern is nursing homes and hospitals. how are they prepare something. >> absolutely. a lot of retirees and elderly in florida. so far one hospital has taken all of their patients out on stretchers, wheelchairs and taking them to the naval air station near key west. they're going to put them on
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c-130 and fly them to alabama where they will receive their treatment there. getting out of the eye of the hurricane. we don't expect many people if any to be working much tomorrow. all schools have been cancelled the rest of the week and everybody is basically trying to stock up on everything they need. the stocking up really did start on monday. that's a promising thing nor all the people behind, especially if this turns out to be as devastating and a catastrophe as some are suggesting. >> shepard: hopefully turns northerly. phil keating in miami-dade county. while so many people are trying to get out of the way, one government official is heading into the storm. we'll talk to a flight director for one of the planes going in the storm right now. we'll make that live connection, if we can, after this. patrick woke up with back pain.
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planes nicknamed gonzo. he's the hurricane hunter's flight director for the national oceanic and atmospheric administration. hurricane irma is so strong, it's showing up on equipment that tracks earthquakes. lillian has been watching this for us. i'm surprised that an -- it triggers like an earthquake. >> stephen hicks has been monitoring these earthquake detectors in the caribbean. he posted this picture from a graph from barbuda. he said that station stopped sending information because they probably lost power or lost the network. you can see earlier in the day, the vibration lines are small. as they get closer to when the eye rolled in to the island, bigger vibration waves, this is a different version of the graph. easier to read, this linear version. he said it's due to the ocean
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waves ramping up on barbuda's shores. a normal quiet beach day. as the powerful waves start slamming in, the vibrations get bigger and bigger and the station loses power or something happened. somebody asked him if this is normal. he said yeah, it is. for harvey they used them. they pick up any kind of vibrations that are coming close. helps see another way of looking at howerful the storm is. >> shepard: and the governor in texas talking about how this is more powerful than hurricane andrew was in south florida. they thought andrew would come ashore somewhere between the city of miami and the dade and broward county line. that was the thought. so that's where all the reporters were. that's the area they evacuated. some people evacuated to southwest miami-dade. that's where the storm hit, in kendall and homestead and the rest. let's get to the governor of florida now.
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rick scott is giving an update. he's in an emergency management sentner naples in collier county on the west coast, which is in the cone of uncertainty. let's listen. >> do not sit and wait for the storm to come. it's extremely dangerous and deadly and will cause devastation. get prepared now. regarding the florida national guard. i just activated an additional 900 members of florida national guard. by the end of the day, a total of 1,000 guard members to assist with hurricane irma preparation. the florida national guard is incredibly important to executing emergency repairedness and response actions across the state. i will continue to add more members as needed. they will help with shelters and search and rescue. national guard members will be assisting utility companies following the storm as they return to power to homes and businesses. i have directed the remaining 6,000 available members of the florida national guard to report
12:18 pm
for duty no later than friday morning. in addition, 13 helicopters, more than 1,000 high water vehicles are on stand by. the florida national guard is coordinating with other states and the national guard bureau to ensure approximately 30,000 troops, 4,000 trucks, 100 helicopters and air evacuation crews are ready. >> shepard: this is the governor of florida from naples this afternoon. it's a similar update to those he's been giving about every hour throughout the day. we're listening and watching should there be any new updates, we'll get them to you. we'll have a look at the damage the storm has already done. how people in florida are preparing for the worst case scenario. news from north korea. top administration officials are briefing senators on the threat from if nuclear-armed dictator. we'll go live to a hurricane hunter and hear about kim jong-un. that's to come. i count on my dell small business advisor
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>> shepard: hurricane hunters flying into the eye of irma and that's how they get a lot of information about help with predictions and the rest. i mentioned earlier, we may have a chance to go live to one of the hurricane hunters. sure enough, joining us now, richard henning. he's in one of the specialized planes and with us by phone. he's the hurricane hunter's flight director for noaa. right now i understand you're above the storm. is that right? >> yes, sir, shepard. we are flying in an altitude of about 42,000 feet right now. flying through the top of the symptom. we're located just southeast of puerto rico making a counterclockwise track and the
12:23 pm
eye of the storm. what we're doing, we're dropping drop sons. instruments that fall by parachute. they're the opposite of a weather balloon. they go down and record pressure, temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction. all of that data gets fed into the models that help forecast the track of the storm. we're not only going to fly above the storm and through the top of the storm, we're also going to fly a pattern northwest of the storm through the bahamas and east of florida in order to sample the environment that the system is heading towards in order to make those drop sons. all of that data is fed into computer models to help get a better forecast track. >> shepard: what -- richard,
12:24 pm
what stands out to you about this storm as a seasoned professional? >> this is actually the strongest hurricane that i have ever seen in this part of the atlantic. we've had really nasty hurricanes in places like the gulf of mexico, we had hurricane wilma in the northwest caribbean. that was a very intense category five storm. but this storm for where it's located, it's actually really rare for a storm to be this strong out in the atlantic ocean. every one in its path needs to really take close heed to the warnings. one of the things about the storm is not only is it extremely intense in the center with winds in excess of 180 miles an hour, but it's growing in size. so you have hurricane force winds that are extending out at
12:25 pm
least 50 miles from the center. and the eye is about 25 miles across. so if you throw in hurricane winds of 50 miles on either side of that, you're talking about 125 miles swath of hurricane force sustained winds. so it's a very large hurricane. >> richard, one of the things we know about these storms is as the eye shrinks, which it does from time to time, you said it's about 25 miles across, the winds normally strengthen. are we seeing any signs to give us any suggestion about which way that part is going? >> not right now. both the noaa p-3 aircraft, the plane that we fly down at low altitude right through the teeth of the eye wall as well as the air force c-130 planes, both of those aircraft have indicated
12:26 pm
and eye of generally 20 and 25 miles. so we haven't seen that contraction yet. the scary thing is the storm has gotten as strong as it has without that really -- that contraction that you talked about where the eye shrinks and the eye walls shrink and all the energy concentrates towards the center. reminds me more of katrina. katrina had a wide eye, a 20-mile eye when it was the most intense in the gulf of mexico. it never got a tiny eye that you see sometimes. >> shepard: another thing we watch for is eye wall replacement cycles. every few days that seems to happen on these big storms. anything like that showing up for you? >> yes. that is one of the trade marks of this storm. it has had -- golly, probably
12:27 pm
about half a dozen eye wall replacement cycles already. you expect to see that in a very intense hurricane. it doesn't like to stay in a stable state for very long. >> shepard: well, we lost the connection. it's pretty amazing that we can have a phone connection anyway from the top of a storm of this size. one of the things we've been watching, richard, flying a above this storm -- he said this is the strongest storm of its kind that he's ever seen in his many years. watch this cone. we talk about the last advisory from the hurricane center. the last advisory from the hurricane center had this storm, highest probability going right into miami, the city of miami itself. look at this cone of possibility all the way across. the storm it is so far out, we're days away from any potential land strike. so far away that the cone of
12:28 pm
possibility is very wide. when you look at this thing, what the national hurricane center wants you to think about is this: the storm could hit in any area, this shaded area and the farther out you go, the more it grows. so right now everyone in the entire peninsula in florida is inside the cone of possibility. so in theory according to the hurricane center, it could hit on the west coast of florida, could hit on the east coast of florida. the best case for florida is it makes this turn earlier and heads up the coast. that would mean something for georgia or the carolinas or the storm could move out to sea. one thing they will tell you, the meteorologists, the national weather center, the national hurricane center center, hurricanes in the end do what they want to do. you can't predict them with any specificity, especially not this far out. the thinking is the storm will hit somewhere. remember, yesterday, the thinking was it might security over cuba and all of these
12:29 pm
mountains in cuba. mountains are deadly for hurricanes. could have taken a lot of the juice out of it like getting in the way of all of those winds and taken it down to a much less organized and much less windy, much loss powerful storm. now they know it's not going to do. they believe, although there's a possibility, the greatest belief is that it will go right through the florida straits or head towards the florida states, the area between south florida and cuba and make a turn to the right because of the bermuda high that sits out there. the turn will come, but everybody on the peninsula has to be ready for what appears to be a monster in hurricane irma. lots more to come this afternoon on fox news channel. we're expecting more updates from the national hurricane center at 5:00 eastern time this afternoon. that is the time of the next official alert from the national hurricane center. we'll have that live for you at 5:00 eastern, 4:00 central.
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look at the damage and destruction the storm has left behind. we continue to track the hurricane's path towards the united states. we'll keep watching. ♪
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treatment that targets and freezes away stubborn fat cells. visit today and register for a chance to win a free treatment. >> i'm lea gabrielle with the fox report. more of today's headlines. united nations investigators accusing the syrian government of using chemical weapons more than two dozen times during the war. the u.n. called it a war crime. syria's government has denied using chemical weapons. in arizona, an f-16 crashed while training with the u.s. government. the air force reports it's investigating. a u.s. senator standing trial on corruption charges. prosecutors accusing new jersey democratic senator robert
12:33 pm
menendez of helping a doctor. both the senator and the doctor deny the wrong doing. we'll be right back.
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>> shepard: continuing coverage of hurricane irma now. the state of georgia, the governor has declared a state of emergency for its six coastal counties. i want to show you the radar again. forecasters say the storm hit the island of barbuda and st. barts and the u.s. british islands. it's a really large storm with a well-defined eye, about 25 miles wide and headed in the general direction of florida. that's about all they can say. look at the damage in st. maarten. cars and boats and a flooded
12:36 pm
harbor, this is st. john in the virgin islands. the wind so strong, knocked the coconuts out of the trees. look closely. you can see them on the ground. in addition when it goes to the bahamas, they believe the southern islands of the bahamas are in the worst shape. a lot of people in the southern island chain being evacuated up to nassau. trace gallagher has more. hey, trace. >> hey, shep. a cluster of islands there. it appears those on the clean side of the storm escaped it. i want to show you st. maarten, a population of about 75,000. it appears to have be hit the hardest. the french ministry says four of the government buildings on st. maarten that are built well have been badly damaged. many of those islands are recording winds upwards of 180 miles per hour. antigua appears to have dodged a
12:37 pm
lot of the dangerous winds. you can see from this video, they're getting plenty of rain and that can cause flooding and damage. we're told they didn't get the worst of it. the storm is battering more islands, especially the u.s. and british virgin islands where hurricane irma is passing over. this is video from st. john in the u.s. virgin islands. it was taken by a man named john. give you an idea how strong and loud the winds are. this apparently was president taken during the full impact of the storm. shows you it's going to be a long few hours for people trying to ride this out. on st. thomas, pretty much the same scene. but so far the winds are being clocked only around 90 miles per hour. the reason we show you this, the center of the storm is about 20 miles away from st. thomas, which gives you a very good idea of how vast and strong the outer
12:38 pm
bands of this storm can be. of course, conditions at numerous other islands in the caribbean are about to start going downhill. shep? >> shepard: thanks, trace with an update in the caribbean. in the florida keys, one gas station chain has shut down all of its locations in prep for irma. another one reports they plan to do the same thing in just about 22 minutes. that's according to police down in monroe county. they say there's no gasoline shortage or lines at the stations that are still open. we go to wsvn, live from the florida keys. andrew what is happening there? >> there's three major hospitals in the florida keys. one is where i am now, mariners and fisherman's community hospital and the lower keys hospital. the lower keys hospital is the one to keep an eye on. that's where you have patients that have serious care. those patients are being
12:39 pm
evacuated as we speak. they'll be taken to alabama where they will continue to receive that care while the storm does ride out. the hospital will officially be closing tomorrow at 7:00 p.m. fisherman's community hospital will be closing at 7:00 a.m. the real goal for the hospitals to avoid those images that we saw during hurricane harvey when we saw people sitting in hospital beds in water that was several feet deep. they want the hospitals closed, no one here. so monday their goal is to reopen and help with the recovery effort as quickly as they can here in the florida keys, it's very calm and collected. people are leaving. there's some traffic on the roads. there's only one way in, one way out. it took us an hour to travel what would be typically 25 minutes. people are leaving the florida keys and certainly is plenty of gasoline, plenty of food, plenty of water. that is still coming in. that's because they have not
12:40 pm
allowed both lanes to leave. they still want one lane coming in to make sure that they can get gasoline here and make sure that they can get food here for a lot of the people. it's calm and collected. the hospitals will be closing. they do not want to have the same images of what we saw with harvey. they do want to reopen as soon as monday. this is the very first time a storm like this is coming through with this specific hospital. they don't know what the damage will look like. lastly, there's two peopled that live in florida. people that experience hurricane andrew and people that did not experience hurricane andrew. the governor told the people of the florida keys says this storm is worse than andrew. that's why he wants them out. some people are choosing to stay. the governor says that's a dangerous decision. everybody needs to get out of the keys before irma does hit. shep? >> shepard: thanks, andrew. hurricane irma on a past to
12:41 pm
florida with the recovery from harvey far from over in texas. people across the gulf coast still cleaning up from that storm more than a week after it made landfall as a category four. emergency management officials in texas say there's at least 70 deaths related to harvey. officials say it could take years for the area to fully recover. lawmakers in the u.s. house overwhelmingly approved $8 billion in u.s. aid for harvey victims. rick leventhal is live in orange, texas near the border. how are they doing, rick? >> they're still under water here. the homes here started flooding last tuesday. the national guard and volunteers are coming out to help. now we have another rescue in progress. this high water national guard vehicle staffed by the texas national guard has been coming through here, passing out foot
12:42 pm
and water. the white pickup truck, those are volunteers. we just spoke with them before they got stuck. they dropped off a doctor or medical worker at a nearby church passing out food and water. they're trying to drag the truck out of the ditch. they tried a short time ago. the rope snapped. the wonderful coming up is the exhaust under water as the truck tries to remove itself. the national guard has passed out cases of the mres and water and other supplies to the residents. we spoke to them. they're grateful for the help. >> how does this change your life, having them come here? >> a lot. >> mres and water and a little bit of food. it's a blessing. >> the water is nasty. >> hold you over for a while? >> yes, sir. >> i wasn't expecting this much.
12:43 pm
>> shepard, there's at least ten storm related deaths in this county alone. 65 to 75% of the homes have been damaged. the number of vehicles damaged statewide is astronomical. close to a million. this truck could become one of those lost forever. we'll see. >> shepard: rick leventhal in orange texas. thank you. ahead, word of action at the united nations aimed at north korea. new reports that the united states is pushing for harsh penalties against that nuclear nation and the dictator that controls it. new updates from the u.n. next.
12:44 pm
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12:47 pm
briefing earlier today. this is just days after the north koreans claim they tested a hydrogen bomb. scientists say it was the north's most powerful nuclear test ever and last week, the regime fired a ballistic missile over japan, which is obviously a close u.s. ally. president trump said a military strike against north korea is not his first choice but we'll see what happens. that's a quote. he also talked by phone with chinese president xi and the two leaders agreed to strengthen coordination, whatever that means. the reuters news agency says the united states is asking the united nations to put an oil embargo against north korea and to go after kim jong-un personally, freezing his personal assets and putting him under a travel ban. fox news can't confirm that report. gordon chang is here author of "nuclear show down: north korea
12:48 pm
takes on the world." he knows this stuff. you advocated a long time for not dealing with anybody that trades with north korea. that's not really possible because china is on that list. of the new things being suggested, what might work? >> the oil embargo certainly would work. the north koreans we know have been storing up oil in anticipation of this embargo. they're very worried about it. china, of course, is going to be very loathed to do that. as a matter of fact, the beginning of august when the security council met for the resolution with 2371, the u.s. did impose an oil embargo. china said no. we relented. we're coming back with it with better arguments. >> shepard: and freezing assets of kim jong-un. can that be done? >> he doesn't travel anyway. he doesn't go to china and his father went to china about five or six times. kim jong-un is not going leave
12:49 pm
pyongyang. he's concerned about his own security. he doesn't want to be overthrown while traveling outside of the country. the travel ban isn't going to make a big difference. >> shepard: there's talk of another ballistic missile test. >> yes. this one will be fired off from the west coast. >> shepard: they have big holiday coming up. >> on the 9th, which celebrating the founding of the north korean state in 1948. i'm guessing this is a three-stage missile. what they tested in july, the first intercontinental ballistic missiles were two-stage missiles. they have to do something that we haven't seen and we haven't seen the kno 8. they first showed it in a parade but haven't tested it. i'm guessing that's what we're going to do. >> shepard: what do they want again? >> they're due on security. they want a deterrence. they want a couple things more.
12:50 pm
they sell this stuff around the world. they have links to iran, syria. terrorist groups. all the chemical weapons in syria were from in order cree. they earned about $2 billion to $3 billion a year from these weapons. the second thing they want is worse. they want to absorb south korea. kim jong-un knows his rule is not stable unless he can convince the north korean people that he's about to do it. you have one poor korea next to a rich korea. the people in poor korea will sacrifice only if they think there's a higher goal. kim jong-un has talked about final victory. that's north korean code for taking over the entire south korean peninsula. that will case -- they'll start to try to do this in a year or so. that's when they get confident
12:51 pm
about their arsenal. that's when they think they can blackmail the u.s. to leave. that's where they mays a mistake. >> shepard: thanks, gordon. more coming up on the business part of the storm next. my insurance company definitely doesn't have that... you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance.
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>> shepard: a lot of texans found out the hard way they didn't have flood insurance. when hurricane harvey swamped homes and destroyed everything in sight. now hurricane irma heads on a possible path to florida or somewhere on the east coast or who knows, really, it's probably too late to buy flood insurance from the u.s. government. there's some exceptions. gerri willis is live with us on the news deck. insurance companies don't write flood insurance companies do. >> no, fema actually issues that coverage. individual companies will package it with their own and
12:55 pm
buy it from the government. that's the way it typically happens. you're out of luck at this point if you think you're going to get a new insurance policy. standard operating procedure within insurers, they write it today but doesn't go into effect for 30 days. they do that so you don't game the system. in florida, when typically happens -- i have this from my sources in florida -- they stop writing when there's a hurricane warning or hurricane watch. the pens go down. you don't get anything. so you need to have it already. there's one small exception. >> shepard: what's that? >> if you just bought a house, guess what? they'll honor that. by law you have to have coverage. especially if you're in some of these storm surge areas. there's two different things, homeowner policies that will covered wind damage, the hurricane policies from the federal government. they're flood policies. >> shepard: they cover water. i want our viewers to know, get
12:56 pm
what you can. always good to have insurance. race for a cure. >> that's right. >> shepard: gerri is breast cancer survivor and is in the race for the cure. >> we're number 9 in terms of companies. fox news, number 9. new york race for the cure is sunday. we're doing it at 9:00. you can sign up, be a part of the team. the individual team, the gerri team is number 8. we're doing well. >> shepard: how do people find the gerri team online? >> go to the cohen site -- >> shepard: gerri starts with a g. >> gerri. >> shepard: if you follow us on twitter, we tweeted out a link. >> you're so nice. >> shepard: get a mammogram. >> that's right. everybody needs one. that's step number 1 to make sure you're clear.
12:57 pm
even the fellows fall victim to breast cancer. >> shepard: love you, gerri. >> thank you. proud of you. >> shepard: she's a survivor. commercial and cavuto is next on fox news. how much money do you think you'll need in retirement? then we found out how many years that money would last them. how long do you think we'll keep -- oooooohhh! you stopped! you're gonna leave me back here at year 9? how did this happen? it turned out, a lot of people fell short, of even the average length of retirement. we have to think about not when we expect to live to,
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but when we could live to. let's plan for income that lasts all our years in retirement. prudential. bring your challenges.
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>> neil: all right. you are looking at north dakota. this is an important venue for the president of the united states to pitch his tax reform plan. welcome, everybody. i'm neil cavuto. you're watching "your world." you know, the president of the united states will have a democratic senator with him in tow here. the cooperation with democrats is pronounced as of late. suffice it to say, democratic heidi hiedcamp is joining him on air force one. she's very


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