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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  September 7, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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question, might be about daca, probably the fiscal deal. the rumor that chuck schumer and the president might be working together to eliminate the debt ceiling. >> we'll listen for that on fox news radio. thanks for joining me. here's shep. sls it's noon on the west coast, 3:00 in south florida. . >> the world is watching hurricane irmaa lot of people in the state of florida will be in the clear, becomes a problem for georgia and the carolinas. if it comes too late, florida is in serious trouble according to the governor. the storm has shown its strength, decimating the islands in the caribbean. >> shepard: we'll look at the damage it's done and the latest forecast models for the category 5 hurricane. let's get to it. >> announcer: now shepard smith
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reporting live from the fox newsdesk. >> shepard: it's serious. this thursday afternoon, irma has killed at least 7 people and left thousands homeless in the caribbean. forecasters say it's looking more likely a massy category 5 storm could deal a catastrophic strike to south florida. today, thousands of people in the sunshine state trying to get out of the path of this monster storm. florida's governor rick scott says people are dealing with crowded highways and long lines, empty pumps at gas stations. he said state officials are doing everything they can to help out. florida highway patrol teams are escorting fuel trucks through the traffic. governor scoot says he wants -- scott says he wants gas stations to remain open as long as possible. he's asking people to use only as much fuel as they're going to need. if you don't need it, leave it. this morning, the mayors of miami-did a and broward county
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told people living in high risk areas, miami-did a zones 1 and 2 you must leave, mandatory evacuation. the town of palm beach has mandatory evacuation order. tens of thousands of people have left the florida keys. and a steady stream over the overseas highway. governor scott says if you are under evacuation orders you must leave now before it's too late. >> call us now. to the wait f you're in evacuation area do not wait to get out. we're not going to be able to save people once the storm hits. >> shepard: more on the evacuations from florida in a moment. fix at look at the devastation, this powerful storm has caused in the caribbean. with its report debris flying sideways, rooftops badly damaged, waves surging into buildings, floodwaters carrying away cars and trucks. the storm made a direct hit on several caribbean islands, st. martin, st. barts, nearly every building on the small
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island of barbuda is damage aid cording to the prime minister. the vast majority uninhabitable. puerto rico narrowly avoided the worst but a local official tells the "new york times" the storm was terrible. an experience out of this world. emergency workers say hurricane irma knocked out hower to more than one million people on the u.s. territory of puerto rico and left nearly 50,000 people without water. the national hurricane center reports this category 5 storm remains extremely dangerous. the threat to major impact of florida is only increasing. there's a new update and we'll get to that in just a moment. the center las reports it's become more likely that this hurricane will deliver a direct hit to parts of florida, georgia, south caroline and north carolina. they tell us it's too early to tell exactly where. researchers told the press, this could be the most costly storm
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in american history. i want to show you what our viewers on our local station wsv7 in south florida have been seeing for the last hour. this is the most likely track. you see the cone here. the cone includes everything from tallahassee, florida east. the entire peninsula of florida is in that cone of uncertainty. not saying everybody will get everything but the chances that the center of the storm, the eye of the storm, the 25-mile-an-hour eye of the storm that right now carries 175-mile-an-hour winds at surface level will pass somewhere in this cone. the likeliest point of impact is along this line. again, this is from the station wsvn 7 in miami. likeliest impact along here. in the big picture, 5.9 million people live in miami-did a county, broward county, and the balm beaches. the three counties here. the cone goes everywhere. the cone goes everywhere from tallahassee, you saw the cone
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there a little bit ago, and includes all of the peninsula of florida, clear off. want to bring this in so you can see the area of greatest concern. i'm showtion you this, this is the seriousest storm in 30 years that anyone has ever covered. the eye is so wide at 25 miles an hour. more importantly, where they think it's going over this population center. this is lake okochobee, key largo, miami, hollywood, dell rey beach, jupiter. the jupiter inlet you probably heard a lot about. i want to show you where the most likely track of the storm is. think of it, the distance from naples to fort lauderdale, 100 miles across alligator alley. here-to-here is 100 miles. the storm contains hurricane force winds. 50 miles out from the center. 50 miles in all direction.
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here's the likely track. this is the likely track, the most likely track of this storm. it could hit anywhere, into here's what is likely. it comes in this way, turns to the north, comes in right about key largo, goes straight up through miami-did a and broward, the west palm beaches and goes along the jupiter inlet. that's the most likely track of the storm. that is for south florida absolutely the worst case scenario for hurricane of this kind. this storm, that's the most likely track. it could hit anywhere but that's the most likely. this brings 175-mile-an-hour winds at the surface. and 30 stories up, in a condominium to youer in a hotel, more like 200 miles an hour, in the tower. no hurricane rating for buildings at 200 miles an hour. not 30 stories up. this brings the storm surge of 10 to 15 feet which would cover all of this. all of it. all of this would be 10 to 15
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feet under water. all of this. and that's the reason why in zones 1 and 2 right now, in south florida, which is right along the coast from key largo, 1 and 2 has a mandatory evacuation. if it happens the way they believe it'll happen, the way it's discussed right now in wsvn in south florida, this will decimate south florida. you got to hope it makes a turn to the east if you're in florida. makes a turn to the east. the dry side of the storm is on this side. you hope that's what happens. the most likely track is here. if that happens, all of this is under water. the windows are out at the top of those massive buildings all over my aim. the third tallest city in america. all of the tops of those buildings. all of this is flooded, and everywhere the acrosses, if the hurricane winds remain as they are now, 175 miles an hour. central pressure 911milibars. down from 914 last night but
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very strong. the strongest storm of its kind to stay this strong for this length of time ever recorded. 185 miles an hour for 37 hours. that has never happened in the history of meteorology. not recorded in the united states or anywhere on earth. so if this happens, this is devastating. that's why everyone who's been told they have a mandatory evacuation order f your governor or your mayor or your emergency manager said you're under pledge evacuation orders, you have to evaluate, right, rick? >> yes, since the '60s sense we have had the satellite era, generally the stronger storms that we see like this are in the west pacific, the storms that hit the philippines, taiwan, those kinds of storms, this storm has looked a lot like that. you're right at 185 miles an
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hour, it's the longest duration of that we've seen in the satellite era. the longest we've seen a cat 5 is three days. and we're at almost two days right now. i think there's a good chance we will see that. i tell you, the turks and caicos in the short term are about to get pummelled with the cat 5, 15 to 20 foot storm surge over the islands. a lot of those islands aren't that tall. a lot of those islands getting a complete washover. in the short term say the next two days it continues to pull off toward the west-northwest before it makes that right hand jog. also, the watters are really warm. hurricane warnings everywhere in the south. about 16 million people here. we had a cat 4 make landfall with harvey, all of the oxygen got sucked up because of the flooding in houston. the cat 4 part of the storm didn't get a ton of attention because of houston part. the cat 4 came onshore where there was not a lot of people. what it did do to the people
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there was decimate that area. but it department have a lot of population there. this is a completely different scenario with that. also, shep, with the water that this storm has gone over so far has been warm but not crazy warm. take a look, we normally don't put the center of the track on. i'm doing it so you can see, this water right here, is baking. it's almost 90 degrees. it's going to continue to go ore a lot of warm water before it gets towards florida. there's no reason to think that it's going to weaken to anything below a major storm. also, we don't like to put the exact center of it, but i've been talking a couple of days about the center of the storm. we can't tell you within 20 or 30 miles one direction which way this is going to go. our models are still showing that hard right turn. they're still showing most of them in this area, this eastern side of florida. but a few of them will go farther toward the west. if you pick that center point from the national hurricane center, take a look at this, the
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worst side is the right side. this is the current forecast. just to the east of miami. so you get certainly a lot of storm surge into miami and that southeast area. maybe the worst of it up here between there and say west palm. if it goes offshore it never loses moisture source. it's a worse scenario for georgia or south carolina, which ever area gets. but fluctuations in here are going to happen. we probably won't know really until we see that turn happen, on saturday, exactly where this is going to go. that means all of these 16 million people need to make their plans to get out. one last thing, shep, you've been talking about irma, all of the images out of barbuda and all of the lesser antilles, this right here is jose, now a category 2 storm, forecast to become a category 3 storm. take a look at this. barbuda that was hit with that
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cat 5 storm yesterday by saturday looking at maybe a major cat 3 storm going over it again. four or five days after. >> we're losing your mike, probably a battery change. this big wall, this is irma, and this is the projected track that he was talking about. this is that next storm. it's already making its way. here's that eye, right there, the last little image on the big wall is that eye. i want to show one more thing over here, rick was talking about what happens if it stays offshore. we were talking about the track, and right now, the idea is that the heaviest idea is here. i showed what you our local station is reporting. that's because all of these models are different. local station in miami, again, this is the local station in miami, has it coming right in at key largo. just to the west of miami. that jog as rick said, you can't know within 20 miles. the national hurricane center doesn't pretend it can know. we're passing along their information.
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they don't pretend they can know. if it does, in fact, go in this way and miss the southern end of florida, it's headed in that direction. that's the charleston, myrtle beach. governor of florida speaking live, let's get straight to him. >> we will not stop working on this. if you are concerned that you could not have a way to evacuate because of fuel, call your local emergency management hotline, the florida emergency hotline, 800-342-3557. which is a dedicated emergency management hotline. we will get you out. but you have to call now if you're in evacuation zone. we cannot save you when the storm hits. we cannot -- just remember, once there is an evacuation order, get out. we can't take care of you in the middle of a storm. if you know you're going to a shelter in your county take only how much fuel you need.
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you don't need to fill your tank to the prim brim if you're going to stay in your county. i have said many times, please only take what you need. be considerate of others. the go-buddy app is a great resource to find open stations with fuel. gobuddy app. i asked the governors of alabama, south carolina, georgia, north carolina to rescind weight and driver regulations for out of state resources to move expeditiously to florida. all of these states worked quickly to respond to our request. the epa has approved an emergency fuel waiver request from the florida department of environment protection. which allows more fuel to quickly enter the state. all ports still remain open and offering to bring fuel and supplies in. we are laser focused on how we get as much fuel as possible to ports while they're open. florida keys, i've offered school buses for transportation needs to monroe, miami-did a, and broward counties. at this point miami-dade is
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using these for special needs and broward has buss on stand by. monroe doesn't need these buses, they're using city buses but the offer stands. mandatory evacuation orders for florida keys, all residents and visitors leave the keys. we estimate about 31,000 people had already evacuated from the keys of a 6:00 p.m. last night f you're in the keys and still home, leave and get out. we can't save you once the storm hits. the entire lower keys hospital has already been evacuated. all other hospitals in the keys will be evacuateed today. i've been very clear with monroe county the state will provide whatever resources are necessary to get the hospitals back open quickly following the storm. we also have a task force dedicated -- devoted entirely to help them prepare and respond to the keys. issues are somewhat different, they have all of the bridges down there. for the remainder of the state
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waiting a evacuation orders listen to your local owe spishls. they will tell you if and when you need to evacuate. if you are told to evacuate, get out quickly. the roads be will fill up quickly as you need to go. we can expect additional evacuations as the storm continues north through our state. in broward county there are volunteer evacuations ordered for mobile homes and low-lying areas, mandatory for east of federal highway including barrier island. miami-dade county mandatory evacuationtion for barrier island, bay harbor island, golden beach, indian creek village, miami beach, north bay village, and surfside. in monroe county, mandatory evacuations for all resident and visitors. if you live in any of the evacuation zones, and you're still at home, leave! collier county voluntary evacuations from marco island. hendrick county, low-lying areas. mobile homes and rvs.
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i can not stress this enough, do not ignore evacuation orders. remember you can rebuild your home, buy your possessions again, you can't rebuild your life and you we can't recreate your families. regardless of the coast be prepared to evacuate. the storm can move and change on a moment's notice. on the west coast, you can't be complacent. those in coastal areas should be prepared to leave. traffic, many of you i know already stuck in traffic. i know it has to be frustrating. please be patient. evacuations are not meant to be convenient, they're meant to keep you safe. trying to do the evacuations as safely as possible. we have increased the number of troopers on the hes to move traffic and keep people moving down the road. realtime traffic information and evacuation routes is available at we have traffic cameras on every major highway in florida and
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we're clearing traffic issues in realtime to keep people moving. law enforcement is working diligently. we've seen bottlenecks at major highway junctions which brings up an important point. you do not need to evacuate out of the state or hundreds of miles away to be safe. find shelters in your county. we are coordinating with google emergency response team to prepare to close roads in google maps in realtime in the event that hurricane irma force as closure of any roads in the aftermath of the storm. my direction, all tolls have been waived across florida roadways. this will help families evacuate quickly and safely. if you are concerned you don't have a way to evacuate, due to traffic, call the florida emergency hotline, 1-800-342-3557. dedicated hotline. national guard:today i'm activating another 3,000 national guard members to help with shelter operations and evacuations. today we will have more than
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4,000 florida national guard members activated to immediately begin assisting with ongoing hurricane irma preparations. tomorrow every available member of the national guard, 7,000, will be deployed around the state. 13 helicopters and more than 1,000 technical high water mechanic vehicles are on standby. by uses resources from other states we have 30,000 troops, 4,000 trucks, 100 helicopters and air evacuation crews ready to support the state. i talked to president trump multiple times and he has assured me that florida will get all the help from the federal government that we need. so far we've requested disaster tarps, water, baby food supplies, supply trucks, search and rescue personnel and equipment and incident management team. military water craft and aircraft with the ability to move fuel to the mainland to the keys at marathon. and military vessel like the marine and navy ships, sustained operations and complete ship-to-shore mission.
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this will allow us to move crew, supply, and fuel to the mainland. i've also mentioned the major concern with the florida keys to fema including bridges f we lose a bridge, people are stranded. fema is looking at all options to stay with this. florida fish and wildlife commission, they're preparing search and rescue for potential deployment. they have more than 200 officers standing by for the first wave of response, based on potential storm impacts. 30 teams with supporting resources such as trucks, riverboat patrols, atv and raft boats are preparing for evacuation support. search and rescue misses or any additional needs. fwc is coordinating with partners in texas, georgia, south carolina, missouri, tennessee, louisiana, arkansas in is a additional officers or resources are needed. the florida highway patrol is monitoring road and traffic conditions to assure roadways are clear. we have established 18 mnl response teams for deployment to
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impacted areas in seven logistics and planning teams. utility providers, they're actively prepositioning resources throughout the state. we know from previous storms incredibly important it is to restore power quickly. florida power light have activated emergency response teams and thousands of workers prepared to respond to irma. they're also working with many, utilities are working with many of our out of state utilities and contracting companies to secure additional resources. shelters, if you're evacuating for the keys, for the florida international university. there's no reason for anyone not to evacuate if you're ordered to do so. shelters will be available should you -- you need to follow the directions of local officials and go to the shelters that fit your needs. if you need a hotel, visit expeeledia is working on hotel occupancy in realtime. the florida restaurant rojing association encourages all
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hotels to wave pet policies, offer shelter and be considerate with cancellations. go to to learn about shelters in your area. comcast is offering free x finity hot spots for individuals in need including noncomcast customers. x at&t verizon, t-mobile are helping with hot spots. the state supplies such as meal, shelter support, trailers, water support for deployment as needed. we will be prepositioning goods to help everyone in the storm's path. volunteers, we need volunteers. we've had more than 8,000 volunteers sign up in the last i think 36 hours. this includes more than 1,300 state workers. this is great but we still need more. we need a total of 17,000 volunteers statewide. you want to volunteer, go to
12:23 pm to sign up. or 800-flhelp1. we need volunteers. you make a big difference. can you help with shelters, food distribution, and response efforts. every florida family must prepare to evacuate regardless of the coast you live on. we are 100% focused on making sure every floridian and all have our visitors have timely information on this storm. and we will continue to closely monitor hurricane irma and issue updates throughout the next few days. i cannot stress this enough, get prepared now. know your evacuation zone now. listen to your local officials. this storm has the potential to cat strofically devastate our -- cat strofically devastate our state. even though the national hurricane center map has it in this cone, going up the east coast, it could move further west.
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it could also go east. but we all have to be ready. this is a catastrophic storm that our state hasn't seen. a lot of people in the car bee an, have been killed, don't think can you ride out this storm. protecting life is our absolute top priority. no resource or expense will be spared to protect families. you need a plan now, where you will go, won't wait, figure it out. . [speaking spanish] >> shepard: that's the latest we have. i want to show you traffic issues. people in florida are potentially in hurricane irma's path. everyone in florida potentially. the entire state, the whole
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cone, from tallahassee all the way over, they can't predict exactly just as the governor was saying. but the cone of uncertainty covers the entire thing. and the center, the eye of the storm, i think i said 25 miles an hour, i meant 25 miles wide. that's varying a little bit from time to time but it's 23 to 27 miles wide, right? so when it's that wide, that covers just the eyewall if it comes right up over the peninsula, it is half as wide as this. the eye could move over large swaths of the state. it could move to the east which would be fantastic if you're here and not if you're up here. if it goes over the land, you know, it's the water, that warm water, especially really warm water. that warm water is jet fuel. the warmer the water the stronger the hurricane. if it loses that source of water by going over the land, even for a short period, it's moving 16 miles an hour right now. that what they think it'll stay. at 16 miles an hour, it will be over land for the long time.
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if it does that it loses power by the time it gets out into the water and heads generally in this direction. so, savannah, charleston, myrtle or up. generally speaking if it stays ore the water by the time it gets there, it's much stronger. the governor talked about traffic. let's look at the traffic. this is google traffic, the florida keys, we've all seen, this we know green is good, from marathon up into isla mirada, up into key largo, where you make the turn, come down through florida city. andrew came right through here, barrelling, twice as fast as this storm, twice as fast. the eye half as small. so it was moving much faster, didn't have that much rain with it, the eye was tight, not as strng as this storm. the eye half the size in diameter -- in width. when it came across, florida city and homestead, wiped it out. all of this, just everglades. this is where all that damage
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from andrew was done right here. we have a television station up here on the north bay causeway, about here. then you get in a little bit of flooding, not much of anything. down here it's decimated. here's the traffic. green is good. so this is from florida city, you head north, this is miami proper, a little bit out here in the west. but if you go up a-1-a, i-95 is good, 27 out in the west, i-75, this is alligator alley heads to naples and collier county through fort myers, to collier county. look here, once you get north of del rey, lakeworth, the eye is still good, i-90 is good. the florida turnpike is a little bit congested, orange and red there. once you get around jupiter and palm beach gardens, all of this south florida mess sort of converges on i-95 and you head north, that's where there's a lot of traffic. from jupiter to about port st. lucie.
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once you get up to orlando, this the florida turnpike, takes you up around. kissimmee, ocala, really crowded on i-75, somewhat crowded northbound on i-95. there i see no contra-flow. when they tun all the freeways around, headed out, no contra-flow, they want to get supplies in. there's gasoline, oil, that's coming in over here to a port in mississippi. in south mississippi, right about here, they'll bring it all the way down into florida. no contra flow. southbound lanes, northbound lanes all open. north, you have to evacuate from charleston, savannah, you see there's a lot of traffic around i-95 here as well. always traffic in atlanta, always, especially right now coming up into the big city. traffic is still manageable. phil keating is watching this in fort lauderdale, hollywood international airport, jet blue doing good. how's airplane traffic in
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general? . yeah, jet blue is offering bliets at $99, telling the scheduled passengers hurry up and buy them, they're going fast. finding seats on planes at this point very difficult to do. if you do find one of the few seats available expect to pay double or triple. that's the demand. other carriers are cancelling flights because their employees need to get to their houses and take care of their families, get their homes in order. for the airlines, they simply don't have enough crews to handle the flights. and the planes can't go. one family we spoke with fleeing boca raton for atlanta on one-way texts this afternoon, are the levines. >> we don't want to take that ris week my family. i don't want to take the risk, put people i love in that position. we have an older daughter in atlanta, thank god we have some one to receive us. we are not going to take a chance. we take this very seriously.
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>> and if you are somebody flying out of here tonight or tomorrow, you have got to realize, parking in the garages is at capacity. 100 to 150 spots left out of 12,000. and so you're encouraged not to circle around and potentially miss your flight looking for a spot that doesn't exist. >> shepard: and phil, one more thing, not everybody is planning to leave. some of our crew just people in this room right here, i know of at least one person who's in zone 1 in miami, right along miami beach. in zone 1 in the high-rise. not leaving. >> yeah, a lot of those people are not. they feel confident that their build rings strong and solid. and -- buildings are strong and solid. can survive a category 4 or 5 hurricane arriving on saturday. miami beach-dade under a mandatory evacuation order, as of 7:00a.m. today, all of these people were sandbagging to
12:31 pm
hopefully protect their homes before they either evacuate or while they stay and stay inside. oscar delgado, the best use for his baby stroller on a day like today was to haul sandbags to the car. his fiancee said concern with her and her friends is starting to surge. >> a little overwhelming to see her go through it. as a parent i don't really care what happens to me. i care about her. especially with harvey, you can never be too prepared. >> miami-dade county has five evacuation zones, a and b are already under mandatory. at the top of the 3:00 hour the announcement was that zone c has now been under mandatory evacuation order. shep? >> shepard: phil keating in fort lauderdale, thank you. the president talking about how the federal government is standing by to help those in need, that's ahead. first, just in to, new images
12:32 pm
from the international space station as it passes directly over irma. would you look at this. the space station orbits roughly 18,000 miles an hour. and it shot this video from a distance a couple of hundred miles. gives you a better idea size and scale of this thing. remember, this storm had maximum sustained winds of 185 miles an hour for 37 hours. never in meteorological history on planet earth has that storm be recorded for that strong that long. nowhere on earth. maximum sustained winds 175 miles an hour. at this point barrelling toward florida f you're in florida and they told you to get out, you must get out f they haven't told to you get out, you must be ready. . f they haven't told to you get out, you must be ready. f they haven't told to yo out, you must be ready. if they out, you must be ready.
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>> the fox report, more of today's headlines. the fbi investigating an explosion that injured a postal worker happened last night at a post office facility in indiana. a 30 minute drive from chicago.
12:35 pm
investigators say they found two pipe bombs at the scene. in texas, a woman slipped out of her handcuffs, stole a cop'ssively, and led police on a high-speed chase. that's in lufken, texas. the shoplifting texas hit speeds 1600 miles an hour before running off the odd. officers say she was reaching for a shotgun in the vehicle before they arrested her. and a boy who could be the future king of england showed up for his first day of school. prince george arrived for class holding hands with his daddy. george is of course prince william and kate's oldest son, third in line for the thrown. instead of being called prince george, we'll go by george cambridge. the news continues after this. e cambridge. the news continues after this. j cambridge. the news continues after this. e cambridge. the news continues after this. h cambridge. the news continues after this.
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(hard exhalation) honey? can we do this tomorrow? (grunts of effort) can we do this tomorrow? if you have heart failure symptoms, your risk of hospitalization could increase, making tomorrow uncertain.
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but entresto is a medicine that was proven, in the largest heart failure study ever, to help more people stay alive and out of the hospital than a leading heart failure medicine. women who are pregnant must not take entresto. it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren. if you've had angioedema while taking an ace or arb medicine, don't take entresto. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high potassium in your blood. ♪ tomorrow, tomorrow... ♪ when can we do this again, grandpa? well, how about tomorrow? ask your doctor about entresto and help make tomorrow possible. >> shepard: hurricane irma and the track to the west-northwest. president trump said the federal government is ready to help as hurricane irma makes its way in the general direction of florida.
12:38 pm
>> president trump: we're with everybody in florida, we have tremendous talent and really freyly brave people to be there. tremendously. and hopefully it'll work out. >> shepard: the president has declared a federal state of emergency in all 67 florida counties. officials with fema say they're already sending supplies into florida and other southeastern states for that matter, including millions of meals and bottles of water. chief white house correspondent john roberts is on the north lawn. what else is the president saying about the response thatted coming? >> shep, he wants people to know in harm's way whether they be in virgin islands, puerto rico, florida, or georgia or south carolina or further inland, places like tennessee where the, track takes it, they expect to get some of the effects of this hurricane that, he is on the job, the federal government is on the job. they're watching this very lowsly. the immediate concern is lifesaving. making sure they get people out of harm's way. the president based on what he said earlier today, what we call a pool spray, was pretty
12:39 pm
impressed with the size of this storm. listen here. >> president trump: we have never had a thing like this, where you get hit with harvey, which was about as bad as it gets certainly from the standpoint of a water dump. and then you get hit with irma. there's one right behind irma. i think fema has been -- i don't think anybody has done anything like they've done at fema, they have done a really good job. >> one of the problems, you talk about fema prepositioning materials in the millions of liters of water and millions of meals, infant formula, cotts, generators, whatever else, tarps, people might need, when there's so many people in harm's way there's only so much the federal government can do. but the president saying that they are doing everything in their power. what's really going to be stunning, shep, is after all of this is said and done, between harvey and irma and whatever else might lie out there in the atlantic ocean, the extraordinary amounts of money that will be needed on a federal level to recover from all of this. we're talking about $100 billion
12:40 pm
for harvey. irma could go well, well above that. >> shepard: in the last hour there was a news offense with the -- conference were the leader of kuwait. >> there was. in that news conference, they talked a lot about the relationship between the united states and kuwait and improving cooperation on terrorism, the security relationship between the two countries. then there's that dispute between saudi arabia, some of the other gulf allies and qatar. up came a question about north korea, obviously is on everybody's minds in the wake of the nuclear explosion. believed by the intelligence community in the united states to have been hydrogen bomb, president trump was asked if he could live with a nuclear could north korea that was contained. he did not directly answer that question but he did talk about the pollsbilt for using the military option. listen here. >> president trump: military action would be an action. is it inevitable, nothing is inevitable. it would be great if something else could be worked out.
12:41 pm
we would have to look at all of the details, all of the facts. but we've had presidents who for 25 years have been talking, talking, talking. the day after an agreement is reached, new work begins. >> the president said he would prefer not to go with the military option, that it would be a sad day if any of the military equipment that is being delivered to south korea and japan would have to be used. but he said it certainly is a possibility. it could come to military action. and let's remember, what james mattis, the secretary of defense said, on sunday afternoon when he said we are not looking to total annihilation of a country, namely north korea, but we have many military options to do so. >> shepard: john ropts roberts at the white house, thank you. officials in miami-dade county say up to 400,000 people need to leave their homes. that's according to the mayor of the county. carlos jimenez said they have issued mandatory evacuation for
12:42 pm
about 150,000 people. ones identified in high risk areas. if you live in south florida you know your zone, zones 1 and 2 are evacuated, that's all of the beaches. he said they're using what they have learned from past hurricanes, including andrew for that matter, which devastated the southern tip of that city, back in 1992. >> this is a hurricane that i've never seen before. so we are preparing here, telling some of our people if they need to evacuate the areas we may have to issue additional evacuation orders today, depending on some information that we get from the national hurricane center. but, you know, we are prepared. but we are also praying that it doesn't come our way. >> shepard: the areas under mandatory evacuation orders include all of miami beach and biscayne bays, zones 1 and 2. are you cutler bay or cutler ridge? cutler ridge, right, jeff? >> yes, just not too far from homestead, right. you know this area.
12:43 pm
and you know when they say mandatory evacuation, as you know, it's america, doesn't mean a mandatory evacuation. if you want to stay you can stay. nobody is going to drag you out of your home. these people are staying and waiting in line at the home depot to get plywood to board up their homes. a number of these people went through andrew. you see how hot it is. look at the um prel as out here. these people are roasting in the sun, to stay in line to try and get plywood. it's a crazy scene here. there's controlled chaos in south florida right now. so far, shep, it's under control. see how long that lasts. >> shepard: cutler ridge, anybody there 25 years ago, not one single solitary person will forget that. >> you said it. i hope they don't have a repeat or worse. >> shepard: cutler bay is a place, cutler ridge is a place, good to talk to you. forecasters predict this particular storm will make that hard turn to the north, to the
12:44 pm
right, headed west-northwest, going to take a right-hand turn and head north. when it makes that turn is what really matters for florida and for georgia and the carolinas and beyond. we'll go to the national hurricane center in miami, next. in the middle of the night, so he got home safe. yeah, my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. what?! you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. take the zantac it challenge! pill works fast? zantac works in as little as 30 minutes. nexium can take 24 hours. when heartburn strikes, take zantac for faster relief than nexium or your money back. take the zantac it challenge. what was the worst thing don't you get lonely? have you ever killed anybody? ♪ what did you think when i asked you these questions? i had never met anybody from the navy that's why i was, like, asking you all kinds of questions. yeah. i honestly didn't know what the marines did. everybody's experience is unique. you got musicians, you have cooks, you have admin people.
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4:00 on the east coast. the latest on hurricane irma's track straight from the national hurricane center in miami. let's turn to michael brennan, chief hurricane specialist, live with us there. i know that central pressure is up, ever so slightly, the winds are down ever so slightly. is this beginning of a trend? >> we don't, unfortunately, to see irma weaken too much. impressive category 5 hurricane. right now about to move right over the turks and caicos, to bring the 1. 5-mile-an-hour winds, the core winds. devastating storm surge 165 to 20 feet to the island in the next few hours. we don't see much that will cause irma to weaken significantly before it reaches the vicinity of florida over the
12:48 pm
weekend. >> shepard: any change in the cone, michael? >> not really. you know the forecast is shifted around a little bit as the models have sort of shifted left and right from each cycle to cycle. the overall track still expects this west-northwest ward motion, northward turn in the vicinity of the florida peninsula late saturday night into sunday. motion northward into the united states. at this point it's too soon to narrow down exactly where that turn is going to occur. everybody in florida needs to be prepared for the potential impacts from irma. especially in the areas of south florida, under the hurricane and storm surge watch. they prepare for the landfall, core of the major hurricane. >> if you're in georgia and south carolina is this a monday-tuesday thing, do you need to be getting ready? >> yes, in terms of the timing, we're expecting tropical storm force wipdz to arrive in north florida sunday night, overnight into monday morning in the georgia and south carolina coasts.
12:49 pm
people have time to get ready. we do expect irma to weaken a little bit, depending how much it interacts with the florida peninsula. we're forecasting it to be a major hurricane as it approaches the georgia and south carolina coasts on monday. >> shepard: with the understanding you can't know within 20 miles when way the hurricane is going to go, with that understanding if it comes up about key largo and runs straight up miami-dade county and exits the state around lake okochobee, can you think of anything worse for that population center it's a tough scenario for the south metropolitan center, if the center goes inward, get the areas along long the coast and the right side of the storm. that's where the potential, you could see the cat troughic winds near -- catastrophic winds, and storm surge, we have a storm surge watch from jupiter south, everything in pink. once you get into dade county,
12:50 pm
down near homestead, south did a, susceptible to storm surge. five to ten feet of flooding above ground level in those areas with irma's approach. >> shepard: all the way across miami, hollywood, and kendall, and everything. >> right. and, yeah, potentially. that's what people to have plan for. that's why there have been evacuations by the officials, and along the west coast, if irma was a little further to the left you can see significant storm surge here and the southwest part of florida. >> shepard: we only have 20 second fshgts you're one of those who lived in south florida for a long time, staying in the high-rise, you're not leaving, what is your message? >> you should try to get out if you can. even if your building is fine, you could be stranded out there f there's significant storm surge. fauf problem during it vent, medical issue, somebody to help you they might not be able to get to you. >> shepard: michael brennan, chief hurricane specialist at
12:51 pm
national hurricane center, all the best to you and yours. >> thank you. >> shepard: they're accusing major companies of price gouging getting ready for irma. how the companies are responding. top of the hour headlines minutes away. stay with us. i count on my dell small business advisor for tech advice. with one phone call, i get products that suit my needs and i get back to business. ♪ so, i was at mom and dad's ♪ and found this. cd's, baseball cards... your old magic set? and this wrestling ticket... which you still owe me for. seriously? $25? i didn't even want to go. ahhh, your diary. "mom says it's totally natural..." $25 is nothing. abracadabra, bro. the bank of america mobile banking app. the fast, secure and simple way to send money.
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12:54 pm
>> shepard: irma on the move, in florida's price gouging hotline received thousands of complaints ahead of irma's potential landfall. that's the word from the attorney general who says there are reports of hiking the cost of everything from generators to water and gas. several ire airlines have capped the price of flights out of na after some complaints of fare gouging. airlines have denied the claims. fox business network's jerry willis is with us. amazon taking heat, too. . yeah. the big thing is water.
12:55 pm
people buy water, say they're paying more in south florida than the northeast, about 25 compared to $1.50 per flat. that's what they say. but am a zone -- $15 per flat. they say we're not price gouging, we're not surge pricing. am a mon is like a mall operator. they have their own store and lots of other little stores that are small businesses. you know when you go on, you get price quotes from a variety of different places. they say those other places are the ones hiking prices, that the cheap water was bought first, now all you have left is the expensive water. they say this afternoon, and this is new news, i believe, they are shutting down some of the higher prices, turning off the channel on some of those higher price options. >> shepard: 25 years ago during hurricane andrew, $10 for a bag of ice on the side of the turnpike. oh, man, it was horrible. these storms move markets. and that company. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. you see what's going with the
12:56 pm
markets. the dow not doing well, down about 28 points, 30 points. now, that is a tiny percentage of the total, frankly. s&p 500 down, nasdaq up a little bit. what's going on, the insurance stocks are getting hammered, particularly the ones that are really exposed in florida. progressive down 4%. travelers down 4.5%. allstate, i'm naming names i know you know, down 4% as well. a lot going on there. i want to share with you, kim bondy, florida's a.g., attorney general, is just waiting to out some of these people. here's what she had to say, i think we have the sound. >> chevron if you are watching me right now, you need to call us and tell us why your prices are inflated in south florida. in tallahassee, they're not. in tampa, they're not. in south florida, they're high. there's no excuse for that. >> no excuse for that, what she said. i have to tell you, chevron came back and said, we're not doing this. remember, we have third party operators. doesn't it sound like amazon?
12:57 pm
>> shepard: it does. the next big event from the national hurricane center 5, clock eastern time, 4:00 central time. we will have live coverage and live report from the national hurricane center with a brand new update, statistics and tracks. see you at 5:00. right now,ca view toe. how long do you think we'll keep -- oooooohhh! you stopped! you're gonna leave me back here at year 9? how did this happen? it turned out, a lot of people fell short, of even the average length of retirement. we have to think about not when we expect to live to, but when we could live to. let's plan for income that lasts all our years in retirement. prudential. bring your challenges. but he hasoke up wwork to so he took aleve. if he'd taken tylenol, he'd be stopping for more pills right now. only aleve has the strength to stop tough pain for up to 12 hours with just one pill. aleve. all day strong. whoo! testis this thing on?! huh? c'mon! your turn!
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fear is building. a massive voice to get everyone out of the florida keys. irma begins to take aim at the florida coast. we will be talking to the mayor of key west in just a moment. first, adam houghley on the late toast get out. adam? >> yeah, neil, normally the keys hot, humid, and packed with tourists. it's a ghost town. key largo, the first key. when you talk to the locals, whether it be hurricane harvey or remembering hurricane andrew the 2 5 years ago, many who rode out that storm decided to get out now. we have video of earlier today. the highway basically empty now in both directions.


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