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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  September 8, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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i have covered 17 storms in my career. take it seriously and get out of the way and don't fool around. the story hosted by martha maccullum starts right now. >> martha: so often we see storms that ramp up and spinout. and we have in many ways become cynical about the hype. but tonight we have to go with what the experts are telling us. a hurricane catastrophe is unavoidable. irma is strong as hurricane andrew and much larger. and few people alive today have experienced a storm like this. you are about to hear a brand new update from the national hurricane center that is just moments away. first here is the fema administrators. >> hurricane irma is continuing
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to be a threat that will devastate the united states. >> martha: unbelievable the language around this thing. good to have you here tonight. i am martha maccullum and the best preview of what to come and looking at the past 24 hours in the caribbean island and combination of posh resorts and deep poverty. they have been pumbleed it is so hard it is hard to know if they will recover. we are still just getting pictures in there because there is not a lot of infrastructure. 24 people are so far today. turks and cacosand florida governor rick scott doubled his resolve to get people to move out of his state and move to higher ground. if you don't, you are basically
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on your own. >> this is a life- threatening situation. it will rush in and kill you. if you are not leaving by midnight tonight, you will have to ride out this dangerous storm at your own risk. >> martha: here is president trump. >> it is the threat at the highest level. it is the highest level. cleared [inaudible]. >> martha:y we have coverage on everything irma and florida's governor rick scott will join me in a moment. and brian is in miami where people are struggling to find gas to get out. we have good news on that front.
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and we are starting with adam who is tracking the hurricane. where is it going now, brian? >> meteorologist: we will see the motion toward cub a. that is moving off at 12 miles per hour. it is still a powerful storm. 155 winds and you can see the general movement right to the north coast of cuba and gets close it will turn and slowly move to florida here. here is the set up. a category 4 hurricane and brushing up by the coastline and sunday morning back out between cuba and florida, we could pick up more heat. and that is it a lot of the warm water and that could get back up to a category 5 hurricane before making landfall. and that is it landfall 8 or 9
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or 10:00 sunday morning and working his way up the west coast of florida. here's what it looks like again. there is a center of circulation making the turn in the warm water. this is a forecast of winds. you will see it explode back over warm water and winds pick up and that is it bad news for south florida. intense winds run up on the shore and that will cause wind damage and raise the tides, it is going to be a tough one and that is why we are looking at hurricane watch and warnings in florida. currently they are farther up the coast. no doubt that the warnings will extend especially if it runs up the west side. what will it do behind the wind
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damage? all of that wind pushes water to the coast and we'll worry about the storm surge. this is on the western side of the 5- 10 feet of standing water rolling up on the shore. that is huge and we are paying close attention to it. and that is the path that irma took. that is now jose, a category 4 storm on the exact same path and in your open, you mentioned the islands in the lesser antilles. jose will run back over those as a category 4 and for now it takes a sharper turn to the north. it does not have the u.s. currently in its sights. >> martha: adam, thank you so much. we'll talk to you in a bit. here is the governor of florida, rick scott. we have a delay in our audio
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signal which is the least of the problems that florida is facing right now. governor, good evening to you. your thoughts as we listen to the forecast and it looks like it will slam in the keys. let's start there. >> i mean, martha tis it a devastating storm and i am so concerned. we have unbelievable storm surge to pound the keys to start with and tracks west and the storm surge on the west coast is 5- 10 feet. that is the entire first floor of your house. rolling water flushes in and out and you can't survive this. if you are in the evacuation zone in our state get out now. southern part of the state. don't get on the hoichlt you will not maining it where you want to go. we are opening up shelters and
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will not spare expense. you have to be prepared and evacuate. >> martha: we are hearing mixed stories about whether or not it is happening. folks said there is a lot of people on the beach and different places around. but i got the impression from you earlier, that you feel like people are evacuating and getting out. how is it? >> well, you can see our highways. if you go highways, the evacuation route it is all the way to the north and we have a lot of the cars on there and traffic is flowing and the big issue is to keep fuel on our roads and the cars can keep moving and that is a positive. remember the track was an east coast track and now a west coast track and some people may have been complacent. and i just left fort meyers and my mess amg is if you are in the
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evacuation zone get out and go to shelters. we'll continue to open up shelters and do everything to keep you safe. you can rebuild your house and possessions. i can't rebuild your life or your family. think about everybody in the family. >> martha: you said your dad and grandfather and concerned about your family. they need to look at it in that personal way. how would they feel if they didn't do what they needed to do right now. we want to encourage everyone to listen to you. you are unequivocal that they need to go. in terms of gasoline and fuel. there have been a lifting of restrictions to allow more to go your way, right? >> absolutely. i want to thank the white house. i want to thank fema, epa and department of energy, they lifted the restrictions and other states helpeditous get
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fuel by lifting restrictions. we've struggled all week to get enough newel the state. harvey didn't help. the issue that went there and so we are working hard to get fuel in. and doing law enforcement escorts to get the fuel from the depos to the gas stations. but our ports are starting to close and we'll not be getting more fuel in until after the storm. >> it looked like a eastern track and now a western track in florida. do you move resources from one side to the other? that must be pretty tough. >> here's what is hard, martha. typically a storm will come from one part one way or the other. and in the state you can share resources. this one is it wider than our entire state. we are prepositioning utility assets and law enforcement and i called 7000 members of the national guard and it is harder
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when this keeps changing. this is an emergency and you are responding every day and second and we do calls for all of the county emergency management team and solve the problems as they happen. and we try to do it in advance, but this is it a tough one. >> martha: the struggles of before and then as we know the after and putting out fires in all of these areas. governor, thank you for getting your message out and we continue to tell people, if you are watching this, we hope you are not in southern florida and you have moved north and you need to do that now. we'll speak with you, soon. there are mass evacuations in florida. and as you heard him talking about that. we are watching all of the developments. and those who are after midnight will be on their own. evacuation of million people
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from miami-dade county alone. that is one of the largest evacuations in history. you will get traffic jams and gas shortageless. >> hi, brian. >> reporter: we for a pub plix in miami shores. the main supermarket will be closing at 8:00 p.m. this is the last dash of purchases people are making before the storm. this is it. pizza and paper towel and chip and they are out of oreos and last purchases people can make. and after this. they have to have food. and one of the popular things and items is ice. only thing that is it left is dry ice if you look. it is not the regular ice and people are taking it because that's all they have got. and another big thing is water.
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publix general manager said 30 paulets of water are gone and went through awful it. ten pallets and people are limited to four gallons per person. that is it the water aisle. there is a few bomthss left and that is it new. and the popular thing is bread. bread is now gone as well. and when you talk to the people. it is it a mixed bag as to who is here. and have some people who live in the evacuation zone who are staying put. sxch other people who are others that are getting food and going outside of the evacuation zone and that is a mixed bag. one person said i am from miami dapd and here for wilmaand here for andrew and i am getting my food and going to hunker down. and everybody needs food. and that's the important thing. no matter where you are. if you go to a shelter, you are
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going to need food and bedding. sometimes they don't have it and so it is it important that you get all of those supplies and really martha. you have 45 minutes and that's it. the only people in the streets in miami are at gas station and miami-dade cooperate -- county and nim nim downtown is empty. there is milk here and people are making last efforts, yeah, i got to tell you really quick. the tension that some of the places are high and we have seen or heard of altercations and there are police to make sure people are doing it right. kudos to the publix staff. many of the people working here putting in 74 hours despite having to be in the evacuation zone. the general manager of the store said the paulet of water and food for them and they can go
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where they need to go. come saturday, there will not be any food. >> no surprise and so much anxiety around the storm and the people get panicked about what they need and trying to leave enough. and there is no more orios, brian. what are you going to do? that is an emergency. thank you and that is it great stuff. see you soon. >> we are hours away from the first impact of hurricane irma. and one storm chaser said he's afraid of what is headed his way and he's trying to tell people on the beach fhe's worried they need to get out. we are live in key largo, coming up. and the most devastating hurricane to hit florida was hurricane andrew. and look at the comparison is right is hurricane irma and on the left is hurricane andrew.
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karl rove and mike huckabee are here to talk to us about the challenging times. all five living former presidents are coming together for this cause. here's more on the story. >> it is not a question of is florida going to be impacted. it is it how bad and where the storms end up in the next 4 or 5 days as it passes inland. just like the people who own them, every business is different. but every one of those businesses will need legal help as they age and grow. whether it be help starting your business, vendor contracts or employment agreements. legalzoom's network of attorneys can help you every step of the way so you can focus on what you do. we'll handle the legal stuff that comes up along the way. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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>> i am not going to risk the safety of the first responders for irresponsibility of not leaving. you are on your own. don't dial 911, no one will answer. >> that is roman gastes. that is in the keys in key largo with that part of the story, adam. >> reporter: the keys are the first place to get evacuation orders and people had a couple of days to get out. and people may be waiting and the roads are still open and the last one left and we are bracing for the first bands to come. this is tower of pizza in key largo and you got to knowledge
4:20 pm
there is it someplace else open. and i know your family has been here 30 year and you decided to stay open and why did you decide to stay open this late. >> some does what my father did. he never shut down and he's in greece on vacation and we are doing what he did. >> and you rode out andrew 25 years upstairs and you have a cat five place to stay. you see the image and what are you talking about. and are you worried and people changeingly their minds and getting out. >> veng we worry and a lot of people left already and still thinking about leaving and we'll stick together as a family and see how it goes. >> reporter: one of the locals told me where do i go? the whole state of florida is it under evacuation and north of
4:21 pm
the state they are bad. is this the safest place to stay? >> here we have food and electricity and we'll have everything set up and this is the probably the safest way to do this. >> good luck and we'll keep an eye on you guys. what you have done in this community. you can see situations like this. they all know each other and they are keeping track of where everybody is it going to be. and writing down addresses and phone number and cell tower and they can check on each other and they are talking about sharing different water and someone came in behind us and you can tell, festive as they prepare for the storm but there is it worry on everybody's mind. >> it is always that way. she has a cat five spot in the building, what do you mean by that? >> for people who don't know. there is a lot of buildings to be cat five.
4:22 pm
and when you kay cat five. it is it rated. and where we are staying as well. and a category 5 storm comes on shore that building would stay. the masonnite block and storm shutters that are metal and they have a cat five location to stay in here. >> martha: i hope they are save. good to see you. going to ben mcmilan who is watching for irma's impact. you talked to our producer earlier today and i think of everybody that i heard from, your predictions are most dire. parts of florida will look like a third world country? >> counsel town miami glass window and infrastructure and under the winds of a category 4 or 5 hurricane will fail. the city of miami saying if
4:23 pm
a construction crane gets winds of over 135 and that is below the current level they will topple and will large cranes and continues the metal and striking anything in their way. that is one of the predictions here in florida. >> martha: some cases they were not able to take the cranes down and they will have to take their chances with those and there is 25 of them in the downtown miami area. and in terms of the people you spoke to today. you are encouraging them. folks, don't try to ride it out. you say you are afraid to be there yourself? >> yeah, experienced storm chaser and best in the world, are thinking of contingency plans to keep themselves safe. these are professionals who do it day in and out.
4:24 pm
and go in strong structures like parking garages and get off of the ground level because of the storm surge. and that is it flooding everything in its path. >> it really is. and the wind is whipping up where you are now. when am you start to see the bands, whipping toward over the keys, i think it looks like is where it will start, right? >> yeah, hurricane irma is only 300 miles off of the florida peninsula. you will see conditions deteriorating. this is biscayne bay. you can see the waves are having white caps on them. we'll see continues go downhill as the evening goes on. >> martha: tell me what your plan is. where are you going to go if it gets too rough? >> we don't advise anyone to do what we do. we go through extensive
4:25 pm
training. our plan is to go to the congret garages where they will withstand the winds and we'll be safe. >> martha: bust of luck, ben. go to the national hurricane center where they are standing by with the latest look of what have they are expect being. and where they watch all of television and what is the latest track, ed? >> the latest track to continue to move west near the north coast of cuba and tomorrow make a turn to the north and where that turn occur system critical for the impacts in south florida. regardless of where the turn occurs, the florida keys are at risk for rising water storm surge 5- 10 feet and damaging
4:26 pm
waveless. and the given the size of the hurricane tis likely that almost all of the southern two-thirds of the peninsula has a high chance of getting hurricane force winds. >> martha: do you have any idea what time it is it likely going to hit the wall where it makes the turn? >> we are forecasting the turn to occur and there is a lot of the colors here. but the turn is forecasted to turn tomorrow/tomorrow evening and the further west it goes. and the decrease and chances for severe decrease in the eastern part. but if the turn comes earlier, the risk is high for the eastern part of the state. we don't know where it will be. it is it extending 50 mimes on either side. we'll have to watch and see the details. >> i think up get used to the
4:27 pm
numbers we are hearing. >> martha: we heard 185 miles per hour and now 140 miles per hour. should we caution people against thinking that that is an improving situation? or one that is easier to weather? >> at this stage we are in borderline of 4 and 5. and still a threat as a category 4. at least at land fall and what that brings with it. the storm surge and this is example of what it looks like and what it can do. we have a hurricane warning in effect. and first time this year. storm surge warnings in for the florida coast and keys. and that is in the next 36 hours. that is incredible for all of
4:28 pm
these homes. and jose who is turn're churning out there and what is your forecast there? >> for it to remain off of the continental united states. there is a hit for the leeward islands ichlt've. at this point, we don't believe it will be a problem for the u.s. >> martha: looking at the storm surge and winds and cars that are covered on these roads. it is really incredible to watch this thing play out. when you guys are watching it at the national hurricane center. you are comparing it obviously to the ones that came before and trying to get a handle on it, right. and what occurs is slightly dependent on the elevation and coastline look like. we are heading for one of the most vulnerable spots in the
4:29 pm
u.s. florida key and florida peninsula. ed, thank you for much. the folks who watch it all for us. and more irma coverage. that is south beach florida as they wait for this and people on the beach despite the governor's pleas for everyone to evacuate these areas. they want close to 6 million people to leave florida. governor huckabee and karl rove are here to talk about what is going on tonight and personal stories working through administrations covering storms like this. and also a man who did helicopter rescues during katrina and will be here on the challenges of what lies ahead on hurricane irma. >> it is scary and not knowing what you will come back. for the holidays, we get a gift for mom and dad. and every year, we split it equally. except for one of us. i write them a poem instead!
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4:34 pm
broward county. it is second most populs county. and did they listen to the mayor. she joins me by phone. i know it is a busy time obviously. how convinced are you that people heeded the warnings? >> right now the shelter capacity doubled and tripling and i think that people are evacuating. and the occupiancy is going up quickly. so our capacity is increasing and we have capacity of 33000. and we have opened up enough shelters and 18, 5000 and we are confident that people are listening and we hope that everyone in the evacuation zones have moved out. >> martha: what is your personal feeling and you hear dire predictions and you have been through hurricanes before. but the way you talk about this one and you look at the screen
4:35 pm
and no one knows what it will be like? >> this is a bigger storm than what we are used to. bigger than andrew and wilmaand we saw the damage from those two storms and right now, we are just hoping that early preparation will pay off in terms of saving live and keeping people safe. >> martha: are you evacuating or staying in your home. >> right now working at the eoc until they kick me out. and once they are closed down, i will go home with my kids and we have hurricane proved our house and i have my supplies since last week and in am ready to weather the storm. >> i hope they have a lot of cots in the eoc and people are going to want to hear from you as it moves forward. in terms of the federal response, we heard from the president today. he said they are as well
4:36 pm
prepared as they can be. do you feel that around you and that support? >> yes. i feel that we are absolutely ready for this. broward county has prepared for this a long time. our staff and first responders and our emergency operation crew. they are ready and i think broward cooperate is ready to weather the storm. >> we are looking at pictures of shelter and people setting up beds. and tell me about the school and gyms or churches. where are they? >> our shelters are schools right now. and we have capacity to go over that. right now we are using the schools. they are in the central room and windows blown out and obviously in the center of the buildings is the safest place, right?
4:37 pm
>> we don't have window it is blow out. we have safe school and used them previously in other hurricane and they can with stand this and build to withstand hurricanes and so i think we are fine in broward. >> martha: hospitals were one of the scariest things we watched. people in nursing homes in houston and they were up to the waist in water in wheel chafers. do you have facilities that are infirm and sick in the hospital? >> we have given a.m.le opportunity for the facilities that felt like they needed to evacuate to evacuate. we have taken on the special needs population early. we have transported hundreds of special need adults to our special neileds shelter and kids to the hospital. i think we are good there and we'll be okay. >> martha: nice to talk you to
4:38 pm
barbara, we are watching so many officials up and down the state of the florida and they have had experiences before and they have watched what happened with harvey in texas and they are getting ready and they are nice in deer field beach, florida. bullpen the next 24- 36 hours will get ugly as we watch for the second time in two weeks, a major hurricane back-to-back hitting the united states. our nation's leaders are coming together in this time. watch this. thank you, thank you, thank you. >> martha: governor mike huckabee and karl rove and they will have personal stories. stay with us. >> it is it a jiept storm and mother nature and no one knows what is going to happen. yeah, i have had sleepness nights. doctors trust. nexium 24hr is the number one
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>> i stayed there through five hurricane and did very well. the house is built like a fortresses. >> so you are ready. >> i am ready. >> martha: gr good for him. that is one of the many florida residents who are not leaving and there is concern about the construction cranes. more than two dozen are in place due to the booming real estate market and there are concerns that the heavy pieces of medal can go flying through the air. that is the back story, hi, steve? >> reporter: marta the winds are picking up in biscayne and a few dozen people are deciding to ride the storm out. there is concern about the giant construction cranes. that is it a good sign for miami real estate and they each weigh
4:44 pm
30000 pounds and the concern is they could topple. and that is built to withstand 145. people are took to seek shelter in the stair well of the buildings. there are concerns about the toppling. that might seem dramatic, but the present damage is mundane. that comes from storm courage and could be several feet. 90000 people are under evacuation unders and for those who haven't evacuated. the concern is storm surge and if you haven't left we can't safe you. dire warnings in the low- lying miami beach. back to you. >> martha: we have so many
4:45 pm
people dealing with car situations in houston where they were swept away in the cars and i sincerely hope we'll not see that in miami. thank you, steve. we'll check back with you later. 5.6 million people have been asked to evacuate florida. one quarter of the state's population. and we saw in the caribbean results can be catastrophic and hurricane irma claim would more than 25 lives. joining me is a e tired coast guard pilot who made rescues with katrina in 2005. i should stay tonight, and thank you for being with us. what goes through your mind and what do you think will be the biggest need? >> it is good to be with you. well, the biggest issue with this one is following the track whether it goes east or west.
4:46 pm
and as it follows the track depending on the strength it loses. and a lot of these initial impact from the other hurricanes that i have seen. the initial impact. storm surge washes everything away. and if you are on the immediate coast of impact what you are looking at will be washed away and you will see nothing but sand and foundations and following that. typically what we see when we come in areas that are washed out. that goes on for a few miles and then you see something that is not talked about a lot, all of the tornados. there is substantial amount of tornados and you can see it from the air where they come in and
4:47 pm
they are sporatic and i am not a meteorologist, but as soon who sees it, you don't see a specific pattern other than you can track where the path was, because they were in the northwest quadrant as the storms progresses inland. >> martha: that is fascinating. and i remember with houston, the talk of tornados spinning off and looking at the damage from the homes, it looks like a tornado plowed through them. and that's what people will have to endure in the second stage hit from the process from what you are telling me. thank you, john mi son who saved people's live in katrina. and we'll need that. and there is a historic political effect. all five former presidents are
4:48 pm
launching a relief effort for the hurricane. governor mike huckabee and karl rove and sharing their perspective on natural disasters when we come back. like saving% on redhead camo tech hoodies. save $20 on a muddy 10 megapixel game camera bundle. and save $50 on lacrosse alpha lite rubber boots -- at bass pro shops. no need with thending app when on the lot, scan a vin to pull up all the info you need to help get the price you want. start scanning today. what comes to mind when you think about healthcare? understanding your options? or, if you're getting the care you need? at, you can find helpful information about healthcare options.
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>> martha: bracing for irma's impact and in texas working on harvey. the five living form presidents teamed up for hurricane relief. watch this. >> hurricane harvey brought terrible destruction and brought out the best in humanity. >> as former presidents, we want our fellow americans to recover. >> as far as texas we are doing just that. >> people are hurting down here. but as texanses put it. we have more love in texas than water. >> we love you, texas. >> and we have mike huck sxhuk karl rove. gentlemen, welcome. always nice to see that, governor huckabee. >> it is nice to see it especially when things are
4:53 pm
polarized politically. they show there are some things americans can rise above. it is refreshing and i hope congress watches this and realizes now is the time to put small things aside and do something big for the americans. >> martha: carl, your thoughts. we were in houston together the other day and there is a concern that all of the attention turns to florida and they will need help, too. >> both florida and texas will need america's help. and i thought it was terrific. bush 41 arranged for a special account so that 100 percent goes to the relief. they covered the overhead and that is it a magnificent way for americans helping someone in need. 100 percent goes to help. >> martha: what happens after this and harvey is sort of in that stage right now, some
4:54 pm
people get the money they need and three churches in houston, governor, that are suing fema because they want to know why as a church that serves the public and anybody that walks in the door and times like these, they are not allowed to get money from fema. but a stamp or bike club can apply. but the church can't. you think that will hold up for them? >> i think it will. separation of church and state is not a constitutional phase. and the government can't invoke itself in the church. but it doesn't prohibit the church from being part of the public square. it says if you are religious, you don't belong in public forum. that is absurd. it is the religious people on the front lines of recovery and rescue. i hope it gets resolved. we have taken it too far and
4:55 pm
made it where you can believe anything but you can't believe in god or the government punishes for it. >> martha: carl, your thought on that before we go? >> there was a court case involved a religious institutions in missouri in which the supreme court 7- 2 held that application of federal law to discriminate against faith- based institutions is not unconstitutional. fema has not updated their rulings. i hope they do. senator ben sass was the head of luther an and he laid out the case. i agree with governor huckabee. the law was changed by the supreme court and the rule and regulations of the federal agencies should be changed as well. >> martha: it is something to think about. good to see you, guys, we'll be back with more on the story. ♪ what did you think when i asked you these questions?
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>> martha: we continue with our complete coverage of hurricane irma. we'll be live 24- 7 here on and on line as the historic storm makes landfall. our thoughts are with our friends and family in florida. tucker is next. >> tucker: this is a fox news alert. hurricane irma less than two days from making landfall in florida. it could be one of the biggest and tev stating of our lifetime. fox's team of reporters and meteorologist are spread out over florida. we'll take you to an advisory coming from the national hurricane center who are delivering a live update at this moment. we'll go there now. >> good evening, this is the 8:00 p.m. update on hurricane irma. irma is remaining a dangerous


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