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tv   Cavuto on Business  FOX News  September 9, 2017 7:30am-8:00am PDT

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start thinking about could be a humongous for the economy here. the great news is the state is always come back as a magnet for big visitors as well is people coming to live here. once we get past this. a big bill that if there is a lot of destruction we will come back and will come back better than ever. 13million more floridians consent and there is a great many who you don't remember a severe storm. so does that added to a sense of complacency are what we don't need to worry about. look at horton how much orlando has built up in that time. what you think. people know when i see.
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they are risking life and limb and i don't think they know that so hopefully there is not too many of those people because i have to tell you i had been in some of these hurricanes i was down at andrew and with a bunch of buddies that went down to volunteer. it was obliterated and nobody expected that. when don came up nobody knew because it came through the night. and then helicopters went up and they cannot see anything. except a bunch of destruction. hopefully this is different this time. hopefully people got it. i've a feeling outside of that. it is just amazing. some people will just do anything. thank you be safe. a heads up of florida. a political storm is already brewing over the presidents deal with democrats to make sure that those who are getting hurricane relief that the relief. it was a given that they would. a florida congressman on the deal that was made to make sure that they would. after this.
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this shows what cities are directly affected right now. the tampa area though is bracing for the worst. that is causing some concerns. the fears on what they're doing doing. right now we are with tampa fire chief just about 12 hours ago you thought the city was on the right side of the storm and i you're bracing for the worse. you worst. talk to us about that. earlier we are looking at some ex- significant wind for the most part i having to deal with the tremendous amount of storm surge as long as the storm stated to the east of us. our most recent forecast has given us the indication that it is moving a more west, northwest projection which is
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at this point is going to definitely present our worst nightmare. our worst concern was that only the wind damage but now we can have to deal with this significant storm damage as well. first the wind and then the storm. and up to a 13-foot storm surge here in tim which would put the entire city underwater. it would deftly put everything in zone a and zone fee. with that type of storm surge that would always go all the way over to our beta bear area and the south tampa area. it would deftly be in paired in a specific way. when is a lesson they faced it. we had have some very decent rain amounts but nothing of this significance that i can remember. you are just pointing out this area behind us. it faces a severe threat. that is the concern that we have. with the storm traversing up
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this way on the west coast. not only again the pushing all of the high wind volumes but actually drafting and pulling all of this water in and were talking were talking up to 13 feet of water. to really come over the tampa bay area. what are your message to people that are here right now. words can stick it out. >> if you are going to stick it out make certain that your area that you're sticking it out and is totally secure and you have provisions for at least three days for everyone in your home. also once the wind conditions and the situation gets so adverse that emergency responders cannot come out and that's anything in excess of 39 miles per hour will not be able to come aid and assist you. if you cannot evacuated and you have not you need to have already done that. if not you need to get ready for the worst.
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>> a short while ago the governor saying if you're not on the road by nude the do not go. thank you very much. what thing i would notice in all of these spots that we have. all over florida. is how close structures are to the waters edge. whether that is a change or that is just representing the attraction and the appeal of florida itself. so many of these structures within feet of water that will rise no matter where you are. in the state. the read on all of that from florida congressman ron desantis. it represents the greater jacksonville area. i note that these are trying circumstances but it would not take much for even the slightest storm surge since so many businesses and homes and et cetera are within feet of the water themselves.
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just there when were looking at the tampa area and beyond. the structures that are right there on the water. susceptible to a whole of stuff. >> i grab in the tampa bay area. it is just the peninsula. and then you have the bay. so a direct hit on the area you are to see massive storm surge. you will see water everywhere. it will be a big disaster i'm hoping it's interesting 72 hours ago you had people evacuated from the miami area to the west coast of florida because of the storm track was rushing the east coast of florida. now it's moved so far west of the people on the west coast there now try to get out of dodge. i'm hoping that it moves out to the golf but obviously you can't assume that. you have to prepare and take care of yourself. if you are in some of those are your eyelids and southwest florida in the west coast of florida you have to heed the
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warnings in the evacuation's orders if you are in naples you can get interior in the county in a shelter there and be fine but if you are staying out there so close to the water as you mentioned that is where the storm surge can just be deadly. obviously your state regardless is get any a lot of help regardless afterwards. congress is extending this. that will also be your mark. for florida. the point i raised with the former governor jed bush yesterday. he just didn't like what was tied to it. >> i think fema has been very responsive i appreciate the fact that congress appropriated the money that is necessary to keep this going forward.
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i'm not a big fan of that. i love to see the $1,920 of debt be dealt --dash mike dealt with. and he it has to be a priority. what he was saying many of the conservative colleagues. they voted against this measure. i know you couldn't vote in your district helping folks what did you think of that. >> emergency relief should be emergency relief. and something that if something should and night the congress. people need to be in there. what they have done as they have allowed you to now go on a smart phone and apply for individual assistance and that gets process and the money
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gets out the door. that was always such a struggle with fema so they are actually doing better on that front end consequently on the fiscal side i just means that disaster accounts get depleted quicker. i think what your colleagues are saying. and up or down vote on this would have been approved attaching it to hiking the debt ceiling. when you had voted against this. the issue as people are criticizing the president for doing the deal and i understand that. they wanted to tie it together but do a two-year debt increase which could've been trillions and trillions of dollars the president between those two choices he actually picked the choice that could lead us into december. were we could have a debate into spending.
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i was disappointed to see how that happened when we were there earlier in the week. no one was really even talking about that. i was a little surprised that it went out that way. this could clear the deck for talking about the tax reform and tax cuts. it might be able to. i think he wants to deal with the storms he is doing a great job. he's giving us all the support we need think is tweet the other day. the taxi from now. you can't wait until the fall. we won't do it by thanksgiving. you know in washington speed. if you say you don't buy that doesn't mean it doesn't get done until next year. i think it's a very important that want to get a good taxi from package. but we have to make it retroactive to january 1. i don't think they are going to do that. i think that is a type a
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here is a reminder. they are telling people who are to evacuate in harm's way. he is heeding his own advice. he is evacuating his own home along the coast. he's trying to help them deal with this monster. governor scott very good to have you. how are you holding up and how is estate holding up.
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we have the support of the federal government. 7,000 members of that national guard. the most important thing right now is every floridian has to leave that to get to a friends house. don't be sitting in an evacuation zone. they will see significant storm surge we already know that the florida keys our getting hit with the winds this is can be a devastating storm. the path can change. the path of this.
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they are telling them why they should evacuate. here is what is different it's bigger and way bigger than andrew but also different is the amount of storm surge. we could see as much as 12 feet of storm surge this would be waters russian and three house up to 12 feet tall and then rushing out. your neck and survived that. in your house might not survive that. if you are in an evacuation zone you need to get up and get to a shelter we are working on continuing to open up shelters. they're open and 70 more shelters today. well have a place for you to go but you better make that decision to go. he just sent out a reminder to floridians obviously not just the rain in the breath of the storm.
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they argued to be substantial and the winds can do a great deal about it. they make the structures more hurricane resistant. this is a strong category four. everybody has to understand we will see unbelievable wins. this will impact in both coasts. east coast in the west coast. but i think that thing i think that is really surprising is the storm surges. people are just not used to it. they didn't see and injure and we will see that. they are going back out. we are a tough state. estate. we have wonderful people.
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we need a thousand nurses in shelters. we've a lot of special needs. we need a thousand nurses. i'm working today to get a thousand nurses into our special needs shelter. i talked to a number people. they are in high rises either along the coast are close to the coast. it's not as if my building is going to be destroyed. that might be vulnerable. what do you tell them. don't risk your life. i can't imagine losing one of my family members. don't spirit the expense of the safety.
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the shelters and save locations. everybody has a place to go. can i give you the using that. anybody that can volunteer to help our special needs. .. >> they're going to give me
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all the resources they need and fema is here and they're in a state of emergency and they're in county operations centers and they've committed all the resources they have. this is going to be-- my first goal is i want to keep everybody safe. my second goal, we've got to clean everything up, we've got to get everybody back to their jobs and get everybody's power back and back to normal life as quickly as we can. neil: all right, governor, a herculean task and you're up to it, as you say, your residents are hearty. and thank you very very much, be well. >> thank you very much. neil: and florida governor rick scott. we're going to get an update from the national hurricane center, we'll take you live there in 30 seconds or so. i want to let you know about the timing of the storm and where it is. they don't know for sure, we could get an update from the national hurricane center, but it's skewing more to the west side of the state. you're given the narrative, the
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florida up in the panhandle it's going to be severe no which way it cuts and the fact that it's veering more to the west doesn't mean that the east is off the hook, just that they are more prepared now on the west for a direct hit than for the east. it will encompass the entire state. in fact, this thing is so big, it would cover georgia and south carolina as well. one of the largest storms let alone most powerful to hit the region. now the latest from the national hurricane center. they're not quite going to that. phil keating is in the middle of this and preparing for what could be an updated or at least a western-skewed storm. phil, that could change dynamics a little bit, but that doesn't mean that those on the east side are out of harm's way. >> very importantly accurate right there, neil. a lot of people here who did not


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