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tv   Fox News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX News  September 10, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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important, forward speed of the storm has gotten faster. it was moving at nine miles an hour before forward progress. now it is moving north at 12 miles an hour. 12 miles an hour, irma on the move. >> 2:00 in southwest florida and now waits for hurricane irma to strike. shepard smith in new york. fox news channel continuing coverage of the storm. heading in the northwestern direction, but about four hours ago due north and it is traveling now. that means most likely southwest collier county, marco island will be impacted. let's go for the live update of the hurricane center in miami. >> mark demaria but the national hurricane center. the maximum winds are now 100 miles per hour, still remains a category -- category
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three hurricane. only 30 miles north at 12 miles per hour. we can see it is really closing in on the marco island region. the radar imagery is a very bright red area that indicate the northern high wall. they will be seen the full effects of the hurricane over the next couple hours. also seen significant effects we continue to see gust to hurricane strength in miami-dade and broward. at this point irma is at about latitude of miami n. the next couple of hours, we expect winds to turn around from southwest and we will see the wind threat to those eastern counties aside. there's long trailing rainfall so the rainfall threat is going to continue along the east coast
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well into tonight into tomorrow. the greatest hazard at this point is the storm surge. again with the system approaching naples area, 10 to 15 feet down to the southern tip of florida. and what we have seen so far which is a bit animus we still have offshore in naples, 4 feet from where it's supposed to be but as soon as that system switches around to the other side, that ocean will come back roaring back up. this will be happening within the next couple of hours. this is going to play out and this has a potential to be life-threatening and people need to stay where they are and be prepared for this in the next few hours. in the longer term, we have the forecast continuing to go up the west coast of florida, again, because of the large size of the system and what we are seeing in miami-dade and broward counties.
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we have hurricane warnings up for essentially the entire state of florida except the western panhandle. in terms of timing, the tampa area, we are looking still hurricane conditions, those peak and overnight hours, storm surge 5 to 8 feet in tampa area. there's also going to be significant impact of rainfall. people in the tampa-st. pete area need to be prepared for all of the threats from the hurricane, the winds, the rainfall and the storm surge. in the longer term, we will see this continuing up to northern florida in the monday time frame and then eventually reaching ree mississippi valley. at that point it will primarily be rainfall threat. again, we will have to keep an
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be prepared spreading in the northern area. >> before we talk more about that, we will, i want to show you a developing story. this is the southern tip of florida. this is hollywood, florida right here and hollywood international airport at interstate 595. tornado on the ground in this area around interstate 595 and i-95 and they're warning people in this area if you're in an around ft. lauderda lexer, take the -- fort lauderdale and take the kids with you, right now there's a tornado on the ground around fort lauderdale hollywood airport 595 or crosses the area
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of miami and fort lauderdale. in this area is where the tornado is. if you are there, seek shelter immediately. here is the update on the storm back to where it was. remember, it came -- the storm came ashore right here key west, down at the very end and moving north. northwest for a while. it's going now north. sped up to 12 miles an hour, i should say. the storm itself is due west of miami and due south of marco island. what's about to happen is the storm is headed right up towards marco, 12 miles an hour. you should be feeling hurricane forced winds in marco and everglades city up into the naples area and going to get progressively worst over the next couple of hours. it sounds like what we are talking about here is a direct hit. it's made first landfall down here and has made its way up this way and now into marco
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island. so if that is what happens and that's what they think is going to happen, it would continue up the peninsula and could put tampa and st. pete on this side of the storm. that would be better for tampa and st. pete. you still have the storm surge that would come from the back but you wouldn't have the dirty side, the wet side of the storm as they're going to get here in the naples and -- and everglades city area, marco island specially. we are expecting full 120-miles-per-hour winds. the storm has diminished in strength. 130 miles an hour for the last six hours, now 120 miles an hour and moving more quickly. the quicker you get it away from you, the better. they expect that the progress would increase and it has, 12 miles an hour head today -- headed to marco island and continue to work its way up the state. one thing they are saying at hurricane national center, it
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could take a north, northwest turn, if it does that, part of the eye could stay over the water. we don't want that, as much as you don't want any neighbors or anyone to get hit directly by this thing, the flooding in this entire region could be astronomical. the storm will begin -- if the eye goes over the land, the storm will diminish in strength fairly quickly. by the time it gets to tampa bay area it shouldn't be category 3 storm anymore. phil keaton in miami where the water had been rising, phil, any change? >> the water -- i don't think it has risen any further but i have to tell you along with the spotted tornado just north of us at fort lauderdale international airport up 595 winds are howling
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throwing debris, this is what we are standing upon. this is a major east-west route, city of miami down to the bridge to barrier islands of north bay village as well as miami beach. it's been about 24 hours now, the very first heavy bands of rain and wind first started coming in. they weren't this heavy then. it's been 24 hours and there's still going to be several more hours to go, my goodness, it's coming down. power outages, you mentioned that a few minutes ago, shepherd, 3.4 million estimated by florida power and light. duke energy which handles a lot of the utility up northern and central florida, they're estimating this will be a million of its customers without power and electricity at some point. this is going to be multiple millions of people in the state of florida alone who are going to be stuck for days likely without any electricity at home.
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this is why all city leaders, political leaders, emergency operation managers warn everyone who lives in florida, you have to have hurricane first aid kit and five day food. florida power and light has 17,000 workers all prepositioned. they are ready to go but they are not going yet. no one is going out fixing utility lines and replacing all the transformer that blew up overnight until after the storm passes. in the meantime, you can't drive on several roads, you shouldn't be driving at all for that matter. you see that car down off the road in the distance, the driver wasn't there an hour ago. that driver has now left the car, abandoned, stalled out, low-level car, not a high-lift car, so flooded out, now his car
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probably towed and ruined. so high tide is going on now. we are approaching the 6 hours in low tide. so there's another driver, he's got a pickup truck. he has more clearance. he can do it. but the winds and rains are howling right now just about as strong they have been throughout the entire hurricane irma episode impacting south florida. miami-dade county, broward county, palm beach county, this is probably near the end of the total experience for the east coast of florida. i mean, wear on the shorter side of the duration of it, but it's still not ending without a big ferocious punch, shep. >> phil keaton in miami.
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i want to go to south florida now. it now appears that hurricane irma packing 120-miles-per-hour cat 3 winds is headed on a direct course to marco island. dave is riding out the storm in marco island, he says his home is 150 yards from the water. dave, how are you and who is with you? >> i'm fine, thank you, and i'm by myself. my wife and dog and mother-in-law evacuated yesterday. >> do you have electricity? >> actually i don't have electricity. i have a generator that powers the house. [inaudible] >> marco island has been in the cone of possibilities for this storm. it wasn't the most likely track and now that this appears this is a marco island event how concerned are you? >> well, obviously i'm as concerned as everyone is. it's going to be a serious
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storm, but -- the government did a great job offering us alternatives, where to go, shelters, et cetera. i just felt that my safest place was in my home. >> why was that, sir, why was that, dave? >> well, i feel my home is prepared for it. we built it in excess of the specs, hurricane in florida and i think somebody needs to be here after it happens. there's a lot of friends in our area that are staying as well and hopefully assistance. >> you're planning to be a hepper in -- helper in the recovery. >> hopefully. >> if there's any good news, the maximum sustained winds have gone down, it's no longer a category 4 storm but a very strong category 3 at 120 miles
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an hour, that could devastate much of marco island. certainly they are concerned with the storm surge, the flooding that comes with that. we now have a report out of cujo key where this first made landfall, 10-foot storm surge, marco island, i don't believe there's a point in marco island that has more than 10 feet of elevation does it? >> yeah, actually the first little bit area of my house is 12 feet above -- aboveground level because of building standards being close to the water, you can't develop in the first floor. i will definitely have storm surge but as far as the main structure of the house, it shouldn't make it through. >> the picture we were showing was the house where the storm
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came ashore this morning and clearly they needed those stilts. i remember living in the coast in florida for so many years and every time a storm would come along, my mom who wasn't really young anymore, she would pack out plastic boxes, not wanting to but feeling like he shad to because it's so scary sometimes as the storm is coming through, the noises and the shaking of the house, it will really put the fear of god in you. >> yes, it does and to answer your question, in our development i think there's probably a dozen people -- [inaudible] >> well, we wish you all the best dave who has been riding it out in marco island, with the storm two or three hours from now. it's possible that the eye of the storm would be right over his home. i hope you keep in touch.
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don't do anything to keep yourself in danger, we will be thinking about you. i want to get to senior meteorologist janice dean, live in weather center. we are looking for something good, that something good. janice: well, i do think that for the duration of the storm we will see weakening pattern. that does not put the storm surge out of the risk. the national weather center keeps say to go us rainfall threat and hurricane force winds and tornadoes which i'm going talk about. the biggest threat for the west coast of florida is the storm surge, shepherd, that's not going change. we will be casting in the center of the storm right now as we expect it to continue northward pattern up to the coast of panhandle of florida. it could make multiple landfalls, that's the lowest pressure point once the center comes on shore. we may have multiple landfalls
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as the system moves northward but the big take away is the low-lying areas that could be inundated with a wall of water upwards of 15 meet and -- feet and that's the biggest concern for the region. we had potential for tornadoes and that's ongoing in the duration of the storm well into towards georgia as well as alabama, tennessee, kentucky, the potential of tornadoes, some of these are weak tornadoes but they can cause structural damage and rain rafts. you'll see them coming. that's why it's dangerous in the hours to come. thankfully we don't have tornado warning storms right now. if i could take a moment, five days ago the national hurricane center forecast, look at the cone and look at the center of the storm, right through the keys, and i will tell you that 7 days out, we always had this cone along the west coast and the keys, we also had it across the center of florida. so that cone of uncertainty is
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there for a reason. as we go further out in time, we don't quite know where the center is going to come on shore, but i have to tell you, this was a darn-good forecast. when it comes to intensity, category 3 storm and winds bumped down a little bit and we do see weakening pattern in the next several hours. naples, they are getting tropical force winds, they are about to get hurricane force winds in the next couple of hours. 80 miles from the center of the storm. tropical storm winds, the whole state of florida is going to feel very strong winds and the landfall, of course, was earlier this morning in the keys with maximum sustained winds of 120 miles per hour. miami 90 miles per hour au. lot of the areas are not reporting. storm surge, the deadliest part of hurricanes, this is the most of vulnerable areas. right now we are getting offshore winds, in some cases
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the water is moving away from these bays, the high tide coming in at 355 for naples and so storm surge is on top of dry land. when you have high tide, you have bigger storm surge with waving on top of that. so again, that's the take away. that's why this is so dangerous, forget about the category, forget about the winds right now. it's the storm surge. hurricane warnings for the whole state of florida, 18 million people affected. now we have hurricane warnings into georgia and first time ever for atlanta area. hurricane forced winds felt in much of the state and moving to georgia and alabama could potentially see the tropical storm force winds and certainly the effects from irma as we get into monday and tuesday. future radar a. as we go to 7:00 p.m., shepherd, potential landfall, potential landfall in
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tampa area and also see landfall again across the panhandle. landfall is the lowest pressure point when the center comes on shore. the worst of the winds and the rain and storm surge, northeast side of the storm. back to you. >> janice dean, janice, thanks very much. storm surge in naples and marco island, 10 to 15-inches -- let me check this. i just got this urgent from thee national weather service. 10 to 15 feet of storm surge expected in naples, marco island. that means 10 to 15 feet aboveground level and when it starts, they will rise rapidly. this is an urgent warning from the national weather service to prepare for that. the thinking is unless something changes, the storm will come ashore along marco island, head north, golden gates, north naples, estiro up to gateway and cape corral and fort myers area.
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>> 23 minutes past the hour,
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live pictures coming to us, these coming out of miami where roads are flooded and cars abandoned and the waters still rising. shot as well, lots of flooding there. the storm is headed north and the florida highway patrol sent out an urgent request for people not to get out on the roadways anywhere in the entire state of florida except maybe for over in far western panhandle, pensacola. stay off the roads. fhp says we are being tied up by traffic crashes that are happening when no one should be on the roads in the first place. it's putting their troopers in danger, they said we've had time to prepare for the storm, do not go out on the roads except in life-threatening emergencies, stay off the highway. so the storm is due south of marco island which is south, southeast of naples, which is where griff jenkins is now.
11:25 am
griff, the winds should be picking up there. >> that's right, shep, it's definitely picking up. the national hurricane center putting alert in 120-miles-per-hour sustained winds, the urgent message from the police is absolutely true. the live shot that we showed you a block off the beach, the we turned and got out of there because they've been warning, the storm surge comes very quickly but our drive here which is 3.1 miles east of the beach on vanderbilt bridge drive was a debris mine field. i want to show you. very common to florida are the root -- rooftops, taracota roof tops. we are 3 miles inland east of the ocean, the winds from
11:26 am
reports from the shot we showed you have now begun to shift and come onshore. that storm surge is coming up as soon as we saw the national weather report urgent warning that you saw. it also says get away from the water. this wind has become a wind factor and danger but the storm surge which come very, very quickly is going to absolutely make it a catastrophic live threatening situation for anybody along the water and the police said, you will be stuck in a terrible situation. the other thing that i would like to point out very quickly -- i'm sorry, shep. >> please continue. >> i apologize. i want to say one more thing, this lake is up and that's just a flooding from the simple amount of rainfall, a couple of
11:27 am
weeks ago naples got flooding, florida has lakes and waterways, the other part of problem is winds picking up here. >> i want to go down to miami real quick, another crane has collapsed. we told you about a crane collapse in downtown miami, now there's one, biscayne construction company, i believe, it is, it's biscayne boulevard and north 30th terrace. you see the pig -- pictures. they wanted to get them all down. it takes weeks to dismantle. this particular crane has broken off and apparently done damage to the building. when the last crane fell earlier today they asked residents to move to the center of the building but did not order evacuations and our understanding is that there are no evacuations being ordered at
11:28 am
this moment. as the storm was due west of miami about half an hour ago, it's moving to north at about 12 miles an hour. pretty soon the winds will change in southeast florida, the waters will begin to recede in miami-dade county, broward a little bit after that. all of miami-dade county schools are closed at least through tuesday, broward county schools closed until further notice and all of monroe county and the florida keys closed to the general public indefinitely until further notice. they told people who live there that have evacuated, do not come back, not until they can, they have to check structural buildings and that may take sometime. florida power and light warned that they expect 3.4 million people to be without power before the storm is over, they say it will not take days but weeks to return power into many
11:29 am
areas across peninsula and up into the northern part of the state. they say it'll take time and they have lots of help coming in from other regions but the expectation is 3.4 million people will lose power in the days to come. what is most vulnerable now? well, if you're talking about pinellas county, st. pierceburg, clearwater area, pinellas is low-lying and in hillsborough county, tampa bay, plant city, citrus and sun city, that hillsborough in a nutshell, areas that are of great concern, palmetto beach, port of tampa and palm river all in the st. pete vicinity. here is the more pressing matter, naples and collier county. the storm with maximum sustained
11:30 am
winds is heading directly in your direction and is expected to arrive there in the next couple of hours. we will have team fox coverage from across the region right after this. ♪
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shepard: continuing coverage of irma and tornado warning in boca raton north of fort lauderdale, home of atlantic university. tornado on the ground. authorities have warned people in the last two minutes. get to safe space. you're in boca raton, go to interior room inside a bathroom, under a stairwell, protect yourself as there is a tornado on the ground in boca raton right now. we also got an urgent message from the national weather service. this is to people who are in southwest florida, people in the naples and marco island area quoting here, water levels will
11:35 am
rapidly rise in a matter of minutes. urgent warning from the national hurricane center to anyone in naples and marco island. water will rise rapidly, move away from the water now. if you are in an area where you can get to a safer place away from the water, the storm surge is coming and the national hurricane center atlantic operations warns, get to -- move away from the water now as waters are going to rise rapidly. our steve harrigan is living that in naples, the storm a couple of hours now but the hurricane forced winds should be close, steve. >> reporter: shepherd, just as you mentioned, the danger of water rising, i can see around my feet the water here behind fifth avenue beginning to rise ankle level. it was with calm tone that in the naples area the storm is bearing down. the worst of it probably about
11:36 am
90 minutes out and it will carry with it life-threatening winds and life threatening storm surge, so it's really a dual punch. we have sustained tropical force winds but gusts. more and more as it piles up. much of the area is without power, 15,000 people without power. the area is in state of emergency, stay in your homes, first responders aren't going out. they are asking people to be patient and self-reliant to the next several hours. shepard, back to you. shepard: the meteorologist is talking about it and the very strong winds on the eye wall are beginning to get to marco island, listen. >> 120 miles an hour. we are seeing more and more of
11:37 am
the rain working its way through and embedded in the showers you start to get some of the stronger rain bends, earlier today we did have a number of the bands as they rotated through, we had a number of tornado warnings. that will continue to be the threat as we go through the rest of the afternoon and into tonight as you get very strong there, over on the eastern side of the state, we still continue to see a number of tornado warnings but we have to move young guard for that as we go through rest. shepard: i want to get to naples instead. fire chief in naples, how are things, are you ready there? >> yeah, thanks for having us, shepard. you are watch -- we are watching the report from steve. we are experiencing gusts at 120 miles an hour. shepard: your people aren't out and about, i hope?
11:38 am
>> no, we are doing nothing but staying in our stations. we do have reports of stations that are damaged so we are trying to make sure that we can assess our internal assets before we get out in the next 12 hours. shepard: back in dinosaurs time, when the storm stats coming, neopolitanes don't go running. >> unfortunately there's still a lot of people that are here and we are going to try to tend to them, unfortunately, right now we cannot make any headway out there in the streets. so we are asking everybody to find a safe place in their home and be with their families and we will get out as soon as we possibly can. shepard: we've just gotten video in. if you can take it in the control room. just east where steve is life in
11:39 am
gulf of mexico. folks say that they have never seen anything like this. the water is rushing like a river under there. >> yeah, i'm watching it actually what's happening in the way the storm surge would be worst after the eye passes because of the counterrotation and we are on the west side of the peninsula. what you're seeing is a lot of the tide waters moving out and then after the eye we are going to get the significant storm surge after. the district around naples, we are expecting 15 to 20-foot storm surge. shepard: marco island is down south from you, it sounds like if it holds and doesn't wobble, marco island will take this thing as a head-on and then will head up towards naples. i would guess an hour later it will be at you. do you have a sense of what's to come in 120-miles-per-hour winds in 20 feet storm surge?
11:40 am
>> our fire district sent to marco island bridge. we have contact with both of those folks. we are looking at 45 minutes after that. but a storm surge of 10 to 15 feet really can be life-threatening. we are anticipating major structures or loss -- loss to those structures and, of course, the increase in the height of waters is what's going to be absolutely catastrophic. you know very well that corridor of 41 and callier is very low and we don't have the title surge in yet. shepard: the idea of 10 to 15-foot storm surge aboveground level, not sea level, aboveground level across the whole region it's really stomach turning, it's hard to believe that this is actually happening. >> yeah, to put it in perspective, we have 15 fire stations in our district, last count we have about six of those who we had to via kate -- vacate
11:41 am
before the storm gets here because we will lose apparatus and half of the force has been moved to higher grounds. shepard: chief schuldt, we appreciate. >> keep first responders in prayers and thoughts. shepard: we always do. irma is on the way. new information coming in from key largo in upper keys and adam housely live, adam. >> yes, shepard, i know you reported or been reported that there's no longer basically an allowance to go out anywhere and shut the whole area because of bridge security. south of us in island morada, they had four boats, the water went over u.s. 1, they had boats on the interstate and had to go out and clear those to keep the
11:42 am
road open. they lost communications in evacuation centers in marathon. marathon took it really tough. we got it pretty good here and we weren't in the eye and neither were they but it took it pretty tough. they lost contact with one of the centers there and they've lost at least two police cruisers were flooded out and what marathon endured, shepard, won't be able to get out there as we are being battered by the storm, not as bad as an hour or two ago but we are getting pretty bad gust. shepard: after then it will hit naples we believe. the next stop is punta gorda. i hear the winds are picking up, jeff. jeff: here is the deal. i left in punta gorda, we made our way up. we are now in siesta keys, believe it or not. you know how far we are now,
11:43 am
look at the wind, look at what the wind is doing because of the counterclockwise ration. i know you saw the river being pushed back. that's pushing the waves back on the gulf. that's the good news right now, but you know when that thing comes passed us the opposite takes place and drives water on us and so, you know, look at how wide the beach is right now. this beach will disappear siesta key beach when the storm comes back around. shepard: viewers are looking for the moment at the radar, you see naples on the screen there and you see those orange bands right around the top of the eye wall, it doesn't say it on the map, but right there, that is marco island and right there it's getting its first hurricane force, 120, 110-miles-per-hour winds we presume but that's the worst of the storm just north to the east and hitting marco island and everglades city.
11:44 am
it's heading your way, jeff, that beach will be wet soon. jeff: oh, yeah, no question. i'm heading up tomorrow to be in tampa for fox business where we think it's going to be tomorrow and it's amazing to be this far away from it and still have these kinds of conditions, some indication of what you're dealing with. shepard: i can't thank you thuf, -- enough, receive. we see progress speeding up and changing things a little bit and the eye wall itself looks like it's going to be over marco island in just a matter of minutes. the outer eye wall is where the strongest winds are. see where the circle is, the blue circle, that's the eye, the yellow color around it and then the red on top of that. the red is the worst part. it's always just to the north and to the east or up and to the right of the leading edge of the storm and they've zoomed there and you see naples and moving to
11:45 am
marco island as we speak. what will happen, the thinking is continue north and if it does that, the eye will go over naples, part of the eye, western side of the eye which you can see is wobbly right now. the western side of the weigh will make its way over naples, in a few minutes if you're in marco island you need to stay inside and be safe. you should not go outside at the pretty day. it is what will come in just a matter of minutes and then you will get the backside of the storm. landfall is upon us coming up very soon. let's get to terry smith who is riding out the storm in boyton beach florida. how are things there? >> windy, rainy, scary but it's truthfully not as bad as we thought it was going to see. shepard: i was going to say, boyton beach, if you go to fort lauderdale, you get to delray and then after delray is boyton
11:46 am
beach, there was a time when they thought the storm was going in the east coast, you did get lucky? >> yes, we did. hail mary, whatever it is. if you look at the trees, they are really starting to bend. it's pretty rainy and i don't have to tell you it's stressful. shepard: i'm sure it is. do you have electricity and contact with all of your family? >> yes, we do. we haven't lost power, so all relative to what's going on all is really pretty good. hep shep where she is well north of south florida. i mean, it's still part of south florida but certainly the north end. >> right. shepard: terry, good luck to you. the storm is probably about to do west of fort lauderdale now. fort lauderdale, hollywood,
11:47 am
approaching, due west all the way across the state and it's a mess over there. listen. >> do not let up, easily 44-mile per hour winds. we have been listening to phil's forecast. we heard about the one that was just a while ago in fort lauderdale, hollywood international, it's only a few miles south of where we are now and then we've also, we've spun around on the island here to see some of the damage so far, it's really just at this point down trees, there's a few street signs that we have noticed have been knocked down, one power line we did see down so we went around that. it's a mess out here, though. little bit of street flooding in parts of the neighborhoods in fort lauderdale beach but not bad, nothing like steve is
11:48 am
saying is happening. [inaudible] shepard: we see pictures coming from fort lauderdale beach. we got an urgent warning. wellington, wellington is inland from lake worth, inland, west of west palm beach, southwest of west palm beach. tornado warning right now. there's been a lot of these. tornado warning for the next 12 minutes until 3:00 o'clock eastern daylight time. if you're in wellington area, royal palm beach, florida, waxahachie grove, there's a tornado on the ground right now. just pictures from fort lauderdale. they are continuing to wash things off as the storm, the leading edge of the storm is
11:49 am
over marco island now. we are waiting as janice was explaining earlier when the area of very lowest pressure comes across the land, that's when it's technically landfall. landfall technically happened this morning, a little bit after 9:00 o'clock in cudjoe key, in monroe county and then landfall is going to happen again we believe sometime soon in or about marco island. it isn't official yet but there are hurricane force winds there and we have some people who are riding out the storm there, some viewers, i want to go back to miami, it's hard to imagine, miami has been getting pounded for so many hours and wsvn is out. listen. >> let me turn the corner here so i can show you. look down the street and you can hear how strong the wind is and that's what's causing the storm
11:50 am
surge. let me bring you to the corner here on 13th and biscayne boulevard. this is what i have been wanting to show you for the little while. we showed it to you about an hour ago, look at the situation now where it's completely run over by water, a very dangerous situation too. you see the power line that is went down over there and this area because@unrecognizable -- because it's unrecognizable right now, that's the interchange before the american airlines arena and phil is saying that even though we are at the tail-end of the storm, these are some of the strongest winds i have felt in the last two days of covering this. so perhaps irma leaves, irma leaves our area, one final push in and this isn't high tide. shepard: news station in south
11:51 am
florida there in miami, another tornado warning, palm bay, melbourne, east of orlando, palm bay, melbourne titisville area. larry is with us, chairman of the city council in marco island, florida. are you still in marco island, larry? >> yes, sir, i am. shepard: how are things there? we are very worried about you. >> thank you for concerns. i think we will be okay. we don't know, we are anticipating a major storm surge as you know of possibly frightening proportions, that won't be for another two or three hours. right now we are going through the northern part of the eye wall of the hurricane which is severe enough but things seem to be okay. shepard: eye wall is over you,
11:52 am
soon you should have clear skies and calm winds if only for a short period of time. >> yes, sir, that's correct. >> have you ever been in the eye of a hurricane before? >> i personally have not. shepard: i wonder what it feels like as first-timer, in the most powerful thing mother nature has to give. >> you're right, we spent at least two weeks worrying about that and really worrying mostly about what we are going to do after this thing passes through in the next 6 to 10 hours, what is the storm surge going to be like, what is it going to leave behind and what to do about the residents who did not take voluntary and mandatory requests for evacuation. how are we going to get to them, we have made preparations in terms of obtaining water creaft -- craft and we have first
11:53 am
responders and that's what we are worried about. we can handle the property damage. shepard: i would guess that if this storm continues on track, 120 miles an hour winds, that's hard for anybody to take. marco island such a beautiful place with towering buildings and gorgeous beaches. i hate to even think about it, phil, larry, what it's going to look like tomorrow. >> and we do too but our beaches are our pride and joy, of course, and they will be renourished, if it comes to that. our beautiful buildings most of them on the gulf are hurricane-rated and are likely to survive except for the damages that may come from storm surge. it's the inland house that is -- houses that we are worried about that. many of them are not been brought up to current hurricane codes. those are the ones that we are worried about. shepard: larry, i can't thank
11:54 am
you enough. we are thinking about you and we will be watching. >> thanks for your wishes, shep. shepard: now category 3 storm, 120 miles an hour. you just heard from larry on marco island that the outer band, the strongest part of the eye wall, strongest part of the eye wall now hitting in marco island, the forecasters of the national hurricane center informed us it will remain powerful hurricane as it moves in florida coast, it may stretch up the water, may go up the land, but phil keaton is in miami, all these hours and still going. >> still going, in the last several minutes the heavy pounding rains have finally stopped, clearly not the wind. i'm being pounded by flying debris. not good at all. as you can see, still covered in
11:55 am
water, began with storm surge which coincided about 12:30 eastern with high tide and the rains and the rains have just kept coming and so in my opinion the storm drains shouldn't handle the incoming flux of water after we are basically full from the storm surge itself. the driver of the car, the only one we know of, certainly there's got to be others around town tried to go through deep water, main cause east and west from the city of miami, biscayne boulevard, famous roadway, east over across the bridge to barrier islands, that is not a safe drive to do whatsoever right now. this right here is just one of two parts of the roadway that are under multiple inches of water, sometimes it gets all the way near the top of your hard tire and that car clearly does not have enough clearance, driver got picked up by good
11:56 am
samaritan or friend in a white van. the debris is just continuing. winds have not subsided but everyone certainly hoping they will. the city -- the county rather, the mayor had news briefing update because so many roads are impassable because of not only water but also debris, all the branches and down power lines as well as multiple intersections, numerous intersections where the traffic signals are in and out operating anymore. he has ordered another curfew tonight 7:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. tomorrow. they don't want anyone on the road no matter what. not a lot of people on the roads anyway. we have hardly seen any people outside but we have seen a couple. people will be danger lovers if they want but this is really life-risking without a doubt. power outage still a major
11:57 am
problem, the county major just said that according to florida fire and -- power and light, three quarters don't have electricity. the utility companies have prepositioned all kinds of crews to replace the blown out transformers, down power lines but 17,000 plus another 5,000, how fast can they do for this entire state when this is said and done with. it'll be days and days without power for so many people, millions. shepard: phil keaton. 1.8 million without power initially now, they are expecting 3.4 million. the storm is heading northbound, naples and collier. continuing north to charlotte
11:58 am
county. eventually to orlando and tampa region. bill hammer in orlando. bill. >> you move to tallahassee, jacksonville, atlanta, who know what is the damage is inland. we have been talking to a lot of people who have had to leave their homes amid anxiety and inside of a hotel here, shepard, in orlando, they are watching weather center and fox news and they are trying to keep the kids entertained and this is happening in hotel after hotel after hotel throughout this entire state and not just there. there are shelters, hundreds of shelters that have been set up, there were tens of thousands who have taken shelter there on behalf of the florida state governor who was urging people to find these shelters if they needed them and they're waiting
11:59 am
this out, but for so many people who left miami u many of them went to tampa and now they are waiting for the storm to arrive in tampa. we talked to a gentleman yesterday, we drove last wednesday to palm beach, picked up 65-year-old mother, drove the tampa to escape the storm, now they are riding it out and hoping for the best as irma comes their way. it's going to get worse in orlando. it's just a question of time right now. back to you. shepard: bill hemmer live. these are live pictures coming into us now from naples and naples is just, you know, 45 minute drive north from marco island on the normal day. we have been watching this one live shot with the flag -- the flag was waving proudly and irma has beat it up a little bit such as the nature of things these days, naples and all of collier
12:00 pm
county is about to get taste of what the storm is all about. the eye wall coming across marco island and surely in marco island, florida they will be ine eye of the storm of hurricane irma. it's 3:00 o'clock in southwest florida i'm shepard smith, fox news continuing coverage of hurricane irma. the storm is moving now at 12 miles an hour in a northward direction. minimum pressure 936, so decreasing in strength if ever so slightly and the maximum sustained winds 120 miles an hour which makes this a powerful category 3 storm and major hurricane that's now bearing down on marco island, everglades city, naples and generally collier county before heading north to the state of florida, janice


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