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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  September 12, 2017 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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certainly you, shannon. hope to see you back in new york. as cove coverage continues. >> shannon: be safe. others states effected. in the meantime "happening now" starts right now. >> we continue with a fox news alert on the irma recovery efforts as folks in some of florida's harvardest hit places get their first look at what is left of their homes and businesses. good morning to you i'm jon scott. >> >> melissa: i'm mel francis. staggering debris and water everywhere. water has been restored to more than a million people across the state. governor scott admits that recovery is going to be a long road, especially for the keys. where hemmer first made landfall. but it's not the only area the monster storm ravaged as jacksonville now struggles to recover from the first flooding it has ever seen, more than 300 people had to
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be rescued. the mayor saying it could take weeks for all the water to subside. but the mandatory evacuation just lefted there. and some folks in the you were keys also getting the green light to go back home to survey the damage from the killer storm. but not everyone can get back. >> hurricane passes and we put all our faith in these hurricane passes. and these hurricane passes are worthless if we can't get in. >> jon: we have team fox coverage with peter doocy live in jacksonville. first though, let's check in with adam housley live in key largo in the northern keys. adam? >> yeah, jon. a good sign right behind me, in fact, in the maybe last 15 minutes or so a bunch of utility trucks have come in. one of the cranes has gone up. one of the boxes gone up, actually survey and hopefully fix. so lines around here. i don't know where the folks are from. i haven't had a chance do go
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across the street how quickly they came. in big crane in michels on them. you are also seeing in front of that all the traffic heading southbound on the highway here. you will see a mix of people rushing home along with all sorts of supply chains. i have seen big rigs carrying water, tractors coming. in tractors driving by themselves down the street. i known, just about anything you might expect coming to help people. trucks pulling generators, boats. these are the folks coming back to find their houses, to see how they fared and also see how people helping them at the same time. the bridge opening up here at 7:20 this morning. that's when the first people were allowed. in i'm seeing air operations as well. the coast guard is now up in the air. you can't see it because unfortunately it's behind our camera. the marine says they are going up today. army is going up today and u.s. and border customs sending um black hawks as well. all here to help the recovery process. now, there has been some reports of about 10,000 evacuations being needed from here in the keys. i can tell from you talking to monroe county officials.
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they don't know where that's coming from. there are people that need help here. areas need to be searched. they tell us that they have not put that number out there. in fact they think that number is completely false. we are getting some mixed information coming from some of the reports. monroe county says, you know, can you go with what we are telling you which is we do need recovery. we do need a supply chain here. we do need to do some door-to-door in some places. it's not as dire as some people have reported. again, to my right, you are looking over here. the hospital i'm told here is still not open. we saw the ambulances still parked as well. they are not yet running. the sheriff's department is in full operation mode throughout monroe county even though they actually lost a couple of their units that got flooded out and that guy is compleerl headed to some place fast. a lot of recovery but there is some good news and glimmers of hope here. heat index more than 100 degrees the heat index. still no gas stations or stores open because power is spotty at best. cell service spotty at best. water spotty at best. those wanting to come back here to the keys are coming
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to help, make sure you are self-contained. there is no timetable we have been given on when that stuff will start to return. jon. >> jon: i was frankly surprised traffic is light as it is but just getting gas it get down there can be a problem. >> absolutely. look at my right right here. here is a part of the problem. here is a gas station over there valero beat up pretty good. a couple of pumps might be bent. i'm not sure that will have to be inspected before they can put fuel back. in a lot of the the gas stations sold all the fuel they had until the very end last week. here comes some more utility trucks right now, guys. see how they are coming in like this. this really started. we saw a couple of convoys last night. i took individual overthe i council i have coming. in we believe it was from california, we are told filled with water and stuff. in the last maybe hour, the traffic has ticked up significantly. you are seeing even more scenes like that where those are the power company trucks. i'm not sure where they are from. and you are seeing that intermixed with people that are clearly coming back home. and you have to have, obviously identification to show you live here to come
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back. but it's been good. people are honking and giving us thumb's up. keys known for being own republic down here. they are very resilient people. the building process has started by hand. our hotel where we got beat up pretty good people out there just by hand pulling branches away and clearing things out and try to get back to normal as soon as possible. >> jon: all right, adam housley there in key largo where things are slowly starting to roll. thank you, adam. irma unleashing record breaking flooding in jacksonville turning streets into rivers. leaving a lot of the roadways still blocked off today. >> melissa: historic flooding also triggering hundreds of rescues for folks stukd in their water logged homes. more people could still need help. >> we need to know how are, where you are, and our people we will come get you. we want to make sure all of the people in our city are safe. >> melissa: more team fox coverage now with peter doocy who is live in
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jacksonville. peter, what's the latest? >> mel, the latest is that officials in jacksonville have lifted the mandatory evacuation order for neighborhoods in low lying areas along the st. john's river that overflowed in its worst way since 1846 yesterday. but just because the evacuation order has been lifted doesn't mean that there is really any way for a lot of these people to get home. there is a sidewalk over there. the street is even further. there is at least a foot of water in dozens of homes down that way. we're told that the water here and in other places like it may be around for as long as a week before it recedes. and residents are telling us that it rose a lot faster than they have ever seen. >> we woke up, it was almost over the curb which is a good, i would say, 60 feet at least from the lake and it was elevated to. give you a sense, i think we are about 10 feet above sea
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level and our porch, our house, and it was lapping at our driveway. it really, really came up incredibly quickly overnight. i think a lot of people woke up to that and, you know, i think that's why you had a lot of water rescues. >> there were 356 rescues yesterday. some done by coast guard teams. others from the jacksonville fire department which says swift water rescue teams responded to 75 different emergencies in 15 different neighborhoods in jacksonville. the sheriff's office is already urging people to take evacuation orders more seriously next time. but jacksonville mayor lenny curry told me late last night some residents may not have known they lived in evacuation zone. others may not have thought the storm was much of a threat here because the track kept taking the eye further and further west. but it did hit jacksonville hard. so a lot of people don't have lights or airconditioning or water today. that's why the city of jacksonville has offered bottles on twitter. they wrote water distribution for citizens
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greatly impacted by hurricane irma 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. while supplies last. they added a link where people can go to pick theirs up. this was not isolated incident in jacksonville. it was citywide. doubt under water. neighborhoods like this under water. a lot of roads still impassable. is it's going to take a long time to clean up and officials have a warning for anybody that is trying to get back in their houses. don't drive through this again because the levels could rise and fall unexpectedly for the next couple of days. melissa? >> melissa: peter doocy, thank you for that report. >> jon: while rescue crews continue to look for people inside their homes in jacksonville. shear look at the situation? jacksonville yesterday. >> as i want john's river is a couple blocks in where it is not supposed to be. somebody's storm shutter is there about to be floating as the water continues to come in. by 2:00 the water could rise
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4 to 6 more feet above ground. they are asking anybody who is in a home to put a white sheet on their door if they need a rescue. again, they are saying that the water is going to come up higher than. this it is basically unpass sack. >> jon: florida congressman ron desantis joins me on the phone. is he represents the southern suburbs of jacksonville. is he currently touring some of the areas hit by irma. has that water receded yet, congressman. >> it is starting to recede in some areas. it's important for the viewers to know. you see the scenes from downtown jacksonville that river goes all the way down into central florida. so there is now flood warnings in places like asker which is in lake county which is also in my district. so all those communities up and down the st. john's are going to be affected. so, we're going through the process of checking that out. i mean, there was also wind damage in different parts of my district and in our parts of florida. in fact, i was doing an interview with one of the local news stations
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yesterday. and it was interrupted by a tornado warning and then they flashed the tornado warning on the screen with the little red box and that was right over my house. so i was able to finally get to my house this morning and look. and we did have some roof damage and the back porch. nothing that we can't fix. i mean, you are seeing things like that all over the district. >> jon: it astowns m astounds me size and fury of this storm. it comes on shore in the florida keys. you can't get much further away than jacksonville. and yet in jacksonville you are still dealing with this kind of damage. >> it's interesting, the radar, when the eye hit the keys, if you looked at the outer bands, that was already hitting jacksonville 350 miles away. so they got over 10 inches of rain during that time. and that's a lot, obviously, to process. it's been a rainy season anyways. and so but i think you are right in some of the reporting is once people saw that track moving west, they didn't necessarily think it was east coast storm. i think some folks were
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caught off guard by that all things considered though, it's important to put in perspective yes, there is some water. yes, that needs to be taken care of. you still have two thirds of duval county that has power. did you go down to those keys as you guys have been highlighting, i mean, no power, no sewer, water, very difficult to even have -- make a phone call down there. and it's logistically a difficult place to bring supplies. i think the keys, you know, got it the worse. at least those you were keys. i think in terms of the recovery that's probably the most urgent right now in florida. >> jon: the flooding is a mess. it's inconvenient. well, it's just brutal to deal with but it doesn't appear that you have got life threatening conditions there in jacksonville, do you? >> it doesn't seem to me and i haven't seen everything all throughout the st. john's. but it does not look like it's a hurricane harvey situation where have you people on their roofs or people whose entire homes were submerged, you know, with these floods.
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and then even with the flooding it's been confined to the river. the whole area of houston was a mess. thankfully, i think this will be something that will subside and i think people will be able to get back to their homes. relatively soon. some of the logistical challenges in jacksonville they don't have the power to go some other parts of florida where have you close to 100 percent that's out right now in different counties. >> jon: florida representative ron desantis who has his handsful touring a very flooded district. we will let you get back to this. thank you. >> thank you. >> melissa: rising tensions with the north korea regime. why the u.s. says these are the toughest ones yet despite being weakened with the support of china and russia. that's just ahead. >> we don't take pleasure in further strengthening sanctions today.
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>> jon: right now, new information on some crime stories we are watching. a dramatic first day of testimony in the murder trial of zachery rye. one of the accused of abducting and killing tennessee nursing student holy bobo. the 20-year-old disappeared. she was abducted from her home back in 2011. her remains found three years later. opening statements scheduled today in the trial of one of two wisconsin teenagers accused in the stabbing of a classmate. the girls told police they committed the act to satisfy a fictional character named slender man. pleading not guilty to murder due to mental illness. trial underway for connecticut woman accused of fatally stabbing her boyfriend nearly two years ago. a witness testifying that he paid samantha wheeler for sex in a motel room hours before the incident. a police officer who responded to the scene
8:17 am
testified that wheeler told him her boyfriend must have fallen on a pair of scissors. >> breaking right now senate majority leader mitch mcconnell debt ceiling extension deal they struck with president trump. mcconnell writing in some provisions that would allow republicans to work around the december deadline and push the issue until next year. then mcconnell saying in an interview to the "new york times" podcast yesterday, quote: let's put it this way: the deal is not quite as good as my counterpart thought it was. let's bring in our political panel. we have josh holmes, he is former chief of staff to senator membership mcconnell and we have jim kessler, senior vice president for policy and a co-founder the third way and a former legislative and policy director for chuck schumer. thanks to both of you for joining us. josh, i will let did you go first. what do you make of this. >> yeah. this is why americans should be happy there at least one person out there who is more
8:18 am
interested with the details in law making than the press it receives. you saw chuck schumer basically do a wind sprint to the camera tolls crow about his big victory meanwhile the senate majority leader is writing a plan that deleverages what could have been a real catastrophic leverage point for republicans in december. i mean, the reason that conservatives were upset with the deal that president trump made is because it set up a time line in december where democrats could extract real, significant liberal priorities from republicans. >> melissa: that's one way to look at it although it could be just trying to put a good face on something that happened. let's listen to what mitch mcconnell said. >> let's put it this way, the deal is not quite as good as my counterparts thought it was. it does not prevent extraordinary measures. and i think i can safely say that the debt ceiling and the spending issue in december will be decoupled
8:19 am
because the debt ceiling will not come up until sometime in 2018. >> melissa: jim, your reaction? >> look, i think there is a little bit of spin going on from leader mcconnell. the democrats i have talked to today, after they heard mcconnell's remarks still feel very good about this deal. they feel that, look, there is going to now be two points where there needs to be 60 votes. there needs to be bipartisan effort to get something passed. i think if mitch mcconnell made an end run around anybody on this deal, it was an end run around donald trump who seemed to want to have a forcing point in december. so i think democrats are still kind of happy and i think mr. mcconnell is spinning this just a little bit. >> melissa: josh, is the bottom line here is that the president maybe doesn't belong to a party, that he is not a republican. he is not going to deal with only republicans. that he is just looking to get stuff done and sort of views everyone in washington as part of the swamp. that's one way people are
8:20 am
looking at it what do you think about that? >> there is an awful lot of media that pays attention to that you notice the "new york times" has quickly pronounced or the republican nominee and republican president now this nonparty entity. and i don't think that's true. if you look at the agenda that he has put forward, and we're talking about tax reform. i don't know of any democrat that is significantly concerned with lowering taxes. donald trump is i don't know of any democrats that are interested in doing all the regulatory work that they have done, donald trump is. you know, there is a bunch of conservative things, including a lot of the judges that are being confirmed right now that are certainly conservative and definitely republican. and so i think his party status is pretty well solidified for the time being. >> melissa: jim, what do you think? >> i think donald trump has invented a new ideology and it's based on something called applause. i think he wants to be popular. he has had 8 terrible months as president. last week was the best week he has ever had since taking office. and it was frankly working with democrats and doing
8:21 am
something that's bipartisan and i hope he continues this going forward. and if there is a nonideological president, i think it's a good thing for this country. >> melissa: all right, we will leave it there guys. gentlemen, thank you to both of you. >> jon: engineer facing charges now in a deadly train crash. why his attorneys are hoping the case against him will be dropped. plus, a bipartisan dinner planned at the white house tonight. what president trump wants to discuss with a select group of senators. my dell small business advisor has gotten to know our business so well that is feels like he's a part of our team. with one phone call, he sets me up with tailored products and services. and when my advisor is focused on my tech, i can focus on my small business. ♪ a dell advisor can help you choose the right products with powerful intel® core™ processors. ♪
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call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance. >> melissa: an engineer facing charges in the deadly amtrak crash is due in court for a preliminary hearing to determine whether the case goes to trial. the pennsylvania attorney general's office charged brandon with involuntary
8:25 am
manslaughter and reckless enendangerment. the a.g.'s office says he was going more than twice the posted speed limit back in may of 2015 when the train derailed in philadelphia, killing 8 people and injuring more. the national transportation safety board says bostian was not impaired or using his cell phone at the time of the crash. >> jon: president trump will have dinner with republican and democratic senators to talk about tax reform tonight. the president told a crowd in north dakota last week he wants to change the tax code cuts for the middle class and businesses. >> we want to renew our prosperity, restore our opportunity and reestablish our economic dominance which is what we should be doing, then we need tax reform that is pro-growth, pro-jobs, pro-worker, pro-family and, yes, pro-american. >> jon: chief white house correspondent john roberts has a preview live from the
8:26 am
north lawn. john? >> jon, good morning to you and the white house launching a big campaign to pass tax reform last friday. they held a big meeting here in the white house about 40 to 50 people there. it was white house staffers. some conservative grassroots leaders. the business lobby putting together a communications strategy to get out there and sell this to the american people and to congress. and on that front the president is going to be doing a lot of traveling in the next couple of months. the white house says that it could hit as many as 13 states over the course of the next seven weeks and to get an idea of where he may be going. all you have to do is look at the senatorial re-election map for 2018. he will be hitting states like florida, indiana, potentially maine, michigan, missouri, montana north dakota. he may stop in new jersey where bob menendez is up for re-election, ohio, pennsylvania, virginia, wisconsin and west virginia. the president already traveled to north dakota and to missouri, you will remember, to sell tax reform. and to demonstrate how
8:27 am
intensive this campaign is, he is supposed to be attending to the united nations general assembly all next week it looks like is going to take a few hours out of his day to make a stop somewhere near the new york city area to target maybe a member of congress and sell tax reform. trying to get people on board. putting the sales pitch on over dinner tonight here at the white house with the bipartisan group of senators that includes senator joe donnelly, democrat from indiana. senator joe manchin, democrat from west virginia. heidi heitkamp, the democrat from north dakota. she accompanied the president to the bismarck area last week. senator john thune, republican from south dakota. senator orrin hatch senator from utah and senator pat toomey republican from pennsylvania all coming over tonight to hear from the president about why tax reform is so important. the u.s. chamber of commerce, which attended that meeting on friday is launching a series of ads in new york state this week targeting republican members of congress to bring pressure to bear on them to
8:28 am
get them moving on tax reform. here is a snippet. >> let's lower tax rates for employers. >> and help families with their cost of living. >> so call congressman dan donovan. >> tell him we have been waiting for tax reform long enough. >> the time for reform is now. >> republican congressman from staten island in new york. it looks like the president is going to be twisting his arm to make sure that he gets on board with this. the u.s. chamber of commerce, by the way, will be launching ads in ohio later on this week. so they are spending an awful lot of money in conjunction with the white house information strategy to try to get tax reform through before the thanksgiving break, jon? >> jon: all right. john roberts other chief correspondent at the white house. >> melissa: ways in on the firing of fbi director comey and how the press covers the president. our media panel weighs in. plus the political fallout from back-to-back hurricanes. how the president has been handling the disasters.
8:29 am
>> we're doing everything possible to help save lives and support those in need. again, we have never seen anything like this. together we will restore, recover, and rebuild. we'll do it quickly.
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♪ >> jon: just in on the political fallout from back-to-back killer hurricanes as we look at how the media covered president trump and the federal response to the latest one
8:33 am
hemmer. >> the president has been in great communication not only with me but moving very swiftly to put the proper declarations in place. so today it's all about as the president requested from me last night. he said do everything you can to take care of people. that's what we're doing. we're positioning as many teams and commodities in place today and ready to go. >> jon: joining us are media investigative reporter, author, and fox news contributor joe coverage con shs our media reporter on the hill. as you look at the media's assessment of the response to back-to-back hurricanes. what's the general take? >> i see pivots and narratives, jon. i remember before harvey the big test was for president trump can he pass this first big test handling a national crisis? and by all accounts, whether you are talking about the democratic governor of louisiana, republican governor of florida, local
8:34 am
and state officials working with the government in terms of coordination, this is the exact opposite of fema, high harks all around. but, instead of giving praise and giving credit where it's due, we saw pivots to melania trump's foot wear as she boarded a plane going to texas. we saw the president not having enough empathy when he went to texas. then i looked at the polling and the way the american people were responding to the president and their administration and their response. only 16%, according to a huffington post poll disproond of his response to harvey. there seems to be a big disconnect between people who value results over rhetoric and would rather have a commander-in-chief instead of a counselor in chief. >> jon: is there too much attention paid, you know, to the little things, the wardrobe and that kind of thing and not enough big picture view of federal response? >> i think there was in this instance of the president stumbled in the beginning with his first trip to houston after the hurricane. >> yes, corpus christi.
8:35 am
he corrected that because he went down the second time answered did what everybody expected. the hugs, the sympathy, the empathy. so in the short run is he fine. i think there is a longer term risk for the president, despite the fact that he has done very well through the hurricanes. and the longer term risk involves the budget cuts that he has proposed for the very agencies that he has praised for their performance you have 667 million proposed cut for fema. and cut for noaa and 1.2-million-dollar proposed cut for the coast guard all of which you need if you are going to rescue people during an emergency. eventually the democrats are going to pick up on this issue and use it as a battering ram against the president. but so far i think the media coverage has been pretty good. and it should be because he has done pretty well through these disasters.
8:36 am
>> jon: the coverage of the president -- i mean this is unconventional president, i've heard. [laughter] so is it -- should we expect him to respond to disasters in the same way that barack obama or bill clinton or george w. bush did? >> as londid? >> i think he as long as he gets the job done which has happened with harvey and irma. i don't think anyone should compare him to an obama or a bush or a clinton. he is just going to go about things the way he goes about things. again, people want results over rhetoric, jon. >> jon: we know what happened to president george w. bush after katrina and bungled response there. will the media give president trump credit for what seems to be pretty good response so far to harvey and irma? >> i think some will, some won't. what has really helped the president is his outreach to the democrats on the disaster relief package. $8 billion for the people of
8:37 am
texas. this was greatly appreciated. his pragmatism, the fact that he reached across the aisle and it really had it with republicans. this went down very well with the media so they're likely to give him more of a break than they would have had he not done that. >> jon: i saw two different kinds of coverage. i saw on the ground in houston and texas and throughout florida superb reporting by reporters on the ground. the people that aren't making the 7 figures back in new york and washington. when it went back to those media capitals then you started having all the political stuff around climate change being broached even before any post attribution storm studies are being made or about trump's shoes or the fact that he got mocked because he handed a box, we showed the video before, to a driver instead of putting it in the back of the cab. that got extensive play. so it seems that the real reporters. the journalists that are on the ground that see the suffering and do heart wrenching interviews with people. they got it they kept the editorial ba out of it while back in new york and
8:38 am
washington a lot more commentary and lot more fluff and noise, jon. >> jon: let's also talk about steve bannon who had a big interview this week. he is the chief white house strategist who talked to "60 minutes." during that addressed among other things the media coverage his former boss has received. >> when you say failures, it's 8 months. in give me a failure u obama didn't have obamacare for the first 18 months. you're holding him to an unfair standard. >> jon: so this is the guy who is out at the white house but still very much defending the president. >> well, chris christie said that this was steve bannon's last 15 minutes of fame. i think that's unfair. if we have seen anything is he really resilient. on the other hand we tend to forget that steve bannon serves the president. is he now positioning himself as the keeper of the flame. but the flame is donald
8:39 am
trump. and donald trump decided for whatever reasons that it would be better if mr. bannon get out of the white house. the idea that he would have more power outside of the house than inside i don't think. >> jon: proximity to the president is everything. >> maybe. maybe not. he says the "wall street journal" story today says he still talks to the president on a regular basis. even though he may not be in the west wing, he still has the president's ear. steve bannon called the media the opposition party. you can say that's one man's bluster. i see a study that comes out today media research center. on the evening newscast from june until labor day, 91%, 9 out of 10 stories about trump or the administration was negative. while can you say opposition party come on steve bannon you are hyper bowizing. the numbers so he that steve bannon is self-aware that knows anyone who leans right will never get a fair shake. >> jon: interesting he is the guy who gets the "60
8:40 am
minutes" interview even though is he not in the white house. >> is he a ratings magnet. the numbers are probably going to be pretty big. >> let's see where is he six months from now. >> jon: thank you. mells? melissa? >> >> melissa: people are facing severe shortages of food and water. situation got violent in saint martine where armed looters. adam lynch joins me on the phone an american tourist who was rescued by saint martin by royal caribbean newsship. walk me through this horrific trip that you h i want to start with the storm itself. you write that you were stuck in your room. doors came off the track to your room. on the first floor the weeds were waist high in sea weed. >> that's correct. the glass sliding door in
8:41 am
the suite caved in allowing all of the extreme 185 mile-per-hour winds to blow everything all over the place. myself, my husband and two friends that we were barricaded in a room with did just that we went in to the bathroom. blocked the door with a patio chair that had been brought inside and for over an hour it was -- it took four men to just hold that door while water was spraying every direction. >> melissa: you must have been terrified. once the storm passed the danger was far from over. tell us about how you were able to get food and, you know, you read reports of looters with weapons, guns. stripping of what they had. what did you see? >> we were on little bay which is like a resort with one road in and one road out
8:42 am
the resort blocked the entrance with cars security guys. said they had them. we didn't leave the resort until sunday when we saw the cruise ship, the royal caribbean cruise ship coming around the horizon. and we jumped in the car and that was the first exposure we actually saw of the downtown area, if you want to call it that. and it was just disseminated. >> melissa: tell us what did the downtown area look like? >> i mean, it was far worse -- we didn't realize but the resort that we were on was probably 75% destroyed and that was probably the best one on the island. we were on the dutch side. and we -- we had heard rumors and we did have a backup generator that was running for a few hours a day that we were able to get wi-fi and communication. we heard that the people were coming in to different resorts, posing as, you
8:43 am
know, guests and stealing people's jewelry and belongings. it wasn't just taking water and food. it was just really scary. >> melissa: how scary were you? >> we were 190 guests at that resort. mainly americans. and i think there was a safety in numbers with all of us there, we learned after we got out from some of the resort staff that we got their information and were able to contact that as soon as we left it, really got substantially worse. >> melissa: what did it feel like to get on that boat and get away? >> you know, i never wanted to take a cruise in my life and i have never been happier to see a giant cruise ship in my life. it was surreal. we -- up until the point where we came up with -- there were 8 of us piled into a pickup truck. as we got closer we could
8:44 am
see the ship. the dutch military pulled thegate gate closed and said it was a rumor that they weren't taking passengers. that they were just dropping off relief supplies for the island. we literally were within sight of it. and a couple guys we were with. >> melissa: i hate -- i'm so sorry we have a break right here. we have to go. your story is harrowing, we are so glad you are safe and sound. we worry about everyone else, of course. thank you for coming on. we'll be right back.
8:45 am
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>> melissa: all right. we want to show you right now at the white house. this is obviously president trump and he is greeting there the malaysian prime minister. they are at the white house getting ready to meet. you can see the entrance there. we just got the tail end of it to see them come in. they shook hands shortly before we got to that shot. so that's what you missed. but you saw them going in so there you go. john. jon. >> jon: well, the personal information of more than
8:48 am
140 million americans compromised in a major security breach. credit reporting agency equifax now faces more than 20 proposed class action lawtsd for the breach. the lawsuits claim equifax did not tell the public quickly enough about the breach and had inadequate security. the company announce on twitter today it will offer free security fridays on credit reports for 30 days. the senate financing committee is asking equifax to send a time line about the breach and what it is doing to protect those that are affected. >> melissa: the u.n. security council issuing the strongest sanctions ever against north korea. the rogue ha jet stream claims to have tested a hydrogen bomb last week which prompted the u.n. to couple up with a solutio -- to h a dissolution to end north a solution to end the nuclear program. >> we don't take pleasure in recalling strengthening sanctions today. we are not wanting war.
8:49 am
if it agrees to stop its nuclear program, it can reclaim its future. if it proves it can live in peace, the world will live in peace with it. >> melissa: national security correspondent jennifer griffin is live at the pentagon with more. jennifer. >> melissa, defense secretary jim mattis just spoke with reporters here at the pentagon. he said it is now up to north korea. this is the second time in two months that the u.s. managed to convince china and russia to sign on to sanctions against north korea. the vote was unanimous but critics say the sanctions agreed to were watered down from what the trump administration had pushed for. >> this short these are by far the strongest measures ever imposed on north korea. they give us a much better chance to halt the regime's ability to fuel and finance its nuclear and missile programs but we all know these steps only work with
8:50 am
all nations implement them completely and aggressively. >> trump administration had called for a full oil embargo on north korea. russia and china block such a measure so the language had to be changed. over the weekend instead of another missile test north korean kim jong un marked independence day with a massive celebration to honor the scientists and engineers responsible for the hydrogen bomb. the new sanctions on north korea cap oil imports to north korea. experts say this is a cut of 10 to 30%. other measures include an export ban on textiles which account for more than a quarter of north korea's export income. another measure requires countries not to renew contracts for nearly 100,000 north korean guest workers who work overseas who bring in roughly half a billion dollars per year to pyongyang. all eyes continue to watch north korea to see how it will react to new sanctions,
8:51 am
melissa. >> melissa: jennifer, thank you. >> jon: president trump's pick to win the alabama runoff falls behind to his opponent judge roy moore. more on that ahead. >> my mouth felt more lubricated. i use the biotene rinse and i use the spray. biotene did make a difference. ♪ it's not just a car, it's your daily treat. ♪ go ahead, spoil yourself. the es and es hybrid. experience amazing. but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember.
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>> harris: tuesday on outnumbered rescue efforts after hurricane irma killed people and caused record flooding in florida where millions are still without electrical power. we are on the scene. >> hillary clinton launching book tour. meantime a judge orders an investigation of three lawyers who helped delete thousands of her emails. all that plus our #one lucky guy. they are doing a little construction. you can probably hear that
8:55 am
outnumbered on top of the hour. >> melissa: new information on the hotly contested alabama senate race, recent polls show the incumbent senator luther strange who is backed by president trump and senator mitch mcconnell is now trailing roy moore in the republican primary runoff. and reports say it has something to do with recently departed white house chief strategist steve bannon. doug mckelway is live from our washington bureau with the latest on this. doug? >> hi, melissa. in this year of weird political races. none may be as quirky as the special senate race in alabama to fill that seat vacated by jeff sessions' appointment to be attorney general. that seat has been temporarily filled by former alabama attorney general luther strange. but in the g.o.p. primary on august 15th, strange was bested by former chief justice of the alabama supreme court roy moore. the two are going to face off on run off election on september 26th. judge roy moore is extremely well known but very
8:56 am
controversial. he was removed from the state supreme court for refusing to remove a plaque of the 10 commandments. years later after after won alabama high court he was yet removed again for enforcing the state's ban on same sex marriage despite being overturned by the u.s. supreme court. >> i'm running to make a difference in washington and those in washington are scared. >> that's right. >> they have been scared from the very beginning. mitch mcconnell on july 2nd said he didn't want a conservative rebel in the g.o.p. that would be difficult to management evidently he wants one he can imagine. >> jon: luther strange is running with the endorsement of mitch mcconnell and the president. he too is the social conservative buy b. but defies the u.s. supreme court. adding to this racist support of trial lawyers. a group normally aligned with democratic candidates. back to you, melissa?
8:57 am
>> melissa: doug, thank you. >> jon: next hour on happening now we are continuing to follow all of the developments surrounding irma recovery efforts historic flooding on large parts of florida. let's take a look at some numbers: 4 out of 5 people who have a stroke, their first symptom... is a stroke. 80 percent of all strokes and heart disease? preventable. and 149 dollars is all it takes to get screened and help take control of your health. we're life line screening... and if you're over 50... call this number, to schedule an appointment... for five painless screenings that go beyond regular check-ups. we use ultrasound technology to literally look inside your arteries... for plaque which builds up as you age- and increases your risk for stroke and cardiovascular disease.
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>> jon: we're back in an hour. outnumbered starts now. ♪ >> fox news alert on irma. the remnants of the monster storm are moving inland while florida, they're starting to dig out there and assess the damage. irma is blamed for at least 10 deaths in the state. also georgia and south korea. jackson vilt got the worst flooding the city has ever seen. sheriff's officials tweeting 350 people were rescued from waters. power is still out for a huge portion of the state. but it has come back on for 1 million already. in the florida keys, one of the harvardest hit areas. fema estimates 25% of homes are destroyed and 60% damaged. officials say fuel, power, water, and medical supplies are still


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