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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  September 12, 2017 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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it's simple, so he can understand the details and be sure he's getting the right mortgage. apply simply. understand fully. mortgage confidently. >> bret: this is a fox news alert. i am bret baier in washington. bittersweet homecoming in south florida. they are getting a look at their homes or what's left of them. recovery effort continues to ramp up as millions remained without electricity. some without the basics of food or shelter. we have complete coverage. senior correspondent adam housley starts us off in key largo. good evening. >> good evening, bret. people are finally getting a chance to get a chance to see how their homes fared against a hurricane or mob. for others, they are stopped as
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they are still serious concerns about the conditions. residents getting the green light to return home. hundreds lining up, eager to survey the demonstration. he is 1 of thousands who was forced to leave. >> the surge came up to at least hear which means i'm going to be flooded inside. oh, my god. >> others say they don't plan to relocate anytime soon. >> i've never been through anything like this my entire life. i never want to go through it again, but we love it here in the keys so we'll be back soon. >> somewhere allowed in, others were turned away. as they tried to make it further south to the lower keys. fema estimates 25% of the homes have been destroyed, even more damaged. >> basically every house in the keys was impacted in some way or another. >> after any major storm there is this reassuring site.
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utility trucks streaming in. about 15 million remain without electricity across the state. the u.s. military is also ready to shuttle in relief supplies. the navy has positioned the uss abraham lincoln south of miami with the uss iwo jima and new york near key west. north in jacksonville, storm surges swelled the st. johns river. there was the national guard assisting with more than 350 water rescued. >> what i saw on the ground yesterday was nothing short of what the definition -- >> despite the time and money it will likely take to recover, florida's governor is optimisti optimistic. >> we are going to get the state rebuilt. >> the situation in the caribbean is dire and extremely dangerous in some parts. on saint maarten, there were reports of armed gangs roaming
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resorts. american tourist adam lynch got out sunday but says the experience was surreal. >> we heard people were coming into different resorts posing as guests and stealing people's jewelry and belongings. >> a humanitarian crisis lingers. a desperate scene playing out all over the caribbean as people wait for food and water in the sweltering sun. >> we need water. and food. it's not may be. it's for sure. >> a french military ship expected to arrived today. the first british military plane arrived in turks and caicos. a picturesque island now in ruins. tonight on the keys, the powers to me back slowly. water as well. little self-service and bad news. there are now 12 deaths confirmed in florida from hurricane irma bringing the grand total with the caribbean up to 55. >> bret: adam housley on key
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largo. matt finn spent part of the day with a navy search and rescue team looking for people in distress in the keys. matt joins us for miami. good evening. >> bret, our team rode in two helicopters. we took off from the homestead air force base, flew over the florida keys and landed on the uss abraham lincoln stationed just outside of the keys. there are parts of the keys where there is extreme destruction. boats mangled and piled together like toys. a foul odor even from the air. navy crews flying off the evil lincoln around the clock and choppers primarily looking for victims. they are dropping off water and huge pallets containing 5-gallon jugs that was salt water purified on the ship and delivered by air. captain says this is the first time ever the lincoln has done a domestic mission to help american hurricane victims and it's a special emotional because the men and women aboard have
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friends and family in the keys. here's more of what the captain had to say. >> sometimes the neat thing about an aircraft carrier is we can get, we don't have to travel over land and we can get to an area in distress quickly. that's what we're doing here. this is some of our first operations. it's good for the sailors to see that's good for the sailors to see how they can help out in a positive way. >> the u.s. abraham lincoln has been in the area since saturday and it will stay as needed. back in miami there is a huge gas shortage. lucky to find a gas station open and if you do you face long lines. hard-pressed to find grocery stores and there are entire neighborhoods that look like ghost towns. >> matt finn live in miami. thank you. the questions of how much all of this will cost and where that money will come from our major topics tonight behind me on capitol hill. let's get an update on the
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disaster relief funding. here is chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel. >> the devastation after hurricanes harvey and irma suggest cleanup and rebuilding will be massive and expensive. congress authorized and president trump signed $15.25 billion in hurricane relief last week. all expect that to be the first installment of taxpayer money to help storm victims rebuild. more than 780,000 texans have already applied for fema assistants and sardines will do the same. >> this is a bighearted country and will cover these emergencie emergencies. these are bigger than we are customarily dealing with but we will take care of it. >> offsets down the road? stick we will take care of it. >> what are known as offsets, the senate democratic leader reject the idea. >> we have had a tradition in america when it comes to disaster that one part of the country's art and the rest of the country steps up and ate them.
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decode the debt has ballooned from 5 trillion to 10 trillion. $220 trillion now. >> the greatest threat to our nation is we all our selves. it's our inability to deal with the fiscal issues we as a nation have. >> even though harvey trashed texas, four house members voted no on the legislation. joe barton, sam johnson, matt thornberry. >> the debt ceiling is an awkward tool. it should be something more than a speed bump on the road to national bankruptcy. >> fox news comparison of gross debt as a percentage of gdp reveals the u.s. comes in fourth behind japan, greece, italy. the house republican study committee consists of 155 members. its chairman sets with republicans leaving the white house and congress it's time to address the serious financial issues. >> we have been asking there be
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some kind of reforms attached to the debt ceiling ceiling. we are not giving up. >> mcconnell and other players met to discuss tax reform. it's clear they are eager to deliver what would be seen as a republican win. >> bret: mike emanuel, thanks. president trump is once again a new grandfather tonight. eric "luke" trump was born to the president's son and his wife today. that's the ninth grandchild for the president. when it comes to washington, president trump is hoping to father a new tax reform plan, unveiling it in coming days and we are told he will be going out on the road to introduce it. john roberts has the latest. >> the treasury secretary and the president's chief economic advisor gary cohn were on capitol hill today meeting with the so-called big six to try to lay the groundwork for the final push to get tax reform done. this on a busy day for the white house agenda that also
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included foreign policy. this meeting in the cabinet room with malaysia's prime minister, president trump praised sanctions against north korea and hinted more lie ahead. >> we think it's just another very small step, not a big deal, those sanctions are nothing compared to what ultimately will have to happen for us to go focus for the white house is on tax reform. six senators coming for dinner tonight. joe donnelly, joe manchin, heidi heitkamp. republicans john thune, orrin hatch, pat toomey. >> the president has demonstrated in his business world and as president that he can make deals. that's certainly what he's looking to do. i think it starts with things like tonight. >> white house sources say president trump will launch a
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blitz to gain momentum. >> of the president is our best salesman and he's our best spokesman and yes, it's good to have him on the road making the case of the american people as to why we need tax reform now. >> it's not just democrats being targeted. after a big strategy session at the white house on friday, the u.s. chamber of commerce aimed ads. >> tax reform is about putting more money in your pocket. stiglitz about fairness and the american dream. >> call your congresspeople. >> the chamber will add republicans in ohio to the ad campaign. lesson learned from the failed battle over obamacare. >> one of the things we can learn from the last battle was
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in many cases we did not get all of our allies on board. therefore republican base was splintered. stick with the white house also learned from the obamacare about all that the president can't evt on his own party to get the ball across the goal line. >> we don't feel like we can assume we can get tax reform done on a partisan basis. it's wise for us to try to reach out and earn the support of democrats as well. >> and administration source told fox news that the full details of the tax reform plan should be ready to go by the end of this month. tomorrow the president hosts a group of about 12 moderate bipartisan members of the house to problem solvers caucus to talk about tax reform and other issues. >> bret: john roberts live in the white house briefing room. let's get some insight into tax reform, the budget, and the
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economy. mick mulvaney joins us. mr. director, thanks for being with us. first on hurricane relief funding. obviously you've already gotten it across the finish line the first down payment on harvey funding. you're looking at a big ticket. you know how much. >> no, and we won't know for quite some time. that's why we have broken it up into smaller pieces, the amount of money we asked for last week that congress give us on a bipartisan basis was enough to get us through basically the middle of october. the numbers can change depending upon how substantial the damage was in florida. a lot of this is guesswork. it's early on. we have enough money to buy time and learn about the damage in texas, learned about the damage in florida. it could be months before the totals are in. we will deal with this as we go. just to make sure the first things first, we are taking care of people who needed immediately. folks who are still underwater in texas, and deal with the larger issues of rebuilding the states later on.
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>> bret: understanding grads and republicans are talking about fully supporting the people in need. does this change your calculations as you are doing the math for the budget? >> no, everyone wants to help the folks who need it. there is no question about that. that's why it's nice to have their support, democrats support last week on the package. no, whether or not there will be democrats or doesn't change the number. we are going up the numbers based upon what damages i want folks need in those areas. >> bret: there was talk in the meeting between the president and senator schumer that there was some kind of gentlemen's agreement that perhaps the debt ceiling would be no longer. where is the white house on that? >> i was in that conversation. the president and i have talked about it. i think this is what's driving the the presidents frustration. as a businessman and he sees
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that all too often perhaps the debt ceiling gets so politicized, it becomes so divisive that it prevents the effective management of the government. keep in mind he is still the chief executive of the country and charged with running the country. when he sees the debt ceiling used, as it has been, it's frustrating for him and he's asked to explore ways to depoliticize it. i don't think the debt ceiling will be an issue until january, february of next year. >> bret: but you know republicans believe it's a check on the debt which stands at more than $20 trillion. >> it is, and there's a check and balance both ways. the debt ceiling has to be approved by congress and signed by the president. it's part of the check and balance system. we will go through and see if there's a way we can lower the politicization of the debt ceiling a little bit between now and february. >> bret: is 15% business tax cuts, corporate tax rate realistic? >> i hope so. it's what we've been pushing far from the beginning.
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we went from having the lowest corporate tax rate in the world to the highest. the president is still very much committed to trying to get 15%. that said, at the end of the day, we'll take the very best tax package we can that can pas pass. the president doesn't get to wave a magic wand and do every thing he wants. we learn that. but were hoping for is that we can get as close to 15% as we can. the closer we get, the better impact on the economy, growth, opportunity, jobs. steve went the president is reaching out to democrats try to get votes on the tax reform package. do you think it will be revenue neutral? do you think you can form something that will not raise the deficit, the debt, and consider you have a budget that assumes 4.5% growth, people look at that and say it's overly
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optimistic. >> the budget we wrote assumes a 3% growth, not 3.5 or 4.5. whether it will be revenue neutral, i hope not. we need as big and dramatic tax reduction in tax reform as we can get. if we look at this through the static model and say we're going to have to raise money to make up for taxes over there. we'll never get the tax reductions and reforms we need. what's driving this, and we've talked about the sustained 3% growth this figuring out a way to unleash the american economy. a revenue neutral bill is not the way to do it. >> bret: the budget bill is 3%. economic growth projected at 1.8% over the decade. would you concede whatever tax reform package comes forward you will agree that the cbo will be the marker that scores it?
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>> no, in fact i disagree with the cbo. the number you referenced 1.8 forever on the economic growth forecast, that's the cbo model and we dismiss it. that's the obama new normal. the obama era we will never get to 3% again. we reject it. >> bret: they say a declining, aging population affecting that job growth and productivity. how do you change it? >> welfare reform gets people back to work. we are in an aging population but the work force participation rate below where it should be even after you consider baby boomers retiring. people dropping out of the job market for reasons other than their age. we need them to come back to work. when you talk about productivity, one of the things the tax bill is aimed at is spurring capital investment. the amount of capital per worker has been flat. we need to have businesses
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invest more capital, machines, computers, or employee to get the folks productivity and gdp growth up. that's what this tax bill is aimed at. 3% or higher in rejecting the 1.8 forever of the previous administration. >> bret: you have people in the republican party, you used to be congressman mulvaney. concerned about the deficit and debt. on the democratic side you have a different mentality about what they are thinking about growth. as you look at this, is there a possibility of walking through the metal somehow? is there a big deal in the making, may be simpson-bowles-esque that's kind of a big deal that gets everybody on the same page. >> i haven't heard much talk about that. focusing on the tax form bill that i think might come out, your introduction mentioned in my fee later this month. you might see more details this
3:19 pm
week. the president keeps pushing congress to go faster. he's frustrated. as part of the reason he struck the deal last week on the debt ceiling to clear the decks. tax reform. that's what's going to save the country. >> bret: this year. >> oh, this year and retroactive i hope. doing budget director mick mulvaney. thanks for the time. hoping for peace but preparing for war. we will go live to south korea when we come back. been trying to prepare for this day... and i'm still not ready. the reason i'm telling you this is that there will be moments in your life that... you'll never be ready for.
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>> bret: household income rose last year.
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the median income is just over $59,000. half the households in the u.s. are above and half below. it's the first time the figure has eclipsed the previous peak set in 1999. dow gained six to 15. s&p 500 ahead 8. nasdaq picked up 22. we told you earlier about president trump's reaction to new u.n. sanctions on north korea. he's not terribly optimistic. tonight, senior foreign affairs correspondent greg palkot continues reporting from south korea on preparations for a worst-case scenario. >> modern-day war in korea. most analysts say if it happened, it would be ugly. troops fighting for their lives, casualties and the hundreds of thousands. while the world is trying to have a conflict with north korea. a new set of sanctions approved by the u.n. security council. >> united nations security council spoke with one voice, again recognizing the global
3:24 pm
threat dprk, north korea, constitutes. these are the most severe sanctions yet. we will see what choices the north koreans make. >> an early choice, defiance. a regime official says north korea would fight back against the u.s. >> the dprk is ready to use in the form of ultimate means. making the u.s. suffer the greatest pain it's ever experienced. >> the u.s. and its ally south korea prepare for the military option. about as close and feel you're going to get to war on the korean peninsula at least for now anyway. south korean and u.s. marines in a live fire exercise. machine guns and grenade
3:25 pm
launchers, tanks and armored vehicles, mortars and artillery. maneuvers through a rugged and secluded firing range in southeastern south korea. all aimed at a target at the end of the valley. >> a lot a people focus on the peninsula but for us it's business as usual. >> tough business. >> the marine corps is the nation's 91 on force and we're ready to answer the call. pick one of several exercises during the year that marines and u.s. military are involved in here. in part a show of force and in part a practical lesson. >> we are out here to make sure we can react to any situation, any contingency and work together with the korean partners. >> if it comes to it, these young marines, some yet to see action, will know where they can count on. the marines we spoke with told us these exercises are purely defensive in nature. they don't pay much attention to
3:26 pm
the offense of words and actions of north korea. many u.s. officials do, no doubt a reason why the marines are out there. >> bret: 's greg palkot in south korea. up next, we will go live to jacksonville, florida, dealing with severe flooding from hurricane irma. here is what some of our fox affiliates are covering tonight. fox 45 in baltimore, the justice department will not bring charges against six police officers involved in the arrest and death of freddie gray. the officers were charged by state prosecutors after gray's neck was broken in the back of a police transport reagan. three officers were acquitted. the other cases were dropped. q13 fox in seattle. ed murray announces his resignation hours after his cousin accused him of sexual abuse. murray denies the allegations but says he will not let his personal issues affect the public's business. come men had accused murray of
3:27 pm
abusing them. a live look at san francisco from fox 2. the big story there, apple announces a new iphone that will cost $999. the iphone x is twice as expensive as the first iphone. today's announcement was the first product event from apple's new spaceship-like headquarters. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back. for your heart...
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>> bret: jacksonville is trying to assess the damage from historic flooding. sheriff's officials say 356 people were rescued yesterday as hurricane irma, then tropical storm irma moved over florida. rick leventhal is in jacksonville. good evening. >> good evening, bret. the safety got about a foot of rain and it overwhelmed the st. johns river, flooding streets and ruining businesses
3:31 pm
and homes and also did some damage to the bridge. washed out some supports on either end of the bridge, forcing officials to close it. the beach and the island are 30 miles that way. on this side of the bridge, you can get there for him here. could be close for a week or more. the flooding was 2 to 3 feet high. they did a lot of work cleaning it out earlier today and that flooded again with the hike i came in and they say the -- high tide came in. the gentleman who lives across the street volunteered in houston in the aftermath of hurricane harvey. mica says he went down there and as soon as he heard about the hurricane heading this way, he came home. here's what he told us. >> i heard the storm is coming and we cut our trip short.
3:32 pm
we got back to jacksonville to get prepared. >> your house wound up underwater. >> yeah, luckily it's two levels. i was able to get most of my belongings upstairs and all that but the lower level was flooded out. >> mike's house was flooded last year and matthew but he says this time around it was three times worse. the mayor says florida's largest city is in recovery and rebuilding mode. mandatory evacuation order has been lifted. most people have left the shelters. some businesses are reopening. there are still many roads blocked and flooded. jacksonville fire and rescue pulled out more than 350 people from the floodwaters. we should tell you that the sunday game between the jaguars and titans will be here in jacksonville as scheduled. one other note, they tell us they are getting more 911 calls for snakebites. >> bret: rick leventhal live
3:33 pm
in jacksonville. thanks. nancy pelosi refusing to endorse a universal health care bill proposed by bernie sanders. pelosi says while she has supported the idea of single-payer health care, she's focused right now on saving obamacare. pelosi disputes the idea that the single-payer issue has become a litmus test for democrats. sanders' bill would expand medicare to cover all americans. a judge in maryland has ordered the state to investigate three lawyers accused of deleting thousands of hillary clinton's emails. a complaint against three people accusing them of destroying evidence. a lawyer for the maryland bar called the complaint frivolous but the judge disagreed. alabama senator luther strange facing a much tougher than expected primary fight in his bid to hang onto ct was given when jeff sessions became attorney general.
3:34 pm
correspondent doug mckelway tells us a famously independent-minded judges giving the senator hard time. >> in a political year that's blown up conventional wisdom, the special election to fill the alabama senate seat vacated by jeff sessions may further upend the status quo. in an august g.o.p. primary, controversial former choi chief justice roy moore bested luther strange. in 2003 the alabama judicial inquiry commission stripped moore of his chief justice job for refusing to remove monument to the ten commandments and the judicial building. 13 years later after he won reelection, the commission suspended him again. for instructing judges to enforce alabama same marriage began in defiance of the u.s. open court ruling. luther strange maintains he has
3:35 pm
the social conservative christians credentials as more. >> it's a question of whether you respect the rule of law and the constitution. >> adding to the nonconformist credentials he is supported by trial lawyers. they made up almost 20% of campaign cancer patients when he ran -- campaign contributions. president trump back luther strange. the election is set for decembe. >> i don't know if it's possible for a republican to lose the state of alabama but if it is it's with a candidate like roy moore. >> roy moore declined a request for interview. his campaign said the special election is a test for the soul of our nation and added "our do-nothing senate is at the root
3:36 pm
of the problems. enough empty promises. it's time we repeal obamacare and replace mitch mcconnell." >> bret: thanks. guess who's coming to dinner. the president and vice republicans and democrats to the white house. we will talk about strategy, tax reform when we return. y! oh, that's really attached. that's why i rent from national. where i get the control to choose any car in the aisle i want, not some car they choose for me. which makes me one smooth operator. ah! still a little tender. (vo) go national. go like a pro.
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the toothpaste that helps prevent bleeding gums. if you spit blood when you brush or floss you may have gum problems and could be on the journey to much worse. help stop the journey of gum disease. try parodontax toothpaste. ♪ >> bret: president trump is hosting a dinner for senators tonight. this kind of strategy has been tried before by president having some trouble with members of his own party. james rosen takes a look. >> and president trump struck last week's deal on hurricane relief, government funding and the debt ceiling, they chalked it up to the persuasiveness of senate majority leader chuck schumer. a product, like the president, of the big apple's outer borough. >> he could speak new york to the president. >> others saw an nonideological
3:40 pm
president. practicing triangulation. >> mr. speaker. the president of the united states. >> the modern master of strangulation was president clinton his political advisor morris coined the term to describe cross aisle dealmaking. >> the basic thought was to take the best ideas from both parties and combined them and create a third place which would be where the voters wanted us to go. >> 1992 campaign aide to bill clinton believes where the arkansas governor sought from the beginning to move his party to the middle, donald trump as candidate and president has positioned himself too far right word. >> they are never going to
3:41 pm
embrace donald trump with open arms unless you go through an ideological transformation. >> republican leaders see themselves pursuing a center right agenda providing only limited opportunities for triangulation. >> it's going to involve, as i said, hopefully at some point some democrats but there may be points where we have to go it alone. i think tax reform could be one of those. >> that raises the possibility of a snowball effect. if tax reform is stymied by gridlock, it could diminish the chances democrats will even be receptive to efforts at strangulation except perhaps on small-scale issues organ regional formations. >> bret: james robison, our resident historian. thanks. let's bring in the panel. laura ingraham, a.b. stoddard, former white house press secretary ari fleischer. your thoughts on the move, strategy, and the hope democrats will get across the finish line.
3:42 pm
>> i was pleased to see president trump dealing with congressional democrats. during the -- it's nice to have a period of calm as a close -- d to brinksmanship. i would have referred 18 months but he got three months. as for triangulation, it works when you have two coequal sides and there's a point above the middle of the president can rise above. what you have now is a lopsided trapezoid. it's a town that no longer works well together. i don't think you can say there is one theory that's going to last for long time. the president is transactional. he won't make work what he can make work. it's the one he changed the dynamic last week. mitch mcconnell going out of his way to make sure everybody knew he still has the chip.
3:43 pm
the debt ceiling, treasury secretary can do some magic. extraordinary measures and move it and it's not a negotiating point for the democrats come december. >> to a large extent the majority leader is right. he can help some members of his party who might have primaries in the early months of 2018 push the vote off until afterwards. push the vote off, the debt ceiling vote. it's when they never want to take even the republicans want to keep it in place because they think it's checked on the size and scope of government and government spending. when they get there they don't like it but they wanted in plac place. inouye takes away some leverage but it's still going to be difficult. a government spending fight in december and any debt ceiling increase vote is going to be difficult. he might say he holds the cards and he is able to push it off a little. the timing might help a few members but it still going to be
3:44 pm
a painful process. they don't see him as an honest broker because he's impulsive and changes his mind. he didn't work with the democrats until last week. having three senators over tonight for dinner is a very smart move. when he has to do is continue to stay with it. when there's an actual plan and not just riding on planes with the president. when there's a plan with specifics, he has to hold their feet to the fire through the process. >> bret: laura, you heard simon rosenberg saying democrats are never going to embrace donald trump with open arms. >> i like simon. i don't think he called the race right and i don't think that's right. democrats want money flowing in their districts for some infrastructure. there's a lot of democrats who know the first tax reform we've had in 30 years can do a lot to reinvigorate the economy. we need this or were going to end up spending billions upon billions that we don't have that
3:45 pm
we need to spend in order to revitalize these areas. donald trump is going to be unpredictable and i think that's okay. what we've seen from the electorate is that they will turn on the republicans if they don't do this tax form. mitch mcconnell and paul ryan art about 16% approval rating. i think donald trump has popped up in a couple polls. he wants to be popular and he wants results. he's not going to make the mistake he made with the health care vote. basically off shoring it to congress and sang you guys are the experts. you voted on at seven times. bring us to the promised land. he's not going to do that this time. think of the people who've accomplish things 90 days. 90 days, they can't get their act together, than they should move on to another line of business. >> bret: you have this group, ari, the meadows group, the caucus inside the house that's concerned about $20 trillion in debt and how do we pay for it.
3:46 pm
when you're working, as the president would, with folks not in that same mind-set, isn't that caucus going to be a problem for him? >> i think every caucus is a problem for him right now because that's how narrow the margins are for republicans. we saw that with obamacare repeal and replace. he couldn't get it through the senate. the senate couldn't deliver. at least in the house they delivered. after dealing with the caucuses. when it comes to tax reform and the spending coming up, the single most important thing is economic growth. the debt is in part because of spending and in part because we've had 1.8% growth in a country that needs 3% growth. the biggest unwatched story in politics and government was the day they gdp got revised up to 3%. nobody talked about it. if you sustain it and you have economic growth, donald trump is going to be a very successful
3:47 pm
president. tax reform needs to be passed. 1.8 is an aberration. historically we grow that way. we had more than 3% growth for four of the eight years of the bush administration. >> bret: "special report" will be live tomorrow at the white house and we will have an interview with treasury secretary steven mnuchin about the specifics of tax reform and the u.s. economy. please join us. next up, the push for tax reform, hurricane relief. we will talk more about it with the panel when we come back. the new app will go live monday? yeah. with hewlett-packard enterprise, we're transforming the way we work. with the right mix of hybrid it, everything computes. when itrust the brandtburn, doctors trust. nexium 24hr is the number one choice of doctors and pharmacists for their own frequent heartburn. and all day, all night protection. when it comes to heartburn, trust nexium 24hr.
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>> 52 republicans is not something that's reliable. despite promises of commitments they made to voters since 2010,
3:51 pm
we don't feel like we can assume we can get tax reform done on aa partisan perspective. it's wise to try to reach out and earn the support of democrats. >> bret: white house legislative director mark short. tonight democrats and republicans had dinner at the white house. among them, the three democrats who are from states that candidate trump won big. joe donnelly in indiana, heidi heitkamp of north dakota, joe manchin of west virginia. this comes ahead of a travel blitz that includes 13 states, ten of them, you see here, donald trump won. florida, indiana, michigan, missouri, montana, north dakota, ohio, wisconsin. the common theme is democrats up for reelection. >> we thought going into the president's first term that we would
3:52 pm
in states that a lot of them expected hillary to win that donald trump won and was part of his victory count of electoral college wins that made him president. they did not expect that to wake up in january and realize we are really under siege in these seats now. i have been absolutely stunned to see that three of them, the very ones you mentioned voted with him to confirm neil gorsuch and have stood completely separate on every other issue. the letter that the senate democrats have sent making their attacks their reforms demands makes it sound as if they are not going to be on board on tax reform. these three senators did not sign it so have you an opening with these three. it's going to be very easy depending on what the final details are of a tax reform deal for democrats to stay united and resist the trump tax reform vote. that's why you heard matt -- i'm sorry the treasury secretary said still use
3:53 pm
partisan reconciliation process that let's them block a democratic filibuster but they probably are looking for a couple of democrats. >> bret: yeah, laura? >> i think, again, i think it's about time this happened. we had people like lisa murkowski, susan collins, john mccain, jeff flake. the list goes on and on. republican senators who in the last big legislative fight in one way or the other wasn't there for this administration and appealing obamacare. skinny repeal. they weren't there he will now put together a coalition of people who have something to gain with either going along with either the budget, tax reform or a combination of both. they will do it because it will benefit them. i think this is a new game in town. donald trump is not playing by the old yellow dog eared, you know, playbook that washington has grown fat and happy on. those days are over. if you are going to drain the swamp, then it's time to tame the swamp. and he is slowly but surely doing that it's going to be hard and not happen in a few months. it's going to happen over
3:54 pm
the next two or three years. i think this is a good and fresh start. the democrats are wise, on occasion, to work with them. >> bret: the devil is obviously always in the details for example the corporate tax rate. >> the president has made it clear since the campaign ideally he would like to get it down to 15%. i don't know if we'll be able to achieve that given the budget issues, but we're going to get this down to a very competitive level. >> it's what we have been pushing for from the very beginning. at the end of the day we will take the very best tax package we can that could actually pass. pretty bret so that's it. they will take the best that they can get. >> is he right to say that because the president cannot dictate to the legislature. the legislature, the ways and means committee and the house are going to write a tax bill first. if the administration says 15% or nothing, they will get nothing. you have to have an administration a sufficient amount of flexibility while your principles adhere with the majority that's going to put it through. is he right to say that, he is wise to say it but make
3:55 pm
no mistake, tax reform is going to be the marker on which republicans rise or fall. after the failure to repeal and replace obamacare, if they cannot deliver on the second biggest promise republicans have been making for a generation, what is the point of having republicans control the house and control the senate? >> bret: so if they don't do it this year, ari, are you saying they are in trouble in 2018. >> when i say this year, this session of congress. if they don't pass it in the house, pass it in the senate before they leave in december, then what faith does anybody have that they can get their job done? can you go to a conference committee i think in january or february. they need to have the initial package in the house and the senate prior to leaving in december. otherwise, what is the point of all of this? and that's why republicans understand they have a burden. their burden is to deliver. >> bret: when we come back -- thank you, panel -- heroes from the hurricanes. ♪ ♪
3:56 pm
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and it's also a story mail aabout people and while we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country, we never forget... that your business is our business the united states postal service. priority: you >> bret: finally tonight as recovery efforts continue, thanking those who are
3:59 pm
helping them in this storm ♪ somewhere ♪ beyond the sea. >> bret: one woman, especially grateful for a little comfort, county sheriff's deputy down there in florida noticed the woman looked worried as irma was striking the area. so what did he do he? started singing and dancing with her. many are happy for the military personnel helping out. laura durham and michael davis actually moved up their wedding so they could help out in the storm recovery effort. they ended up getting married in the middle of the storm staging area for supplies. >> service before self. that's what we go by. take care of the citizens first before ourselves. >> bret: how cool is that? thank you. can you help out, too. the tell thonel will air tonight across several networks, including fox, beyonce, blake shelton, oprah winfrey raising money to help those affected by hurricanes irma and harvey. 8:00 p.m. eastern. delayed start for those of
4:00 pm
you on the west coast. good stuff. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. the story hosted by martha maccallum starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> martha: anger is boiling over and hurricane irma evacuees running out of patience. many stranded in their own state and unable to get to the shelters. they are aoun able to return home. i'm martha maccallum and tonight the story is unfolding in all of florida and for tens of thousands of people across the southeast who are still doing battle with the hurricane named irma. look at this devastation. really today we really got a better look at it than we have had the entire time. there are residents who are irate, as you might imagine, because they really want to get in there and get home and see what they have got. >> right now we don't know where to


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