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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  September 14, 2017 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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>> president trump catching criticism for talking about dealing with democrats on how to protect children brought here without documents. some in his party calling him out but he's defending himself and says nothing is a done deal just yet. republican senator lindsey graham threatening to haul and former fbi director james comey to testify before congress. senator graham saying comey has to answer questions about the hillary clinton email case. if comey won't show up on his own, senator graham says he will get tough. eight people died in a florida nursing home. a move to save others in danger. a trip to the florida keys for a
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look at the long road to recovery. after hurricane irma. i am trace gallagher in for shepard smith. president trump defending his decision to work with democrats on immigration issues after some of his supporters said the president seemed to be putting aside the fight over the border wall. at the white house earlier this afternoon, president trump promised the wall will be funded. we will play out his full, and in moments. house minority leader nancy pelosi and senate minority leader chuck schumer had dinner last night with president trump. they say he agreed to protect thousands of dreamers from deportation. they are the undocumented immigrants whose parents brought them to this country. pelosi and schumer said both sides agreed to work out a border security package that would not include the wall. iowa republican congressman steve king says it seems president trump is keeping hillary clinton's campaign promises, not his own.
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congressman king tweeted at the president "if the reports about an agreement are true, trump base is blown up, destroyed, irreparable, disillusion beyond repair." president trump talked about the issue at the white house as he returned home from florida where he saw some of the damage from hurricane irma. >> we are renovating large sections of the wall so it will be brand-new by the time we finish. we are building samples of four different walls in order to make a choice and after the choice is made, we will have it in budget or someplace. if the democrats aren't going to approve it, we're not going to do with they want. i think it will work out. >> reporter: i deal with democrats today? >> we are working on a deal for daca. we want heavy security at the border. we want surveillance, a lot of things at the border.
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ultimately we don't want them to obstruct with the wall. we are renovating massive sections of wall right now. daca now and the wall very soon. but the wall will happen. thank you. >> we are not talking about that. we are not talking about amnesty at all. we have not talked about amnest amnesty. there will be no amnesty. we are not talking about that as part of this. thank you. speak to the daca program protects nearly 800,000 people who came to the u.s. without dos
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as children. kevin corke is live at the white house with more. speak i've got to tell you you can tell this is an important issue, especially when you consider the number of times the president made himself available today to talk about it. in washington and in florida, on air force one, at least five times that he's been talking about it. the message seems to be clear. no, there is no specific deal yet on daca or the dreamers. and yes, if you listen carefully to the president, one way or another, the wall will be built. >> ultimately we have to have the wall. if we don't have the wall, we are doing nothing. they wall to me is vital. if i don't get the wall, then we will be the obstructionist. we have to have an understanding whether it's in the budget or some other vehicle, in a short period of time, the wall will be funded. >> i have to tell you the blowback from conservatives has been considerable, in particular when you listen to the president
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talk about the fact that the wall could come later. anytime you say later, that makes people in washington very uneasy. >> trace: the blowback has been loud. what more are we hearing from democrats? >> there is a game in washington and the weights plaited you throughout your recollection of the meeting and then the other party involved testable spend a couple days explaining its perspective. that's what we saw here with chuck schumer and the democrats. laying out their recollection of last nights dinner. here is the new york senator. >> details will matter, but it was a very, very positive step for the president to commit to daca protections without insisting on the inclusion of or even a debate about border wall walls. >> that is chuck schumer's recollection. nancy pelosi would agree. they issued a joint statement. but the president said today
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there's been no deal made. we weren't there and because we are not privy to the specifics, we don't know which side is right. i can tell you this. chuck schumer has doubled down. in fact he still, for the debt eventually i deal not including the wall will get done, he repeated it on a hot mic circumstance earlier today. i don't think there's any doubt he believes it. >> trace: deal or no deal, trump seems to be upsetting the conservative republicans, his base that helped him get elected. >> there's no question. there is no easy way to put this. for some, it's a bait and switch. we were sent to the white house to defend this country's immigration policy to uphold the who are here unlawfully aren't going to stay here. that's been the contention among many in the president's own party. ann coulter has been tweeting all day long. she is a pundit and an outspoken pundit. you saw steve king. let me share this tweet from ann coulter, one of several. if you follow her on twitter,
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you're probably going to see a dozen tweets. "if we are not going to get a wall, i prefer president pence." in wall, how and when remains to be seen. >> trace: we need some clarity. kevin corke at the white house. thank you. let's bring in noel, a republican strategist and former advisor for rudy giuliani. nicole, you look at this from both sides. you have the president saying we are looking for perspective from the democrats. on air force one on the way home he was telling john roberts if the democrats don't play ball, i mean if the republicans don't play ball and can't get their act together of course i'm going to reach out and get some democratic help. what's your thought? think of the people that elected him from his base, they don't get that that way. when they hear someone like chuck schumer come out and say he's going to get his deal, he's
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going to get the daca deal and it's not going to include the wall, that base is not going to be happy. remember when he rode down the escalator in his building and he announced the creation, immigration. that was the passion. no other candidate have that passion other than donald trump. this is the base that elected him. he's upsetting them with the possibility of not getting the wall and looking like he's brokering with the democrats. >> trace: it seems you talk about the border, now the president is mentioning thing, democrats going back and forth. what if we put drones and sensors along the border. these are things jab bush campaigned on and marco rubio campaigned on. donald trump campaigned on the wall. and the wall is what his base was ravenous about. >> how are you going to break it
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to him if he gets this pushed through with daca and there is nothing about the wall, no funding, no anything, do you think that base, this is the working man and woman. they were ticked off about illegal immigration. do you think they are going to be calm, cool, collected when it comes time saying we are going to get a wall later no way. it's due the wall, have it included or it could be toast. >> trace: a little bit of perspective from the other side. we had brad blakeman on. he said you've got to get stuff done. if the republicans aren't willing to get stuff done. if the freedom caucus is going to blow things up at the 11th hour, then maybe you do have to go over and recruit some democrats who at the very least get some of these republican, at least concerned about what's happening on the other side of the aisle. >> i agree.
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dealmaking and working across the aisle, i encourage that. i don't think republicans are happy that nothing is getting done. but there's one issue that's unwavering. torres, it's the wall. they are not going to take to kindly do deals getting worked out without the wall. or kicking the can down the road where the wall is going to come sometime and keep showing samples of different kinds of walls that he intends to build. he ran on the wall. he's president. so let's get the wall. >> trace: but the wall is down the road, noelle. the wall, we don't know where it's going be funded. we don't know them -- the materials, the construction date. there is still many unanswered questions. this daca thing has a six-month window. it's my belief that the wall and daca are not going to jive when it comes to timelines. >> according to chuck schumer,
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absolutely not. more and more, he's growing confident it's going to be passed without anything to do with the wall. and i really think you're going to have more and more backlash. it's backlash that disrupts elections. that's why we have trumpet in the first place. out of all those qualified candidates, you have basically a businessman who came in and ran on immigration and won. tells you how passionate tenant how angry they are. >> trace: immigration and he's also talking about negotiation. the businessman is playing both sides of the fence. noelle nikpour, thanks for coming on. a republican senator now threatening to subpoena former fbi director james comey. lindsey graham telling fox news comey has some explaining to do about when he decided to clear hillary clinton in the email investigation. the senator says comey will testify one way or another.
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that's next.
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fox news channel. he said interviews with fbi staffers suggest comey drafted a statement clearing hillary clinton in the email investigation before agents had finished investigating. let's get to ed henry, live in washington. >> big deal because remember president trump cited james comey's mishandling of hillary clinton's email investigation as a justification for firing the fbi director. at that time, the president's critics stop at that reason but now republican senator lindsey graham, not a reliable supporter of the president, he calls it the way he sees it, sometimes challenges the president. he is declaring there were major problems with how comey handled the entire clinton probe. graham, senior member of the senate judiciary committee which has oversight of the fbi, threatening to subpoena comey to come back and explain how he testified under oath last year that he did not decide to exonerate clinton until
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july 2016 when in fact the evidence has emerged suggesting comey was ready to clear clinton as early as march or april of 2016 before the probe was complete and before hillary clinton or many top aides were even interviewed. here is graham earlier. >> there is too much to be determined here. comey needs to come back. what was his real reason for clearing hillary clinton? had he made up his mind before he talked to her? >> yes or no, if he won't come, will you subpoena him? >> yes. >> pressure from prominent republican comes as hillary clinton is on her book tour and lashing out at comey not just in the book but specifically in an interview with the new yorker talking about comey revisiting the clinton email investigation late in october of 2016 on the eve of the election.
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clinton saying that's when the bottom fell out, particularly with women in the suburbs of philadelphia and elsewhere who thought "that's it. i wanted to vote for her. i told them i was going to vote for her but they are right, she is going to jail. we are going to lock her up. i can vote for her." clinton making it clear she is still pretty angry at comey. >> trace: new information about the investigation into hillary clinton's emails. >> a brand-new batch of clinton emails revealing there may have been additional mishandling of classified information. the emails from huma abedin were among 1600 documents turned over by the state department in connection with a judicial watch, a conservative group. they had a freedom of information act lawsuit. judicial watch reveals that clinton associates received favors from the state departmen
2:18 pm
department. >> trace: chief national correspondent ed henry live in washington, d.c. treasury secretary steven mnuchin asked for a plane last month for his honeymoon because he wanted secure communications. that's according to the treasury department. the secretary withdrew that request wants officials figured out a different secure communication option. mnuchin is on president trump's national security council. the inspector general says they are looking into a trip mnuchin talk with his wife to kentucky where they watch the solar eclipse. officials say they planned the trip to talk about tax reform. treasury secretary's typically fly commercial within the u.s. his wife sparked backlash after she posted a photo of the couple stepping off a government plane and then hashtag to a bunch of designers who made the close she was wearing. more than north korea is prepping for another missile test and one expert says
2:19 pm
north korea's nuclear missile program is moving much faster than expected. we are live at the state department next.
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>> trace: eight soldiers hurt at fort bragg today, that's the word for military officials who say the victims were army special off students and officers. the associated press reports it was an explosion. it comes one day after a training accident at a base outside san diego. military officials at camp pendleton say an amphibious assault vehicle caught fire and injured 15 marines. five of those marines are still in critical condition at a burn
2:23 pm
center. that was at last check. officials in north korea threatening to reduce the united states to "ashes and darkness." and sink japan. that's according to state media. the united nations passed new sanctions against the country. earlier this month, kim jong un conducted the country's sixth nuclear test. analyst eight was the most powerful test yet. the latest threat comes amid reports north korea may be preparing for yet another missile test. it also comes as secretary of state rex tillerson meets with his counterparts from around the world in london to discuss north korea. let's get to rich edson. he is live at the state department. secretary says he wants more action from china. >> the secretary acknowledged is going to be very difficult on the united nations security council to pass awful oil embargo. china holds the key. secretary of state and u.s.
2:24 pm
allies were pushing for china to have the full oil embargo. china and russia watered down the latest sanctions. president trump remarked that the sanctions the u.n. security council did pass for no big deal. tillerson says he would like to see china, north korea's major oil supplier, cut some shipments. >> i am hopeful china, as our great country, a world power, will decide on their own and take it upon themselves to use that very powerful tool of oil supplied to persuade north korea to reconsider its current path towards weapons development and reconsider its approach to dialogue and negotiations in the future. >> secretary tillerson says while the u.n. security sanctions aren't all the u.s. wanted, he attends a unified message that most of the world is against north korea and what it's doing in developing its
2:25 pm
missile and nuclear programs. the u.s. and state department maintain that what it calls its pressure campaign against north korea is working, that there are countries that are beginning to cut off diplomatic ties, cut off some economic ties with north korea. even as north korea continues shooting off missiles and exploding nuclear weapons. the administration and the state department is saying the beginning part of this to get the international community to move is happening. what we need to see in the future, and they say this will take time, is north korea to change its behavior. >> trace: meantime, you've got russia launching major military exercises in europe. >> military exercises, these exercises in the western part of russia and belarus close to the border with nato countries and american allies. the u.s. is watching these maneuvers very closely. they are concerned russia may use this exercise to mass forces
2:26 pm
and belarus and threatened nearby nato allies. russia says they're keeping the number of troops at less than 13,000. if they had more than that, international observers could monitor in certain ways, but nato and the united states a rush as far more participating, like in the range of 100,000. the pentagon says "the official estimates provided by russia and belarus do not correspond with media reporting." the kremlin claims the west is "whipping up hysteria on all this with the war games ongoing." u.s. and nato allies would point to some concerns in some of russia's behavior in the past, the seizure of crimea, the invasion in georgia, other interventions russia has had in syria and ukraine. there is some concern from the u.s. and allies. among the baltic states, this is happening right in their
2:27 pm
backyard. >> trace: a bit of an honesty problem. rich edson at the state department. president trump at the white house after visiting florida for an update on hurricane relief and recovery. millions of people that are still living without power days after irma devastated parts of the state. it could be a long time before life gets back to normal. in fact anything resembling normal. we will show you the progress as we go live to the keys coming u up. mom, i just saved a lot of money on my car insurance by switching to geico. i should take a closer look at geico... you know, geico can help you save money on your homeowners insurance too? great! geico can help insure our mountain chalet! how long have we been sawing this log? um, one hundred and fourteen years. man i thought my arm would be a lot more jacked by now. i'm not even sure this is real wood. there's no butter in this churn. do my tris look okay?
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>> trace: president trump telling survivors of hurricane irma and florida his administration is there for you 100%. the president and first lady melania trump along with vice president pence traveled to florida today to see irma's devastation firsthand. this video recorded by a military osprey aircraft gives
2:32 pm
you an idea the damage president trump and his crew saw during the trip. the president also into mobile home park in naples near where hurricane irma made its second landfall. the president served lunch, shook hands, asked folks how they were doing. some folks in collier county where naples is located say floodwaters still cover entire neighborhoods. mike tobin is live in naples, florida, with more on the president's trip. >> the president got an aerial tour of the damage then got on the ground and got a look firsthand. the presidential motorcade took mr. trump and the first lady to one of the hard-hit trailer parks. trailers were ripped apart by the fury of this particular store. the president supplied a meal himself, then pitched in and handed it out, a gesture to communicate to hurricane survivors they have not been abandoned. >> we love the people of florida. they went through something i guess the likes of which we can
2:33 pm
say nobody has ever seen before. we've never seen a category like this come in. all you have to do is look at what happened in the keys. we love these people, and were going to be back and help, and the job that everybody has done in terms of first responders and everybody has been incredible. >> primarily what you see out here is wind damage, roofs torn off, tree branches blown around. that's what's knocked down the power lines. there is still standing water in some areas had people cover themselves and bug spray before they go to sleep that night because it's too hot to sleep indoors. >> trace: i know you've been around that area. how does the recovery appeared to be going? >> power is still the primary issue. the trucks are around. people applaud when they see the park trucks come and go. behind me can see some of the power poles are staged to be off-loaded and replacing those that have been snapped. florida power & light says powers being restored at a
2:34 pm
record pace. the president praised the work of these crews restoring the power. little comfort to 25% of the state that still can't turn on a light or keep food in the refrigerator. gas is also an issue. the crack of dawn, the lines form a gas stations where the word went out they had a full tank. they form and stretch a quarter-mile until the tank is dry and people raced off to the next location. you of people walking up the street carrying gas cans to fuel generators. six people have died from using generators poorly. they didn't ventilate them, and six people succumbed to carbon monoxide poisoning. >> trace: mike tobin live in naples. thank you. new drone video from the florida keys would like to show you. it shows the sheer power of hurricane irma. this is long key, 40 miles north and east of where the storm made landfall. you have campers, mobile homes flipped on their sides.
2:35 pm
the devastation is so bad, sheriff's deputies have been blocking off access to the middle and lower keys because they say quite frankly it's not safe. matt finn is live in key west. matt, you talk to people who say they are upset that they can't get home. >> yeah, like a tornado, irma was hit or miss. key west, behind me, you could just get by with maybe water and limited supplies. the military has been handing out water and ice all day long, a very hot commodity. hours and hours of lines of cars. other places around marathon florida, where authorities are blocking entire neighborhoods. they are not letting people back in. they say there is no water, no electricity, no air conditioning. all of that is a deadly combo. there is not an open hospital. limited medical supplies and limited medic teams. it could be a deadly situation like we saw in holly hollywood.
2:36 pm
we talked to some people who say we abided by the evacuation. the hurricane has been gone for days, it's time for us to get back in our homes and onto our property so we can assess the damage. authorities are saying we cannot let you. too soon, too dangerous. we talked to some people today on route 1 and here's what they had to say. >> most people want to check and come back out. if they decide they're not willing to stay in those situations, they can go back. but let the people that are willing to see. they have all the money invested in there and they worked all their lives. next time, i'm not going anywhere. >> we don't know what we have and we can't get into c. if we can't fix it or repaired, at least we know. we can go back and figure it ou out. we can't do anything we don't know. that's the most frustrating part. >> you can imagine their anger and frustration. they're camped out on the side of the road in the heat and
2:37 pm
humidity. some said, do you have sunscreen? they are sitting with the animals in the heat trying to get home. authority saves too dangerous. in hollywood, florida, elderly people died. if they go in without services and utilities committed could be deadly. >> trace: we were talking to mike tobin in naples, florida, where he seems to indicate the recovery effort is robust. what about where you are? i know it's hard getting cruise in there but how robust has the recovery been? >> all day long we see caravans of power trucks, utility trucks. they are heading into the keys. we are seeing them around the clock. it seems like there's a robust recovery effort but authorities and tell the powers on and you have air-conditioning in your home and running water, it could be deadly. we cannot allow you in.
2:38 pm
>> trace: i see the group behind you. are they stopping cars as they go in or as everybody allowed to come and go as they want if the roads are stable enough? >> we are down in key west which was an area that wasn't hit as hard. people who stayed here coming out to get food and water. this is the military. on route 1 near marathon which is kind of central, southern keys, there's a stern roadblock. residents are not being allowed in. we have to show i.d. that we are pressed. if -- we are hearing people trying to get past the line and they are making arrests quickly and swiftly. they are definitely turning away residents away in the marathon area. >> trace: as they should. matt finn live in key west. nice job. thank you. police are stepping up patrols to hunt down looters and parts of florida. cops didn't have to look very hard to spot a pair of accused
2:39 pm
thieves. deputies say they caught the shirtless duo driving an suv with a power poll strapped to the top. this happened in jacksonville. you can see the metal poll is kind of several times the length of the vehicle thinking for a dangerous drive. the associated press obtained a police report that an officer noticed a light poll missing and spotted those guys with that poll. investigators say one suspect claimed he was moving it because it was near traffic. a database shows the suspect sold scrap metal six dozen times this year alone. happier news for one woman affected by the hurricane. tiffany hatfield was evacuating in orange county before irma hit and while she was on the road, she stopped at a convenience store in north carolina decided to buy a scratch-off ticket. ten grand. our station fox 50 reports she says she will use the money to repair storm damage at her home.
2:40 pm
startling new details tonight about health attacks on u.s. diplomats in cuba. the associated press reports diplomats were sometimes targeted while they were asleep in bed. the reporter who helped uncover the information will join us live next. when a fire is going on,
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you're not thinking clearly, so they called the fire department for us.
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>> trace: breaking news out of texas. workers in dallas removing a statue of confederate general robert e. lee. there is a lot of police there. dallas is going to get rid of the statue. the mayor calls it a decision about morality. critics say it's a waste of money in that city officials are erasing history. that crane was part of the reason it wasn't removed earlier because the city council passed a resolution saying get rid of the statue. and then someone filed a lawsuit. a judge issued a restraining order saying keep the statue. that expired and then the crane was coming up from houston and got into a fatal accident on the way from houston to dallas that delayed the removal even further. now, they are putting the chain around the robert e. lee statue
2:45 pm
and lead park in dallas. they are set to take it away and take it to a local museum. more on that as we get it. new details about what the secretary of state calls health attacks on american diplomats in cuba. the symptoms include hearing loss and speech problems. the associated press reports of incidents happened in certain rooms, even certain areas inside those rooms. with laserlike specificity. one diplomat described hearing of blaring, grinding noise and said he moved a few feet away at the noise stopped. u.s. officials told the associated press the facts and the physics don't add up. the correspondent who cowrote the article joins me now. i read your article. it's fascinating. i'm curious, is there any rational explanation by any of the reporting you've done about what's going on? >> there are rational
2:46 pm
explanations for parts of what investigators have discovered. there are no rational explanation they've been able to come up with that explain all of it. you have 21 americans who've been confirmed affected and they have different symptoms. different experiences, hearing different sounds. some didn't hear anything, didn't feel anything. investigators have been unable to come up with a pattern that explains, this device would've caused those things. they have theories, they looked it ultrasound, microwaves, other types of devices but they haven't been able to come up with a single theory. >> trace: the thing is, josh, for context, the initial belief was maybe they were using some kind of sonic device and they were targeting these housing units for the u.s. envoys, they were targeting them. now you have doctors saying sonic devices can't cause concussions. they can't because this type of
2:47 pm
damage. there has to be something else in the mix. is that a fair assessment? >> it is. sound waves bounce off your body. the exception is that years which have evolved to be able to vibrate and pick up sounds. you don't see any research suggesting sound waves because the kinds of brain injuries we've been seeing and that doctors have confirmed. that's one of the key reasons the initial explanation doesn't seem to fully fit. that having been said, we should be careful to note investigators have not ruled out a sonic device. the fbi has gone down to havana, and searched facilities to look for some type of device. the thing you mentioned about how this is narrowly targeting parts of rooms where you could walk in and out of the sound beams suggests this wasn't some type of speaker in the room. as we know, speaker, the sound goes everywhere. investigators are looking at something far different. >> trace: you look at this and
2:48 pm
say okay, but the experts say you can do that. you can target somebody's bed if you want to but if you're going to do that, the device you're talking about is fairly substantial. hiding something like that are moving something like that would not be easily hidden. >> that's right. it's something that would've been conspicuous to the people experiencing the symptoms and to fbi investigators who have equipment, they know what they're looking for, and have thoroughly searched and can't come up with anything that demonstrates this. it's not the kind of thing where you could have a device hidden in another building across the street. the sound waves wouldn't be able to go through walls like that. >> trace: i am not trying to go spy novel-esque but are we nearing an espionage thing gone bad moment? what are the good minds saying?
2:49 pm
>> certainly an espionage aspiration that went awry somehow. new listening devices, something investigators are looking at. the smartest people on this, they have taken the closest look, they are saying there's no explanation. that's why now almost a year after symptoms were first reported, investigators are still unable to say what was causing it. as we have learned, there was another incident in the last month. this appears to be something that's continuing to be a risk for u.s. diplomats serving in cuba. >> trace: it's not just u.s. diplomats. there are canadian diplomats also affected. josh lederman with dap. thank you. police in maryland say they tricked a missing woman's boyfriend and decrying for the cameras all while suspecting he had killed her. cops have arrested the boyfriend of a missing teacher who was four months pregnant. this is the suspect at a news conference before the arrest.
2:50 pm
cops say they made him let the m it make the appearance. they found a body yesterday in a shallow grave. she sent a text message saying her boyfriend was driving her to an empty field and she didn't know why. the suspect was living in three places and shared a home with another woman. president trump speaking out about his tax cut plan. time is running out to get anything done. we are live in washington with the details on that. usaa to me means peace of mind. we had a power outage for five days total. we lost a lot of food. we actually filed a claim with usaa to replace that spoiled food. and we really appreciated that we're the webber family and we are usaa members for life.
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>> trace: president trump says middle-class americans are his number one priority when it comes to tax cuts, not the wealthy. the top republican on tax policy said his panel would not serve as anyone's rubber-stamp. the fox business network is live for us on capitol hill. >> exit big issue because you got the president on one hand saying we are not going to do any favors for the wealthy and then you have congress, kevin brady, actually saying we are going to have a tax reform package that benefits everybody. let's listen to what president trump said when he was in florida about what's coming down the pike. >> the wealthy americans are not my priority. my priority are people in the middle-class, and that's we are giving the big tax reduction. >> we don't have the details. what we do know, from the republicans, there's a plan for three tax rates.
2:55 pm
15, 25, 35%. kevin brady said they want to stick to that kind of plan. no details but here's what he said. >> our goal, simplifying the tax code for everybody and getting rid of a lot of special exclusions, deductions, provisions for some so we can lower the rates on everybody at every income level. in my view, it drives growth. we know this works. >> we are expected to get some details of the new tax rates september 25. >> trace: what about the democrats? because the democrats are saying we are working with the president but we will not work with the president if there's any kind of tax break for the w. here's what nancy pelosi said. >> they are saying yesterday they're not going to give any tax breaks to the high-end. we will see when we see it in writing. that was news to me.
2:56 pm
it's basically in their dna to give tax cuts to the high-end. >> one thing you could see when we start to get the details is that they lower the highest tax rate for the wealthiest americans but they also remove the deductions for state and local taxes which would essentially make it all the same for the wealthy. >> trace: steve bannon wanted that number 4. adam shapiro, live on capitol hill. we will be right back. mom?! righhht. safe driving bonus checks. only from allstate. switching to allstate is worth it.
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speak to the head of space x, elon musk putting out a video how not to land an orbital rocket booster. that's a few seconds. it goes on like that for a couple minutes. it's easy to point out the missteps if you've had big
3:00 pm
success. space x has pulled off more than a dozen booster landings including one last week in florida. the company is working towards bringing astronauts to space. i am trace gallagher inverse shepard smith. "special report" starts now. >> bret: this is a fox news alert. i am bret baier, coming to you from fox news world headquarters in new york. serious questions about how and why the obama administration's national security advisor was able to get the names of trump transition team members under surveillance. first, deal or no deal. a public spat between the president and the top democrats over what if anything they have agreed to about young illegal immigrants and tougher border security. we begin with kevin corke starting us off. good evening. >> good evening. deal or no deal indeed.


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