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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  September 15, 2017 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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congratulations on the success there, nasa. i'm shannon bream for shepard smith. in the meantime, time for "special report with bret baier bret baier." >> bret: after another london terror attack, president trump urges the u.s. to "get nasty," while great britain warns more to come. it was the unmasking of >> jason: aids under surveillance all about the iran deal? in the world condemns north korea over its latest missile launch. this is "special report" ." good evening, i'm bret baier. we are coming to you live tonight from the fox coast west coast bureau. we begin on the other coast where president trump is calling for further action against terrorism, what he calls "getting nasty" following a bombing at a london subway
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station. no one was killed, but 29 people were wounded. isis is claiming responsibility tonight. a massive manhunt is underway for the bomber, fearing another attack might be imminent to achieve white house correspondent john robert starts us off this evening from the north lawn. >> the president stood shoulder to shoulder with the u.k. this day, but also as he's done in the past, managed to raise the ire of british authorities. at joint base andrews this afternoon, president trump condemned the attack on the london subway. the fifth time terrorists have targeted british civilians this year. >> i want to say that our hearts and prayers go out to the people of london, who suffered a vicious terrorist attack. radical islamic terrorism. it will be eradicated, believe me. >> earlier today, the president raise eyebrows in the u.k. when
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he appeared to suggest british bullies dropped the ball, tweeting "the perpetrator was a loser terrorist who was in the sights of scotland yard" ." british prime minister theresa may did not appear to approve. >> i don't think it helps speculating what's an ongoing investigation. >> shortly after that, the president and prime minister talked, number ten downing street only saying, the prime minister called trump earlier today offering his condolences after the cowardly attack in london. the two leaders will meet on the sidelines on new york. terrorism will be a dominant topic on the u.s. agenda. in a preview of the president's speech, you went about their nikki haley put it bluntly. >> he slaps the right people, he hugs her right people. >> the biggest laughs are reserved for iran and north korea. while the president prepares to give tough new sanctions to north korea time to work,
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military action is still a possibility. >> we've been kicking the can down the road and we are out of road. for those who have said and who have been commenting about the lack of a military option, there is a military option. >> i have no problem kicking at the general matters because i think he has plenty of options. >> president trump back that up after meeting with air men and women at joint base andrews. >> after seeing your capabilities and commitment here today, i am more confident than ever that our options in addressing this threat are both effective and overwhelming. >> the president that they also took a swing at sports network espn after one of its hosts, jemele hill, on monday, "donald trump is a white supremacist who surrounded himself with other whites of premises." president trump today lashed out, "espn is paying a big prize for its politics and bad programming. people are dumping it in record numbers. apologize for untruth."
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press secretary sanders said what hill did is a fireball offense -- fireball offense. she shouldn't -- just saying what you did was a fireable offense, then she slammed espn slamming a conservative anchor voicing a political opinion at the same time letting the hill coments slide. >> john roberts live on the north lawn. witnesses describe a wall of fire from the homemade bomb, ice is not boasting the attack was carried out by an affiliated unit. that makes five terror attacks in great britain so far in 2017. and it ignited a massive manhunt tonight. katie logan has the latest in london. >> the device detonated around 8:30 in the morning at the height of rush hour. on a crowded train, there was
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panic. >> i had screamed initially. i looked and i saw remnants of the flash and smoke. >> police have confirmed it was an improvised bomb with wires seeing protruding off the plastic carrier bag used to transport it. thankfully, it did not detonate fully, possibly sparing many lives. at least 29 people were injured. >> there was an explosion on a tube train. police have attended. we now assess this was a detonation of an improvised explosive device. >> police are calling this a terrorist incident. the government has held an emergency meeting in response. >> clearly this was a device that was intended to cause significant harm. and 22 people have been injured and are being treated in the hospital. all of those who have been affected by the attack. >> gets the fifth terror attack in the u.k. this year. authorities are on alert for any
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attacks. prime minister theresa may announced the terror threat would be raised to critical, meaning another attack is imminent. london authorities say there will be a increased police presence on the street and on public transport. although isis has claimed responsibility for today's attack, police here in london are treating that claim with some skepticism. they are continuing to toil through security cameras to look for clues about the suspect and any accomplices. bret? >> katie logan live in london. katie, thank you. at least 24 people are dead following an attack in southern iraq. a group associated with isis are claiming responsibility. it happened at a facility frequented by shiite muslim pilgrims. the director of intelligence has been removed. the interior minister is calling for it to be investigated. the rear reaction -- has been quick, harsh, predictable.
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the u.n. security council is condemning it, calling it highly provocative. some officials inside and out of government are warning that the time of just talking about military options soon may be over. and now there is a reaction from korea. senior foreign affairs corresponded keith alcott is live in seoul, south korea tonight. >> in the last couple of minutes, yonhap, the south korean use in a sea has come up with a bulletin, and this is all it says, very simple but very direct. the north korean leader, that is kim jong un, says he's close to the goal of completing a nuclear force. this comes after yet another launch of a missile by north korea. take a look. the world reels from another provocation from north korea. pyongyang staging its most successful test yet of intermediate
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missile -- launched from a site near pyongyang, flying some 480 miles high and 23 miles east into the pacific ocean. a distant that puts the missile in a range of the u.s. island territory of guam and its american military bases. a threat to the u.s. that once again prompted secretary of state tillerson's reaction. >> north korea is not a now a global threat and requires a global response from all nation. >> north korea's neighbors were responding to her in south korea launching missiles from its east coast 6 minutes after. not an attempted shootdown, the missiles aimed into the sea of japan. a show of force and strong words. in this situation, having a dialogue is impossible. north korea will face even stronger sanctions and pressures by the international community that will force the country to come out to the path of dialogu dialogue. japan was also shaken by the launch.
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sirens sounded and loudspeaker alerts, seeks shelter, or heard in the northern island of hokkaido. >> it trampled on the international society a strong desire for a peaceful solution. north korea's reckless act is absolutely on and acceptable. >> even kim jong un's nominal allies, china and russia, criticizing the launch while continuing to tell the u.s. to back off as well. russia is deeply concerned by the latest provocative lunches, which lead to further tension, further escalation of tension on the korean peninsula. sanctions, saber rattling, strong words. none of it seems to be working to reign in north korea as the u.s. and the world wonders what pyongyang will do next and what must be done especially after this latest word coming from north korea. bret? >> greg palkot live in seoul.
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greg, thanks. a federal judge said late this afternoon in the u.s., attorney general jeff sessions cannot withhold grant money from cities who refused to cooperate with federal immigration laws. we are waiting from a response from the justice department on this on the century city ruling we are learning more details tonight about the motivation to behind the identification or unmasking of trump demonstration aids by the obama administration last year. chief corresponded catherine herridge tells us it might have a lot to do with iran. >> former national security advisor susan rice told the house intelligence committee that she unmasked trump transition officials in 2016 because she was bothered by a trump tower meeting with the united arab airman's crown prince , they wanted the incoming and administration dial back the iran deal. they also question whether rice was more important protecting
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the iran deal and president obama's foreign policy legacy of van the russian election meddling. >> iran was priority one, two, three. they basically wanted a much more aggressive u.s. posture against my first and foremost, iranian regional aggression that posed a direct threat to them and the other gulf states. >> the december 2016 meeting reportedly included the president's son-in-law jared kushner, former campaign strategist steve bannon, incoming security advisor michael flynn, and the crown prince. rice said the delegation asked for a meeting for president obama and canceled, said they weren't coming to the u.s., then came quietly to see the trump team. emphasize the crown prince, along with other gulf leaders, had drawn closer to the russian president. >> it's largely, i think, a hedging move or fear that the united states could be abandoning them, that they needed some kind of relationship
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with russia. >> a capitol hill source says that classifieds estimate confirmed that she used intelligence community tools to identify or unmasked trump transition team members because she was suspicious of their activity in one month before the inauguration. that was a core allegation leveled by the committee's republican chairman that was roundly criticized by democrats last spring. >> what i've read seems to be some sort -- level of surveillance activity, perhaps legal, but i don't know if it's right and i don't know if the american people would be comparable with what i've read, but let us get all of the reports. >> fox news asked rice and her team whether -- a spokeswoman denied our question, citing classified information. it said in a statement to fox, "there is nothing improper, unusual, or political about such requests. nor should such request bear any relationship to the unfounded
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and debunked allegations that the obama white house or did it surveillance of any u.s. person. bret? >> >> bret: let's get some analysis. joining me here in los angeles, hours indicated talk radio host leslie marshall and steve hilton, former advisor to the prime minister david cameron. thanks for having me in los angeles. >> what a wonderful studio. >> bret: let me start with the unmasking. leslie, do you think devin nunes is owed an apology after what he said about the concerns and now susan rice admitting to what was done quite make >> note, i don't. i think the fans the flames of this a bit. first of all, specifically when you look at unmasking and when you look at the policy of unmasking, the one organization that has the most exceptions to the norm with unmasking is the nsa, which rice was a former advisor. i feel like not only she was within her right, i think a lot
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of what we are seeing today are the terms like "illegal," this is not a criminal activity. in addition to that, this is procedural. and when you have, honestly, for me to agree with trey gowdy, ever, when he said, look, she did a good job, and they don't find any problem what was supposed to be a closed and secret, as we just heard, testimony with what they found that she did, well, then, sorry. a if high-ranking republicans have no idea how my problem with what she did, devin nunes was an apology because he fan the flames. >> if this was a republican administration that had done this, think of the press coverage. this hasn't been anywhere this week. >> exactly. i think they are going to run and run. it's not the and make of a story by any means. but it's certainly wrong. what it tells you is this incredible arrogance on the part of the insiders, as they were, and the outgoing administration,
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i think, at this point, not believing the election results, not believing that dysfunctional rookies have taken over and are to take -- it's just that arrogance. and i think that's what we'll will really annoy people some of this evidence, they did not take the incoming administration seriously enough to let them -- >> bret: let's turn to immigration. daca specifically. today, the president weeding tweeting out chain migration cannot be allowed to be part of any -- a direct result, leslie, of some of the g.o.p. push back. here is just a taste. >> i actually don't think the president has changed his mind on the wall, but he has telegraphed ada's management of the resolve that we saw in him in the campaign. >> if the president did make a deal, we still have to do what
3:16 pm
we do on capitol hill. serve 535 members of congress that were not party to the competition. >> does he not recognize this as the group that truly wants him impeached? >> you know, that's hard to dispute. >> you cannot have the legalization that we are going to do something else, because who believes washington will keep a promise quite make >> bret: so a lot of uproar. but the deal looks like it's moving forward. >> the deal is moving forward, but here's the problem. it's one of the reasons why the gang of eight failed years ago. immigration is huge. and the issue is not just daca, it goes beyond daca. if you have right now four proposals, right? you have one from democrats, one from more moderate republicans. the president has been very clear, in one respect, at one week he says he loves dreamers and then he's using the immigration hardliner language which concerns me, quite frankly. but when you look at what pieces have to be part of the deal and many republicans do, border
3:17 pm
security, but what does that mean? does that mean a wall? are we talking about visas? are we talking about the people in this country, some people say, we are worrying about the people trying to get in, we have to deal with the people in the country. and in the republican party, exactly the opposite. we need to worry about people coming in. i don't think this is going to happen. i think the daca, these dreamers are in a very bad position, because the timeline is impossible. >> bret: he's made a pledge, steve, about the dreamers, saying they do not have to worry about it. he could be approaching this piecemeal. and he's clearly trying to make a deal. he's a different animal for the people inside washington on either side of the aisle to look at. >> that's right. actually, this is the piecemeal approach, it is the right approach. fundamentally, public support of immigration depends on controlling immigration. and immigration has been out of control. that's why there is such a strong feeling about it.
3:18 pm
if you are going to reassert control over immigration, you have to do that piece by piece. if you are going to have to fight a battle, don't start by throwing out the most sympathetic part of the immigrant populations, the dreamers. i think actually both propositions are true. we should legalize the dreamers, but we need to control immigration. that means border security. that means building a wall. the final thing i would say on this is build a wall was one of the most high-profile promises in the election campaign. if it ends up that someone is elected on the promise and it doesn't happen, but will that do to people's faith in the whole democratic system? >> bret: all right. steve, leslie, thank you. next year's revolution, what time? >> sunday, 9:00 eastern. >> bret: thank you both. protest right now in the street of st. louis after a white police officer is acquitted of murder in the shooting of an african-american suspect. we will had their life -- we will head there live next.
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>> bret: welcome back to "special report" from los angeles. our next stop, the gateway to the midwest. st. louis. severe tensions on the street as you look there live. a judge has acquitted a white former police officer in the shooting death of an african-american man. it's a familiar story in that community. good evening, well >> good evening, bret. in the last 5 minutes, it became a very hostile environment. it had been peaceful up until now, but we've seen a collision of police officers and protesters out here just a couple of minutes ago. some of the protesters started jumping up, smashed a windshield. that led to some of these officers coming up and then they
3:23 pm
started bringing some of these protesters. we've seen several arrests so far. you can see that we have formed this line right here all the way across park avenue at the corner of parker boulevard in downtown st. louis. you can see the protesters here, screaming, shouting at the officers, they've been throwing bottles, throwing rocks. they continue to hit the officers which then causes the officers to press forward as they move forward here. you can see, people are continuing to talk -- a lot of expletives out here. this has turned into a hostile situation. i'm going to toss it back to you. >> bret: okay, will. we will monitor the situation in st. louis. let's turn now to another storm of sorts. there could be some rough political waters ahead for florida's governor. it concerns the nursing home or eight residents died and whether the tragedy could have been prevented in any way. there is some on the ground.
3:24 pm
matt finn is in big pine key tonight. good evening, matt. >> bret, cbs miami is reporting in the 26 hours before the first death in that hollywood, florida, nursing home, the officials: an emergency hotline the governor gave to health care executives three times pleading for help. minutes ago, a spokesperson for governor scott released a statement, saying in part, "at no time to the facility report that conditions had become dangerous or the health and safety of the patients were at risk. in fact, on monday september 11, the department of health and staff advised the facility to call 911 if they had any reason to believe their patients were not safe." this story with the governor at the forefront at this hour, but it's backdrop remains the path of discussion, construction that hurricane irma left behind, ripping part of the paradise. authorities are not allowing many residents back home. people are camping out in the
3:25 pm
heat out of money and outrage. officials and police tell us it's still too dangerous to let people back in certain parts. no water, electricity, or air conditioning, which is a deadly combination. one man we talked to found a way back in the keys to see what's left. here's what he said. >> officially, i live on my boat that is at the bottom right now. so officially, i'm living in my truck. or my buddies truck. how's that? it's tough to see. your whole life, all your friends likelihoods are, you know, piled up. >> of boating and fishing a way of life and vital to the economy here in the keys. everywhere we look, there are totaled books. total -- boats. there is a sign in list for people who stayed in florida to let their loved ones know they are doing okay. munro county officials will still not give us a time when regarding when people will be allowed back into the marathon,
3:26 pm
florida, area. they say they do not want to disappoint the already frustrated residents. bret? >> bret: matt finn in the keys tonight. matt, thank you. in the caribbean, because a is once again a hurricane -- jose has not caused significant damage. it is not considered a threat to land yet, but the national hurricane center says interest from north carolina to new england here in the u.s. should monitor the progress of this storm system as it continues to track closer and closer. we will keep an eye on that. some big changes at equifax. the company says tonight its chief information officer and chief security officer are retiring. there are multiple investigations going on right now into the hacking of company files containing data on 143 million americans. the dow hit all-time high, getting 65 for a record close. the s&p 500 is up five, rising
3:27 pm
above 2500 for the first time. nasdaq gained 19, setting an intraday record. the week, the dow jumped 2.16% for its biggest weekly gain of the year for the s&p 500 was up 1.5%. the nasdaq finished ahead one and a third. up next, our whatever happened to series looks next at the dakota access pipeline. hort-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember. another day at the office. why do you put up with it? believe it or not you actually like what you do. even love it. and today, you can do things you never could before. you're working in millions of places at once with iot sensors. analyzing social data on the cloud to create new designs.
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it's a highly contagious disease that can be really serious... especially for my precious new grandchild. it's whooping cough. every family member, including those around new babies, should talk to their doctor or pharmacist about getting vaccinated. >> bret: tonight, we continue our series, "whatever happened to." this week, the dakota access pipeline. national correspondent william la jeunesse tonight on what's going on right now. >> we have always respected your rights... >> bret: on tv, but especially
3:31 pm
social media, fears, not facts, told the story. the dominant narrative, cops were bad, protesters peaceful, native americans were victims. >> these people have been pushed around for centuries, right? they've been trampled over. speak of the standoff lasted nearly a year. on one side, the texas oil company, which built this pipeline to care recruit from dakota to illinois. on the other, environmentalists against oil and native americans, who feared a leaking pipeline would pollute the missouri river. but in the modern world, so it is oil. on which thousands rely to get to the protest sight. >> day after day, this bridge became the focal point, the point of attack for thousands of protesters on the standing rock reservation who had clashed with police here. they would throw rocks, bottles of urine, their point was to get
3:32 pm
over the ridge and destroy or sabotage the dakota access pipeline. they failed, but the protest and succeed in prompting president obama to step in and stop the project. but their victory turned to defeat with the election of donald trump. >> i did it immediately. and i didn't even do it in case more jobs. it's the right thing to do. >> today, the pipeline carries 400,000 barrels of oil, almost half of north dakota's daily production. >> my main goal was to just enforce the law. >> the state spent $38 million during that of almost 800 arrests, 92% were from out of state. these protesters told "the des moines register" they used cutting torches and gasoline to destroy the pipeline anywhere they could. >> we began to use this tactic up and down the pipeline. throughout iowa and in the part of south dakota. >> while the company won, the industry fears future projects may face a similar opposition campaign. in kennebunk on on north, >> bret: if you have an idea,
3:33 pm
let us know. follow up as the series continues. a group of republican senators asking secretary of state rex tillerson to expel cuban diplomats and close havana phosphorus embassy in washington if cuba does not take what they call "verifiable action" in the weight of apparent sonic attacks on american diplomats in cuba. we've been following the story here on "special report." today, the state department held what and because a law enforcement dialogue with cuban officials. state said the health incident involving american the ferments were discussed. at least 21 u.s. personnel stationed in cuba have experienced hearing loss and other symptoms. harvard is admitting tonight it screwed up when it named as a visiting fellow a former military intelligence analyst convicted of leaking government secrets. the uproar over the chelsea manning action forest a hasty retreat. correspondent molly line shows us from boston. >> in the wake of growing backlash, the harvard kennedy school has rescinded chelsea manning's invite to serve as a
3:34 pm
visiting fellow. though the invitation for the convicted -- to speak. mike pompeo canceled his participation, withdrawing in a last second later, calling manning "an american traitor," adding, "miss manning stands against everything the brave men and women i served alongside stand for." a transgender woman, who serves as an intel analyst in the u.s. army, was convicted in 2013 of espionage and other crimes for leaking classified documents to leaking wikileaks. she was serving seven years of a 35 year sentence after former president barack obama granted a commutation. douglas elmendorf, dean of the harvard kennedy school, released a statement today, writing, "we did not intend to honor her in anyway or endorse any of her words and deeds as we do not honor or endorse any fellow. however, i now think the designating chelsea manning as a visiting fellow was a mistake, for which i expect a
3:35 pm
responsibility. however, manning is still invited to spend the day at the kennedy school and speak in a full run. president donald trump's former white house press secretary sean spicer recently announced as a visiting fellow in assemblies, he appreciates that harvard rectified its mistake. >> there is a need to have a civil discord and have every expression of -- but it's quite another to take someone who has been a traitor to this country, who's been convicted of treason, and invite them. >> manning herself weighed in, tweeting, "honored to be first disinvited trans woman, visiting harvard fellow. they too suppress dissenting pressure." pompeo made clear in his letter that his -- everything to do with her identity as a traitor. bret? >> bret: molly, thank you. it was unmasking under the obama
3:36 pm
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ask your doctor about anoro. ♪go your own way get your first prescription free at >> i want to say that our hearts and prayers go out to the people of london who suffered a vicious terrorist attack today. america and our allies will never be intimidated. we will defend our people, our nations, and our civilization, from all who dare to threaten our way of life. this includes the regime of north korea, our options in addressing this threat are both effective and overwhelming. >> clearly this was a device that was intended to cause significant harm. the threat of terrorism that we face is severe.
3:40 pm
but together, by working together, we will defeat them. >> bret: a bomb on a london subway spurning a manhunt tonight to try to find the terrorist behind it. 29 wounded, no one killed. but great britain is on alert for the president tweeting, "another attack in london by loser terrorists. these are sick, demented people who were in the sights of scotland lard must be proactive. loser terrorist must be dealt with in the much more effective manner. the internet is their main recruiting tool. the travel ban should be tougher, more specific. but stupidly, that would not be politically correct. we have made more progress in the last nine months against isis than the obama administration has made in eight years. must be proactive and nasty." the national security advisor thinking -- had to clean up a little bit of these tweets this afternoon. >> scotland yard has been a
3:41 pm
leader as we've been a leader. if there's been a terror attack here, god forbid that they would be in the sizes of the fbi. i don't think he meant anything beyond that. >> bret: let's bring in our panel from washington. match lap , sherbet or from the hill and tom rogan, commentary writer for the "washington examiner" ." okay, matt, your thoughts? >> i think that's a little bit -- that tweet, once again, to know exactly what words are meant, but this goes to the fact that we get terrorists living amongst us. obviously in the u.k., obviously here in america. this is one of donald trump's big themes, which is we are going to root out the terrorist who are here and not going to let any more calm. we are going to be as aggressive as possibly can be. i think this is another example, another wake up call to the west. >> anna? >> it's interesting here with theresa may and how she responded. she's always careful with her
3:42 pm
words. talking to my colleagues in london about this. they said that downing street was seething about this. what will be very interesting to watch is what happens at the u.n. general assembly. there is an expectation they will partner together, that there will not be any long-standing arm there, but something all the reporters will be watching. >> they had a conversation, president trump and the british prime minister, tom. the white house is saying that was very cooperative and obviously you heard the remarks this afternoon from the president. >> i think what sustains the relationship, though, frankly was always sustained it, that beyond the values, the intelligence sharing especially, it's so deep and so integrated and so beneficial to both nations that there is no real interest allowing disagreement. there was a disagreement today, that is true, to progress. i think as you see this plot, the terrorism alert level went up to critical this evening in the u.k., but that suggestion, potentially a broader threat
3:43 pm
here, again reinforces why the british will say as much as the yanks might annoy us, we need help on these things. >> bret: also from that white house press briefing with the u.s. ambassador to the u.n., obviously the focus on north korea. take a lesson. >> what we are seeing is they continue to be provocative, they continue to be reckless. and at that point, you know, there is not a whole lot the security council is going to be able to do from here when you cut 90% of the trade and 30% of the oil. having said that, i have no problem kicking at the general mathis, because i think he has plenty of options. >> for those who have said and commenting about the lack of a military option, there is a military option. it's not what we prefer to do, so what we have to do is call on all nations, call on everyone to do everything we can to address this global problem short of wa war. >> bret: tom? >> yes, i think what you see
3:44 pm
there, hr mcmaster is correct. there is a viable military option. it goes, also, into some areas in terms of preventing potential counter retaliation from the north koreans. but they do not want to do that. what you will see coming up now is increasing pressure on the chinese in terms of banking institutions that act as cutouts for individuals to help fund the north korean regime. ultimately, at this point, with the timeline of north korea encroaching an incredible icbm plus warhead capability, you've got to roll the dice or you've got to use military action. clearly no one wants to use military action yet. >> bret: anna, since the president's fire and fury comments, north korea has launched two ballistic missiles and completed a nuclear weapons test. >> yeah. i think honestly they are not moving back. his words -- you know, he likes to be the strong president. he likes to use aggressive language on twitter and when
3:45 pm
he's making statements about this stuff. but as you see, his administration, his officials often say they want a global response. that was secretary of state rex tillerson today. they are trying to have an approach of caution because nobody wants to go to war right now. >> bret: match >> it seems a bit, almost like in response to what steve bannon said either on or off the record in the interview where he said, you know, there's no military option. they seem to be very forceful of this idea of a military option and you have secretary rex tillerson say, you know, they are increasingly an aggressive nation. these missiles, they are now within range of guam, of our military installations. at what point do we then say they've crossed the line and they are actually being an aggressor? i think this is incredible he dangerous and i would encourage them to continue to say every option is on the table and there's a lot of good options. >> bret: tom, that's a good point. very quickly, where is the
3:46 pm
redline for this administration in north korea? >> for some degree, they don't want to do what president obama did in 2013 and draw a redline they don't enforce. i suspect though it's a missile going further out over japan towards hawaii. at that point, then we go up toward the next level. and that gets very complicated complicated -- people we care about guam, too. we care about our allies in the region. it's getting a little silly where that line would be, right, bret? they have surpassed it. >> bret: right. we are going to shoot something down pretty soon, i bet. next up, the cuba diplomat history. harvard backtracks on chelsea manning. plus winners and losers. you wouldn't believe what's in this kiester. a farmer's market. a fire truck.
3:47 pm
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3:50 pm
>> our diplomats in cuba have been subject to health attacks. we have medically confirmed that our personnel's health was affected by these instances. certainly, our domestic security and others have looked in people's rooms. it's an aggressive investigation that continues. >> you think cuba is involved directly? >> i cannot comment on this time. we will let you know. the reality is we don't know who or what would cause this. >> bret: this is a mystery in cuba as diplomats fair, u.s. diplomats suffer from hearing loss and other ailments as a result of what appears to be a sonic attack. now you have g.o.p. senators writing to say that all cuban diplomats in the u.s. should be kicked out if cuba does not help with this investigation. we are back with the panel. matt, this is like a made-for-tv movie.
3:51 pm
>> i'm not in the federal government and this is what the cuban regime does. it does barbaric things, murders people, there is political prisoners and religious opponents in jail. you name the barbaric thing, they have either done it or are contemplating doing it. so i don't think it's much of a mystery to me. >> bret: and now? >> i think it's very disturbing, obviously. i think what can the u.s. government do, will there be any effort in terms of closing down even more on the borders there with cuba and, you know, will republicans and democrats say, you know, it's time to get some of these diplomats out of this country. >> bret: i want to turn to chelsea manning and harvard, tom. and this was going to be a visiting fellow in at harvard, former military analyst convicted of essentially stealing secrets. he -- now she is not a visiting
3:52 pm
fellow. the former cia director resigned from their positions. she tweeted, honored to be the first disinvited trans woman honored fellow. they marginalized voices under cia pressure today. tom? >> i think the first interesting thing here is we considered russia in terms of the dimensions of the trump administration is perhaps the scandal. the issue with chelsea manning is she acted as an agent of a hostile foreign intelligence service, the russian gou which uses wikileaks as a cutout. holding this up as a leader, a marginalized voice under oppression is pretty ludicrous on its face. frankly, i just cannot fathom what harvard were thinking beyond the idea of trying to play this notion to a college, you know, space that appeals to
3:53 pm
people on the very far left. >> bret: okay. let's do winners and losers. matt, winners first? >> my winter very near and dear to my heart, my wife, very -- working with hope hicks, general kelly. i will give you a report early on this weekend, bret, how it went. he went all right. loser? >> the loser is apparently #resistant for -- she's a hateful, terrible bigoted guy. all of a sudden, chuck and nancy are warming up to him and maybe getting things done. so r.i.p. #resistance. >> bret: anna, winners and losers? >> senate majority leader chuck schumer, came through over chinese dinner, the new york's favorite a lot of people didn't think it would be possible. >> bret: and loser?
3:54 pm
>> i would say the nfl because their ratings were so bad this week. but i would say equifax which basically 143 million people's personal and financial data was lost and potentially breached. actually reported tonight their chief information officer and chief security officer are taking in early retirement. >> bret: all right. tom, winners and losers? >> my winter today is the royal air force which 77 years ago effectively won the battle of britain, and very kindly, to be 25 there is my british grandpa, pictures he took from raf -- doesn't get upset with me leaving him out as he's watching in arlington, virginia. he served the country with the stanchions as well. my loser is the individual who put the bomb on the train today in london for fortunately, he failed to construct a bomb that detonated effectively. but obviously, it speaks to the luck being an important element
3:55 pm
of counterterrorism. >> bret: excellent. we should say happy 70th birthday to the u.s. air force as well. we will see how many points matt gets from mercedes for that shot out earlier. panel, thank you. when we come back, this week, notable quotables. oh, you brought butch. yeah! (butch growls at man) he's looking at me right now, isn't he? yup.
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3:59 pm
for caesarry and ben bin laden's son. >> if i were him i would count my days. >> no brand has improved more than the united states coast guard. >> as we speak the eye of the storm is practically due south of us by 220 miles. because it's crossing the 80th meridian, so i'm not so worried. that's only 1/15th above due west toward true north. >> is he right? >> i'm not worried. >> i guess they know what they're doing at the weather channel. >> chainsaw sitting at the closet at the school it wasn't helping anybody. so i went in, i pulled it out. and just did what i could to clear that road. >> trying to get everybody bacback back to normal as fast as possible. >> and my uncle charles william garbrini. >> bret: that was one week. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. from los angeles tonight, i will be back in d.c. on
4:00 pm
monday. don't forget to tune in to funsd this weekend. special guest h.r. mcmaster, the national security advisor sits down with chris wallace. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. ♪ >> martha: breaking right now, there is high tension and some pushing and shoving, that kind of thing in the streets of st. louis right now. this comes just hours after a judge acquitted a white expolice officer in the deadly shooting of a black man. the police preparing 30 minutes ago this protest, quote is, no longer considered peaceful. demonstrators are asked to leave the area. mike to be bib joins me live. he is on the ground there in st. louis this evening with this story. hi, mike. >> hi, martha. it looks like this one is dissipating at the moment. can you see the police line. they have just backed all the way up across clark street. and can you see the building they are next to right now is the police headquarters itself. there was a bit of a dust up earlier. can i show


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