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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  September 19, 2017 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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to our old time slot, at 9:00 p.m., 6:00 pacific and let's just say we have a few surprises next week. hope you'll join us then, hope you will join us tomorrow night, have a great evening. ♪ >> tucker: well, good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." last spring, president trump drove official washington into hyper ventilation by claiming the obama administration had wiretapped members of his campaign staff in his office at trump tower prior to the last election. not everything the president says on twitter is factually accurate, but to anyone who has been in washington for a while, that claim didn't seem crazy or even really that unlikely, that sort of thing does happen here and everybody knows it. imagine now confusing it was to see a parade of washington figures leap forward to denounce trump's claim is not just untrue but insane. speaker of the house paul ryan confidently told
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reporters that, quote, weau have not seen any evidence of wiretapping at trump tower or on anyone within trump tower. richard burr and mark warnerny those are the two top senators on the senate intel committee. the justice department denied surveying trump staff as then fbi director jim comey while testimony before congress. the media laughed derisively. wiretapping, come on. it's tin foil hat stuff, it's nuts. another time with more trustworthy institutes that would have been the end of the story. we live in a country with deeply corrupt institutions. turns out all those pepe tronnizing assurance is probably false intentionally so. according to that you report from cnn, paul manafort who for a time last year trump campaign chairman wasl wiretapped by the federal government both before and after the election. manafort, it ought to be noted, had an apartment
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inside trump tower during that time so it's virtually certain that surveillance of him would have included other members of the trump campaign staff maybe trump himself. in other words trump's tweet may have been right. why did the top law enforcement officer all assure us that surveillance didn't happen. that there wasn't a shred of evidence to suggest it had happened. i were they lying or simply not know? neither answer is comforting. either intelligence has gone rogue officials or officials colluding with one another to lie to the public. apparently for political reasons. either way, something p ominous is happening in washington. last year's election terrified the. populist public. they have done everything in their power to reverse the results.
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or simply pretend it never happened. in ironic twist they become exact solid what they claimha to oppose. they collude behind closed doors to push a narrative of secret collusion. then use secret surveillance and politically motivated leaks to menace their political enemies and thenic for good measure, they lie about it. in the name of protecting democracy they are doing everything they can to subvert the results of a democratic vote. irony of ironies. no russian hacking has ever threatened this country more than that. wisenburg served as deputy independent counsel during ken starr's investigation of the clinton administration those many years ago and he joins us tonight. mr. wisenburg, thanks for coming on. it seems like -- >> -- thank you, many, many years ago. >> many, many years ago. i remember it very well. it seems like to civilians like me a very big deal for the federal government, independent prosecutor or anyone working for the federal government to initiated a wiretap against a campaign official in the middle of a campaign.
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does that give you pause? does that seem weird to you? >> i think it's worrisome if it happened. we don't really know for sure whether it happened. i think, tucker, it's good to keep something in mind for you and all your viewers mind.p it in having been through and participated in a high profile investigation like, this you can just assume that 50% of what you read at a minimum of what mueller is doing utterly false. can you assume that at least 50% of what mueller is doing at any given time is not in the papers and you have no idea what it is. >> tucker: that's my assumption about everything. everything i hear inea washington i take 50% off the top of everything. this specific allegation that he was wiretapped, that manafort was the subject of government surveillance is something that has been floating around for a while
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and it does seem possible toor me, does it seem possible to you? >> well, certainly in light of the cnn story it does. you have to look at who is sourcing a story, but agree with you that if something like this happened, it's very disturbing. it doesn't mean that it's automatically something that was wrong and shouldn't have but i think it is very troubling any time one administration goes and tries to get a wiretap of a major figure in the party opposing it, certainly opposing its party in the upcoming election. >> tucker: well, we know it happened to flynn. so, i mean, it doesn't seem crazy to assume it might have happened to paul manafort. so the nature of this investigation, again, i'm just counting the 50% that you suggested. but seems to have changed from what we can tell from an investigation into collusion and people around him.
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into financial dealings going back some years long before he entered the last race. if that is true that doesret seem like mission creep on a pretty grand scale. >> well, i think mueller has a pretty broad, if i. remember his charter correctly, he has a broad scope of inquiry. that's common in investigations like this. and there is no indication that i have seen that mueller is involved in any of these wiretap applications. but there is no question when you bring a guy like like bob mueller on, you are going to get a very thorough and extremely aggressive investigation. that's the way he operates and really bob mueller doesn't care what you think or i think or anybody thinks. >> tucker: he ought to care what we think because we are american citizens and he is not god and there was a "new york times" piece in which you are quoted that said i'm not defending paul manafort
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and carrying water for paul manafort. s in the piece picked his lock on the front door and emerged in order to scare the crap out of him.d what's the point of that in a free society to behave that way? why not just ask him to open the door it seems police state-ish to me. >> i wasn't speaking about the particular tactic that they used in that case.ut basically telling a magistrate that the story to be believed there were exigent circumstances in them picking the lock. that's very unusual. what i would simply saying is that mueller, very much like patrick fitzgerald in the scooter libby investigation, wanted to set a tone very early on, which is what prosecutors need to do when they come in on these investigations. doesn't mean excuse to act properly. setting his own and hey folks, i'm not screwingo around. this is serious.
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i know what i'm doing and i'm not lollygagging around. and there is no question that he is doing he has got a number one lieutenant andrew wiseman who is well known for doing that the enron investigation wiseman headed that task force and that's a task force that had a verynd legitimate criticism very much overstepped its bounds. as you know virtually all the enron prosecutions were reversed on appeal. >> tucker: i'm aware of that more scared of vladimir putin than we are of ourf all prosecutors. thank you for your perspective on that. >> no problem. >> tucker: the news that the obama administration may have monitored paul manafort, spied on him, surveilled him, revives a story you may have forgotten about, the russian collusion narrative in case have you forgotten for several monthsen our country's political and media elite thundered without end that our government had been overthrown by vladimir putin here is memory lane for you.
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>> looks like the fbi does have evidence that there was collusion between trump t campaign members and russian operatives. >> when the story is, again, possibly collusion between trump associates and russia. >> country who attacked us in the last election is theho country where donald trump and people on his team have very deep, personal political, and financial ties. d >> i'm bothered by our country being compromised by a number one foreign adversary in collusion with our president. >> tucker: how severe is our problem with russia? listen to morgan freeman describe it, watch. >> we have been attacked. we are at war. >> tucker: host the five outs of new york every night and he joins us tonight.t. juan, good to see you. >> good to be with you. >> tucker: look. i think you are a reasonable person.. i think it's fair to ask questions about russia. now that morgan freeman and i believe instinctually has declared we are at war with
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russia. how many troops should we send to moscow would you say? more or fewer than napoleon sent? >> it's a different kind. the kind of war being conducted against us is obviously a cyber war type of attack. i think there is not much debate about it. i saw today when our new trump administration nominee to be ambassador to russia said without a doubt they tried to interfere in our election not much debate >> not much debate about it we are taking this all on faith intelligence agency from unseen people with agendas we don't know much about. we've seen this before inpl conflicts throughout american history, lied to repeatedly and to take their assurances on faith as we are all doing seems nuts to me. why would you join in that? >> because i think there are so many of them. initially what we heard and i don't know how you feel but from jim clapper, director of national intelligence as well as from fbi and justice department officials, that there was a clear consensus of all the
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intelligence agencies, not just one that, in fact, russia had aggressively sought to interfere and succeeded in interfering in the 2016 election. >> tucker: that's the same jim clapper assured us under oath oh the liar jim clapper. >> saying that but i don'tin think that impugns clapper's integrity over all. >> tucker: it raises significant questions. look, maybe he is right. >> it's not just clapper. it's all of these people. i have respect for our intelligence community. i think they do a terrific f job and i don't think they have any political motive but you suggest that somehow they are part of the swamp, i guess. >> tucker: that's entirely silly, you are from here. you can't look in the camera and say they have no political motives. of course they do. >> no. >> tucker: they have done good work in some cases like predicting the fall of the soviet union and 9/11. they haven't done good work. >> remember, tucker, justice department -- trump's own justice department has said
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there is no evidence, they could find no evidence that, in fact, he or trump tower had been wiretapped. if there is a political motivation as you suggest, you would think that a trump justice department would come to some conclusion the's more in line with idea that trump's tweet back in march was accurate. >> tucker: possibly. that stuff happens as you know and my only point is again and again. i'm an american citizen so before you bring me to war along with morgan freeman, i want some evidence. so the u.s. government never examined. the fbi never examined the servers at the democratic national committee. and yet, as you know, so i'm only saying and i wouldd think liberals would join meou in saying that, again, before we go to war, whye don't you show me one piecein of evidence that the government of russia wase involved in hacking the d.c. computers? and they have not given us one. why aren't we demanding it? that's my question. why are we nodding in this bovine way they told us this. it must be true.
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why would we respond that way? >> i don't think it it's a matter they told us. >> tucker: yes, it is. >> in my mind do you have trust in your intelligence agencies and i do. secondly, are they in agreement? is there somebody standing outside and saying no, i see it a little differently? is it the case that mike pompeo director of the cia trump's nominee i don't know. is it the case jeff sessions now at justice says i don't know. no to the contrary they say no evidence that obama ever wiretapped trump. >> tucker: if all the kids agree on something, i don't know, pop rocks will kill you if you drink it with coke. bubble yum is made of spider eggs? what is this?. i'm an adult. show me the evidence. >> i'm glad. i think we can ask for evidence once the intelligence reports are made public we'll have them. that's not the question at the table. p if that's the standard, then
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there's will is lots of things that we don't know that president trump knows as president of the united states and i respect that i automatic noting two sit here and be a sucker and say oh, gee, because i haven't seen the details myself, i doubt now the entire intelligence community, entire justice department. i just think that's, in fact, given that mike pompeo cia have to doubt mike pompeo and all the cia that's a bit much. >> tucker: i don't know. let me say one thing compliment to you i remember back 15 years ago when the k weapons of mass destruction stuff being touted as irrefutable.e. you said gee i would like to have more evidence. i laughed at you. i wish i hadn't laughed at you. i'm serious. i think trust but verify. i was with you then y great to see you tonight. >> thanks, tucker. >> trump went to the u.n. today and ton of attention and reaction from the last u.n. ambassador under the lastmp administration bill richardson will join us.
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>> tucker: president trump made his first speech to the united nations general assembly today. it was an unusual moment, even for the banged his shoe on a desk. he ridiculed our foes and threatened to crush northur korea if necessary. watch. >> no nation on earth has an interest in seeing this band
8:19 pm
of criminals arm itself with nuclear weapons and missiles. the united states has great strength and patience but if it is forced to defend itself or its allies we will have no choice but to totally destroy north korea. rocket man is on a suicide mission for himself and for his regime. the iran deal was one of the worst and most one sided transactions the united states has ever entered into. frankly that deal is an embarrassment to the united states. >> tucker: bill richardson a former governor of new he was also presidentha clinton's u.n. ambassador. he has also been to north korea many times. hey, governor, thanks for coming on. >> nice to be with you, tucker. >> tucker: there are lots of parts of this speech that are interesting. two that jumped out at me as maybe a departure from previous foreign policy
8:20 pm
regimes were these. in america we do not seek to impose our way of life on a anyone. that's a massive change. and then as president of the united states, i will always put american first. does this represent, do you think, a pivot to a foreign policy that revolves around america's interests? >> well, it is president trump's foreign policy. and he was elected to carry it out. and he was sending a message to the u.n. that he was h going to follow it. on the good side and, you know, i'm fairly critical of his foreign policy. on the good side he seemed to embrace the need to have a coalition of support on issues like terrorism, like iran, like north korea. he acknowledged the u.n. needed some reforms.s. what was positive about thee u.n. leadership, the secretary general. that was positive. i thought his tone yesterday towards the u.n. using multilateralism which he rejected in the campaign as
8:21 pm
a tool in american foreign policy was positive.e. you know, where i had my problems tucker when he referred to north korea and iran. okay, it's good to be strong. to say that we're going to defend themselves. is there a strategy behind that? and i don't see it but i know we'll get into this. >> tucker: so here's the confusing part of for me. so he wants to see north korea disarm. i think everybody does. why would north korea ever disarm after what the obama administration did to muammar qaddafi in libya? we said at the time you got to disarm, no more chem bioprograms. no more nuclear programs. okay, fine. i will do what you ask, and then thanks to hillary clinton and samantha power we killed him anyway. isn't that a clear message to leaders around the world keep your nuclear program? >> i think what kim jong un wants to do -- you know i have been there eight times. i don't know what he wants to do and what his end game
8:22 pm
is. w i don't think he is suicidal but is he very unpredictable. i think what he has said if you look at his speech four days ago, he said he wants nuclear equivalency with the united states. building up nuclear missiles ore weapons in the end he is sending a i will negotiate with you, the united not with china or south korea or japan. but i think he is reaching a point is he is able technologically and able to hit the united states, hit the mainland, hit guam. i think it's fairly clear he is ready to talk. that's what i interpret. i don't know. i dealt with his father'ss regime. i think there is possibly an opportunity now nor diplomacy. my worry about the president. he has to say is he going to protect the country. he has got to say he is going to annihilate all these crazy missile tests and nuclear tests. but what's the end game?
8:23 pm
what is our diplomacy? what's our negotiation? i don't think preemptive military strike is going to work. south korea has 25 million people. i think it's diplomacy and negotiation. >> tucker: i don't think anybody thinks that. i don't think any person thinks a preemptive military strike is a good idea. including the trump people. let me ask you a totallys honest, nonpartisan question. give me the most honest answer you can. do you sense that there is a bipartisan push in washington to push the president toward military conflict with the iranid coming from the same people who basically made america weaker in previous generations with their dumb foreign policy ideas? do you feel that happening? >> no, i don't think so. you know, one good thing i will tell you, i met general kelly.y. i think he has brought some order into the national security team. the national security council defense. state. i was impressed with the way that he is handling. some of the foreign policy issues through the president. >> i mean the freelance foreign policy intellectual class in
8:24 pm
washington. wrong about everything. but they seem to be pushing this administration toward a more bellicose posture with iran and then i think toward conflict. military conflict. you don't see any evidence of that at all?nf am i being crazy? >> i do see that. i did a conference today with governor jeb bush.. my view is that the iran deal, the nuclear deal, keep it, keep it in our pocket. it's not perfect. but then hit hard on iran's support for terrorism. they have seven american prisoners there including a guy named levinson. we should work on yemen, on syria, on weapons of mass destruction. what we don't want is two nuclear powers. >> tucker: no, we don't. i agree. >> north korea and iran. president should use some diplomacy. keep the nuclear agreement and work on these other issues. that's my view. >> tucker: governor bill richardson thanks for that
8:25 pm
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8:29 pm
throwing out a presidential election after the fact but she pointed hopefully toward kenya where supreme court recently ordered an election do-over due to fairness concerns. kenya is the model. mark green is advocate founder of shadowing trump. anti-trump advocacy group. i believe even mark green doesn't believe in overthrowing election results, right. m >> i think one president from kenya is enough. >> tucker: shows you how pure of heart i am. i didn't think of that joke. i mean, come on, kenya is a beautiful place nice people but very corrupt. kind of weird to point to kenya. i know she is mad. i know she thinks theoi russians and comey did it. to even suggest that in an interview, that is not good for our democracy, is it. >> by the way i am reading hillary's book whatoo happened. i assume -- have you read it yet? >> tucker: someone sent it to me it's on my kitchen counter. >> the answer is no. hillary is two things one a smart lawyer. even a dumb lawyer the
8:30 pm
constitution never anticipated this. there is no provision for a do-over. the only thing is impeachment of the president or vice president and we will see about that. second, she is a human being and the only person in american history to in combination win the popular vote, lose the presidency and have a foreign adversary put his thumb on the scale and perhaps tilt the election, according to our intelligence agencies. i heard you kind of deny it. this is an anomaly. >> it raises the expectations and the intensity of your own base to such a fevered pitch that theytc become scary, actually. and i think that democratic t leaders have said so many irresponsible things in the past nine months that the
8:31 pm
democratic base is totally out of control. i will give you one piece of tape that will convince even you, mark green. this is nancy pelosi in a group full of so-called dreamers explaining how she is on their side. look how they respond to her. >> hey, i am. you do not. [shouting] you are a liar. >> you don't know what you are talking about. >> tucker: that's a problem. i hope that's not the future. don't you? >> you comparing hillary and pelosi.. let me put them together. i have never met a democrat who thinks there is a plausible way to contest the 2016 election. the base is upset about the result but we have a remedy. if you worried about the base being upset. i'm concerned that mob screaming "lock her up" when donald trump is at a podium. that happened. that's real. it turns to nancy pelosi and
8:32 pm
daca. look the public are in favor of making daca the law. donald trump says is he, paul ryan says he is it will probably happen. a 30 students apparently went there and were furious, i asked a dreamer colleague of mine why because nancy pelosi and chuck schumer seem to be arguing for making it a law, which they want. and he said look, they are furious and scared about being sent back to a country they have never been in. >> tucker: they are demanding of the highest ranking democrat in the house screaming at her you are not even entitled to vote. like what are you doing? h you don't see that at all? >> wait a second. entitled. they are allowed to speak. >> tucker: to vote. >> they are engaged in a form of protest that we might not engaged in. we have never been threatened with being kicked out of the country. their argument tactically, i don't buy, it is they don't i
8:33 pm
want to be bargaining chips that pelosi and schumer should demand a clean dream bill and not say okay we will spend more on the wall. that's tactical. >> tucker: does it bother you the attitude?ke if you come to this country illegally and partake of all the fruits and federal and state benefits that they have and someone says we are going to help keep you here, you would be grateful and say thank you, america. i never hear that why isn'tt that and shouldn't would he be hearing that. >> america based on the g.o.p., a majority of the g.o.p. base, wants to kick them out so when you say they came here illegally, ofem course you and i know, maybe your audience does. they came here as infants. of course they didn't have a choice. that is what makes them sympathetic. tucker, you may want there to be chaos on the left. i have tell you numbers don't bear that out.
8:34 pm
>> tucker: oh, really? >> donald trump still at the lowest level. 10 point gap between democrat and republican and russian sandal is breathingst down their neck. >> tucker: democrats are united in hating trump. what does bother me and i think would bother you are is the total collapse of support for the rule of law and freedom of speech on the left. there are poll after poll after poll showing a huge percentage don't believe have you unfettered right to say what you think. that doesn't bother you. >> first that's not true. >> tucker: it is true. >> no, i saw the poll in the "new york post."." a fifth of republican students and democratic students in that poll says violence was acceptable. >> tucker: that's exactly right. >> to shut up free speech. i'm from the bill maher school -- more speech is the answer to bad you are upset about the rule of law because 30 scared angry daca kids are yelling. they shouldn't be. >> tucker: no, i'm not. >> president of the united states gives joe arpaio a a pardon after he has tortured people.
8:35 pm
>> tucker: you have democrats for ignoring it giving illegal aliens the right to vote. you get arrested for hunting without a license.t is that cool to sneak out of country and take documents to work? >> you and i know know dreamers didn't sneak into the country. >> tucker: their parents did. >> they didn't. we are not talking about giving the parents automatic citizenship.. >> tucker: yes we are. >> in terms of the right to vote. >> tucker: that's untrue. >> right to stay in thems military and finish college.vo don't you agree? i mean donald trump and paul ryan. >> tucker: there are less than a thousand in the military out of 800,000. anyway, we are out of time i'm being told. we have got to go to break. mark green, thanks for joining us.. >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker: naacp is suing the administration on behalf of daca recipients for some reason. up next talk to a guest who says trump should counter r sue the naacp for abandoningt african-americans. the interesting argument. stay tuned. ♪ ith anoro.
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>> tucker: the naacp is declaring war on trump administration. it gives work permits to illegal immigrants who arrive here as children. kevin jackson is executive director of the black sphere. he said trump should respond by suing the naacp right back. kevin jackson joins us tonight. n kevin, it's great to see this story confused me. i'm open-minded but it does seem like there is a lot of social science that shows that really high levels of low skilled immigration hurt a lot of different groups but they really hurt african-americans in employment and wages.t i don't think that's up for debate. why would the naacp want more of it? it's very confusing to me.cp >> yeah. well, a lot of people are confused, tucker. look at what the naacp wants to focus on and effectivelyt lure latinos into thee country so they can give them some of this excellentat
8:41 pm
service that they have given to black folks since 1903 or 1905 or the forming of the organization, which, by the way was formed by republicans. w i mean, got high unemployment with blacks. that should be a complete focus for these folks, young black teens who are committing lots of crime because they don't have jobs. s they don't have opportunity. they have stolen the imagination, the creativityni from these young folk. and now they want to shift their focus to helping daca. it's ridiculous. other thing, tucker, they h should add to the lawsuit,t, donald trump, the president, he should add the coconspirators of barack obama, the congressional black caucus. i call them the congressional black circus and all the cocktail sipping enablers. they are enabling this type of nonsense. the naacp if it wants to help black americans as you describe, they should be focusing on teenage pregnancy. they should be focusing on education. better education.ri tucker, we know what a black neighborhood means in the
8:42 pm
lexicon. we know what a black school means in the lexicon. hbcu is losing enrollment in droves. now we have college kids moving to regular college campuses and doing what? being disruptive. the naacp is at fault for almost everything that we're talking about and guess what? every member of the congressional black circus is a member of the naacp. that should tell you all you need to know. >> tucker: it seems to be big difference in ignoring obvious problems which is bad and actively trying to hurt the people you are supposed to be representing. and, again, i don't think there is any debate about this. this immigration policy and our current immigration policy hurts their members. >> absolutely. >> tucker: why are dee they doing this? what is in it for them? why would you do that? what's the motive?y >> a conversation i know of. former members of the congressional black caucus said kevin, sometimes you have got to break a few eggsio in order to make an omelet.
8:43 pm
and what they were saying -- >> tucker: as rogue sphere famously said. >> the guy quoted whoever you are just talking about and the points is. they were saying that blacks are going to have to suffer while we topple the people in charge. white people. in order to do that we need to utilize the hispanics. and so it's going to hurt us for a while. so how is it hurting us, tucker? when you live in a black neighborhood, it's probably not too far from a hispanic neighborhood. these kids end up in black schools. english as a second language is a norm around there. all of the different problems that society ends up, that we face in the black community are exacerbated when you bring in all of these immigrants, illegally, under daca. and pretend that you want to help blacks. they do not want to help blacks at all. >> tucker: it's been a huge issue in los angeles, which
8:44 pm
has been completely ignored by the media. if you live out there, you know what i am talking about it's really hurt people.. kevin, thank you for that i'm amazed someone would say that out loud to you.ut's >> my pleasure, tucker. >> tucker: could president trump's effectiveness be limited by supernatural forces? just ahead we will speak, to this is real. a witch who says she is working to cast a binding spell on the president. we'll be right back. ♪ people spend less time lying awake with aches and pains with advil pm than with tylenol pm. advil pm combines the number one pain reliever with the number one sleep aid. gentle, non-habit forming advil pm. for a healing night's sleep.
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>> tucker: president trump doesn't always do what people expect him to do or even what his supporters want him to do. is he being unpredictable or could there be another cause perhaps a magical? garcia is the oracle of los angeles.
8:49 pm
she is energy in intune with medium. magical life coach. last night she helped cast a binding spell on our president to prevent him from causing harm to others. we have asked other witches to come on our program only she was brave enough. she joins us from los angeles. i just had a panic communication with one of. alex be nice to her i don't want a spell on me. >> thank you, alex. >> tucker: pull back on yourou powers and spare our staff. what does this mean, exactly, that you cast a binding spell on the president? >> binding spells are like any other spells so they are a symbolic action used to harness the powers of the imagination and achieve a tangible results eventually. yeah, hopefully. >> tucker: what was the result that you desired?
8:50 pm
>> well, i desire that trump stop harming people that i care about and instituting p policies that also harm me or other people that i care about. so, my ultimate aim is that we protect the people that we love from having harm done to them. but in the meantime, i think what's really important is that we create a sense off solidarity and empowerment within the people who are participating in the spell to galvanize them into action so they can feel empowered to make the changes that they want to be in the world. t >> tucker: most people just go ahead and vote or like buy a t-shirt. is this legal? can you run around and cast spells? are you allowed to cast spells on people? is there any federal regulation of this? >> well, okay, so, symbolic action is something that everybody participates in all the time, right? so you might think oh that doesn't really have any meaning. but, if that were true, for instance, why would people
8:51 pm
care whether or not saluted the flag? that's t. does have symbolic action. while i don't think anyla witch is thinking this is the only action that is necessary to prevent trump from enacting his mean policies, i think that they're hoping that by doing these symbolic actions that we will galvanize people who resist with our hearts. with our full hearts. >> tucker: since you are the only witch -- i have interviewed a lot of people but i have never interviewed a witch. sincere question is eye of newt an actual ingredient? >> i think the real problem is not eye of newt is an actual ingredient. the real problem is we are about to have some kind of big nuclear extravaganza with north korea. the real problem is that we are punishing immigrant children.
8:52 pm
the real problem is that we're causing students to go into deep debt. i don't think the real problem is whether or not we use eye of newt in our spells. >> tucker: i'm not suggesting -- i'm with you on the student debt. is eye of newt an actual thing or not? >> eye of newt, isn't that from shakespeare? i think is he probably usingew a little bit of poetic license. most witches today use whatever we have available to us like for instance candles and paper. >> tucker: does it ever worry you?or by the way i'm not dismissing what you are saying. i don't think that the only things that exist are the things we can see. there clearly is a supernatural. i don't understand it but i wonder if you're ever worried about the consequences of bluntly fooling around with things that nobody really understands? i'm sincere. do you ever worry about that? >> you know a lot of people ask me about whether or not
8:53 pm
i worry about the supernatural consequences of what i'm doing. i trust that what i'm doing is for the greatest good ofng all concerned because that's what i hold in my heart. that's what all these witches are doing this for. because they have the pure intention of creating goodf in the world, to make a more beautiful, loving, whole, healthy world. and so the intention that they are doing this work. s so nobody is worried that they are -- it's going to back fire on them becauseey nobody is doing this spell to cause trump i mean, nobody wants the president to cause harm. >> tucker: i don't think you are.e. but you think good intentions will protect you? i don't know. i don't know. it's kind of spooky but you seem nice and i'm glad you came on. >> yeah. you need a lesson carlson tucker. >> tucker: thank you for coming on oracle garcia. >> my pleasure. >> tucker: hurricane mariaan real hurricane. take you there after the break. ♪
8:54 pm
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>> tucker: fox news alert. hurricane maria smashing through the caribbean, heading right towards puerto rico and the u.s. virgin islands. tracking the category 5 storm. he joins us from puerto rico. brett, are you there? >> i'm here. >> tucker: what do you expect where you are in puerto rico? >> we are starting to feel the minimum impacts. we are located on the north shore, we are expecting the full brunt of hurricane maria to really plow into the southeast portion of puerto rico and track all across the island, impacting virtually everyone here in some shape, form, or fashion. >> tucker: if that happens, what will it look like? >> i know a lot of people have seen the images coming out of
8:59 pm
dominica. and the images that came out ofo barbuda and st. thomas and saint martin from hurricane irma. if we continue to see hurricane maria pack the punch of sustained winds and the pressure is still dropping, it's intensifying. if we see that continue, i have a big fear that we will deal with some catastrophic >> tucker: puerto rico is not barbuda. it's pretty densely packed. have people evacuated at all? >> most of the people did evacuate. a there are some that were not able to get out but they have hunkered down. we've seen most of the people boarding up, moving vehicles to elevated areas. i it's going to be big, big issues here. >> tucker: it's really horrifying to think another hurricane is coming. maybe the worst of all. brett, godspeed.
9:00 pm
thank you for that.. that's about it for us tonight. tune in every night each and every show, the sworn enemy that of lying, pomposity, smugness and good night from washington. stay tuned for "the five," coming up right now. ♪ >> kimberly: hello, everyone. i'm kimberly guilfoyle along with juan williams,>> jesse watters, dana perino and kennedy. it is 9:00 in new york city and this is "the five." ♪ the world stage, president trump addressed the united nations today when he held no punches. "rogue nations on notice that te united states will not to let their antics go unchecked. mr. trump, his harshest words for north korea. >> if we are forced to defend ourselves, we will have no choice but to totally destro


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