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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  September 21, 2017 2:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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tomorrow. see what he makes of what the chairman pointed out and what he makes of jimmy kimmel calling him a liar. all of that tomorrow on "your world." see you then. >> bret: president trump cranks of the financial pressure on north korea. if he is the bad cop, south korea's president plays the good cop today. why california's attorney general's of the trump border wall is unconstitutional. is "special report" ." welcome to washington. i am bret baier. this is the first hour of a two hour edition "special report." we begin with the international hand-wringing over north korea's nuclear ambitions. today the leader of the u.s. ally with the most to lose in a shooting war adopted a softer tone than president trump. that comes as the american
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commander in chief delivers on threats to put on the economic pressure. eric shawn is at the united nations. good evening. >> good evening. u.s. ambassador to the united nations nikki haley called it pretty amazing, the developments here about north korea today. diplomats at the united nations are shocked that china apparently has come through when it comes to financing north korea. president trump wrapped up his final day of the united nations, hitting kim jong un's regime in the nose. he issued an executive order that sanctions any company, big, or person that finances trade with north korea. >> north korea's nuclear weapons and missile development is a grave threat to peace and security in our world. a new executive order will cut off sources of revenue that fund north korea's efforts to develop the deadliest weapons known to
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humankind. >> the latest move aimed at denying north korea access to the global financial system, choking off cam's international money flow that helps finances nuclear program. an assignment the chinese navy feeling the heat, the president said china's central bank ordered banks to no longer do business with pyongyang. >> i want to say and think president xi of china for the bold move he made it today. it was somewhat unexpected and we appreciate it. >> a working lunch with south korean president moon jae-in and japanese prime minister shinzo abe. president moon called for kim to give up his nuclear program. he also offered some reassurance to the young dictator. >> translator: we do not desire collapse of north korea. we will not seek reunification by artificial means.
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>> the russian prime minister sergey lavrov criticize the sanctions and the tone. >> translator: we condemned the nuclear missile adventures of pyongyang in violation of security council resolutions but military hysteria is not just an impasse. it's a disaster. >> the chinese foreign minister called on north korea to pull back. >> translator: we urge the dprk not to go further along a dangerous direction. >> earlier there was an amusing moment when president moon unintentionally uttered a familiar word borrowed from the u.s. presidential campaign. >> mr. president, over the years. north korea continues to make provocations. this is deplorable, and this is angering me and our people. >> i'm happy you used the word deplorable. i was very interested in that word. i promised i did not tell them to use that word.
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>> north korea was scheduled to address the general assembly tomorrow. that has been delayed. you can expect a stinging response when it comes come up with the question of whether or not north korea and kim jong un will change its behavior, that's something else. >> bret: different context, deplorable there. eric shawn outside the united nations. let's get reaction to this. senior foreign affairs correspondent greg palkot is in seoul. >> it's early friday morning here in south korea. folks waking up. i've got to be at least encouraged by the attention being paid at the u.n. to this growing crisis on the korean peninsula, also the asthma by president trump that the u.s. would be going after the crucial funding to the north korean regime of its weapons programs. we were hoping to get some kind of more of a formal response from north korea via their foreign minister at the u.n. general assembly speech set for
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friday. now it looks like it will happen saturday. all we have of the colorful characterization of president trump as a "barking dog." here on seoul and thursday, government announced he was planning to go ahead despite everything with the humanitarian aid package of some $8 million to north korea. officials here claim the aid will not get to the regime of kim jong un, only to the people of north korea. president trump and allied japan have been critical of seoul's softer line to north korea. finally, the military exercises we watched firsthand earlier this week involving u.s. forces and the south korean military, they continue close to the dmz. thursdays focus: how to airlift ammunition and other supplies to forces when they are in the thick of the battle. the motto here is "be prepared." >> bret: greg palkot live in seoul, south korea, friday morning.
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let's get some perspective on the korean situation. from asia analyst gordon chang. thanks for being here. it seems this is a much different level, that this is a big deal. the executive order that stops funding. >> this is a big deal. chinese banks have been money-laundering for the north korea's, they get a free pass. everything they've done which is awful up to today, we'll forget about it. going forward it means they can be designated. that means they will lose their access to doing business in dollars and essentially at the death sentence. with the united states is doing is saying to them, look, we forget the past but you never, ever think about handling another dollar for the north koreans. >> bret: is it an effort to get kim jong un to the table? >> eventually it will be. we should be talking to kim jong un but only when he realizes he has no choice but to disarm. if we talk to him before that point, he's going to use negotiations to rudely build up his missiles and nukes.
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that's what he did during the six party talks of the george w. bush administration. they stalled and stalled. it was not just the north koreans were stalling. it was the chinese who are helping them stall. >> bret: understanding the chinese central bank agreed to this to cut off this funding, is there a way we can check they are actually doing it? >> every dollar transaction in the world that occurs without cache is cleared in new york. that means it leaves a fingerprint for virtually all of these transactions. which means if we monitor them. it would require a lot of people to do that but if we really monitor it come we can make sure. the north koreans and the 2005 when we did something similar with a small bank they were using for a front, the north koreans sort of innovated. what we've got to do is make sure the europeans, the english, and the japanese do not allow the north koreans to use euros, pounds, and yen.
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it >> bret: it's not just about china. as the treasury secretary said, if anyone wants to do business with north korea, they are not going to be doing business with the u.s. it's a bold statement. >> it is, and it carries through on the president's tweet in september saying it was something they were considering. people are saying he couldn't have meant it. yes, he does mean it. i think were going to see vigorous treasury department enforcement because that's going to be the key. if there's a peaceful solution, it's going to be what he said on september 3 and what they did today. this really does have the potential for disarming north korea. >> bret: the fallout from the speech. we've had all kinds of reactions. republicans and others saying this is bold. it was laying down the marker saying this is firm. democrats, hillary clinton and others say it was dark and bellicose and a trigger-happy kim jong un could take it the wrong way. what's your take on the reaction to the president's speech at the u.n.? >> i think it was a good speech
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overall. what we saw today with xi jinping getting the chinese banks out of the north korean business, that has to be partially a result of what the president said tuesday. i might have sounded a little bit differently, but the message was blunt. it was clear, and it was something a u.s. president really hasn't signed up for. i think it's important for president trump to have done that, and i'm sure by now, the north koreans are delaying the speech which they are supposed to give tomorrow because i don't think they know what to do. they are probably huddling trying to figure out how to deal. the united states has just shown we are more powerful than china. that's gotten north korea's attention. >> bret: the whole thing, changed the dynamic. thank you. we are learning more tonight about how the obama administration and officials requested the identities of trump team personnel, people under government surveillance. the so-called unmasking of the names. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge has details. >> source close to the issue
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tells fox news former national security advisor susan rice requested the unmasking of an overseas meeting that took place in the seychelles early january. set up by the united arabic and of its -- united arab emirates crown prince. and a russian businessman. the tying matters because rice confirmed a month earlier she unmasked trump transition officials at a december 2016 trump tower meeting. the president's son-in-law jared kushner, steve bannon, michael flynn, and the crown press. during the congressional interview september 6, the source said rice justify the unmasking stating there can only be one government at a time and she says she reached out to the trump team on the issue. rice was pressed repeatedly on how the information she received about american citizens whose names surfaced during surveillance of foreign targets got to the media. in april "washington post" report that details the meetings.
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the source said rice took the same position she has in public. >> the allegation that somehow obama administration officials utilized intelligence for political purposes, that's absolutely false. i leaked nothing to nobody and never have and never would. >> another obama administration official, former u.s. ambassador to the u.n., samantha power made unmasking requested such a rapid fascia average for than one request for every working day in 2016. this figure of more than 260 requests dwarfed the request made by a previous u.n. ambassador to the u.n. >> i think it is kind of a bell ringer to see that many requests. again i think back to my own personal experience. i may have asked for one or two names to be unmasked during the course of my service at the u.n. the disparity between ten or 12 over a four-year period and the hundreds during a smaller period, it's hard to understand. how that could be related to
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national security issues. >> through a spokesperson, powers says the allegations are false and she looks forward to speaking to the house committee next month. >> bret: let's get some analysis of the story and where we're headed. dana perino as cohost of "the five." chris stirewalt, politics editor. chris will, when you talk to democrats and people are skeptical, they say unmasking is not illegal. this is chasing a rabbit and it takes to eyes off what mueller is focused on and all the stories we are hearing about paul manafort and other things. yet the number of samantha powers unmasking is pretty remarkable. >> i work hard to carry very little what partisans say about investigations. i do care what the reporters and good reporting reveals. it's possible for two things to be simon plane easily true. there is a worthwhile cause of
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inquiry for robert mueller for the special investigation. and for it to be wholly and completely weird that the ambassador to the united nations for the united states of america would be making this many unmasking requests. now that we have some context, comparing what her predecessors and similar individuals did, it gets weirder and weirder. >> bret: day now, you have obama officials investigated for unmasking, you have john brennan, samantha power. susan rice. national security advisor and the deputy national security advisor ben rhodes. we are told samantha power exponentially had more unmasking of names and under surveillance and anybody else. >> it's an interesting question about what sort of obligation to have two respond to the public after you've left office. you were entrusted with this position when you are with the obama administration. you've left office.
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it's been nine months. what's your obligation? i would say strong one. she says, samantha powers, through an attorney, says she will testify in a classified setting next month. in the meantime you've had susan rice testified. by all accounts apparently and i think catherine herridge reiterated it. she was as forthcoming as she can be. i think there is still some questions, then why did you say you didn't know about the unmasking. but she was emphatic she didn't leak any names. i think when it gets down to it, they will try to say it's not illegal. was it an abuse of power for samantha power to be asking for that unmasking and what were you doing with them. it's a question the public deserves an answer to. >> bret: we should point out that the leaking, if it was leaked to the media, that is illegal. here is trey gowdy in the hearing with john brennan. >> do you recall any u.s. ambassadors asking that names be unmasked?
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>> i don't, i don't know. maybe it's ringing a vague bell that i could not answer with any confidence. >> on either january 19 or until noon january 20, did you make any unmasking requests? >> i do not believe i did. >> bret: chris, the sourcing is that if there were unmasking requests to the inauguration day itself. paint the picture. you have why it's being reported about paul manafort that there was a wire. there was a fisa request. they allowed a warrant and it was monitoring paul manafort in trump tower. then you have this. string it all together. >> look at it this way. when democrats saw their hopes in 2016 turned sideways and smashed into a telephone poll, and i think there are concerns about trump. there is no intimation there was
2:16 pm
anything wrong with the investigation into paul manafort who's had legal problems and inquiries for a long time. he is not new to dealing with federal prosecutors. there is no intimation that any of that was done wrongly. but what you start to see is this possibility take shape that they unmasked and then trolled the stuff in front of lawmakers and hope they would get lucky on leaks. >> bret: dana and chris, thank you. we will go live to mexico city and san juan, puerto rico, for updates on the recovery and rescue efforts there there froo major natural disasters. has pro-skin technology designed to quickly wick away moisture to help maintain your skin's natural balance. for a free sample, call 1-877-get-tena. the toothpaste that helps prevent bleeding gums. if you spit blood
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>> bret: rescuers and search dogs from southern california are in central mexico right now looking for survivors from tuesday's devastating earthquake. combing through rubble and at times pulling out people, some of them children who had been trapped. jonathan hunt is in mexico city. the desperate efforts are continuing. good evening, jonathan. >> good evening, bret. eight tenths, painstaking and huge search and rescue effort is still underway. here at the school that collapsed. the school is a hundred yards
2:21 pm
directly ahead of our position. you can see the military dump truck on the right-hand side. brought in to take away some of the tons of rubble being removed. and then as we move the camera to the left, the army of civilian volunteers who are here to support the rescue effort in any way they can. amid the rubble itself, the highly skilled rescue workers are working on the delicate task of trying to find signs of life. there have been conflicting reports throughout the day as to whether they may have made contact with the child or there may be an adult survivor. with the mexican navy, which is one of the organization involved, is saying officially is that there may be survivors. heat-seeking cameras have been picked up a signal that is they are, saying they are not confirming whether that's an adt or child. across mexico city, a similar
2:22 pm
operation underway at an office building that collapsed. it was six stories. a miracle occurred overnight. two women and one man were pulled alive from the wreckage. that rescue effort is ongoing, as is this one, and it will not end until officials are certain there can be no more survivors. >> bret: jonathan hunt to live in mexico city. thank you. we'll see you at 6:00 p.m. president trump says puerto rico was absolutely obliterated, and the u.s. virgin islands flattened by hurricane maria. correspondent steve harrigan's and san juan, puerto rico, tonight. good evening, steve. >> bret, good evening. the biggest challenge for the island is going to be getting an aging power grid back online. it was hit hard first by irma two weeks ago, knocked out power for about a million people and then a dead hit by maria. the entire island in the dark now. every night, curfew is in effect from 6:00 p.m. on. we saw people, neighborhood people trying to put up their
2:23 pm
own power pole, trying to pull it out. they were using wreckage from one hurricane, from irma, to try to prop up the post of a power line downed by maria. using the damage from one to help another. we've been in several houses today. people's apartments. most have damage from the storm, the wind. holes in the sidewalls, the roof, blackwater on their floors. when we asked them come are you getting help ? they said so far, no help at all but we are hoping for help. this apartment complex is pretty much an island. we have seen people trying to carry stuff up from apartment to apartment. it's not easy for parents with young children. there are many places across the island worse off than this, especially in the southeast. there are areas that are entirely cut off. people have not gotten there yet. a real assessment of how damaging the storm has been could be days away. back to you. >> bret: steve harrigan live
2:24 pm
in san juan. thank you. two former prosecutors say ten deaths at a florida nursing home that lost its air conditioning during hurricane irma may not result in criminal charges. the government may not be able to prove the owner and staff at the rehabilitation center in hollywood hills knew their actions would result in deaths or great bodily injury. the facilities operators say they tried to keep the patients comfortable by using fans, coolers, and ice and were monitoring their body temperatures. former u.s. attorney kendall coffey disagrees, saying charges are warranted, given the magnitude of the tragedy. allstate says it expects insurance losses of almost $600 million in august because of hurricane harvey along the gulf coast. harvey made landfall in texas august 25. all states has more than half the losses are from vehicle damage. we will have a report from houston about what officials are doing with a half million stranded cars. the republican effort to repeal
2:25 pm
obamacare, we will talk to democratic senator chris to get his perspective. that's next. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> bret: republican leaders in the senate are working toward a vote next week on health care measure that many are calling their last best chance to repeal obamacare. republicans are trying to get to 50 yes votes on the graham-cassidy bill while democrats are fighting hard against it. >> i think there is tremendous support for it. i think it's actually much better than the previous shot which was very sadly left down. if this happens, it will be a great thing for country. >> when i see people trying to do that hard-won progress for the 50th or 60th time, it is aggravating. >> a vast majority of republican governors are on board. they want the money. they want the power. they want to get health care out of washington. they want to do it themselves,
2:30 pm
and i guarantee patients in this country will do better. >> are going to do everything we can to protect the health insurance of millions of americans. we know the republican plan will tell health -- take health insurance away from scores of americans. >> president trump tweeted last night he will not sign legislation unless it protects those with pre-existing conditions. >> i want to remind republicans that health care isn't political. it's personal. steel republican senator rand paul says he will not vote for this bill while many others in the g.o.p. remain undecided. without democratic support, leadership can only afford to lose one more republican. they had counting his own. delaware democratic senator chris coons joins us now to talk about the health care debate. senator, thanks for being here. >> thank you, bret. >> bret: your biggest concern. >> well, i listened earlier today to the leaders of delaware's health care community, the head of our largest hospital, a representative from the american cancer society, folks charged with delivering health care and
2:31 pm
folks who advocate for those who receive health care. they were unanimously opposed to this proposal. that's also true at the national level. america's doctors, through "the american medical association," america's hospitals through the american hospital association, the aarp which advocates for america's seniors are opposed to this bill because they see it ending medicaid as we know it, putting a cap on how much the federal government will spend on any individual with medicaid going forward. they see it as creating chaos in the individual markets. brett, i was encouraged over the last month by bipartisan progress being made by senator lamar alexander, republican from sanity, and senator patty murray who had a dozen hearings together to hear from governors, insurance commissioners, health care leaders across the country. i felt like we were making steady progress to addressing challenges and problems with the affordable care act. instead, there's been an abrupt halt to that effort by the
2:32 pm
republican leader of that effort, and now we're going to have a vote coming on this bill. we have a lot of concerns about how it will affect delaware and how it will affect the country. i plan to vote against it. >> bret: when they say this that state governments take control, this is the ultimate federalism. how do you come back to that? >> that's one of the most positive arguments for the bill is that it pushes back to the states the responsibility, the freedom and cost for providing for health care. medicaid is a program that's absolutely vital for caring for low income seniors who are in nursing homes or caring for children who are in children's hospitals. in my view, my faith, perspective on how we care for others for the least of these in our society, it's that we should not reduce the number of americans who have access to medicaid but increase the number of americans who have access. high-quality health care through medicaid.
2:33 pm
this pushes the choices back to states and would increase the cost in my state by a billion dollars by 2027. i think we will genuinely struggle as a state to meet that cost. >> bret: a lot of democrats say pre-existing conditions clause in here is not firm enough. here's how one of the coauthors, senator cassidy, answers the question. >> the legislation says nothing a governor asked for will be approved unless there is affordable and adequate coveragh pre-existing conditions. i've worked for 25 years in a public hospital for the uninsured, sometimes treating those who lost their insurance because an insurance company cut them off because they had a pre-existing condition. my life's work has been taking care of those folks. we continue to take care of them in this legislation. >> bret: is that good enough for you? >> there's two problems with this legislation, specifically in the point that senator cassidy was speaking
2:34 pm
about. there is no enforcement mechanism for the provision. if a state applies for a waiver, they are required to demonstrate how they expect they will meet the concern about pre-existing conditions. but there's no enforcement mechanism. our concern is that many states will apply, making a showing of how they will enforcement enfot there's no way the federal government can hold it to them. >> bret: this is the quote. "the state must submit an application to include a description of how stable regular plans utilizing the dollars with the block grant, including how will maintain access to adequate and affordable coverage for individuals with pre-existing conditions." isn't that a determination? what adequate and affordable is is up to the cms administrator. >> what i'm saying is that sentence is in the bill, that's correct. there is no definition of adequate and affordable. more importantly, there is no
2:35 pm
enforcement mechanism. that says exactly how the federal government will hold the state to that description that they are supposed to provide. health professionals from a wide range of backgrounds have criticized this bill as lacking in effective enforcement mechanism. there's also a provision that suggests it's possible for health insurers to rate, rate beneficiaries differently based on their previous health experience. i have a concern that that suggests that the ban in the affordable care act on the act on discrete nation based on pre-existing conditions will be easily overwritten when states apply for waivers under this cassidy-grand plan. >> bret: do you think they are close? >> yes. i think this will be a very close vote this coming week, and i think frankly everybody should be listening closely to the advocates for america's patients, america's doctors, hospitals when they raise real concerns about this bill.
2:36 pm
>> bret: senator chris coons, thanks for the time. i will interview one of the coauthors of the graham-cassidy health care bill, senator lindsey graham, republican from south carolina, in the next hour. but first we will talk to the panel about the policies. twist. (gasping) son? dad! we also know you can avoid drama by getting an annual check-up. so we're partnering with cigna to remind you to go see a real doctor. go, know, and take control of your health. it could save your life. doctor poses! dad! cigna. together, all the way.
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there is. because tripadvisor now compares... ...prices from over 200 booking... ...sites save you up to 30%... ...on the hotel you want. trust this bird's words. tripadvisor. the latest reviews. the lowest prices. >> which part don't i understand? the part where you cut from federal health care assistance. the part where states would allow insurance companies to price your out of coverage. >> jimmy doesn't understand. not because he's a talk show host. because we've never spoken. purity only he only hears from those on the left working to preserve obamacare. i would love to talk to him about this. >> bret: jimmy kimmel, in the middle of the debate over the health care bill.
2:41 pm
there you see senator cassidy. the president getting in on the action, tweeting last night: "i would not sign graham-cassidy if it did not include coverage of pre-existing conditions. it does! a great bill. repeal and replace." "senator bill cassidy is a class act who really cares about people and their health care, he doesn't lie. just wants to help people!" minority leader nancy pelosi tweeting "graham-cassidy version of trumpcare believe americans out in the cold." we just heard from senator chris coons. we will hear from lindsey graham in a bit. let's bring in the panel. howard kurtz, tom rogan, dave cantonese -- >> it's down to two senators. lisa murkowski and john mccain. that would get republicans to 50 if you count susan collins and rand paul as nos. they have different reasons for
2:42 pm
being on the fence. mccain wanted to go with the regular procedure. he wants a hearing. he wants a cbo score. looks like lindsey graham is going to get him a little bit of that next week. murkowski is different. she doesn't want the big cut. looks like they are trying to give her a carve out like they did ben nelson of nebraska to get obamacare past. it would be the reverse to try to pull it back. i think she's going to be the one that's going to have the toughest time with swallowing the contents of it. mccain, what a legacy if he is the deciding vote and it's his best friends bill. >> i think that point dave makes about john mccain and lindsey graham, the proximity of the relationship, the personal element and because of senator mccain's health, it's going to be a landmark moment for him. i suspect in the end he will come on board and vote in favor of the bill. but i think it's interesting to see how, as it's been suggested, the differential between jimmy
2:43 pm
kimmel and senator cassidy, the way some of this is portrayed. i think certainly, as a young person, the moral angle of forcing young people under obamacare to pay so much for so little, i think it's something republicans should talk about more. >> bret: here is the vice president talking about this bill this morning. >> who do you think will be more responsive to the health care needs in your community? your governor and state legislature or a congressman and president in a far-off nation's capital. this is the concept of federalism upon which our constitution was framed. >> taxes in place that we will give it to different people with more flexibility. i predict this does pass. democrats voted against it today are going to be advocating for funds for this program in the future. because their state's benefit. >> bret: you look at the states. it is an interesting breakdown. some go up, some go down based
2:44 pm
on their spending on health care currently. >> that's the key. the old adage all politics is local. you had mostly red states who didn't expand medicaid. they get $73 billion more. many blue states that would lose $180 billion according to one calculation. you know those senators are going to be under great pressure not to go along with this. because you are giving us a finite amount of money to the states, there's, there are limitations and questions about whether people with pre-existing conditions could be priced out of the market. senator jimmy kimmel aside, it's going to come down to politics. this is an effort to cobble together a compromise to get to 50 votes with something they can call health care reform. >> bret: have we seen an effort by a late-night show host on the specific piece of legislation like this ever before? stick i've never seen anything like it. jimmy kimmel has a certain emotional appeal because of the heart surgery that his baby son went through.
2:45 pm
he speaks as a dad as well as a sometimes comedian. >> bret: i can see that. i wonder, dave, about the political pressure not only from the left and from these governors who are opposed to it but also the political pressure of the moment for republicans to have this w ahead of clearing the decks for tax reform. >> tax reform is still a question mark. they want to be able to do something and it could spur some primary challenges from the right they can point of these republicans and say you didn't do obamacare repeal that you promised. that could be a political implication for a lot of incumbents, house and senate. >> bret: next up, why california's attorney general is pulling out all the legal stops try to prevent construction of president trump's border wall. . standard. lease the 2017 rx 350 for $399 a month for 36 months.
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>> bret: california's attorney general says president trump's proposed border wall is illegal in a number of different ways. national correspondent william m la jeunesse talk to him and laid out the argument. >> if it happens in our backyard, we demand it be carried out in the right way.
2:50 pm
>> california attorney general xavier becerra. >> the border between the u.s. and mexico spans 2,000 miles. the list of laws violated by the president's administration in order to build his campaign wall is almost as long. >> congress already appropriated $20 million to repair existing border fence and begin construction of wall prototypes. some concrete, others steel. california says the trump administration must file an environmental impact statement. attorney general jeff sessions disagrees. >> in the united states, anybody consumed but the united states of america has a border. the united states government has control of the border and a responsibility to secure it. >> congress gave the federal government a waiver from environmental laws under the secure fence act of 2005. xavier becerra argues that
2:51 pm
authority expired. a federal appeals court found otherwise. >> we would expect to be fully successful moving forward with our border wall as congress gives us the money to do so. xavier becerra has filed more than two dozen lawsuits and legal briefs against the trump administration, including daca, sanctuary cities, redistricting, student loans, methane emissions. he dismissed arguments over threats to border security. >> it's not a question of whether it's efficient or not, it's a matter of if you're going to do something with regard to a barrier, you do it according to the laws that we have in our country. and in our state. >> the border patrol is preparing for protests as early as next week, as construction of the border wall prototypes are set to begin a few miles from here in san diego unless california gets an injunction to stop it. >> bret: william la jeunesse along the border. thank you. we are back with the panel. holly, it seems like california democrats are doing everything to stop the wall. washington democrats have
2:52 pm
suggested they will be open for some border security but not the wall. >> this is a political stunt in the guise of a lawsuit. a democrat appointed state ag. he is running for something. he keeps suing donald trump. he thinks that's his job description. he has to protect californians from constitutional violations. that's a stretch. he thinks it's going to hurt tourism, that's a joke. he might have a case on the environmental regulations but we don't have a blueprint for this thing, so clearly it's about california politics more than anything else. >> bret: it seems the president is committed to this no matter what. here he was from the september meeting with nancy pelosi, chuck schumer and the republican leaders. >> the wall will come later. we are renovating large sections of wall, massive sec shouldn't -- we are building for different samples of the wall to see what's we're going
2:53 pm
to choose on the wall that's goe built. >> the wall, if the appropriations calm, will be built. i think the broader issue is yes this is complete political showmanship on the part of not just the attorney general but other democrats. functionally i think the biggest beneficiary will be donald trump because as much as it helped him win an election in 2016, when people see such a step against something so basic, securing the border, the case law is on trump's ipo people's natural inclination is to say what's going on. >> bret: how much will democrats agreed to border security wise in a daca deal? stick i don't think they're going to agree to a wall because mitch mcconnell and marco rubio say they are not going to fund this fall. the house has passed money for 70 miles of a wall but it's not
2:54 pm
acted on it. you have a republican saying it's not going to happen this year. you can get into technicalities, are we going to put more drones, manpower, fencing? i think democrats would come to the table on some of those provisions for building a wall across the border, you are not going to see democrats for it. still what's the definition of a wall? >> depends on what they meaning of "is" is. it was a win for chuck and nancy to get president trump to talk about daca in exchange for border security. he excluded the wall from that. it's going to be hard for him to get this money, especially with the lien spent on hurricanes and aid to texas and florida. >> bret: you look at the latest "wall street journal" poll and nbc poll, 71% approved of the negotiation with democrats. that's a big number. >> it is. trump's unpredictability is helping him in that sense. i think it's helping them with
2:55 pm
north korea as well. i think one of the challenges the president is going to face, and it comes to whether we talk about health care, tax reform. big-ticket items, whether be the wall, things he pledged. he needs to get something through this year. i think part of their frustration you see from the white house on this issue, as much as it's not really a threat in terms of the law, it reflects that. >> his approval rating is up to 43% in a couple polls this week. this is the guy who likes polls. he consumes them. >> bret: sometimes. >> he also likes good press and he's getting good press for reaching across the aisle. >> seen that number and saying i even have some republicans will like i dealt with chuck and nancy. crying chalk. -- crying chuck. if mitch mcconnell can't get the health care over the line. if it's a loss for mitch mcconnell, trump is going
2:56 pm
to blame mcconnell. he has already done that before. i think mcconnell knows it and that's why he did not immediately jump on board of graham-cassidy. >> bret: which makes the alabama senate primary so interesting. mitch mcconnell and the president supporting luther strange. we've got it all covered. that does it for our number one of our extended "special report." after break, we will go to mexico city and puerto rico on the latest rescue and recovery efforts. the vote count on the republican push to repeal and replace. we will have senator lindsey graham. and a squeeze on finances for north korea. if a denture were to be put under a microscope, we could see all the bacteria that still exists. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day.
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>> bret: tightening the screws on north korea, increasing pressure over obamacare and the high-pressure sales tactics for all those abandoned used cars after hurricane harvey. this is "special report" ." good evening. welcome to washington. i am bret baier. this is our number two of our extended "special report" all this week. china and the u.s. are double teaming north korea, hitting kim jong un in the wallet over his continued nuclear defiance. president trump is widening sanctions, north korea's banker china is buckling to u.s. pressure and curtailing its
3:01 pm
services to kim's government. john roberts starts us off. good evening, john. >> the president has been looking for a sea change in the world's approached north korea which is why he described in such stark terms the consequences of letting kim jong un's nuclear program go unchecked. today it appeared the president was getting the cooperation he had been pushing for. >> north korea's nuclear weapons and missile developments is a grave threat to peace and security in our world. >> with the stroke of his executive pen, president trump gave his treasury department sweeping new powers to put a choke hold on north korea's economy. >> today i'm announcing a new executive order i just signed that significantly expands our authorities to target individuals, companies, financial institutions that finance and facilitate trade with north korea. >> the president made the announcement at a trilateral working lunch with the leaders of south korea and japan.
3:02 pm
the action significantly broadens the administration's ability to dry up the flow of money, technology, goods and services into north korea. >> for too long, north korea has evaded sanctions and use the international financial system to facilitate funding for its weapons and mass destruction and ballistic missile programs. >> after weeks of cajoling, president trump announced china has finally stepped up to the plate. china's central bank ordering all chinese banks to stop doing business with north korea. >> i want to just thank president xi. the strategy has been to build international support against kim jong un's regime. the european union announced they would implement new sanctions against eight north korean individuals. on a less serious note, president trump joked when moon jae-in's translator use the word
3:03 pm
"deplorable." >> i promised i did not tell them to use that word. >> for all the solidarity between the u.s., japan and south korea against the north, president trump still has a burr under his saddle on trade. tweaking moon over the u.s.-korea free trade pact. >> our trade deal is so bad for the united states and so good for south korea. were going to try to straighten out the trade deal and make it fair for everybody. >> the president met with five leaders today, also the president of afghanistan, ukraine, and turkey's authoritarian recheck erdogan -- recep ergogan. >> i think we are as close as we've ever been. a lot of that has to do with the personal relationships. >> the president has sought to defuse tensions between the u.s. and turkey over america support
3:04 pm
for kurdish rebels in syria and a washington brawl where erdogan's security detail attacked protesters outside the turkish embassy. >> the next thing on the president's plate is his travel ban, a supreme court declared a 90 day review period despite expire sunday. the president has to decide whether to make changes to the travel ban, leave it the same and fight it out in court or ask for a delay while he thinks on it a little more. >> bret: obviously the iran nuclear deal decision lies ahead as well. john roberts live in new york. thank you. new information on the unmasking activities by former obama administration officials and where that investigation is heading. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is here. >> source tells fox news former national security advisor susan rice requested the unmasking of an overseas meeting that took place in the seychelles in january set up by that united arab emirates crown prince and
3:05 pm
betsy devos' brother as well as the russian businessman with alleged ties to the kremlin. the timing matters because earlier rice confirmed that she unmasked trump transitional officials at a december 2016 trump tower meeting with the president son-in-law, former campaign strategist steve bannon, incoming national security advisor mike flynn, and the crown prince. during her interview, the source said rice justify the unmasking stating there can only be one government at a time and she says she reached out to the trump team on the issue. rice was pressed repeatedly on how the information she received about american citizens was named surface in foreign intelligence reports got to the media. the first reference is an april "washington post" story that details both meetings. rice took the same position she has in public. >> the allegation is that somehow obama administration officials utilized intelligence for political persons. that's absolutely false.
3:06 pm
i leaked nothing to nobody and never have and never would. >> earlier this year, prince said he had no rule on the transition team. he questioned whether the intelligence community was spying on americans. another obama administration official, samantha power, made unmasking requests at such a rapid pace she averaged more than one request for every working day in 2016. this figure of more than 260 requests dwarfed previous appointees. when we brought you the story wednesday, spokeswoman for power had no comment on the allegations. provided a statement later, calling them false without being more specific. adding that power looks forward to meeting to the -- meeting next month. >> bret: let's get an in-depth look at the center of the story. jennifer griffin lifts the veil on samantha power. >> samantha power made a name.
3:07 pm
for herself taking president bill clinton to task for which he argued was his role in the rwanda genocide. she won a pulitzer for her first book. harvard trained academic and former journalist, power was appointed ambassador to the united nations in 2013 after being exiled following undiplomatic remarks about hillary clinton during the 2008 presidential campaign when she worked for then candidate barack obama. "she's a monster. she is stooping to anything. the amount of deceit she has put forward is really unattractive." the next day, power resigned from the obama campaign. her remarks cost for the job she wanted most, secretary of state. she served on the national security council and played a key role in convincing the president to use the military in libya to overthrow it more mark duffy. as u.n. ambassador, she served a dual role as not just ambassador and point person taking on russia each day but also as a
3:08 pm
member of president obama's national security council. giving her assessment of threats to united states. in her remarks, she laid out the danger russia poses to the worl world. >> we know the russian government sought to interfere in our presidential election with the goal of undermining public faith and the u.s. democratic process, denigrating one candidate, and helping the other candidate. russia not only try to influence our elections but to access the very systems by which we vote. >> a spokesman for power pushback on allegations she initiated an unusual number of unmaskings. "the end unanimously sourced reports about ambassador powers intelligence requests are false. ambassador power looks forward to engaging the bipartisan committee in the appropriate classified forum." former national security officials tell me in order to do her job and understand the intelligence reports she was
3:09 pm
receiving, names would have to be unmasked to understand the significance of those intelligence intercepts. the u.n. about one oh official told me, is like lisbon during world war ii, full of phis and foreign agents. >> bret: senate republicans are going to be moving forward to see if they can get any answers on all of this as well as house republicans in the intelligence community. the investigation into what russia may have done on social media is continuing as well. facebook says the company will provide two congressional investigators the contents of 3,000 ads bought by a russian agency. the move comes after the company faces growing pressure from members of congress to release the content of those ads. facebook had already released the ads to federal authorities investigating the russian interference in the presidential election, namely bob mueller. the leaders of the senate intelligence community have been seeking to bring facebook executives before committee
3:10 pm
since the company revealed the existence of the ads two weeks ago. senate republicans are counting heads and doing math tonight as they prepare for a possible vote on a last-ditch effort to repeal obamacare. she congressional correspondent mike emanuel's on capitol hill. >> the senate is bracing for a showdown at the white house campaigns for the 50 votes needed to push the graham-cassidy health care reform across the finish line. >> this may well be our last best chance to stop and turn around and head america back in the direction of the kind of health care reform that's based on individual choice, state-based innovation. >> there are number of undeclared or undecided republican senators. the three who voted no in july. collins, mccain, murkowski. cruz and lee and moderates. sources suggest it could come down to mccain and murkowski.
3:11 pm
one senator urged his colleagues to get on board. >> there is no free lunch and you are not going to get one with this bill. there are trade-offs. is it better than the affordable care act? clearly the answer is yes. >> president trump is defending bill cassidy writing: "senator bill cassidy is a class act who really cares about people and their health care, he doesn't lie. just wants to help people!" cassidy defended the bill today. >> president trump tweeted last night he will not sign legislation unless it protects those with pre-existing conditions. >> there is also the ongoing war of words between cassidy and jimmy kimmel. >> i get it. i don't understand because i am a talk show host. help me out. which part? cutting $243 billion from federal health care assistance. >> jimmy doesn't understand not because he's a talk show host but because we've never spoken.
3:12 pm
>> bob menendez is on trial in new jersey facing corruption charges. he hasn't said if he will return next week for votes but did take this swipe at the g.o.p. >> they took the congressional budget office and threw it out the window with a sixth of our economy at stake and millions of people to health care. >> mcconnell has asked a committee to hold a hearing next week. we'll see if it's enough to get mccain to support the bill. >> bret: employees at the environmental protection agency are attending mandatory training sessions this week about leaking government information. president trump has as threats threats -- expressed.
3:13 pm
on the market, stocks down. doll lost 53. s&p 500 dropped 8. nasdaq fell 33. u.s. treasury advising banks and other financial institutions to be on the lookout for shady deals involving corrupt venezuelan officials. venezuela's president is accusing the u.s. of trying to impose a financial blockade against his country which is experiencing an economic and political crisis. tonight doug mckelway on how socialism in venezuela has affected a once prosperous nation. >> and one of his many famous quotes, winston churchill said the inherent virtue of socialism is that equal sharing of misery. that may have been in the minds of president trump's speechwriters when he trained his rhetorical guns on the socialist government of venezuela. >> the problem in venezuela is not that socialism has been poorly implemented. it's that socialism has been faithfully implemented. >> venezuela has the world's largest oil reserves, yet shortages of basic necessities like toilet paper and medicine
3:14 pm
abound. citizens queue up for food at their shelved grocery stores. others pick through trash. president maduro blames the opposition party and the united states. in 2016, he bizarrely accuse the obama administration of hoarding venezuela 100 notes to cause inflation. observers note the real reason is different. >> they kept printing currency and that devalues the currency. they tried to impose price controls. >> many venezuelan industries went out of business because mandated prices were lower than the cost of producing the goods. socialism was not the sole cause of venezuela's crisis. >> venezuela's long-standing dependence on oil. >> in oil prices dropped, sorted venezuela's income. another factor communist cuba's heavy hand. >> they have a tremendous influence basically exporting
3:15 pm
their brand of repression. >> o'grady says cubans run education, medicine, government propaganda. venezuelan generals have cuban minors. she says cuba also runs the colombian cocaine trade. venezuela appears to be following the path of many of history's failed socialist states. chronic shortages, corrupt strongmen. >> digging out from an earthquake and trying to turn the power on after a hurricane. we will go live to mexico city and san juan when we come back. in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember.
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>> bret: a large shipment of emergency supplies has arrived in mexico air force cargo jet. american church and rescue personnel are also in mexico city trying to help find survivors. she correspondent jonathan hunt is in mexico city tonight. >> good evening, bret. the search for survivors becomes more desperate by the minute. nowhere more so than here at the school that collapsed when the earthquake hit. we just returned from a look at that search. here's what it's like up close. this is the heart of what is obviously a very tense and very difficult search and rescue operation. the rescue workers inching their way across the rubble, the remains of what was the school. they are looking for any signs of life. in the past 24 hours, they have seen some signs of life through heat seeking cameras.
3:20 pm
they are not saying whether they believe those survivors are adults or children. they are simply looking for anybody who may have survived what is obviously a devastating crash of rubble here. they say they will not give up until they can be absolutely certain that there are no more survivors. and other search and rescue operations are ongoing across the city. there have been miracles. two women and a man pulled from a collapsed office building earlier today. president pena nieto says this rescue operation will go on until they are certain there can be no more survivors. then of course it will become nothing more than a recovery operation. bret. >> bret: sad scene. thank you. rescue workers are fanning out across puerto rico tonight after hurricane maria ravitch that island, knocking out power, triggering landslides and
3:21 pm
floods. correspondent steve harrigan is in san juan. good evening again, steve. >> bret, good evening. help is on the way for puerto rico. the coast guard is bringing in millions of liters of water. fema has positioned more than 3,000 personnel across the island. that's of tomorrow, the airport should be up and running. there needs here are widespread and severe. there is practically no electric power across the entire island. the u.s. territory, a 3.5 million people. there are shortages of gasoline, long lines just about everywhere at any store that has reopened. shortages of water. we have seen people today taking babs in fire hydrants, bathing children and fire hydrants. we saw women today breaking open packing crates with machetes and hammers, doing their cooking outside. they used downed satellite dishes to try to break the wind. there has been peace.
3:22 pm
i'm few minor incidents of looting. some grocery stores lost all their products. they have been patient but they are going to need help very soon. >> bret: steve harrigan live in san juan. we told you earlier allstate says about half of its estimated $600 million in august losses from hurricane harvey are because of vehicle damage. people in the houston area are struggling to handle a half-million stranded vehicles. some folks are trying to advantage of that situation. casey stegall is in texas. >> the real sad part is how many people, how many people's lives were impacted. >> this family opened this ford dealership 70 years ago. hurricane harvey's relentless rains destroyed practically all of their inventory.
3:23 pm
1100 cars valued at roughly $35 million. >> the new vehicles are being crushed. >> you can see -- >> adrian cortez is with the national insurance crime bureau. he says while most will properly dispose of their losses, others view it as a way to make a quick buck. >> they will try to clean them out. and get them ready for sale. >> cortez the sheer volume makes the situation ripe for fraud considering more than half a million vehicles were totaled in southeast texas alone. many were towed to vacant lots, nares and bring -- resembling car graveyards. some will be sold at auction and shipped off with dr. paperwork. cortez stresses consumers must be diligent. >> they take time to have a reputable mechanic take a look at it. >> water damaged cars from super storm sandy want appear in texa texas.
3:24 pm
further proof that just because you don't live near disaster zone doesn't make you immune. >> bret: thank you. two former prosecutors say ten deaths at a florida nursing on that also air-conditioning during hurricane irma may not result in criminal charges. the government now be able to prove the staff knew their actions would result in death or great bodily injury. the facilities operator say they tried to keep the patients comfortable using fans and coolers and ice. former u.s. attorney kendall coffey disagrees, saying charges are warranted given the magnitude of the tragedy. up next, we'll talk with the coauthor of the senate's last ditch effort to repeal obamacare. senator lindsey graham. here is what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering. fox 11 in los angeles, investigators tried to determine what caused an explosion that destroyed a garage in west hills and damaged five other homes.
3:25 pm
police say a drug production has been ruled out. no one was injured. fox 5 in new york. the father of a young girl injured by a foul ball at yankee stadium yesterday says she's doing all right. the ball off the bat of yankees player todd frazier was traveling an estimated 105 miles an hour. players and officials are renewing their call for netting or screens are on the field to be extended. baseball's commissioner says he will will redouble his efforts to get teams at more netting. live look at chicago. new training regimen for chicago police officers. all department members will be required to take 40 hours of continuing education every year. topics covered will include forced mitigation, mental health awareness, human rights, community policing. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back.
3:26 pm
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>> bret: senate republicans are fighting the clock and each other to get an obamacare repeal bill before the end of next week. joining us in south carolina republican senator lindsey graham. thanks for being here. first i want to go into some of the details of this plan. you're getting attacked from democrats, from some governors, some from your own party about concerns over pre-existing conditions and whether this is going to somehow open this up to states saying you can't cover these people. >> right, well, the answer is absolutely not. there is a mandate in this bill that goes with the block grant that every state in the nation must cover people with pre-existing conditions so not one person is going to be denied coverage in any of the 50 states because they have a pre-existing condition. when it comes time to enjoy them, it has to be affordable
3:30 pm
and credible care. >> bret: who makes that determination? >> it run through the chips program which is a children's health program that's been around for 20 years bill clinton created created for low income children. it will allow affordable and credible to be flexible. california may have a view of affordable and credible. south carolina may have a different view but no one can be denied coverage because of a pre-existing illness or kicked out of the insurance. affordable and credible within the lines of the trip criteria. in 20 years, no one has ever complained about insurance coverage under chip. that's a lie by the left. they are worried about the power leaving washington going to the states. if you are a bernie believer, this is your worst nightmare because it takes the money and power out of washington and that's states decide this but you do have to guarantee pre-existing conditions coverage
3:31 pm
as a mandate under the bill. the real concern from the left is taking money and power out of washington. >> bret: we had senator coons on last hour and here's what he said. he said graham-cassidy will end medicaid as we know it, eliminate all consumer protections in the aca by giving states the opportunity to repeal them. it will lead to a less healthy america. >> well, i like senator chris coons. a less healthy america is obamacare. 70% of the counties in this country have one insurer, one person left in the exchange and many have no options. premiums have gone up. deductibles have gone up. it's been a nightmare for the american people and how do we replace it. we take the same amount of money. we eliminate the individual mandate, the employer mandate. you can reimpose them at the state level if you'd like. you don't have to but you can. we take what's left over, the same amount of money and give it to states.
3:32 pm
they have to cover sick people. they have the flexibility to decide how to cover sick people. they have to do it in an affordable, credible way. medicaid in 2027 will cost more to the federal government than the defense department. it's growing at twice the level of inflation in the private sector. if you get a headache under medicare, you run to the emergency room. we pay the bill and nobody asks questions. what we will do eight years from now, start lowering the inflation rate to meet with the private sector level of inflation rate is to save hundreds of billions of dollars. we also achieve flexibility. we allow states to do what mike pence dude in indiana, offer different ways of delivering medicaid. obamacare is the biggest threat to the american health care system. not state controlled health care. we block grant money in '96 to deliver better welfare services. the welfare rolls went down.
3:33 pm
the cost of the government did not go up. obamacare is a disaster. i'm going to get the money and power out of washington and put it in the hands of people you go to church with. under my plan, if you don't like what you get, you can call the governor, collier state house member. under obamacare, who do you call? i asked people today, do you know your representative and governor? who runs obamacare in south carolina? nobody could raise their hands. senator chris coons, you are a good man but you are wrong. >> bret: there are some states they get more money, some states get less money than they are currently getting. oregon, vermont, massachusetts, new york, delaware. they all get less. how do you convince us taking less money than they are not that this summer better for them? >> what i am trying to do is be fair. under obamacare, four states get 40% of the money. new york, california, massachusetts, maryland. 20% of the population and take 40% of the money because they
3:34 pm
are blue states that have very generous health care benefits under medicaid. they are gobbling up most of the money. they get twice over their population. what i would do, it would take them down over a 10-year period. we have a soft landing for those dates and in 2026, here's what i would tell chris. every patient in every state will get the same contribution from the federal government to deal with health care as every other state. there will be four states getting 40% of the money. representing 20% of the population. south carolina goes up. some states say the same -- stay the same and some come down. ten years from now we will have every patient in every state getting the same contribution. if you find that a problem, then the problem is with you. >> bret: quickly, the politics here and where you are. you are basically the same spot the skinny bill was, looking for one or two votes to get it over
3:35 pm
the finish line. >> the difference between this bill and the skinny bill is who the hell knows what the skinny bill is. everybody knows when federalism is. if you are a conservative republican, you believe the states should have as much power and authority as possible. the tenth amendment is real. this is a different concept. i will be honest. i have never been more excited than i am right now. we need 50 votes to get this over the finish line. the president has been working like a tiger. the vice president, mitch mcconnell is going to give us a vote. we are getting numbers and i can tell you if you want money and power out of washington, you want to end the march to single-payer health care, this is your last, best chance. this is the biggest change in health care in my lifetime. federalism versus socialism. i make a prediction a couple democrats are going to come on
3:36 pm
board because their state does so well. i like new york, california, massachusetts and maryland but i don't want to give them all the money. >> bret: thanks for the time. president trump turns up the heat on north korea as the u.n. brings its collective hands. we will talk about those developments with the panel when we return. even if it means being the back half of a unicorn. fear not fred, the front half washed his shirt with gain. and that smell, puts the giddy in "giddy-up"! ah...the irresistible scent of gain flings! laundry detergent. you can't help but smell happy. but on the inside, i feel chronic, widespread most people. fibromyalgia may be invisible to others, but my pain is real.
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>> today i am announcing a new executive order that significantly expands our authorities to target individuals, companies, financial institutions that finance and facilitate trade with north korea. >> foreign financial institutions are now on notice that going forward, they can choose to do business with the united states or with
3:40 pm
north korea but not both. >> this action is directed at everyone. it's in no way specifically directed at china. when we look forward to working very closely with them. >> bret: right, but china is getting the message and the chinese central bank is the one doing the most business with north korea and now says it won't. this, moments ago we have our first reaction from the north korean leader kim jong un who says in a long rambling statement "i am now thinking hard about what response he, president trump, could've expected when he allowed such eccentric words to strip off his tongue." whatever trump might have expected, he will face results beyond his expectations. i will surely and definitely tame them mentally deranged u.s. daughter did -- with fire." let's bring in the panel.
3:41 pm
stephen hayes, a.b. stoddard, charles hurt, opinion editor for "the washington times" ." steve. >> i think it's potentially big moment. we have to wait and see the details, we have to wait and see where it goes but it's no small thing that donald trump's pressure on china has resulted in china at least going through the motions of saying they don't want to do business with the north koreans. it wasn't just that the central bank said it wouldn't do business with that the north koreans. it suggests to other chinese banks that they also not do business with the north koreans. that's it for just a big step if they follow through. the problem is it's a huge lack of transparency. we are not going to necessarily know this. >> bret: i asked about that and he said the dollars go through new york and we would with a lot more scrutiny be able to see whether it has stopped or not. >> i think we can take steps to see more. i don't think we'll have a complete picture but i defer to
3:42 pm
gordon chang. he knows more about this than i do. this is a result of donald trump's consistent pressure on the chinese not just asking the chinese to do our bidding with the north koreans but telling them there's going to be prices to pay if you don't work with us. i think the speech may have helped but i think it has more to do with a consistent argument that trump has been making both in public and private with the chinese. >> bret: to go back to last week where we have the treasury secretary on and he foreshadowed this moments. >> i worked on an executive order that's ready if the president wants to use it. we can stop trade with any country that does business with north korea. we are going to be careful using these tools but the president is committed. we will use economic sanctions to bring north korea to the table. >> bret: you are saying stopping trade with china?
3:43 pm
>> stopping trade with anybody. >> i think steve is right. it's a very significant concession by the chinese that the central bank would halt activity with the north koreans. it's the question, hopefully it's transparent and everything can be monitored but it's a question of how enforceable it is and whether they are doing some rogue, secretive, supportive measures for the koreans which they have done all along. so far the chinese have never halted the north koreans. that has to be kind of a spinal test -- final test. kim is undeterred by president trump. it's on the chinese. i think president trump, whatever he's done, i agree behind-the-scenes and publicly, seems to have brought us to this moment with china and it's the best hope and it's the only hope. it needs to be sustainable pressure. >> bret: for years, every official has been saying the chinese need to step up. we need to pressure the chinese. whatever has happened has
3:44 pm
obviously pressured the chinese. >> i don't think you can overstate how much credit donald trump deserves for this. from the beginning, obviously president trump is an incredibly disruptive figure. he's not exactly a diplomatic -- doesn't have a lot of regard for the diplomatic norms at the u.n. he's been a shock to the system. but i thought his speech that he gave this week was, it sort of laid out the trump doctrine. he started with hard power, started by saying we are investing. we have the greatest military unearth and it's about to be even stronger. we're going to invest more money and he goes on to collared people. i do think that kind of blunt talk that makes a lot of people around here very uncomfortable has gone a long way towards making it very clear. another thing is he's a businessman. i think that's probably a healthy thing. this america first thing is a
3:45 pm
healthy thing where everybody knows where he stands, where america stands and i think particularly in places like china his experience and reputation as a businessman is very, very respected, far more than i think accomplishments in the political realm. >> bret: kim jong un in the statement "frightened dog barks louder. the mentally deranged behavior of the u.s. president openly expressing on the u.n. arena the unethical weld to destroy sovereign state." "makes even those with the normal thinking faculty think about discretion and composure." kim jong un killed his own family member within antiaircraft gun in front of others. discretion and composure. >> are you sure that's not a nancy pelosi tweet? >> a reasonable amount of projection in that statement from kim jong un. the main difference in the diplomacy for the past 24 years
3:46 pm
and what we've seen over the last nine months is dispensing with the idea that china and the united states share exactly the same interests in the korean peninsula. we don't. we never have. it was true of the clinton administration, bush, obama administration. outsourced the diplomacy to china. it was never the case that china was going to do our bidding. we had to put some pressure on them. charlie is right. donald trump is a very blunt. what secretary mnuchin said, i don't like the idea of threatening to cut off trade with china. that's a pretty big card on the table. so far in this instance, it seems to be working. >> bret: i guess the question is what the responses to this statement. what tweet may be coming. >> that's why talked about what is sustainable. the smashing of diplomatic norms come into play. the chinese preserve saving face as a priority. kim is undeterred by trump.
3:47 pm
he is scared of the chinese. they have to act. whatever trump says at the u.n. doesn't matter to kim jong un. his focus is on the chinese government and the help he needs from them. if the sanctions are enforced, if the banking and the activities in the economic help, the trade is down, the oil is down. this really starts to squeeze them. that might make him calm down. more provocative tweets from donald trump is not going to help. >> bret: do you think general kelly is saying -- >> playing hide the blackberry. >> bret: panel, standby. next up, what socialism has done to venezuela. hey grandpa. hey, kid. really good to see you. you too. you tell grandma you were going fishing again?
3:48 pm
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♪ >> the problem in venezuela law is an aunt that socialism has been poorly implemented. but that socialism has been faithfully implemented. from the soviet union to cuba to venezuela, where ever true socialism or communism has been adopted, it has delivered anguish and devastation and failure. >> bret: the president at the united nations talking about venezuela and how socialism is not working there. nicolas maduro with a statement after the speech saying "with the aggression of the new hitler of international politics, if mr. donald trump against the people of venezuela. racial supremacy, imperials pharmacy was expressed today, the mega things he wants the world. but nobody threatens venezuela and nobody wants venezuela. only the sovereign people of this historical mind, this heroic homeland." he's getting pointed statements from two of these leaders.
3:52 pm
>> i think those two lines from donald trump's speech yesterday, my favorite two sentences he's uttered as president of the united states. >> bret: do you want to rewind it? >> two panels in a row. he's exactly right. the way you tease this segment is the way this story is not being covered by so many in the media. google what went wrong with venezuela and you will get all the stories that talk about the plummeting oil prices in 2014. ignore the fact that venezuela has been run by socialists since 1999. the stage was set for this kind of economic calamity long before oil prices collapsed. it hastened the problems and made them worse from 2014 on. the problems where they are. you have price controls. you have basically chavez redistributing income, providing
3:53 pm
income to the poor. oil income to the poor. it stunted exports. they basically paid for imports and distributed them to the poor. this is a problem with the system. it's a problem with socialism. >> bret: we have covered the story a lot on "special report." we had the congresswoman ross lehtinen on. >> over 100 people have been killed by maduro's thugs. hundreds and hundreds are in jail. venezuela, you've got to remember, you viewers, one of the richest most productive, most powerful countries, free its countries and all of latin america. it was the bread basket for latin america. now they don't even have wheat. they don't have milk. they don't have diapers. they don't have medicine. it's a basket case. >> bret: it's a bad scene down there. >> everything the congresswoman and president trump and steve has said is true.
3:54 pm
they are literally starving. they've lost an average 19 pounds each. >> bret: i want to interrupt. there is a story that some people in venezuela that's believed to be accurate have gone into zoos and stolen zoo animals to cook them to eat. >> and disease is spreading rapidly and they are -- prices are sky high. it cannot be turned around. it's a disaster. because of the geographic location, the spread of this tumult can affect us. that's what makes it different from other dictatorships around the world. like president erdogan's thugs beating up protesters in new york. i listened to donald trump talk about it and everything he said was true. we focus on it timewise, as long as he did north korea, iran, and syria. he's not going to use a military option like he suggested in july
3:55 pm
when maduro dissolved his parliament. he cannot call upon the world to do anything more than a few sanctions. >> bret: but he may with that language. >> it's a smart tactic, it's a threat and it's good. the foreign minister of venezuela, said i don't over its 1982 with ronald reagan. he was trying to attack trump but clearly it was a compliment. it's important, as horrible as all of us is, it's an important reminder and it's wonderful to showcase the horrors of socialism and communism. the fact that people still today are using it to destroy entire populations. it's an important reminder. >> bret: panel, thank you. when we come back, a father returns from kuwait. advil makes pain a distant memory nothing works faster stronger or longer what pain? advil.
3:56 pm
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are upgrading their watere filter to zerowater. start with water that has a lot of dissolved solids... pour it through brita's two-stage filter... dissolved solids remain! what if we filter it over and over? oh dear. thank goodness zerowater's five-stage filter gets to all zeroes the first time. so maybe it's time to upgrade. get more out of your water. get zerowater. >> bret: finally, tonight, another family is reunited. we love these. a soldier getting back together with his wife and kids after serving a year in kuwait. and master sergeant in the army,
3:59 pm
and his son is a football player at connecticut high school. he was chosen for the coin toss, the middle of the field, referees show up, other players in the middle of the field, and then... [cheers and applause] he is the honorary referee. he is dressed as referee. that is master sergeant joe dressed as one of the officials. his sister is a cheerleader, and she ran to join her dad and her brother. >> we are happy to announce that joe has returned home... >> bret: don't need love that? i could see these all day. i could string them together and do a show of military unions. more good news, he and his teammates won that football game. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that is it for tonight "special report." another new show, 11:00 p.m. eastern time, starting at the end of next month, hosted by our good friend and colleague
4:00 pm
shannon bream. congratulations, shannon. plenty of news to cover. "special report" will start at 6:00 p.m. starting monday, 5:00 p.m. tomorrow, and "the story" hosted by martha maccallum will be at 7:00, that starts right now. >> martha: breaking tonight, a dramatic week at the united nations ending with some blockbuster news and a new warning from north korea. good evening, everybody. i am martha maccallum and this is a big story. indications that china is ready to put the brakes on the financial institutions that deal with north korea. this is the key that so many have said, without which, sanctions could never work. if china follows through, and that is the "f" here, it is a significant diplomatic win, and may show that the tough talk from the president and from nikki haley may have had an impact on the world body. this is


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