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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  September 29, 2017 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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uskieydn problems. ask your doctor about victoza®. >> neil: welcome. i'm neil cavuto. the month, the week, the quarter in the history books for investors. this has been an incredible ride that goes uninterrupted. we're 3/4 through the years, my friends. we're up appreciably on all the market averages. if you think a little bit about what was coming in the middle of this, north korea, distractions like the nfl, back and forth on who is a patriot and not, investors kept buying and expectations for tax cuts coming sooner than later kept driving
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this. interest rates stayed low. a stable economy and a test to capitolism what ben stein says it's the only game in town and america is leading the charge. first to connell mcshane where the pitch is pitching something that is a big deal. but not before a distraction on a cabinet member. >> a little late-breaking news. the president spoke about what has become one of the big stories of the week in washington. the future of the health and human secretary, tom price. he's come under fire for his use of commercial aircraft when other aircraft were available. here's what he said. >> he's a very fine man. we'll make a decision tonight. >> that is something that we'll be looking for as he heads to new jersey for the weekend and see if there's any further
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announcements on the future secretary price. to your point, the day before that was about tax reform as the sales pitch continues. i was in the room across taken when the president spoke to a group of manufacturing executives and workers and made the argument to them that lower business taxes would make their companies more competitive. he told them he would give them the tools. watch. >> my administration is working every day to lift the burdens on our companies and on our workers so that you can thrive, compete and grow. and at the very center of that plan is a giant, beautiful, massive, the biggest ever in our country tax cut. >> all right. we spoke, neil, to some of those executives and they like the message. one saying a lower corporate tax rate would be music to our ears.
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back to you. >> all right. money in their wallets. thanks very much, my friend. collin mcchain. a lot of market watchers are following the tax cuts. we're told this is the tonic to keep it going. what happens if they're delayed or denied? one way or the other, the republicans will cobble enough a coalition to push it over the finish line they hope by the end of the year. charles payne is here with us. gary sheffield. charles, on this notion that this knows no bounds, is there a wall of worry or wall of doubt even in the middle of sable rattling from north koreans and to the nfl? what is going on? >> the market is climbing, mounting, mounting evidence of the economy already shifting gears. i'll tell you the difference between a rally now versus the president obama rally. president obama inherited a market that was oversold. we are now in a different phase. we're in a growth phase. this group that the president
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addressed, the national association of manufacturers, two years ago, the number 1 concern, 80% said was business environment. right now that number is down to 55%. already removing regulations and talk, just the talk, positive rhetoric has unleashed the potential of america. when these wheels start to move, they don't stop. the gears have begun. we're seeing evidence of that. almost every day there's something i see out there that says the underpinnings of our economy are on the move. >> when we look at usually how august and september fare, normally smart guys like you, gary, remind me, so goes the rest of the year. in other words in the first three quarters are strong, eight quarters in a row of growth, usually something we haven't seen in 20 years, it greases the skid for the final quarter this year, being an up year. what are you say something. >> i totally agree. you had started the segment talking about kind of the wall
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of worry with the nfl and that controversy and stuff like that. what you didn't mention was the two hurricanes we got through. irma and -- >> neil: very good point. >> and we got through those. you know what? when the market gets through situations where it could easily sell off, and i'm talking down 5, 10% instead of going up, that's very positive. add in and i fully agree with trump on this, the potential for the rocket fuel of tax cuts, even if something is cobbled together with using democrats and i think he was very smart to play that move early on in the game to the republican side saying hey, listen, i can cobble together something with either party.
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you're either or you're against me. i'm going to do it. i think that's what's propelling the market in addition to the things charles alluded to. >> i'm wondering how much more bang for the buck the markets can get if they might have factored in the tax cuts happening already and yet i'm reminded by a lot of technicians that tell me that you cut taxes to the degree that the president hopes, that is going to make this market look cheaper. all of a sudden it could mean another 7 to 10% not here. i'm extrapolating that. or am i getting ahead of myself? >> i think you're right. >> so what do you see happening? what do you see happening, gary? these taxes and how important they are. >> so for carrie with a c, in terms of the expectations of the market, yes, the market are excited by a trump victory. this is the first time we have seen the proof of the pudding and tangible broad-based outline of what will happen with congress on board. you have the grass-roots on board. i help lead an outreach for americans of prosperity. you had all the grass roots
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activists ban storming capitol hill. you have the unified front that is tangible -- >> neil: and you're all so yong, carrie. >> yeah. and they like cash with a c. do they want in on this market? do they and do you feel that they will get engaged in a way they haven't? >> yes, yes. because what this does, this gets rid of crony capitolism. the tax code is so convoluted, it's only the large players that can hire tax attorneys to deal with the tax code. younger people are excited. we're going to start the small business. small business is the life blood of the country and the life blood of our economy. we're going to simplyize the code and bring in the 2.5 trillion overseas and make things simpler and fairer. >> neil: charles, i heard the president's remarks to
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manufacturers. you talk about a group that pays at the prevailing rate of 35% around get down to 20% if the president has his way. first, i noticed his in his comfort zone. well nuanced in the details. i'm wondering if he's going to do a ronald reagan, maybe a pitch, an oval office address, something that we saw reagan do in 81 and later on in the 86 tax act and like john kennedy do with his tax cuts. but he was the pitch man for them. what do you think? >> i agree 1,000%. the thing is, we've seen president trump sort of address this twice in the heartland of the country because of that's the centerpiece, manufacturing. he won those states, the blue collar states, the pennsylvanias, the michigans against all the odds. here's the thing. i'd like to see him go everywhere and go to california,
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go to new york, go everywhere in this country because ultimately we're talking about the same tide lifting off votes. if people hear the message, give it to them. he talked specific numbers today. people want to know, my family, i have a family of four. we do 70,000 a year. what does it mean to me? give me the bottom line. i'll go from there. >> neil: thank you very much. the breaking news. and in puerto rico, there seems to be a discrepancy from the governor of puerto rico, the mayor of san juan and the president of the united states to clarify it all. what is going on? what is the real story after this.
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>> we saved a lot of lives. we have done a good job. now we're bringing the people for distribution. >> neil: what is the deal when it comes to puerto rico? we thought talking to the governor of puerto rico yesterday was a step in that direction. he said the president is right and things are going well. now michael brown on all of this because the back and forth, depending who you listen to, the critics, that it's another katrina situation. i don't see that, michael. what do you see? >> well, here's what i do see on the ground in puerto rico. there's a political fight between the governor and the mayor of san juan. that doesn't bode well for response. >> neil: that sounded very familiar with what you dealt with in new orleans. >> that's exactly why i bring it up. there's this political battle between the mayor and the governor. i'm just going to say to them
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using your show, get over it. you need to have a unified command structure because fema, the department of defense are there with the supplies. they're doing everything they can. but if the two of you are fighting, that slows down the response and shame on them for that. >> neil: all right. they're both of the same party, which is surprising when i heard that. having said that, obviously maybe the conditions in san juan are different than they are, let's say, in the greater areas of puerto rico. >> they are. absolutely railroad. >> neil: but both of them are in san juan as they're saying this and the president of the united states that is weighing his visit there next week, i believe he's going tuesday, good or bad move? >> you know, i don't know. i can't tell you exactly where he's going to go. if there's a place for the president to go in san juan where he can, where he won't interrupt, just land, you know, land at the airport, give a speech, talk to some people, see what's going on, i'm okay with
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that. he doesn't need to get in marine one and go to the northern side of the island or the southern side. this is a complex response. you have to prepare the docks, the ports, the runways and thing about the power grid, neil. you have the power lines down. you have the substations down, the generation facilities down. so you have to start at square one, this is like walking into a third world country and giving them electricity for the first time. that will take awhile to do that. so i would just caution everybody be that while fema from everything that i read is pushing supplies in like crazy, i know people's frustration continues to increase. that's just the nature of the beast. i would encourage the media and everybody else to stop this comparison, this is katrina, this trump's this deal or that deal. whatever it is, focus on helping
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people. that should be the focus of the media, the public of fema and everybody else. all this other stuff is a distraction. do i seem riled up? >> yes. no matter how you feel about president trump, he didn't get a bow or applaud on how he handled harvey and irma. along comes an issue like this. i remember earlier in the week, it blew me away. they said the president was talking about the nfl and not enough about puerto rico in a press conference in which 3/4 of the questions were about the nfl and not puerto rico. so i just think it's beyond hypocritical. but where is this going? like when he goes there, assuming he's going to go there tuesday, what does he have to do? >> i think he has to get -- he has to do -- maybe i am going to make a comparison to katrina. he has to do exactly what george w. bush did. he needs to get the mayor and
1:17 pm
the governor on air force one, look them in the conference room and say whatever differences you have, let's air them now and let's not air those publicly. because that doesn't help your constituents, that doesn't help the citizens, that doesn't help the first responders. so that would be my advice to the president. get them on air force one, look them in the conference room and have it out there. >> neil: how did you handle -- i remember when george bush famously, you know, said heck of a job, browny. i'm sure that pumped your feelings up. the commander-in-chief is commending you within 48 hours when the whole world was turning on you. so your advice to rescue workers is what? >> is to focus on your jobs. and i don't think i have to lecture them or tell them that. because neil, that's what they intuitively and inherently do. a first responder is just that. they don't care about the politics. they don't care about the fight between a mayor and a governor. all they care about is how can i
1:18 pm
get into this community and how can i help them. sure, it becomes a distraction and become demoralizing. a good first responder is going to focus on their job and make sure they do the best job they can. >> if you'll indulge one question. i just wanted to pick your brain about it. tom price, he might or might not get fired for the private jet use as hhs secretary. your thoughts on that? >> well, my thoughts are this. when you become a public servant, you have to realize there's a microscope watching your every move. you have to pass -- maybe you should packs -- change it to the fox news deck. you have to pass the fox necessary test. if it stinks to fox news, maybe you shouldn't be doing it. perception is reality. i think in this case, i think the secretary could have been better served by his staff, better served by his own decisions and phone commercially
1:19 pm
or if it was absolutely necessary, you can justify it, only then do you use government planes. >> neil: you're saying he should go. >> no, not -- i'm not ready to make that decision yet. i'm ready -- >> neil: i wanted to put you in a corner. >> i love it. any time. any time. >> neil: michael brown, thank you very much. >> you bet. >> neil: the nonsense he had to deal with. all right. by the way, you saw this probably at the thursday night football game. you have the green bay packers, the chicago bears, are they going to kneel or stand. the focus is what are they going to do in the stands. are they going to lock arms. did anybody run that by the fans or the fact that so few wanted to do that? after this. liberty mutual stood with me when i was too busy with the kids to get a repair estimate. i just snapped a photo and got an estimate in 24 hours. my insurance company definitely doesn't have that... you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance.
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>> neil: all right. you've had the controversy back and forth about whether you stand or kneel or whatever for the national anthem. yesterday they called for involvement on the audience that was there. everybody in the stands had to lock arms and see if they were sympathetic to the cause. whatever the cause was. the players that decided to stand for the national an them but lock arms. warner warren was there watching all of this. >> yeah. >> neil: what did you notice, warner? >> i thought it was selected tv. i mean, i wasn't going to join the packers. i'm not joining them. i have a -- hard to believe that the majority of the fans didn't hold hands. you don't see that on the television. they selected the ones that were holding hands. that's baloney. the bottom line is so clear, if you want to protest, okay, but
1:24 pm
don't do it on my stage. you're being paid big bucks, by the way, to play to perform, entertain the fans. what you want to do afterwards, amen. do it on your own time. do it in your own place. that's what's wrong. the disrespect -- >> neil: what did you think of finding a middle ground to do the jerry jones, cowboys things where either you kneel or lock arms prior to the national anthem, everybody stands, you can still lock arms during this. the only wrinkle is, the aaron rodgers wanted everybody in the stands to do the same. they didn't. but your thoughts on that. >> the thoughts are that jerry jones wanted unity on his team. i think he backed down. look, neil, the flag and the anthem represent this country. they're the greatest symbols of this country. when you disrespect it, you're disrespecting the country. if these guys ride to do that in
1:25 pm
another country, they would be long gone, parts unknown. you never would see them again. you know, when you think of football and the anthem, a lot of people think of whitney houston. remember she sang the anthem at the super bowl? that was terrific. people cried. this is important. the other thing is, roger goodell has dropped the ball. it's disgraceful. here's a guy, if he stood up and said, okay, that's it. this is it. you stand. but he doesn't. he's a shell for the owners. this is the same guy, goodell -- remember kaepernick wore a sock and saw law enforcement, police are pigs? he said that's okay. but five dallas policemen are killed in dallas, the cowboys wanted to wear a decal on their helmet, he said no, it's not uniform. nothing is going to happen until the sponsors drop out. >> neil: you just read my mind. i think then the financial
1:26 pm
pressure would build. i'm wondering now, it seems like the president was right on this to say the nfl might in fact be in a box and they don't know how to crawl out. they're looking at this jerry jones middle solution where everybody can still lock arms as long as they're standing for the national anthem. a number of coaches whispers to the players, we're not going to keep this going through this weekend. what do you expect will happen this weekend? >> i don't think all 32 teams are going to say, okay, that's great. because the owners aren't telling them to. you're going to have a difference of opinion. again, which is fine. but don't do it on my time, on my stage. if you do that at fox, neil -- >> neil: game over. apparently a lot of the fans in the stands were a little annoyed. we just want to watch a game or someone -- and then they have to put their nachos down to lock
1:27 pm
arms for a cause they don't even know or appreciate. so most opted not too as you pointed out. but that seemed to stick in their crawl. wait a minute. you're co opting me to doing this. why? >> you're talking about the players -- >> neil: the fans, the fans that didn't want to -- >> yeah, of course. the fans want to be entertained. they want to watch a game, this is their escape for three hours. that's why you go to a movie. you escape for two hours. they want to -- entertain me. what are you doing? i don't pay for this. i didn't buy my season ticket for this. i want to see football. get rid of the other stuff. do it on your own time. i don't care. >> neil: ratings are down. it's going to be interesting to see what sponsors do right now. directv is the only major sponsor that i could think of that has offered, you know, give-backs to those that -- with
1:28 pm
their sunday ticket felt that they were getting rushed into a political thing. others might follow. once that happens, then things could change, right? >> yes. when it hits the owner's pocket books, oh, the sponsors are dropping. oh, the tv aren't going to pay the same advertisement prices. oh, we better do something now. until then, no. i don't think they care about the fans. fans already bought the season tickets. if they don't go, they'll give them to somebody else. no. and by the way, i hate to go off the chart here, but i'm going to say something that bothers me. this is a word to colin kaepernick. the next time your house is being robbed, call an nfl player. >> neil: all right, warner. good catching up with you. i think. [laughter] good seeing you, my friend. meanwhile -- >> thank you. >> neil: the sweetest way to
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>> neil: do not tell this guy
1:33 pm
that if tax cuts just fade-away and never happen, that's just the way the cookie crumbles. this guy is into cookies, sugar-free cookies. the content is a little weird. i digress. he's the ceo of joseph's light cookies. great to have you here. >> thanks for having me. >> neil: i read your column. what paper was i reading this in? it was a great column. >> washington times. >> neil: good for you. what i liked about it, you said what you like is this tax cut for small business, pass-through concerns to pay at the top rate of 40%, getting a rate that would get down to 25%. you said sign me up for that. there's a lot of other small businesses like you. explain. >> you know, you're spot on,
1:34 pm
neil. a lot of people don't understand when a pass-through is. they hear pass-through and freak out and their eyes glaze over. it's a mom and pop. look from your left to your right, your neighbors. lawn care service, healthcare, little health and beauty shops and nail salons. pizza parlors. that's a mom and pop business. a pass-through. what we're doing, every pass-through in america, which is 29 million small businesses, every time we make a dollar, 39.6 cents goes into a bank account. we put it in the bank account to reserve it to pay our taxes at the end of the year or for estimated taxes. we're taking that money out of the economy instead of putting it to work and giving raises and focusing on sales. hearing an extra salesperson, making more revenue. it sucks. growing our business. that's what we should be focusing on rather than reserving money and putting it in a bank to pay our taxes. >> neil: what would you do with this extra money? you pour it into your operation, expand, hire more people or what? >> yeah, you know, that's a
1:35 pm
great question. businesses, our training expenses, by the time someone is failly trained, the mistakes made and et cetera, about $60,000 a year. a couple things we want to do. number 1 with the tax cut from 39.6 down to 25%, that frees up cash. we get to take out of the account, give raises. we can give extra training. continuing education to our team members. and that way we can keep them rather than hiring new people. number 1. number 2, we can expand internationally. we hear this debate about tax cuts. we never hear about what that means internationally. for domestic companies, u.s.-based companies like mine and all the other ones. we get to get our funds and compete against ireland that has a 12.5% income tax. that difference of 39.6 to 25 is a 14.6% savings. that means we can afford to lower our prices domestically and internationally by 14.6%.
1:36 pm
become more competitive. >> neil: in the end, if you think about it, even though you start from a higher level versus the corporate rate that right now is at 35%, they don't all pay that. your rate won't go down as low as some corporations if the president's rate -- strategy sticks. in other words, it would go to 20% for big guys, 25% for you. >> and that's the big conundrum in the united states now. what we're experiencing, the biggest challenge is, you look at the large big players out there and all industries, they have 100 plus of staff accountants. small businesses have none. we don't know the loop holes. we can't navigate through them like big businesses. so everything is more of a challenge for us. the money we spend for accountants is a big portion of our budget versus large corporations paying almost nothing and the subsidies they get from taxpayers. we want to level the playing field. so little businesses, small businesses that employ 60
1:37 pm
million americans, which is half of the work force in america can now compete against the apples of the world, et cetera, the large businesses the world. we're levelling that playing field. >> neil: okay. quickly. will you branch out to sugar cookies and drop the sugarless thing? >> i know you love your cannolis. you'll be surprised with our cookies. >> neil: i heard great things. joseph, wish you well. you articulated this better than the fancy pants guys in washington. thanks very much. good seeing you. >> thanks, neil. >> neil: how would you like to travel to any city in the world half hour, an hour tops? elon musk is very confident that it's very close. really? anywhere. that fast.
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>> neil: tom price is resigning.
1:41 pm
the man who heads the health and human services cabinet department of one of the most important cabinet departments but got dragged into an issue of flying on private flights, charter flights, picked up tabs north of a million dollars, submitted his resignation to president trump and president trump accepted it. this from the press secretary's office. tom price offered his resignation and the president accepted. he intend to get john jaywright as acting secretary. now to john roberts where this was a big topic of concern and apparently of the president was telegraphing this with you, right? >> telegraphing it earlier in the week, neil, when he was headed to indianapolis. the president has developed a penchant and we appreciate it as members of the press of coming over and talking to us on his way to the helicopter. on wednesday before he headed to
1:42 pm
indianapolis, he stopped by and chatted for a while. he was asked, are you going to fire tom price as he walked away to the helicopter. he looked back over his shoulder and with that look that any employee knows means that they're in trouble. he said we'll see. two days later, he offered his resignation this morning. it was an offer that was probably not completely volunteered let's say. the president said this afternoon that tom price is a good man but he doesn't like what he did. it's out of keeping with the tenor of the white house to save taxpayers money. there was no way that tom price was going to hang on. so it's two losses for price in a row. he didn't get the obamacare repeal and replace bill that i was touting as a congressman from georgia's sixth congressional district for many years. that may come back in the early part of the new year. we'll see. he failed on getting obamacare, repeal and replacement through. now he managed to shoot himself
1:43 pm
full of holes by taking the private flights, neil. >> neil: given every cabinet secretary is scrutinized for when he or she might have taken a charter or private flight. a lot have come up with secretary mnuchin. everybody is under the magnifying glass. what happened? >> i think what happened was, you had a story that came out saying tom price spent nearly a million dollars on private flights. they put the scrutiny on everybody else. we know that ryan zinke, the secretary of the interior, took a charter flight. he has come out with an explanation for that. he said he needed to take that flight. there was no other way to get to where he needed to go. there was no commercial flight available as well. the epa's scott pruitt took four or five flights, all approved by epa office of ethics and he has a full explanation.
1:44 pm
so the president has clamped down just on hhs to say no proper private flights for hhs until they figure out what went on with tom price. it's my belief the other departments, the interior secretary epa or whatever can do the flights as long as they have preapproval. clearly the president is incensed about this. he's fortunate that he has some cabinet members that have enough money, betsy devos being one of them that she has her own plane and pays for it. there was an early story that came out that said oh, betsy devos is doing it, too. the people that put out that story that it's her plane and she pays for it, neil. >> neil: i do know that tom price said he was going to pay for his portion of it. the larger figure includes his staff and everybody else. that was unprecedented. obviously not enough, right?
1:45 pm
>> the president was asked about that this afternoon, neil. as he was on his way to the helicopter. tom price issued a statement saying he was going to repay $51,000 of the cost of that flight. that would have covered his seat. clearly he flies with the number of aides wherever he goes. a lot of them they fly commercially. tom price had excessive use of private aircraft. when the president was asked about the $51,000 reimbursement this afternoon, he said that's unacceptable to him. when he said the $51,000 was unacceptable, you price was gone. we're learning from the press secretary, tom price rendered his resignation earlier today. >> neil: john roberts, thank you
1:46 pm
very much. >> thank you. >> neil: john roberts at the white house. now to the man that had a chance to talk to secretary price yesterday and in which price indicated he wouldn't take more private flights. apparently it wasn't enough. bret baier with us right now. your reaction. >> we saw the president come out and say he wasn't happy and a decision was coming tonight. i think the writing was on the wall about this. and it's got a lot of coverage. we've also talked about other secretaries in the past have flown. if you look back at the obama administration, you know, analyzed lawmakers and people in the obama administration that have flown privately, but this is right now. this is this president. when it started to be a stone gone down the hill, it was gathering a lot of moss. >> when you try to explain it and say it wasn't going to happen and you know, reimburse
1:47 pm
for the flights and trying to clarify, his portion of that, his seat, in other words, not others that might have traveled or the full extent to which he did travel, but apparently none was that was good enough. what made this cascade to the point that he's out of there? >> it's a couple things. one is that it's not a great scenario for healthcare overall. if you remember back in the boy scout jamboree, president trump said, you know, secretary price, tom, if you don't get this done, you're fired. joking. he didn't get it done. obviously he's not the only one that didn't get it done. lawmakers, senate republicans, have, you know, holed a lot of that. but that, plus the fact that it was just getting a lot of coverage. yeah, when he explained that he was paying for his seat, the staff and the security wouldn't have booked the plane to go from
1:48 pm
dulles to philadelphia. >> neil: i'm looking, is this -- i'm talking to a producer now. is this morristown or on the way from bedminster from morristown, the private airport. this was telegraphed in the president's language today. he's a good man and all of that. sometimes these events occur on fridays, brett. this seemed to be baked into the cake. i even got those vibes watching your interview yesterday. but maybe price thought he would avoid this. >> i think there was a last ditch effort. when he said how -- and described how upset the president was and didn't go into the specific words, but intimated that he was upset, you thought it would happen. it's not going to be an easy ride to get a new hhs secretary approved in an atmosphere where you're trying to one more time do repeal and replace.
1:49 pm
it could get bumpy. >> you think it distracts from the tax cut battle? >> a little bit. takes a little bit from that. but republicans are rallying around, trying to get a w. they need a win badly. so this may be just a speed bump. i do think you had a guy that knew the ins and outs of healthcare and knew about the regulations and how to kind of manipulate some of those things, even if you didn't have a law. so whoever you find going forward will have to have expertise like that. >> neil: thank you very much, my friend. bret baier, the host of "special report". if you just tuned in, health and human services tom price resigned over the backlash of the private plane trips that brett touched on, whether this disrupts any of the trump agenda or clears the decks for getting
1:50 pm
the agenda through. we talk about another effort to repeal and replace obamacare that went down in flames this past week. but of course, we also raised the tax cuts, which are near and dear to wall street and the financial community and near and dear to a lot of folks. whether this disrespects that momentum. deidra is joining us from the fox business network. i don't know that this would be an immediate impediment to that. there seems to be more unity within republicans on that issue than healthcare. what do you think? >> well, i'm not so sure. in listening to your conversation with brett, this idea of how much did these flights cost taxpayers, makes us think how much are we paying and how much is government requiring all of our support and all of us to keep kicking it. there's a lot of dissension within the republican party over this tax plan. the one mortgage interest rate deduction, we know it's staying but it's available to fewer
1:51 pm
people. the housing issue is so near and dear to americans hearts. everybody wants to own a home for better or worse. something that the government has allowed us to think when fannie mae and freddie mac went public. we understood it's our right to own a home that might be right or wrong. we all believe it. >> neil: but something light this, when a cabinet official goes, this happens in every administration. some under controversy, some not up to the job, it distracts. like the nfl thing when the president made that issue -- >> this is more direct though. it feels moral direct because actually like what brett said as well where, okay, the secretary of hhs not the only person responsible for the failure of repeal and replace on obamacare. the president certainly called him out specifically. so i feel like maybe president trump was ready to get rid of him anyway in some form. this just made it easier. because i mean, i was listening
1:52 pm
to all of the press releases. i mean, he didn't do anything wrong by taking these flights. everybody approved it, right? didn't he go around -- >> neil: i don't know new about -- >> from what i understand -- >> neil: i do have a feeling, that's why i raised the tax cut thing with you. that there might be more scrutiny of how various secretaries do their jobs. so will that get in the way of them doing their job? in other words, if they're taking flights, traveling, maybe justified giving -- >> and may point -- >> neil: -- that you can't get this other stuff done or slows down getting stuff done. >> or you raise this populous cry that this is why we hate washington, this is why we hate government. we're working so hard for our money and d.c. is just taking more of it. so therefore whatever is proposed and we know the skeleton of the tax plan, we know the three rates, the three levels, we don't know the salary levels that go with each rate. so there's still some things that we're waiting to kind of
1:53 pm
flesh in around. we know there's really been a revolt from some of the so-called blue state republican congressmen -- >> neil: so they have enough bickering to do. >> there's enough. >> neil: i want to bring ben stein in to this, "the new york times" best selling author. timely as this is, a great book out, "the capitalist code to save your life and make you very rich". i'm wondering, we talk about investing in any environment. this market has had a lot of distractions. this is a new one they have to wrestle with. but it comes and goes. doesn't it, ben? >> i can't think of anything less consequential for any investor than the firing of price. no effect whatsoever on investing at all, period. >> neil: that's good to hear. i was worried it might. [laughter] you're looking at this, ben and part of the message is, we get
1:54 pm
caught up in the media and the day to day when you focus on north korea saber rattling and the nfl thing and whether the president is popular or not and whether his initiatives are getting stuck in the mud as deidra pointed out. but none of this should dissuade people, your bullish, you believe in capitolism and you believe where the market is going to stop doing anything, right? >> you have a chance because of the incredible miracle of free market capitalism to as a ordinary citizen, as a school teacher, a plumber, a later, get to be a business owner of the best businesses the united states of america and in the world just by buying into the index funds, not letting these trivial things that happen day by day distract you. steadily keep buying and you'll be a business owner of a fairly substantial business. this is an opportunity that is only recently occurred to humanity. stay with it. it will work for you and change your life. it's not a joke.
1:55 pm
it's a really serious opportunity. stay with the capitalist code. stay with being a business owner even if it's distributed among the 500 biggest companies in the index. stay with it year in, decade in, decade out and you'll be living comfortably in retirement. >> neil: i want your reaction to chuck schumer commenting on the price resignation. he said the mission of the health secretary to give away health, not take it away. so obviously this is greasing the skids and setting the stage. you're no stranger to that. you worked in a number of administrations. your dad serving on the council of economic advisers and saw plenty. is this par for the course, the way washington works or doesn't work? >> it's not quite par for the
1:56 pm
course because mr. trump has so very much turnover. it the amount of turnover he's had in the white house in the last eight months is unusual. in terms of just the way washington works with struggles and fights and argues over trivia, it's nothing -- by the way, the argument of donald trump plaining about an official of the government spending too much of taxpayer money is pretty damn rich considering how much he spends on travel down to his government course and his resorts. >> neil: he's not personally spending it, right? >> no. but taxpayers are spending it. that's the joke of it. taxpayers are spending for mr. trump to live an incredibly lavish life. mr. price flies to philadelphia, it's different than flying to palm beach, not that there's anything wrong with philadelphia and he's getting fired over it. it's funny. >> neil: you think that is interesting? not many people will argue that that's what comes with the president of the united states. wherever he goes, where his
1:57 pm
family goes, there's the cost that associate with that. >> it's a huge, huge cost. its an enormous cost. i think it's an excessive cost. >> neil: sounds like you would not have fired tom price. >> i would not have fired him. i would have said to him, don't do it again. for gosh sakes, a trip from washington to philadelphia? that's small potatoes. of course, the budget of hhs is a staggering number. hundreds of billions of dollars. a flight like this is nothing. he's a smart guy. just tell him don't do it again. >> neil: you said there's people -- in that case, he could have taken a commercial flight. there's plenty available. that's what is stuck -- >> he could have done that. but you know what, sir? that is just trivia. that is the ultimate in trivia. i think the real reason he's being fired, he didn't get the healthcare bill passed. that wasn't his fault. he can't control mccain.
1:58 pm
he can't control the various rhinos that voted against the bill. >> neil: no, that's a very interesting point. maybe if he had gotten that done, this wouldn't even be an issue. >> he would be a hero if he got this done. >> neil: interesting. >> they wouldn't have bothered thinking about it. >> neil: you mentioned this in your book. i want to get back to that. you talk about these things. even the election of donald trump a year ago, you can't plan on that. an unexpected development and it can affect what people want to do, how they want to invest. so i'm hearing the latest developments. next week we might be on to something else. last week we talked about the nfl or whatever. guide me through this. how do i do this? get an index fund and get through this and ride the wave or what? >> yeah. save as much as you can. in fact, saving becomes before spending. save. you'll eventually get to be the equivalent of your cousin or uncle that owned a small
1:59 pm
business or medium-sized business. only you will own a widely distributed bunch of businesses. but it's the same thing in terms -- >> neil: what if you're in your 40s and you haven't done that? >> start doing it tomorrow. you can't do it tomorrow. it's saturday. start doing it monday. start doing it right away. you want to be a business owner. you want to be a business owner. you want that money to come in whether you're working or not. >> neil: how do you think president trump is doing? >> i don't think he's doing what he should be doing. i mostly think he should be spending more on defense. you and i discussed this many times. i think in terms of his standing up to the mainstream media and changing the course of american culture around saying we're not going to be pushed around anymore by the liberals, i think he's doing a good job. by the way, the democratic party is responsive by calling him a racist no matter what he does when he's the least racist guy in the history of the world to call him a racist over and over again is scandalous. >> neil: let me know how you feel next time.
2:00 pm
ben stein, the capitalist code is the book. tells it like it is. he's his own man but very rich. he can afford to be. >> i'm not very, very rich. >> neil: you are. tom price is out of there. "the five" is now. >> hello, everybody. i am jesse watters along with camp illegal foil, juan williams, dana perino, greg gutfeld. this is "the five." this is a fox news alert. health and human services secretary tom price has resigned. this comes after he faced a lot of criticism for his use of taxpayer money for private flights. for more on this, we bring in chief white house correspondent john roberts. >> jesse, good afternoon. we saw that the writing


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