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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  September 30, 2017 2:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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catch you on the flip, suckas! geico. because saving fifteen percent or more on car insurance is always a great answer. >> president trump firing back after the mayor of sawn won spoke out claiming that puerto rico is not getting enough federal support in the week and a half since hurricane maria ripped through the u.s. territory. hello everyone welcome to brand new inside our headquarters. >> good evening i'm eric shawn. frustration is growing in puerto rico island slowly struggling to try to recover from the horrendous staggering damage from two hurricanes march why and irma pl millions at this hour remain without electricity and power and even phone service. as we have been told food,
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medicine, other resources sadly are dwindling. now president trump lashing out just days before he visits the storm ravaged island he tweeted, quote, the mayor of san juan who is complimentary days ago has been told you must be nasty to trump. knew that trump club in bedminster with more on this growing controversy. hello, kristin. reporter: hey, eric well, white house is saying, you know, we've sent supplies we've sent emergency responders an president trump have been taking calls about hurricane and recovery efforts all day long he's traveling to puerto rico and the u.s. virgin islands on tuesday, so you can see why he's not so happy remarks that have been made bit mayor of san juan in which she accused trump administration of all of its bureaucracy killing the port rei are can people so trump has been
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attacking her on twitter here's the latest from moments ago he says results of recovery efforts will speak much louder than complaints by san juan mayor doing everything we can to help the great people of puerto rico. now, in an earlier tweet he accused mayor of san juan and people of puerto rico wanting, quote, everything to be done for them and as you might imagine that's not sitting well with the millions of people in puerto rico who are still without power, clean water, pood, and access to medical supplies, and mayor of san juan responded by saying she won't be distracted by, quote, small politics, petty issues she says, quote, goal is won, saving lives this is time to show our true colors. we cannot be distracted by anything else that was the response to president tweets earlier this morning but trump is not criticizing officials in puerto rico, in fact, he called the governor of puerto rico a great man and a great leader and
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the governor said today that he doesn't think that all of president trump's criticisms are directed at him. listen. >> only way for this is to work to have collaboration, and i'm committed with everyone. we can't look at small businesses. we can't establish different things on politics. reporter: now something else and this is another story that we're watching today although on the other side of the world north korea secretary of state rex tillerson is in china today where he announced that the trump administration has directly lines of communication open with pyongyang they're not going through china. now, the state department say it is that these communication lines were set up weeks ago during the discussions about autowarm because lines are there doesn't mean they're actively being used for negotiations and,
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in fact, state department says that right now those lines are not being used to actively negotiate but you know this goes to show you after weeks of ramped up rhetoric all of this name-calling -- president trump calling the north korean leader kim jong-un rocketman, and all of this talk of the trump administration using or considering military options, this is certainly one sign that just shows you that the trump administration is seriously continuing to pursue the diplomatic option as well. eric -- >> to get that lead. kristin tonight thank you so much. >> all right. >> eric meanwhile more help is on the way to puerto rico following hurricane maria. the pentagon says an additional 1400 national guard troops are headed to the island this weekend. this comes as more than 3 million residents there continue to struggle without electricity. mike is live from san juan
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puerto rico with the latest. mike. >> to make things worse it's starting to rain again here in puerto rico, governor ricardo drawing attention to the dam which is about two hours outside of san juan damaged during the hurricane and water there has not receded he's saying people who below the dam need to have a place to evacuate. >> our position is for the people in the surrounding areas that have e -- evacuated to maintain that level of preparedness to recognize there could be some damage to the dam. reporter: well about with with the president mayor of san juan engage in a swabl over twitter administrative of the hospital says a health crisis is looming due to poor conditions and people going into survival mode ignores medicine and hygiene and
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nine hospitals back and most operate oing on generators meant to be a temporary solution. the percentage of homes with power is still in the single digit and one puerto rican resident told me they'll be better off if this is a state. >> it's a symptom and we're second rate citizens. i was born in little rock i moved herein became a second rate citizen. >> this scene behind me is really a microdisplay of everything we're seeing across puerto rico. you can see that the powerlines were pulled down and water breeding bacteria and mosquitoes spreading among ore o health officials are worried about the fever and roof came off the house and back story there was an 82-year-old woman inside of this facility up to her waist in water at the time this roof came pulled off. you can see at the moment nothing is being done to repair this place. all right. >> how is the lady, the woman
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who was many there? do we know? >> she made it but, of course, she has nowhere to survive and last word i got is she's dependent on relatives at moment. >> thank god she did survive thank you very much for that report live there in san juan puerto rico. >> there was follow-ups atom stepped down after that strong criticism over extensive use of expensive charted jets price promised a partial repate for some of those trips but that couldn't save his job. ellison barber in washington has more details. ellison. >> new protocols you're a member of the trump administration and planning to travel on friday, white house budget director mick sent a memo to heads of executive departments and agencies saying in part, any travel on government or chartered planes need prier approval by chief of staff, john kelly. memo came hours after the
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resignation of hsh secretary tom price. politico reported on the now, former secretary use of private planes. they said price used private charter planes at least 24 times beginning in may costing taxpayers over $300,000. price said he paid back the cost of his seat on those flights. around 52,000, but after that politico found more questionable flights price defended the flights on special report. the day before he resigned. >> these trips were approved but the normal promise so deemed appropriate and that was necessary way to be able to make my other obligations within the -- within the department. >> public expressed disappointment in price. >> i'm not happy i can tell you. >> price smitsed a letter of resignation about an hour later. the president accepted it. but now the travel habits of other cabinet members are under a microscope according to reports in interior secretary
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ryan, took a number of flights on private or o military planes. one from nevada to an airport near the home in montana reportedly cost taxpayers more than $12,000. eric. >> all right ellison thank you so much. >> a three-star general on ground helping fema with efforts in puerto rico. along with a naval medical ship and taking a look at boots in te ground can give to the people of puerto rico. plus, intense manhunt is now over in georgia. after a female police officer was shot and killed. >> no idea why he thought this was worth taking the life of a police officer who's doing her job. i have no -- no words for that. this is senseless culling.
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>> a tragic shooting in georgia we understand one officer killed and another injured in the line of duty. two suspects, arrested including 31-year-old sed bank her who police say took off after the shooting yesterday but was later caught following an intense manhunt. investigators say the two officers were shot while
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investigating a case involving a stolen vehicle when he opened fire on them with a handgun. 29-year-old detective kristin killed kill that shooting a five year veteran with police department and leaves behind her husband and three-year-old son. >> what a tragedy. turning mow to puerto rico where the pentagon says it is now sending 1400 additional national guard troops to help with relief efforts there after hurricane maria. but you know the devastating and looming humanitarian catastrophe remains overwhelming at this hour. there are reports of people with no food, lacking medicine, drinking dirty water that is not potable cause new warnings that there could be diseases spreading like fever that they could start spreading on the island. did the trump administration respond appropriately and do enough or critics say not enough has been done for retired national chuck nash joins us. you know captain nash some are are call for pentagon like
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senator march rubio can that make the situation better? >> it seems to take care of the disasters, of course, the military can always help because it brings kind of unique capabilities not the least of which is dedicated manpower and assets that are totally self-sufficient so they bring that to that particular fight but this is fema military job to do and fema can back it up and people who think everybody should be able to drive down to puerto rico with trucks and massive relief supplies, needs to take a look at the map and do a little bit of geography because it's an island it's a thousand miles from the tip of florida. and the only way to get there to an island is on a boat or a ship. >> you know the critics are saying that not muff was done that preparation were not appropriate. the supplies and the relief and medicines and all of that -- were just not enough were with sent. reporter: well it's the local governments in this case governor of puerto rico if he
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saw those things coming, he can declare it a disaster. and he can request that those supplies, the people whatever he thinks he's going to need and have that stuff prestaged. they didn't even pass out satellite radio to people iowa and they knew they were faceing cat five disaster steaming right their way to indications all were very, very clear so now pass out satellite radio that should have been done to all of the municipalities well before the storm even hit. >> you know others are point ofg to trump administration they said back in 2010° the haiti earthquake what about the 8,000 troops were sent two days, 22,000 troops within two weeks, 33 ships according to washington post now you have 5,000 not ep tech nowhere near the numbers 40 helicopters no where near the numbers -- of the troops in the area that was deployed for haiti and these are american citizens. >> and there are 5,000 troops as you say right now 10,000
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government federal government employees. there are ships that are docking now. they have to first open up the ports around puerto rico before you can get the ships in. when i say open up the ports it's not just the damage to the cranes and all of the moving equipment but you also have to make sure there are no hazards to navigation of things that have been blown off or floated off that docks and are now sitting in the water below the surface that can't see. so it is a matter of getting thing down there and when people are in the terrible conditions that they're living in now nothing is ever going to be fast enough. it won't be. >> lodgistly how does pentagon do this you have areas in the mountains that people are running out of food. i mean, do air drops you know what type of -- strategic logistical plan would you recommend? >> sure, well right now there are four major airports in puerto rico. the northwest corner, the international airport san juan
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former naval air station at roosevelt roads and international airport on southern coast. every one of those airports is within 25 to 30 miles you draw from them can cover the entire country 100 miles along and 35,000 miles wide so you can put helicopters there, uss kearsarge and her group are down there and army helicopters that have been brought in. marine corps. helicopters off kearsarge and her ships so staging things both from a shore and offshore to get these supplies out there. if you look at the population, it's 3.5 million people but the vast majority eric, live along the coastline. the middle of the country is mountainous and rain forests so most of the people are very close to the shoreline which make it is very -- useful for helicopter airlift support up in the mountains yes only way in there is to go into probably the soccer fields and things like that to use those as
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staging areas. >> the president will be there on tuesday what do you think he'll speak about his presence to alleviate these concerns? >> the president isn't going to be passing out boxes and handing out water bottling his job is to draw attention to that, and make sure that he's listening to the governor of puerto rico and the other ticials u.s. officials, with that are down there doing this to make sure that they're getting everything that they need. and if he can push things look he certainly will. >> i would assume that mayor of san juan too have been very critical. >> she has. she's changed her tone here just recently. and you know, one of the things that she has to -- is i'm sure is looking at is she's looking at the the misery of her citizens as i said earlier when people are in such dire circumstances, nothing is fast enough. you always want it to happen faster. >> it is a horrendous situation for our fellow americans what we must remember that. and we do hopefully as you just said some of those factor and
2:20 pm
logistical factors can be carried out chuck nash thank you for your thoughts. >> art thousand. >> another fall weekend that mores football and this year that means the possibility for more political controversy. this after so many nfl players participated in the national anthem protest last sunday following president trump's comments criticizing their actions. now, football fans are waiting to see what nfl player will do before tomorrow's games. brian is live with that story. hi, brian. >> look 200 players kneeled last week so far most teams have not announced what they will do tomorrow for instance the new york jets players will decide tonight at a players meeting whether or not or how they are going to do their protest if at all tomorrow. from what we can tell at least ten teams said they'll stand tomorrow during the anthem most locking arms. new orleans saints quarterback drew brees tweeted about his game in london as a way to show
2:21 pm
respect to states kneel in solidarity prior to national anthem an saying together during the anthem now pittsburgh steelers did not cool out of the locker room for the anthem and owner says it is over his team will stand during anthem tomorrow. the new england patriots decided they stand together during the national anthem last week many past players kneeled this cools after bunch of fans gattedered thursday to burn patriots gear and msdz outraged by those players who kneeled during the anthem in protest of racial ine qualities and police brutality and baltimore legend and super bowl champion ray lewis is getting a lot of heat for mealing on both knees during anthem online petition with over 70,000 signaturing is demanding team remove a statue of lewis outside raven stadium for, disrespecting our country now tennessee titans dlan knee
2:22 pm
walker he an his family defended team decision not to come out of the locker room during anthem last week as well. dallas cowboys owner jerry jones said president trump calling him in a radio interview yesterday jones says, quote, he did call he was complimentary which doesn't mean that any way we go to what he was implying what we wanted to do was make a statement and certainly not dishonor the flag you'll remember the cowboys kneeled together before the anthem and stood during it. then from what we can understand u cowboys expected to stand as well tomorrow. >> okay and everyone will be watching brian thank you very much. meanwhile the mba sending memo to teams urging them to show their fans themes unity before first home game and memo recommends team demonstrate their commitment to the nb airings's core value of equality, diversion, and inclusion. memo reminds teams of the rule that players must stand for the national anthem.
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the nba season begins on october 17th. eric. eric: meanwhile president trump's new tax plan they reform plan have been unveil but also experts saying that while it could face some of the same problems that the gop had with their last obamacare rollout. so in a few hoamentses -- moments we'll see what they need medical record to get to a yes this time around. and new information on two massive rock falls have you heard about this? yosemite national park, one man was killed and injured at least two others this week. look at that. we'll have a live report, straight ahead. >> like bombs going off. yeah. echoes through the valley mays so it was -- concerning how or pa away it was. it was very loud.
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brackets into three are a rates of 12, 25, and 35%. but it doesn't define the income rages for these tax brackets. it would double the standard deduction for married couples to $24,000 and for single filers to there are 12,000. it also call for e religious of several itemized deductions but some political experts say the president's plan is expected to face the same partisan split that the obamacare repeal deal had john saying in a column for fox, quote, sadly i don't believe that most of the efforts to soften bill image will win much democratic support it's enough of a red flag for liberal base of the democratic party that this is the trump tax bill. as with health care he's likely going to have to rely on republican vote. john is here a columnist for national review, so john, let's get right to. would you say that tax experts would assess this as a comprehensive tax plan? and who benefits immediately and
2:29 pm
down the road and conversely who would take the hit immediate lis and down the road? >> it is a tax frabbingwork a lot of details are not loom yet. trump is smart muff to say i think safe to say and fill many those details but in the broad strokes biggest wins are american businesses especially american business with parks overseas not brought them home because of high corporate tax breaks we have the highest initial tax break in the world. >> they have businesses back here. >> tax at a lower rate but stay in the united states and perhaps be invested for new jobs and all of that. the biggest losers, are some people who itemize there are a lot of people who itemize state and local taxes. if that goes away, they're going to lose out especially in high tax states like new york, california, illinois. >> explain to us. >> when you itemize you get to deduct state and local taxes from federal tax burden. means you lower your burden.
2:30 pm
if that deduction is taken away, basically doesn't matter how high your state and local taxes you're going to have to pay that without deducting it. so it's going to cost you. the other big are in the long front is the long-term tax preparation of this passes right now in the 90, 90% of people need help on their taxes. 40% itemized. if this bill passed the best guesses would be only 10% of people would find it to itemize, that means a lot of tax preparers will be out of business. that's not a bad thing. >> i have friends from who were tax preparers. you can retrain them. >> let me show you a brand new fox news poll, the looking at the percent of voters saying, it has extremely or very important that congress pass each when you look at health care reform, you've got 58%. tax reform 52% so john if the senate budget committee can get
2:31 pm
lawmakers to sign u off on this 51 yes votes to pass, which, of course, we already know did not work for the place, will the gop support trump taxes? >> i think there will be some defections. partly because, of course, any tax cuts since we have a progressive code more of the benefits will go to the wealthy than to the middle class because that's a progressive tax system but there will be some democrats who will be tempghted by this there's a lot of dhts who represent companies and democrat senators want to create jobs in their states some kind of comprehensive tax reform bill and we haven't had one in 31 years? >> why is that? >> that we vice president had tax reform in 35 years it is very difficult is that -- >> lobbyists k street, you have 15,000 lobbyists each with their own individual piece of the tax code. it is become a cottage industry it is one of the reason why is washington -- >> like you said tax preparers
2:32 pm
who are out of o business why not lobbyists put out of the business? >> you have to start somewhere and a simplifying to 3 rates to get rid of deductions at least a start. you know, whether you're a democrat or republican when you drain the swamp you have to start pump somewhere and you have to recognize you're not going to use pumps to drain everything right away. >> but you know people -- you've got people who are in our audience who run are businesses, large businesses small businesses, you also have a lot of individuals who are looking out for themselves rightly so. so what do you say to -- to the notion that this will mainly benefit the really wealthy? >> well as i said, because we have a progressive tax system, that's almost inevitable, however, this tax does take a lot of people right off the tax role. 34,000 after deduction for the couple to remove half of the american people from having to pay a filling out a tax form. that's a big step forward in terms of tax simplification
2:33 pm
nothing more than not filling out a tax form. >> will not have to -- >> they will not have a liability at the end. they will basically not earn enough if at 24,000 deduction plus other deductions remain in place like mortgage and charitable deductions. so that means for instance they won't owe uncle sam come tax time but a refund? >> because of our negative mechanic system 8 million americans right now who are working get a check from are uncle sam because we're trying to encourage work not welfare. so you get a check at the end of the year an money back more than anything you pay in. >> john fun, we are out of time but thank you for trying to break it dun and short amount of time that we did have. absolutely good to see you john fun national review magazine. eric. eric: thank you. information on the two massive rock falls yosemite national park that killed one man and injured at least two others this
2:34 pm
week. those tragic events now sparking some new questions today about how this could have been prevented alicia live in denver now with more on this. hi. >> range arers and geologists say they would not allow visitors in the park if they felt it was unsafe. now that said, there are no early warning systems for something like this. thursday's rock crash was the second of the week a peel away of granite that scientists say was a size of a 36-story building. four people below an suv escape with their lives after weight of tons of debris came crashing down landing the driver jim evans of florida in the hospital after some of the rocks came through the sunroof. >> and so we were trying to outis run it with like go, let's go. and at the same time my husband reached up had my head, my head -- because it was bleeding profusely and hurting. >> sadly just one day before
2:35 pm
andrew and lucy foster here from the u.k. on an anniversary vacation climbing elle can tan and large piece fell off reports show that andrew died trying to save his wife he's sh critical condition. geologists say there's no way to know when this could happen. >> no it's not possible to predict rock falls. predicting rock pal means you know exactly where it will occur and exactly when it will occur and how big that rock are fall will be and we're a long way from being able to determine all of those things and make a prediction. >> some visitors this week say they're feeling less aggressive about climbing planning to be a little more conservative about their adventure but more of a game of chance. >> you really hope bad things don't happen to you but i feel more likely to be struck by a car stapgding on this road right now than i do to be killed by -- rock falling you know? >> eric, according to park records more people die from actually falling or natural causes like heart attacks than
2:36 pm
they do from these type of rock slides it is rare. eric. >> rare but so sadly deedsly and heartbreaking for that couple. alicia thank you. >> eric investigation into russian medaling now deepening with now fines from twitter. the social media jot let already shutting down more than 200s it says with russian operative ties but they say this is a tiny part of the problem. can the internet giant clamp down on the trolls and the bots? for your heart...
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look at us.
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>> well twitter is now joining in on the investigation into the russian and u.s. president election. u now, this week social media giant shutdown 200 account it is says had had ties to rem linn operatives twitter releasing a statement on inquirying says based on findings thus far that's russian today 274 in u.s. aids and that rt come at rt america, with and actual i-dad accounts promoted 823 weest that definitely potentially targeted the u.s. market. these campaigns were drengted at followers of main stream media and primarily promoted rt tweets regarding news stories can the apparent russian invasion be stopped before midterms next
2:42 pm
year. we have advice president of spg senior vice president there and form offer station chief for the ceia specializes in counterintelligent cyberinvestigations. i mean, everyone is not going oops you know they're saying look at all of this stuff. thousands and thousands of ads first of all why wasn't this detengted by twitter or by facebook during the election? >> you know, these attacks took place in the runup to our election and during the election. incident response phase is still ongoing that's disconcerts in good cyberscut you want to do the forensics and mount minutes and we fail to do that in this case the delay is disconcerting i'm not so sure that twitter and a facebook and some of the other social media and networking sites have the capability effectively to track those introduces. fnlings do you count this and is this considered a -- cyberattack? i mean people you hear about that you think of so much on a
2:43 pm
coming in and personal id being stolen financial information, being stolen. but by planting news stories potentially intended to effect an election you consider that a counterintelligence assault on this country? >> i do. i think it's part of russia's counterintelligence strategy. look social networking and media sites have become the back bone in critical infrastructure for our modern democratic process. and aside from introducing this information into our election campaign which had i expect them to do again in the future, i think russia also sought to degrade the public's trust in these media sites in the united states, and a the west at launch but also in russia. because putin is looking at the elections in russia and 2018 and march and he knows his own opponents were protesting years ago and 2011 and 2012 with assistance of americaing sites. so, i mean, it seems they were very sophisticated washington
2:44 pm
reports that 3,000 ads 3,000 were aimed at for example, supporters with black lives matter. that they have some type of black lives matter ad specifically in ferguson and baltimore remember that troubles there. others aimed at muslims or people who didn't like muslims according to the post. they really have -- an apparent sophisticated political operation here. >> i think the message is -- that they deliveredded were very sophisticated and indicate a deep understanding of our internal domestic political situation. however, i think means of delivery was not necessarily so sophisticated it was discoverable, and would cause me concern is that while we may have discovered some o of russia's intrusions in our cyberspace there may be others out will with far more sophisticated clandestine technique to find nor difficult to detect. >> any evidence that you know of far that there was any coordination that nay knew where to go and who to target.
2:45 pm
for example, we have learned that there 21 states aparticipay voter registration roles were tarlgts of some type of cyberattacks. was there an east to try to get the voter registration information of voters and then target ads to them to try to enforce election? >> i think that's a great question to ask that would certainly be high on list of intelligence requirement and they would be eminently capable with large presence in this country to obtain that intelligence whether they need to do is clandestinely or hack into our -- election infrastructure to do so. you know there's probably lots of avenues for them to collect that intelligence. >> local state officials say they have no evidence that anything was successful but certainly at least they tried. mark disuker bring in had this view see if this response is sufficient. >> we will strengthen our own ad review process for political ad.
2:46 pm
now to be clear it is always been against our policies to use any of our tools in a way that breaks the law and we have many controls already in place to prevent this. but we can do more. >> so do you think that's going to be muff you know as we have mid-materials arranged corner and then, of course, next presidential election? >> listen, i think this is exposensual threat for our nation and there's a lot more to do. i think probably three things. first and foremost we need to collect more information that means that the social networks and media sites immediate to do what historical review because it's not just the 2016 election but probably before that pep and it's ongoing. the intelligence community needs to collect strategic intelligence and kremlin plan and intentions. secondly, we immediate to mount technical countermeasures but we have to be careful about intent to which we're transare parent about that because russians will be tracking what we do. and staying or trying to stay a step ahead of us. and then third, i really think we need the congress to step in with some legal framework i
2:47 pm
understand there's a bill being proposed in the state right now which could apply rule and regulation ares i think that would be welcomed. >> you think that will work? >> i think it's a great challenge but i think we immediate a partnership between our government and the private sector and commanded partnership to pox on the i.c. working with the private sector. >> what's that i.c. intelligence community? >> similar to the way we prevent terrorist attacks by sharing intelligence. i think we need to be able to do the same thing and work proactively with the private sector. >> you know it's a cyberterrorist attack on our country. and our democracy -- >> absolutely under siege from the foreign actors. >> under siege we'll stay on it at fox news and thank you for your analysis this afternoon. >> all right. >> the ahead of the u.s. air force academy putting all 4,000 cadets on notice saying races will not be tolerated.
2:48 pm
>> if you can't treat someone from another race or different color skin with dignity and respect, then you need to get out. grab your phone i want you to videotape this so that you have it so that you can use it. [silence] so that we all have the moral courage together. >> general jay gathered the cadets and faculty in a hall on campus to deliver his message stern warning comes after racial slurs were discovered posted on the dorm room doors of five african-american cadets earlier this week. >> you know more than a hopght after hurricane harvey made landfall in texas people in houston they're still struggling with huge piles of debris lining the streets in many neighborhoods there it is a mess. coming up we'll tell you why public officials are worried and what they're trying to do about
2:49 pm
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>> welcome back i'm adam continuing to track the tropics hurricane season not over yet. no big hurricanes out there right now. but we continue to see at least some act out there this is a big low pressure system in the place
2:53 pm
where they really don't need this one. only a 10% of the developing into a tropical storm in the next couple of days. but yes that is puerto rico. they have been seeing big heavy showers all through today that is going to be lingering here the next couple of days as we're seeing rounds are and rounds of rain actually some flash-flood warnings on and on. how much rain are kowl we be talking about still areas with additional 2 to 4 inches xeppedz on where thunderstorms fill up already an area where there's no power and standing water, this rain is going to continue to give them problems all the way through the weekend. so we're looking at more and more troubles. now for tomorrow's forecast remember no power. you're talking about temperatures with those thunderstorms, still running up to 85, 86, 87 degrees pushing at 90 degrees. very uncomfortable if you don't have a place to retreat from this just intense, intense weather. another system we're paying attention to low pressure system gives u you a 30% chance of developing here in the next 48 hours. this one even if it doesn't develop, that's not the highest
2:54 pm
percentage chance but we're talking ab decent amount of rain up and down the coast. hurricane season runs through november. so we have a little while to be paying attention to the tropics. >> all right adam thanks. horrible situation in puerto rico. and now more than a month after hurricane harvey, devastated southeastern texas and houston there are difficult cleanup efforts still underway there and across the whole region. casey stegall in dallas now with the details. >> many neighborhoods across southeast texas like more like demolition sights in wake of hurricane harvey and heavy equipment taken over o the streets where kids rode their bike and people walked their dog. mike evans had had four feet of water inside his east houston home and nearly all of these belongings were ruined so he did what thousands of his fellow neighbors have been forced to do. drag every memory photo and keepsake that could not be salvaged to the curb. >> but they only pick up 10
2:55 pm
feet, and that's it. then owners responsible getting it out there. how do you do that? >> local officials say harvey left behind enough storm damage to fill 125 football stadiums. a task so large there are not enough workers or o pieces of equipment to haul everything away in a timely manner. sub contractors attempting to fill void but most fill the did i on one street. >> people are flagging us down. this gentleman right here, a neighbor kill out said hey, come move my trash i went down there and come move my trash. so neighbor after neighbor. >> nearly everything will eventually end up with one of the landfills with plenty of room while victims say they're just trying to figure out what comes next. [laughter] >> to say for 6 months that that's not going to happen
2:56 pm
either. >> city of dallas will send extra garbage trucks down to disaster zone to help. austin and san antonio have already deployed additional resources. in dallas, casey stegall fox news. >> president trump's latest twitter storm targettings l mayor of san juan just before he visits the storm ravaged island of puerto rico will get a live report for you. and another white house shakeup after the health and human services secretary resigns over his use of private planes for government business. the details ahead as eric and i continue right here on the fox news channel. i count on my dell small business advisor
2:57 pm
for tech advice. with one phone call, i get products that suit my needs and i get back to business. ♪
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>> we start with a fox news alert. a tense situation unfolding in puerto rico. it is growing more dire by the minute. and a growing controversy over the emergency response. president trump today hitting back after the mayor of san juan spoke out angrily claiming the administration has not done nearly enough and is not able to get vital supplies to the island that has been decimated and devastated by hurricane maria. hello everyone good evening i am eric shawn. this is a brand-new hour of trent a. >> everyone i am arthel neville. tempers flaring as much as the us territory is still without power. they are desperately waiting
3:01 pm
for an influx of supplies. now the president is lashing out on twitter. just days before he visits the ravaged island.kristin fisher is live in new jersey near the presidents golf club in bedminster. >> hello. remember president trump is said to travel to puerto rico and the us virgin islands on tuesday. the vice president will be going there a little bit later in the week but the president's trip is certainly shaping up to be a little awkward and a lot more uncomfortable than just a few hours ago because of what he has been saying about the mayor of san juan on twitter. he has devoted about 12 tweets today about the crisis in puerto rico and many of them have been aimed at the mayor of san juan. here is one of them quote - such poor leadership ability by the mayor of san juan. and others in puerto rico were not able to get their workers to help. they want everything to be done for them when it should be a community effort. 10,000 federal workers now on
3:02 pm
the island. doing a fantastic job. the white house really trying to push the argument that you know they have done something. they have sent supplies.they have sent resources. and they will continue to do more. but the fact remains that right now millions of people in puerto rico do not have power, clean water, food or access to medical supplies. in the mayor san juan says that that is what prompted her to use the language she used last night that led to all of these tweets from president trump today. listen. >> i will do what i never thought i was going to do. i am begging, begging anyone that can hear us. to save us from dying. if anybody out there is listening to us, we are dying! and you are killing us with the inefficiency. and the bureaucracy.
3:03 pm
>> today, the president spent the day new jersey at his golf club in bedminster. we took some calls about this unfolding crisis in puerto rico. he spoke with the fema director, the vice president met with the director at fema headquarters. and the president spoke with the governor of puerto rico whom he called a great guy and a great leader. when president trump hits the ground there on tuesday, he certainly has some friends on the ground though it remains unclear whether or not the mayor of san juan will be meeting with him at that time as well. something else that we are watching today, this is another story, a story that starts although on the other side of the world. secretary of state, rex tillerson, making an announcement saying that the trump administration has direct lines of communication with pyongyang, with the north korean leaders and that they no
3:04 pm
longer are going through china. the state department says that they set up the lines weeks ago during discussions about auto warm beer, bringing him back to the us. just because these lines are there, and open, it does not mean they are actively being used to communicate with north korean leader kim jong on. but still, the fact that you have someone very high up in the trump administration like the secretary of state saying that these lines do exist and that they are there, should negotiations or should the situation reach a point where negotiations could begin, that in and of itself certainly is a step in the right direction. >> indeed it is, kristin fisher, thank you. >> and they say that they are sending world to puerto rico at this hour. an additional 1400 national guard troops are heading to the island this weekend. more than 3 million people
3:05 pm
there remain cut off from basic necessities. things we take for granted, electricity, food, water. some folks have run out of medicine. it is being called a looming humanitarian crisis that needs urgent help. mike is live in san juan with very latest this evening. hi mike. >> to make matters worse, rain is returning to the island because of that, the governor is turning attention to the dam which is two hours outside of san juan. it was damaged during hurricane and the water there never really receded so earlier today the governor said that people that live below that damn need to have a plan to evacuate. >> the people in the surrounding areas that have evacuated, to maintain the level of preparedness that recognize that there could be damage to the dam. >> the latest numbers to 33
3:06 pm
percent of telecom is restored, half of water services are working again but the big problem is still power. only five percent of power is restored to the entire island and the army corps of engineers is trying to lower expectation of the lights will be turned on anytime soon. 51 of 69 hospitals that service 3.4 million people around puerto rico are open again. but only nine of them are back on the electrical grid. most are using electrical generators that are only meant to be temporary solutions. they run out of fuel events -- eventually they break down. that that here live i want to show you the scene because it is typical of what you are seeing in so much of puerto rico. behind me we have lines, power and cable lines down. standing water all over the place. the water is putrid and smells very bad. there are bugs coming out of the water. we have debris all over the place as well.
3:07 pm
next to me, this house with the metal roofing is pretty common, particularly in the poor just did not stand a chance we have a slow-moving category four hurricane just parking itself really and grind its way over puerto rico. it peeled this stuff up the way it does to mobile homes during a tornado. >> that can be so dangerous. we can hear the generator that you are using because there is no electricity. thank you for your live reports. >> health and human services secretary, tom price, stepping down after criticism over his use of expensive private charter flights. price had promised a partial repayment but it could not save his job. ellison barber is in washington with more. >> there are new protocols if you are member of the trump administration and planning to travel.on friday the white house budget director mick mulvaney sent a memo to the heads of executive departments and agencies saying in part, any travel on government or
3:08 pm
chartered airplanes need proper approval by chief of staff, john kelly. the memo came just hours after the resignation of the secretary tom price. the week and and a half ago, political reported on the now former secretaries use of private airplanes. they say he used private charter planes at least 24 times beginning in may costing taxpayers over $300,000. christ said he would pay back the cost of his seat on those flights. around $52,000. but after that, political found more questionable flights. christ defended the flights on special reports the day before he resigned. >> these trips were approved through the normal was deemed appropriate and that was the necessary way to be able to make my other obligations within the department to request the president publicly of rest disappointment and price. >> i am not happy, okay?
3:09 pm
i can tell you i am not happy. >> price submitted his resignation letter and our leader. and ryan zinke is reported to have taken a number of flights on private or military airplanes. one from nevada to an airport near his home in montana reportedly cost taxpayers more than $12,000. >> ellison barber, thank you. >> guess what? o.j. simpson. he hopes to call florida his new home. he is supposed to be released from prison in nevada and now we are told that guess what? it could come as early as midnight tonight. as for moving to the sunshine state, the attorney general, pam bondi says mr. simpson, make other plans. do not come here. we will have the latest on that and what could happen. plus san juan's mayor responded to the president's twitter attack against her after the angry comments she made about the trump administration hurricane maria relief efforts.
3:10 pm
this could all impact the president's upcoming visit to the island. he is supposed to be there in three days. we will break all of this down for you. fox news, "americas news headquarters" continues this evening. checks, only from allstate. switching to allstate is worth it. only from allstate. but on the inside, i feel like chronic, widespread pain. fibromyalgia may be invisible to others, but my pain is real. fibromyalgia is thought to be caused by overactive nerves. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. i'm glad my doctor prescribed lyrica. for some, lyrica delivers effective relief for moderate to even severe fibromyalgia pain. and improves function.
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lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions, suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worse depression, unusual changes in mood or behavior, swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, muscle pain with fever, tired feeling, or blurry vision. common side effects: dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain, swelling of hands, legs and feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. those who've had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. with less pain, i can do more with my family. talk to your doctor today. see if lyrica can help. >> o.j. simpson, he is set to
3:12 pm
3:13 pm
be a free man within hours. the hall of famer, former heisman trophy winner was in
3:14 pm
the trial of the century. and he could be released on parole as early as midnight local time tonight from for nevada prison where he has been held. his attorney says he plans to live in florida once his release before it is attorney general says no way! he is not welcome in this state. pam bondi sending a letter to the florida department of corrections in quote, floridians are we aware of his background as wanting disregard for others and with his attitude with respect to the heinous act in which he has been found civilly liable. the state should not become a country club for this convicted criminal. that reference was of course to the notorious murders of simpson's ex-wife nicole brown simpson and ron goldman. which as we all remember, he was criminally acquitted back in 1985. president trump targeting
3:15 pm
san juan's mayor carmen cruz with an angry tweets storm. with the ability to get vital supplies to puerto rico ravaged by hurricane maria. the president sank in one of his tweets today quote, the mayor of san juan he was very complementary only a few days ago, has not been told by the democrats that you must be nasty to tromp. she later responded to the president's comments. let's listen. >> i was asking for help. i was not saying anything nasty about the president. but don't take my word for it. general buchanan, three-star general has said is one of the first time as he has made about the puerto rico situation, and he does not have enough troops and equipment to get the situation under control. >> the mayor adding that she is willing to meet with the president when he visits puerto rico on tuesday if you're
3:16 pm
joining us now we have a senior editor and roll call, thank you for being here. as you know, the president is scheduled to meet with the governor but will the president meet with the mayor even though she says i am willing to meet with him, should he? should he meet with the mayor? >> gosh, i am not going to give the president advice. but you know, sure that would be the politically easiest thing to do more the politically right thing to do. but the president has been a deposit every political convention and his numbers do not seem to go much lower than where they are. he certainly is doing that again this time. he is waiting you know, just on puerto rico, he is waiting 12 days between when the storm made landfall, 12 days and two weekends at his resort before going to puerto rico. that is breaking a political convention. he set up front, he changed his mind in the end but he set up front that he wasn't going to
3:17 pm
change this or do it a president can do to make shipping easier back and forth from puerto rico. the shipping lobbyist did not like it. he blamed the victim, the puerto rican government themselves said that they sort of brought the depths of the storm on themselves because of their bad infrastructure and now he is picking a political twitter fight with the mayor who was trying to confront a humanitarian crisis. so he defies every convention and yet as we all know, he seems to hold steady right where he has been in the polls. >> david, we played the clip of the mayor explain what she meant. considering the desperate situation that prevailed in puerto rico, did the president take the mayor's plea and criticism to personally perhaps? >> it seems like he does tend to take criticism personally, yes. this is part of a pattern. where even the slightest, the slightest crossing of the president seems to be responded
3:18 pm
with the response seems to be as i think he described it at the top, a to twitter storm. this is the president pattern. will it be a political downside for him? i guess we do not know. i mean certainly, the delayed response to katrina was probably one of the most memorable things about george w. bush's second term in office. many more people remember that than medicare prescription drug coverage. by traditional standards, this might be a big problem for him. but it is also the case to be candid, that half of the country does not even have you know half of the population when asked his name know that puerto rico is part of the united states. so politically, maybe not a problem. >> well now we all know because of this disaster. how can the president best take advantage of his visit to puerto rico in terms of helping the residents in dire need and
3:19 pm
the benefit of his administration and leadership? >> i think your traditional way would be to stop being personally critical and emulate when he was able to do in florida and in texas where the response was different and the president, it took him a couple of tries to be honest when he first went to texas the first time, his response was widely labeled as impersonal, the second time were so, one would think that going down to puerto rico, making clear that he understands it is part of the united states, it is a big place. if it were a state, puerto rico would be the same size of connecticut, bigger than iowa. it would have five customers and two senators. it is not a small place. it is not likely as virgin islands which he will also visit. this is a considerable place with a very complex politics and culture and he would probably do well to learn about that and embrace it and sounds like he is well-versed. >> you already said that the
3:20 pm
president's case likes his in-your-face style via twitter. is there anyone in this or inner-circle or inside the republican party who feels that perhaps at some point, the wrong treatment might cause -- >> we had talked about some of these in the last several months and going back to when he was a candidate we talk about john mccain and i like veterans who were not captured more than a year ago. this is the story of his rise to national prominence, it has been one of defined expectations of making these moves time and time again and not suffering irreparable damage.>> thank you very much david senior editor of roll call and providing objective
3:21 pm
analysis without criticizing the president or anyone else. thank you very much. >> thank you arthel. >> and their political root compression slimming from major win for the former alabama chief justice. he won for last week. more from luther strange. senator strange had a major fundraising advantage and also had the strong backing and endorsement of the president. but this victory as some republicans now are wondering what it means for the gop going into the midterms. and if a civil war is about to break out between the republican establishment, trumps supporters and other trump supporters. republicans who do not think that republicans get enough done can look to alabama and the roy moore model. >> you will see state after state after state, people follow the model of judge morphy that do not need to
3:22 pm
raise money from the elites. >> and steve bannon is already meeting with conservative candidates that may want to challenge next year. they include dean heller in nevada, roger wicker in mississippi, fisher and -- who they guess could avoid a challenge by retiring. >> i think their guys will take a look at the numbers and who is potentially running and i think guys like flake. there was some polling and i think they will also throw in the towel. >> but flake sees alabama's primary result is a different kind of opportunity. one for incumbents who condemned the winner judge moore.her previous comments hostile to homosexuality and where keith ellison should not serve in congress because he is a muslim. >> tried to apply a religious test, that is not right. and republicans ought to stand up and say this is not right. >> also distancing itself from work, the white house he wants
3:23 pm
to help if elected. present was it was a we do not agree with those comments. >> we go with the president of the senate leadership fund which tries to get republicans elected believes outsiders have all the leverage. in a memo obtained by the maritimes essay the american congress has replaced president obama as the bogeyman for gop -- >> if you get tagged as a candidate of the leadership of the congress that the republicans in congress, you are doomed. >> leader mcconnell is now seen with skepticism from colleagues across the capital. today congressman mark walker in charge of the republican study committee and is 150+ members told us that somewhat would be happy if mcconnell retired. >> looks like we are in for a wild ride! >> president trump and the republicans on capitol hill looking for a legislative win
3:24 pm
with their newly proposed tax plan. when our next guest, a republican congressman, says democrats will never get on board with potential white house victories. thus, two incidents of falling rocks at yosemite national park killing at least one person and injuring two others. coming up, why geologists say there is nothing to fear despite the frightening scene.
3:25 pm
okay folks! let's get the lady of the house back on her feet. and help her feel more strength and energy in just two weeks. yaaay! the complete balanced nutrition of ensure with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. ensure. always be you.
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but he hasoke up wwork to so he took aleve. if he'd taken tylenol, he'd be stopping for more pills right now. only aleve has the strength to stop tough pain for up to 12 hours with just one pill. aleve. all day strong. >> tragedies tracking this week
3:27 pm
3:28 pm
at the yosemite national park with two massive rock falls killing one man and injuring at least two others. the incident is now sparking new questions about how this could be prevented. we are live in denver with more. >> hello. scientists are saying that rockslides are much more common than many of us may even realize. according to geologists at yosemite national park, on average, the park sees about 80
3:29 pm
rockslides per year. but many of them are small and do not hurt anyone.this past week was far outside the norm. on thursday a giant piece of granite peeled away from the famous el capitan question more than 400 feet below. and below was jim evans, his wife into family members who they were in an suv. all are okay number jim ended up in the hospital after some of the debris came through their sunroof. geologists say that the slab that those 400 feet tall and 100 feet wide. this woman heard the whole thing. >> like bombs going off! it just echoes through the valley anyway. it was, concerning how far away it was it was very loud. >> the day before, a smaller but also giant piece of rock came off of el capitan while people were climbing. one was killed trying to save his wife. she is now in critical condition. scientists say there is no way to warn folks of an imminent
3:30 pm
fall and no way to protect one is about to happen. >> each event is a learning opportunity and we are studying the events in detail to try and understand the sequence and what happened. >> again, geologists say when slabs of granite detached it is all part of the natural life of the rock. moisture gets in the cracks and forces the rock to expand and contract with hot and cold temperatures. eventually, something will give. >> rock falling is something i will always be there. you can minimize it by being aware of your surroundings but you cannot eliminate it completely. >> a lot of climbers say that they are undeterred. they're still going to go out there and climb. >> okay, thank you! >> back in washington, the president has been rolling out the plans for tax reform this week. now congressional republicans are gearing up for another legislative battle with democrats. and our next guest is a
3:31 pm
republican congressman from arizona to the washington times in his view the democratic collins will oppose the president almost anything and everything says quote - the democrats understand the different need for the economic growth but it almost make it clear, they all cannot say that for a microphone. what would be actually good for workers might also be good for the president. if anything that is good that is present if you're a democrat, you cannot embrace. what does this mean for tax reform and other legislative issues? weird lines now with the congressman from scottsdale. let's start with healthcare. it already failed twice under republicans. are you confident that the tax reform can be achieved without any democratic votes? >> look, it would wonderful to have some of our brothers and sisters from the left helping us. but as one democrat who is one of my buddies, was explaining to me, his left is so cantankerous right now that he
3:32 pm
does not even want to have a photo taken next to me. because he has trouble explaining that to his face. and look, you are desperately hoping a number from our moderates and conservatives on both sides of the party will put their blinders on and do is really good for the country. instead of sort of pandering to the politics. >> you have a point there? what is it like for you when you are dealing you know when you go to the clouds and may have a drink or talk to each other and the families. i mean, what is it like when the american people, we just want something done. we want it done right. >> it is interesting. yesterday morning, early in the morning i had a coffee. i have will call this a little working group with five or six folks that are genuinely on the left. as they all say, none of them have ever voted for me. but they're good to sit down with and understand where their heads are at. and i gave them a presentation on the tax reform and how incredibly important it was to get this economic growth in our
3:33 pm
society. if we are going to be able to pay our social entitlement. a decade or so from now you know, the masses really ugly. they all knew this. they knew the numbers, but the common response back is they did not want president trump to have something that look like -- >> he has tainted it in their view. >> they saw through a lens of president trump and so for those of us on the ways and means committee trying to grind out the numbers, to make this as fair, simple and progrowth for our communities as possible, you sort of wish there was a way to strip some of the crazy rhetoric and politics away and do math. i know a lot of us that republicans summit accountants. but on occasion you need the adults to step in and make the math work. >> so how did this math work? some would say the republicans said the same thing to president obama. some that is. they are refusing to work with
3:34 pm
him and deal with him. so how can both sides come together to get something done because there is now a tax plan with a lot in it? >> this is a big deal.this is far beyond just tax cuts. we are rewriting a substantial portion of 68,000 pages. the good news i can give you is, the ways and means committee actually has some very smart senior democrats on it that are really good to work with. it does not mean i will get their vote in committee for a vote on the floor but we will get their input. and hopefully, that input, the fact that we are listening will mitigate some of the shall we say, there is more extreme rhetoric. >> we say you'll get the input, but they may not work for it. how does that work? the goal is to try and get this thing passed. >> was one of the reasons we are having is under reconciliation. there was always an understanding and a sort of supercharged political
3:35 pm
environment, it would be very hard for folks from the left to look like they are helping the republicans move something that only happens once every what, 30 years? but that still does not mean that we do not listen to where you have commonality and make the numbers work. >> do you see any commonalities that you discuss with them now on this plan specifically? >> yeah, i think there is an understanding with even a lot of folks on the left that if we do not get nearly dramatic economic growth, this society cannot pay the promises we have made. whether it be the earned entitlements like medicare and social security are even -- if you look at was happening in the country demographically, we hit a wall in about a decade or two. economic growth is the most elegant way to deal with the problem. >> finally, do you think that it will be achieved? you have the critics saying that it is another republican
3:36 pm
give way to the wealthy. you have other saying that no, you get middle-class benefits and the wealthy especially in some of the blue states would be hit hard with the state and deduction for taxes being thrown if it does indeed stand. >> i do but think about some of the craziness, as we were rolling out the basic box, you already had the minority leader in the senate doing a press conference trashing parts of it and it got all of the numbers wrong. at some point, when our most moderate income citizens start their federal income tax level now zero, zero is still zero. and pretending that some sort of tax hike, that is just vicious rhetoric. it is not math. >> go back and have a copy! we are counting on you. thank you.we will see what happens in getting back to see if there's any progress. >> have a good night. >> prince harry bringing two
3:37 pm
very special guests with him to the invective against will take you to the event in toronto. plus this. >> that's not who we are. >> a screening held on capitol hill for a faith-based movie. we will talk to the woman who brought this groundbreaking production to america's lawmakers and not to a theater near you. he's green money, for spending today. makes it easy to tell you apart. that, and i am better looking. i heard that. when it's time to get organized for retirement, it's time to get voya.
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which can be serious. while not reported with entyvio, pml, a rare, serious brain infection caused by a virus may be possible. tell your doctor if you have an infection, experience frequent infections, or have flu-like symptoms, or sores. liver problems can occur with entyvio. if your uc or crohn's medication isn't working for you, ask your gastroenterologist about entyvio. entyvio. relief and remission within reach. >> the sun is setting on the 2017 invective games in toronto. closing ceremonies will take place later tonight. the events feature what the military members and some high-profile guests in attendance also.the former president obama you can see, vice president joe biden watching yesterday.chatting and laughing with prince harry who come to the games a few years ago. it is always an inspirational and deeply meaningful event. we think the prince harry for
3:42 pm
another year of the games in the books. >> businesses are struggling for one thing and on top of that demand has serious family issues. he has a lot going on. >> shall we work with a contractor that wants to work with us? >> maybe will make you feel more confident. >> does not who we are. we are men of god. >> is a clip from the new movie, a question of faith. it is the very first faith-based movie ever screened on capitol hill for members of congress. the producer angela white, joins us now. she's the first african-american woman to produce a faith-based major film. thank you for being with me. >> thank you so much. >> so a congressman of texas hosted the screening. who called you and did you
3:43 pm
attend? >> when they sit who invited us as though the whole process i actually did attend. a lot of the cast attended. our distributor attended and it was an amazing event. quested they talk to about it afterwards? did you get a chance to talk to some of the lawmakers? >> absolutely! they pray for us at the end of the night with a private tour of the capital and praying on the floor of the house of representatives.for us, for the film, for us and the nation to start doing some healing. >> that gave me goosebumps for sure. that is wonderful! and this movie, i saw the movie, it gave me goosebumps. from the standpoint of finding, how difficult was the process? not to whine about that are use as a crutch but was a bit more difficult as a woman producing a faith-based film? absolutely! funding is always the most difficult thing. time and money are the two most difficult. so you have to look at people that have interest in the content. the good thing is my executive
3:44 pm
producer, doctor lewis had interest in faith-based films that he provided a lot of funding and rally with other people and that is how we ended up here. >> what was the budget and how does it compare to other major films with similar distribution? >> we had a small budget under 2 million so that puts us in the indie world but a lot of films such as moonlight and get out had similar bridges and have done very well. >> and you'd will too.>> thank you very much. >> you have a great film, a great cast with kim fields who i've known and loved for many years. i had a chance to work with her on living single. hi kim! and you know everyone did an amazing job with the one thing i said to one of my producers, a friend that we went to see your film with, kim, because she so well-known, i was not watching kim fields and that is a compliment. so not only is she great company of kim coming in richard jones, see thomas howell, rence oconnor, gregory allen williams. did they rally behind you?
3:45 pm
>> absolutely they all did. and it was a first time working with some of the actors but they over knew of my work and knew we had to go in there and just knock this out. we shot this film in 15 days! >> how many hours were you working? >> 12 to 14 hours a day. 10 pages a day smith county which is a lot. i had seasoned professionals. we did two or three things and knock it out! everyone truly loved each other. >> it felt like family and that is what i loved about this. it was a fellowship and family. the message was so strong. it is such a needed reminder about people loving each other as people and that life happens to all of us. and that is what unifies us. >> absolutely. this is a film for anyone in any culture, all genders. and people need to understand we are all one and we all go through things. these are families undergoing tragedy but guess what? it is inspiring!
3:46 pm
we show you had to get through, how you can question your faith in darkness there is light. and you want people to feel that. >> there is always a light. let me ask you this, we all go through our moments of doubt. what keeps you going? >> has a family first. my family rallies behind me and goes everywhere i go. without their i would be lost. i had to keep good people around me. no distractors. keep the energy positive and keep god first for me in my life. >> i am right there with you with everything you said! i was attracted to you. i had never met you until i saw you. and the way you carry yourself in new orleans, you had a light about you and i was very happy for you and when i heard about the film, i came up to. we approached stevenson i want to have you on fox. it is such a great story, a great message. a lot of the audience is believers and this is a good message. really, really go see it! it is not about color, not even really about religion. it is about people and the core
3:47 pm
values that we all share. >> absolutely, this is a human dory. we deal with social issues that texting and driving and consequences, organ donation. what does that really mean? there are stereotypes that we define and racial reconciliation. the country is needed for healing.and that is something that we need at capitol hill. >> that was good that you went there and they received you and the message and the question of faith, go see it. angela white, also a masters in political science, graduated from new york law school. you have it going on! >> thank you so much. >> congratulations angela! what will happen tomorrow? football fans are now weighing in tonight on whether the national anthem protest with the nfl players, if they will do it again. a preview of what is in store, just ahead. that you think is most dependable.
3:48 pm
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3:51 pm
center we are looking at the tropical season which continues. folks in puerto rico are not getting a break. find advisories right now, watches across the entire island, another system is now
3:52 pm
bringing more heavy rain. this is not a hurricane but we have a big low-pressure system with warm water, a big low-pressure system dropping severe thunderstorms sweeping across the island. very heavy rain, big thunderstorms and wind. it does have a chance of developing into a tropical storm. even if not it will sit around and give heavy rainfall throughout the entire weekend. an island already flooded already with power issues, ground saturated, we will add rainfall to that. this is the rainfall totals. anywhere from 3 to 4 inches in several locations. again with saturated ground it will be causing problems for the folks in puerto rico. without power, tomorrow's forecast is not looking very good. 85 to 88 degrees. it will be hot and sticky, no relief for the people in puerto rico. and another one we are paying attention to, likely not becoming a hurricane but this could develop into a tropical storm in the next couple of days. this one needs a lot of rain on the way from florida.
3:53 pm
reporting from the fox weather center.>> meanwhile there could be more political controversy tomorrow. after so many nfl players took part in the national anthem protest last sunday. football fans are now waiting to see what the players will do before tomorrow's games. we have the latest on a new tweet for a football fan that happens to live on pennsylvania avenue. >> we have a new tweet for the present on the above another couple sunday. the president tweeting moments ago, very important that nfl players stand tomorrow for the american anthem respecting the flag and country. so for most teams have not announced what they will do tomorrow. for instance, the new york jets will decide tonight in a team meeting. but we can tell that looks like 10 teams have said they will stand tomorrow during the anthem. most locking arms could new orleans saints, drew brees said quote - as a way to show respect to all, our sales team will kneel in solidarity prior to the national anthem and
3:54 pm
stand together during the anthem. the pittsburgh steelers did not come out of the locker room for the anthem last week. the owner says as far as he's concerned, it is over. his team will stand during the anthem tomorrow. new england patriots reportedly have decided all players will stand tomorrow as well. last week many kneeled. this can affect a disgruntled patriots fans burned geertz. players have been feeling the heat. a former baltimore ravens and super bowl champion, ray lewis is getting a lot of heat for kneeling on both knees during the anthem last week. and an online petition with over 70,000 signatures is now demanding that the team remove a statue of lewis outside of the ravens stadium for quote - disrespecting the country. some players have also received death threats like the tennessee titans player, walker. he says his family has even
3:55 pm
been threatened after he said if fans do not like the protest, they should just stay home. >> thank you brian. >> one organization is taking to the skies to honor world war ii veterans. it is through a flying museum that offers a special glimpse into the past. where it is touching down next. that is ahead. of diabetic nerve pain, these feet... grew into a free-wheeling kid... loved every step of fatherhood... and made old cars good as new. but i couldn't bear my diabetic nerve pain any longer. so i talked to my doctor and he prescribed lyrica. nerve damage from diabetes causes diabetic nerve pain. lyrica is fda approved to treat this pain, from moderate to even severe diabetic nerve pain. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions, suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worse depression, unusual changes in mood or behavior, swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, muscle pain with fever, tired feeling or blurry vision. common side effects: dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain,
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3:59 pm
. >> volunteers with the passion of aviation are helping those serving in world war i. >> this b-17 bomber has been maintained and as a co-pilot for the bomber flying to different cities every weekend over six months. >> i say he was a gunner and it is cool to share. here is a 30 minute taste what it was like when they flew. they plan to make stops in tennessee and kentucky and as the sun of maybe 24 pilot lost two of his crew members that a special. >> 83 everyone who has served our country and that will do it from us.
4:00 pm
don't go anywhere next is the of fox report. here on fox news channel lashing out at the mayor after criticizing from hurricane area. good evening your watching fox news. president trump accusing the first responders form the upper region leaders they want everything done for them. it has been 10 days since ricky maria devastated the island. according to the pentagon more than 1 million puerto ricans on of access to clean drinking water and 95 percent without power.


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