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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  October 3, 2017 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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very own #specialreport, it is up next. thank you for being here. >> bret: as a president trump tour is the destruction in puerto rico and strikes back at critics of his response to the hurricane there, investigators and las vegas and around the country are investigating the worst mass shooting ever. this is #specialreport. >> good evening, welcome to washington. i am james, sitting in for bret baier. we will have more on the president's visit to puerto rico, and the mayor of san juan, who has so vocally criticized them. plus, the search for answers in las vegas continues tonight. more than 500 wounded. we are learning more about the
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shooter, an affluent retiree with a penchant for living in hotel rooms and we still don't know why stephen paddock did what he did. what set off a man who appears to have given no hint of the unprecedented violence he was to unleash on innocent fellow americans, trace gallagher is alive and las vegas. >> good evening, james, and there is a still no word on the motive. police are saying that they will find one. we are now learning a lot more about what was happening before and during the attack inside that hotel room it. >> i assure you this investigation is not ending with the demise of mr. paddock. >> these pictures were taken in the aftermath of the shooting. investigators are continuing their work there. seek out there were cameras located outside of the room and
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inside the room, along with the firearms, i anticipate he was looking for anybody who is going to come and take him into custody. >> they also tell fox news that paddock, the heavy gambler, send tens of thousands of dollars overseas, possibly to his girlfriend. >> i can't tell you her current whereabouts right now. all i know as the philippines. currently, she is a person of interest. >> president trump briefly shared his reaction with reporters. >> i do have to say how quickly the police department was able to get in was really a very much of a miracle. they have done an amazing job. he had a lot of problems, i guess, we are looking into him very seriously, but we are dealing with a very, very sick individual. >> individuals continue to say the massacre was planned well in advance. amateur video provided by two men who stayed in the same room from where paddock rained down
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his terror shows a clear view that he had of the concert venue. they say that he arrived thursday with ten suitcases. they later found 23 firearms in his hotel suite, another 19 guns, thousands of rounds of ammunition, explosives, and electronics were found in his retirement community home in mesquite, nevada. also, merging today, portraits of the victims. among the slain, a tennessee nurse, and alaskan commercial fishermen, a canadian mechanic from british columbia, and a california middle school office manager. and you earlier heard the sheriff say there were cameras mounted outside of the hotel room, one of those cameras was actually on a hotel service cards in the hallway. and the sheriff was also doubling back now on the girlfriend, marilou danley, and they are actively working to bring her back from the philippines. clearly, they believe that she knows more than she is letting
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on. it james. >> james: it trace gallagher, on the scene. catherine has been working her sources since word of this horrific event broker, and she joins me on such an out. what have you learned? >> we have it to contacts who have been able to review inventory of the weapons. and these are expensive guns, price range between 15 and -- when you put it all together, you're looking at the investment of over $100,000. we know some of the weapons were purchased in june or maybe even more recently, it at least takes us back in the premeditation question. probably around three months. >> james: that is what trace gallagher reported on, it may speak to premeditation. there were also indications that the shooter modified at least
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one of his weapons, what do you know about that? >> our contacts are saying that law enforcement has at least two receipts for something called a side fire, this is a modification that allows you to take a semiautomatic weapon so that it can mimic an automatic weapon. i have had different assessments as to how easy it is to make the modification that you can actually do it yourself, but the focus of the weapon -- >> james: precision. >> exactly, if you are spraying indiscriminately, that would not be a big deal to you. >> james: that would also indicate some level of technical proficiency, if he is aiming to modify it, and we know that investigators are, as they always do, following the money trail. and what is that telling us? >> they are looking at all of his financial transactions, and tens of thousands of dollars, which there is a lot of confusion over the location of
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the girlfriend, the sheriff said yesterday that she was in japan, he said today that she was in fact in transit. they now feel pretty confident that she is in the philippines, and our contacts are saying that they are trying to determine whether he sensed that money out to her in advance. it was a significant amount of time. the way in which they are describing the girlfriend. initially, she was someone who had no role, then she was someone they wanted to talk to, and now they are using that phrase "person of interest." so you can see that this is escalating, in terms of her importance. >> james: so they are going to question her? >> it looks like it, they said that they are expecting to have information from her. it is not clear if she is coming back voluntarily or if they will do an interview overseas. the fbi has the ability to do that, and that would be someone on the ground in the philippine philippines. >> james: catherine, thank you thank you. calls for new gun control
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measures, or what champions of the second amendment's say, but previous mass shootings have not produced such laws. mike emanuel reports tonight on whether the sign will be different. >> we should not first be thinking of promoting our political agenda. >> the nation is counting on you. speak out the gun debate hits close to home and congress, with members of both parties nearly killed six years apart. steve scalise just back from being shot in june, and an exclusive interview with martin mccallum, he is emphasizing the victims and the first responders. >> the first thing we should be thinking about is praying for the people who were injured and to do whatever we can to help them, to help law enforcement. >> on the other side, he joins his wife, gabby giffords, arguing for gun control. >> we can keep guns out of the
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hands of criminals, domestic abusers, you know, potential mass of shooters, idiots. >> today, president trump wasn't speaking about first responders, not the gun debates. >> they have done such an incredible job, and we will be talking about gun laws. >> hillary clinton and jumped into the politics hours into the attack it, imagine the deaths if the shooter had a silencer, which the nra wants to make easier to get it. house are considering a bill that would only require a background check to buy a silencer, which they say is designed to protect the hearing of hunters. >> i don't know when it will be scheduled, we are focused on balancing the budget. >> today, i am calling on the president to come out against the absurd law about silencers. we must put an end to that bill. >> that's built now appears to be on hold, mitch mcconnell says it is premature to talk about any other legislative
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options, while the las vegas attack is still being investigated. james. >> james: micah, thank you. president trump will go to las vegas tomorrow. he has spent much of today coping with another catastrophe and an area touched by that disaster. this one produced by nature, the present to speaks with officials and citizens in puerto rico. two weeks after hurricane maria devastated the island, we have fox coverage. we are in san juan with a look at conditions on the ground, outside the glare of a presidential visit. we begin with the john roberts, and a trip that was of necessity, as much political as it was humanitarian. good evening, john. >> the president has been taking heat from democrats in washington at some local officials in puerto rico for a response that was described as a slow and ineffective. today, the president went to see for himself, and to defend the federal response. speak up more than a week after he had hoped to visit puerto rico to survey damage from
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hurricane irma, president of trump touchdown in the island. he was heaping praise on the federal relief efforts. >> i think the job of the first responders has been something like i have never seen. >> he met with local officials and first responders, joking that's the hits had to stretch federal dollars a little thin. >> now, i hate to tell you, puerto rico, but you have thrown our budget out of whack. we have spent a lot of money on puerto rico, and that's fine, we have saved a lot of lives. >> rebuilding their infrastructure will take a lot of money, but to be joke fell flat with democrats. >> mr. president, enough. stop blaming puerto rico for the storm that devastated their shores. i don't remember the president at telling taxis that stay through our budget out of whack. >> the president also had high
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praise for the governor, a president who puts politics aside. >> i just want to tell you that right from the beginning, this governor did not play politics. he did not play them at all. he was saying it like it was, and he was giving us high praise. >> he expressed his gratitude to the president. >> we are grateful to the presidents. the federal government. >> president of trump also briefly shook hand with san juan mayor cruz. after the deed to exchange words over the weekend. she said that her criticism was not about politics. as he was leaving the white house this morning, president trump suggested that cruz was changing her tune. >> wall, i think she has come back a long way. you know, i think it has now been acknowledged with a great job we have done. >> the president spent some time at meeting with people in a
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neighborhood of san juan, then at a local church, where he joined in a few celsius and handed out some supplies. >> james: the mayor of a san juan later said that she had a very productive meeting with white house staff, they fully understood the disconnect with how things are supposed to happen and how they really happened. federal responders told fox news last week that the disconnect was about how the governor agreed to set things up to serve local officials, and how the mayor of san juan thought they should be set up. james. >> james: john roberts on the north along tonight. thank you. there is of course much more to the devastation in puerto rico than what any visiting official can see in a few hours. reporting from san juan tonight, mike tobin it takes us beyond the presidential visit. >> when they say it is getting better in puerto rico, that means gas lines are down for less than an hour. it is a far cry from normal.
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transactions are still all-cash, so the lines pile up at the atm. most hospitals operate on emergency generators, which is supposed to be temporary. the elderly and weak helplessly swelter with no air conditioning. the top general leading puerto rico's recovery emphasizes distribution of food, water, and medicine, but says that everything ultimately goes back to the issue of power. >> if you're talking about a hospital, it is depending on generator power, then i am worried about the generators. are we giving them enough gas? >> the further that you get from the coast or the city, the worse things get. two hours outside of san juan, people are still washing clothes in the river and gathering water from an underground stream it. the percentage of people with power is in the single digits. they now say that 100% of fema containers have cleared the bottleneck at the port of san juan. aid is on the road it to people who need it, and a space is freed up actually ported to receive more supplies.
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the dam, which is threatened to fail, received repairs. and power crews are back in the neighborhoods. leaders of the relief effort say that they only make decisions based on what can be done and what needs are greatest. >> i have not seen a single decision that was made thinking about the politics back in d.c. the puerto rican sticking out of the rubble wanted one thing from the president, an answer to the question of one things will return to normal. leaders of the relief effort say that that question is too big it, the problem is to bake it, and there are too many moving parts to provide a solid answer. a james. >> james: mike tobin, reporting from san juan under difficult conditions. if you own a home, and if some congressional republicans have their way, you will have a choice. fox news confirms it is one of several ideas being floated in
3:15 pm
order to prevent high tax state states. they hope to pass legislation to overhaul the tax code. admitting the stakes and how the consumer credit reporting firm handles at cyber security. richard smith was forced out of his job, today, he testified before congress. a security breach at equifax seems to have affected up to 145 million people. it today, yahoo announced that's a 2013 breach affected all of their accounts. these stocks were up, the dow gained 84. the s&p 500, the number of american diplomats victimized in those of sonic attacks overseas grows, and now the u.s. is retaliating against cuba. that is next. when you have a cold...
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liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance. >> james: at u.s. officials today raise it to 22, the people believed it to have been affected by it somewhat sonic attack in cuba. in response, secretary of state has ordered the expulsion of a large number of cuban diplomats. we have the details next from the state department tonight. good evening. >> state department is expelling 15 cuban diplomats from the united states. they have seven days to leave the country. secretary of state directs a tillerson that says that this is in response to cuba's inability to do this. one more confirmed american victim, described as a sonic attacks. it they say that to the and cuban governments are still
3:20 pm
investigating these bizarre attacks and have identified no culprit or a cause. >> we are not assigning any blame, we don't know who or what is causing this. cuba has a responsibility to ensure the safety and security of our diplomatic family. >> in response, cuba says that the governments of cuba has no responsibility whatsoever in the alleged incident. and that they strictly observe their obligations. we consider that the decision announced by the department is hasty, and it will affect the bilateral relations. the state department audit all nonessential american staff to leave cuba, officials say that those diplomats will be out of there by the end of this week. the state department says that they have ordered cuban and diplomats out of the u.s. to assure that each country has equal staffing. it now, the state department official stress that these
3:21 pm
policies change nothing towards our policy. we still have diplomatic relations, though the trump administration isn't scaling back the policies that the obama administration and active, moving the two governments closer, as he reported in detail, james. >> james: a lot still to learn about this. and an update to now on the nuclear deal that is supposed to keep iran from developing nuclear weapons. president trump has still not tipped his hand about whether he intends to walk away from that a court, now know about the secretary of defense, that they are advising them of. jennifer griffith reports tonight from the pentagon. >> the president has 12 days to certify that iran has complied with the nuclear deal negotiated by his predecessor. it today it the defense secretary told congress that iran is complying with the deal, known as the jcpoa.
3:22 pm
>> i do believe that it has delayed the development of a nuclear capability by iran. >> do you believe it is in our interest to remain in this? that is a "yes" or "no" question. >> yes, senator, i do. >> at the u.n. last month, president trump indicated that he has already made up his mind. >> he has called it the worst of deal ever negotiated. if the president decertified, congress then has 60 days to reimpose that sanctions on iran, while tensions increased over in other country's nuclear program. they have said that the u.s. is not talking to north korea, and oppression left last weekend by secretary of state rex tillerson. >> all we are doing is probing, we are not speaking with them. tillerson and the president are not on the same page. >> i do not see this as strongly as interpreted.
3:23 pm
>> today, the armed services committee were supposed to focus on the strategy in afghanistan. >> we are not at the point where we can bring a successful political solution. >> the time is not yet right to negotiate with the taliban. today, the army identified who was killed. a specialist alexander, age 20, of tyler, texas. >> the deployment of service members may delay some combat units overseas. the general added that there are now over 10,000 u.s. troops on the ground in puerto rico. it james. >> james: jennifer, at the pentagon tonight. and now to troubled region of catalonia and spain, blocked highways and closed schools and businesses, they continued their effort to gain independence from spain. correspondent benjamin hall has the latest from london. >> the city of barcelona has
3:24 pm
been brought to a standstill. locals vented their anger at the crackdown by spanish security forces. 300,000 people took to the streets, and a general strike was called. the metro was closed. it traffic was jammed around the region. the barcelona soccer club is joined the. the message to the crowd was a simple. >> we are going to stand strong. even though they try to put us down. >> they sent in riot police to stop the bandit referendum. people were injured. they showed it that those who voted overwhelmingly backed independence. the turnout was the only cause of dissent. many now say that the aggressive spanish response only strength end of the independence movement. >> before we entered this referendum, polls were still coming out saying that the majority did not want to separate from spain.
3:25 pm
that has completely changed now. >> tonight, their actions were called illegal and a risk to the economy, while urging all spaniards to show unity. but the people protesting across the region today are clear. ansley calls for independence will only grow stronger. the spanish government will do everything it accounts for around 20% of the national economy, and this at a time when the rest of the country faces severe financial hardship. >> james: reporting from london. next, the next big case to be argued before the supreme court. here is what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering. in oregon, he asks the top election -- to provide details on what they use to prevent voted tampering. this comes a week after his federal authorities were
3:26 pm
targeted by russian hackers in 2016. fox in san francisco, where the city arts commission is debating whether to remove a statue debate . opponents of the removal say at the statue is part of the history of the city by the bay. and this is a live look at yankee stadium, from fox five end in new york. this is the start of the major league baseball postseason, with the yankees hosting the minnesota twins, and a wild card playoff. the winner travels to cleveland to face the indians on thursday. that is too nice a live look from the special reports. we will be right back. ♪ i've got ♪ hungry eyes ♪ i feel the magic between you and i ♪ ♪ hungry eyes
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3:30 pm
now, it is under scrutiny by our highest court. shannon bream was therefore all arguments this morning in the first major case to come before the supreme court sends its membership was restored to nine justices. >> i say it is time to say goodbye to this. >> arnold schwarzenegger is among those urging the supreme court to -- they argued that a social science and high-tech data have made the process so precise, that once a party redraws districts, the minority may stay that way for good. but it is extreme political gerrymandering, is it unconstitutional? would they dissuaded voters from even heading to the polls? whether it is a democratic or republican, the results, using this, it is preordained and most of the districts, what becomes of the precious right to vote? but when opponents exploit the
3:31 pm
process call it a threat to democracy, and attack a left better to judges, roberts responded the whole point is you are taking these issues away from democracy, and you are throwing them to the courts, and it may simply be my educational background, but i can only describe this as sociological gobbledygook. it is one of the potentially landmark cases on the court's docket. >> there is only one prediction that is entirely safe about the upcoming term, and that is it will be momentous. >> also, forced union induced. sports betting, and to the intersection of religious freedom and antidiscrimination laws. in the case of a colorado beggar who turned it down a job for a same-sex ceremony. >> i welcome everyone into my shop, i just don't create cakes for every events that is presented to me.
3:32 pm
>> and of course, these so called a travel ban. >> is this a political judgment? the court has been a very reluctant to tread into areas where it could be viewed as making a political judgment that is confined to the executives. >> the travel ban case was set to be argued next week it, but after the administration issued yet another revised version, the court pulled it off of the calendar and asked both sides to explain whether the issue is now moot. see you on this is challenge to the present. what happens next? >> so, by thursday, both sides have two filed briefs at noon, explaining why this case should proceed and the court should hear it. the fact is that the administration will probably argue very hard on that point. they want the supreme court to step in and rule. it could be back on the counter next week. we will stand by. >> james: shannon bream, who juggles a lot here at fox news.
3:33 pm
the head of the health and human services department said she found it unusual when harry reid asked her to meet with senator bob menendez about a medicare billing dispute in 2012. this testimony marks the latest twist in the menendez bribery and corruption at trial. here is our correspondent, david lee miller. >> they were greeted as he arrived for a day 15 of his bribery trial. appearing under subpoena, prosecution witness, former health and human services secretary testified about a meeting involving senator menendez. according to the prosecution, he was given thousands of dollars in gifts and political contributions in exchange for menendez using his influence to help the doctor in business deals. in august 2012, the secretary attended a meeting with menendez at the office of then senate
3:34 pm
majority leader harry reid, she has told the quote "everybody did some talking, but senator menendez, it was his meeting, so he presented the issues he was concerned about. prosecutors say there was only one issue concerning menendez, convincing his it secretary to change medicare policy to benefit the doctor, who was appealing a medicare decision that he overhauled the agency $8.9 million. sebelius told the court "the discussion involves policy, this case has triggered." the defense has tried to show that there were other subject defense, but sebelius held firm. >> do you agree with her characterization of that meeting? >> as i have told you, i will speak about this trial in the courtroom. >> does that mean you are going to testify? >> in earlier testimony, a former medicare official testified that the senator had an aggressive tone during a 2009 phone calls. that call ended abruptly, when
3:35 pm
the senator realized he wasn't going to get what he wanted. james. >> james: to david lee miller reporting from newark, new jersey. the republican-controlled house has just passed a bill to ban abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy. the measure is supported by science that unborn babies by that time to feel pain. critics call it the bill unconstitutional and part of a strategy to ban all abortions. at the metro faces strong opposition. one of the greatest rock stars of our time has died. at tom petty at suffered cardiac arrest and was found unconscious and not breathing and his malibu home last night. he died in the ucla medical center. he rose to fame in the 1970s, and last week, wrapped up his 40th anniversary tour. he was also one fifth of the supergroup, with bob dylan and others. tom petty, dead at 66.
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>> james: >> the eight-year assn your second amendment freedoms has come to a crashing end. you came through for me, and i am going to come through for you. >> i know when he ran, the power of the nra, the money of the nra, but maybe he can have a bit of a reawakening because of the horror of what happened, as he goes to las vegas treats big i don't think talking about gun issues right now is the right time. >> ending at gun violence, is it political? is it personal? >> has this changed how you feel about any of that? >> i think it has fortified edg
3:40 pm
edge. >> james: and many americans tonight and no doubt fortified by prayer, and where some may pray that an event like the las vegas massacre not to become politicized release not so soon, those prayers will go on her tonight. let's bring in our panel. charles hart, opinion editor for the washington times. mara, we may be tempted to believe that we have seen this before in terms of a push for gun control after it some mass shooting like this. is this going to end the same way? >> i think so. if after sandy hook, when you had all those little kids gunned down, there was no push or no receptive ability for gun control in the u.s. congress, i would say at this probably will me to the same however, donald trump hasn't made it
3:41 pm
policy prescriptions, you could call that politicizing -- right after other mass shootings. generally, if they were committed by a muslim, he says that we need the muslim ban. so there is precedent for talking about this. i do think that's one of the results of this will be to slow down some of the republican efforts in congress to loosen gun restrictions. i don't think it is going to go in the other direction. >> james: the presidents made an interesting comment earlier, he said we will be talking about gun laws as time goes by. this raises the question of whether the president is open to some kind of legislative remedy to what happened in las vegas. this was the subject of a very interesting exchange between the reporter jonathan swann and the president's former chief strategist, steve bannon. and i am quoting now. i asked him if he could see him going to the left on this. "impossible, would be the end of
3:42 pm
everything. bannon replied as hard as it is to believe, actually worse. charlie. >> i don't think that president trump is going to disappoint his supporters on this front. not because of any promise that he made it to them and not because of the nra, but finding a good solution to a problem like this is incredibly difficult. and you know, you have democrats who like the idea of more laws, and they talk about the power that's the nra has, the power of the gun industry. that is not why useless laws after senseless violence like this are not popular. it is because of people. people who own guns, and when people see something like this, slaughter, in las vegas, the basic thing that they think about is the fact that governments at all levels failed to protect them, there basic
3:43 pm
rights as innocent citizens, and when you have that, the average person does not turn and think i think we need more laws. the average person says i am going to get more guns, and i'm going to get more ammo. and all across america, there were people doing that today. >> a better drummer for the other country band, or the guitarist, he said a look at, we have guns. everyone in my band has guns, if we had tried shooting back at, police would have shot us. we are not talking about confiscating people's guns. we're talking about the why should people have assault rifles? why is that they right? >> first of all, part of the problem is that assault rifle is kind of this made a media term. it is a rifle that keeps one of a couple of static qualities. i do think there is an opening for doing something about these conversion kits. these a bump, people like to
3:44 pm
talk about how these are illega illegal, they haven't been legal in america for a really long time. i think there have been three crimes in the last 70 years committed with a machine gun. but if everyone can accept this, including gun rights advocates, that's machine guns should be illegal, it seems to me that there is wiggle room to say that it turning your rifle into a machine gun is at least a violation of the spirit of the law. basically, i am with charlie on this. the problem that they democrats face on the gun control push is that this is essentially one of these cultural bubble issues. liberals, this is a generalization, but urban liberals it just don't know people who have guns, they don't understand why he would want to have a gun. and we have about a third of american households having guns, and the proposed remedy will almost never do anything to stop any of these mass shootings which we have seen, and
3:45 pm
meanwhile, one last point, actual gun crimes have been trending downward for 30 years in this country. >> that is what jeff sessions said. >> they say that there is all of this carnage, but mass shootings have been up, the media spectacle. let's introduce some more raw data for our discussion very quickly. >> james: let's look at some up all mys that was done recently. this was in late in june, a margin of error only at 3%. these are the voters, their views on stricter gun laws. at 54% support them, only 42% oppose them. let's keep moving. how many of them are buying at guns who feel that buying guns is too easy? 57%. too difficult to buy a gun, only 6%. then you keep it moving. if more people carried guns, do you think that the united states would be safer, less safe, or unsure? if more people carried guns, 35%
3:46 pm
of american people say that we would be safer. 57% say less safe. so then we go to the nbc "wall street journal" poll, which was also done recently, just last month, do you or does anyone anywhere household own a gun of any kind? answering yes was 48%. that is an all-time high. so mara, isn't it charlie right when he says that on the behalf of ordinary citizens, it is not that we should tighten the gun lawns but that we should have more guns? >> they are not mutually exclusive. i don't care if people go out and buy guns legally, but by the way, the reason why that's a law was passed was because of al capone. that is how old it is. then why shouldn't we allow -- also outlaws the ability to make your gun into a machine gun? we are not talking about confiscating people's guns or preventing them from getting them. >> but a lot of people are talking about confiscating guns. >> i am not.
3:47 pm
i just don't want a guy to be able to stand in his hotel room and created that amount of carnage. >> nobody does. >> james: next up, president trump visits puerto rico. ole, and i had to make a claim and all that? is that whole thing still dragging on? no, i took some pics with the app and... filed a claim, but... you know how they send you money to cover repairs and... they took forever to pay you, right? no, i got paid right away, but... at the very end of it all, my agent... wouldn't even call you back, right? no, she called to see if i was happy. but if i wasn't happy with my claim experience for any reason, they'd give me my money back, no questions asked. can you believe that? no. the claim satisfaction guarantee, only from allstate. switching to allstate is worth it.
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>> if you look at the real catastrophe like katrina and you look at the tremendous hundreds and hundreds of people that died, what is your death count? 16 people certified. 16 people versus in the thousands. you can be very proud.
3:51 pm
>> he complains about puerto rico throwing our budget off, while proposing tasks cuts for millionaires that will cost millions of dollars. it boggles the mind. mr. president, stop complaining. start making situations better. >> james: all right, tough words from a senate minority leader, chuck schumer. did it his visit to puerto rico accomplish what he could have wanted to accomplish? >> i think so, and i think also the politics of puerto rico, obviously, democrats trying to get this up a little bit over the last couple of days. it is going to be somewhat subsided based on what has happened in las vegas, but i thought that was an interesting thing for schumer to complain about. i took trump's kind of funny
3:52 pm
remark about looking around at officials in puerto rico saying you are really throwing our budget out of whack. i took that to mean he was talking about all of these spending crises before the hurricane hit. and it is something we are going to have to talk about. >> james: let's play the sound bite it about which senator schumer was speaking. >> mick mulvaney is here. and now, i hate to tell you, puerto rico, but you have thrown our budget a little out of whack. we have spent a lot of money on puerto rico. that's fine, we have saved a lot of lives. >> james: mara, is it the case that when there is a natural disaster of this kind of severity, no matter who the republican president would be at that time, the democrats are going to try to portray that individual as heartless, slow, as what kania was famously said about george w. bush, that they
3:53 pm
don't care about people of color or minorities, what have you? isn't this kind of a standard thing that we would hear? >> i don't know, i don't remember hearing that about george h.w. bush. but what i do think is that they will do that if they are given any material to work with. i thought that the present was getting. i did not take that as some sort of bad moment for him. i thought there were other things that he did, kind of minimizing the death count, which is going to go up, not so much because of the storm itself. and to the fact that he didn't seem to exhibit a whole lot of empathy for the suffering down there, but that particular comment, i thought he did ingest, but yes, no doubt, that there is a kind of caricature or trope about republican presidents not caring about minorities or poor people. sometimes republican presidents walk right into that trap, just as there is a trope about democrats being a big spenders and that not caring about the budget. but trump has given his opponents a lot to work with,
3:54 pm
not necessarily on this trip, but certainly where he got totally sidelined by a silly feud that he initiated with the mayor of san juan. >> james: and the mayor of san juan, one of president trump's critics illness was tweeting on her own today. she tweeted at one point "they really understood that the disconnect between how things are supposed to happen and how they really happened." she added that hopefully the newly opened channels of communication will help us accomplish our goals, save lives. the president it seemed it to be saying that the merit was walking back her initial criticism, but it seems that she was only complementary hear of the white house staff. >> yeah, i don't like the way that donald trump has handled a lot of this in terms of the rhetoric. i think that he created some needless problems, with his administration handling harvey and irma remarkably well. just as democrats are looking
3:55 pm
for an opportunity to call republicans races, the media is looking for this it being disastrous or ill managed, and they couldn't find it. at least nothing that stuck. and i think that one of the frustrations that the trump administration had was they lost that political capital with puerto rico. maybe they fixed a little bit of it this week, but i think a donald trump, i don't like the way that he talks about that. i don't think it is in his best interest, but he is right. this is a monumentally difficult problem logistically that is so different than these other hurricanes. to speed on very quickly, your favorite tom petty song. >> "don't come around here no more." >> "free falling it." see want to thank you all. when we come back at, a boy from argentina who sounds suspiciously like a squeaky toy. turns out there is a very good reason for that. stay with us.
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liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. ♪ >> james: finally tonight, on a night when we can all assuredly use a laugh, kids say and do the darndest things, including sometimes swallowing things they should not. one boy in argentina swallowed this tiny white squeaker causing the lab to sound like a new year's eve reveler whenever he breathed. >> james: the boy is find out, maybe a bit embarrassed after his dad posted the video to facebook saying the moral of the story is to be careful about what you let your kids play with. not that we like to make fun of children on this program or anywhere on fox news but that was kind of irresistible with the squeaking noise, i think we
4:00 pm
all agree. words to live by, thanks for watching special report, on james rosen, bret baier is back in the chair tomorrow night. good night from washington, the story with martha maccallum and her exclusive interview with congressman steve scalise is next. >> martha: breaking news in the las vegas investigation tonight, i martha maccallum and this is "the story" in las vegas. and here on capitol hill. two american cities to struggling to extreme violence. in vegas, chile new video, the shooters were in disarray at mandalay bay, his twisted work coming into focus tonight. his girlfriend is now a person of interest, 45 of his victims are in critical condition tonight. just a short time ago we heard from the clark county sheriff. >> we received a call at 10: 10:08:00 p.m., best of our estimates and video review, he continued to fire


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