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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  October 9, 2017 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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"outnumbered overtime" with harris faulkner next. >> harris: one of president trump's major campaigns about keeping america safe. let's go "outnumbered overtime." president is laying out his proposals on immigration in exchange for deal to protect dreamers from deportation. the white house wish list includes building a wall along our border with mexico. he also wants increased border security. kelly anne conway said the president is putting the interests of americans first. >> we also are -- want to build that border wall. fully construct the border wall. funding for it. we are going to limit migration to spouses and children. it's not fair to the american worker. for years this country including capitol hill and the swamp have always asked, what more can we do for the illegal immigrant? this president is asking what's
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fair to america? what's fair to the american worker, the american community? >> harris: talking about the swamp in d. c. kristin fisher, tell us more. >> reporter: president trump just sent over a list of demands, 70 demands to congress. his number one demand is the one demand democrats say is simply nonnegotiable. that is the complete funding and construction of his border wall. also on the list, stop sanctuary cities by denying federal funding. he wants to hire 10,000 ice agents and 600 prosecutors. he wants to end asylum abuse and establish a point based system for green cards. the president said, quote, these findings outline reforms that must be included as part of any legislation addressing the status of daca. in other words, those are his demands in exchange for a deal protecting the dreamers from deportation. those are the roughly 800,000 young immigrants, many of whom were brought here to the u.s.
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illegally as children. but the top two democrats on capitol hill say that is not what they agreed to when they met the president and had that initial deal over here at the white house a few weeks ago. they put out a joint statement that said, we told the president in our meeting that we were open to reasonable border issues but this list goes far beyond what is reasonable. this proposal fails to represent any attempt at compromise. no doubt the white house disagrees. all of this hinges on the definition of reasonable. here's what kelly anne conway said about that and how she responded to that statement this morning. >> i'd like to know what chuck shumer thinks is reasonable. what's reasonable is to stop the flow of illegal immigrants and also of the trucks coming over the board. president has been very clear about that, too. all the drugs coming over the border have to stop as well. i'd like to know what senator
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schumer thinks is reasonable when we just see the statistics alone, in terms of people floating aloft. >> reporter: the president is at his golf club for the third day in a row. today we are told he is playing golf with republican senator lindsey graham. i imagine they have much to talk about. >> harris: we'll get into that later this hour as well. we'll tee up what you just gave us. kristin fisher, thank you very much. let's talk with tucker carlson. great to see you. >> sure. >> harris: let's talk, if we can, about these demands from the president. they are a one with with on one match between of what he said was his idea for keeping americans first and safe, now what he expects congress to do. things like a point based green card system. your thoughts? >> these are things he ran on. this is what the last election was about.
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nobody should be surprised. the coverage is describing these, quote, demands as hard lines. we just had a referendum on them. what's so interesting to me about this is that there's even a compromise necessary. republicans have more power, on paper anyway, than more time in my life time. they have a president who articulated this pretty clearly during the last election. voters voted on it, ratified his views and they can't pass it without democratic support, which itself tells you a lot about the nature of the democratic party. the real sticking issue here is the wall. i'm frustrated at how people oppose the wall. if you say you oppose illegal immigration, why are you against a wall? the answer is they're not. they're totally for it. democrats want new voters. republicans want cheap labor. nobody is willing to say that outloud because no one is pushed
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to explain why they opposed it. >> harris: sanctuary cities hopes to shore up. his attorney general was already dealing with sanctuary cities in one way. we wants to go even further than that with more legislation on the matter. >> the idea that cities and municipalities should have to follow federal law is a settled debate. we had this in the 1950s around school desegregation. bunch of different times you had this debate. we should all agree, yes, that's why this is a country and not just 50 separate countries. no one, again, is being pushed on this. nancy pelosi, last week, congratulated in public on camera illegal immigrants for coming here illegally. i don't think i'm overstating this. most powerful member of the house on the democratic side. they are openly encouraging
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illegal immigration to this country. why is that? we can argue motive. there's no debate about whether it's happening. it is. they're doing it publicly. >> harris: you saw her at the lecturn while she was speaking with members in her own party. that's what i call it. where people rush you. got to take the mike out of their hands. i want to get your thoughts on that, too. even in the democratic party, just not enough what they're pushing for. dreamers want more. they never explain to democrats, this isn't a complete wipe away for where we've been with daca. this is a reset button going forward. something the democrats could have done under president obama to shield them if they wanted to. >> what's the counter argument? one of the demands the white house is asking for is a points range immigration system. it's a simple concept. 1 billion people would move here tomorrow if we allowed them to. why don't we see if we can get people to move here who benefit our country.
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why is that a crazy idea? it has support if you ask the public that question in a poll. it has been asked. what's the counter argument? that it's immoral to ask people to bring something when they move here? >> harris: we know what the argument is. 'cause the left wants the right to be made to look like they're heartless. you already know what the argument is. the true heart would be to put legislation in place that protects everybody and has a plan. hey, look. i want to talk 37,000 feet about this. i watch you on your show do this. i want to go there with you. that is where the main stream media, many are joining democrats going after this preside president's wish list. can we pop some of these up for our viewers? people can read this on their own. you see the huff post, cnn. i want you to go with this on why this exists and how the president can move forward if he's got this head wind. >> conservatives are upset
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because reporters don't like the president. i got to say that does not bother me. i think you're allowed to have distaste for someone. he doesn't like them. they don't like him. fine. what it crosses the line from news coverage into propaganda and dishonesty is when you distort questions of policy. that's what they're doing heart. rather than unpack and say what is the white house asking for? what is at stake here? i want to know. instead, they're framing it, putting the thumb on the scale framing it as a contest between good and evil. it's not that. all policy debates, this is very complex and our job is to explain it to people. and they're not doing it. that is offensive, i think. >> harris: you remember when hillary clinton was running for president, you go low, we go high. when you don't make your argument about the fact, which they way are you going?
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i just wanted to point out just one of these. this was "the new york daily news." trump administration leaving dreamers in limbo. no. that's what president obama did. correct me if i'm wrong, he put legislation there. he's on the executive branch. he's able to do that. that actually left dreamers in limbo because somebody has to deal with that. >> congress writes the laws. it's right there in the constitution. president's not allowed to. all of the people saying it's unfair what this or that, ire side is doing to the dreamers from the white house. no. it's the obligation of congress to make this a statutory matter. pass a law if you don't like it. they are the lawmakers, after all. the idea that any movement at all from the democrats is a deal killer, a poison pill. the president -- i'm not defending trump. i'm saying it is a key matter. he moved over on a key matter. are we going to give the
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dreamers citizenship. >> harris: what do you think they're talking about on this golf course today? he and senator graham? >> honestly, they're talking abou golf. i bet you 100 bucks they're talking aut golf. >> harris: tucker carlson, thank you. you were our first guest on the original "outnumbered." it's great to have you on overtime. >> congratulations, harris. >> harris: president trump tweeted only one thing will work when it comes to dealing with north korea. what did he mean? we'll dig into that, and whether it's time for talk is over with north korea. president trump will reportedly decertify the iran nuclear deal later this week. is that a good move, or could it have unintended consequences? ambassador john bolton on board to talk about it. he's gonna remind us what's at stake. pretty dire stuff. stay close. >> i can tell you i'm very happy with the deal. i'm very unhappy with their
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