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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  October 9, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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two-point conversion. helped his team win. dana pary ino. here's shep. >> it's noon on the west coast. 3:00 in d.c. where president trump is laying down the law on immigration telling lawmakers if they want to protect dreamers, he wants to build the wall and hire thousands more border agents. that's just to get started. for democrats, the wall itself is a nonstarter. now the fight. the presidents will claiming the republican senator bob corker of tennessee begged for an endorsement. senator corker said that's not how it went down. the senator is blasting back calling the white house an adult day care center and warning that president trump could be putting on a path to world war iii. and fires in california wine
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country. the flames blocking some escape routing. >> this fire is explosive. we're looking at a 20,000 acre fire. >> shepard: now people are hurt. 1,500 buildings destroyed and evacuations number 20,000. the firefighters putting their lives on the line. let's get to it. good monday afternoon. president trump sending lawmakers his priorities for a plan to protect the so-called dreamers. the hundreds of thousands of immigrants whose parents brought them to the united states without documents. as i mentioned, the list includes president trump's long promised wall along the southern border, also new rules to make it easier to deport children entering the united states and 10,000 more immigration officers. it doesn't end there. the white house was -- has not said whether the president considering each item
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nonnegotiable. president trump said he would end president obama's program that protected the dreamers and gave congress six months to come up with a plan. democrats are calling the list impossible. chuck schumer and the house minority leader nancy pelosi say the president is going back on an agreement that they made with him when they all had dinner last month. together the two write, "we told the president at our meeting that we were open to reasonable border security measures alongside the dream act. this list goes so far beyond what is reasonable. the list includes the wall, which was explicitly ruled out. if the president was serious about protecting the dreamers, his staff has not made a good faith effort to do so." so where will the negotiations go? can the president get it done without the democrats? rich edson live at the white house with more. what else does the president say
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that he wants here? >> the president describes these as a list of priorities. it represents and overhaul of u.s. immigration policy. in addition to thousands of federal agents to go after immigration, it also calls for 300 federal prosecutors to handle immigration cases and increase penalties for those that enter illegally and a new green card system and requires employers to use e-verify. also on top of this, shep, the administration is calling to deny block grants and federal grants to sanctuary cities. the president in a letter to congressional leaders said the immigration reform must create more jobs, higher wages and greater security for americans now and for future generations. the reforms outlined the enclosure are necessary to ensure prosperity, opportunity and safety for every member of our national family.
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administration officials argue the provisions address the root causes of illegal immigration and should be included in anything that addresses daca, shep. >> shepard: and the democrats are against it. can the republicans do it without democrats? >> he will need democrats. when you look at what this is, it's unclear whether it's a list of demands or whether it's a starting point for negotiations. democrats have roundly rejected what they've seen from the white house. joaquin castro from the hispanic caucus writes in a statement "congress should rejected this warped anti-immigration policy wish list. the white house wants to use democrats as bargaining chips the achieve the deportation and detention goals. the trump administration proposals lack basic humanity." there were some democrats with the president initially signalling he was willing to
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work with democrats to extend daca. add this on to the list of things that the president wants congress to do. they have already failed to overhaul the immigration system this decade and now you can add this to tax reform and the other issues. >> shepard: thanks, rich. now the very public feud between president trump and bob corker who supported the president during the election. last week the tennessee senator said secretary of state rex tillerson and other top administration officials helped separate our country from chaos. yesterday president trump took to twitter to tear into the senator who recently announced he will not run for re-election. president trump tweeted, "senator bob corker begged me to endorse him for re-election in tennessee. i said no. he dropped out. he said he couldn't win without my endorsement. he also wanted to be secretary
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of state. i said no thanks. he's largely responsible for the horrendous iran deal. he said i would expect corker to be a negative voice and stand in the way of our agenda. he didn't have the guts to run." senator corker said none of that is true. in response to the president, senator corker wrote on twitter "it's a shame the white house has become an adult day care center. someone obviously missed their shift this morning." president trump doubled down and tweeted, "bob corker gave us the iran deal. that's about it. we need health care, tax cuts and reform. we need people that can get the job done." for the record, senator corker didn't support president obama's nuclear deal with iran but he didn't prevent it from coming to vote. senator corker denied he begged the president for an endorsement. he said the president urged him to run again and promised to endorse him. in an interview with "the new
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york times" yesterday, senator corker accused the president of treating his office like a reality show and said his reckless actions could put the united states on the path to world war iii. this is bigger than a twitter squabble. senator corker said the president hurt u.s. efforts in negotiations with other countries and without saying the words suggested that the president of his own political party is not fit for office and the majority of his caucus knows what they're dealing with. corker is the chairman of the senate foreign relations committee. if he wants to, he can hold hearings to expose the president in whatever way he sees fit. he can become an enemy of the white house. the question is will he and to what end. mike emanuel is live on capitol hill with more. what about it? >> shep, that's what makes a lot of these republicans uncomfortable that they'll be asked to take a side in this squabble. some will call it a distraction. others worry about the impact on the legislative priorities going
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forward if this feud continues. mitch mcconnell defended bob corker calling him a value member of the senate republican caucus. mcconnell said that corker is on the budget committee and will be a particularly important player as they move the budget to the floor next week. corker is a major player on critical issues like north korea, iran and other hot spots around the world. a key member of the president's team down played this dispute. >> i enjoy working with senator corker. it will be fun to work with him now that he's announced he's not running for re-election. that unleashes him to do and say whatever he wants to say. but i don't think we're that close to chaos anyway. >> an attack through the media in this case, "the new york times," could be designed to get under the president's skin, shep. >> shepard: what are other republicans saying about this feud? >> they're noting it's been a frustrating time. a lot of republicans including
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president and folks here ran on getting big things done like getting rid of obamacare and they're predicting over time these two will figure out a way to make it happen. >> i think in the end, they'll come together. senator corker recognizes as the president does the middle class of this country needs to see tax cuts. we need to see repeal and replace and deliver on our promises. >> considering a tax on john mccain, lisa murkowski and jeff flake have not produced results, expect second guessing about the wisdom in going after corker. >> shepard: mike emanuel, thank you. republican lawmakers could not change obamacare. so it looks like the president is planning a move by himself. an executive order that could affect the insurance prices we pay and the coverage we get. details on this report coming up from the fox news deck on this monday afternoon. growing up, we were german.
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>> shepard: republicans in congress could not repeal and replace obamacare, so now the white house is reportedly putting the finishing touches on an executive order, one that would let some people band together and buy insurance across state lines. the "wall street journal" with which this network shares common ownership, first wrote about this story. the journal reports that the order would target americans that buy their own coverage or get it by working at a small
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company. it could give more choices to people who are healthy. the analysts tell the "wall street journal," it could drive up prices for people that are sick. let's bring in a.b. stoddard from real clear politics and is on sirius xm 124. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> shepard: a new crack at healthcare on some level. >> well, i think it's well-intentioned. obviously these marketplaces without a repair job, there was supposed to be repeal and replace and make some fixes. without a repair job, this law is still -- this program is in real trouble. insurance companies have left it. others are in the exchanges are threatening to leave. not to mention they don't have good choices. they're really high and threatening to get higher. if you look at what are some of the next steps after these
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failures to repeal the law, there is -- there's a good faith effort here to try to reduce prices. that's a great goal. this executive order seems to be intended to do that. what it's going to do as you point out is tip the balance again away from people that have pre-existing conditions so those remaining in these exchanges -- this is what obamacare was meant to prevent -- will be in a pool of sicker people paying higher prices with fewer and fewer choices. almost to the point for some people where their care an illnesses will become unaffordable. so while this will appeal to some people, it comes with a price. if voters next year, shep, look the republicans and say you did this, you did that but you didn't really overhaul this law and make better changes and now i'm still in it, things are much more expensive and i have fewer choices, that is going to be a political liability on their shoulders. >> shepard: on the feud with bob
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corker, we know what bob corker has said and how president trump responded. in this big picture, what is bob corker doing here? >> bob corker is hoping, as he said when he made comments about six weeks ago, saying that the president needs to exhibit more stable and competent leadership. as he did a few days ago saying general mattis, secretary tillerson and general kelly were keeping the country from chaos is trying one more time to signal through the media, which is another way to talk to trip -- >> shepard: so he's talking to trump? >> yes. he admitted that in his interview. the problem is, president trump doesn't like to be told that he's being reigned in or he should do something a different way and god forbid he's being babysat. this is the way this talk makes the president feel. so you know, someone like bob corker, what he's done is opened
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sort of a permanent discussion every time the president does something erratic or impulsive about whether or not he's fit to hold this office. it's the first senator to come out and broach this subject. it puts questions on other republicans about whether this is an emergency situation. that's going to be hard for them. >> shepard: he's not to first to say these things. he's the first to say them on the record as he pointed out in his interviews and journalists have heard these things will attest. what this brings next is very much an open question, because we can look historically. sometimes when you do things like this, you become low marco or you become the staunch conservative whose father suddenly was involved in a murder. there's -- this is perilous territory. >> right. i don't think bob corker cares at this point, shep. interestingly enough, people don't know this unless they've
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paid close attention. bob corker put in the time to make a relationship with jared kushner, the son-in-law, to help him on his job of solving middle east peace. he's the chairman of the foreign relations committee. he spent time with ivanka trump. he was not a trump supporter initially but really helped come at a significant time in the campaign and in the summer of 16 and endorsed trump and lent him some credibility. he put in time in this relationship once he was president hoping it could work and he could guide and advise. he's, as you can tell, given up. i don't think he cares how many nicknames he gets floated around. he's not re-running but he's raising this question about his colleagues, whether or not they can really stay silent anymore on the president being an impulsive person that doesn't have a strategy for a grave situation like north korea. like i said, that will put pressure not only on people in the west wing around the president, but on his republican
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colleagues in congress that are trying to get tax reform pass. >> shepard: we'll see what the pressure brings. i'm see you on sirius xm 124 or hear you there. looking for answers in the las vegas murders. the brother of the killer in town answering questions while investigators still searching for clues at his house. goodness, northern california, these are live pictures just coming in from the vail and sonoma area, wine country. the fires are burning so much over such a wide area with flames that are so consuming that the smoke is hanging over san francisco. 1,500 structures destroyed. like hell on earth in wine country. we're live coming up. ♪
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>> federal investigators taking another look now through the home of las vegas gunman. a week after the deadliest mass shooting in modern u.s. history. they say they're rechecking that house as they try to uncover why he murdered 58 and wounded hundreds more. with that in mind, the las vegas review journal newspaper reports investigators spent hours questioning the killer's brother over the weekend. we don't yet know if he told them anything of help. and we're also hearing from the officers that first stormed the shooter's hotel room. they told "60 minutes" the inside looked like a gun store. >> shell casings all over the floor. i could smell the gunpowder that went off in the room. we were tripping over guns, long guns. there were so many. >> that many? >> yes. >> shepard: an arsenal.
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they said the door looked like swiss cheese from the bullet holes the shooter fired into the hall. and there was one hand written note to help the shooter hit the targets from so far away. dan springer on scene for us in las vegas. dan? >> yeah, it appears a few people knew the killer well. one was eric paddock. he came to las vegas over the weekend and immediately greeted by police at the airport. they pulled him into a room and interviewed him for four hours. there was an fbi profiler and criminal psychologist. eric paddock told local reporters he doesn't believe he's a suspect but he didn't discuss the questions he was asked. clearly they're trying to figure out what triggered stephen paddock's rampage. we know he had been prescribed
12:24 pm
valium and let his appearance go but that doesn't tell us why. we heard from the first swat team in the killer's room and the fear they felt as they approached. >> now i'm standing in front of this bullet ridden door with nothing except our shield. i'm hoping it would help a little bit. that was the point i said -- i was praying that nothing goes off phone-wise, radios. we were trying to be quiet. we didn't want him to know we were out there and start spraying at us. >> the officers saying there was so much am ymunition and guns, they said it looked like a gun store. >> shepard: and i heard jason aldean was back in town yesterday. >> yes. people are coming together and
12:25 pm
getting support from a lot of places. jason aldean visited the victims in the hospital. he was on stage when the shooting started. vice president mike pence was here saturday following the president that came wednesday. last night a week after the massacre, many hotels and casinos turned air their marquees from 11 minutes in honor of the victims. we have an update that several people left the hospitals over the weekend. we have 48 that we know of in hospitals. 25 in critical condition, shep. >> shepard: dan springner vegas. thank you. dealing with north korea. the defense secretary mattis warning the military to be ready in the event that diplomatic efforts fail. president trump today tweeting that our policies have not worked against the nuclear nation. but a man that closely tracks this situation inside north
12:26 pm
korea says the president's latest effort could end up disarming that dictator. he's here to explain. and then we'll get to california where the fires are still spreading. thousands of acres in wine country and now there's injuries and firefighters on the front lines. what you just saw wasn't until just a few hours ago a house. live coverage ahead. how much money do you think you'll need in retirement?
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♪ ♪ >> i'm lea gabrielle with a fox report. more of today's headlines. the spanish government warning it's ready to respond if the northeastern region of catalonia declares independence this week. lawmakers in catalonia claim 90% of voters voted to breakaway. we have seen massive protests and fights with police in the streets of barcelona. two more patients have died weeks after hurricane irma knocked out air conditioning at a nursing home near miami and
12:29 pm
turned it into an event. cops in hollywood, floor said the conditions killed 14 patients. investigators say the staff waited days to call 911, even the nursing home was across the street from a hospital. the state suspended the home's license and a criminal investigation is underway. a miami dolphins football coach has resigned after a video came out of him snorting white powder off a desk. in a statement, he apologized and said his focus is on getting help. shepard will be right back. [vo] quickbooks introduces jeanette and her new mobile wedding business. at first, getting paid was tough... until she got quickbooks. now she sends invoices, sees when they've been viewed and-ta-dah-paid twice as fast for free. visit quickbooks-dot-com.
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>> shepard: defense secretary mattis telling soldiers they must stand ready in case of possible military action against north korea. >> there's one thing that the u.s. army can do. that is you have to be ready to ensure that we have military options that our president can employ if needed. >> the defense secretary says right now the international community is taking a diplomatic approach to north korea but he says there's no way to know what the rogue regime will do next.
12:32 pm
this morning president trump tweeted, our country has been unsuccessfully dealing with north korea for 25 years giving billions of dollars around getting nothing. policy didn't work. and over the weekend, he tweeted that only one thing will work when dealing with north korea. he didn't specifically say what that one thing is. north korea sometimes test weapons on major holidays that country today marks the anniversary of the ruling party's creation. it is unclear thus far whether the dictator there has anything planned. gordon change is here, author of "nuclear show down, north korea takes the world." you say our actions may disarm him. what are you talking about? >> president trump has a september 21 executive order. the executive order says anybody that does business with north korea does not do business with
12:33 pm
the united states. this is a ratcheting up of pressure that started in the obama administration about a year ago. we also saw it on june 29th of this year when president severed a chinese bank for money laundering. so there's been a series of actions that means that north korea won't get money for nukes or gift politics. that is kim jong-un buying the support of people around him with mercedes, rolexes and luxury items. >> shepard: how do these presidential tweets help things? >> they don't help. the one thing i'm concerned with, the president has a good strategy of isolating north korea. we don't talk about that. he should be saying every day to countries around the world, cut off your flow of funds to north korea. instead, we're talking about insults, threats, tweets. kim jong-un, the ruler of north korea, they trade these comments about each other's mental
12:34 pm
condition. yes, it's interesting but the president is feeding that when he should be actually talking about his policies. >> shepard: the state department has said and analysts say from the government that they believe he is rationale on some level. that he does not have mental impairments, if you will. i mean, that is what they say, right? >> trump or kim jong-un? >> shepard: i'm talking about kim jong-un. that is what they're saying. i don't know how that changes the calculation with how you deal with this. >> he's very rationale. it's -- >> shepard: he is rationale? kim jong-un? >> kim jong-un. he's operating on a series of incentives that are different than what we think he should be operating under. when you're the north korean leader, you have to balance the efforts in the regime. here hostile to outside forces. that's been the mantra of the leadership. now they have nukes, they have
12:35 pm
missiles and they can upset the status quo in much more consequential ways than they could before. >> shepard: when kim jong-un hears only one thing will work and it's clear that one thing is not diplomacy because the president said it hasn't worked for 25 years, how is that taken? how if at all does it change the equation? >> there's one way for anyone, including kim jong-un to take that. that is basically trump is saying only war is going to work. that is contradictory. the president has this really good policy, as i mentioned about strangling the regime. it can work over time. but you know, trump is not saying it will. what he's talking about is the use of force. there's too much war talk. too much war talk in washington and pyongyang and that is creating a dynamic that could take us beyond where we need to be. >> shepard: the better talk is, other nations you must isolate. if you don't, we won't deal with you, which is the policy. >> a lot of countries have cut off their economic ties with
12:36 pm
north korea. for instance, chile, they're selling wine to the north koreans. we shouldn't be buying chilean wine. what we should say to them, you can't sell anything to the u.s. if you want to sell something to north korea. that what trump should be tweeting about if he's going to tweet about anything. >> shepard: good to talk to you, gordon chang. thanks. >> thanks. >> shepard: it's not just facebook. russian operatives bought advertisements through google to interfere with the 2016 election in the united states. the russians spent tens of thousands trying to spread false information on youtube, g-mail and other google sites, this comes after facebook revealed a russian company linked to the kremlin bought more than 3,000 political ads. trace gallagher live with more. what else are we learning act these advertising buys on google? >> shep, it appears the google ad buys are different from the russian company that bought the
12:37 pm
ads on facebook. it's a sign the russian effort to spread misinformation was deeper than we knew. some of the ads touted donald trump and bernie sanders and others had an anti immigration message. google down played the problem of russian meddling. because congress pressed the tech companies, google launched an investigation and they found the problem to be more severe. it's unclear what percentage of google's audience the russian advertising reached. facebook said the russian ads reached maybe 5% of its audience, shep. >> shepard: trace, there's a new e-mail concerning the trump tower meeting last year between donald trump jr. and a russian lawyer. what's with that? >> you recall the russian lawyer met with donald trump jr. in june of 2016, jared kushner, and then campaign manager paul
12:38 pm
manafort were also on hand. a music promoter set up the meeting and told trump jr. the russian lawyer had incriminating information on hillary clinton and her connection to the russians. the russian lawyer says the meeting was only to discuss the magniski act. well, this new e-mail released to fox news seems to back up the story because she asked the music promoter if she could bring along a lobbyist to the meeting that had already been working with congress on the magniski act. he said and i'm quoting "he has invaluable position of the foreign relations committee that will be important to our discussion." you can bet the trump campaign will use that e-mail to argue their was no collusion between the campaign and the russian government. shep? >> shepard: trace gallagher, thank you. a fox extreme weather alert now.
12:39 pm
what is left of hurricane nate drenching parts of the northeast today after making a second landfall near biloxi, mississippi yesterday morning. images to show you in our slide show. forecasters say nate came ashore as a category one storm and knocked out electricity to 100,000 people right away. officials say power crews have already fixed and restored most of it. here you can see workers in biloxi clearing the way downed trees yesterday. here officials in mississippi, alabama and louisiana and florida for that matter say there's no reports of major damage. you can see how hurricane force winds toppled a tree on this man's home in biloxi. and this, some pumpkins nearby at a farm in mississippi, south and west of gulfport. pumpkins all over the road there. this is flood waters surrounding a complex in pensacola beach in florida. this is widespread. here's what it looks like right
12:40 pm
now. forecasters say that storm will dump heavy rains and wind on part of the northeast possibly causing trouble delaying in tonight's commute in new york through boston before heading out to sea. it's a rainy, humid, tropical-like afternoon in new york city. it will be over for the u.s. by tomorrow. some people in puerto rico say that they're still not getting the help they need nearly three weeks after hurricane maria tore across that u.s. territory. the storm knocked down power lines and cell phone towers and washed out roads and bridges making it hard for emergency workers to deliver the supplies. puerto rican officials report 85% of the island still has no power. they say crews may not be able to restore it in some places until next year. mike tobin on scene for us in san juan. mike? >> shep, this is a neighborhood that would be needy without the
12:41 pm
storm damage. we're ten minutes away from fema head quarters in san juan. with all of the aid rolling in to puerto rico, people in this neighborhood say it's moving past them. >> we are definitely helping people. >> water bulges in the tarp where there used to be a roof with this woman shares with her daughter. it drips in through the lights. it's just ten minutes from fema headquarters. >> fema sent a message to my daughter that they couldn't get over here. there was no way. >> and louise rodriguez said he also went to fema for help. he said nobody showed up and he received no help. residents have taken to burning coconuts because the husk makes smoke and the smoke keeps the mosquitos at bay. whatever cleanup has happened here has happened by hand. >> this woman says san juan's
12:42 pm
may mayor should come to the neighborhood. just a few minutes ago, good news. we saw members of mercy corps arriving here in this neighborhood. fema's federal coordinating officer said the burden is on the mayors and the leaders of the municipalities to identified neighborhoods like this where there's a lot of need and they don't have computers, any connectivity and people wouldn't know how to deal with the federal paperwork. they need to get the aid out through communication and get the representatives out to process the paperwork. across the island, there's more than 300,000 damage claims being processed fema right now. >> shepard: thanks, mike. another crisis unfolding on the u.s. west coast. families race to beat the flames burning through california wine country. some 1,500 buildings now confirmed destroyed. entire hospitals are shut. patients rushed to safety. tens of thousands being
12:43 pm
evacuated. we're live in napa valley. we'll take you there next.
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>> shepard: it looks like armageddon. that's how one man describes the wildfires in wine country in california. more than 1,500 homes and businesses have been destroyed and one killed. more than a dozen fires raging across the region forcing thousands to evacuate their homes. 20,000 right now is the total. hospitals have been evacuated as well. listen to a woman describe waking up to an inferno outside her house. >> 11:00, somebody came around honking their horn just crazy. it's like what is going on through my blinds. i saw flames up on the hill behind my house. so of course, i panicked and still shaking. i went out. they were screaming, fire, fire, get out. >> another woman said trees were on fire like torches.
12:47 pm
she escaped in a caravan with her neighbors. claudia cowan is on scene live in sonoma county. claudia? >> this exploded overnight and chewing uphill sides and structures. there's nothing left of this dairy that stood on a main road in to wine country for many years. a fire started in 200 acres last night and windwhipped to thousands of acres in hours. veteran firefighters said they haven't seen anything like it since the oakland hills firestorm of 1991 when there were the same dangerous conditions. high temperatures, low humidity and gusts up to 70 miles per hour. officials say it will take many days to assess the damage. >> we have areas that we could not get to because trees were down or power poles were down preventing us from going. there were some areas -- this was a rapid fire event.
12:48 pm
there were some places that we just couldn't get to. so we haven't found -- we haven't had any reported injuries yet. so we're praying for the best. >> currently 14 major fires are burning in eight counties in california. there has been one reported fatality at a fire 100 miles away. there's casualties here but we don't know the extent. some residents have been reported as missing. 20,000 people remain out of their homes. the fire continues to burn out of control, shep. >> shepard: claudia, evacuations in the middle of the night must have been intense. >> i have friends texting me in the middle of the night talking how they barely escaped and racing out in pajamas trying to find an open road that wasn't blocked by flames amid the smoke and the flames. there was a lot of confusion.
12:49 pm
listen. >> people just panicking. chaos ensuing. it's a scary time. >> we're hearing some of the evacuation centers in napa an santa rosa are filling up, a number of hospitals had to be evacuated, too. the winds are calming down now. a lot of worried homeowners wondering if anything is left. >> shepard: thanks, claudia. live pictures from napa county where the flames are still burning. one of the biggest stars in hollywood once called harvey weinstein her god. a far cry from what she has to say about him now. more women are coming forward about the disgraced movie mogul.
12:50 pm
details coming up.
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>> shepard: one of the biggest actresses in all of hollywood speaking out about the down fall of harvey weinstein. meryl streep, who has worked with weinstein on multiple films, calling his actions disgraceful and an abuse of power. he was fired yesterday after decades of sexual harassment investigations. jonathan hunt live in los angeles with the rest of the story. jonathan? >> shep, a three decade career destroyed in three days. it appears the weinstein company ran out of room for the maneuvers, this cascade of allegations over harvey weinstein's behavior kept coming
12:54 pm
and the board including his brother, bob, decided he had to go. the company issued a statement last night saying "in light of new information about misconduct by harvey weinstein that has emerged, the directors of the company have informed harvey weinstein that his employment with the weinstein company is terminated effective immediately." a couple of his highest profile lawyers have now also stepped aside, shep. we heard from harvey weinstein last week. he was planning to sue "the new york times," which first published these lurid allegations. i reached out to his p.r. team to see if that is the plan. they have not responded, shep. >> shepard: hollywood insiders are reacting. not all but some are. >> interestingly, a lot have been quiet, which might be an indication of the power that the weinstein name still carries.
12:55 pm
some are speaking out. among them, elena dunham who said on twitter "easy to think weinstein company took swift action, but this is actually been the slowest action because they always knew." guardians of the galaxy director, james garden, amid colorful language tweeted "even if 1/10 of the stories are true about harvey weinstein, and i believe believe they are, then good riddance." he said the enabling must end. you don't find my people in hollywood expressing surprise, which is a disturbing sign it appears a lot of people knew or suspected this behavior was going on and did nothing about it. >> jonathan, thanks. (avo) when you have type 2 diabetes, you manage your a1c,
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(bell ringing) so, i was at mom and dad's and found this. cds, baseball cards. your old magic set? (sigh) and this wrestling ticket. which you still owe me for. seriously? $25? i didn't even want to go. ahh, your diary! "mom says it is totally natural..." $25 is nothing. (alert beep) abracadabra, bro. settle up with your friends on october 17th with the bank of america mobile banking app. >> shepard: new information on the california wild fathers. the mendicino sheriff reports that multiple team have fired
12:59 pm
there. that's north of napa and sonoma. the fires have been raging throughout the weekend and throughout the morning in california. fast approaching 1:00 in the afternoon and no let-up. fire crews are scrambling across napa and into sonoma. plus up in mendocino, we got word of a new fire. on the front lines, they're very busy. on this day in 1930, laura ingles became the first woman to fly solo across the u.s. not the little house on the prairie author. four days and several stops later, she landed outside of los angeles. total time in the air, 30 hours, 27 minutes. laura ingles went on to set other records for women in flight and in 1934, she earned an award as the most outstanding woman pilot of the year after
1:00 pm
show first soared into the history books 87 years ago today. should news break out, we'll break in. breaking news changes everything on fox news channel. "your world" with neil cavuto starts right now. >> this was a stunt. you call a stunt something that you know is going to happen. >> the vice president re-igniting the fury on the flag. >> inconvenienced tens of thousands of colts fans to, again, use the flag and the anthem as a prop. >> i think it was a pre-planned stunt. americans don't like stunts. >> neil: so vice president mike pence leaves a football game after a number of players neil and he's ripped for pulling a planned stunt. but not a word about the players that planned what they did that wasn't a stunt. the vice presid