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tv   The Five  FOX News  October 11, 2017 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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what has been a dust up between the president and senator corker. so much to get into tomorrow on fox business. ten years young and still going at it in english with enthusiasm. we care. see you tomorrow. >> kimberly: i'm kimberly guilfoyle with juan williams jesse watters, dana perino and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city and mrs. "the five" ." -- this is "the five" ." president trump will pitch his tax reform plan in pennsylvania and we will bring the speech do you live when it happens. first to our top story. developments in the harvey weinstein scandal have been fast and furious. we have learned the movie mogul has ordered a flight to europe for sex rehab. more actresses coming forward.
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new reports about how weinstein was perhaps protected. nbc news. here is ronan farrow. >> why did you record this for the new yorker and not nbc news? sticker you would have to ask nbc and executives about details. i'm not going to comment. i will say over many years, many news organizations have circled the story and faced a great deal of pressure in doing so. >> kimberly: and then there is hollywood. did they know about weinstein's abuses and do nothing? this video from more than four years ago may prove so. >> oh, please. i'm not afraid of anyone in show business. i turned down intercourse with harvey weinstein on no less than three occasions. >> congratulations. you five ladies no longer need to pretend to be attracted to harvey weinstein.
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dana, do you think this is the tip of the iceberg? >> dana: the laughter doesn't sound so funny now, looking back. i guess knowing what they knew at the time, i have to say i'm impressed with ronan farrow and how composed he was, that's not easy. they did the interview on msnbc. did they actually stifle the story? they said take it somewhere else. take it to the new yorker. i thought that was pretty remarkable that perhaps it is a lot more widespread. chris hayes said you have to wonder if hollywood is staring at something that would be as big as the scandal that the catholic church went through 15 years ago. >> kimberly: you had a good discussion about that today. the other thing, steph mcfarland said he heard about it or knew about it, was making jokes. at least the suggestion that there was some knowledge and
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discussion about it. may be behind the scenes, et cetera, and hollywood. >> dana: in a lot of places have gone through this. you look back and say, you might've heard about it but maybe you didn't have anything personal to do with it so you think it's none of my business. a lot of these actresses and their current boyfriends are former boyfriends who said they tried to confront him, they didn't take it public. that's because they are in the business together and they want to succeed. i wonder if at this point they are realizing they have a much bigger problem on their hands because they were laughing about it, excusing it, but you might have legal action. why did harvey weinstein have to go overseas? is there not an opportunity two to go to one of these places in america? i've never looked into it. >> greg: i have. it's hard. >> kimberly: personal anecdotes.
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>> greg: we are praising ronan farrow for doing what? bringing out nbc's role in this. we have to do that with ourselves, correct? we were all shouting about fnc that was going on. i can see why people hide. they call this an open secret which means it's not a secret. it drives me crazy. there is a certain generation of men perhaps to see, places of power, things are transactional. people have a word for this. it's such an open secret that it's called the casting couch. it is not just about weinstein. it's about everybody. they know when a young girl is going in, someone will always make a joke about the casting couch. >> kimberly: this has been talked about, sort of systemic and hollywood. will there be other people who
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are revealed who are engaged in the same practices? >> greg: it's old school. wherever there is high-powered executives, there are directors, producers, there are politicians. you are going to see somebody violating this. a lot of people get into certain businesses precisely because of this. some guy wants to get into movies because he wants to get laid. what? just being honest. >> jesse: in all industries, men continue to abuse their power and it is starting to slow down as light has been exposed. harvey looks like a serial sexual predator. it is so cliche that when you think about, and ugly, fat, old hollywood producer dangles the dream of success in front of a young starlet on a casting couch, the stereotype is just so
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sick. >> kimberly: they don't have to be physically attractive or not. the point is, it happens. >> jesse: the cliche is true. if you look at the industry of hollywood, they are so -- there are limited amount of rules that these women are pursuing. there's only a few big production houses and hollywood. you have a few rich, powerful men like weinstein who control and are the gatekeepers for hotly contested roles . people coming from all over the world of the country to compete and try to land their dream job and he prays on their -- preys on their dreams. it was so open that everybody knew about it. instead of doing something about it, they put their own self-preservation at and theirn success and access above doing
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the right thing. hollywood is so self-congratulatory and self-righteous. you see them at the award shows patting themselves on the back. they decide they are the arbiters of what's right, what's appropriate in this country. they are quick to point the finger when any of their enemies across the more aligned they have designated. the fact that this went on for so long and they did nothing, it completely undercuts their credibility when they champion the causes they claim to want to champion. >> kimberly: juan, let's touch on the important aspect, the victims. there are many reasons why people don't come forward. they don't feel they have economic power or a voice that will be heard. many want to make sure they can try to get a chance in the industry. people said they didn't want to come forward, not to embarrass his family or wife or children. or they feel humiliated and shamed. i dealt with that with sexual
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assault victims, people who work raped, sex abuse crimes. >> juan: there is so much changing. in the workplace, lots of women saw this as an opportunity to get ahead. we know about the women who have said harvey weinstein behaved inappropriately. what is not said oftentimes it's the women who may have had some relationship and it might have advanced their career. i read in the paper today one woman had his initials tattooed on her because he made her career. now all of a sudden, i think people feel harvey weinstein is, as jesse said, a clear sexual predator. the question becomes not just hollywood but as we are seeing in the paper today, what about the politicians who were taking harvey weinstein's money,
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obamas, clintons. he had power, money, and men like sex and they want to sex with younger woman. he had the opportunity to act in a way, it's my prerogative. it comes with the power. on wall street, this is a problem. you read about people in washington, congressmen having affairs than saying to the mistress, have an abortion even though he says he's pro-life. and then you hear about things, like john f. kennedy and all the women that were around that or you hear about. to me, a lot of what's going on in the college campuses where the colleges don't know how to deal with -- when a young woman says a guy behaved inappropriate. >> greg: this is different in the sense that it's normalized. when you have a phrase called the casting couch and everyone jokes about it, it's something that has become acceptable to a point where -- did he hit on you? yeah.
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i didn't tell anybody because everybody already knows harvey does that. i didn't want to tell anybody. it grossed me out but they joke about it on awards shows. the hypocrisy that jesse brings up is so true. this is an industry that lectures us on morality, all kinds of morality, whether it's about gender, climate change, sexuality. in this case, they are accepting some of that is immoral because it's part of doing business. >> juan: it is not just them now. i think it has been them forever. i think this is the way business was done among powerful men at a different time, different generation. at the moment, you see more women in the workforce, more women who are educated and they have sufficient political leverage to finally call people out. the question to me is, why didn't nbc approve ronan farrow's story? why did the new yorker prove it? several years ago, "the new york times" had some of
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this. they said they didn't withhold the story but it sure looks terrible. >> kimberly: nbc pushed back to say their side. they say it's a different story than what was presented to us. it's an interesting factual analysis to see, what did he put forward and who made the call to not take this story and go with it to the point that it was buried and also there was intimidation. people tried to cross him or he felt they were trying to do something against them. i want to touch on something. when you think about roman polanski. now you see he's going to sex rehab in europe. as a prosecutor, i'm telling you the first thing i'm thinking is wow. this guy skipped town. where did he go in europe? is he going to be able to be brought back? i contacted the los angeles district attorney's office, you are looking at misdemeanor
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battery, even three years. felony if there is rape. statute of limitations. aggravated rape. we don't know all the facts but it warrants a full and thorough criminal investigation for assault, sexual misconduct and what's been alleged in terms of the media. the l.a. d.a.'s office or whether it took place in new york, they have to be checking in. >> dana: could they have prevented them from leaving the country? >> kimberly: if they had an open case and were aware or were convening a grand jury, you can try to prevent somebody from leaving and putting out a warrant for the mind of not been there at this point. when you see an investigation like this, i've had cases in front of a grand jury, an indictment just about to be returned, my two codefendants fled. there was a high-speed chase in
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the whole deal. you have to be on top of this. i think because this just broke, they are getting on top of the investigation and that's why this is a very important and compelling new story. >> greg: my guess is that sex rehab is a chateau in france. >> dana: can i say, i never knew what the phrase casting couch meant until the show. >> greg: that was in sitcoms. >> dana: i didn't know what it was. thank you for the education. >> kimberly: greg, what an educator. five days after the weinstein scandal broke, the obamas and hillary clinton are finally saying something. what took them so long? that's next. also president trump will be giving a speech on tax reform in pennsylvania. we are going to bring it to you live later this hour. stay with us. the best simple salad ever? heart-healthy california walnuts.
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♪ >> jesse: democratic hypocrisy at its worst. it's been days since the harvey weinstein scandal broke but it was only yesterday that hillary clinton and president obama denounced their creepy hollywood friend. why? jeffrey tobin has this to say. >> this was widely known.
2:18 pm
harvey weinstein's really inappropriate behavior with women. the real question was why were the clinton and obama so close to him. i think this is a real blot on the records of both the obama and clinton families that they were so blind to this, willfully blind for so long. >> jesse: kellyanne conway was quick to label the former first lady when it comes to being a champion of women's rights. >> i felt like a woman who ran to be commander in chief and president, who talks about women's empowerment took an awfully long time to give support to those women who are coming forward and has still, as far as we know, kept the money. she needs to not be a hypocrite about women's empowerment. what has she done privately? she is on a book tour talking
2:19 pm
about herself, not talking about women's empowerment, not trying to help victims of sexual assault. >> jesse: interesting point. i want to talk about jeffrey's point. he said it was willful blindness by the clintons and the obamas. all they cared about were the donations. >> dana: it was an open secret, then i guess yes, this is true. and they are hypocrites. "the wall street journal" wrote today that a bankruptcy is a price we pay for -- hopefully take a moment to examine your own sanctimony. i wonder, one of the ways to deal with this is a change in leadership at some of these companies. you look at reese witherspoon, and her career, has developed a production company. she did "big little lies." she has optioned four more books to turn them into movies or television series. they are written by women. maybe that's a way to stop the
2:20 pm
extortion. >> jesse: let's talk about what kellyanne conway said. the hypocrisy of hillary clinton. she went days before coming out, shouldn't she have been one of the first leaders to come out and condemn harvey? >> kimberly: it would have been compelling had she done so but i'm not and her personal space to know what she was privy to, what she knew, when she found out. i know she has come out now. obviously they were very close. no one disputes that fact. i think it's important, once you become aware, to say something. beyond that, people are talking about campaign contributions. i think that's tough. to chase that town, the money has been spent. a lot of it. to try and figure out, what is she supposed to personally give money out of her pocket back to replace questioner ? becomes a little tricky from the standpoint of forensic accounting.
2:21 pm
>> dana: she didn't wait two seconds to comment on the las vegas massacre. she comments quickly on a lot of things. she wants to be in the public eye. she is selling her book. she wants to be part of the conversation. i think the criticism of her waiting to comment is justified. >> jesse: how much do you think this is going to do did the democratic party, juan? this was a huge, famous republican donor, it would be a very different story. >> juan: i think democrats would be in a position to be talking down, condescending to republicans about lack of moral authority. we have seen that because republicans have been affected. not only in terms of modern media but donald trump, the president, is a guy who said horrible, vulgar things. and he was running for president. republicans made excuses. oh, you know what, it's being overblown.
2:22 pm
why was that tape released? it was just politics. in this case, i think kimberly is onto something. if you are in the shoes of the clintons or obama's come of this guys a major donor to the democratic party and your calls and you're going to be slow to condemn someone who's been supportive of your effort. >> jesse: nbc had no problem leaking the access hollywood tape to "the washington post" but according to ronan farrow, may be sat on this explosive story about weinstein. >> greg: the funny thing is, trump is basically making the same, in that video, making the exact observation that we are making. you are in a position of power, grab whatever. anyway, i came up with a theory. a long time ago, you can see it in my book. i call it the progressive pig pass.
2:23 pm
bill excepted bill clinton because his heart was in the right place even if his hands weren't. if you look at hugh hefner camouflaging playboy, objectifying women. as a feminist achievement. it was like somehow it's in empowering to women to submit to mail -- we want you to have the same amount of sex that we do. you've taken, turned casual sex, considered know, it's just like what we do. and it was empowering. a trick by so-called male feminists. bill clinton, ted kennedy, hugh hefner. >> dana: what did harvey weinstein say he would do? he said please don't say anything bad about me and i'm going to take a leave of absence and put all of my efforts.
2:24 pm
>> greg: he went out with the progressive pig pass so quickly. i'm going to fight trump and the nra so excuse me for being a swine. >> juan: he says i grew up in the '60s and this was the culture and this is the way things were. you go back to john kennedy, i don't think there's any question he was a huge playboy. >> kimberly: was he engaging in consensual acts or sexual assault and battery? about the obamas, i think it's no coincidence that malia was working there on an internship. and then also this comes out. physics the timing is very unusual. president trump isn't -- is in pennsylvania to talk about his tax plan. originally discovered...
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>> dana: president trump is hitting the road to pitch his tax reform plan with a special focus on american truckers. the president will speak later this hour in pennsylvania. saying the plan will give a big boost to the stock market and jobs. he tweeted: "and if congress gives us the massive tax cuts and reform i am asking for, those numbers will grow by leaps and bounds. #maga" "it would be really nice if the fake news media would report the virtually unprecedented stock market growth since the election. need tax cuts." i think he would've had an exclamation point. this is an interesting and good tactic to take the message to different groups of people. i think he has one problem and he was pointing to it this morning and his tweets. that's he's taking credit for an economy that's doing really well. the unemployment rate down to
2:30 pm
4.3%. stock market on a tear. record after record. people feeling pretty good about the economy and yet when you want tax cuts, you're basically trying to say it's because we have a problem we need to fix. he's trying to make the case but it's not that easy to do. >> kimberly: he's almost suffering from the benefit of the good economy. wait a second. let's not mess with it. if things are going well, let's let it go. however, what he needs to say is this is going to give it the boost to go the rest of the way down the field. this is what we need to continue the economic growth and prosperity and continue to stimulate the economy with more available tax dollars in the hands of americans, hardworking americans so they can spend and put it back into the financial flow and the economy and the
2:31 pm
free market. he's got to be able to do that. taking the message to these different groups, different communities. >> dana: senator from pennsylvania. president trump won pennsylvania handily. there's two ways to do tax reform. there is the big picture way, which is it'll be great for the economy. let's do this because we believe what we sow ronald reagan do. then there is the minutiae. you start talking about the real wages. people want back. the pass-throughs and all that stuff and it starts getting really messy. >> greg: there two key points from his plan that i think are important. the media criticizes the repeal of the death taxes helping the rich. it's absurd. you know what helps the rich? not robbing them. the death tax is an immoral act. you are taking money that's
2:32 pm
already taxed from somebody. there are families that have saved this money for years who are now dead and you are essentially digging into their grave and taking money for them. whether you make $50,000 a year or $50 million a year, you know it's immoral and wrong. it's one of those things, well, it doesn't affect me. so -- you have to care about this. the tax relief for small businesses. in america, small businesses, that's our national pastime. it's not football, not baseball. it is opening small businesses because it entails risk. it is overcoming obstacles, resisting and championing against bureaucracy. anything that helps small business people is something we should be pushing. that's the nature of america. starting these businesses. he's got to talk about the small businesses and somehow be able
2:33 pm
to frame the death tax that it's not about helping the rich. it's actually a moral decision. >> juan: so much hypocrisy, i can't get over it. to me, what we are seeing is donald trump will stand there and speak to a group of truckers and say it's going to create more business, put more dollars in your pocket. answer: we don't know, and we don't think so. right now it's overwhelming this would benefit the very rich in american society. what you call the death tax, i call an estate tax, and 90% of that benefit goes to the top 10% of earners. here's my point. >> greg: you are stealing from them. >> juan: they are dead. >> greg: you are stealing from them because they are dead. >> juan: income inequality and give the children of the very rich even more money. >> greg: it's their money! >> juan: no, it isn't. etsy five juan wants to read
2:34 pm
distribute. >> juan: no, i don't. i think there was a decision made by the people in the tax laws in the country that says we are a bootstrap country, you can earn your way out. >> greg: and then steal from them. >> dana: "the washington post" reporter said he asked someone to run the math, the tax policy center. basically said there are only 30 trucking companies that would be helped by this policy. that it isn't as big as people are making it out to be. >> jesse: show me any study to prove whatever, it doesn't matter because you're going to put people back to work and you're going to give them more of the money they've earned. show me any study to make any point you want. >> juan: how are you going to put people back to work? >> jesse: when corporate taxes are reduced, companies have more money and they hire and reinvest. >> juan: that's exactly wrong. >> jesse: how is that wrong? have you ever run a company?
2:35 pm
c7 yes. >> jesse: when you have more money, what do you do with it? >> juan: you put it in the hands of the corporate executives, it doesn't mean better jobs. >> dana: we have to run. coming up eminem unleashed. spewing an anti-trump freestyle rap causing quite a stir. i'll have the langoustine lobster ravioli. for you, sir? the original call was for langoustine ravioli. a langoustine is a tiny kind of lobster. a slight shellfish allergy rules that out, plus my wife ordered the langoustine. i will have chicken tenders and tater tots. if you're a ref, you way over-explain things. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance you switch to geico. sir, we don't have tater tots. it's what you do. i will have nachos!
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2:40 pm
probably cause a nuclear holocaust ♪ ♪ >> greg: we get it, trump is evil. of course the media is hailing it as brave. i can't wait for chris cuomo's line by line analysis. i'm just happy eminem has moved from threatening his mother or wife. no longer just a misogynist, he's a politically relevant misogynist. i guess he learned something from weinstein. bottom line, eminem's pure approved rap makes morning joe sounded edgy. not a single thought surprises you. he breaks less ground than a broken shovel. no wonder the media loves it. by the way, who cares? this is what eminem is supposed to do.
2:41 pm
you are a rap aficionado. >> dana: true. pull the tape. he tried to rhyme the word orange, and there is no word that rhymes with orange. he gave it the old college try. i don't listen to rap. i did watch this. first amendment, i am for it. the reason i'm interested is because it's like there are two different cultural conversations in america. the nfl, you see president trump winning on that issue i think. then you have this, and it's like these americans are talking past each other. >> greg: it is what we do well. juan, it's like two movies going on at the same time. >> juan: that's why this struck me as effective. i think he said he speaks to white suburban kids and he said he's going to draw a line in the
2:42 pm
sand. if you are a trump supporter, you are not with him. i thought he put himself out there in a very interesting way and and the cultural divide. he was very clear. he thinks this guy is destructive, not a good president, leading us into world war iii. in terms of our culture and music come i don't know how you can deliver a more powerful message coming from a white rapper to white suburban kids. >> greg: it would've been interesting if it was clever. he calls him a racist. he says he makes mean jokes. it's like -- it's like he was rhyming from cnn. this was msnbc with a beat. >> jesse: eminem is better than that. he's a good artist, but that wasn't very good. i have a lot of respect for eminem as a rapper but not a political commentator. detroit, his hometown, it's a cesspool. democrats buried that city. it's gotten better after trump.
2:43 pm
it >> dana: governor. >> jesse: i love eminem and he can wrap whatever he wants. i just disagree with his opinion. i thought he was retired. i hadn't heard from him in a while. >> greg: he is 44, in rap years, it's 97. usually they get into acting at this point. >> kimberly: i don't think vanilla ice is that bad. i liked him. [all speaking] >> greg: the mc hammer of rap. >> jesse: don't disparage eminem. >> dana: i liked the interview he did. >> jesse: oh, my god. >> kimberly: this was sort of predictable. sort of sophomoric. the middle finger thing. i have nothing for this. bring back vanilla ice.
2:44 pm
>> dana: i think juan's point about young audience, interesting to see what they think. >> greg: everything goes viral. that's a producer phrase. >> juan: >> juan: i'm telling y. this has gone on and on. musicians love it. >> greg: here we go. let's go. ♪ [cheers and applause] >> president trump: thank you very much, ladies and gentlemen, it's great to be back in pennsylvania. with the proud men and women of the american trucking association. we love pennsylvania, and we
2:45 pm
love our great truckers. i also want to thank all of our wonderful members of congress who are here with us today. should i read their names? then i will. representative lou barletta, great guy, running for governor. he is running for the senate. he's running -- where is lou? i heard he is running for governor but now he's running for the senate. he is going to win big. good luck. a friend of mine for a long time, representative mike kelly. thank you, mike. tom marino, he's going to do a great job. he's going to be the drug czar. it'll be amazing. the drug czar.
2:46 pm
patrick meehan. thank you, patrick. scott perry. scott. and loyce smucker. thank you. thank you. i also want to thank a couple of very special people. they have been fantastic and what they've done. secretary of the treasury steven mnuchin and gary cohn, director of the national economic council. thank you. thank you. and mike, the speaker of the pennsylvania house of representatives. thank you. i think that's enough, right? that's enough. we will start losing the crowd, mike. before we begin, i want to take a moment to address some of the recent tragedies that have struck our incredible nation. in the darkest moments, the
2:47 pm
light of our people has shown through like seldom before. third goodness, their courage, and their love. no destructive force on earth is more powerful than the strength and resilience of the american people. we are praying for all of the families affected by the horrific mass shooting that took place in las vegas. we grieve with you, and we will never leave your side. our hearts are also with the victims of the wildfires in california's napa and sonoma valleys. and they are wild and dangerous fires, and we have fema out there along with a lot of first responders doing an incredible job along with everyone else and they really have done a very incredible --
2:48 pm
and dangerous. the fema people are incredible. we have issued a disaster declaration and are working closely with state government. the recovery effort is fully underway with those impacted by the recent catastrophic hurricanes. through these difficult times, we have witnessed the unbreakable spirit of our nation. together we will restore, rebuild, and return stronger than ever before. that's what's happening. we are here today to discuss our vision for america's economic revival which has already started. it started on november 8. we want lower taxes, bigger paychecks, and more jobs for american truckers and for american workers.
2:49 pm
[applause] nothing gets done in america without the hardworking men and women of the trucking industry. do we agree with that? thank you so much. job you do. when your trucks are moving, america is growing. do you agree? that is why my administration has taken historic steps to remove the barriers that have slowed you down. america first means putting american truckers first. since january of this year, we have slashed job killing red tape all across the economy. we have stopped or eliminated more regulations in the last eight months then any president
2:50 pm
has done during an entire term. not even close. that includes eliminating the regulations that drive up the cost of energy. we want low cost fuel for our truckers and for our families all across this country. and we are just getting started. believe me. just getting started. i have ordered every agency across federal government to review and then remove the regulations that destroy our jobs, hamstring your companies, and undermine your ability to compete. my administration is also committed to passing a historic infrastructure package that will generate $1 trillion to rebuild america's crumbling infrastructure with a special focus on roadways and highways.
2:51 pm
it is time to take care of our country, to rebuild our communities, and to protect our great american workers. it's about time. and already we are seeing the incredible results. results that in many cases the media hates to report, but i will report them tonight. unemployment is at a 16-year lo low. wages are rising, and you know you haven't heard that in a long time. the stock market is soaring to record levels, boosting pensions and retirement accounts for hardworking americans. their values are going up everything the day.
2:52 pm
very proudly, just in the stock market alone, we have increased our economic worth by $5.2 trillion. that is since election day. 5.2 trillion. think about that. that's a quarter of the $20 trillion that we owe. listen to this. we have doubled in the last eight years of the previous administration the debt doubled. in eight years, our debt literally hundreds of years of debt doubled in eight years to $20 trillion. since the election on november 8th, i have increased the value of your u.s. assets by more than the $20 trillion that we currently own. you haven't heard those numbers.
2:53 pm
gdp growth reached more than 3.1% last quarter, way ahead of schedule. we weren't supposed to hit that number for a long time. not for a long time. and i will tell you i think this quarter would have even been better, but we did get hit with some very, very powerful hurricanes. but it is still going to be a very good. manufacturing confidence is at an all-time high, which is great news for those who ship products to the marketplace. the confidence in our country is back like it hasn't been in many, many years. the fact is, america is finally back on the right track. but our country and our economy cannot take off like they should unless we transform america's outdated, complex, and extremely burdensome tax code.
2:54 pm
[applause] and that's why i'm here with you right now tonight. thank you. we are going to fight and we are going to get those republicans and maybe a few of those democrats to raise their hand, and you're going to have so much money to spend in this wonderful country. and this great economy. that's why we have proposed tax cuts that are pro-growth, pro-jobs, pro-worker, pro-family, and pro-america. we need a tax system that is fair to working families and that encourages companies to stay in america, grow in america, spend in america, and hire in america.
2:55 pm
throughout the year, my administration has worked closely with congress to develop a framework for tax reform that will deliver exactly that. more jobs, higher pay, and lower taxes for middle income families and for american businesses of all size. our tax reform framework will achieve our four core principles. we will cut taxes for every day hardworking americans. under our framework, the first $12,000 for a single individual and the first $24,000 for a married couple will be tax-free. no tax at all. and remember, you will do your tax on a single piece of paper.
2:56 pm
h&r block will not like donald trump very much. that's one company i will tell you. they will not like me very much. that's okay. we are nearly doubling the amount of income that is based at the zero bracket. in other words, as the democrats say, and do they say untruths, you look at what's happened. they are not telling you the truth because they pretend there isn't a zero rate, and there is and it's expanding very substantially under my plan. they don't show the zero rate. so they go, oh, 15% or 12% against 15. but it's not. it's 12% against zero. you take a look at the categories. we are bringing it down.
2:57 pm
remember, eight brackets to four. they are forgetting to use the zero bracket. which truly is deceptive. do we agree with that? it's truly deceptive. under our framework, we make the zero bracket bigger and get rid of the 10% bracket and we are reducing the 15% rate down to 12%. that's a massive amount of mone money. the rates are coming down to zero, 12%, 25%, and 35%. all big beneficiaries from what you have now. big beneficiaries from what you there is like you haven't seen before. joining us today, a retiree who recently moved to pennsylvania from queens, new york. i like both places. i like pennsylvania. i grew up in queens.
2:58 pm
i went to school in pennsylvania. i like them both. where is susie? where are you, susie? hi, susie. you know you're going to be happy with this. susie says high taxes are forcing seniors like her to make painful cuts and cutbacks during the golden years of their lives, best years of their lives. she hopes congress will pass our framework so we can help more american seniors make ends meet on a fixed income. we must honor and respect the people whose decades of hard work helped to build our country and to make our country great. but we are going to make our country greater than it's ever been before. that's what's happening.
2:59 pm
our framework also provides relief to those who care for an adult defendant or elderly loved one through a $500 tax credit. so important. and so many people have wanted it, and we will substantially increase the child tax credit to say working families even more money. the single most important investment our country can make is in our children. the strength of our nation is determined by the strength of our families, and we are committed to helping parents make starting and raising a family more affordable. also with us today is lorraine, a mother of four who owns a small staffing company that provides private nursing
3:00 pm
services and at home care. where is lorraine? hello, lorraine. she says if congress passes tax relief and reform, she will be able to create high-paying jobs for health care workers in the scranton area. that's an area we love. i will tell you that. our framers will unlock the american dream for millions of our fellow citizens by eliminating tax breaks and special interest loopholes that primarily benefit the wealthy. our framework ensures the benefits of tax reform go to the middle class, not to the highest earners. it's a middle-class bill. that's what we are thinking of. that's what i want. i've had rich friends of mine come up to me and say donald, you are doing this tax plan. we don't want anything. we don't.


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