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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  October 11, 2017 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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services and at home care. where is lorraine? hello, lorraine. she says if congress passes tax relief and reform, she will be able to create high-paying jobs for health care workers in the scranton area. that's an area we love. i will tell you that. our framers will unlock the american dream for millions of our fellow citizens by eliminating tax breaks and special interest loopholes that primarily benefit the wealthy. our framework ensures the benefits of tax reform go to the middle class, not to the highest earners. it's a middle-class bill. that's what we are thinking of. that's what i want. i've had rich friends of mine come up to me and say donald, you are doing this tax plan. we don't want anything. we don't. now, they gain when the economy
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gains. they gain when companies get better. they gain in lots of different ways. so many people have come up to me and say give it to the middle class. give it to people that need it. give it to people who want to spend it. you'd be surprised. bob kraft, he owns the new england patriots. good guy, does very well, good guy. he does a great job. he was at the white house recently and gave me a super bowl ring. i was very honored. i was very honored. and as he's leaving the white house, he said donald, i know you're very soon going to be doing tax reform and tax cuts. give it to the middle class. don't give it to us. give it to the middle class. and that's what we are trying so hard to do. and you will see how good this is. so important. it is so important. the second plank of our framework is to make the tax
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code more simple, fair, and easy to understand. american families and businesses waste billions of hours and tens of billions of dollars on excruciating paperwork. you see that. it's all over the place. you have no idea what you're doing anyway. and compliance, every single year, massive numbers of paper. under our framework, the vast majorities of families will be able to file their taxes on that same single sheet of paper that i'm so proud of talking about. as part of the effort to make our tax system simple and fair, we are going to protect thousands of family businesses by ending the crushing, horrible, and unfair estate tax, sometimes known as the death ta tax.
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[cheers and applause] that's a tax that has destroyed so many businesses and kept those businesses out of your family, your children, your grandchildren. it's very sad. but we are working to end the estate tax, to end, the death tax, as it's often called. in the crowd today, we have calvin and his son steve. calvin, where is calvin? where is calvin? good looking family. they have been a trucking business and in the trucking business since 1946, a very good year. a great year. i love that year. trucking runs in their blood, and calvin wants to pass his company along to his children, just as it was passed down to him by his father.
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we are going to protect small business owners and their families so they can continue to run their companies with dedication and love. and we will make taxes simple and easy and fair for all americans. [cheers and applause] thank you, calvin. calvin, you want to hand that business down, right? don't worry about it for about 40 years, i hope. 4-0, a long time. keep him around. thank you, calvin. third, we will cut taxes on american businesses to restore our competitive edge and create more jobs and higher wages for american workers. [applause]
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the last major tax reform was passed more than 30 years ago in 1986 with a large bipartisan majority. it was a bipartisan bill. that would be wonderful. but sadly, the democrats have become obstructionists. they want to stop. they don't want to do anything productive. they want to raise your taxes very, very substantially. i mean, i won't even talk about open borders and higher taxes. that's not a good combination to get elected. believe me. but it's open borders and high taxes, but they are good at obstruction. the 1986 tax bill substantially reduced our corporate tax rates to make america globally competitive. the plan worked, and jobs and industry boomed. other countries saw our success however, and they copied our playbook. our foreign competitors adopted
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tax rates much lower than ours and much more competitive, and all of all of a sudden, they started taking our businesses away from us. in fact, when it comes to the business tax, we are now dead last among developed nations. our rate is the least competitive rate. we have the highest tax rate anywhere in the world. how foolish is this? our business tax rate is 60% higher than our average economic competitor. the current system has placed a massive tax on every product made in america. remember the expression? made in the usa. made in america. you don't hear that so much. but you are now starting to hear it again. what do you like better? made in america or made in the usa? ready. made in america.
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[cheering] made in the usa. [cheering] seems to be -- hi, jeffrey. he was on fake news cnn for a long time. he was one of my few sources of truth. thank you, jeffrey, for being here. it's a great honor. thank you. good man. giving so many countries a tremendous advantage over us. if you look at china at 15% and mexico. all of these countries had a lower tax rate than the united states. you can't compete that way. it's time to end this unfair disadvantage and give american companies and workers the level
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playing field they so richly deserve finally. because when american truckers, and i mean these great, great people. these are great heroes. if they have a level playing field, there's nobody on earth with trucks or any other way they can beat you folks. there's nobody. i know what you go through. there's nobody that can beat you, nobody. but you finally have a government and frankly you finally have somebody that's given up a lot. my other life was very good. i had a very good life. oh. i had a very good life.
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you know what? i'm having a better life now and i'm helping a lot of people. believe me, i love doing this because we are doing so much between the regulations and the taxes and they getting a supreme court judge not just nominated but getting him onto the supreme court, justice gorsuch, who is doing a great, great job at the supreme court. and appointing so many other great judges throughout the country. it was so important. it was so important. soy appreciate that. you finally have a government that is going to defend you and stand up for you and your country. america is being respected again. something happened today.
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we are -- a country totally disrespected us uncalled with very important news. one of my generals came in and said i have to tell you. a year ago they would have never done that. it was a great sign of respect. you'll probably hearing about it. this is a country that did not respect us. this is a country that respects us now. the world is starting to respect us again, believe me. under our new framework, you will dramatically cut the business tax rates on american companies and workers can win against those foreign competitors who are winning in many cases because they have an unfair advantage. we will cut the corporate tax rate from 35% and more all the way down to no more than 20% below the average of our major
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competitors from other countrie countries. the biggest winners from this transformation will be everyday families from all backgrounds, all walks of life and our great companies which will produce the jobs. they are going to produce jobs like you've never seen before. when companies leave our shores, it's the american workers who get hurt, and when companies stay in america and moved to america, it's our wonderful workers who reap the rewards, including our great truckers who will have more products to deliver and more contracts to fill. that's the way it happens. for the many american truckers who file taxes as sole proprietors, corporations or partnerships, we will cap your top tax rate at a maximum of 25%.
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substantially lower than what you are paying now. the more than 30 million americans who have small businesses will see -- listen to this -- a 40% cut in their marginal tax rate. 40%. i wouldn't want to be a politician against that. they are going to have a long, hard winter. this will be the lowest top marginal income tax rate for small and midsized businesses and more than 80 years. not since 1931 have they had taxes anywhere near that level. [cheers and applause] this huge tax cut...
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two words. huge and rocket. can you believe it? rocket. you know what we are talking about, folks. don't worry about it. it will rocket fuel and it will be rocket fuel for our economy. with us today is kevin birch of jet express who's been in the trucking business for more than 40 years. where is he? kevin. 40 years. you don't look that old, kevin. good. good job. kevin says that if congress passes our tax relief and reform plan, he will be able to invest in new equipment and additional training for his dock workers, drivers, and technicians. he wants to create more american jobs, and we are working to help him do exactly that.
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plus we are working on a tax write off that will be almost immediate with your investment. that's something that you've never seen before. and that's part of our plan because companies, in order to compete, over the next five year period allows our framework and within our framework that you write off 100% of the cost of new equipment in the year you buy it. when have you heard that? it's going to be a big one. that's going to be big. i've had calls from great, great business people. they said mr. president, did you really say that? i said yes, i did. i might say they do call me mr. president. it's very interesting. i've had friends for years. they know me. hey, how's it going?
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now they see me and they are all uptight. mr. president. it's weird. i said, will you please loosen up question we've been friends for 30 years, and they get a little bit tight but they are impressed with the one year immediate right off. that's what they are impressed by. i think they are very impressed. we want our companies to invest and expand because that means more jobs, more products rolling off the assembly line, and more truckers delivering those products to stores all across our country. finally our framework encourages american companies to bring back the trillions and trillions of dollars in wealth parked overseas. trillions of dollars. our current tax code actually punishes companies for keeping their headquarters in america. you see that. that's happening. they are being punished.
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it discourages them from bringing back the profits they earn overseas. in 2016, american multinational companies kept 71% of their foreign earned profits overseas and away from our country. our framework will totally reverse this, and it's a very, very troubling trend. we will be bringing back probably very close to 100% of the money back into our country where it can be put to work, and jobs will be created. [applause] we will totally eliminate the penalty on returning future earnings back to the united states, and we will impose a one-time low tax on money currently parked overseas so it can be brought back home to america where it belongs and
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where it can do its job. my council of economic advisors estimates this change along with a lower tax rate would likely give the typical american household a $4,000 pay raise. could be a lot more than that too. i haven't heard. about a $4,000 amount of money additional for the american family to spend. that's very exciting. and you are going to spend that money. it's going to be put to work and jobs are going to be produced we are going to start making our product again. wouldn't that be nice? it's going to happen. by the way, not as part of our text plan but i am right now nina renegotiating trade deals that are so one-sided and so
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embarrassing for our country. you're probably reading the papers. we are renegotiating nafta. we are renegotiating various other deals with foreign countries that are so embarrassing and so horrendous that you would say why on earth would anybody have signed a deal like that. i will also be announcing, as you know, my statement and what will be doing with respect to the iran deal. speaking of badly negotiated deals. we will do that very shortly. to summarize, our plan goes from eight tax brackets down to four. it expands the zero tax bracket greatly. it expands the child tax credit. repeals the estate tax, and special interest tax breaks, cuts the corporate tax rate from much more and equal to 35% tax
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and brings it all the way down to 20% and cuts tax rates for small businesses to the lowest level in more than 80 years. [cheers and applause] >> usa, usa, usa, usa. >> president trump: and our great congressmen, congresswomen, all the people we are working with, all i can say is you better get it passed. they will. i know. and you have great ones here in pennsylvania. for too long, or tax code has incentivized companies to leave our country in search of lower
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tax rates. my administration rejects the off shoring model and we have embraced a brand-new model. it's called the american model. we want companies to hire and grow in america, to raise wages for the american workers and to help rebuild american cities and towns. we are involved all of the world. it's now time we get involved with rebuilding our country. [applause] no one knows america better than america's truckers. every single day from coast to coast and border to border where we will have a wall, by the way. in case you had any doubt. does anybody have a doubt? these guys don't have a doubt. in our largest cities and across the rolling plains, you see the
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incredible beauty of our natural wonders. you see things few people say. in fact, i think you should take a wage reduction you have such a beautiful thing. and we see the enduring strength of the american spirit and those same truckers. what you see is incredible every day. what you see are things nobody else sees, and i want to tell you to the truckers in the room, which is a lot of people. you're going to make more money. you're going to do better than ever before and we truly admire you. you are our heroes, believe me. you are our heroes. over the decades, you have also seen the disastrous consequences of economic surrender. our politicians surrendered. they gave up our country. you have driven past the shuttered factories, watched thriving communities become ghost towns and witnessed
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america's wealth get shipped away to foreign lands. now is our chance to reclaim america's destiny. we can breathe new life into struggling industries and forgotten towns. we can end the special deals for special interests and we will honor the hardworking patriotic americans who make this country run. of [applause] and you can help us stop the store shelves across the country and around the world with more products stamped with those beautiful words that we are going to save this way. made in the usa. we will lift our fellow citizens from welfare to work, from dependence to independence, and from poverty to prosperity. going to say it dve this way.
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american goods will sail across the oceans. american trucks will glide along our highways. so beautiful world those highways be. smooth, beautiful, no potholes. i know. no potholes. i have many friends in the trucking business, and they tell me it's never been like this. they will buy beautiful new equipment. by the time he goes from los angeles to new york and back, they have a big renovation job on their hands. they said they've never seen it like this before. they will be beautiful again. they will be smooth, beautiful highways again. the american flag. do we love our american flag? [cheering]
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i think people forgot how patriotic we are. i think people forgot how much we love our country. they have learned over the last week, haven't they? but american flags rules for high above the roads. our cities and towns will proudly display the flag. our children will be raised in homes filled with love. communities filled with airplanes going back and forth. that's okay. communities filled with hope and a nation filled with pride. we will build this future together as one people and one nation under god.
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[cheers and applause] with your help, and your voice, we will bring back our jobs. we will bring back our wealth, and for every citizen across the land, we will bring back our great american dreams. this is a great and proud state. i am so honored to be with you tonight. thank you. god bless you, and god bless the united states of america. thank you very much. thank you. >> bret: president donald trump in middletown, pennsylvania, at a national guard hangar at the airport. behind him, you can see the 18-wheeler that says "truckers
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for tax reform." speaking to pennsylvania workers, a lot of them truckers, making the pitch for tax reform, seen as a big pitch for his administration to get across the finish line and saying this will be a middle-class tax reform, saying that some $4,000 per american family is expected. obviously they put out a framework of the deal but the details have yet to be worked out on capitol hill. senators and congressmen have been dealing with what the budget is going to look like. as you look at the markets, we can tell you the markets are soaring, as the president pointed to. almost getting to 23,000 today on the dow. s&p 500 and nasdaq. that trend has continued since election day, something the president has been talking about, saying the economy will continue to boom and do so in iraq i feel kind of way, using huge and rocket, two words he
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says he likes to use. let's get some analysis. let's bring in the panel, charles hurt, a.b. stoddard, and tom rogan. commentary writer for the "washington examiner." welcome to washington. this is "special report." charlie, it was classic president trump on this page but clearly they are trying to emphasize the middle-class part of the pitch. >> this is by far the most populist presidency we've had in modern times. i don't ever remember a president campaigning are hosting an event with long-haul truck drivers. if there are people who fall in the category of being forgotten then in politics, they would deftly be some. never heard a president walk offstage to creedence clearwater. i am in favor of all those
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things. clearly the president trump wants to own the news cycle, and i think it's were going to see going forward as he gears up for reelection. he started his speech at 5:50 in the afternoon. obviously he wanted to own the time period. he wants to talk directly to people. the second thing, he's in pennsylvania. he's going after bob casey who is up for reelection. democrat in a state trump won. he is clearly trying to send those signals that he aims to fight for his agenda in places like that. >> bret: he turned to the lawmakers in the crowd and talk about tax reform, saying you better pass it. and then saying they will. let's talk about the reality of this. fox business network had an interview with kevin brady, chairman of house ways and means about the timing. take a listen. >> the pivot is when they agree
3:29 pm
on a budget and giving us the firm baseline. will go after that layout. the ways and means committee conference of tax reform plan with the details. then we begin the mark up in committee. >> as soon as that could happen would be the last week of october? >> a learned a long time ago not to plot out timing. but that would be the perfect timing. >> bret: end of october, beginning of november. to parse that further, the budget lays down exactly the numbers they can deal with, and tells them what they can negotiate on the specific percentages. >> right, and that squabbling is going on behind closed doors. he is trying to make the pitch this is going to be deep
3:30 pm
middle-class focused tax relief plan. and all of those battles that occur from the rift between the conservative wing of the party and the sort of left deficit-focused wing of the party are going on right now. as long as you're people like senator rand paul of kentucky saying if this provides a hit to the middle-class, a tax hike, you're not going to get my vote. that's why these next few weeks are so pivotal. they are not at the details yet. many people could make the case it's going to favor the wealthy and not be fair or helpful enough to the middle-class. it's being kept quiet but it's a heated debate right now. >> bret: >> bret: the house teay caucus has moved forward and they have said we're going to support this framework. they have moved forward with the budget. the real question is in the senate and what that looks like. there are only 30 legislative days left before the end of the year. >> i think, the president today
3:31 pm
with this address, it's about rejuvenating himself. you see how much fun he has with it. the hinting of rockets, whether it's kim jong un or something else. they need a legislative victory. they are running out of time. getting into the details like a state and local tax deduction whether you can get something through without alienating republican members in the northeast of the country. this complexity and a limited window. >> bret: a fox news poll says how important is it for congress to pass tax reform this year. it says extremely, 22%. very, 30%. some want 20%. in other words, people want to see something. >> absolutely. the problem, much like we saw with health care, is going to be republicans, more conservative and moderate republicans. the republican leadership has to understand they're facing a situation where yet again where if they don't figure out a way to come together and come up
3:32 pm
with something and work with donald trump bonnets, donald trump will walk across the aisle and try to negotiate something with democrats. obviously that makes it trickier for a lot of reasons. leadership and getting congress to do stuff. donald trump is not an ideologue on this. and i think republicans make a huge error in not doing everything they can to bring people together and get something done. >> bret: thank you. we'll see later. president trump also making other news today in the meeting with canada's prime minister and the public takedown of another news report. chief white house correspondent john roberts joins us. good evening. stickups a note about what the president was talking about in harrisburg when he said some country that had not been respecting us is now respecting us, i checked with officials. something is up, not ready to talk about it yet. to the other matter at hand, the
3:33 pm
president has long complained he doesn't get a fair shake from many members of the media. today he had high-powered help pushing back against the latest episode of what the president calls fake news. in the oval office with canadian prime minister justin trudeau, president trump denounced in the strongest terms and nbc news report that he had asked for a tenfold increase in the nation's nuclear arsenal. >> president trump: no, i never discussed increasing it. that was fake news by nbc which gives a lot of fake news lately. no, i never discussed it. >> the president got some backup from his secretary of defense. james mattis thing "recent reports that the president called for an increase in the u.s. nuclear our arsenal are absolutely false. this kind of erroneous reporting is responsible. "president trump suggested there should be consequences for such reporting, tweeting: "with all of the fake news coming out of nbc and the networks, at what point is it
3:34 pm
appropriate to challenge their license? bad for country!" >> it's frankly disgusting the way the press is able to write whatever they want to write and people should look into it. >> the president weighed in on north korea for the first time since a meeting with his top national security advisors yesterday. president trump acknowledging he has a tougher approach toward pyongyang than some of his advisors. >> i think i have a little bit different attitude on north korea and other people might have. and i listen to everybody but ultimately my attitude is the one that matters, isn't it? that's the one that works. i feel stronger and tougher on that subject but i listen to everybody and ultimately i will do what's right for the united states and really what's right for the world. it's a world problem. >> the president said he has no issues with his secretary of state, rex tillerson. >> i had a lunch last week and we had a very good lunch.
3:35 pm
we had a -- we have a very good relationship. >> in the meeting with the canadian prime minister, nafta was at the center of the table. president trump insisting that friendship between the two leaders is on solid ground even if the trade agreement isn't. >> we are negotiating a nafta deal. it's time after all these years, and we will see what happens. it's possible we won't be able to make a deal and it's possible we will. we have to protect our workers and in all fairness the prime minister wants to protect canada and his people also. >> as he saw the guests to the door, president trump put what may be a quota on a spat with the nfl. tweeting this morning: "it is about time that roger goodell of the nfl is finally demanding that all players stand for our great national anthem-respect our country." at the west wing entrance, the president gave the league a thumbs up. the president made more news
3:36 pm
today, announcing his replacement for the department of homeland security secretary after john kelly left to become his chief of staff. you will be the deputy chief of staff at dhs. this would mark the first time a person who was a former staff member at dhs is becoming the secretary. if confirmed, of course. >> bret: john roberts, thanks. the devastation is only getting worse three days after several wildfires ignited in california's wine country. the death toll continues to rise out there, and nearly four homes and businesses have been destroyed. as conditions make the fires grow in number and danger. claudia cowan joins us from santa rosa with a look at the ongoing emergency. >> good evening, bret. while some victims returned home today to find they lost everything, in fact some homes like this one here still smoldering after three days.
3:37 pm
as the death toll rises to 21, the size and scope of the disaster is sinking in. the devastation and death toll growing in some of the most destructive and deadliest wildfires in california's history. a bird's-eye view of parts of sonoma county shows entire neighborhoods are completely gone. >> this is just pure devastation, and it's going to take us a while to get out and get through and comb through all of it. >> jennifer and her husband david sorted through the remnants of their home in the hard-hit section of santa rosa. some of their neighbors homes were spared. theirs was not very despicable despicable -- there is were not. >> it was apocalyptic. >> among those lost, 100-year-old charles and his wife, sarah.
3:38 pm
the sweethearts recently celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary. their family took comfort in the fact they were together until the end. >> wondered what would happened if one died in the other was left. they went together. >> 8 million acres have been charred in the west and that number will grow. a sharp northern wind is expected to gust up to 40 miles an hour. >> we are expecting extreme fire behavior and that's going to lead us to challenges. >> also facing challenges, california's wine industry. napa and sonoma are home to 85% of u.s. wine. while the extent of the damage is still unknown, winemakers say they are doing the best i can. >> we kept on doing winemaking without as much technology and electricity. >> these fires have been
3:39 pm
scorched more than 170,000 acres and is the site continues, so does the search for a cause. officials say it was probably not lightning. they say people start most buyers either intentionally or not. >> bret: claudia cowan, thank you. after six weeks of trial and 35 witnesses, the prosecution rested today in the bribery trial of new jersey democratic senator bob menendez. following the conclusion, the prosecution. defense attorneys made a motion for acquittal, citing the 26 teens up in court decision that overturned the bribery conviction of virginia governor bob mcdonnell. the judge has yet to decide on that. court resumes monday. what is in a name? the boy scouts open their doors to girls. why? next. when you have a cold
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>> bret: the figurative "no girls allowed" sign is coming down as the boy scouts announced plans to let girls into some of its programs. it's an historic move for a club that's made significant changes. james rosen joins us with those changes and how some including the girl scouts are reacting. >> good evening, the move to allow girls to sign up for cub scouts came via a unanimous decision by the board of directors. each pack will have the option to remain all-boy or establish a separate den for girls with all dens remaining single gender. older girls will be able to earn eagle scout. "we will -- the chief executive said, adding "we strive to bring what our organization does best,
3:44 pm
developing character and leadership for young people to as many families and youth as possible." early skeptics included donald trump jr., who tweeted: "strange. i thought that's what the girl scouts was for." >> i think though girl scouts are right to be worried. they are saying we have our organization, our traditions. the boy scouts look at this. families wanting to drop off their sons and daughters at the same time. >> maybe it's a good thing for the girl scouts. maybe it's a good thing for girls. they can find programs they are happy with and they feel they can participate in, who cares what the banner is? who cares about what the name of the organization is? it's about bringing young kids together and giving them important life skills. >> the head of the girl scouts caught wind of the plan the summer and wrote to the boy scouts national president in a letter first obtained by buzzfeed "rather than seeking to fundamentally transform boy scouts of america into a coed program, we believe
3:45 pm
strongly that boy scouts should instead take steps to ensure they are expanding the scope of their programming to all boys, including those who they have historically underserved such as african-american and latino boys." today's announcement comes four and half years after the boy scouts changed their rules to admit openly gay scouts. >> bret: defense secretary jim mattis demanded action from congress during a a speech on monday, saying "there's a real need for more funding for u.s. forces to keep an edge over adversaries." on capitol hill, there's a big debate on big numbers for the military. i asked acting army secretary ryan mccarthy about the fight over defense spending today. >> have to take a hard look at how do we get the next generation capability into our formations. so that our sons and daughters aren't fighting with equipment from the last war in the next war.
3:46 pm
my job is to pair the u.s. army, organize, train and equip them for combat and i have to ask for the funds required to support the mission. global demand is vast. 180,000 people deployed in 140 countries worldwide. >> bret: 180,140 countries. congress is expected to take up defense spending before the new year. u.s. navy has relieved to top officers of the uss john mccain of duty following an august collision near singapore. commander alfredo sanchez and commander jesse sanchez have been reassigned. the cause of the collision with an oil tanker that killed ten u.s. sailors and injured five more is still under investigation. the navy has described it as preventable. next up, the implications of not recertifying the iran nuclear deal.
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>> we are renegotiating various other deals with foreign countries that are so embarrassing and so horrendous that you would say why on earth would anybody have signed a deal like that? i will also be announcing, as you know, my statement and what we will be doing with respect to the iran deal, speaking of the badly negotiated deals. >> bret: president trump and pennsylvania teasing a speech on friday that will be on the iran decision. he will tell sean hannity in an interview airing at 9:00 p.m. eastern time tonight that it was one of the most incompetently drawn deals i had ever seen. we got nothing. it goes into that extensively. if there's a new poll out
3:51 pm
recently about iran in which they asked president trump on iran, too tough, tough enough, about right. the goldilocks answer there is at 44%, about right. we are back with the panel. tom, first of all, for people not following it, this is not getting out of the deal completely. i think that's where people glaze over and say wait a second, we are getting out of this thing? it's just in simple terms. >> basically, if the president decides to declassify the deal that he decides to buy congress, it produces a situation in which congress can have over 60 days to signed on an legislative part. really the functional element is to throw a curveball at the deal, a warning shot if you well. at other question is, when you
3:52 pm
think about the key element of the europeans, especially the french and germans having major contracts in iran, president and france has a close relationship with president trump, that actually help move the ball with macron or it pushes it back. we will see tomorrow. >> bret: frankly, this is about a president not wanting to go about recertifying every 80 days. he thinks this is a deal that's the most incompetently drawn thing he's ever seen. >> it's about breaking a campaign promise every 90 days and he doesn't want to. to decertify, which is what we expect them to do. it will be a symbolic moment but it creates a challenging process. congress can't do anything and its 60 days. they are doing deals with iran and they do not want to reap those sanctions, we will be on our own. congress will do nothing, in which case we remain the deal and nothing has really happen.
3:53 pm
it will definitely take the opportunity, the russians, the chinese, and of course the koreans to find that the americans are always a line and they don't mistake in because they are living up to the actual terms of the deal. is it the spirit of the deal something that president trump has a problem with? of course. his own secretary of defense has said they are sticking, they are compliant. it's in the eye of the beholder. do they do all these bad things? yes. if they are sticking with the terms of these deals and we try to jerk around with that, it will create more problems. >> bret: there is a hearing today up on capitol hill. jake sullivan who works for hearing back hillary clinton and knew a lot about the iran deal in its infancy was testifying at a lot of questions about where the uranium in iran was going. >> you said earlier that 80% of iran's uranium was shipped
3:54 pm
out of the country, yes? where it is it? pgh >> the uranium is in russia. >> how do you know that? >> because there is a supply and procedure to ensure where the uranium is collected any iran used and then stored. >> you know what the uranium is? that's news. nobody else does it. if you credit the uranium with being in russia, it will be an interesting departure from the individuals who don't trust rush on anything. i guess that's convenient. >> bret: you get the sense up on capitol hill they don't want to do it either. >> they didn't like the deal originally, and of course this deal was struck over the explicit objection of congress. how this wasn't viewed as a treaty to begin with is a whole other can of worms, otter, absolute total disregard for constitutionality if you ask me by the previous president. over the weekend sometime come
3:55 pm
up with the president of iran gave a speech saying that tenant donald trump's couldn't roll back the benefits iran has already enjoyed with this deal. he's exactly right. all the benefits frontloaded on the front end and that iran has enjoyed all the cash, the lifting of sanctions. they've enjoyed all of that. we have no teeth left to do this. donald trump is right about this. this is the worst of deal in human history. >> bret: it was a little bit like obamacare where the front side is the good side and we have to do whatever comes afterwards. nbc had a story, trump wanted ten fold increase in nuclear arsenal of surprising peer this set off the resident tweeting a made up story that he wanted a tenfold increase. pure fiction. nbc equal cnn. with all the fake news coming out of nbc networks, when is it
3:56 pm
appropriate to challenge their license? that sent people flying. the defense secretary lisa statement. recent reports that he called for an increase in the arsenal are absolutely false. this kind of erroneous reporting is irresponsible. i have zero time, but i do have a tease. the online show coming up right after this show. we will deal with that question first. when we come back, one man really sticks his neck out there at a wedding. (cheering) a triangle solo? surprising. what's not surprising? how much money sam and yohanna saved by switching to geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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our recent online sales success seems a little... strange?nk na. ever since we switched to fedex ground business has been great. they're affordable and fast... maybe "too affordable and fast." what if... "people" aren't buying these books online, but "they" are buying them to protect their secrets?!?! hi bill. if that is your real name. it's william actually. hmph! affordable, fast fedex ground. >> bret: tonight, a missouri man had an help of an extra tall friend what he proposed to his girlfriend. he recently took michaela on a special tour of a giraffe enclosure to a zoo in springfield. as they were getting behind behind-the-scenes look, she noticed a ring hanging around the giraffe neck. he went on a one need to pop the question ansi said yes. the zoo said the giraffe to be
4:00 pm
an honorary ring bearer. congratulations. take you for letting me into your home tonight. this is it for "special report"" "the story with martha maccallum" is now. >> martha: breaking tonight, moments ago, president trump in front of a fired up audience of truckers in pennsylvania saying truckers are the lifeblood of this country and promising his tax cuts will mean an extra $4,000 in the pocket of every family in this country. if that is where our story begins on this wednesday night. i'm martha maccallum. let's show you some of the highlights from the scenes in harrisburg. >> we want lower taxes, bigger paycheck, and more jobs for american truckers and american workers. already, we are seeing the incrediblets


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