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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  October 17, 2017 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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because "outnumbered" right now. >> harris: fox news alert now with president trump about to welcome the prime minister agrees to the white house, the two leaders are expected to hold a joint news conference after they meet. where president trump could get questions on the iran nuclear deal, his new push for tax reform and the ongoing push for health care reform or the latest threat from north korea. a lot to cover with him always. he saw him yesterday. we will see him again today with the prime minister of greece. we will bring that life. >> sandra: fox news alert, resident trump and vice president pence both hitting the road today, making a big push for the top item on the white house at agenda.
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tax reform. this is "outnumbered" pair here today, harris faulkner. republic and strategist and fox news contributor lisa boothe. democratic strategist and fox news contributor jessica tarlov. and today's #oneluckyguy, former republican presidential candidate, fox news contributor, and radio talk show host, herman cain is here. good to have you because if there's one thing you know, it's taxes. >> herman: i've been studying taxes for 25 years. exactly. happy to be here. >> sandra: a lot to get to. tax reform taking center stage today. president trump advise president pence speaking about taxes at separate events later today. the push comes after the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell yesterday. where trump emphasized their united front on taxes. >> we are fighting for the same thing. we are fighting for lower taxes, big tax cuts. biggest tax cuts in the history of our nation. fighting for tax reform, we have
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been working together long and hard. we think we are in good shape for the budget. we hope to be in good shape with it again. the largest tax cuts ever passed in this country. >> sandra: meantime, house speaker paul ryan says he thinks the hospital has a tax overhaul bill by early november. and it will make it through the senate to the president's desk by the end of december. but first, the senate is expected to vote on a budget resolution this week, which has to pass to pave the way for publicans to take up the tax bill. earlier, i spoke with republican senator jeff flake of arizona who is up for reelection, with the implications would be for him if they don't get this done. >> i think everybody is in trouble if we don't get tax reform done. we've got to show that we can put something across the finish line. we've been talking about this forever, spent over 30 years since we had any significant tax reform done and it's time to do it. republicans have a majority in the house and the senate. we got the white house, so we
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better get it done. >> sandra: doesn't look like democrats are going to just stand by. here is editor joe mansion of west virginia also up for reelection. >> only met the president about four weeks ago, he said this is not going to be a tax cut for the rich, the planet came out seems to be a tax cut for the rich. i'm hoping that now the white house once we get something in front of us will weigh in and say that's not our intent, that's not what we want to start making adjustments because adjustments need to be made. you got to give a break not just at the top end but to the middle class. >> sandra: i think we are going to show a live shot at the white house right now. the leader of greece arriving there to meet with the president today. we've had our camera on that. that just happening a few moments ago. president trump welcoming the greek prime minister head of the joint news conference as you heard harris at the top of the hour say. i will be happening just a little bit. we will get to that the first,
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herman cain, could we get the timeline on taxes out of the way first because it seems to be the first question to lawmakers all day long is it's going to happen for a all and is it going to happen by the end of the year. paul ryan laying out a very aggressive timeline thing is going to pass through the house end of november, past or the sun end of december on the president's desk before christmas. >> herman: it can happen but let me tell you the two biggest barriers are going to be. number one, democrats. you just played joe mansion using the identical democrat negative talking point saying it is a tax cut for the rich. no, it is not. this is what gets me infuriated. it is not a tax cut for the ric rich. they defined the rich is a corporation whose rates are going to go from 35% to 20%. that's not helping the rich. that's helping people who create businesses. and secondly, maybe the rates for the top earners go down a couple of points but the big decrease goes to the 30 million small business people who will go from the top rate of 38% down
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to 25% and those that are job creators. the democrats are going to continue to push that negative rhetoric about what it is and what isn't. >> harris: are out there selling this tax plan, what makes people tune in and listen as the president saying the average american household. we'll get a $4,000 raise under this plan. if they can sell that point, where does this go? >> lisa: that's with the trump administration needs to do. the need to take this message to middle-class voters across the country, particularly in states like west virginia where you see senator mansion there, a state that trump won by 42 points, the state of west virginia so we need to put a focus on not. but i'm going to add some of the hurdles that you just lay down. one of the budget resolution that is coming this week, particularly when you have senator cochran who is out due to health concerns so that narrows the votes down for publicans and buy one. so you're already talking about razor-thin margins for republicans to get these things
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done, particularly when he hadn't in the tax reform. if he is out, that means they are looking at 51 votes that takes it down by one. so that makes those margins a lot thinner, making it a lot tougher for republicans to get this done. >> harris: we are on day 21 or some like that with the menendez trial in new jersey. so he could be out and they said yesterday, the judge that the charges could stick so he could see a democrat kind of thrown out of the mix there which would put it back in republican hands. >> jessica: still a very thin margin. >> harris: if he doesn't come back in time. >> jessica: there is a lot in the budget resolution that is problematic. >> harris: on a talk about how the president is getting in on tax reform and what i call the tax cut game. he has got an entire talk radio row set up in the old executive office building today and you see guys like chris plante and conservative voices on talk radio talking about tax reform and the proposal today. that's really smart.
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he's utilizing something that we know is tried-and-true particularly with g.o.p. listeners, but you've got it there under the auspices of the white house with the old executive building. it's an interesting play. >> herman: that's one of the ways that he can get the correct message to the people. in addition to his twitter account, which a lot of people don't like, but this is how he reads about it. they follow him, and now he's going to bring it to the people. that's how you're going to do it because like i said, the democrats are going to continue that same negative attack about what these tax cuts would do. for the democrats do seem to be shown that they're just trying to get in the way of this. >> jessica: certainly they are and i'm thrilled to meet you and you joining us today. this is a tax cut for the wealthy. we are getting a tax cut to jpmorgan, not the middle class americans. as of the $4,000 tax cut appraisal but there are other appraisals out there that shuts a lot closer to $1,000. we also are discussing the fact
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that's getting rid of the estate tax, the alternative tax medicine here in 2005 which is the only year we had tax returns costing $30 million but he doesn't want that either. every middle-class american may not necessarily do better for this. the white house has a messaging problem. >> sandra: you're ignoring the messaging from the white house because they rolled the paper this week and it spilled out with very clear math how they come up with that 4,000 number. >> jessica: i'm saying there alternative analyses out there that show that it won't be that way and when you just say it's a cut for the middle-class, just give them a cut then, don't rely on corporations to roll it down. we have seen time and time again the trickle down is not as effective as her publicans would like to make it out to be pretty give middle class americans a cut. >> herman: have got to weigh in. bless your heart. it's nice to meet you. this is the problem. >> jessica: i know what that means.
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>> herman: jpmorgan doesn't represent the risk. large multinational corporations don't represent, they are the job creators credit is how they are framing this message that it is a tax cut for the rich and that is simply wrong. businesses take cash and expand their businesses create jobs. >> lisa: the good news is they can bypass the obstructionism from the left by using the reconciliation process, allowing them to get this done on a party line basis which is the president giving a policy speech tonight a group like heritage just as important as it is for him to hit republican talk radio's and the conservative outlets is just as important to get these conservative policy groups and think tanks on board like atr americans for tax reform, like heritage, because they are going to go out there, look at legislation like this and that's going to influence groups like the republican study committee also on all cylinders as well. >> harris: what you're saying is he's hitting on all cylinders
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going to people who are even outside of his base necessarily because everybody listens or watches on one of those groups that you mention. would you go back to something that sandor just said. the white house chief economist had said that he looked at the numbers and where people would see a jump on the bottom line and he said it could be as high as 9,000 for some households. the big question is an answer that we don't have any here as a representative jim jordan saying this. we still don't know what their income levels are looking like. so i would say to you jessica for democrats they are basing a whole lot of what they don't know yet. income levels are important and i would say to others at the white house we still don't know what your income levels are so we can match what you're saying against anything. we can see your math but you have answers that we don't have yet. >> jessica: is an issue for the american people. we saw the anxiety about not having all the answers. >> harris: i care about the american people. they have betting on the hole, republicans, even the ones in the swamp care about the american people.
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>> sandra: even the democrats best possible tax reform plan that they could ever put forward if they did would still be based on forecasted estimates. there's no way to have concrete notions. >> jessica: that's fine, i just don't understand if you want to make the case that this is better for the middle and lower class, why do you not just go and give them a big tax cut and not do it through the corporate tax rate. you are lowering the upper-class tax rate read i know that they contribute the most to the economy. the one democrat analysts have said there may not be as much a one-on-one match between the trickle down, that you do have to do one and then the other. am i wrong about that? >> herman: you are absolutely right and let me tell you something about some of these think tanks. and from personal experience that was a think tank that characterized my plan. and they change the assumption to get the result that they wanted to get the talking points that they wanted on it and then you wouldn't find it unless you read all the way to the end of the report that i respect all of
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these analyses, that's well and good, what i'm saying is the democrats are good at framing their talking points with whatever source they want, and is the problem and that's why i'm glad to see the president trying to get his message out directly on all parts. >> harris: and he's doing it today. before "the wall street journal" editorial board was critical of the tax policy center for that very point and the fact that they're making too many partisan assumptions off of basically what we have right now, which is simply a framework and a lot of these dynamics are going to change as i mentioned before the show when that framework turns into legislation. but to get into the new wants, once you get into the details with this legislation is actually going to look like, we're going to see a lot more scoring from various groups and we are going to see possibly more optimism from certain members of congress or opposition. >> harris: i just want to quickly said that this is an opportunity for democrats to push in the same vein with republicans. let's all see in the income levels, let's all see more detail. rather than getting out and
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saying this is never going to work. >> jessica: i think the fact that we use the tape of joe mansion is incredibly important because he is our most conservative member. there many democrats that don't even think that he should belong in our party anymore. he has been very willing to work with president trump. >> harris: is a segue to the other side of the aisle. >> jessica: i'm happy to keep him but i'm saying if you had joe mansion out there using that same rhetoric that bernie sanders wed and this is the responsible person who knows that his state was won by president trump by 42 points, maybe there's something to what he's saying here. she wait for all of the forecasts of this idea that only liberal think tanks destroy conservative policies. >> sandra: let's talk about what's at stake politically here because referred from senator lindsey graham who said of his own party if we don't pass tax reform, we are dead. >> herman: people will stay home, period. that's what they will do. people are not going to say i
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want a dishonest democrat over a republican who can't get the job done, they will simply stay home. that's the big danger that they run. so the rhetoric and the definition of the rich, this is the problem that i have. >> harris: you just that everybody there. >> herman: defined the rich as corporations. that's wrong. corporations are not the rich. they're also low corporations out there that are losing money. >> jessica: out take all the blessings i can get. >> sandra: fbi releasing documents that showed former director began drafting a hillary clinton exoneration statement month before the fbi held key interviews and the probe for emails. so now what? plus more threatening rhetoric from north korea. this time coming from the deputy u.n. ambassador. so how should the united states respond?
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>> sandra: as he sat just a few moments ago, the greek prime minister welcomed at the white house. they are meeting inside the oval office and we are waiting some video inside.
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they are likely to discuss the seven nuclear deal, push for tax reform, health care could come up, you never know it's on the table but the president right now meeting with the greek prime minister head of the joint news conference will take place in just a little bit. of course, that is an opportunity for the president to answer questions and that is why i say all of those topics will be on the table. herman cain, this is a very important moment. the two world leaders will be meeting, the president obviously another opportunity for him to face a lot of the tough agenda that has been laid out. >> herman: absolutely because we know some of the financial problems that greece has been going through and i'm sure they're going to talk directly about it. the question will be what type of assistance will they ask of the united states and what type of assistance will this president be willing to do? here's what we do know, he is not going to just open up the checkbook or any country. he made that clear when he talked about the nato countries. i think it's going to be some very tough talks about what they can do.
9:20 am
>> harris: 's of the greek prime minister in the past and said things about this president that would lead you to believe he didn't like him very much pretty sad i hope we don't face that evil. as a quote from 2016 when president trump was a candidate but now he is softening and he says to be honest, i know very little about donald trump so he looks forward to getting to know him. this will be interesting. >> president trump meeting with the greek prime minister in the oval office right now. we are going to be seeing them shortly. there they are. listen. >> thank you very much, everybody. it's an honor to have prime minister tsipras of greece with us. as you know, greece has gone through a lot over the last number of years, but they are doing a terrific job of coming back and they will be back and we are working with them on many different things. they are upgrading their fleets and airplanes. the f-16 plane which is a terrific plane. they are doing big upgrades and we are doing trade with greece,
9:21 am
and we are going to have some meetings right after this, having meetings with the staff, having a luncheon with the staff also and we will be talking about additional ways where greece will help us and we will help greece. but we've had a long time relationship with greece. they've been great friends and loyal friends and allies. we look forward to our discussion today. thank you. >> thank you, mr. president. thank you for the invitation and the hospitality. i am sure we will have very fruitful discussion today. this is a very important moment for our corporation and i'm sure will do whatever it takes. greece has been a business partner in a very sensitive region. very reliable partner for the united states. and we share common values. don't forget that values of
9:22 am
freedom and democracy that we share altogether. so very happy to be here right it's an honor for me. >> it's my honor, thank you very much. obamacare is virtually dead, at best you could say it is in its final legs, the premiums are going through the roof, the deductibles are so high that people don't get to use it. obamacare is a disgrace to our nation, and we are solving the problem of obamacare. thank you all very much. >> sandra: president trump and the greek prime minister alexis tsipras wrapping up just a few moments there. off to a luncheon now where they will continue their conversation as the president said on ways the united states can help greece and ways that greece can help the united states. heard an interesting comment from the greek prime minister talking about the values that we
9:23 am
share of freedom and democracy. the president did take one quick question there on obamacare saying obamacare is virtually dead. it is a disgrace to our nation. we'll hear more from the president and the greek prime minister in a little whil while. >> harris: we will move on down to new threats from north korea of nuclear war. this time from the deputy u.n. ambassador who told the u.n. general assembly committee yesterday the entire u.s. mainland is within north korea's firing range. he said this, the situation on the north korean peninsula with a attention of the whole world's focus has reached the touch and go point. a nuclear war may break out at any moment. hours after that, deputy secretary of state john sullivan said the united states is not ruling out the possibility of direct talks with north korea. secretary of state rex tillerson said just this past weekend president trump wants to keep work working on diplomacy. >> he has made it clear to me to continue my diplomatic efforts, which we are, because those
9:24 am
double medic efforts will continue until the first bomb drops. >> harris: former u.s. ambassador to the u.n. john bolton says we have to keep our eye on the ball. >> they are definitely getting close to the capacity to hit targets all over the continental united states. they said the other day that they would negotiate until they already had that capability. so time is running out. it has been running out, and it has landed in the trump administration's lap. nobody should be under any illusions that after 25 years in getting this close to the finish line north korea's going to be talked out of its nuclear weapons program. that is not going to happen. >> harris: what i find interesting about what the ambassador bolton just said right then herman is that this is a situation where we will know how close are getting because they'll be asking to talk about it because they'll be ready to negotiate with something already in their hand hands. >> herman: this war of words has just started. these new threats are just an iteration on the old threats. kim jong un has been saber
9:25 am
rattling for quite some time. he's trying to provoke this president. they believe that this president is going to be impulsive but he's not. they've got the united nations laying in talking about nuclear war can break at any time. >> harris: is that helpful? >> herman: no, that's not helpful and is not his responsibility to be trying to interpret what kim jong un is doing. i have said over and over and over, kim jong un, i know you're not listening but don't do anything stupid. this president with his military advisors have said i don't believe they're going to strike first. we are not going to strike first but if kim jong un does something stupid for whatever reason, then our military is ready. general matta said it just a couple of weeks ago. >> harris: are you worried about what that could look like? before i am worried about that will look like because that means a lot of innocent people will be killed. it was only going to be two militaries fighting it out, that's one thing but a lot of it innocent people. the collateral damage.
9:26 am
before it was interesting the other day, and her international law profession or was saying that the past three ministrations using sort of different tactics all ended up at the same place with north korea. with the trump administration's, he calls it unhinged and off the cuff rhetoric has actually put korea and russia and china into position where they don't really know what the trump administration is capable of or what president trump will do. so that gives him a certain kind of leverage at the past administrations hadn't. he points the u.n. resolution in getting china and russia on board with that as evidenced by the fact that president trump's rhetoric that sort of move the dial little bit or at least a given president trump that level of uncertainty and leverage to potentially who knows what that will lead to, but just being different from the past administrations. >> harris: we have run up against the clock here because we had some breaking news but just a "yes" or "no" if you can do democrats get on board with what were publicans push for here so that we are unified against amanda and?
9:27 am
>> jessica: more likely than tax reform. >> harris: president trump announcing obamacare dead, finished, but despite that tough talk, can you get behind a bipartisan fix? what key republicans as the president told him about health care negotiations.
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>> obamacare is finished. it's dead. you shouldn't even mention it. it's gone. there is no such thing as obamacare anymore. it is -- and i said this years ago. it is a concept that couldn't have worked. it in its best days, it couldn't have worked. >> sandra: that is president trump yesterday pronouncing obamacare dead, but despite the blunt talk, top republicans as the president tells him he wants a bipartisan bill while he tries to undo the obama health care law by executive order. this from senator lamar alexander earlier today. who shares the health committee and is working with democrats to
9:32 am
stabilize the obamacare markets and continue those subsidies. >> president trump has encouraged me to work with senator marie and get a bipartisan agreement. he says he doesn't want people to be hurt in the interim while we are debating the long-term policy of health care. >> sandra: by the tennessee republican says he won't back any deal that lacks expanded flexibility for states because without it, he can't get enough support from other republicans and he just heard from the president herman cain a few moments ago from the oval office saying obamacare is virtually dead and called it a disgrace for a nation. >> this is what i hear from callers every day and the other thing that makes me nervous about trying to get a bipartisan deal, democrats have been consistent. they want to try and prop up obamacare. it can't be propped up. they want to try to stabilize the insurance market. they can't state be stabilized on this conditions. that's why the negotiations make me nervous as to what they come up with because if you continue
9:33 am
to make payments to insurance companies, i assure you it won't pass in the house. >> sandra: what's the other option? >> herman: the other option is repeal and replace in its entirety. it'll be tough to get to fix devotes in order to an, but here's the good news that i just found out last weekend. the doctors are going out on their own. they are doing what they called direct patient care where they are charging people a monthly fee for basic primary services as well as designated specialists. i'm telling you, doctors are fed up. the american people are fed up. i believe that other alternatives are going to emerge if they can't come up with a plan. >> harris: doctors know that they hold a leverage in all of this now. we've done so many reports about how there's a shortage of doctors right now in the obamacare exchanges and in those plans because they don't get the money that they feel like they should out of those plans when the subsidies go away they will exit it. they're setting up situation and patients like it because it means that you determine with your relationship with the doctor how much time you get to
9:34 am
spend together. >> herman: i went to 250 doctors last friday. they are not so much concerned about getting enough compensation, they want to be doctors and provide good care with their patients. at their greatest rub in this whole thing which is why they are saying were not going to wait for a legislative solution. we're going to start going direct to the patient. >> sandra: about that legislative solution, can there be a bipartisan agreement on this? >> lisa: think that there can be. there will be no repeal or replace because authority failed twice and that's why president trump went for these executive orders because he recognized the fact that a caucus that has susan collins and an end lisa murkowski and john mccain and actually expect that they lead the way in saying no, there would've been more who had followed, people in states that took that medicaid expansion which their constituents like very much and we all know you can't take away an entitlement. i do have faith in us. patty murray is a fierce compromiser. she worked with paul ryan on a budget deal. even from a very liberal state but quite moderate in these negotiations. i appreciate what
9:35 am
senator alexander said there. i think it's smart that president trump spoke to him and said i do actually want this. but the rhetoric from yesterday, obamacare is dead, got a little rest back in it today. subtile for trump. i said it was subtile for trump. i was little confused about where he stands on that. we got disgrace. we knew exactly what was happening. i do think to his point, there is some thing to be done on subsidies where we are seeing senator lamar alexander pointing out, chairman of the health committee working with the ranking member of patty murray, but on something broader than that, i just don't see it happening. i don't think there's a place of compromise their between democrats and republicans. so i do think that he is trying to put pressure on congress, what he did with the executive action on subsidies i think he
9:36 am
is trying to put that pressure on congress. >> jessica: a number of republicans spoke out. >> harris: news got made yesterday with the president for the first time spoke up to the cabinet meeting here on outnumbered, he said march and april for reform in terms of obamacare which is the first time that we have heard a timetable. >> sandra: stunning revelations about james comey's clinton email investigation. the fbi just releasing documents that showed the former director started drafting is a exoneration of hillary clinton before finishing his investigation. so what is the fix from the beginning? >> harris: is out of trick question?
9:37 am
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>> harris: the fbi releasing documents. those documents are showing former fbi director james comey began drafting his statement clearing hillary clinton of criminal charges months before his public announcement last july and before the fbi interviewed many key witnesses including before talking with clinton's top aide cheryl mills and brian gagliano who set up the private cerner. and before interviewing hillary clinton herself. but nearly all the details of the company statements are redacted. this news coming on heels of the fbi preparing to release documents about that infamous tarmac meeting between bill clinton and then attorney general loretta lynch right before, he announced that he was not recommending any charges. previously did not exist. i don't think it ever said that word is much but it is key to know that you are drafting an
9:42 am
exoneration letter and you haven't talked to the person you need to talk to for any of them. >> herman: peer and simple. they just got to connect all the dots and put the pixels in. with that many before us, that was no accident. >> lisa: do think they also talked about their grandchildren before the fbi interview with hillary clinton like loretta lynch and bill clinton allegedly did on the plane? of course, the fix is in. you look at all the different factors involved, remover president obama had also came out and said that hillary clinton didn't do anything to put our national security at risk. we know that comey lied under oath but is it under oath of allegedly that he did not call it an investigation. but to call it a matter. we know that he came to the conclusion long before he conducted these interviews so he is essentially just going through the motions. i wonder what they even talked about. so of course, the fix was in.
9:43 am
to understand how more people don't understand that this was getting more attention in the mainstream media. he's been told that he will see the documents. it will be by the end of the month. november 30th. they'll be so heavily redacted and i said to him you won't know what you're missing because you don't have a before and after. >> jessica: i heard the interview. i think that we should see as much of the document as possible. your point about loretta lynch, there are number of people within the fbi that is said that was not a problem. i agree that this certainly looks fishy. read accounts on both sides hear from former fbi officials who say this is standard process that you would start drafting something of this nature early on but is not finished often than others who say this is completely absurd. but we both know that it's a unifying force for republicans and democrats that comey come
9:44 am
look at our lives. >> sandra: looks fishy. >> jessica: i like to see what it said and i've said over and over i like to hear more. >> sandra: unfortunately you're going to have to wait like a month and a half. this isn't just one document. we are talking about 30 documents so who knows what's going to come of that but you don't want to release these. honestly people are going to have something. >> jessica: i hope that we do. i think this is important. there are a lot of important issues out there that we should be talking about as well. it seems like hillary clinton. congress can do though. that's what will be watching for. i imagine that he told because catherine herridge are my does is mourning back in may of 2016, james comey told her it wasn't a double standard. we will see. hopefully they won't redact that part. we don't know. and if all protests are taking center stage today as the league gathers in new york city for its
9:45 am
annual fall meeting. will players be forced to stand for the national anthem? and would that be a victory for president trump? we will talk about it. so glad herman cain is here. >> herman: i have an opinion. [laughter] >> tech: don't wait for a chip like this to crack your whole windshield.
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>> sandra: more "outnumbered" in just a moment but first hear his harris faulkner with what's coming up on "outnumbered" overtime just a few moments. >> harris: when we go ot, here is what we are looking at. the president coming up in just the next hour or so with a prime minister dual news conference. prime minister of greece this year and we can best of the nurse reporters that are waiting to ask questions may do a little question asking about briefs. may want to hit things like obamacare because the president says that's dead now. what does he mean? north korea, iran, and so much margaret also coming up in the
9:50 am
next hour, we'll talk about tax reform and mainly the plan to to cut taxes for millions of americans by the president. he talks about it tonight. busy calendar. we are all over it. back to you guys. >> sandra: you are on it. thank you. fox news alert peered all eyes on the nfl as owners and players gather right here in new york city for annual fall meetings. they are arriving at this moment and there are protesters gathered outside the new york headquarters. national anthem protests expected to be a big item on the agenda of course as a league is getting pressure from the congressional black caucus to allow players to kneel to protest police brutality. in the meantime, the nfl has decided to formally endorse a bipartisan criminal justice reform bill to reduce sentences for certain low-level crimes. here's what hillary clinton had to say on sunday when she weighed in on players taking an any. >> that was not against our aunt them or our flag.
9:51 am
that was actually nailing is a reverent position. it was to demonstrate in a peaceful way against racism and injustice and are criminal system. >> sandra: and here is president trump's response. hold on, herman cain, to those remarks. >> that's why she lost the election. honestly, it's that thinking is the reason she lost the electio election. when you go down and take any or any other way, you were sitting essentially for a great national anthem. you are disrespecting our flag and you're disrespecting our country. >> sandra: herman cain, you have the floor. >> herman: go back to what hillary said made absolutely no sense because if you go back to what: keppra nick first said, he said and i quote, i sought on video, this is to protest the injustices in america. first, there is no rabbit injustice in america. we've come a long way.
9:52 am
i grew up and injustice in the 50s and 60s. secondly, a lot of people have picked up on that lie and jumped on the bandwagon not knowing what bandwagon they were getting on. and as far as the black caucus and everybody else saying they should be allowed to kneel, i have a breaking news announcement. they are not your football team. it's like any business. you have rules for your workers, for your players, and they are going to be expected to adhere to the rules, pure and simple. >> sandra: president trump has responded to hillary clinton's remarks saying this just shows she is out of touch and why she lost the election. >> jessica: and halfway through her book and i can tell you that this is not the reason that she lost. there are whole of their host of reasons. i would say that there are a lot of americans, majority of americans who disagree with you about your stance on injustice in america. that cuts across racial lines, whites, blacks, hispanics, there is injustice and specifically in our criminal justice system,
9:53 am
there's a tremendous issue for the african-american community summoned that they are out on the front lines and we saw this throughout the election with the black lives matter movement. i think what secretary clinton said was spot on. i think it was important that she did speak out on it and i hope and obviously understand this is a private institution but i hope that these players are not forced to stand during the anthem and that they can exercise their first amendment right. >> sandra: herman would like to respond to that first. >> herman: let's go back to the three strikes and you're out that was signed by president bill clinton. when he signed three strikes, you're out back in the early 90s, people going back into jail in the desert double digits. now they want to blame it. speeches of the position of colin kaepernick is either anti-american and you're kneeling for the flag or antipolice as evidenced by the sox the war depicting police officers as pigs. both of those things are bad in my opinion. the nfl should not be weighing in on legislation.
9:54 am
is not a political entity. it is a sports entity. they are supposed to go out, do their job and simply play a sport. it's pretty easy. i'm not done yet. the problem is, president trump is absolutely right. this is one of the reasons hillary clinton lost. theirs is feeling in the country that the left want to do away with tradition. look at what happened to the boy scouts. political correctness killed 107-year-old institution in this country. that is a concern. you look at the kneeling for the flag, that's a disrespect to many americans, many veterans as evidenced by polling of the disrespect to the flag. there's a feeling that they are trying to do away with tradition president trump with the opposition of this, which is what had led to a lot of americans turning out to the polls. before you think that trump should be spending his time doing this? we know the first week and he came out about this, spend more time on steph curry, lebron james and his nfl players than on puerto rico. he said that people on the left want to do away with tradition spread we don't. we want to make sure this country is equal for all that everyone is represented. i believe in that.
9:55 am
>> herman: with all due respect, this is what's wrong with this discussion. you're talking about the criminal justice system, but a lot of people who are on this bandwagon talking about america in general has all of this injustice. it is not. >> lisa: it does. i don't know how you can say that. if you look at the data going across from the criminal justice system to the wage gap, how are you saying? i'm not. injustice comes in many forms. it comes in criminal injustices, environmental injustice, health injustices. >> herman: all of this deserves -- be to bring this full circle back to what the president has said in the wake of all the nfl protests. i have to defend the military. i have to defend the american flag. if the president's take. >> lisa: i understand that. i do nothing that he has made himself useful in this debate. i think that when you look at the fact that there --
9:56 am
bill hemmer and i discussed it -- got up to 200 players kneeling because the president of the united states mentioned this. there are number of veterans think it's fine. >> sandra: you can tweet us your thoughts. more "outnumbered" in just a moment.
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>> it got hot in here. herman cain, thank you for joining us. nothing personal here. >> i feel great. >> really good to have you. >> we are back tomorrow at noon eastern. "outnumbered overtime" starts right now. >> harris: we are just minutes away from a joint news conference between president trump and the greek prime minister and the rose garden, let's go "outnumbered overtime," i'm harris faulkner. today's press conference comes after the president's fiery and wide-ranging one yesterday. the white house makes a big push for tax cuts and tax reform, president trump looks to sell that plan this evening after telling reporters that he and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell are united on tax reform. >> we are fighting for lower taxes, the biggest tax cut in the history of our nation. we are fighting for tax reform as part of that. we have been working together long and hard, we think we are in good shape for the budget, we


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