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tv   Media Buzz  FOX News  October 23, 2017 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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howie: the media pounces on president trump for suggesting other presidents rarely call the families of fallen soldiers. and criticism of his call to the which dove a fallen soldier. >> i was told that he didn't often, and a lot of presidents don't. they write letters. >> what the president said was false. he said i don't know, i was told, maybe he did, maybe he didn't, and that, too, was false. >> now someone is politicizing
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the entire event. >> i don't think anybody republican or democrat that if the president was going to call the wife, that he would belittle her. >> it's another matter when the president then called on that chooses to deride the grieving family of a fallen soldier as liars. >> you have to be a sick, ugly person that puts politics first to think that the president got up out of bed, purposely got on the phone and wanted to hurt this family after what happened to them. howie: is the media holding the president to a different standard than other presidents. are these fake news attacks taking a toll?
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jimmy kimmel admits his political attacks are driving away republican viewers and he probably wouldn't want to have a conversation with them anyway. howie: women speak out about sexual assault under the hashtag "me too." >> when you have 50 women coming forward, it's a watershed moment. it's triggering unreleased pain and suffering a lot of women have had. howie: a front page "new york times" story on sexual harassment against bill o'reilly, a case that hasn't been public until now. this is "mediabuzz." it began with a press conference
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question about why president trump hadn't said anything publicly about four american soldiers in niger. he said his predecessors rarely called the families. when congresswoman freder ica wilson who was there. >> what did you hear, tell us about this phone call? >> i didn't hear the whole phone call, but i did hear him say, i'm sure he knew what he was signing up for, but it still hurts. president trump: i didn't say what that congresswoman says. i didn't say what she said. i would like her to make the statement again. i did not say what she said. i had a very nice conversation
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with the woman. >> it's a disgrace on the part of the media to try to portray an act of kindness and that gesture into something it isn't. howie: joining us, shelby holliday, jessica tarlov, and kimberly guilfoyle, co-host of "the five." what made this explode is the condolence call to the widow of sergeant johnson. the congresswoman says the white house is full of white supremacists. kimberly: i think it's shameful to be politically opportunistic
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to make those statements. does anybody think the president of the united states would not show incredible compassion and kindness to someone grieving, lose be a family member, losing a son they loved so dearly. it's sad that it's fallen this far being disrespectful to the loss of loved ones. i don't think she gained anything. howie: the whole thing is sad. everything that's previously obscure. the congresswoman says i'm a rock star. jessica: the rock star community i haven't gone for. accusing general kelly of being racist or his comments was the way to go here. but it's important to hold on to the fact that this began with
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president trump when he talked about what barack obama had or hadn't done, revealing he had private conversations with the s become a week of coverage so nobody looks good in this thing? shelby: we have been talking about who called who.
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and the reporter was asking why we can't heard about the four fallen soldiers. we ended up here five days later. the political football continues to be thrown. everybody is politicizing it from president trump and general kelly and the congresswoman. howie: let's revisit the moment when john kelly, white house chief of staff who lost a son in afghanistan came out in the briefing room and said this. >> i was stunned when i came to work yesterday morning and broken hearted at what i saw a member of congress doing. he knew he was getting himself into because he enlisted it was where he wanted to be with exactly the people he wanted to be with when his life was taken. that was the message. howie: general kelly who heard the call, defending the
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condolence call. did he bring the focus back briefly to the ultimate sacrifice made by american soldiers. kimberly: who better to speak of it other than a mane who lost his son. he's continuing to serve his country honorably and faithfully being in a position that's not easy. when he talked about that, that was bringing something personal and raw from his family. he was in the room. he stood up and held the line and told the truth about what happened. i think the winner in that was general kelly. and freder ica wilson changed herself by attacking a gold star general member with john kelly. howie: some in the media
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demanding kelly apologize because he didn't accurately describe a speech she gave. so he got something in this as well. jessica: i blame president trump for that. john kelly is an incredibly private man. he went out there for the sake of the administration. he didn't refute the account of the mother or frederica wilson. i think donald trump's intentions were good. >> it seems very few journalists are willing to say. jessica: general kelly has advised him in the past not to make the calls. there is tape released of
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president trump make those calls. he told young kids, your father died a hero which is exactly what you should be saying. kimberly: he's not doing the expedient thing. he's saying i feel your loss. general kelly stands up and does what he believes in. so to blame president trump for general kelly coming up and telling the truth. jessica: he lied about the 2015 comments. kimberly: i wouldn't call it a lie. jessica: there were gold star families on the rnc stage at well. howie: in defending general kelly this another media furor. let's take a look. >> if you want to go after general kelly that's up to you. if you want to go after a
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four-star marine general i think that's highly inappropriate. howie: did she mean to say that four-star generals should never be questioned or in this case saying it's inappropriate to impugn his credibility on comforting fallen soldiers. shelby: she is saying you shouldn't question the person put out in front of you to answer questions. it's perfectly fair to ask questions. that's your job. general kelly's son who died serving our country is a hero. but you can say when you come out in front of the press as a member of the administration, you have to answer questions. howie: you have members from the
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press calling every gold star family you can find. kimberly: a grief check to see whether the president is compassionate enough to have gone down the list. general kelly did the right thing by standing up. what happened, frederica wilson called him a vasist because he grew up in an irish-american neighborhood. we all bleed the same color. it has nothing to do with you are black, white, asian. howie: i'm not saying it's illegitimate for reporters to call. but i don't think any other president has been subjected to that standard. the press is saying why didn't the president talk about the four deaths in niger. evening news, most of of them
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gave it 30 seconds. nbc did two minutes. fox did the most of, a 4 1/2 minute report. before it was a trump controversy, where was the press in talking about this? jessica: 12 days later. we lost four green berets. so that's the original press fail that turned into other major press fails. howie: kennedy will be here when we come back. the report on bill o'reilly, a story he's calling a smear.
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and change the way you wifi. howie: bill o'reilly signed a big contract deal bevel was later ousted over a series of sexual harassment allegations. but a "new york times" report says fox knew about the sexual harassment between bill o'reilly lis weihl. bill o'reilly said he never sexually harassed anyone. 21st century fox said fox news
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surely would have wanted to renew the biggest star in cable news. prosecutors look into the allegations involving roger ailes who had a legal theory, we hid the fact we had a problem with roger and now they will insist on all come be plant is about bill o'reilly's behavior in if the workplace. matt, o'reilly boasted on the air that he boosted slis we'll's career by putting her on the air. i'll bill o'reilly is calling the allegations crap, it doesn't look good. >> if these allegations are crap, why spend $32 million to settle them? and the second question for fox
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news, even if you really wanted to resign bill o'reilly, megyn kelly had left, roger ailes had left. why didn't you inquiry into the nature of the settlement and amount of the settlement? didn't you have a moral duty to do that with some of the claims made against fox news? howie: the lawyers for the family kept the murdoch family informed. they wanted to keep the allegations involving lis weihl from becoming public amid the allegations involving roger ailes. >> it looks like there was an effort to resign bill o'reilly and look the other way and ♪ inquiry about the nature of this settlement. they did put a protection in the deal where if other allegations
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came up they could terminate his employment, which ultimately happened. there was an overarching to buy the rest of the sky broadcaster in the u.k., that's always been the broadcaster's goal. they looked the other way hoping it would work out howie: you are not buying it was a private settlement between bill o'reilly and lis weihl. other than to put clauses in the new contract that didn't last that long. if new allegations surfaced it could be cause for termination. >> i don't understand that. even though this was a deal between o'reilly and this analyst. this was a fox news employee for 15 years. it's not like she was a woman he
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met at a party in his private life. this happened sat fox news between a fox news person and bill o'reilly. why wouldn't you inquiry about that. howie: mounting questions about who knew what when, do you think this will be a big story regardless because of the sharp media focus with these allegations. the first and officer most of thing is bill o'reilly is trying to get into the cable news world, or news broadcasting world. the claims coming forward is a product of that. also the culture has completely changed. after bill cosby, after roger ailes and all these allegations have been made against very powerful people, the harvey weinstein thing comes in. this morning a director james
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tovak has been accused by 30 women of harassing them. a producer at nickelodeon was fired last week. howie: 21st century fox has been trying to move on from this. but this is a significant setback for fox. it's embarrassing. it's disappointing that o'reilly was given a new contract under these circumstances. in the end the company did fire its biggest moneymakers. the media awash in new allegations. how the weinstein issue is how the weinstein issue is spawning a new online campaig
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howie: every day there seems to be new allegations about harvey weinstein and his company >> harvey win stein cut the last links to his company as the sex scandal winds. today his brother bob weinstein is also facing a sexual pal nation. yet another oscar winner opening up about her encounter with weinstein howie: the sheer volume of allegations against weinstein. beyond weinstein why has this become such a huge cultural story. kimberly: we'll were okay, let's talk about this. and courage pow -- and courageon
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coming forward. you see them coming forward to share and give their voice. having prosecuted cases of sexual assault in los angeles in the district attorney's office as assistant d.a. and san francisco, we take these allegations seriously. there are serious allegations of sexual assault and misconduct. and very investigations internationally with scotland yard. howie: originally i thought it was because you had famous actresses involved like angelina jolie and gwyneth paltrow. and it goes back to david letterman who kinds of got a pass with his own staff. shell require's hollywood, you have glamorous actresses.
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stories you never wants to hear. so many women have come forward, theris -- there is power in num. it's not just with him. it's with other producers. we just saw an amazon head get fired because of the same exact thing. the come knows will continue to fall. but generally the me too movement and empowering women move seattle we have seen online is something i don't think we would have seen if just one person came forward howie: we have other people coming out admitting they knew. attorne tarantino said he knew about it, his former girlfriend told him. he says he feels ashamed.
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he says i knew enough and if i had don't work i should have done then, i wouldn't have had to work with him. anything i say now will sound like a crappy excuse. jessica: it's more than other men have said. it was an open secret. howie: is it easier to do now after the whole world is piling on? jessica: when you have powerful women taking the first step -- gateway was ashley judd. she stood up and said this happened to me and gave it other people in lesser positions cover. and put her name behind it. i just want to add i think the last 18 months considering what happened during the presidential election. it was the beginning of the watersheds talking about sex
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harassment more openly. and i think that's critically important. howie: this story is not going away. nearly half of americans believe the news media makes things up about donald trump. the me too hashtag. is it a turning point or a fad.
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howie: in the wake of the harvey weinstein allegations, the flood gates have opened after womb he were invited to share their stories under the hashtag me
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too. >> this is your movement, this is your time. if i can hold the bullhorn so you can shout as loud as possible, i'm honored to do so. howie: trish, what do you make of this social media explosion with one million women adopting this hashtag speaking about their personal experiences. trish: i think it's fantastic. women need to take the stigma out of this, howie. it need to be exposed. because it's got to stop. i have got two little girls myself. i don't want them growing up in a world where they feel this exists. if this can actually start to change things and start to change people's behavior and
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women feel empowered because they will be support and it won't be toll rated is a good thing. howie: it's been hard for women with powerful boss or colleagues not to speak out. not to rock the boat or risk your job. when you were coming up through the tv ranges did you have uncomfortable experiences? trish: i think it's important for every woman to call it out when she experiences it. call it out when it happens. it takes a lot of courage. but i think women increasingly have that courage. i think that is a tremendous direction to go in. i think different industries have gone through this at different times. you think about the financials industry in the 80s and they went through a similar experience.
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you think about what media and hollywood is going through and what technology is going through. these are industries that didn't experience it later, but they are getting their acts cleaned up and they absolutely need to do that. howie: . the editorial that monsters are everywhere and it paints too dark a picture. trish: she is saying me too is doing that? me ties not exposing anyone. saying me too is -- harvey weinstein. what a creep. and it sounds like judging by these allegations he may find himself behind bars, howie. this is really bad stuff. we are talking about allegations of rape and assault. saying me too is very different. i don't think it's anywhere near the level of what harvey was
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doing. howie: some women have old stories. trish: a woman should never feel uncomfortable. you should never feel uncomfortable in the workplace. you should never feel you are doing anything because there is an opportunity for you. if it takes something like, the me too campaign to make men aware of that. so be it. we live in different times. i get it. but this is for the better of all women and men. howie: this was the weinstein case. hollywood has always said as a community we are about feminism. now there is a dark under belly exposed by the harvey weinstein ugliness. trish: i always considered myself a feminist. i think hollywood has hijacked
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that term. to me if you believe in women, if you believe in the equality of women, you believe in whatever a woman wants to do with her life, become ceo, become president, stay home with her children. all of those things are of value. but in hollywood they have taken the term "fell tonight.line -- d corrupted it to mean their politics. they all knew by the and nobody was willing to say a darn thing until now. howie: coming up here in new york, the president broadens his attack on fake news. but he's spending more time with reporters. what gives?
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plus, nine out of ten plan members surveyed say they would recommend their plan to a friend. remember, medicare doesn't cover everything. the rest is up to you. call now, request your free decision guide and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ howie: president trump broadened his attack on the press his week using his favorite tool, twitter. fiction writers. in a new poll by morning consult and politico, 46% of voters believe news organizations fabricate stories about trump. 37% don't believe that. it's just stunning. i have written about fraudulent
12:43 am
journalism. but as a journalist i find the notion that nearly half the people say we make stuff up is pretty depressing it's pretty rare, actually. kimberly: there are journalists who do an incredible job. so we owe them a large thank you and credit for the work they do. however, in the media people will take stories that are thinly sourced. and there is no truth to them. so he has seen that up close and personal. nowadays anybody can say they are a journalist when they are not if they can start a blog and have a cell phone and take a picture, et cetera, et cetera. howie: the president tweeting this is finally sinking through, he says the media has lost credibility. making stuff up is a serious
12:44 am
indictment. kimberly: that's a separate indictment. you have to be individual and specific in terms of who's doing what. how many stories have we seen that have to be walked back or revisions. there is a thirst that doesn't seem to be able to be quenched for the mainstream media that wants to put forward a story that are negative about the president. they don't want to talk about the job numbers or what he's doing with relation to national security. but if that doesn't fit their narrative. howie: jimmy carter saying feel free to call the * mentally deranged. he's talking to report percent more than ever before. he's taking questions at the helicopter. what explains that? kimberly: that should be
12:45 am
applauded. he's one of the most of transparent presidents we have seen in american history. but that's not good enough for them. you should be happy he's tweeting. he's telling you what he thinks. he's not hiding behind a veil. but he's frustrated. wouldn't you be when you see stories that don't have truth or merit and they don't give him credit for what he accomplished. howie: john mcauliffe said there are more opportunities to question president trump than barack obama in the last 8 years. >> this is very unfair and it doesn't serve the american people who are thirsty and hungry for knowledge and accurate reporting. howie: attorney general jeff sessions was asked about the potential to prosecute journalists for doing their job. >> will you commit to not
12:46 am
putting reporters in jail for not doing their jobs. >> i don't know that i can make blanket commitment to that effect. but we have not taken any aggressive action against the media at this point. howie: is it troubling he wouldn't rule out going after journalists for doing their job? kimberly: the question specifically was criminal. they are make civil remedies, for defamation. but as it relates to reporters doing their job. a free american press that's not afraid to ask the questions. if you are in a position like that, you have got to answer the questions. but you get out there and tell your side of it and tweet and do what you are going to do. and that's what makes this country great and we have a president who is not afraid to do that. howie: the obama administration used surveil yens against james
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rosen. kennedy is here. jimmy kimmel says he doesn't care if his political crusades care if his political crusades are costing
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howie: jim ski kimmel says he knows he's driving conservative viewers away and that's fine by him. >> three years agive was equally liked by republicans and democrats, then the republican numbers went way down like 40%. as a talk show host, that's not ideal. but i would do it again in a heart beat.
12:51 am
but if they are so turned off by my opinion on healthcare and gun violence, then i don't know. i probably wouldn't want to have a conversation with them anyway. howie: joining me is kennedy who hosts the showed called "kennedy." he spoke out about his infant son's shearpt surgery. kennedy: he sound glib. and i think that's why bob eiger came out and made the statement. he's there to entertain and be and comedian and host a late-night comedy show. it's tough when you have put yourself out there politically and you realize half of the audience consume can it wants --
12:52 am
consuming it wants to cannibalize you. you can do a comedy show that's political, but you have to know you are alienating a large swath of people. if he can do that and still carry a late-night franchise, have at it. howie: the audience expects kimmel and colbert and others to wrap their humor in politics. kennedy: there is no more absurd branch of material than politics and politicians themselves. they are constantly putting themselves out there. and they are such fantastic fodder. a lot of those hosts live in a bubble. they work and live around people who share their world view.
12:53 am
so they think the rest of the country is like that. the rest of the country is vastly different. we are all in search of the american dream. jimmy kimmel realized the american dream. he conquered scene industry that is quite difficult on his own terms and he should realize there are other people trying to do the same thing who may have different philosophical means. so don't just alienate them because you see things different on a couple of issues. howie: a lot of attention paid to two former presidents giving speeches aimed at the current president. >> we are rejecting the politics of division. we are rejecting the politics of fear. >> the politics seems more vulnerable to conspiracy theories and outright fabrication. we have seen our discourse degrade by casual cruelty.
12:54 am
howie: are many pundits embracing what george w. bush said base's a republican president who seems to share their views that the president is divisive? kennedy: they haven't read the constitution and they think if they don't like him they can use any means possible to pull him down. when you have a climate that's so divisive and you take one side you are automatically going to divide yourself. howie: didn't the mainstream media denigrate george bush effort to iraq war and he wasn't the sharpest knife in the bunch. there has been no love lost between bush and trump. kennedy: he's being hailed now as a statesman. he actually went away. president obama has isn't afford
12:55 am
himself the same luxury. if he went away i think he would be a more effective tool for democrats. but right now people like former president obama and nancy pelosi and hillary clinton, it's about them. it's not about the message or the economy. in that regard they are being membership critical. howie: thank you so much. rachel maddow under fire for pushing a wild theory tying president trump's travel ban to the ambush of americans
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go to and get two months free. howie: rachel maddow tied the death of the american soldiers in niger to the president and his claitest travel ban including chad. >> chad announced they have
12:59 am
completed the withdrawal all their troops from niger. right after that four u.s. army soldiers got attacked by a large contingent of isis fighters in niger. howie: even the liberal huffenning to post called her theory so flimsy it could be debunked by a quick look at the map. but in an attempt to blame trump she connected a bunch of dots that don't make a plausible picture. that's it for this special edition of "mediabuzz" from new york. i'm howard kurtz. we hope you like our facebook page. respond to your comments. write to us, "mediabuzz," we'll be back in washington.
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see you then with the latest >> a great spirit for it. people want to see it and i call it tax cut and it is tax reformals. i call it tax cuts. it'll be the biggest tax cuts ever. >> 31 years ago today ronald reagan signed comprehensive tax reform. we intend to accomplish that between now and the end of the year. >> we can get this done, we can get a lot done. >> there's no way that you can justify not getting all the information. >> you come from a political family, you think you ever see yourself running for office? >> i don't think so. there's an opening. >> i never like to say never because it'll come back to bite you


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