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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  October 29, 2017 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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arthel: that does it for us. we are back at 4:00 eastern. eric: will be back at 6:00 eastern. stay with us here at the fox news channel. have a great sunday afternoon. leland: president trump: special counsel robert mueller's russia probe a terrible witchhunt for evil politics as washington and the country in waits to see if the first investigation indictment come in. elizabeth: president trump say the folks who did hillary clinton and the democrats in the role they played in the opposition of the dossier. new details on that. leland: football sunday and now lives on the houston texans seattle seahawks game, but not because of the football. new words that the texans may be launching a new protest against their owner. we will tell you why.
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and boy the nfl protest has been going on for more than a month. the reason for protest. i am leland vittert. welcome to "america's news hq" from washington. >> i am gillian turner in for elizabeth prann. charges of robert bowlers russian investigation continue to swirl. reports say an arrest could come as early as tomorrow, but still no word on who the charges have been filed against republican governor chris christie weighed in on the investigation this morning. listen. >> believe me, if you are the person, you know. you've ready been told you are a target. if they coincides to have your status, if you have been told your target you are anyway.
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gillian: jerry tenney live in studio with more. >> we all know that a lack of facts and information never stop folks in washington from speculating. we've seen that a lot over the last couple days. these charges being filed. what we know about "the wall street journal" and others as prosecutors for a special counsel robert mueller presented evidence to a grand jury on friday not ever that was, it was enough to convince a jury to sign-up for an charges one or more individuals. a federal judge sealed the indictment that's supposed to keep a secret that arrests could be made as soon as tomorrow. this morning on abc this week on the adam schiff who is the top democrat on the house intelligence committee said there's pony of evidence to suggest to these charges may be against. >> is from press reports come as likely to be my planner paul manafort. we haven't been informed of who it is than it would have been appropriate for robert mueller to tell us. trained fbi agents raided the
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home of paul manafort is being investigated for alleged money laundering and tax issues has reportedly told others he expects at some point he will be indicted. his attorneys tell us they have not been informed of any charges filed against the client which would typically happen following an indictment. we know president trumps national security adviser michael flynn is also a target of the fbi investigation over allegations he attempted to work with russian hackers during the campaign to get copy of hillary clinton e-mails. his attorneys have not responded to multiple requests for comment. while those are the two we've heard most about, also entirely possible that neither has been charged and on sunday, congressman trey gowdy himself said at this point it's impossible to see how big of a deal the charges are. >> really important whether or not this indictment involves 15-year-old business transactions or 15 -day-old conversations with russia.
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it's important what the charges, important of the person being charged is. >> those facts have been whose charged in what were able to and from the indictment and what it means to the investigation of the whole going forward. >> thanks for that. definitely seems a lot of folks on the edge of their seats carried out for an anxious side overnight while we wait tomorrow. and for that. leland: as we wait for that come republicans uniting behind him against what he called a democratic witchhunt. the president making those claims on twitter this morning asking why there is an investigation in the clinton campaign allegedly paying for russian dossier of opposition research. caroline shively joins us now to d. t-tango the web on this. hi, caroline. >> this morning president trump said democrats should quit looking at him over the dusty i that claims ties to russia and focus on the fact the clinton
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campaign helped pay for it. the president treated in part they look at some may try breccia pollutions which doesn't exist. dems are using the terrible witchhunt for politics. the dossier claims the russian government hopes mr. trump's campaign went and tried to gather dirt on him for potential blackmail. it was put together by british spy, christopher steel. he shared some of his findings at the fbi ran the same around the same time the bureau launched his investigation. part of it is unsubstantiated rumor but other parts at: assessment and intelligence agencies that had russia intervened in the election. >> if they relied on the dossier and didn't cooperate at arvada, we have a serious issue and not the next big the house intel is trying to find out is whether or not the u.s. government relied on it. >> the firm behind the dossier fusion gps had $12 million by law from working with the clinton campaign and democratic
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national committee. the ranking democrat on the house intelligence committee says there's a more important question who wrote the check. >> it doesn't answer the ultimate question, which is how much of the work is accurate, how much is true. my colleagues don't seem particularly interested in the question but that is the most important question for the american people and that is how much of the allegation christopher steel makes are true about the russian government wanting to help the trunk campaign. a lot of that has been cooperated. >> susan collins said representatives from the dnc and clinton campaign should have to re-testify about the dossier funding before the senate intelligence committee. we ran. leland: some involved in the dossier had taken the fifth on that. caroline shively shirt washington. thank you. gillian has more. gillian: j-juliett manchester from the hill. thanks for joining us. just so were on the same page,
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to get a couple of procedural point spread on what going on right now. i want to hear from you on what is a sealed indictment exactly a man what kind of charges, what are the range of charges that can be contained in something like this? we keep reading they've got to be criminal. is that true? >> yeah, we won't know what it is until monday. it could be a range of charges, but we honestly don't know too much about what is going to happen tomorrow. this could be someone as big as michael flynn is the report mentioned a four or more low-level person. gillian: do we know they will report to the original investigation which is president trump's campaign colluding with the kremlin or could this be something else entirely? >> this could be something else entirely. the investigation has been going on about a year now. moeller was brought on in may, but this could be something from before as well.
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>> tomorrow, once this sealed indictment was unsealed, what happens from there? is there a clear chain of events that this kicks into gear? >> we will see what happens from there. it depends honestly who it is. this could be more low-level person in this could be an indictment i would maybe pressure a low-level player in the situation to maybe get someone else indicted in the future so it could lead to future indictment does not make sense. this will be an investigation. it seems this is the way robert mueller had conducted that. gillian: and so, once it is unsealed an indictment is formalized, is the individual who is the target arrested necessarily? what happens exactly on the ground? >> yeah, it'll be revealed and
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all recommend those charges. honestly, we don't know too much about what is going to happen. mark corolla spokesperson for president trump's legal team said recently, think of as yesterday, unusual for prosecutors to file indictments under seal and have been leaked out. is that true also? >> we heard chris christie estate today in a clearly wasn't happy with this right now. we don't know who's going to be indicted at the end of the day. not like it's been entirely leaked i guess at this point. just the timing was late. they could have been. it's not necessarily indicative that there is something malevolent involved here, politically motivated in the release of monday is the day. >> not necessarily. we saw the president treat today it's funny that this is coming
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out before wednesday when we are supposed to work on tax reform. it does lead to those questions. absolutely. gillian: finally come i want to talk about the rest of the white house. it is hard to imagine that this is easy to deal with, that it is good for staff around, things like this tend to subsume any white house, that it is the subject of an investigation, but it is reporting as of yesterday that some of the folks on the tram communication team were caught sort of flat-footed. they didn't realize that an indictment would be coming so soon. have you heard anything about that from your sources at the white house? >> absolutely they were caught flat-footed and didn't see this coming. mueller has almost started to close in on the white house earlier this month. he's interviewing chief of staff rents previous hezbollah sean spicer. it is a bit of a surprise for
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them. >> sound like a whole host of surprises in store for lots of folks. we will keep our eye on this and hope to talk to you about it some more. thanks for joining us. leland: this week, republicans will begin to pull back the curtain on their tax reform plan. they promised its focus on helping the middle class. now they'll have to define the middle class and settle what popular deductions will stay in the bill. even the mortgage interest induction on the possible chopping block. how much tax-free money to put in your 401(k) might change and powerful interest groups spent this week in lobbying publicly and privately to protect their tax status. congressman ron estes served as a straight treasure for kansas and joins us now. nice to see you, sir. appreciate it. >> at afternoon. thank you. leland: there's a lot of platitudes and are short on details. is it a mystery to congressmen
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like u.s. dollar have you begun to get in on some of the specific details here? >> well, a lot of what chairman brady from the ways and means as well as people from the house and the white house and the senate have all been working to prepare this framework in the details are supposed to be released on wednesday so we can see all the details on how they fit into the framework. but overall, we are pushing out how we get rates lower. rates lower for everybody whether as individuals or working families or businesses whether small business or a mom and pop burger business. leland: rates lowers your bottom line for the talking point and you mentioned as well as the middle class, middle class, middle class. define that for us and what are your redline, 401(k) deductions, can they change, are you okay changing the mortgage deduction or not? >> one of the big things we look at lowering rates are some of
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those deductions don't mean as much because if you have your tax rate lower, you don't have to pay as much even if you don't have deductions. we want to make sure we keep the faith and their like retirement savings and childcare credit and making sure that the support working families. >> i understand you want to keep them in there. can you say now definitively i won't vote for a bill that doesn't protect 401(k) deductions as they stand today or since you haven't seen the bill, if everything negotiable to you? >> it's kind of those i don't want to necessarily get ahead of before they presented their thoughts in our tax code if we can get the rate lower, i know i fought through it myself as well how that might affect me and want to make sure we get a good deal for working families and individuals across america.
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tree into one of the places the rates of my lower seen as a great supply-side experiment, you are the treasurer at the time. this is what "usa today" had to say if the tax reform discussion began about the lowering of rates in kansas. brownback may need the governor there, but for the rest of america, it was a useful experiment. it empirically disprove the supply-side hypothesis for lower taxes pay for themselves by generating robust revenue. congress taken now. you are now in congress. what were the lessons learned in kansas you are talking to fellow members about? >> one of the things they missed a night train to compare apples and oranges. the tax cut plans are basically just that, focusing on tax cuts and particularly with small businesses, taxes were cut as well. we want to do an
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across-the-board tax cut in at the same time eliminate a lot of the carveouts, loopholes that weren't necessarily a laminated in the kansas plan. we want to make sure we're doing the right thing. leland: this brings us now full circle. if you go to these days and i'm sure when you're back on monday they are of obvious from everybody from the realtors to the dairy association to the home builders association to the shipping company is all wanting to protect their individual tax breaks and keep the loopholes he talked about that were a disaster in kansas. are you going to stand up and say no to them? >> one of the things in the discussions i've had with individuals and people from these associations if they are looking out what makes the most sense for them. most of them talk about we prefer to have this if we talk about these pieces are there, we can get by with part of it as long as the important parts are
10:16 am
saved in that process. >> i guess where you stand depends an awful lot on where you sit as they say. thank you. we appreciate it. we'll see how many important induction stick around. be sure to watch "fox news sunday" coming up right after our show. chris wallace exclusive interview with congressman trey gowdy. they will discuss the latest on the russian investigation, including those charges filed by special counsel robert mueller. gillian: now turning to the fight against islamic extremists in africa. police and amalia now in control of the mogadishu hotel and an all-night hostage standoff with five auch about militants. the men who stormed the hotel saturday after a suicide bomber set off a car packed with explosives. we know at least 23 people have been confirmed dead at this time in 30 were injured. three of these attackers were killed while the other two were
10:17 am
now in police custody. leland: all right, coming up, nfl team owners controversial words to say the least could lead to a high profile protest on the field this afternoon. we will tell you what he said. plus, defense secretary mattis had a tough warning to north korea to north korea at a president trump's visit to asia that starts on friday. a political panel taking a look at the possible mueller indictment announcements in the russia probe in the president's reaction to all the speculation and his tweets today.
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witness katy perry swish. witness katy perry... aaaaaaw look at that dog! katy perry: with music videos and behind the scenes footage, xfinity lets you witness all things me. gillian: thousands of people opposing cattle in its break with spain are opposing right now a day after the government in madrid and the economy for declaring independence. the constitutional crisis ignited after rent for an end in catalonia this month one in favor. leland: with nfl players protest the seahawks texans game this afternoon, it may be in defiance of the houston team's owner. bob mcnair compared the players protesting during the national anthem to quote inmates running the prison.
10:22 am
will care in our west coast bureau with more. do we not texans will protest or is this something we've got away for? >> it sounds like it's going to happen. but the owners, they are tired because this has been going on all season long, kneeling at nfl games that starts controversy, even president trump has weighed in. one texas player says today's 65% to 70% of the team could mail during the national anthem at the game. reports that texans owner bob mcnair met with the team saturday and expressed his regret in a statement he says. i never meant to offend anyone and i was not referring to our players. i use to figure speech that was never intended to be taken literally. i would never characterize our players are leaked out way and i apologize to anyone who is offended. on friday the naacp in houston and representative al green slammed his comment. >> mr. nick narron, you have
10:23 am
apologized. an apology as an admission of an offense, but the apology is not the atonement necessary for the great events that has been created. >> this all started: kaepernick nasty then. now we are learning a coalition of players has invited nfl commissioner robert caddell to a meeting to work through the controversy. >> will carr nla. we'll keep an eye out there in seattle. thank you. gillian, will product to point this all began with: kaepernick he made it very clear what his protest last season was over. then i had the president weigh in and now it seems people are protesting the protest and now you've got the players protesting their owner who was protesting. who knows. gillian: it's a little bit of a united water situation at this
10:24 am
point to say the least. if we had the opportunity to sit with: kaepernick him he would say i begin this protest against racial injustice in the united defense has to since devolved into tend to 20 other things. we are little but losing the forest for the trees on this. leland: so often you hear the players they were protesting in unity. gillian: tomorrow the meeting they will have with kaepernick and others, there's a chance a productive dialogue couldn't say which would make all of this worthwhile in my humble opinion. leland: there you go. gillian: coming up, break down for robert mueller's russia probe and the fallout that could come for any indictments he announces this week. plus, president trump college republicans unified despite tough words from senator flake in cork are. aren't kristin fisher will have more live from the white house. >> we continued to hear even
10:25 am
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prevagen is the number one selling brain-health supplement in drug stores nationwide. prevagen. the name to remember. gillian: delicate fractures seemingly growing deeper within the gop. republican senator jeff flake and bob corker essentially give up over what they called there anything it's about trump's brand of nationalism. gop critics in trump supporters alike say they're running again could be a risky proposition for both of these better than others. ohio governor john kasich responded on "fox news sunday." take a look. the >> this move towards nationalism are looking inward a lot of voices but i don't have a nothing gets the ball. >> romanus, lie to kristin fisher out by the white house.
10:30 am
>> today we continue to hear even more sounds from republican lawmakers in response to senator flake's call to resist the president. even senator corker who's also been very critical of president trump declined to repeat any of the more inflammatory remarks since he made earlier this week. listen how he responded when asked about them on another sunday show. >> i care deeply about our country. i care even more deeply about it now having been there 11 years. i have been in the foreign relations area the entire time i've been there. i am chairman. i have copies of tillerson often. i talk with him. i talk with national security folks not only here, but around the world and i have a good sense of what is happening. that is my job and i'll continue to do so. >> senator corker declined to answer the question to double down on many of those previous remarks in many republican lawmakers responded in the same
10:31 am
way to senator susan collins remained so she will continue to speak out when appropriate. >> i have not hesitated to disagree with the president whether it's with his comments after the incidents in charlottesville or rhonda very important health care issues. so i am going to continue to do that. i'll work with the president and support his policies when i think he's right, but i will not hesitate to oppose him when i think it's misguided. >> the one unifying issue for our publicans right now is tax reform that is a top priority will continue to push this week. he's expected to announce his -- and also preparing for his big 12 day trip to asia. he'll be leaving for that on friday. an overall this are reports that the special counsel has filed its first charges in chile and, so far this white house doesn't
10:32 am
talk about it, hasn't commented on that at all. >> thanks, kristen could also against the backdrop of the nation that's more divided than ever before. a new "washington post" poll tells a six out of 10 americans believe the president is making the political system here more dysfunctional. leland: something certainly dividing the nation as well. the investigation by special counsel robert mueller into russia's election meddling and reportedly the special prosecutor has filed his first charges at fox news is not yet been able to independently verify with a special counsel indict or what the charges are good reports that a person could be taken into custody as soon as tomorrow. let's bring in our panel, brad blakeman and president george w. bush. former dnc chair. nice to see you as always. dovetailing on what jillian says, how dysfunctional politics
10:33 am
seems, it is almost a guarantee no matter who is indicted or what they are indicted for, he'll run and say they didn't do anything wrong. they did terrible things wrong. this is collusion between president trump and russians. have we lost sight of absolute rights and wrongs in america and now it's only politics. >> absolutely. there is no ideas room anymore for issues. issues seem to take a second tier to confusion or two charges are to politics of personal destruction and that is suicide because we've got real problems are in the united states. whether republican or democrat. we have massive debt. we have insurgency all over the world of terrorism. there's some real things we have to solve and it seems all to get lost in the politics of got you. what i hope happens tomorrow is
10:34 am
if it comes down as for their personal and not a collusion either with the russians or with the campaigns. >> it seems as though democrats, while thought it would be best for the country, hopefully people entrusted wouldn't do anything that is beyond their own personal behavior, democrats seem to be almost hoping for an indictment that would be a collusion step forward. >> the democrats would be arguing if you engaged in bad behavior that's where the special prosecutor is bare. if this is connected to donald trump or his campaign, that is really making the country better simply because it's weeding out bad behavior come in this case criminal behavior. you can't really argue with that. >> they certainly will. >> the other issue is the collusion part while not a crime in and of itself, and the fact in the body of the indictment support the charges connects the
10:35 am
white house or the trump campaigner single people look for that in the indictment because business for folks in the mr. reality. >> there's also a reality that it appears right now the clinton campaign is the same people funding fusion gps that created this dossier. bob driscoll, former senior official at the doj yesterday about this issue. >> politically up monday as the waters a great deal because both sides have to try to be a little bit careful about how they want to make their statements about how serious the crimes involved are because it looks like a potential allegations could go either way. >> we seem to have this happening a little little bit. you're both smiling here. but at the same time, you are saying these absolute statements from both sides. this is terrible
10:36 am
>> they have much more they pay millions of dollars and pay the research. the trump people didn't pay anything. the republican operatives may have paid for, but the operative is not part of the campaign and that wasn't directed, but they benefited. they benefited with fusion gps to the tens of millions of dollars directly. be careful what you wish for. >> let me tell you why college is dead wrong, not just wrong. republicans drove this narrative. the republican republican operatives at the month that higher fusion in the first place and then you have this dossier. the democrats because of opposition research certainly paid that the gop is certainly
10:37 am
paid -- it was his operatives with deep connections to the gop. that is just a fact. there is no doubt about that. even what is a quote, unquote fact depends on what side you're on. >> you let the fax feature on political band. one thing is for sure. hillary clinton and the dnc pay millions of dollars to recruit and operative fusion gps for dirt on donald trump. the republicans had paid for -- >> observed party and not connected. i think a judge would hold you both in contempt.
10:38 am
they'll vigorously to go through sides. tropical storm philippe casting a shadow in tornadoes. the latest on a wet, windy weekend. president trump heading to asia this week with a new sense of urgency he will bring when it comes to countering the threat of a nuclear north korea. gillian turner, gordon chang on this.
10:39 am
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this is humira at work. >> we must recognize the reality that this is a regime, a camera shooting north of the dnc that threatens peace and stability. our combined effort is to deter that sort of threat or to have military options, many different military options that would realistically reduce that threat as low as possible and yes we do have those options. >> secretary of defense james mattis yesterday in south korea talking about the threat from the north and the america -- the american determination to reduce that threat. this commander for president trump unplugged a threat trip to asia.
10:44 am
he will visit south korea november 7. jennifer mann mrs. gordon chang, author of nuclear showdown north korea takes on the world. thanks for joining us. >> thank you so much, jillian. >> with secretary mattis is on the lid up for president trump himself several times over the past few weeks to a few months, which is basically he's got a whole arsenal of military options ready to go in the event we need them. the broader strategic concern here is are these the only options we have left? as the president run good diplomatic options? >> the president has been doing this. the president has been running around the road, cutting off money to north korea. we saw that with the early spring presidential directive. then arrested june 29th designation of a small chinese bank of the money laundering concern cutting off in the global banking system in a
10:45 am
monumental step forward which was the executive order which told the world if you do business with north korea you're not doing business with the u.s. these are starting to have been a fact because are reports unconfirmed that lower-level officials in pyongyang are not getting rations from the government. that's an indication the ruler there doesn't have the money to do what he would like witches to build missiles and nukes and give politics to serve as give mercedes and rolexes to the regime elements. kim jong un could run out of money producing. >> at the centerpiece of the diplomatic strategy has been really ramping up pressure on north korea's neighbors to include south korea, japan, china, weekly touch with their leadership in recent months, do you feel like he's had success with that? is it adding up to meaningful
10:46 am
advances for the u.s.? >> i think though. for instance, china at the end of september seems to have ordered its banks to cut their relationships with north korea. we have to see over time whether they actually enforce bad continually. that is a step forward and we've seen a lot of these african countries that pay money to north korea not their direct result of american diplomacy. the question has been a now progress pretty quickly because the north koreans have been about nine months or so will be a little put a nuke on top of a long-range missile and hit the american homeland. we do not want that capability. on the other hand the president has the right strategy and is pretty determined to carry it out. gillian women like it that day on the decisioning at to make
10:47 am
fairly stand is whether to look at the dnc is part of this. people who support i think it would be a great show in the region. people who say it's probably not worth of personal security risk to the president. where do you shake out on this? >> sometime during president trump's four-year term he should go to show resolve. doesn't have to be this trip. the region understands the american position. we have now three carriers under command of seven fleet and that's unprecedented. we have assets in the region which show american determination. i'd like president trump to go this time but if he goes next year, that is fine, too. they are going to make that decision based on a number of fact there is, but i don't think they have to worry about people concerned about american resolve. >> i only have time for a yes or no answer.
10:48 am
do you think south korea needs to develop its own? >> definitely not. thanks for joining us. we look forward to talking to you again soon. >> thank you. coming up, more wicked weather in south florida. possible tornado threatening homes there. adam klotz monitoring more bad storms headed towards the north east just in time. >> that's all because of tropical storm. it is headed towards the mid-atlantic, heading towards the northeast and tracking the system coming up after the break.ri your heart? it doesn't, does it? actually, it does. type 2 diabetes can make you twice as likely to die from a cardiovascular event, like a heart attack or stroke. and with heart disease,
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leland: those cameras on top of the tv tower capturing this in palm beach county. they are calling it a possible tornado. certainly looks like a tornado and looked like one on the ground of palm beach county fire and rest are reported damaged to multiple homes in boynton beach as well as palm beach. thankfully, as this tour through yesterday afternoon, no reports of any injuries now. >> strong storm bringing heavy rain and winds to the northeast today and tomorrow.
10:53 am
adam klotz joins us live with the forecast. what can you tell us? >> the tornado were talking about in all the rain in the northeast flank. this is the system in a year. a laminar 12 has been very active, continues to be so now. the storm system is running into a cold front sweeping across the country. this is where you are looking at the center of circulation not very well defined, but pumping a lot of moisture into the frontal boundary. have a shower across the atlantic coming to the north east. that is continuing. or hour by hour forecast for the time stand behind me so you can pay attention to that. friends of heavy rain at the coast into new england today into the overnight hours before eventually clearing on monday. this is going to be very heavy rainfall in the biggest concern with the system. as the heavy rainfall downpour likely from standing water on the roadway because we are
10:54 am
talking wide spread from philadelphia, new york, portions of hartford. areas of five to six inches falling in 12 to 18 hours p.m. that's enough to cause standing water on roadways and that is why we are under for now on i wouldn't be surprised if it upgraded at some point with a flood watch including very large portions of new england. as i said, what does that mean right now? windchill along the east coast off to the midwest. folks come it feels like you were in the mid to lower 30s in some cases. a winter like cold for a combined with tropical weather kind of active out there as we go through the weekend. >> answer that, adam. leland. leland: memorial in santa rosa, california remembering the 42 the ends of the fires in northern california. there are still those missing.
10:55 am
hundreds of people attended the service yesterday. house minority leader nancy pelosi presented thinner as the fire chief at the capitol flag recognizing the big guns in the extreme bravery as we saw the past couple weeks of the first responders. >> when they come back, just a few hours, the match up in houston. dinner tonight? oh whatever you're making. triple cheddar stuffed sliders. sold!
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>> there is the ninth inning stood by the dodgers. snapping houston's perfect season record at home. the best-of-seven world series is now tied at two games each. there world series goes back to los angeles after today's game in houston. our producer's and route right now. >> as you can see 3000 swimmers raced across the harbor and hong kong. this started in 2011 as the city made a major effort to clean up the harbor. particularly from a lot of raw sewage that spilled over into the ocean. the improved water quality allowed the race to move back to its original route which is right near the heart of the city.
11:00 am
we spent some time there, when you get in the water? >> hopefully we are coming out of the wanted and the negative retentive shot. when you have a story that includes raw sewage and swimming hope it is years apart rather than just like a few months. "fox news sunday" is next. it has been great having you. >> goodbye everyone. >> i am chris wallace. when you're after the 2016 election was hillary clinton and the democrats occluded with the russians? >> and she denied it. her own people denied it. everyone denied it. and now they are scooting around trying to figure out what to say. >> who in the clinton campaign approved pain for the russian dossier on donald trump and did they break the law?and was a collision with the trump campaign. we'll ask the chair oversight committee only on "fox news sunday". >> ran the gop revolt. it's obvious his


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