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tv   Fox News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX News  November 5, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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what is going on. "fox news sunday" coming up here in about 15 seconds but we will break in as news warrants. liz, it's been a great show been with you. our thoughts and prayers are for texas. >> i'm chris wallace. president trump travels across asia while the fight over tax reform heats up here at home. >> we get this through and i thank you will you will see this economy take off like a rocket ship. >> this is a shell game, a ponzi scheme that corporate america will perpetrate on american people. >> we go to capital for a wide range interview with house speaker paul ryan. the prospects for the republican tax plan. >> how certain are you that the house will meet the things giving deadline? ask him about his are arguing the president should fire robert
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mueller. the dnc, in effect made a deal with hillary clinton. >> paul ryan only on "fox news sunday". then tara strikes new york city again. mr. president, do you want the a salient to get the death penalty? yes, it's only what. >> senator graham accuses white house and going soft. >> i hope president trump will break the cycle of turning the terror crime and declaring him a suspected enemy combatant. >> it's fox news on exclusive. plus, our son a panel on terror, russia and taxes. our power player of the week becoming mark even prior to shark tank i was the crazy guy that screamed at the referees at the dallas mavericks game. >> hello again from fox news in washington. president trump is today's into the longest and most crucial
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diplomatic trip of his presidency. he is meeting with allies in asia trying to rally support against nuclear armed north korea. back here in washington he leaves behind a fight over tax reform, indictments in the russian investigation and harsh words for his own justice department. we begin with chief white house correspondent, john roberts, who is traveling with the president in japan. >> tensions over north korea's nuclear program building president trump shows a show of force in his first official event of this asia trip talking to american troops at yokota air base just west of tokyo. [cheering and applause] >> no one, no dictator, no regime and no nation should underestimate ever american results. >> the president will spend 11 days in the region visiting five countries, japan, south korea, china, vietnam and the
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philippines. top of the agenda, how to put more pressure on north korea to drop its nuclear weapons program and the nagging trade deficits the us has with all five nations. >> we will seek free, fair and reciprocal trade six before the heavy lifting of trade talks begin the president joined japanese prime minister and pga tour pro for lunch and an afternoon of golf at the 202011 event. the president trump and prime minister also signed have for each other that read donald and [inaudible] make alliance even greater. later, heading to dinner president trump said there is a lot to get done now much time in which to do it. >> in the midst of having made concessions on many subjects including north korea and trade in other things -. chris: on his way to japan
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president have indicated that he will likely meet with russian president on the sidelines of the aipac conference in vietnam but not on the agenda is a trip to the demilitarized zone which is in south korea beginning on tuesday but the president did indicate he will likely redesignate north korea as a state sponsor of terror sometime later in the strip. chris: john roberts reporting from tokyo. thanks for that. now to the sleeping republican tax plan which would cut rates for corporations and individuals but would and some key deductions. on a friday, i sat down with the speaker of the house, paul ryan, to discuss the tax plan and much more. still, let's start with the prospects for this text. you say you want house to pass
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it by things giving which is less than three weeks away and you also say the k street is coming after us and the lobbyists and the special interest so how certain are you that the house will meet the things giving deadline? >> i feel good about it. we are pleased with what we have rolled out and this is what we said we would do when we iran for office in 2016. we have to have tax reform and tax cuts for people in the middle and this delivers that and we really are convinced this will help get our economy growing and reaching its potential. you have to do this in order to do that and that's why we want to get it done this year so we have a good strong economic growth and 18. we are on track for moving this to the house for things giving. that is our plan. we expect our friends in the senate to be a week behind us. chris: let's talk about the senate. the house passed obamacare repeal and replace, you may remember and it died in the senate. how worried are you with all the completed rules about budget reconciliation that the same thing could happen with tax reform? >> we feel good and we did things that only this time because of the healthcare experience, like you said, we
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passed that back in may and the senate couldn't get it done so what we did this time differently was we worked the senate ahead of time from the summer on to put this bill together together and to basically create a framework of this bill, house, senate and white house and launched this thing together and to be very coordinated. now the budget rules of the budget that we passed in the house and senate paves the way for this to get done and get to the senate and this is in conformity those rules. lesson learned was coordinate with the senate and move together. orrin hatch will put his bill out and all of. chris: but he says he's going to pass his own bill -- >> but within the framework and that the key here. the big ticket item 20%, 25% rate for tester businesses and the middle-class tax cut, all of those things are things we agree on and these bills are written within those details so that is why those differences will be
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fairly narrow. chris: a month ago you promised that tax form would be revenue neutral, your words, but the bill that you just announced -- >> i said budget deficit neutral because that's what your budget rules work. let me get you right there. you will say this is 1.5 billion tax cut but we are convinced this will give us faster economic growth. i'm not saying every -- let me say. chris: let me ask the question. >> i just know you so well, chris. chris: i know but in january when the new house and new republican senate and the new republic and president were getting started you said this spirit we are fiscal conservatives. what that means is we believe government should not spend beyond its means we get our fiscal house in order to plant a debt crisis in the future. chris: question. what happened to paul ryan the deficit? >> he's also a growth advocate and he was a faster growing economy, more jobs, bigger take-home pay and that means higher tax revenue. chris: but your mark is one and
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half trillion dollars deficit to the deficit. >> we did it that way because we believe the senate parliamentarian won't let us use the dynamics morning which is scoring and that figures out growth so we basically did not want to leave the chance that some bureaucrat unelected would deny our ability to bring a taxable through that is progrowth and that reflects the program estimate. that is why it is done that way we are absolutely convinced and we will have economic models that will show this that this will help grow the economy. i wish the obamacare bill with the past which would've been good fiscal responsibility and it didn't pass the senate to pass the house and will keep going at entitlement reform all the way down the road but we will make it sure that we get the economy growing in this text were built does that. chris: let me ask you about obamacare because some republicans are saying that it is part of tax reform there's a discussion about repealing the obamacare individual mandate which would save about
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$400 million take it away from the deficit. is that on the table? >> we have an active conversation on a whole host of ideas on things to add to this bill and that's one of the things we discussed. chris: you say it being discussed so there is a possibility the house to pass as part of tax reform doing away -- >> again, were talking with our members to do what we can add to this bill to make it better. that is among the ideas that a lot of members are suggesting that we can add to this bill to make a better. chris: but it is on the table for this tax reform? >> it is been suggested, that's one thing. chris: then what about who benefits? chuck schumer said this about the bill. >> to pay for all the tax giveaways in this bill republicans are likely to make it worse for the middle class, not just not help them but hurt them/state and local deductibility's which is a bedrock, middle-class and upper-class metal deduction and would hurt so many middle-class taxpayers.
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chris: schumer says that you take away 70% of the state and local deduction and he points out that one third of taxpayers claim that. he says you're taking away almost three quarters of the value. >> here's a were doing. you see this postcard. this is literally the tax form that nine out of ten taxpayers will use. right now about 70% don't itemize. by doubling the standard deduction we make it so people don't have to itemize their deduction. so instead of having the first half thousand dollars that you don't pay taxes on it will be the first 24000 that you don't the attacks on. the difference here is we are basically saying instead of using a tax deduction to lower your tax rate and liability we will make it easier so you don't pay taxes in the first place but this is a clear middle-class tax cut, no two ways about it. even for people in those high tax states. chris: let's talk about it being a middle-class tax cut. i know you say in the president says. >> the president of the. chris: people will no longer be able to deduct medical expenses
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or interest on their student loans. as he said they will lose the deduction for what they pay in state and local income taxes under your plan but wealthy people will no longer pay any tax on the states worth millions. question. is that fair? >> here's fair. clean out the special interest of in the tax code and let people keep their money in the first place. here is the discussion here. you mentioned a couple of things that are good and valuable. pain is student loans and medical expenses. what we are doing here by raising the standard deduction and lowering tax rates we are saying you do what you want with your money because it is your money and instead of using the deduction to get a tax break based on this behavior it's your money and you do what what you want with it. chris: you're making it sound like it's a deal, mr. speaker, but if i have a student loan and i've been getting unable to deduct -- and if i'm able to deduct the interest rate now i'm losing that and if i have a huge medical expenses and i'm able to
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deduct -- >> in exchange for a tax cut. you get to keep your money more in the first place so you can decide what you want to do with your money. chris: why repeal the estate tax? were only talking 5000 people a year that already an 11 million-dollar exemption -- >> two things. fairness argument in a job argument. you create jobs by getting rid of this that text because what kills one family business from passing the business onto the next generation, the estate tax. chris: but there's a lot of protection -- >> we believe is a fairness argument. people work hard to build up their business, their farm, their ranch all their working life and they pay taxes on that money all their life and then when you die you get a tax away from you and you can't pass it onto the next generation. we said it is unfair. death should not be a taxable event we should not be stopping people from being able to pass their life's work on to their kids. chris: want to ask you briefly
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about the russian investigation. the special counsel, robert mueller, has charged to top trump campaign officials with various misconduct. one guilty plea by camping associate for lying to the fbi and some republicans are arguing the president should fire robert mueller and in fact, several members of your own caucus have filed a resolution calling for him to step down and some are saying congress should cut off this monday. will you pledge that you will not allow the muller investigation to be curbed or stopped? >> i have said all along we need to let these career professionals do their job, theater so no, i don't thank you should be stepping down. i don't think he should be fired. the president has been clear he will not do that. we will not interfere with his investigation and it will take its course and we will let it take its course. we are also doing our own investigations here in the house and senate, as well, into russia and russia's meddling into her campaign. these russian investigations will take their course.
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we need to find out exactly what they did to our country how and why they did it and then how do we prevent them from doing in the future. but these career professionals the doj do their jobs and finish the job enough will do. chris: what about the revelations of the last few weeks about hillary clinton, about the fact that her campaign help pay for the so-called russia dossier, or a revelation just yesterday that the dnc, in effect, made a deal with hillary clinton that she could control -- >> the first part of the question, the dossier, that part we were discovering that as well through our investigation and the fbi is finally releasing those documents we can get to the bottom of that. that is part of this russian investigation. the second thing and that story just broke but i've never seen anything like that. we all said the clintons thought they lived above the rules and this takes the cake. this is amazing. for them to basically be running the dnc in a primary to see such a decked stack is jaw-dropping
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to me. no wonder the democrats are to god. i would be too. it's amazing to me that they live above the law or the rules and the thing and i understand why democrats are mad about this and they should be mad about this. i don't think i've ever seen anything like this, frankly. chris: any legislative remedy o- >> i don't know that there's a legislative remedy and how they are supposed to be neutral in the primaries but whether they broke campaign finance law should be something that the fcc, federal elections committee to look into. we don't legally regulate how the parties set up their bylaws but to have a primary -- to have one of the primary participates stack the deck in running the party i've never heard of that before and that is -- it takes
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the cake in my mind. it's amazing. chris: mr. speaker, thank you. >> event, chris. thank you. chris: when we come back, more on that bombshell from former democratic party chair, donna brazile, about hillary clinton's control of the dnc in 2016. we will bring in our sunday panel to discuss whether the parties primaries were rigged. plus, what would you like to ask the panel about the republican tax plan. gogo to facebook or twitter at "fox news sunday" and we may use your question on the air. did yon the national debt?ssman get elected by talking tough will they stay true to their words? or did they promise you one thing... only to do another? right now, congress is talking about tax cuts that will add trillions to our national debt and hurt our economy. it's time to tell congress... don't borrow more money from china. and leave more debt to our kids. keep your word. tax cuts shouldn't add to the national debt.
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a mass shooting was reported sunday morning, this morning, at a church in sutherland springs with early reports of several people shot. sutherland springs is a small community about 40 miles southeast of san antonio and according to reporters on the scene there are reports that the
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two airlift helicopters were at the scene. a witness reported seeing a man walking into first baptist church there in sutherland springs and opened fire. again, this happening around 11:30 a.m. central time, just under two hours ago. there is a large response by first responders on scene and we are getting reports that officers there on scene saying the shooter is dead and there is no more of an active threat there. meanwhile, we have several people being treated for gunshot wound. first responders working to remove bodies, we are told. which means there are without fatalities. this started around 1130 central time when witnesses reported seeing a man walk into first baptist church in sutherland springs, texas, 40 miles southeast of san antonio and opening fire on the congregation. the story is unfolding and this
11:21 am
is what we have at the moment. we will keep collecting as much information as possible and we get those details will get them to you. we do have former dc homicide detector ted williams on the phone. do you have williams on the phone? >> yes, i'm on the phone. >> you just heard me report the little information that we have based on what we do know and what are you thinking, your first thoughts? >> first, they clearly want to neutralize the shooter or shooters and that will be if there is someone that is actually down then the investigation is thought with that person was dead or down and then the next thing they want to do is preservation of the crime scene because it is clearly now a crime scene. most important they also try to determine who this person or
11:22 am
persons involved and they are trying to find out in the early stages here what also was the motive. was this a terror attack or was a somebody that had a grudge against someone at the church or motive is always significant and it's important at this early stage of the investigation. arthel: detective williams, as they were to protect the crime scene how do first responders work around not tampering with unintentionally evidence there on the scene and also getting the bodies of people who were wounded and getting them to the hospital or perhaps unfortunately in some cases to the coroner's office. we know multiple people have been shot and there are early reports of fatalities we don't have the exact numbers but talk about that process for us. >> first of all, your first responders that are responding and their first inclination and duty is to try to make sure that
11:23 am
anybody who is injured is immediately given care and unless they found out that individuals and said that no care could be given those individuals will be kept right in place. what will happen is law enforcement officers will create parameters where no one will be able to move in and out and a lot of that will determine what is happening here. one of the things that they will look early on is the various phone calls that they would've gotten from the cell phones of individuals perhaps at the church because those first will be the first to tell us what took place there on the scene. this is what law enforcement may be cause a terror attacks around the country and they are playing
11:24 am
well educated on how to improve these mass casualties scenes. the big question here right now is number one, if the shooter is actually down, number two what was the motive and to preserve that crime scene. arthel: course, show we are showing video right now and it is shaky but however, what you can tell from this video is that we could figure being in such a small town that it's a small church that means that more than likely there is a small congregation. detective williams, when you have the officers on scene, detectives on scene, i'd imagine that they would go first to the people who are there at the church and the church goers and ushers and pastors, whoever is they are to ask them if they recognize the shooter and they saw him and recognized him and starting there and then where do they work from that point?
11:25 am
>> once they have thought out and if anyone has recognized the shooter and once they've interviewed everybody that was there witnesses to the crime so the law enforcement will interview everyone on the scene and once they have established perhaps the shooter is the next thing they will going to do is try to help the individual to see if they know or recognize the person and once they've made some kind of identification then they will spread out and if the party in the community they will [inaudible] they will try to find other individuals outside even of the church community that would perhaps another person. anyone in the church community that would know the person they
11:26 am
would want to get as much information and when i say the person, i mean the shooter, they would want to get as much information as they possibly can. arthel: local police department they're working right away two, more than likely, go to the hospital to also interview those who have been injured. how quickly would other agencies jump in on this investigation? >> immediately. you've got a t and l and you've got to have the fbi and you've got to have other federal agencies there so this is not, at the state, left up to just the local police department in that venue. you've got to have quite a few law enforcement agents there and they will have to cord ordinate among themselves what they will be doing and as you represented some will immediately be moving to the hospital to see what
11:27 am
individuals were injured at the hospital what they observed is wrong. it is critical and significant that at the early stages of the investigation like this that wants the shooter has been neutralized that they then interview in individuals there. arthel: as we look at this preliminary video the we are getting from the scene, i want to remind everyone we are reporting on a mass shooting happening this morning at a church in sutherland springs, 4. early reports of people, several people, shot and reporters on the scene is saying there were two airline helicopters there witnesses reporting seeing a man with no description of him at this point walking into first baptist church they are and beginning to open fire happening just about two hours ago, 11:30 a.m. central time a large
11:28 am
response, as you can see by first responders and were getting reports that officers on the scene are saying the shooter is dead and there is no more active threat, meanwhile, several people are being treated for gunshot wounds and first responders are working to remove somebody's on scene which means there are unfortunately fatalities there are multiple tests according to local sheriff there at this time. according to the associated press there are multiple deaths from this apparent mass shooting at that church about 50 people were in the church at the time. arthel: we have detective former homicide detective in dc ted williams on the line but if you can stand by for detective williams because you are walking us through what is happening on the scene right now. what investigators are looking into and the questions, early questions we're trying to get answers to. we will continue this after the
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chris: it is our sad duty to report that there's been a mass shooting in texas in a church. sutherland springs and the baptist church and report say several people have been shot. the associated press indicating quoting the sheriff there that several people have been killed in this shooting. the church had roughly 50 parishioners at the time. we have no more information on the gunman, no known motive at this time, known known information about how many people were wounded at this moment or who or why this was caused. fifty people in the church and at the time at 1130 central time that this mass shooting, yet another one, attacking parishioners, the faithful, believers, the people in our country at a church this time in sutherland springs, texas. arthel: is a very small
11:33 am
community, eric. 400 people, a tiny town, 30 miles southeast of san antonio, texas. we have, according to one of the local affiliates there, the cbs affiliate there in san antonio reporting that one of the people who have been shot is a two -year-old. again these are early details coming out a very active scene so some of these details may change as the story unfolds. i know we had detective -- okay, former boston chief commissioner, and davis on the line with us now. commissioner davis, are you with us. >> sim. arthel: based on the information that we have and that you have heard is reporting what is it that you can tell us that authorities on scene are doing it now in terms of trying to get to the bottom of this shooter is or was that we've been told he has been taken down and not sure
11:34 am
by authorities or perhaps someone else a parishioner who had a gun and we don't know that but based on the what are police trying to find out? >> first responsibility is to care for the wounded and try to get people to medical facilities as possible. from the looks of the scene it looks as if the removal of patients is over and at that point time they begin to secure the scene. they will want to make sure that everything is preserved so that the crime scene technicians can come in and do their job to try to recover every piece of evidence possible. it is not only important for the prosecution in this particular case if the suspect is dead than the prosecution isn't the key thing but to study and understand what happened and also to be prepared in case
11:35 am
there are any co-conspirators who may have helped the suspect in a case like this. it's very early. arthel: i beg your pardon, sir. again, we reported that sutherland springs, 30 miles southeast of san antonio, texas. a small community of about 400 people so chances are there will be someone there who not only knows of the shooter, could possibly have had conversations with the shooter leading up to today and how does that play into the investigation, considering it's a very small town? >> the more difficult it is to get resources there with it being a small town but frankly to determine exactly what the suspect is doing and who he was in contact with just for the incident happened they will be working on pushing forward a
11:36 am
conventional investigation which means they will be talking to witnesses and looking for any kind of clues that may be available to the suspects telephone and looking at his computers and they are certainly securing his home right now and making sure that no evidence is destroyed and then they will meticulously pick through the witness statements, the potential evidence on cell phones and communication devices, as well as his home computers. they will want to see he was in touch and touch with an what drove him to this. arthel: this happens at first baptist church in sutherland springs, texas. anything to glean from that -- the location of the crime? >> well, we've seen incidences happen in churches and other places of worship over the course of the last couple of years and it is hard to
11:37 am
determine exactly what the motivation would be, is a racial, religious motivated, is there something else that happened inside the church so it is really too early to tell right now without having information on who the suspect is. chris: it is not a large church obviously and it's a small town and we had the horrible situation in charleston. at that church back in 2015 dylan roof, one years old, convicted to and sentenced to death for that. we don't know what the motivation here but can we glean anything from the fact that the court say the shooter walked into the church during the services and a two -year-old and other children are among those who were shot and there are multiple deaths according to the associated press and the sheriff there. this scene is to be very much some type of targeted act. >> yes, it does.
11:38 am
clearly to target a church when they're worshiping inside is a terrible situation but it is hard to say exactly why someone would do something like this. the motivation can be across the board and it's very early to be trying to draw a conclusion at this point in time except to say this is obviously a terrible tragedy for the town and the church. chris: that it is. especially with the terrorist attack to happen this week in new york. texas governor says our prayers are with all who were harmed by this evil act. he calls it an evil act and are things to law enforcement for their response. two, what are they doing in terms of what we are told is the suspect, who is dead, apparently taken down by police to try to find the motivation for this. >> well, a lot will be able to be determined from who the person is and what their recent
11:39 am
past history has been. a lot of times the police already know of these individuals and have had some indication that they may be trouble in the past. every once in a while you run into someone that is not under police suspicion or surveillance and then it is time to talk to their acquaintances and friends to determine exactly what is going on. was there a mental health component there, you know, again, it's very difficult and it's very first hour and i don't want to jump to conclusions but there are many avenues of investigation that are being pursued right now by the authorities and they will be a sheriff's office or an agency like the texas rangers involved in the follow-up. chris: this was apparently the
11:40 am
11:00 a.m. service at the baptist church, first baptist church in sutherland springs. they had a morning worship service and a great treated visitors and visitation and they have a sunday evening service and one had been scheduled for later on tonight. your heart goes on to the people and the parishioners in the church and your thoughts on what we as a nation have gone through recently with these attacks, church shootings, terrorist attack that we saw and what we have been undergoing recently from law enforcement to view? >> it certainly is a terrible and uncertain time and the phrase is nothing sacred keeps coming to mind when you see something like this happening at a house of worship. you wonder what motivates someone to have that kind of hatred toward a fellow human being but unfortunately we are in a cycle right now where shooting seems to be more outrageous than the last
11:41 am
incident and i think it is time for some introspection and try to study this exactly what is happening to society to cause this to occur. arthel: multiple victims shot and early reports of fatalities, numbers are undetermined at this early hour. mr. davis, talk to us about the investigation. obviously, they want to protect the crime scene there and they want to get answers from people who are there on location, the parishioners, people who are working in the church and what sort of question so they be asking at this early stage in this investigation? >> with something like this occurs the question of motivation is really important. there will be a lot of technical information, the number of
11:42 am
rounds fired and the types of weapons the suspect had and there's a lot of technical information that is developed around the crime scene so that mechanically we can tell exactly what happened and in what sequence but the real question here is what would cause a someone to do this and what would there motivation the and clearly he went into a service that was in progress and he had to have some information about the times of the services and it's not difficult to find but it would indicate there would planning their and he went into an active church service and started shooting and as far as the investigation goes there will be a lot of information gleaned from the potential for video is something that we all look for now.
11:43 am
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arthel: i myself. in new york alongside eric shot with this fox news alert with the mass shooting happening at a church in sutherland springs, texas. early reports are some people shot with fatalities, as well. this is happening in a small trinity 40 miles southeast of san antonio. early reports on the scene there that there was an airlift helicopter at the scene and witnesses reporting seen a man walk into the first baptist
11:47 am
church there beginning to open fire, again happening this morning just a little more than two hours ago, 11:30 a.m. central time. chris: according to the sheriff multiple people have been killed in this massive shooting and reports say about 50 parishioners were inside the church and the first baptist church of sutherland springs texas and the service starts at about 11:00 a.m. central time and at 11:30 the suspect walked into the church and among those who have been shot for children including a two -year-old was wounded. no word yet on who the shooter is and what the suspects motivation may have been and why he did this. police say the shooter was shot and is down so there is no longer in active shooting scene but clearly the motivations, the questions of why this suspect that this on a sunday morning, the purpose of this attacking a church in a small town whether it was hatred of the religion of
11:48 am
a domestic situation or potential terror act at this hour remains unknown. arthel: remains unknown, eric, but what we can tell you is sutherland springs is a small community of about 400 people and again it's 30 miles southeast of san antonio and you have multiple people being treated for gunshot wounds and first responders we are told are working to remove some of the bodies from the scene which means there are fatalities. brian is following the story, as wellin our new york city newsroom and he joins us now with more on this. brian. >> hello, our self. to give color and perspective there are 400 people and this is a very tight and small community. 400 people, 50 parishioners in this church and right now we know the community center in sutherland springs has been opened as a family resource. that according to the wilson county news down there. we have seen video of family members praying outside of the church, tearfully, emotionally
11:49 am
obviously train not knowing who has been shot perhaps in trying to get word of their love. i think it is important to know with these airlift helicopters reports of these helicopters coming in and removing fatalities that there are this is a life-and-death situation in terms of time, making sure these folks can get to a nearby hospital and trying to figure out how close the nearby hospital is. usually after these things, for instance if it was in a city, ambulances can show up right away and bring people directly to the hospital but people are needing to be airlifted and time is of the essence. we know this happened two hours ago but it appears that your family members gathering at the community center trying to hear word of their loved ones, neighbors reportedly from a case that reporter that is in san antonio they said they heard shooter reload multiple times and that there were usually 50 people at the service and if you
11:50 am
take a look at the facebook page and i just looked at the facebook page of this first baptist church this is a very, very small church. it's not the type of church with multiple levels just presumably looking at the photos you can see it is one of those churches you walk into and it's all the user there and a small stage and that is it. it doesn't look like there seems to be much more in the room at least for the services and it doesn't look to be a large church at all. you can imagine this is their busiest day. the church closed for much of the week and today, on sunday though, they had services according to their facebook page and they are open from 8:15 until noon and then from five until six and this was their day were people in that small community could come there to pray and worship and to be together. right now we know the special agents from the atf houston field division as well as from the san antonio division are also on scene.
11:51 am
the fbi minutes ago pushing people back and reporters back away from the scene as they try to get a sense of try to make room and get a sense of what is going on. we know the shooter is dead and there are multiple fatalities and right now it is assumed that this is all about these families just trying to get a hold of their loved ones and figuring out how they are doing. arthel: absolutely, brian. it is the unthinkable nightmare happening on a sunday morning in a tiny town there in sutherland springs, texas, 30 miles southeast of san antonio i want to bring in again farmer boss commissioner, and davis, who we have on the phone. chief davis, i beg your pardon, this is happening around 11:30 in the morning at the time why the prisoners there are in church, church is in progress and we now have a -- some of the
11:52 am
parishioners heard the shooter reload multiple times and this showed video of the parishioners coming out of the church after this massive shooting and looking at the demographics of the church parishioners they are not sure if you're able to see those pictures as well but based on the information that we are seeing and we are hearing from early reports of eyewitnesses what can you glean as to what is happening? >> the most important issue here is that this is a classic case of a soft target. if this is a group of people who come together to worship and there's a small crowd in a small room and usually not armed so you will have a suspect come in with what has been described as the ability to reload numerous times without knowing what weapon he was using and it
11:53 am
appears as though the individuals were targets. it was just a large number of people and one person could really cause a lot of damage in a room like that. it's hard to see from the demographics of the church that there could be several motivations here. the fbi is involved in this but they have an office in san antonio and i was just with chief mcmanus from san antonio last week and i'm sure that he has resources out here, it's only 40 miles to a big city, but right now we really have to wait. this could be motivated by any number of things and just have to wait to get a sense to see the identity of the shooter to find out the background. arthel: stand by me as we take a heart break and come back in a
11:54 am
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11:56 am
eric: as we've been reporting this afternoon, there has been a shooting just outside of san antonio, the first baptist church according to the associated press and the sheriff's office, multiple people have been shot and killed during the service this morning at 11:30 time, about 50 parishioners inside when police say the suspect, an armed man, walked in and just started shooting. we're told that several children have been wounded including a 2-year-old. we do not know the age or conditions of some of the other people, but there are now reports of multiple fatalities from the shooting this morning. here is a woman who was a witness at the church speaking about this horrendous tragedy earlier today.
11:57 am
>> i've been going to this church since i was knee high the a duck, so it's pretty tragic. really don't know -- i'm about in the dark as everybody, because i changed my mind to go to church this morning and so did my daughter, otherwise we'd be there. eric: authorities are not publicly releasing the identity of the suspect, there is no known motive. they don't know if this was an intended target, if this was a domestic dispute, a terrorist attack or religious hate crime. ted williams, detective, also criminal defense attorney, joins us on the phone. ted, it really is far too early to speculate in that way, but, you know, it's a sunday morning, small town. not a major soft target like a terrorist attack. ted, are you there? >> yes, i am. i'm sorry, was that question for me? arthel: this is ted williams, but i believe that is the voice of former boston police
11:58 am
commissioner ed davis, is that who i'm hearing right now? >> that is correct. arthel: we just got reports from our bryan llenas that the atf houston field division officers are on scene as well as the san antonio atf division officers. again, we also have reports that some of the eyewitnesses heard the shooter reload multiple times. it is a small community of about 404 people. those -- 400 people. those pieces that we do know, how do they begin to put together the puzzle of this mass shooting in sutherland springs, texas? >> well, the arrival of the alcohol, tobacco and firearms is extremely important to these cases. they wring -- bring a wealth of special expertise about firearms, they're very helpful in putting together the crime scene and helping track down the weapons that are involved to get some sense as to where the suspect purchased the weapons and the ammunition where, you
11:59 am
know, that he used to attack this church. the fbi would naturally send people to a case like this. you can't, you can't draw anything, you know, from that at this point in time unless there is an announcement that the fbi has taken over the investigation. that would be a whole different, a whole different ball game if that happened. but right now it's still very much in response phase, and i think what you're -- one of the things that you have to remember, when you get 40 or 50 miles outside of a major, major city and you're in a rural location like this, you've got, you know, you get one or two police officers that respond to this scene, sometimes their backup is 15 or 20 minutes away. so it's hard to tell exactly what happened here, but the fact that the police were able to stop this assault so quickly, i think, is -- that's going to be a very interesting part of the
12:00 pm
stir. arthel: very much part of the story. commissioner davis, if you would stand by for me, i want to reset the scene here on this breaking news happening out of san p tone owe -- near san antonio, texas. there has been a mass shooting that we're reporting here on this fox news alert happening this sunday morning at a small church in sutherland springs, texas, which is about 30 miles southeast of p san antonio, a very small congregation. we're told 50 people or so in mass at the time when reports of a lone gunman walking into this mass at 11:30 this morning central time in texas opening fire on parishioners who were there worshiping on this sunday morning. eric: the associated press quoting the sheriff's office says that, yes, there are multiple people who have been killed in this mass shooting, others wounded. there were about 50 people inside this church during the service when they say t


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