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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  November 5, 2017 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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announcer: did you know dragging chains could spark a wildfire? smokey, voice-over: only you can prevent wildfires. eric: this is a fox news alert coming to you live from tokyo, japan. we were planning on spending this hour looking at the president's trip to asia and we'll do some of that throughout the show, but everything changed after breaking news from half a world away. word came in from sutherland springs, seefrt of san antonio, that a man opened fire at a baptist church killing 25 people, including children, in a town with a population of 400. the questions and the mourning are just beginning.
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it's believed that this will be the deadliest shooting at a house of worship in america's history a warning -- some of the details are gruesome. brian ynez joins us with the latest. >> attorney general said that at least 25 people are dead but the number could be as high as 27. between 10 to 30 reportedly have been wounded. unidentified lone gunman fled in a vehicle and was killed either by self-inflicted gunshot wound or shot by police. at about 11:30 this morning, local time, the shooter walked into the first baptist church and started firing the south is in sutherland springs, texas, a small community of about 400 people. neighbors say typically 50 people attend church services. among the victims killed, the 14-year-old daughter of the church's pastor, frank pomeroy.
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annabelle pomeroy, the daughter's name. listen as witnesses describe the scene. >> i've been going to this church since i was knee high to a duck. it's tragic. i'm in the dark, because i changed my mind about going to church today and so did my daughter. >> i was preaching at our church down the road. it was probably 11:00, 11:15 when some people in our church -- we have a deputy and other people in our church -- we got a call there was an active shooting going on at first baptist church. those first responders immediately left our church to come down and help. >> the wounded were transferred to hospitals via ambulance and medevac helicopters. medical center 8 miles from the church treated 8 people with
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gunshot wounds and four of them were transferred to san antonio. texas governor greg abbott is on his way to the scene. "the details of this horrific act are under investigation, cecelia and i want to send our thoughts and prayers to those affected by this evil act. i want to ask that all texans pray for the sutherland springs community for this time of loss." f.b.i. and a.t.f. are on the scene. we don't yet know the identity or motive of the shooter. >> brian ynez reporting. we should point out, we're awaiting a news conference from texas from authorities there on the ground. once we get word that is happening, you will see it live here on fox news channel and bring in fox affiliates around the country as well. let's get some analysis from ron hoskill. it's devastating news, horrific
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news. we've talked a lot about this lately as we've seen mass shootings happen more frequently. we don't have a lot of details yet. >> we don't. there are some words leaking out. there is some talk that the shooter was white. that there may have been facebook postings with him holding an ar-15 rifle. that's a ubiquitous weapon, bought and sold in states across america. so there's nothing particularly shocking about that. i think it's worth noting, brett, that we're eight years after the massacre at fort hood and this little texas town is only about three hours from fort hood. so is there a military connection? is there a message in there reflective of the date of this attack? is it an islamic-inspired
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extremism or somebody out of his mind in texas, you know, with a serious mental health problem, who is able to get a gun? we're all eager to learn more about it. >> this is eight years to the day when 18 people were killed and 30 others wounded at fort hood and it became an inspired attack, as we came to know it. we don't know that in this case, as you rightly point out. but it's frustrating for people around the country to look at this and say, what else can be done? it is. it's coincidental, too, that the f.b.i. has been working very closely with texas state university officials on an active shooter program that's pushed out training to thousands of law enforcement personnel across the country. in this active shooter era we're
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living in, it's not law enforcement that needs to be attentive to active shooters. there are crisis plans being put in place in businesses across america, in schools, churches, all looking to refine their responses in an era where this sort of event does happen and with increasing frequency. i don't know if there was an active shooter plan in place in this church. you are looking at small town america and you think, we don't need it. the reality is different than that. we've seen events happen in large places and small. and maybe it will, sadly, be a grim reminder that if you have a business, if you are running a school or a church, you ought to put thought into run, hide, fight, and other things to keep our constituents safe.
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sadly, whether it's a flock that's being preached to, or hundreds of students. >> ron hosko, i wish we didn't have to talk about this as much as we do. thank you for your time. president trump has been briefed on this shooting. he will be leaving this hotel shortly to meet with business leaders and u.s. embassy staff on this second day on his nearly two-week trip to asia. the president spent his first day here with japan's prime mive minister hit the links and discussed everything from north korea to trade. john roberts joins us with the latest and this shooting takes precedence now. >> yeah. it's knocking everything off the headlines at this point in time and we're told that the president was up early monitoring the developments in this tragic shooting. he was breached several times according to sara huckabee sanders, and spoke with texas
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governor greg abbott, who is on his way to the scene. they're probably holding that press conference until the governor arrives. "may god be with the people of sutherland springs texas. f.b.i. and law enforcement are on the scene. i'm monitoring the situation from japan." it will weigh heavily on the president as he begins day two of his trip to asia. heading to dinner with the japanese prime minister, president trump predicted, it will be a busy monday in japan. a narrow amount of time to tackle big issues. >> we're in the midst of having discussion on many subjects including north korea and trade and other things and we're doing very well. >> trade and north korea will dominate the president's trip to asia. >> at ease. at ease. >> president trump praised the strength of american and japanese forces, sending an
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implicit warning to north korean leaders. >> no one. no dictator, no regime, no nation, should underestimate ever american resolve. every once in a while in the past, they underestimated us. it was not pleasant for them, was it? >> no! >> it was not pleasant. >> as an exclamation point, the president touted recent successes. >> we dealt isis one brutal defeat after another and it's about time. >> so far on this trip, the president's tone toward north korea has been measured, a departure from many of his past statements and one that democratic leaders hope continues. >> i would like to think that we would exhaust every diplomatic reme remedy, because poking a stick in the eye of a mad dog.
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>> president trump hopes to enlist more help from russia to deal with north korea. the other burr under the president's saddle, the trade deficit that the u.s. is running with all five nations he will visit. >> we'll seek new opportunities for cooperation and commerce and partner with friends and allies to pursue a free and open region. we'll seek free, fair, and reciprocal trade. >> president trump's trip will be the longest presidential trip to east asia since george h.w. bush a quarter century ago. bush took aim at him saying, "i don't know much about him, by he know he's a blow hard and i'm not too excited about him being a leader."
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george w. bush also weighed in -- >> president trump showed rare restraint, refusing to hit back against the attacks telling reporters, "i don't need headlines. i don't want to make their move successful." the president does have a very busy day here in tokyo. in addition to that speech that he will give to u.s. and japanese business leaders and make a courtesy call on the people emperor, he will meet with the families of japanese citizens abducted by north korea and tops it off with a press conference about midnight eastern time. >> when you're president, events happen and you have to react to
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them. >> what the president needs to do is build support to try to get north korea to pull back on its nuclear program. the president says that the denuclearization is the ult mull goal. kim jong-un says nuclear weapons as the only means of his regime's survival. >> again, waiting on that news conference from texas. when we see the authorities on the ground, we'll bring it to you. the north korea threat, of course, on the mind of the president during this trip, but it's also on the mind of our military brass in the u.s. as jennifer griffin reports, they say the only way to destroy the rogue regime's weapons of mass destruction, is an all-out assault. >> the pentagon warns congress the only way to secure and eliminate north korea's nuclear weapons would be to use u.s. troops to conduct a ground
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invasion. >> it's the most bleak assessment. i've spent a lot of time reading the intelligence. i've had an opportunity to discuss the situation with secretary mattis. i believe that an outbreak of war would kill hundreds of thousands of people. >> according to the letter penned by michael dumont, vice director of the pentagon's joint staff and on stained by "the washington post," north korea's response would likely include nuclear weapons and nerve, blister, blood and choking agents." 16 lawmakers signed a letter urging president trump to stop making provocative statements that undermined diplomacy. >> the president decided to tweet that it was a waste of
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time. >> the u.s. military has 375,000 u.s. military personnel under its pacific command, 200 warship, five aircraft carrier strike groups. the u.s. army has 28,500 troops at six bases in south korea. its motto -- ready to fight tonight. they have f-16s on alert. 50,000 american sailors and marines are in japan. f-35 joint strike fighters may be deployed for the first time. 7,000 u.s. troops are based in guam, along with u.s., fast-attack submarines and a new rotation of b-1 strategic bombers. >> we dominate the sky. we dominate the sea. we dominate the land and space. >> on capitol hill this week, a
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north korean diplomat that defected last year, had the following warning. >> frankly, kim jong is not fully aware of the strength and might of american military power. >> last year president trump gave special command to pursue operations. some of the fighting would take place in tunnels underground, removing the weapons from north korea cannot be done in the air. >> joining me now to talk about the threat from north korea, gordon chang, "nuclear showdown: north korea takes on the world." and admiral mather. we've been around this block a number of times. it's on the mind of leaders here
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in asia. we'll talk to japanese prime minister. the thought that the u.s. may do something if north korea doesn't pull back. >> it's obvious that forces have been moved into the area. many will be unseen and if required the reality is no one in the united states's leadership that i've spoken with is anxious to go and have to conduct military operations here. we would be remiss and not be responsible if we were not prepared to do so. >> can you remember a time when that many aircraft carrier battleships were all together? >> i certainly can.
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three is a pretty powerful number. you have to remember that it represents over 1/4 of our aircraft carriers and a good number of our surface ships and submarines, most of which are unseen. for example, during the invasion of iraq, we deployed five carrier battlegroups. and the benefit of those ships is that they can deploy anywhere, anytime, international law allows us to go in international waters and we often do. >> and the battlegroups as well. gordon, if you are the leaders here, what do you expect out of this trip, as you meet with president trump on the issue of north korea? >> i think the most important thing will be the trip to seoul. you have a south korean leadership that is pro-china,
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pro-north korea. there was an agreement between south korea and china on tuesday. and the south koreans didn't talk to us beforehand. so this is a problem that trump has to deal with when he's with south korea. the chinese will take their cues because if trump has a successful stop there, they will be accommodative towards trump. but if not, i think that china will be more recalcitrant. i think it boils down to what happened in the south korean capital. >> there was an aggressive speech yesterday in which the japanese. referred to as warriors, suggesting that they will change their constitution and allow a defense of this country and, you know, a lot of people in the u.s. talk about the nuclear weapons threat for places like south korea and
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japan, affecting china. >> yes. and that's important. because before president trump left, he had an interview with laura inni lau lau lauraening -- laura ingrham. now what he's doing is saying, look, we'll utz the same tactics that you use. you use them as a proxy against us. i will use japan as a proxy against you. and i think that people in bay jiang must be nervous right now. it's a monumental change for us. they have to understand that president trump will do everything possible to defend the american people. >> last word, admiral. what do you think the chances are that kim jong-un does something provocative while the president is on thinks trip?
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>> he's unpredictable, as was his father and grandfather it. i would not be surprised. i don't think it would be very smart. the japanese people would be ir responsible not to have a capability to defend themselves. even their constitution from day one has allowed them to do that. >> yeah. admiral, gordon chang, thank you very much. i'm sure we'll talk throughout this trip. we're still waiting on the news conference about the texas church shooting. again, the man walked into a southern baptist church opened fire, killing 25 to 27. once we get that news conference, we'll bring it to you here, plus the rest of the news we're covering from tokyo. hi. so i just got off the phone with our allstate agent, and i know that we have accident forgiveness. so the incredibly minor accident that i had tonight... four weeks without the car. okay, yep. good night. with accident forgiveness, your rates won't go up just because of an accident. switching to allstate is worth it.
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>> bret baier reporting from tokyo, but reporting breaking news out of sutherland springs, texas. rick leventhal saying 26-year-old devin kelly, white male, is the shooter. we're looking for some background information. authorities say he walked into the church and opened fire, killing at least 25 people, and wounding, injuring many more, several dozen more. with the latest, we turn to brian ynez, who is watching this. we're also awaiting, we're told minutes away, a news conference from skokdatockdale, texas. >> devin patrick kelly, 26 years
3:25 pm
old, white male from a community, suburb outside of san antonio. and all of this, as the texas attorney general kent paxson tells us that at least 25 people are dead, but the number could be as high as 27. between 10 to 30 people have been wounded. the lone gunman reportedly fleeing in a creek -- vehicle and was killed sometime after that. 10:30 local time, the gunman walked into the church and started firing. the church is a tiny, tiny community of about 400. typically 50 people attend the church. the 14-year-old daughter of the
3:26 pm
frank's pastor has reportedly died. pomeroy, the church's pastor, was not in church today. a congregant said that he had lost his cousin, who had three children, and was pregnant with a fourth. that cousin dead. they had just had a funeral for the cousin's grandfather. more and more details coming out. presumably because of the size of the community, many of the folks, no doubt, know one another. we do know of those that were wounded, the f.b.i. and a.t.f.
3:27 pm
are on scene. many of the wounded were transported via ambulance. some were taken medevac, helicopter, to a couple of hospitals in san antonio, including the army hospital there. so right now, again, many of these family members, some huddled at the community center down the block from this church are awaiting word on their loved ones. no doubt, some at the hospitals, as we're getting word again, law enforcement officials confirming with rick leventhal that the name is devin patrick kelley. bret? >> thank you. let's go to lonestar state where casey claiborne joins us with
3:28 pm
the latest. casey? >> right, we're here at the scene, 30 miles from san antonio. if you have been to a country church in rural texas, you will know something like this happening is furthest from your mind. governor abbott called it "an evil act." again, 30 miles from san antonio. gunman walked in and started shooting. we're here at least 20 were killed. i spoke with a gentleman on his front porch. he said that he doesn't attend the church, but he does say that he heard as many as 27 were killed this morning. as i mentioned, he doesn't go there, but he got choked up just speaking with me about it. clearly, a close knit community here today. i just saw the f.b.i. looked like they were combing
3:29 pm
the grass under the sign there, looking for something. they've been walking around in hazmat suits. >> thank you very much. we're going to pause in just a moment here to let our fox stations joinous coverage, as we're getting ready to get this news conference from stockdale, texas. we're going to bring you the entire news conference. we will pause to let the fox stations join. stand by, please. >> welcome back to tokyo, japan. this is texas coverage of the update of the church shooting in sutherland springs.
3:30 pm
i'm here covering the trip of president trump to asia, but this is overshadowed today in the news with horrific news out of sutherland springs, texas. reports of at least 25 killed at a church 25 miles southeast of san antonio. the shooter's name, authorities are telling us, devin patrick kelley, 26-year-old white man. we don't have a motive or background. witnesses say that he got into the church during services and opened fire. authorities responded and there was a chase that ensued after that. he got into a car and then there was a shootout. we don't know if he took his own life or if authorities killed him. we do know that this is shaping up to be the deadliest shooting
3:31 pm
inside a place of worship in america's history. as you look at the scene, it's a small town of 400 people. it does happen eight years to the day after the shooting at fort hood, texas, nadal hassan, killing 14, wounding 30. that was in the name of islamic extremism. we don't have any tie to that as of yet. it's one of the reasons that we want to hear from texas officials, to see what they know about this man, devin kelley. they're saying that they believe it was just one shooter and we don't have exactly what his -- what the weapon was that he used as he walked into that church. brian ynez is joining us, as we
3:32 pm
wait for any moment, we had the 2-minute warning from stockdale. >> some of what we'll find out is the timetable. we heard that it started at about 11:30 -- sorry about that. yes, part of what we're trying to figure out right now is the timetable. the shooting happened about 11:30. some witnesses say it lasted all but 15 seconds. others reportedly telling tv stations down there that they believe there was a reloading occurring. all of this is what will be told at this press conference as well, but i think it's just important that we also reiterate just how tragic this is with the victims. we're talking about children, a 2-year-old that was wounded, a 14-year-old that died, daughter of the pastor, who happened to
3:33 pm
not be there today. was on a trip in oklahoma at the time. and hearing about a pregnant woman gunned down in this church. it's unfathomable, really. and we can't stress enough how much this church could mean to such a tiny, close-knit community. we'll continue to follow how the response was in terms of the victims. this didn't happen in a city that there were necessarily tons and tons of first responders, but from all accounts, they got there as soon as they could. ambulances were responding on scene and taking people within minutes to the nearby hospital about 10, 15 miles away, conley medical center. and others that were airlifted to level one trauma centers in san antonio. i'm sure the story will, as well, be focussed on the
3:34 pm
response. from what we've seen, a remarkable response, at least for getting these people help, considering it's a tiny community outside of san antonio. tragic, as we no doubt, will get more details coming out of the press conference. bret? >> thank you. representative henry cuellar just put out a statement. this is the district in which sutherland springs is. he says, "while many of the details are yet to be determined, clearly what happened today in sutherland springs is a horrific tragedy. i've spoken personally with wilson county sheriff and commissioner and offered the full resources of my office." again, representative cuellar. "to assist in any way possible. i've known and worked with the sheriff for years. he's an outstanding sheriff and
3:35 pm
individual. my job is to make sure that they have every resource available to them. i will make sure that they have everything they need. sutherland springs has a special place in my heart. it's a unique community where everyone knows everyone else and supports each other. i can recall local fundraisers at the volunteer fire department where everyone would come out to support the volunteers. we hold monthly neighborhood office hours to make sure that we stay as connected as closely as possible. the people of sutherland springs are as found an example of texans and americans as you will find anywhere in the country. we'll continue to be there for them as we get through this tragedy together." representative cuellar, who represents this district, texas 28, where the shooting took
3:36 pm
place. casey claiborne is there. there are only 400 people in sutherland springs. everyone is touched by a tragedy like this. >> right, bret. there is plenty of law enforcement here. people are touched by this. i talked to a gentleman on his porch, who didn't know anyone here at the church, but he was broken up, just telling me about it. he feels like as many as 27 people were killed. let me show you the crime scene. very close knit. i don't know if you see the sign. it says "join us for fall fest." just had a fall festival a few moments ago. saw the f.b.i. coaching the grass, looked leak -- like they
3:37 pm
were looking for something. i saw them in hazmat suits earlier. huge, mobile units drove in. as i mentioned, governor abbott, greg abbott, of texas, called it an evil act. can't think of a better word for it. there was supposed to be a press conference probably about 30 minutes ago, but looks like we're waiting for the governor to get here. 7 wants to be part of that press conference. no word on what the shooter's motive is here. i'm from east texas. my grandma goes to a church just like this, even more rural. sitting in those pews, listening to the pastor, furthest thing from your mind, that somebody would come and do something like this. very, very sad.
3:38 pm
hopefully we'll get to that news conference soon with some confirmed numbers. >> this is governor greg abbott, with the latest on this tragedy. at least 25 killed. many more hurt. let's listen in. >> thank you for opening up this community center and pitching in and helping out and demonstrating to the entire world the way that texans come together to help their fellow texans. as a state, we're dealing with the largest mass shooting in our state's history. we've got families that have lost fathers, mothers, sons, daughters. and even worse that it was in a
3:39 pm
place of worship where people were innocently gunned down. we mourn their loss and support their family members. we appreciate the first responders and what they've done to help respond to the challenge. they're continuing in their efforts as they put the pieces of a complex puzzle together to try to provide their community all the answers they need and deserve. unfortunately, i'm sad to tell you, to confirm, at least at this moment in time, there are 26 lives that have been lost. we don't know if that number will rise or not. all we know is it's too many. and this will be a long suffering mourning for those in pain. we ask for god's healing for all
3:40 pm
those that are suffering. i ask for every mom and dad at home tonight, that you put your arm around your kid and give your kid a big hug and let them know how much you love them. tell your friend and your neighbor that you support them and will work with them. i'm very proud in the way that we have so many people working together to respond to this. already in talking to the emergency team in texas, reported that the emergency medical task force from san antonio was deployed to help respond to the magnitude of the
3:41 pm
tragedy. san antonio-area hospitals and trauma centers have coordinated with regard to patient movement and patient care. the red cross set up a family-assistant center. one thing that's very important for everybody affected by this, whether you are a family member or nonfamily member is, that you avail yourself of counseling resources that will be made readily available in abundance. now we have so many people who have helped respond and coordina coordinate already. i want to express my gratitude to the president, who called from overseas. my gratitude with senators cruz with whom i've spoken and
3:42 pm
members of the texas legislature. when you look at the robust response from just the immediate area, want to express my gratitude to the sheriff of wilson county and to audrey lewis, into d.p.s., freeman martin, each of those three will be speaking shortly. also to the mayor of stockdale, a.t.f., f.b.i., guadalupe county sheriff's office, wilson county sheriff's office, the laverna police department, stockdale city marshal's office and seguin police department and i have no doubt that there are other law enforcement as well as emergency agencies that have responded to this and i regret if i did not mention you.
3:43 pm
just know we appreciate the profound way that everybody's come together. i would like to turn things over to sheriff joe tackett from wilson county and whose jurisdiction the crime occurred and we're >> thank you, governor. thank you for your kind words. it we all know what happened today. we found out today it can happen in small communities. media, don't blow it out there that it shouldn't have ever happened because it does happen and we sincerely feel sorry for all the people involved. we don't know names of any of the victims at this time because
3:44 pm
we're still trying to work the crime scene. as we get the names, we'll contact family members and letting them know what we have. thank you. >> next is the district attorney, audrey lewis. >> thank you, all, and we know that you have lots of questions that you want answers to, but our number one goal is to the families and the victims and we ask that you respect that as well. we want to be sure to notify victims' families before media gets ahold of that information. it's critical to the families that if we have bad news to bear, they need to hear it before it's announced on media. and we'll try to work to ensure that that occurs. we have a lot of law enforcement that's working well together with federal and local and state agencies and we commend the
3:45 pm
professionalism that's occurring. because we have to make sure that that crime scene is handled appropriately, it takes time. and unfortunately it leaves victims' families wanting answers that we don't have at this moment. we'll update them as soon as we have the information so they have the answers they need to deal with the loss or go to their loved ones that may be in the hospital. we appreciate the work of all law enforcement and we appreciate you guys and know that you are trying to get out information. we don't feel there's a threat that's continuing and i think the media has done a pretty good job of making sure that's been pronounced to the public. but we're working diligently to inform the families and preserve that crime scene and make sure it's handled appropriately. thank you for your time. >> next is d.p.s. regional director freeman marks. >> everybody wants facts and information about what's going on and we'd love to provide you more, but if you wanted to know
3:46 pm
the motive, you will leave dice appointed. we have certain facts we can release to protect the integrity of the information. we have to release it in a timely fashion and collective fashion and make sure that our information is correct. we're here to assist the sheriff, joe tackett. there are multiple agencies, texas rangers, hst, bexar county, and many, many others. at approximately 11:20 this morning, a suspect was seen at a gas station in sutherland springs, texas, dressed in all brach. the suspect crossed the street to the church, exited his vehicle and began firing at the church. the suspect moved to the right side of the church and continued to fire. that suspect entered the church and continued to fire. as he exited the church, a local resident grabbed his rifle and
3:47 pm
engaged the suspect. the suspect dropped his rifle, which was an ar, assault-type rifle, and fled from the church. the local citizen pursued the suspect at that time. a short time later, as law enforcement responded, the suspect at the wilson-guadalupe line, he ran off the roadway and crashed out and was found deceased in his vehicle. at that time -- at this time, we don't know if it is self-inflicted or if he was shot by our local resident that engaged him in gunfire. we know he's deceased in the vehicle. the suspect has not been completely identified. we believe he's a young, white male in his early 20s. he was dressed in all black, tactical-type gear and wearing a ballistic vest. the delay in getting him identified, is there were multiple weapons and the vehicle
3:48 pm
was processed. there's a lot of work to be done in this investigation. we know that there are 23 found diseaeceased inside the church, outside the church and one that was transported that was injured has deceased, bringing the total to 26. we have approximately 20 transported to local and hospitals in san antonio with injuries that vary from minor to very severe. we know the ages range from 5 years old to 72 years of age. there's a lot of work to be done. we're only hours into this investigation, which will take significant time. we'll continue to provide information as it becomes available. we know you will have a lot of questions. there are many, many we cannot answer. we continue to process crime scenes. we have multiple, multiple crime scenes. we have the church, outside the church, where the suspect's
3:49 pm
vehicle was located, and following up on the suspect and where he's from, his residence. we have many, many people to 1 tear view. we have texas rangers at the hospitals, locating and interviewing those that were injured. so not a lot of information to give at this time, but the state of texas, we have every resource that we have available. texas rangers, special operations, texas highway patrol, crime scene labs, victim services, emergency management. every resource we have available is working. we'll be able to answer any reasonable questions as to what happened. >> was the neighbor injured? the one that engaged -- >> no, he was not. >> thank you, all, and thanks, once again, to law enforcement at all levels from the local level to the state level to the federal level, the collaborati e collaborative, working
3:50 pm
relationship will be one that will work going forward. we'll leave here and going to meet with some of the family members of those affected as soon as we finish up, but we'll take a few questions. >> how many were in the church and how many escaped death or being wounded? >> does anybody know that? >> we don't know the numbers. there were people in the church that escaped that were not injured, but we don't have all that information. [question inaudible] >> yes. >> was the suspected shooter a part of a young militia group? >> that is being investigated, but we can't say one way or another. >> what about him was suspicious to begin with? what originated the original call? >> those are the kind of things that are under intense investigation right now. >> the revised number of victims
3:51 pm
does not include the shooter, correct? >> correct. >> can you tell us about a possible raid at the suspect's home? >> those will be pieces of information coming out shortly. >> were there victims outside the church? >> yes. >> did you know anything about a social media posting that he might have indicated he would have done this? >> it's being looked into as we speak. >> do you know if the shooter's family was in the church at the time or any connection? >> unaware of that. >> when will you release his name? >> as soon as possible. >> was he known to the community or an outsider? >> we'll confirm that when we learn it. as i think you are realizing, there's a lot of information and we want to piece the puzzle together before we provide you
3:52 pm
information and hope to give the information to you as soon as possible. thank you, all, very much. >> listening to texas governor greg abbott and officials on the ground talking about this shooting at the first baptist church at sutherland springs, texas. 20 are being treated in area hospitals, saying that the suspect was dressed in all black, tactical gear and ballistics vest. he engaged at the church and then was engaged by a local resident with a shotgun. he was shot. he escaped. and then at some point later, authorities find him in the car deceased, not knowing if he took his own life or if he was engaged by a local resident in pursuit. they're saying that they have a lot of questions to go. meantime here in tokyo, japan, president trump has been briefed by this shooting.
3:53 pm
he's sending his condolences. you can keep it here on fox news channel for continuing coverage of this shooting in sutherland springs, texas. 26 dead. 20 wounded. we'll have continuing coverage on fox news channel. i'm bret baier in tokyo, japan. just want it let our affiliates finish their coverage of the news conference. governor greg abbott and authorities on the ground talking about what they know and what they don't know, not releasing a lot of information because of the sensitivity of this, but saying that this man identified as devin patrick kelley, they did not say name in that news conference, but rick leventhal has confirmed that that's the suspect they're looking at, who is deceased. 26-year-old white man, said that
3:54 pm
he came to the church on a mission, started shooting at first baptist church in sutherland springs, in which it's a town of 400 people. it's been an amazing day to watch authorities deal with this tragedy. every single person in that smalltown touched and affected, as you hear the stories of children being killed and others being shot. the suspect is dead and they're looking for answers as that town continues to mourn. we have continuing coverage on fox news channel. rick leventhal will have all of this. back well highlights of the president's trip here in tokyo so far. wick away moisture to help maintain your skin's natural balance. for a free sample, call 1-877-get-tena. hesumatra reserve told in the time it takes to brew your cup.
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remember, continuing coverage of breaking news from texas, keep it here on fox news. we have you covered.
3:58 pm
a special sunday addition of notable portables on the start of the president's trip to asia. >> we are about to begin a long trip. i know some of you are coming with us. i think we will have a very successful trip. >> i think this is one of the more important trips. >> this is very special. [inaudible] i have read about it and spoke about it and heard about it. >> there is no single place i would rather begin my trip then right here with all of you, the incredible men and women of the united states military. >> sir, i will tell you you look great in that suit, but there's something missing. >> should i put it on. >> i like this better. you can have my jacket. >> now i know how you guys feel. this is pretty good. >> no one, no dictator, no regime and no nation should
3:59 pm
underestimate ever american resolve. >> are you ready. >> we are ready. the relationship is extraordinary. we like each other and our countries like each other, and i don't we've ever been closer to japan than we are right now. i think we will insult everybody by continuing to talk about the train. oh boy, that's something. this is a great group of people. >> what's the your rank? >> we are going to raise it. >> usa, usa. >> that's it for this special report. fair, balanced and unafraid. would like to give a special thank you to the hotel for allowing us to be here in tokyo and broadcast from here. we are headed from here to
4:00 pm
speak with the japanese prime minister in an interview you can see tonight on special report. now we continue our coverage of the breaking story from texas. i will see you live from seoul, korea 6:00 p.m. eastern. >> a fox news alert. a mass shooting in a place of worship. a bloodbath during sunday morning worship in the texas town. a man walked into the first baptist church southeast of san antonio and opened fire during sunday service. at least 26 innocent victims were killed including children and many others wounded. the shooter, also dead. we will have much more on this tragic story in just a few minutes. i'm rick leventhal. more on the developments in texas in just a few minutes. first, we are awaiting remarks from president trump in tokyo. he is expec


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