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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  November 6, 2017 1:00am-2:00am PST

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this act of evil occurred as the vics and their families were their in their place of sacred worship through the tears and through the saddens we stand strong. >> as the state that we are dealing with the largest mass shooting in our state's history. >> it was, indeed, good meeting mostly pertain to go trade and north korea. >> a lot of great work and great friendships have been built. >> there's no better day to be in this city than marathon sunday. >> she comes to the line, breaks the tape as she has won her first whole major marathon
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major. [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ and you're watching "fox & friends first" on this monday morning. i'm jackie ibañez in for heather childers. at least 26 people are dead, the victims ranging in age from just 5 year's old to just 72. the gunman dressed in black tactical gear, police now digging into his troubled past. let's get live outside the first baptist church in springfield, texas. >> right now it is eerly quiet.
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now the only sound are of generators, investigators are pouring over clues to try to explain why this individual committed this horrific act killing so many people. last night a vigil was held for the victims killed by 23-year-old deafen patrick kelly. authorities say kelly was dressed in black tactical gear when he arrived about 16 hours ago. the news conference last night, officials say he crossed the street to the church and began firing rifle. kelly was in the air force until about 2014 but he was court marshaled in 2012 for assaulting his wife and child and received a bad conduct discharge from the air force. kelly also worked as security guard for a texas water park this past summer according to resume on name that appears online. investigators say that kelly did
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not appear to be connected to any terror groups. >> in tragic times americans always pull together, we are always strongest when we are unified to the wounded and the families of the victims all of america is praying for you, supporting and grieving along side of you. >> thisthis is the eighth placef worship shooting since 1999, however, yesterday's shooting does appear to be the deadly -- deadliest mass shooting shootin >> can you set the scene of the area?
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>> it's a residential area. over my shoulder you see a church and a few industries, the valero gas station is in the entire area but the street that we are on right now, it's a neighborhood, this is an area that has about 4000 people that lives in it total so a situation like this where 26 people are killed, everybody is going to know somebody who was impacted and that's going to make the grieving that much more difficult in this area, jackie. jackie: horrific. in the wake of the horrible shooting top democrats pushing agenda renewing stricter gun control. kelly wright with that part of our coverage, kelly. kelly: images of heartbreak and saddens are seen throughout the small parts of sutorland springs, texas, in the aftermath of senseless act of violence
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democrats demanding they take action against guns. we agree with all the families and will stand with survivors and may ask for wisdom that we can take and former vice president joe biden tweeted this, americans murdered in a place of worship, jill and i send our prayers to sutheland springs. and senator kamala asking for gun control. this time in a house of worship, when do we say enough is enough. but in the small town as more than 100 people gather for a prayer vigil, ken pakston said
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he was stopped by a person who was armed. >> somebody is willing to kill someone, they will break the law. it breaks my heart that innocent people were shot, innocent people, there's just something about children dieing that devastates all of us. kelly: president trump commenting on the tragedy in second day in meeting while meeting with business leaders in japan. >> this is a mental health problem at the highest level, it's a very, very sad event, these are great people and a very sad event but that's the way i view it. >> still, some democrats are angry they say prayers are not enough. they say the only way to stop the tragedies is to enact tougher gun control, jackie. jackie: as you mentioned, it was the accident that chased off the shooter with the gun so thank goodness he had that and was able to do it. thank you so much. meanwhile president trump
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meeting with japan, the first stop on his asia tour overnight, commander in chief holding a joint press conference with the country's prime minister before the state dinner, griff jenkins live in nation's capital with historic spotlight on solidarity. good morning. >> president trump standing with shinzo abe reensured the bond between the two nations declaring that the world can no longer befacient in the face of north korean aggression, something he called a threat of international peace and stability. >> our nations share and enduring bond, america and japan face many challenges, many opportunities. there are many things we face but we will be facing them together in friendship and as allies. the era of strategic patience is over. some people said that my rhetoric is very strong, but look what's happened with very
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weak rhetoric over the last 25 years, look where we are right now. >> in a sign that two leaders are on the same page that, quote, all options were on the table. president trump and first laid yes melania met with citizens putting a personal face on the tragic abductions. >> together we met with the parents who was abducted as a young girl in 1977, no child should ever be subjected to such cruelty, no parent should ever have to endure 40 years of heartbreak. >> but the friendship could have a few bumps in the road on trade as the president criticized trade deal as not fair seeking ground to reshape the trade relationship and cut the trade deficit with japan, finally,
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jackie n a lighter moment as we see in international trips sometimes the two participate in japanese tradition of feeding fish, president trump dumped all of his to the fish. jackie: always somebody that dumps it like that. appreciate it. >> former campaign aides accused of conspiring in the united states. paul manafort and gates pleaing guilty to charges, the indictments do not mention president trump or allege russian meddling in 2016 election, both men are on house arrest this morning. turns out senator rand paul's injuries are far worse than we thought after he was attacked by a neighbor outside of kentucky home, we now know he suffered five broken ribs and unable when to return back to washington, paul attacked from behind while
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mowing lawn. rene was very vocal. thank you for your thoughts and prayers. meanwhile the nfl is supposed to be honoring our armed forces, at least 18 players refusing to stop protests, players seen right there kneeling, staying in locker room, something we see a lot of in the month or, so among them three players, relaxed the rule before the game, saying it hurts the team's game plan. the nfl honoring armed forces with salute to service, twitter campaign. every salute, military donates.
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this man right here charged with three murderers just escaped from prison and managed ho squeeze right through a window in his cell that is and president trump says the era of strategic patience is over with north korea. so how can you get russia on board to deal with the threat? our next guest outlines two key things the president needs to do. >> do i regret taking a job in the second time in my life, georgia, this was worse than hurricane katrina in terms of the emotional toll. jackie: donna brazile on a terror and the social media reaction is pouring next on "fox & friends first". don't go away.
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jackie: 15 hour the hour after
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russian probe includes podesta. the brother of clinton campaign chair john podesta did not file as a foreign agent while lobbying for russia-owned company. in 2010 while hillary clinton was secretary of state a cabinet led federal committee approved the deal giving russia 20% of america's uranium reserves, the sale is under investigation to determine if the clinton foundation received gifts from russians and uranium one owner. after ten months of investigating alleged collusion between the trump campaign and russia, democrats still have zero evidence, senator diane feinstein admitting the probe has hit a dead-end. >> have you seen any evidence that this dirt, these emails were ever given to the trump campaign. >> not so far. >> not so far. have you ever seen any communications that suggested that the trump campaign wanted them to release them through a
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different means because obviously they were ultimately release bid wikileaks? >> no, i have not. jackie: while charges have emerged for several campaign aide, still no connection to 2016 campaign. president trump lands in south korea tonight as north korea's nuclear threat dominates first trip to asia. the president also said to address rising tensions during meeting with vladimir putin which is supposed to be on thursday. what does he need to do to get russia on board, here now to weigh in is hudson institute senior fellow rebecca, good morning, thank you for joining us. >> good morning, happy to be here. >> let's first talk about the last 24 hours, he's been in japan. seems like he has a great relationship, according to both of them, the prime minister there, that he played golf, had lunch and having dinner, talk about the relationship and the importance of that specific meeting? >> sure, the most important thing the president can do is demonstrate the strong alliance
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that he had with both japan and south korea, it's specially warm between president trump and abe. they've had -- i've heard they had 14 phone conversations since the president was inaugurated, compared 4 to 5 conversations that normally the two heads of state have over the course of a whole year, so they've got a strong relationship, the president, you know, he's going to demonstrate that he's going to listen to the japanese, listen to their concerns, he's going to contribute. that's the best thing, one of the best things that he can show that the united states gives security guaranties to the japanese and so the north koreans should see that and so should china. jackie: this is the fourth time they've met in person. the prime minister there was the second time they have met together, so anyway, let's talk about on wednesday he's going meet in china there, that is a very critical meeting because north korea is -- no one is really happy about that, china
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and north korea, north korea gets right in the middle of china and the u.s. >> what kim jong un and the regime want is they want the united states out of the region. that's what china wants too n. the past, the chinese have used north korea as a wedge r wedge between us and them in the region but what the chinese have 90% of the north korean trade is with china. so china is really great enabler of north korea. we need to have china on board to tightened the screws on north korea, whatever the president can do to communicate on no uncertain terms that the chinese have to get on board, that's what he has to do, very clear, that's what we need. if we don't want war on the korean peninsula which nobody wants, china has to get on board with the united states. >> president trump is expected to meet with vladimir putin on thursday. how important is that meeting? >> well, you know, the russians, every time the united states has a semicrisis or a crisis in the
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world, the russians come to try to, you know, put a wedge between us and the situation and so the russians are exploiting that by going to north koreans and potentially being intermediary. the president has to be clear with the chinese and has to be clear with russia. right now we need everybody's help in preventing the north koreans from having reliable icbm. jackie: absolutely. we appreciate your time this morning. >> thank you. jackie: 20 minutes after the hour, chelsea handler left tv to lead the resistance, now she's blaming the texas church massacre on republicans, what's that all ant? the reaction, fast and furious,
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carley shimkus joins us next. dramatic coast guard rescue where a split second could be a difference between life and death
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jackie: comedian chelsea handler left to join the resistance. twitter says it's time to resist the to your knowledge get political after a tragedy. here now with outrage response is carley shimkus, good morning, carley. carley: details surrounding the shoot rg still unclear, comedian chelsea handler took to twitter to blame all republicans for the twitter hours after a gunman opened fire killing 26 people, handler took to twitter to say
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this, innocent people go to church on sunday to honor their god and while doing so get shot and killed, what country america lies republican. no word as to why she's blaming political party, one can assume she's talking about gun control and facing serious blowback this morning. how big of you to politicized the incident while survivors are still undoubtedly making way to hospital, disgusting. you're a hypocrite and part of the problem with your constant tweets of hate that separates our country. now, if you remember she did say that she was leaving her netflix talk show just a couple of weeks to become a full-time political activist. >> there you go. jackie: all right. donna brazile, she's making twitter news there. >> a tough time leading the democratic national committee during hillary clinton's presidential run going so far as to say it was worse than a
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natural disaster. take a listen to this. >> do i regret taking on the job the second time in my life has chair party cleaning up everybody's mess, taking all of the incoming, being unable to spend funds that i raised. this was worse than hurricane katrina in terms of the emotional toll. carley: people react to go this one on twitter. i feel for her, dnc and party have a bad combination of incompetence and dana is no longer invited for walks in the woods. [laughter] carley: great news, the new york city marathon for women. what's this about? >> yes, it was all about the red, whriet and blew and girl power as well, an american woman won the marathon for the first time in 40 years. she ran the 20-plus miles in just under two and a half hours,
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take a look at this smile, she posted this picture and said, we did it, #, usa and then in another post she also says it takes a village to make a dream a reality and she thanked her teammates and coach, amazing stuff there, we send her our congratulations. jackie: that's awesome, american and a woman. time is now 26 after the hour. tinny church community devastated by the worst shooting in texas state history. >> i've been going this church -- half of church members are gone and many children that were sitting with family. jackie: this is a wake-up call for churches everywhere, he joins us live everywhere to show message of healing. three rescue car on flames, dramatic rescue.
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jackie: fox news alert, tragedy in texas after a gunman opened fire in a house of worship killing 26 people. authorities digging into the past to find out why he did it. todd in sutherland springs. >> this place of worship behind me here, the first baptist church turned into a place of carnage, at least 26 people killed ranging in age from 5 to 72. and now investigators trying to figure out exactly why this individual did this horrific act. authorities say devin patrick kelly was dressed in black tactical gear and wearing a ballistic vest when he arrived at valero gas station at
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11:20 a.m., he crossed the street to the church and began firing an assault rifle and one of the victims, the daughter of the church's pastor, a 14-year-old girl named annabelle. authorities say it could have been worse. the shooter was later found dead, it's unclear whether kelly was killed by the police, one of the locals or by himself. >> he hurt so many people and he just affected so many people's lives, why wouldn't you want to take him down? >> that was one of the brave men who pursued kelly. now as for kelly himself, he was out of the air force by 2014 but in 2012 he was subject to a court marshal for abusing or for attacking his wife and child, of course, expect investigators to pour over receiver single detail
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of kelly's life as they try and figure out exactly why he committed this horrific act, jackie. jackie: todd, those citizens with the gun, thank goodness they were there to chase him off, awful story. >> unbelievable act of bravery, back to you. jackie: our next says a horrific attack is wake-up call, senior pastor of first baptist church in dallas, he joins us now to explain. this is heart wrenching, victims as young as 5 year's old, pregnant woman and the pastor's daughter. the eighth shooting since 1999 in a church. how do churches move forward from this and where do we go? >> first of all, the key to healing is to have a hope that transcends this tragedy and i think this church and many churches have that hope. you know, jackie, some years ago my wife and i were out driving in the middle of nowhere in west
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texas and driving thunderstorm and it was night and headlines went out, we couldn't see 6-inches in front of us, i wondered how are we going make it through the storm. i got behind an 8-cheeler and focused on the taillights and those lights led me to safety at home. when we are going through a storm like, this tragedy, there's some lights, truth that is we can focus on. we can know first of all, that god is loving and second that god is priorful, finally, we know that god will defeat evil one day and that's the great hope of christianity that one day the lord is going to return and put an end to all of this evil that seems to be running rampid. >> people say how can a loving god allow this to happen?
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look what happened 2000 years ago when god's own son was tortured, nailed to a cross on good friday when he was buried, people thought evil has triumph but three days later it was obvious that good had triumphed over evil. the final story in this tragedy in this church has not yet been revealed. i believe that good will ultimately triumph over evil. jack jiewk where do we go in terms of security for a church? it just seems -- doesn't seem right to have armed guards to have in front of a church but is that where we are now, we need that? >> yes, it's where we are right now. look, we have a large here in dallas that covers six blocks of downtown dallas, we have elaborate security, we work with homeland security to do a threat
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assessment, but the fact is the baptist church like this church may have less than 200 members. every church can have a security plan, police department, assess risks and vulnerabilities, evacuation plan, they can have volunteering to watch during services and they can have simple good policies like not having backpacks allowed in the services, the fact is this tragedy have proven it's not just large churches but even a larger tact and we have to be realistic about it. jackie: sometimes with the churches there's one way in and one way out, there's not a lot of exits in terms of being in the chapel there, we appreciate your perspective, we will check in a little bit later. thank you, such an awful story. >> thank you. jackie: another fox news alert, manhunt for prisoner charged with three murderers, considered armed and dangerous this morning
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and believe to be hiding in memphis, tennessee, he broke out of the county jail in mississippi through a window in his cell, the sheriff there says he stuffed pillows under the blanket to make sure he was sleeping before pushing glass out the window and squeezing to it. jail was in the process of replacing the windows with steel plates but not fast enough. he escaped once before, this was back in august. a teenage girl academy doesn'ted for member is missed again. last seen in virginia home. three weeks ago she was abducted from a party by a 21-year-old gang member, the trump administration has made it a priority to wipe out the central american gang operating in nearly every state. and charges could be on the way to former national security
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adviser fliekal flynn and his son, fbi special counsel gathered enough, mueller looking into possible money laundering charges. former trump aides already charged with conspiracy against the united states, but with no connection to the trump campaign. the state of senator bob menendez would be in the hands of jury today, democrats corruption trial. menendez accusing to taking bribes into cutting deals in favor of his business. if menendez is convicted, republican governor chris christie would name his replacement. a warm welcome for first lady melania trump from elementary students in tokyo, she joined japan's first lady writing peace and hundreds of children welcoming her. that is so cute.
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posing for photos and giving hi-fives, president trump on his first trip to asia. the time is now 38 after the hour. be aware before you get behind the wheel, one million cars recalled because they can burst into flame, what you need to know when you get into your car. the greatest game in football history but legendary broadcaster will never watch another game. his message for anthem protestors
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jackie: the coast guard in a race against time to save four people a board a sinking boat, they frantically called for help after boat was taking on water in florida coast. boat was
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towed and everybody reached land safely. so scary. dramatic camera video capturing moment three heroic police officers pulled unconscious woman from burning car. you can see the texas officers after she crashed her car into a telephone pole, thankfully she'll be okay. officers will be honored for their action. all eyes turn to go virginia, gubernatorial race. polls show a tight race between the two with the winner replacing the current democratic governor. democrats come under fire after antigillespie. wisconsin governor scott walker launching his bid for reelection, the former presidential candidate vowing to battle big government and special interests.
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the first governor in u.s. history to survive a recall, walker now looking to become just the second governor elected to three terms in state history time is now 43 after the hour, democrats say the republicans' health care plan will kill you but obamacare is collapsing every day. how do we make sure that coverage is affordable? honoring our heros on and off the football field. the big day for dakota mayor. we will tell you about it next. my name is jeff sheldon,
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jackie: beautiful shot of new york city but hard to get a bad shot, that is. fox business alert for you, 1 million cars recalled because they can burst into flames, what's this all about, tracee carrasco from fox business, tracee, good morning. tracee: good morning, jackie, yeah, this is a pretty big recall. one million bmw's being recalled for two separate issues that could both cause a fire. one recall 2006 to 2011, 3 series bmw's because
1:48 am
air-conditioning may overheat, the second recall various models from 2007 to 2011 with the valve heater and could lead to fire. now there have been a handful of incidents reported but bmw says bring the car back and we will take care of it for you. jackie: yikes. amazon shoppers, amazon is cutting prices ahead of holiday. that's a nice surprise. tracee: we as the consumers benefit while they are trying to keep up and compete with loar low-cost retailers like wal-mart. cut in prices on third-party vendor items. so they are not exactly telling which items they are and you will see it discount buy from amazon, up to 10% on various things. effort for them to try and beat out the other competition. jackie: they are doing pretty well. tracee: yes. jackie: adams beer illegal in 12
1:49 am
states. tracee: yes, it is illegal because of the high alcohol content. 28% illegal, like you said in 12 states, there it is on the screen. it's not like a regular beer, it's called utopia beer by sam adams, more of a coverage academy and cherry and pretty pricey, $200 a bottle. it's also pretty rare, only 13,000 bottles of this produced every two years, so quite a treat, i guess, if you are a beer drinker. jackie: i guess so, all right, thank you. appreciate it. we will check in a little later. as obamacare enrollment opened enrollment, democrats are pushing the plan despite collapse, what about american families who are about to see premiums skyrocket. here doctor. republicans are like, no, this
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is not happening, where are we? >> well, where are we, that's the question of the hour. the truth is a lot of people still do depend on the obamacare, affordable care act exchange. less than 10 million people but there are people that do. democrats are still pushing it. president trump feels that if you have preexisting conditions or you need health insurance you should know when it is and when you should be doing it. now, what we are seeing unfortunately our lowest-income people, this is not going to affect them, they are covered with medicaid, the low-income people, they are still getting their subsidies, they are not seeing necessarily the prices hike, however, with what's been going on with the cutting the cost-sharing subsidies or not bailing out the insurance companies, you will see skyrockets go up even more in many places and more of the healthy younger people not signing up. so they are going to continue to go up and up and up. the president is trying to slowly repeal the affordable care act and he's doing that
1:51 am
peace-mill fashion, he's closing the open enrollment period, and not funding anything to advertise for it. that in itself is repealing the affordable care act. now i'm interested what are we replacing it with, we all want health care for america. health care is not synonymous with health insurance, though, so i want to see -- i want to talk about how we are going to get rid of the complexity, fraud when it comes to health care, people need access to primary care, preventive medicine, what are we going to do for these people specially those in rural america, opioid epidemic, what are we doing here. jackie: let's see that there. a long list of them, you can see there, a lot of people just in general confused as you were saying. president trump is obviously not happy about obamacare and, in fact, open enrollment started november 4th, obama -- president trump, he cut it by 45 days, open enrollment, a lot of people confused on how this works and
1:52 am
where we go from here, it's confusing for americans. >> we have to get rid of rhetoric of repeal and replace, that was a political campaign slogan. president trump is slowly repealing the affordable care act but shortening the open enrollment, he's saying you need to get in if you're going to get in and this is essentially going to cost fewer people to enroll. everyone is saying, by doing this fewer people are going to enroll but in my opinion, more people are not going to enroll because they don't want to pay the prem qums, copays, those are the people who aren't necessarily going to be enrolling. the people who get their health insurance from employee -- for being part of big organization, that's one of the incentives of being employed. your employee tends to advertise for open enrollment. is it the government's responsibility or should insurance be advertising for themselves? this is a philosophical debate and i don't think there's a right answer there. jackie: what can be done to maximize savings?
1:53 am
>> that's the question for sure. jackie: thank you very much, i got the hard question. >> we have a lot of wasted dollars when it comes from health care. some of it is overutilization of medicines and treatments, the largest is the administrative complexity. in california one of the states that said that the affordable care act is working for them, the insurance companies that fund or cover for medicaid, they brought in over $5 billion of profits for their medicaid patients. they cost cut to physicians and cut to hospitals but somehow they are profiting $6 billion. now the spokesperson for medicaid said we are going to get some of that back, we are going to be auditing everyone. in what system does that seem right? we are going to spend millions of dollars to audit to get some of the money that they pay for it. how about we do it right the first time, we don't need all complexity in the administration and that is the true fundamental basis to health care reform in the united states. jack yak it would be so great if it could be done just the first
1:54 am
time and it never is. we appreciate it dr. nicole saphier talking this morning about health care. >> thank you. jackie: time now is 54 after the hour on monday morning, legendary broadcaster vince turning off football for good because of anthem protests, listen. >> not to preach, i will never watch another nfl game. [cheers and applause] jackie: you heard it from him, how twitter is reacting from that announcement next.
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jackie: legendary broadcaster is vowing never to watch football again due to national anthem protest. listen. >> i have overwhelming respect or admiration for anyone that puts on the uniform and goes war, so the only thing i could do is not the preach, i will never watch another nfl game. [cheers and applause] jackie: wow, comments come as at
1:59 am
least 18 nfl players, kneel, raised fist at sunday's games. some fans voicing support for scully on twitter. great, and you join most of americans that respect our flag and country, bye bye, nfl. miguel tweets, have vin. i always did like vinny scully. i didn't think i could live and respect him, surprise, i do. honoring heros on the field and job market, the philadelphia eagles making medal of honor recipient marine sergeant honorary captain at this weekend's game ahead of major win with denver broncos. the -- it's up to them to be successful and not give up. "fox & friends first" continues right now. >> this act of evil occurred as the victims and their families were in their place of sacred
2:00 am
worship through the tears and through the sadness we stand strong. rob: president trump taking hiem to honor victims about we learn details about gunman that stormed in church armed with a semiautomatic weapon. >> live of new developments before he heads over to south korea. rob: five nfl players kicked out as they throw fists instead of football. "fox & friends first" begins right now.


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